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⚾ | How long is “Hanshin advantage, BayStars disadvantage”?Professional baseball enters the country of new helpers The force imbalance is finally resolved


How long is "Hanshin advantage, BayStars disadvantage"?Professional baseball enters the country of new helpers The force imbalance is finally resolved

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On the other hand, the Hanshin Tigers have already entered the country with a total of six people, Marte, Sands, Edwards, Gunkel, Chen and Suarez, and are playing in the open game.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the government has not been able to come to Japan because the state of emergency has been declared since January ... → Continue reading

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Hanshin Tigers

Hanshin Tigers(Hanshin Tigers,British: Hanshin tigers) IsJapan OfProfessional baseballBaseball team.Central LeagueBelong to.Headquarters TheHyogoNishinomiyaIt is inHanshin Koshien Stadium.JapanExist in12 professional baseball teamsInYomiuri GiantsIt has the second longest history after.Abbreviation is "Hanshin. "

The operating corporation is Hanshin Tigers Co., Ltd.Parent company TheHanshin Electric Railway(Hankyu Hanshin HoldingsSubsidiary).

Baseball history


1934"Dainippon Tokyo Baseball Club" (baseball team name) founded at the endTokyo Yomiuri Giants) Parent companyYomiuri ShimbunWas planning to form a professional baseball league with multiple baseball teams.In particularThree major metropolitan areas(Tokyo city-Osaka-Nagoya city) Was aimed at holding a league match, so it was the largest stadium in Japan at that time.Koshien StadiumOwnsHanshin Electric RailwayWas invited to establish a baseball team, and it was decided to actually establish a baseball team with Hanshin as the parent company and Koshien as the base.
May 10 OfMasato MonzenJoining contract with[2]Starting withMasanobu Yamaguchi,Fumio Fujimura,Fujii Isamu such asSecondary baseballWith a star playerBaseball against cityPowerhouse of Dalian BusinessKenjiro MatsukiCollect themMay 12Trade name "Osaka Baseball Club Co., Ltd.", baseball team nameOsaka Tigers(Osaka Tigers,Osaka Tigers) Was established.
May 1In Kawasaki ColumbiaTadashi Wakabayashi,May 2ToRikkyo University OfKageuraBy the time of the team formation commemorative match on April 4, 19 players were acquired by contracting with leading players.May 2ToJapan Professional Baseball FederationWas formed[Annotation 1].
The official game of 1936 is divided into three seasons: spring (1st Japan Professional Baseball League), summer (All Japan Baseball Championship to commemorate the formation of the federation), and autumn (2nd All Japan Baseball Championship), and each city in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. It was held in a way that several tournaments were held in the area.In the first spring season, Koshien Stadium, as a league formation show match,Narumi Stadium,Takarazuka Stadium3 tournaments were held at[3]..The Tokyo GiantsThe United States of AmericaSince he was on an expedition and did not participate, and the Nagoya Kinko Army also conducted an expedition inside and outside the country, he did not decide to win the championship throughout the season.
In each of the summer and autumn seasons, it was a point system that decided the season victory by the number of times it was ranked first in each tournament.First place in the summer season Nagoya tournament[4]..In addition, the first generation because the parent companies could not beat the competitive Hankyu army.directed by OfMori ShigeoWas dismissed,Shuichi IshimotoBecame the director.In the fall of the same year, he left a record of 24 wins, 6 losses and 1 minute, and the points to decide the season victory were 2.5, which was in line with the Tokyo Giants.However, in December of the same yearSusaki StadiumLost 1 win and 2 losses in the championship deciding match held in[5].
1937 - 1939
Fall 1937,1938In the springTakao MisonoIn addition to from the spring of 37Nishimura YukioWith the stable pitchers who joined, Matsuki, Yamaguchi, Kageura, Fujii,Yoshio TanakaWith these powerful hits, he won the championship for the first time in the history of the team and the only one in the history of the team for two consecutive seasons.Furthermore, for the past two years, he had decided to win the year by confronting the championship teams in the spring and autumn seasons, but in both years he defeated the opponent Tokyo Giants and achieved the second consecutive victory in the year.[6]..In this way, the Osaka TigersSecond World WarDuring the war, it was a strong team that always fought for victory with the Tokyo Giants.
In 1939, this was the first case in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball, in which he missed the championship while overtaking the entire baseball team.
1940 -1945
May 9,RimiandJapanese-English relationsDue to the policy of the Japanese Baseball League due to the deterioration ofHostile languageWas takenEnglishName the team to refrain from usingHanshin armyThe name was changed to (Hanshingun).Sino-Japanese war-Pacific WarWith the intensification ofConveningDue to the expansion, the number of players will be insufficient and it will be a difficult situation.1944Is a director and main pitcherTadashi Wakabayashi(37 years old at the time) pitched in 35 out of 31 games, swept the title, and won the championship for the third time.[7]..1944 as the war intensifiesGeneral march tournament, な ら び に1945January of the yearNew Year convention(Unofficial tournament)Tiger(With HanshinindustryAfter participating under the name of (joint team), the activity was suspended in March of the same year.

After the war

1945- 1946
After World War II, Japanese professional baseball returned from the East-West competition (unofficial tournament) in November 1945. In March 11, the team name was returned to the Osaka Tigers.
1947 - 1948
In 1947, Wakabayashi became a pitcher and director as in 44.Most Valuable Player Award (MVP)He was successful in winning the award, and won the championship for the first time after the war and for the fourth time in total. No. 4·Masanori KureStarting fromMasayasu Kaneda, Fujimura,Takeshi DoigakiThe powerful batting line where the league's leading smashers line up is "Dynamite striking lineWas called.In particular, No. 4 Fujimura mass-produced home runs using a long bat called a clothesline, and said, "Mr. TigersWas called.
In 1948, Fujimura was the first professional baseball player in Japan to play against Venus (Koshien).Cycle hitsAchieved.
Fujimura won the MVP despite the team ranking 6th.OffNew team membership issueSo at firstOrions every dayThey were reluctant to join the new team, but they were in favor of it.However, in the end, he turned to the opposition, and when the two leagues split, along with the Yomiuri Giants and others.Central LeagueWas founded.Every day, betrayed by the Hanshin Tigers, he concentrated on pulling out Tigers players to secure his strength.Starting with Wakabayashi, the director and main pitcher, Wu (No. 1) is the center of batting and defense.Medium-sized),Kaoru Bettoto(number 3Right hand), Doigaki (No. 5)catcher),Hondo Hoji(number 6second baseman) And 6 others transferred every day.AlsoHoshino GumiLeft arm pitcherAtsushi AramakiWas unofficially decided to join the Tigers, but is robbed every day.Furthermoreshortstop-Zenzo Hasegawa Nishitetsu ClippersWhat,Masato Monzen Ocean WhalesTransferred to, the dynamite batting line collapsed.

Joining the Central League

In 1950, Matsuki took over as director instead of Wakabayashi, and Fujimura, Kaneda, who remained without being pulled out every day,Tsuguo Goto,Takao Fujimura,Tadayoshi Kajioka,Choei ShirasakaThe team was composed mainly of these, and secured the ranking of 4th place, which exceeded the previous year.However, with the exception of newly joined teams, the impact of the outflow of two-thirds of the regulars was serious.From this seasonSecond army teamWas founded.
1951 - 1958
1952,Franchise systemWas officially introduced and the protected areaHyogoIt became.
To rebuild the team, the facilities of the second army have been enhanced and full-scalescoutAs a result of preparing for generational change through reforms such as the introduction of the systemYoshio Yoshida,Shozo Watanabe,Masaaki Koyama,Kenjiro TamiyaYoung players such as these became the main players one after another and achieved good results.However, the throws did not mesh andShigeru MizuharaIn the midst of the golden age, the giant led by the director has moved away from the victory.
During this time, Matsuki retired as a director only in 1954.The team had no professional experience as a successorKishi IchiroWas appointed to surprise fans and the media, but Kishi took a rest in the name of illness treatment in mid-May 1955 due to conflict with the main players and poor results.Fumio Fujimura, who was an assistant director, will act as the acting director, and will officially become a concurrent director after the end of the season.However, after the end of the 5 season, some players confront the team asking for Fujimura to retire.Fujimura exclusion caseAn internal conflict called "" occurred, and it took nearly two months to resolve it.
In 1957, when Fujimura became a full-time director, he fought fiercely for the lead with the giant, but missed the championship by 1.0 games.After the season, the team will direct from FujimuraYoshio TanakaWas replaced by.Along with that, Fujimura returned to active duty, but retired only in 1958 the following year, Fujimura'sUniform number10 TheThe first of the teamPermanent numberIt became.
May 611th round against Giants (Korakuen) Is the first in the history of professional baseballTournament matchIt became.The match isFujimoto KatsumiHome runs and Koyama- Murayama MinoruIn the bottom of the 9th inningNagashima ShigeoWith a goodbye home run, he lost 4-5. Finished in 4nd place for 2 consecutive years (2nd place with the same rate as Chunichi)[Annotation 2]).

1960 era

Katsumi FujimotoMost home runs・ Although he won the double crown with the most points, the team finished in 3rd place.
Franchise systemWith the introduction of the team, the protected area was set to Hyogo prefecture, so "Osaka" was removed from the team name.May 4Trade name "Hanshin Tigers Co., Ltd.", team nameHanshin Tigers(Hanshin Tigers,Hanshin tigers) And changed.However, in addition to the poor results, the manager who repeatedly collided with the main playersMasayasu KanedaWas dismissed during the season, and the team was confused.As a successor to Kaneda, he won seven seasons during the Giants and was the head coach at that time.Fujimoto definitionBecame the director.This year ends in 4th place.
Under Fujimoto, the power of both Koyama and Murayama ace and shortstop Yoshida, third basemanHidefumi Miyake,second baseman·Kamata MinoruFor the first time after the division of two leagues, he won the league championship for the fifth time in total.Japan seriesThen.Toei FlyersI played against.After winning two consecutive games in Murayama's starting lineup, he forced Murayama to pitch in relief in the third game, but it sounded like he was hit and ended in a draw, after which he lost four games in a row.As a result, he was eliminated with 2 wins, 3 losses and 4 minute.[8].
Unable to participate in the battle for the lead between the giant and Chunichi, he finished in 3rd place.
With Ace KoyamaMainichi Daiei OrionsNo. 4Kazuhiro YamauchiWhile establishing a trade with and strengthening the blowGene BuckyThey filled the hole in Oyama.Ocean WhalesIf he wins one more, he will win eight consecutive games, and on September 1th (the first game of the doubleheader), the final day of the official game, he will win the sixth consecutive victory (finally nine consecutive wins).HoweverJapan seriesThen, it will be a forced schedule to be held from the day after the league victory is decided,Nankai HawksWhile putting a check firstJoe StankaHe lost 2 wins and 3 losses, having lost two games in a row.
1965 - 1969
1965年から1967年まで3年連続の3位。1968年と1969年は、いずれも巨人と優勝争いを繰り広げるも結果はいずれも巨人の優勝を許し、1968年は巨人と5ゲーム差、1969年は巨人と6.5ゲーム差の2年連続2位に終わる。1966年、藤本はShigeru SugishitaHe transferred the coach to the pitcher coach and became the general coach, but returned in August of the same year. He served as a director until 8, and retired in the same year.To succeedTsuguo GotoIs appointed.

1st Murayama coaching era

1970 - 1972
In 1970, MurayamaConcurrent playerAppointed to.Yuka EnatsuKoichi TabuchiBattery became a regular shortstop on behalf of Yoshio YoshidaFujita TairaThere are players who are unique and have both popularity and ability, but the giant is the best in Japan for 9 consecutive years.V9In the era, I couldn't win the championship in 1970, 2nd place → 1971, 5th place → 1972, 2nd place. 1971All starThen, Enatsu is 9 consecutive peopleStrikeoutRecord. In 1972, Murayama devoted himself to pitching with the title of director.Masayasu KanedaIs acting as a director.Murayama retired for this year only.

Second Kaneda era

Kaneda became the official manager and fought fiercely for victory with the giant, and although he was able to win if he won one in the remaining two games, he was able to win.Chunichi StadiumAt the pairChunichi DragonsIn the match, they lost 2-4, and in the final match at Koshien, they lost 0-9, and the giant won the championship for the ninth consecutive year.
Tabuchi mass-produced home runs and took the lead at the time of the All-Star game.But,Summer long-term roadHe lost a lot and retreated, eventually finishing the season in 4th place in the B class.Kaneda retired after the season.

The first Yoshida director era

Yoshio Yoshida becomes the director.Tabuchi overtook the king to win a home run, but ended up in 3rd place due to the upset of Enatsu.Enatsu offMengiki Emoto-Shimano IkuoReleased to the South Sea by trading with them.
At that time, the batting team was doing well, including a new record season of 193 home runs.Hal Breeden,Mike Lineback,Masayuki KakefuThey played a fierce battle for victory with the giant, but ended up in 2nd place.
The early stages were strong, but the team's condition was not stable, with 4 consecutive wins followed by 6 consecutive losses in April, 6 consecutive losses followed by 6 consecutive wins in June, and repeated large consecutive wins and large consecutive losses. The loss of 6 wins and 8 losses in the match against China and Japan made a big impact and ended up in 8th place.Yoshida resigned as director off this year.

Second Goto era

Goto was appointed as the second coach, but ended up at the bottom for the first time in the history of the team, and Goto was dismissed for only one season in the form of taking responsibility.[9]. OffShojiro OzuWhen he became president of the team, he thought that a large-scale reform was necessary to reform the sluggish team, and with Tabuchi.Kenji FurusawaTheSeibu Lions OfTakenouchi Masashi,Mayumi Akinobu,Yoshiharu Wakana,Kazufumi TakedaReleased in exchange trade with.FurthermoreBlank day incidentAnd the giantド ラ フ トthe day beforeTakashi EgawaOutside the draftWhen I tried to sign a membership contract, I nominated Egawa in a draft in response to this.However, negotiations with Egawa, who strongly desires to join the Giants, were difficult, and in the endJapan Baseball Organizationcommissioner-Kaneko sharpEgawa was transferred to the Giants at the instruction of (at that time), so-called strong request, and the Giants in the form of exchange tradeShigeru KobayashiWas won.

Blazer era

Don BlazerIs appointed as a director.Kakefu hit 48 home runs and Kobayashi scored 8 wins, including 22 against the Giants in the old nest, but in late August.Hiroshima Toyo CarpIt ends in 4th place.

Nakanishi era

RookieAkada OkadaBlazer resigned from the coach in the middle of the season due to conflicts over how to use.To succeedFutoshi NakanishiWas appointed, but finished in 5th place.
8rd place behind the winning giant by 3 games.Mengiki EmotoIt was this year that he left the group after criticizing the leaders, saying, "I can't play baseball because the bench is stupid."

Ando era

Norio AndoIs appointed as a director.It is 4.5 games behind the winning Chunichi, and 2rd place for the second consecutive year with a 3 game behind the 2nd place giant (however, the number of wins exceeds that of the winning Chunichi).Kazuyuki YamamotoThere was talk of turning to a stopper and winning 6 consecutive games in June, but on the other hand this yearShimano Ikuo-Takeshi ShibataBoth coaches assault the referee (Yokohama Stadium referee group assault case) Indefinitely banned (cancelled the following year)Yoshiharu WakanaHowever, there were a series of troubles such as leaving the group due to a scandal problem.
Randy BathAlthough the batting line with the addition of was shown outstanding destructive power, the pitchers were sluggish, especially in 1984, the hole of Shigeru Kobayashi who retired only in the previous year was rookie.Ikeda ShinkoBreakthrough, transfer from NankaiShinichi YamauchiI couldn't fill it even with my success, and I was ranked 2th for 4 years in a row. Off in 1984, Ando resigned as director, and Yoshio Yoshida became the second director.

The first Yoshida director era

The big weakness of the starting pitchers, which had been a big weakness since last year, has not been improved so much that I have to leave the opening pitcher to Ikeda in the second year, and even among fans at the beginning of the opening, expectations for victory are expected. It was thin.However, mainly No. 2 / Mayumi, No. 1 / Bath, No. 3 / Kakefu, No. 4 / Okada, etc.New Dynamite Strike”) Made a big success by compensating for the thinness of the starting pitchers.May 4In the match against the Giants (Koshien Stadium), Bath, Kakefu, and Okada are the starting pitchers of the Giants.Hiroki MakiharaからBack screen 3 barrageGave momentum to the opening dash.This year finally recorded 219 home runs, which set a new home run Central League record.[Annotation 3]..He was running fast until summer.But,May 8Occurred inJapan Airlines Flight 123 crashOf the team presidentNakanoha HajimeIs sacrificed[Annotation 4], The Hanshin Tigers nines also took the last flight (JA8119) to this accident aircraft (JAXNUMX).FukuokaDepartureHanedaRowJapan AirlinesBecause I was boarding on Flight 366)[Annotation 5][Annotation 6], The players were shocked and suffered a large consecutive defeat at one point and fell to the top.However, in addition to the powerful batting line in the battle for the lead with Hiroshima and the giantNakanishi Kiyoshi,Fukuma payment,Kazuyuki YamamotoThe relief pitchers also showed great success throughout the year,May 10Pair ofYakult SwallowsBattle (Shogun) To win the league title for the first time in 21 years[10]..Bath is the team's firstTriple CrownAcquired.With SeibuJapan seriesWon with 4 wins and 2 losses, the first time in about 1 years since the 38st league era, and the first achievement in Japan since the 2nd league system.
Bath has a season batting average of .389, a season slugging percentage of .777, 7 consecutive home runs, 13 consecutive RBIs in Japan, and has won the triple crown for the second consecutive year.Shoji ToyamaRise with 8 wins, but with KakefuIkeda ShinkoDue to the long-term withdrawal from the front due to his injury, and the slump of major players such as Okada,Summer roadHe dropped out of the race between Hiroshima and the Giants and finished in 3rd place.This yearKozo KawafujiRetired.
The pitchers are new foreignersMatt KeeoStruggled in isolation, but Ikeda, the starting rotation,Koji NakataThey lost a lot due to poor performance, and Kazuyuki Yamamoto, Kiyooki Nakanishi and other relief pitchers also failed.Although Bath was uncrowned, he maintained a good performance and supported the batting line, but due to Kakefu's injury and sluggishness, Okada's sluggishness, etc., he became the lowest in nine years, and Yoshida resigned as manager.Murayama MinoruIs appointed as a director.The winning percentage of .331 is the lowest winning percentage in the history of the team.

2st Murayama coaching era

"Boy corpsCalled "trio"Yutaka Wada,Ohno Hisashi,Nakano SasaHowever, Bath left the group due to the illness of his eldest son and joined the group instead.Ruppert JonesThe breakdown and the retirement of Kakefu overlapped, and it was the lowest for the second consecutive year.
Cecil FielderFights for a home run, but when he strikes out in the middle of the season and hits a bat, he breaks and returns to Japan.Matt KeeoWon 15 wins, Nakanishi turned to the starting lineup in the middle of the season and won 10 wins, but Nakata and Ikeda were sluggish. Finished in 5th place, Murayama resigned as director,Katsuhiro NakamuraBecame the director.

Nakamura era

Former YakultLarry ParrishAnd Okada were doing well until mid-May, especially Parish was in a position to aim for a home run until August, but at the end of August he suddenly retired due to an injury.The pitchers have been sluggish throughout the year, mainly for the third year of long relief.Koji NodaWon the team's top 11 wins (12 losses), but Ace'sMatt KeeoHowever, the sled did not match with director Katsuhiro Nakamura, and he was injured and was sluggish.It will be a free contract when off.In the end, it was 5 wins and 11 losses that reached the prescribed pitching times in the starting lineup.Takashi InomataAnd 4 wins and 13 lossesKoji NakataThe result is only.The team is at the bottom for the first time in two years.OffFukuoka Daiei HawksAnd 4 to 5 large tradesOhno Hisashi, Ikeda et al. Released.Ohno and Ikeda played an active part in the new world, but the five players they acquired did not become the strength of the following year or later.
In front of him, he lost 5 wins and 6 losses in 10 games since the opening, including 12 consecutive losses in the opening and 2 consecutive losses in the worst record for the team in June (the only 55 teams at that time that had no double-digit consecutive losses). Hiroshima won the championship and became the lowest for the second consecutive year.However, in the final game, InomataMinoru KasaiWith the rise of young pitchers, he won the complete game for the fifth consecutive starting pitcher.
This year will be a four-way victory battle with Yakult, Giants and Hiroshima.In place of the mainstay Okadaya and Mayumi, who had seen a decline, there was almost no track record until then.Kameyama Tsutomu,Takeshi ShinjoIn addition to both outfielders, Wada,Hiroshi Yagi,Katsuhiko Yamada, 2nd year of joiningThomas O'Malley, Transferred from the oceanJim Patchoulek,Newcomer KingShined inTeruka KujiYoung and mid-career players are active.Especially the rise of Kameyama and ShinjoKameshin FeverWas called.Also, in KoshienLucky zoneThe fact that the outfield became wider after removing the was successful, and in JuneNo hit no runAchievedToshiro YufuneIn addition,Shin Nakagomi, Noda and Nakata's starting lineup, who won 14 wins, and the middle-relief rookieYukicho Kihiro, ReliefWork by TamuraThe young pitchers also played a central role, and the league top ERA was recorded in the 2-point range. He lost and was able to win the championship in front of him for the second consecutive year.He won Hiroshima for the first time in nine years and Chunichi for the first time in six years, but finished second, at the same rate as the Giants.Off, in exchange trade with Koji NodaOrix Blue Wave OfHiromi MatsunagaEarned.
4th.O'MalleyLeading batterAcquired.Matsunaga set a world record for home runs, the first batter in three games in a row, but he often left due to injuries and ended up in 3 games.FAFukuoka Daiei HawksTransferred to.Previous yearMost hits-Most winning pointsPaciorek left the group on the way.Okada was also given a free contract and transferred to Orix.on the other hand,Barcelona OlympicSilver medalistKuo Lee Chien-oJoined this year.Off, as a newcomerYabu City, FA in OrixKazuhiko IshimineJoined, MLB total 226 home runsRob DeerWith an annual salary of 2 million yen.
2th place for 4 consecutive years (Tie with the same rate as Yakult).Yabu CityWon the team's top nine wins and won the rookie king.Deer, a new foreigner, left the group in August due to extreme slump.In the same year, O'Malley was dismissed due to lack of extra-base hitting power and transferred to Yakult.
The lowest rank for the first time in 4 years.He suffered 84 losses, the worst record for the team.The team had 88 home runs, the lowest in the Central League for four consecutive years.Nakamura rests only on July 4 (then resigns).Fujita TairaWas in a situation where he was acting as a director.In the same year, Mayumi retired, and Fujita, acting as a substitute, officially became the director.Shinjo declares his retirement due to a feud with Fujita, but withdraws immediately.

Fujita era

The lowest for the second consecutive year. By the end of May, he had already reached debt 2.As an individualShinjiro HiyamaRecorded 22 home runs at the top of the team. 2nd yearTetsuro KawajiriWins 13 times, and Yabu in the third year wins his first double-digit win.However, Yabu and Yufune will be the most defeated in the league for the second consecutive year.Fujita was notified of the director's dismissal on September 3 (Fujita accepted the director's dismissal on the following 9th)[11], Chief and Battery CoachTakeshi ShibataWill take over, and Yoshio Yoshida will be the third coach during the off-season.Nakanishi and Kido retired.As a newcomerMakoto ImaokaJoined the group.Audience mobilization fell below 200 million, the first deficit in 28 years[11].

The first Yoshida director era

The annual salary of 3 million yen, which was expected as the main force of the batting team, of new foreignersMike GreenwellHowever, he left the group before the opening and suddenly left the group and returned to Japan, saying, "I heard God's message to retire".Wada set a Japanese record for consecutive hits (24 consecutive hits) since the opening round.To join the testAtsushi ItoThe middleman made a match and made a good fight, but the batting team lacked power, and Yakult decided to win the championship in front of him and finished in 5th place, but escaped from the bottom for the second consecutive year.Teruyoshi Kuji off,Koichi SekikawaTheYasuaki Otoyo,Teruhiro YanoReleased in the middle of the day in exchange trade with.Has a track record of being the top hitter for the third consecutive year with a free contract between China and JapanAlonzo PowellAcquired.As a newcomerTomoya Tsuboi,Kei IkawaJoined the group.
In the same year, Director Yoshida was questioned that he was too particular about cannons, and probably because of this, the number of stolen bases was extremely small at 28.The pitchers who struggled the previous year were also conspicuously sluggish and withdrawn from breakdowns, and in August they recorded the worst 8 consecutive losses of the team, and they were the last to win the championship in front of them for the second consecutive year.As an individual, Kawajiri will have a battery with Yano in the match against China and Japan on May 12th.No hit no runAchieved, and recorded a double-digit victory for the first time in two years in the season.Yabu also won double digits and achieved the first win of the season with a professional.Tomochika Tsuboi recorded the highest batting average (.2) for newcomers after the division into two leagues.Tsuboi is ChunichiNobuno Kawakami, GiantsYoshinobu TakahashiIn HiroshimaKanei KobayashiAnd fought for the rookie king.Kawakami won the rookie king, but the three other than Kawakami were also evaluated as worthy of the rookie king, and all three received the rookie special award.Yokohama won the championship for the first time in 3 years this year, making the Hanshin Tigers the farthest team in the Central League.After the season, Yoshida resigned as coach and succeeded Yakult until this year.Katsuya NomuraWas appointed.

Nomura era

The team temporarily took the lead in June, but soon lost momentum and eventually ended up at the bottom for the second consecutive year. In September, he suffered the worst 6 consecutive losses of the team for the second consecutive year.In addition, Yabu became the league's most defeated pitcher (2 losses), and lined up with the NPB record of "the league's most defeated pitcher for the fifth consecutive year from the same team" recorded by Ocean Whales in 9-2 (12/16). Yabu and Yubune → Kawajiri in 1955 → Nakagome in 1959 → Yabu in 5).On the other hand, the second armyFarm Japan ChampionshipBecame the first in Japan to win.As an individual, I returned by joining the test last yearToyama Toshi Comeback awardAwarded.From Seibu before the seasonMakoto SasakiJoined.From Orix during the off-seasonNobuyuki HoshinoJoined the FA.From the giantHirosawa Katsumi, From YakultKatsunoriEarned.
He won 4 consecutive victories in April and took the lead, but as the months went by, the number of big defeats increased and the team ended up at the bottom for the first three consecutive years. In mayOsaka Kintetsu BuffaloesBy trading fromTakashi Yoshida,Shinichi NishikawaIn June, trade money from Nippon-HamMica franklinEarn each.Shinjo is FA in offMLB OfNew York MetsOtoyo returns to Chunichi in the old nest as a result of the contract negotiations breaking down.Makoto Sasaki, Franklin and others have left the group.Team home runs 1st to 3rd (1st Shinjo 28, 2nd Otoyo 24, 3rd)TarascoAll 19) have left the group.Toshiro Yufune-Yamazaki Igen-Hirotoshi Kitagawa3 to 3 withtradeFrom KintetsuHiroki Sakai-Tetsuji Mende-Koji HirashitaEarned.
The lowest for the fourth consecutive year.A newcomer's hitting line to make up for the hitting line whose long hitting power has been greatly weakenedNorihiro Akahoshi,Atsushi FujimotoHeavy use of fast-paced young people.As an individualKei Ikawa Shinobu FukuharaAlong with the team's most 9 wins, the ERA recorded 2nd place in the league, and Akaboshi became a center fielder in place of Shinjo who left the team.Stealing king, Acquired a rookie king, joined the test from Lotte the previous yearNarumoto ToshihideResurrected as a closer and won the comeback award, and Hiyama overcame the slump of the past few years and settled in 4th place, achieving the first season batting average of 3%.From Seibu in exchange trade during the seasonShinji Yanaka, New foreignerTom EvansYanaka scored 7 wins and recorded 4 Thai savings, the most in the team, along with Ito.However, the team's most home runs this year were 14 cruises, and while the pitchers also emerged as a new force, veterans such as Yabu and Kawajiri fell into a slump.Takashi Yoshida and Hiroki Sakai leave after the seasonKazuhiko ShiotaniIs released by trading. At the time of the announcement in October, Nomura's director continued to be cast,[12],afterwardsSachiyo NomuraSuddenly resigned as director taking responsibility for his wife's arrest on suspicion of tax evasion[13]..His successor was the director of Chunichi until this year.Senichi HoshinoIs inaugurated.From orixGeorge Arias, FA of Nippon HamAtsushi KataokaJoined.

Hoshino era

He started with seven consecutive victories in the opening game, such as winning the opening game for the first time in 12 years, and although he was fighting for the lead with the giant, he continued to break down with regular players one after another.In particular, the team that lost the center line due to the fatal departure of Akaboshi and Yano gradually stalled.In the end, he finished in 7th place, leaving a problem with the difference in strength between the main force and the reserve.However, as a team, he escaped from the bottom for the first time in five years.Evans and Seibu during the seasonTakehiro HashimotoIn the off-season, a major reform called "blood replacement" was carried out, and a large number of 20 people left the group.In the draftHitoshi Egusa,Tomoyuki KubotaNominated 12 people, FA in HiroshimaTomonori Kanemoto, Trade of Nippon HamGo Shimoyanagi,Toshihiro NoguchiAcquired.As a new foreignerJeff WilliamsEarned. furtherNew York YankeesWas active inHideki IrabeJoined.Kuji has returned after the announcement of Weber.
"Third dynamite striking lineWith a powerful batting line called "", he continued to make good progress from the opening and won the winning magic.Fastest in Central League historyIt will be lit on July 7th.After the magic lights, the number of injured people continued, and although he suffered a slight slowdown such as losing 8 consecutive losses of the same card and losing 7 consecutive games twice, he won the league title for the first time in 2 years on September 5.He also beat the Giants for the first time in 9 years and Yakult for the first time in 15 years. Kei Igawa, who won 28 wins, won the MVP.Japan series TheFukuoka Daiei HawksHowever, while he won all the games in Koshien, he lost all the games in Fukuoka and lost with 3 wins and 4 losses.After the end of the series, Hoshino retired from the director due to poor physical condition and moved to the senior director (SD) position.Also, among the coaches invited to Hoshino,Shimano IkuoMoved to the front desk and was the manager of the management department, and O'Malley remained in the team as a scout in the United States, but Koichi Tabuchi,Mitsuo Tatsukawa,NishimotoHas left the group.Akinobu Okada takes over as manager[14]..In the draft, with a free acquisition frameTakashi ToritaniEarned.

Okada era

The team record is 4th. Kei Igawa achieved a no-hitter no-run on October 10th.After the seasonYabu KeiIs FAMLB-Auckland AthleticsTransferred to, Irabu, Arias left the group,Jerrod Riggan,Hiroshi YagiIs retired.Off from HiroshimaAndy SheetsIs transferred.
Jeff Williams,Fujikawa Koji,Tomoyuki Kubota3 peopleVictory equationSelected as.He left an astonishing record, and eventually took the acronym of his name and said, "JFKThe pitchers, centered on the three players, recorded the league's top team ERA.Introduced from this yearSep-pa Exchange BattleAfter taking the lead, he won the league without surrendering the lead on the middle day of 2nd place.Akaboshi is the stealing king for the fifth consecutive year, and Shimoyanagi has not reached the prescribed pitching timesMost wins, Imaoka scored 147 RBIs, a new record for the teamRBI, Kanemoto won the MVP.Chiba Lotte MarinesWithJapan seriesThen, he suffered double-digit goals in three consecutive games for the first time in history, and 3 goals in four games, and the pitchers were on fire.Neither the batting line nor 2 inning took the lead, 4 wins and 33 losses, the fifth team in history[15] Lost in 4 straight losses.
Kyuji Fujikawa, who had been out of the front for a while, made a good throw in the Giants match on August 8, the first round of his return, and stopped losing streak, and then turned to a counterattack. As a result, although he finished in 27nd place, he suffered from winning the championship to the end.Kataoka retires from active duty.IkawaPosting systemIn MLB ・New York YankeesTransferred to. From MLBEsteban JeanRyan VogelsongEarned.
4月から5月にかけて9連敗し、交流戦でも9勝14敗1分の10位と低迷。借金は最大で9とした一方で、7月を15勝6敗、8月を12勝8敗1分で勝ち越し、9月中旬には巨人、中日と首位を争う事もあった。最終的に3位となり、新設のClimax series (CS)I made a foray. Lost the CS6st stage with Chunichi, who won for the first time in 1 years, with 0 wins and 2 losses.In this year, no pitcher has reached the prescribed number of pitches, and in addition, the teambatting average・ Team totalscoreWas also the lowest among the 12 teams.Hiroshi KamizonoWon the rookie king.Sheets retired from active duty. From Hiroshima by FATakahiro Arai, From Orix in tradeKeiichi HiranoJoined the group.
On April 4, Arai achieved a total of 12 hits and Kanemoto achieved a total of 1000 hits. In the match against Giants on May 2000, he achieved a total of 5 wins for the second team in the history of professional baseball.It has been doing well since the opening, and as of July 6th, it is behind the giant by up to 2 games, and on the 4500nd, the winning magic will be turned on.However, after the second half of the game, when Arai, Fujikawa, Yano and other main members were dispatched to the Beijing Olympics, the line gradually declined, and on August 7th, the victory in the Giants game disappeared, and finallyGreat reversalThe result was to forgive and give the victory to the giant. On the CS1st stageKyocera Dome Osaka[Annotation 7] He played against Chunichi, but lost the 1st stage for the second consecutive year with 2 win and 2 losses.After the season, Okada took responsibility for missing the victory and resigned as director.Akinobu Mayumi succeeded him.Toshihiro NoguchiTransferred to Yokohama by FA.

Mayumi era

Participated in WBCMinoru IwataThe first half of the game was sluggish due to the breakdown of Yano, the starting catcher, Kubota who turned to the starting lineup, and Fujikawa's malfunction. Joined midway in JuneCraig BrazelAnd transferred from Lotte before the openingKubo Yasutomo, Established in the starting rotation after JulyAtsushi NomiIn the latter half of the game, they decided to win eight cards in a row, but in the final game they lost to Yakult in a row and finished in 8th place, and missed the CS advance for the first time.This yearBest nine,Golden Grab AwardThere were no winners and no title winners. It is the first time in 3 years since 1995 that there are no winners in the three awards.Regular turn at batIt is the first time in nine years since 3 that there are no batters with a batting average of more than 2000%.Akaboshi retires from active duty.Fujimoto transferred to Yakult in FA, and Imaoka, Williams and others left the group.Seattle MarinersからKenji Kijima,Randy Messenger,Colorado RockiesからMatt MertonAnd so on.
With the addition of Merton, Jojima and others, it is explosive, such as "1 points per game in the team record", "the highest batting average in the history of the team since the 22nd league system. Proud of destructive power "Fourth dynamite striking lineThe game made a leap forward with a batting line called ", and the magic was temporarily turned on in September, but the loss to Chunichi, who has a strong pitcher team, echoed, and eventually the game was behind the leader Chunichi by one game. Finished in 9nd place.The CS 1st stage match against the Giants, which was held at Koshien for the first time, was defeated with 2 wins and 1 losses while preempting each other.Yano retires from active duty.Senichi Hoshino SDTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesResigned to become the director of.As a personal record, Toritani has 104 RBIsshortstopSet a professional baseball record, Merton breaks the season's most hits record with 214 hits[Annotation 8]..Kanemoto's record of consecutive full innings was cut off in 1492 games. Lotte in FAHiroyuki Kobayashi, RakutenAkihito FujiiEarned.
May 3Occurred inGreat East Japan EarthquakeDue to the influence of, the opening date is the original March 3 (Jingu StadiumFrom (against Yakult) on April 4thKoshienIt was changed to the match against Hiroshima in Japan, and for Hanshin1993The opening game of Koshien for the first time in 18 years since then.He won 7-4 and won the opening round at Koshien for the first time in 40 years.As a pitcher, the messenger who turned to the starting lineup will win 12 wins along with Nomi.Monthly results will be won consecutively from June to August, and will be second at the end of August.However, in September, he finished in 6th place, losing 8 consecutive losses to the leader Yakult.Mayumi resigns after the season and replaces himYutaka WadaOne army batting coach was appointed.Shimoyanagi and others leave the group.

Wada director era

Introduced the first captain system since the foundation of the team and became a fielder captainTakashi Toritani, To the pitcher captainFujikawa KojiAre inaugurated[17].
After losing all the months after May, the team fell into a slump throughout the season, and ended up in 5th place, 31.5 games behind the leader and 3 games behind the 11.5rd place Yakult.[18].. 411 points, 58 home runs are the lowest in the league, 24 no-scoring games are the league record, and the highest batting average of those who reach the prescribed seat is Toritani's .262[Annotation 9] Suffering from poor hits, especially against the giant 5 wins 15 losses 4 minutes[19][20], Chunichi in 2nd place was also unable to leave a result in a match against the top 7 teams with 15 wins, 2 losses and 2 draws.[21]..Shiroshima and Kanemoto retire[22]..Fujikawa is an overseas FA in MLBChicago CubsWhat,Keiichi HiranoTransferred to Orix in FA[23].. From MLBTsuyoshi NishiokaKousuke FukudomeJoined[24][25].. Orix in FATsuyoshi HidakaWin[26].ド ラ フ トJuntaro FujinamiNominated 1st place and won after 4 team competition[27].
Nishioka, Fujinami and other new forces engaged in a battle for the lead with the giant from the opening, and although they took the lead for a while, after the giant returned to the lead, they could not take the lead.[28][29],May 9Giant's league victory was decided[30]..Eventually, he finished second in the season and entered the A class for the first time in three years.CSMade a foray[31][32]..However, the CS3st stage (Koshien) with 1rd place Hiroshima was eliminated with 2 consecutive losses.[33].Shinjiro HiyamaRetired[34].. Since MarchMasayuki KakefuWas appointed as a new training and batting coordinator (DC) with a general manager.[35].
Continuing from the previous year, it was a battle for victory with the giant Hiroshima, and although it was behind the leader giant by 0.5 games at one point, it stalled after the long-term road.[36].. Finished second in the season for the second consecutive year[37][38]..Merton is the top hitter,Mauro GomezIs the top scorer and messenger wins the mostMost strikeout,Kure Shobo Most savesFor the first time in NPB history, four foreign players per team won the title[39]. AlsoShinobu Fukuhara OfBest relayIn addition, he won the title of 1 people and 5 divisions in one season of the team Thailand record.[40].. 3rd place with HiroshimaCSAdvance to the team's first final stage with 1 win and 1 draw on the 1st stage (Koshien)[41]..In the final stage (Tokyo Dome) with the giant, he won the first four consecutive victories in the history of the series and won the CS for the first time.Japan seriesIt became an advance[42].Fukuoka Softbank HawksAfter finishing the first two races at Koshien with 2 win and 1 loss, the Japan Series lost in all games in the enemy land Fukuoka like the 1 Japan Series and lost with 2003 win and 1 losses.[43].. After the introduction of the postseason system after 2004, Hanshin was the first to advance to the Japan Series in the second place or lower in the regular season and not be the best in Japan.[Annotation 10].
We celebrated the 80th anniversary of the foundation of the team.May 5Achieved a total of 2 wins for the second team after the Giants in the Rakuten match[44][45],May 7Pair ofYokohama DeNA BaystarsAchieved a total of 1 games for the first time in NPB history[46][47]..In the slump with the lowest score league, 4th team batting average, 5th team ERA[48][49]Finally, the season ended in 3rd place in the league.In the CS2st stage with the second-placed giant of the season, he was eliminated with 1 win and 1 losses.Wada retired after taking responsibility for missing the league title[50], Dismissed a total of 8 coaches[51].Kentaro SekimotoRetired from active duty.Kure Shobo St. Louis CardinalsTransferred to.To the new directorTomonori Kanemoto [52],newSecond Army DirectorToMasayuki KakefuDC takes office[53].. Other,Yano,Atsushi Kataoka,Nakaharu,Makoto Imaoka,Atsushi FujimotoThe former "winning members" have come together as coaches[54].. Chunichi in FASatoshi TakahashiAcquired.From the middle of the same yearShikoku Island League plus OfKochi Fighting DogsWas a member ofFujikawa KojiIs back.

Kanemoto era

In March, in connection with the baseball gambling problem by Yomiuri Giants players, money was exchanged with the voice of the circle like the giant.[55] And lottery for high school baseball[56] Was discovered ("Baseball betting problem by Yomiuri Giants playersSee also).
"Super transformationTo the slogan,Takayama Shun,Shintaro Yokota,Fumiya Hojo,Taiga EgoshiActively appoint young people.He lost the interleague game with 7 wins and 11 losses, and finished 5th at the end of the first half of the game.In the summer, he also experienced a fall to the bottom, resulting in a B-class for the first time in four years in 4th place.Shinobu FukuharaRetired from active duty. Orix in FAItoi YoshioAcquired.Takayama was elected as the New King of the Central League.
Starting with the new member Itoi, each batter has made a leap forward with a high on-base percentage since the opening. On May 5th, he achieved the first "reversal victory from a maximum of 6 points difference" in the history of the team.Especially the work of the relief pitchers shinesKentaro Kuwahara,Marcos Mateo,Rafael Doris, Akifumi Takahashi,Yu Iwasakiの5名はそれぞれ60試合以上の登板数を記録、さらに52試合に登板した藤川を加えた6名が50を超える試合に登板した。1チーム5名の60試合以上登板、6名の50試合以上登板はどちらもNPB史上初の出来事であった[57][58]..At one point, he also emerged as the leader[59], Staying high throughout the season.In the end, it was the 10nd place in the season, 2 games behind the leader Hiroshima, and lost to 1rd place DeNA in the 3st stage with 1 win and 2 losses.Yuya AndoRetired.YamatoTransferred to DeNA as an FA.Director Kakefu retired.Toritani achieved 2000 hits in total.
All the batters have been slumping since the opening, and the team has been sluggish due to lack of scoring ability.[60].. On May 5, Toritani's participation in consecutive games was interrupted in 29 games.[61]..Many pitchers, including Fujinami, leave due to malfunctions or breakdowns, and gradually settled in the B class from the middle to the end.Itoi in the final board,Fumihito HaraguchiOn October 10th, the bottom of the season was decided for the first time in 8 years since 2001, due to the breakdown of the main players.This year, he couldn't win especially at his home base, Koshien, and suffered the worst season 17 losses in the history of the team.[62]..Kanemoto retires in the form of taking the lowest responsibility of the season.In the record, ToritaniFujita TairaUpdated the record for the most hits in the history of the team (2064 hits in total)[63]..Of the second army directorYanoIs appointed as a military coach. Orix in FANishi YukiEarned.

Yano era

RookieKoshimoto Koji,Seiya KinamiWas selected as the opening starting lineup[64]..However, the serious lack of scoring ability has not been resolved from the previous year.[65]In addition, the defensive slump is also noticeable[66], Team total score 538 and team missteps 102 both recorded the league worst.On the other hand, the league's top team recorded 100 stolen bases[67]..In addition, the pitchers who recorded the top team ERA of 12 and relief defense rate of 3.46 among the 2.70 teams led the team.[68][69]In the final stage of the season, the game was behind the game by up to 6.5 games and was behind the 3rd place.[68][70][71][72]..He has been in the A class in his first year as a coach since the second Yoshida coaching era in 1985, and since the 2 Ando coaching era when it comes to new appointments. In CS for the first time in 1982 years, he won the 2st stage with 2nd place DeNA with 1 wins and 2 loss, but lost to the leader and giant in the final stage for the first time in 1 years.In the record, Chikamoto set the Central League rookie hit record (5 hits)[73], Fujikawa achieves "150 saves / 150 holds" for the first time in NPB history[74].Ryutaro UmenoSet a Japanese record for catcher's season Assistance (123 Assistance)[75]..In addition, Chikamoto won the second stealing king in history since Akaboshi in 2001.[76]..Nishi won the Golden Glove Award for the first time in the history of the pitcher of the team, and together with the catcher category of Umeno, it became the first battery award in the history of the team.[77]. AlsoMessengerRetired from active duty[78][79][80],Takashi ToritaniLeft the group[81].
Shintaro Fujinami complains of olfactory dysfunction in late MarchPCR testImplemented.After that, it was judged positive and became the first person infected with the new coronavirus in the ball world.[82][Annotation 11]..Expected as a new foreignerJustin Bour, Mainstay Chikamoto and Itohara have been in trouble since the opening, and suffered three consecutive losses in the opening card giant game.[83]..In addition, the relief team was generally in poor condition and was expected to play an active role as a guardian deity.Fujikawa KojiHowever, the gears of the throwing did not mesh with each other due to a series of rescue failures due to poor conditions, and in the 12 races after the opening, they lost 2 wins and 10 losses.[84]. But,Mt. Ooyama YusukeTo the starting lineup,SuarezWhen the team was reassigned to the closer, the team also demodulated after mid-July and Suarez won the title of Save King with 7 saves.[85], Mt. Ooyama shows an activity to compete for the home run king, etc.[86], Overcame the four teams other than the Giants.However, the defensive aspect, which has been an issue in recent years, has not been resolved this year, and the number of missteps has reached 4, making it the worst 85 teams for the third consecutive year.[87], It became a cause of losing the victory because he lost a lot to the winning giant. In late September,It turns out that Itohara and Kinami are infected with coronavirusHowever, the registration of as many as 10 athletes, including close contacts, was deleted.[88]..At the end of the season, the season ended in 7.5nd place, 2 games behind the lead, despite the A-class battle with DeNA on the middle day.Kyuji Fujikawa in this year,Hiroki UemotoRetired from active duty[89][90],Kousuke Fukudome,Atsushi NomiLeft the group[91][92].Draft meetingTeruaki SatoWas won after the competition of 4 teams[93].


Permanent number

There are three permanent absences as follows.Please refer to each item for achievements and achievements.

Successive directors

TaiziIs the league title, ◎ is the best in Japan

  1. ^ Hanshin army from here
  2. ^ From here Osaka Tigers (2nd)
  3. ^ Conducted until May 1955th in 5.Fumio Fujimura will act for the rest of the match.
  4. ^ From here Hanshin Tigers
  5. ^ Conducted until June 1961, 6.Sadayoshi Fujimoto will take over the remaining games.
  6. ^ Conducted until June 1966, 8.Sadayoshi Fujimoto will take over the remaining games.
  7. ^ Conducted until April 1972th in 4.Masayasu Kaneda will act for the rest of the match.
  8. ^ Conducted until May 1980th in 5.Futoshi Nakanishi will act for the rest of the match.
  9. ^ June 1984, 6-June 13 isTakao SatoIs acting director.
  10. ^ Conducted until July 1995, 7.Taira Fujita will act for the rest of the match.
  11. ^ Conducted until August 1996, 9.The remaining gamesTakeshi ShibataIs acting on your behalf.

Team results/records

  • League victory: 9 times
    • 1 league era: 4 times (Autumn 1937, Spring 1938, 1944, 1947)
    • After 2 leagues: 5 times (1962, 1964, 1985, 2003, 2005)
  • Japan series championship: Once (1)
  • Climax series winner: Once (1)
  • Champion of the Year: Twice (2-1937)
  • Class A: 53 times
    • 1 league era: 12 times (Autumn 1936-1940, 1942-1948)
    • After the two-league system: 2 times (39-1950, 1960-1962, 1970-1972, 1973-1975, 1976-1981, 1982-1985, 1986, 1992, 2003-2005, 2008, 2010-2013, 2015, 2017-2019)
  • B class: 32 times
    • 1 league era: 2 times (1941, 1949)
    • After the two-league system: 2 times (30, 1961, 1971, 1974-1977, 1980-1983, 1984-1987, 1991-1993, 2002, 2004, 2009- 2011, 2012, 2016)
  • Longest record in consecutive A class: 11 years (1950-1960)
  • Longest consecutive B-class record: 10 years (1993-2002)
  • Most wins: 87 wins (2003, 2005)
  • Most defeat: 84 losses (1995)
  • Most draws: 13 minutes (1976)
  • Maximum win rate: .829 (Spring 1938)
  • Minimum win rate: .331 (1987)
  • Most consecutive wins: 14 consecutive wins (Autumn 1937, 1946)
  • Most consecutive losses: 12 consecutive losses (1998, 1999)
  • Minimum game difference: 0.5 games (Spring 1937, 1973)
  • Maximum game difference: 37.5 games (1987)

Other records

  • Most hits of the season 1458 hits (2010) --Central League record
  • 219 home runs, the most in the season (1985)
  • One home run, the smallest in the season (1)
  • Season's most strikeouts 1208 strikeouts (2005) --Central League record
  • 24 shutouts, the most in the season (1963, 2012)
  • Seasonal batting average .345 (Summer 1936)
  • Batting average of the season .197 (1941)
  • Seasonal ERA 1.53 (1944)
  • Minimum ERA of Season 4.79 (1978)
  • 2 consecutive double-digit hits in the season (10)
  • Seasonal inning hits 27 (2014)
  • 4 games in a row (2013)
  • Seasonal innings no runs 52 (1942) --Nippon Professional Baseball record[Annotation 12]
  • Seasonal consecutive games 15 home runs without home runs (2012)
  • Game score 22 points (August 2010, 8 vs. Hiroshima Toyo Carp)

No-hitter no-run achievement pitcher

  • So far, nine pitchers in the history of the Hanshin TigersNo hit no runHas been achieved.
datePitcher nameScoreOpponentBaseball field
1940May 8Hachiro Miwa1-0Tokyo Giants ArmyDalian
1946May 6Masanori Kure11-0SenatorNishinomiya
1948May 8Tadayoshi Kajioka3-0Nankai HawksShogun
1952May 5Shigeo Sanada12-0Hiroshima CarpKoshien
1965May 6Gene Bucky7-0Yomiuri GiantsKoshien
1973May 8Yuka Enatsu1-0Chunichi DragonsKoshien
1992May 6Toshiro Yufune6-0Hiroshima Toyo CarpKoshien
1998May 5Tetsuro Kawajiri2-0Chunichi DragonsKurashiki
2004May 10Kei Ikawa1-0Hiroshima Toyo CarpHiroshima

Especially in the case of EnatsuAchieve a no-hitter no-run by hitting a goodbye home run in the bottom of the 11th inningIt became a name game,This is the only record in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball to achieve a no-hitter no-run in overtime.Is. In addition,Perfect matchThere have been no achievements from the foundation of the team to the present.However, there is a record of a semi-perfect game as a reference record.Kenjiro Tamiya 1950May 3ToJNR SwallowsCompleted up to 9 deaths in 2 innings (Tamiya's last victory as a pitcher)Masaaki Koyama 1956May 6ToOcean WhalesBe the first batter in the battleHitIt was a match that allowed the batters to be completely suppressed.

Sawamura Eiji Prize Winners

In 1947Sawamura Eiji PrizeAfter the enactment, a total of 6 people received the award in Hanshin.Above allMurayama MinoruHas won the award three times for the third person in history, and is the most tie record for professional baseball.Murayama is the only pitcher in the Hanshin Tigers who has won multiple awards.Also,G. BacqueHas won the award for the first time as a player from overseas.

Match venue / activity base


Since the establishment of the baseball team, the Hanshin Koshien Stadium owned by the parent company has been used, and it is the oldest stadium currently based in Nippon Professional Baseball (however, it was requisitioned by the U.S. military).1946I couldn't use it only).1948 OfFranchise systemConsistently since the provisional introductionPrivate stadiumOther than Hanshin, the exclusive stadium has not been changed.2005New entry fromTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesOnly.Until the temporary introduction of the franchise system, there was no custom of playing home games at the base, and other than Hanshin Koshien Stadium.Korakuen Stadium-Hankyu Nishinomiya StadiumWe chose a stadium that was convenient for the schedule and held it.

The Hanshin Koshien Stadium was originallyhigh school baseballBecause it is a stadium built for holding and for other purposes, it is supposed to be used for sports events.Selected High School Baseball TournamentNational High School Baseball ChampionshipSchedule has the highest priority[Annotation 13]..In particular, the latter tournament will be held for more than two weeks, so it will take about one month during this period.[Annotation 14] A long-term expedition that extends toRoad of deathI came to call it.However, the travel time has become shorter due to the development of transportation compared to the past.[Annotation 15] And accommodation facilities have been upgraded[Annotation 16],In particular1990 eraAfter that, even during a long-term expeditionHot Motto Field KobeAnd air-conditionedKyocera Dome OsakaBecause the game is organized at the stadium near Koshien, that tooDead languageIs becoming[Annotation 17]..In addition, the standard for welcoming the opening of professional baseball at the base is two years after the Central League secured A class.Pacific League3 years after securing A class[Annotation 18] Therefore, even if A class is secured, there are cases where the right to open the base is abandoned.

The home of the second army is1950 era TheKobe Citizens' Athletic Field Baseball Field,1979から1993UntilHanshin Hamada StadiumI used to use, but nowHanshin Naruohama StadiumIs using.Koshien and Naruohama are in the same Nishinomiya city, and the distance between the base of the first army and the base of the second army among the 12 teams isSaitama Seibu LionsNext to.

It became a real number announcement2005Or later,2010Until2008Except for the above, the annual number of spectators in the official game has continued to mobilize more than 300 million people.2011Since then, it has not reached 300 million, and has remained in the 260 million-280 million range.[94].. However,2017Was in good shape, such as finishing in 2nd place.May 10In the final round of the official game, 3 spectators were gathered and the annual number of spectators exceeded 7 million for the first time in seven years.

Local holding

It is characterized by being held in western Japan, mainly in the Kinki region.

Up to 144, when the number of games was 2014 games per year, up to 2013, 72 games out of 60 sponsored games were held at the Hanshin Koshien Stadium.Osaka DomeTwelve games were organized in regional events including (Kyocera Dome Osaka).For Hanshin, the Osaka Dome is treated as a local stadium.As for the breakdown of this regional event, 12 cards, 3-8 games at Kyocera Dome Osaka,Kurashiki Muscat Stadium(Before thatOkayama baseball field), A total of 1-9 games are held every year, and othersHot Motto Field Kobeを含むそれ以外の地方球場で毎年2 - 3試合が開催されていた。ただ、2014年は京セラドーム大阪での3カード・9試合と倉敷マスカットスタジアム1試合の計10試合のみでその他の地方球場での開催はなかった。他球団が地方開催を減らす中で、年間試合数が143試合制となった2015年以降も2014年と同様、主催71ないし72試合[Annotation 19] Of these, 9 to 10 games are held locally, and at present, Hanshin is the most held in the Central League based on the number of games.However, the breakdown is mostly Kyocera Dome Osaka and only one game at Kurashiki Muscat Stadium, so in terms of the number of stadiums to be held, there are the most giants.

Long time agoKyoto City Saikyogoku Sports Park Baseball FieldBut I played 1-6 games every year,2005Pair ofSeibu LionsThere is no sponsored match at the end of the match[Annotation 20]..Otherwise1999ToKagawa Prefectural Baseball FieldSo, in 2005, 2006 and 2012, we played two games each.Matsuyama Bocchan StadiumI went there.2013 TheOkinawa Cellular Stadium NahaHeld two official games for the first time at.Besides this,2014ToAmericaAlthough there was a plan to hold an official game at, I gave up after that.

About Kyocera Dome1997It has been used since its opening, but for the three years from 2005 to 2007, Orix in Hyogo Prefecture used Kintetsu in Osaka Prefecture.Absorption mergerAs a result of the provisional measures taken, it became a double franchise in Hyogo and Osaka prefectures, so it was allowed to use Kyocera Dome Osaka as a quasi-base.Currently, during the spring / summer high school baseball championship in Koshien, the opening card or 1 card immediately after that, 3 games and 2 cards between the long-term road in summer, 5-6 games, a total of 8-9 games It is basically held, butrainy seasonIt was also done at times[Annotation 21].

In addition, due to the influence of the renovation work of Koshien after October, which was carried out for three terms from 2007,2008There is one match that is canceled in the rainSkymark stadiumSo, the first stage of the climax series is being held at Kyocera Dome Osaka. In 1, the originally scheduled match (Kyocera's Chunichi 2011 consecutive games and Koshien's Yakult 3 consecutive games) was postponed due to the Great East Japan Earthquake, and in October, the Yakult 3 consecutive games were held at the Kyocera Dome to supplement the schedule.

During the long-term expedition in the summer, the rotation is basically repeated as a visitor after completing 2-3 cards and then forming 3 consecutive battles at the Kyocera Dome, but depending on the year, 8 of the old Bon Festival (around August 15). In some cases, 1 cards and 2-5 games will be held consecutively at Kyocera Dome a week.

Hot Motto Field Kobe had a time when it was held during the long-term road in the summer, which will be described later, but at that time Orix was a franchise.1994Was cut off for a while at the end.After that, due to a request from the local government, the event was revived in 2007 while it was an open game, and after that, in the official game, in 2008, one alternative game due to rain cancellation (because Koshien cannot be used due to renovation work),2010Held two games in 2 and one game in 2012[Annotation 22]..However, it has not been held since 2013 and has withdrawn from the stadium again.

The host stadium during the summer high school baseball season when Koshien cannot be used has been using the Kyocera Dome since 1997, but before thatKyoto City Saikyogoku Sports Park Baseball Field(1965-1979),Okayama baseball field(1973-1979),Heiwadai baseball field(1980-1988),Green Stadium Kobe(1988-1994), Hankyu Nishinomiya Stadium (1991-1996) was used.In particular,1980から1987Until, during the period when Koshien cannot be used for high school baseball, other teams in the Kansai region (Hankyu= Nishinomiya Stadium,南海=Osaka Stadium,Kintetsu=Nippon Life Stadium-Fujiidera Stadium)'S base is limited in schedule for the team's game, and it was practically difficult to hold other stadiums due to problems such as night game facilities and facility specifications, so 2 during this time While hosting the game at Heiwadai Stadium, I have to leave Kansai for almost three weeks.Road of deathWas in a state of.

Also, in the past, there was a night game at the Osaka Stadium in 1953-1955 until the night game equipment was introduced in Koshien.Other,Iwate Prefectural Baseball Field,Koriyama Municipal Kaiseizan Baseball Stadium,Prefectural Miyagi Stadium,Fujisakidai Prefectural Baseball Field(Both1975) But they are playing a match.

Opening game of the sponsored game

As mentioned above, at KoshienSelected High School Baseball TournamentEven if Hanshin entered the A class two years ago (2003 to 2019 was two years ago, 2001 was the previous year) and got the right to open the base, Hanshin was at Koshien.OpenerThere are many cases where we cannot meet.Selected High School Baseball TournamentIs held in Koshien from the end of March to the beginning of April every year, but since high school baseball is prioritized in Koshien, it will be impossible to hold professional baseball in Koshien if the opening of the Central League occurs at this time. I will end up.As a result, the Hanshin Tigers have not started the official game at their home base in the usual official game schedule since the 3st century.[Annotation 23].

選抜開幕前に開幕戦を甲子園で行った年は1956年、1964年の2回であり、逆に選抜終了後に開幕戦を甲子園で行った年は1952年、1959年、1961年、1963年、1969年、1973年、1983年、1987年、1993年、2011年の10回である。このうち、2011年は当初日程であれば明治神宮野球場での対ヤクルト戦だったが、Great East Japan EarthquakeSince the opening date was postponed to April 4 due to the influence of, the match against Hiroshima at Koshien became the opening match.[95][Annotation 24].

In the past, there were cases where the opening round was set at Koshien before or after the opening of the selection, but in 2007Climax seriesAfter the introduction, the opening is usually in late March from the aspect of the schedule, and the schedule to start after the selection is not set, and it is unlikely that it will be set after the selection is completed.In addition, there were the following four patterns as measures to be taken when the event could not be held at Koshien while having the opening right for the current year (since 3, when the franchise system was established and the current 4-team system was established. The opening at the Osaka Dome. Excludes).

  1. Two years ago (2003 to 2019 is two years ago, 2001 is the previous year) The opening will be at the base of the B class team
  2. The year before or the year before last (since 2003) will start at the base of the A class team
  3. The game opens at a local stadium
  4. A visitor game at a local stadium kicks off

After the completion of the Osaka Dome, it will be based in the Osaka DomePacific LeagueIf the team does not have the right to open the base of the year, the local opening can be welcomed at the Osaka Dome.The following years correspond to the opening of the game sponsored by the Osaka Dome.

Incidentally,20102017Orix, which is based in Osaka Dome, also had the opening right for the year, so as a result of negotiations between the Central League and the Pacific League, the Pacific League has an irregular schedule in 2010.[Annotation 25]In 2017, Hanshin will return the opening right[Annotation 26] It was settled.

The number of professional baseball games has increased to more than 2000 games since 140, and the selection tournament was frequently canceled in the rain in 1997, which may interfere with the professional baseball schedule. Has significantly advanced the opening time (selection is generally春分 の 日Around (March 3th or 20st), professional baseball is often established on the last Friday of March.Selection will be held at the present time after 3).Therefore, nowadays, when Hanshin gets the right to host the opening round, it is usually held at the Osaka Dome.Even if you miss the right to host the opening round due to the B class two years ago (21 to 3 is the year before last), the so-called "home opening" of the second or third card after the completion of the Osaka Dome In many cases, "Series" is assigned to the event at the same stadium (until the completion of the Osaka Dome, visitor expeditions continued until the selection tournament schedule was completed).

Main campsite

Currently used campsite

Camping ground used in the past

Team features


From the spring of 1936, the first official league match of professional baseball, to the present, only Tigers has participated in all official seasons except for interruptions due to the war, and the parent company has not changed since its foundation.Another similar team, the Yomiuri Giants, missed the spring 1936 season due to an expedition to the United States.There are very few professional baseball teams in the world, such as the Tigers, whose management base remains unchanged for a very long period of time.In addition, the design of uniforms, team symbols, logos, etc. has been inherited to the present without major changes since the team was founded ().DesignSee section).

It also has some unique traditional events.As a typical example, the Tigers have all the players, managers and coaches every year in January before the camp in.Iwata ShrineThe event of worshiping (Nagahisa Budo ⇒ praying for victory) has been a tradition since the foundation of the team.[97]..Also, now in March before the openingNishinomiya ShrineIt is also a traditional event to worship at (prosperous business ⇒ pray for profits from the team).

On the other hand, along with the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, which was founded in 2005, it is still the least number of Thai (1) teams in Japan.Also, in 1985, the number one player in Japan won the Japan Series MVP.Randy BathIt is also the only team in the Central League 12 team that does not have a Japanese player who has won the Japan Series MVP.

Team name

Nickname "TigersWas decided by open recruitment of Hanshin Electric Railway employees.At this time, some people applied for the name "Tigers", but as a result of the lottery, Saburo Matsubara, who belongs to the Business Division, was certified as the inventor.OsakaWas an industrial city as wellThe United States of America OfDetroitBased inDetroit TigersIt is said that Matsubara applied for this name with reference to, but it is said that many people thought of the nickname "Tigers" regardless of the Detroit Tigers.After that, the name "Tigers" has been used consistently except during the war (Pacific War, World War II) when English was not available and the name was "Hanshin Tigers".By the way, the notation "Tigers" is closer to the original pronunciation of "tigers", but this "Tigers" is in Japanese.Proper nounTherefore, it would be wrong to say "Tigers".[Annotation 27].

The team name "HanshinIs that the parent company is "Hanshin" Electric Railway and that it is the home base.Koshien StadiumIs sandwiched between Kobe City and Osaka Prefecture in the southeastern part of Hyogo Prefecture.Between HanshinIs located inDouble MeaningConsists of.At the time of its establishment, the team name was "Osaka Tigers" because the team office was located in Osaka City, but before and after the team office was relocated to Koshien Stadium.1961The official name was "Hanshin Tigers".However, before the name change, "Hanshin" was used as an abbreviation and "Hanshin Tigers" was used as a common name.[Annotation 28], The second army team founded in 1950 in 1954New Japan LeagueWhen joining, the team name will be uniquely "Hanshin Jaguars(Hanshin Jaguars,Hanshin Jaguars) ”Western leagueFrom 1957 after joining, the official name was "Hanshin Tigers" ahead of the XNUMXst Army.

Regarding abbreviations, the abbreviation in English is "T, In the case of Kanji, "Is used.The original acronym "Saka" is not used because the acronym is also "Saka".Hankyu BravesThis was to avoid duplication with (Hankyu used to call it "sudden"), but even after Hankyu gave up the team and changed the name of the team (in Hyogo prefecture, which is a protected area).Prefectural office location・ Continuing "God" (derived from Kobe City).

Process to Kansai national team

The Hanshin Tigers are currently the only one in the Central LeagueKinkiIs a baseball team based in[Annotation 29], Boasts overwhelming popularity in the Kansai area.sports newspaperIn the Kansai edition of each paper, articles related to Tigers decorate one side, and in many cases, pages other than one side are treated extensively.[Annotation 30], In the TV / radio program produced by the station in Osaka, the sports corner in the information program occupies most of the information about the Tigers, and the professional baseball broadcast also shows the Tigers support color (ABC"Torabanism.",MBS"With Tigers" etc.). Hanshin decided to win the championship for the first time in 1985 years, which was broadcast by Kansai TV on October 10, 16.Yakult SwallowsBattle (Meiji Jingu Stadium) Recorded an audience rating of 56.7% in the Kansai area (Video researchInvestigate).This is the highest rating record for professional baseball broadcasts in the Kansai area.However, its popularity was not immovable from the beginning.

Kansai baseball team based on the group
In the former Kansai,Nankai HawksWas a popular team as well as the Tigers.Especially in the early 1950s, Hanshin, which reduced the number of spectators due to the delay in installing night game equipment at Koshien Stadium (completed in 1956) behind the Osaka Stadium, could not exceed the number of spectators in the Nankai, and after installing the night game. Has been below the Nankai for three consecutive years since 1959.[99]..Also, on TV broadcastNankai Hawks TheEvery day broadcasting,Kintetsu Buffaloes TheAsahi Broadcasting, Hankyu BravesKansai TV broadcastingAs a result, there was a priority broadcasting contract between the baseball teams and broadcasting stations, and the Kansai baseball teams other than the Tigers were receiving a relatively high degree of attention.
Decrease in the number of relays of the Kansai baseball team
However, as we approach the mid-1960sYomiuri Giants Golden periodFrom the relationship with the key stations in Tokyo, the number of broadcasts of giant games gradually became dominant in Kansai as well as in other regions.In particular, Kansai Telecasting has strengthened its policy centered on giants, and even if Hankyu is doing well, "it was not an easy task to push out Hankyu cards."[100][101]In 30, the number of broadcasts of the Hankyu match, which used to be about 1966 games a year, decreased to 8 games.Even in Mainichi Broadcasting, the broadcast of the Nankai War was indispensable as a business in the 1960s, but in the 1970s it was desperate to secure the broadcast of the Giants.[Annotation 31][Annotation 32].
From "increased exposure" to "centralization" in the Hanshin Tigers
In this way, the Giants game is now broadcast mainly in Kansai, so the exposure to the media of the Tigers who will play against the Giants throughout the year as a team belonging to the same league is compared with other Kansai teams. increase.In addition, at the same time, a broadcasting station based in Kobe CitySun TVIs open (1969), Immediately after that, as the centerpiece of the formation, the complete relay frame of the Tigers game "Sun tv box seats』Broadcast has started.The viewing area of ​​the station includes the entire Hanshin area, including a considerable area under Osaka Prefecture, and then in the Kansai area.Independent UHFTo each stationNetHas also started, creating an environment where you can watch the Tigers game on TV throughout the Kansai region.[103].
Along with the increase in popularity of the Tigers, the above-mentioned major TV stations in Osaka, which originally broadcast only the Hanshin Tigers vs. Giants, are now actively increasing the number of broadcasts centered on the Tigers, and professional baseball broadcasting in Kansai Centralization to the Tigers game will progress[Annotation 33].

Rokko grated

The official name of the team song is "Hanshin Tigers Song", but it is nicknamed "Grated Rokko" at the beginning of the lyrics. It was announced in 1936 under the title of "Osaka Tigers Song" and was renamed with the name change of the team in 1961.

Koshien Hotel (currently) on March 1936, 3Mukogawa Women's University Koshien Hall) Was first unveiled at the reception for the formation of the team[105]..It is the oldest song in the existing NPB12 team song.


The Tigers are a team that has a historically consistent style in terms of design, and continues to maintain the basic design that was designed when the team was first established, from the team flag to various logos, marks, and uniforms.It is unusual for professional baseball teams to have this kind of consistency in design, especially in the Japanese baseball world, the Tigers only.[106]..It was at that time that I worked on these designsHanshin Electric RailwayGenichi Hayakawa, an in-house designer who worked in the design room of the promotion section of1906 - 1976[107]..In the Hanshin Tigers, there are some original drawings of the design that seems to have been made by the person himself.[106].


"" Drawn on the team flag and the chest of the home uniformTigersThe typeface of the logo is1960It has been used consistently since its inception with only minor adjustments.

This "Tigers" logo is "HANSHINTogether with the logo1962May 6Is registered as a trademark[Annotation 34][Annotation 35], 1982 registered with further adjustments[Annotation 36]. Also,Mincho type"" In Japanese notation that imitatesHanshin TigersThe logo was also registered in 1983.[Annotation 37].

symbol mark

Pet markIs a caricature of a roaring tiger facing to the right, looking up from below, commonly known as "Tiger markCalled "[107]..Since it has been used since the team was founded, it is regarded as a pet mark that represents the Japanese baseball world.[108]..The tiger mark on the left sleeve of the uniform has a face facing left.

Team founding member Tadashi Wakabayashi(English editionAlumni atSusumu HoshinaIt is said that the original picture drawn based on the school's mascot crossed Hayakawa through Wakabayashi, and then finished by Hayakawa's hand to complete the mark.[105][109]..The specific date of birth is unknown, but the tiger mark is on the poster to commemorate the founding of the team, which was released before the 1936 season, and the lyrics card distributed when the team sang at the team formation party on March 1936, 3. Was designed[105].

1970 eraIn the latter half of the year, details such as eye shape and coat expression were arranged.1980 eraFrom the first half[Annotation 38], A red circle with a tiger mark is surrounded by a black ring, and a mark with a white logo of "HANSHIN" in an arch shape at the top of the ring and "Tigers" in a reverse arch shape at the bottom (commonly known asMarutora mark) Is also used, and is used in publications and video works.[Annotation 39].

Team flag

Team flagIs based on a black and yellow horizontal stripe pattern (3 black and XNUMX yellow are alternately composed from the top), a red circle with a tiger mark in the upper left corner, and the right side of the yellow line at the bottom. The logo of "HANSHIN Tigers" is arranged in black.Although the details such as the design of the tiger mark and the presence or absence of the logo differ slightly depending on the time, the basic design of the tiger mark with black and yellow horizontal stripes has never been changed since the team was founded.

About change of details
  • For designCopyrightWas not established, so the red circle was initially drawn in a slightly lighter color,1950 eraから1960 eraAround the time, there were designs in which the red circle was dyed brown, and the yellow circle surrounded by the black line was marked with a front-facing tiger picture, and these were used in player directory and posters. It was also used.
  • 1970 eraAround the second half-: Adopted as the official design that was registered reflecting the detailed adjustment of the tiger mark[Annotation 40][111].
  • October 1984-: Changed to the current design with the "HANSHIN Tigers" logo[Annotation 41][112].


The Tigers uniform has a design pattern of the tiger mark on the left sleeve and the "Tigers" logo on the pinstripe from the beginning to the present, except for a part of the period.

The pin stripe, which is the biggest feature of the uniform, is from the image of a tiger.Vertical stripes (Tatejima)"Vertical striped uniform" is synonymous with the Tigers.At the time of its founding, it was a light gray pinstripe, but after minor changes, the color gradually became darker and the lines became thicker, and now the design as "vertical stripes" that sets it apart from general pinstripes has been established. ing.

There are various theories as to why the vertical stripe design was adopted, but the theory that the uniform design of the Detroit Tigers at that time was used as a reference is predominant.

Changes in uniforms

  • 1936 - 1940
    "TigersTwo types of logos, " "Uses three types of uniforms with one logo.There are also three types of hats, each with three types of uniforms and designs, and the mark is in black.O".There are two types of stockings, one with two lines of yellow and red on a black background, and one with four lines of dark gray on a gray background.
    The "Tigers" logo uniform has a light gray stripe on a white background and a dark gray stripe on a gray background, both with a collar, and black and yellow piping on the logo / number edging, placket, sleeves, etc. The design.
    The uniform of the "OSAKA" logo is a plain gray logo with a logo / number edging and yellow piping on the line. It has a collar and a tiger mark emblem on the left sleeve.
    • 1937
      Minor changes such as darkening the stripes of the white uniform of the "Tigers" logo and eliminating the edging of the logo and uniform number.Added 3 line stockings of engine on a black background.The hat has been changed to a design with gray stripes on a white background and a red O mark on a black brim.
    • 1938 - 1940
      The stripes of the white uniform of the "Tigers" logo have been made thicker and thicker, and the edging of the logo and uniform number has been restored.Added stockings with two yellow lines and one red line on a white background.
  • 1940- 1943
    With the change of the team name to "Hanshin" according to the instructions of the federation, the logo is changed to the kanji "Hanshin" while keeping the basic design.Hanshin(Vertical writing on the left chest. "God" isOld fontChanged to "Show Hen ni Shin") and abolished the O mark on the hat.
    • 1943
      Instead of a hatPatrol capWearing, of Hanshin Electric RailwayCompany emblemWas used as a hat mark.Also, the collar and line are abolished.
    • 1944
      Abolished uniform number.Also, of uniformsNational defense colorAlthough it was instructed to change it, it was accepted by using the plain gray fabric that was once used in the uniform of "OSAKA".At that time, the yellow logo and line were removed, but the tiger mark on the sleeve was used as it was.
  • 1945
    The name was changed to "Osaka Tigers" again, but due to lack of fabric, it was a uniform with black stripes on a gray background without the "Tigers" logo.Stockings with dark gray stripes on a gray background were mainly used.The O mark on the hat was resurrected.
  • 1946 - 1948
    The chest logo is back.However, gray uniforms have a short fabric life and were abolished in just three years.
  • 1947 - 1951
    Due to the shortage of supplies, we adopted a white plain white placket line uniform without vertical stripes.There were two types, one with two placket lines and one with one placket line. "Tigers" logo The border and lines are yellow.Undershirts vary from player to player, with white, navy blue, black, russet, etc., and hats with black O-marks and navy blue brim on a white background, white stockings used in 2-1. Has revived.In particular, the one-line one was used even after the division of the two leagues, and was used for home use until 2.
    • 1948- 1949
      "Black uniformWearing a uniform using a dark blue fabric called ".It was mainly used for expeditions.The "Tigers" logo with a yellow border in white on the top and bottom dark blue, and the hat was also a white O mark in dark blue.In addition to the conventional white stockings, we used blue-gray stockings with a navy blue line and yellow stockings with a navy blue line.This uniform was made in time because the vertical striped fabric was not available, but it has been used as a reprint uniform since the beginning of the 21st century and it overlapped with the era of "dynamite striking". , The recognition of fans is high regardless of age or sex.
    • 1950 --Before the 1951 All-Star
      Due to the division of the two leagues, the uniform for the expedition was changed from a dark blue uniform to a light gray-based "OSAKA" logo uniform. 2-The design follows the uniform of the "OSAKA" logo used in 1936, and the tiger mark is revived on the left sleeve for the first time after the war.The hat mark is "" exclusively for this uniform.T"Hat appeared, and it was a design with a white T mark on a black background.
  • After the 1951 All-Star- 1953
    After changing the "OSAKA" logo of the expedition uniform to the "Tigers" logo after the All-Star, the placket line was abolished and used as a visitor uniform. The "OSAKA" logo has moved to the left sleeve instead of the tiger mark.Stockings are yellow with white, black and red lines.Abolished the collar.
    • 1952
      Only for this season, I used it for home without lines on a white background.Except for the ground color, it had the same design as the one for visitors that had been used since the previous year.Stockings are traditional white background with yellow and red lines.Also, the mark on the visitor's hat has returned from the T mark to the O mark.
  • 1953- 1957
    The traditional vertical stripes and white striped hats have been revived, and the design follows the design of 1938-1940 almost exactly.
    • 1954 -1957
      The logo of the visitor uniform will be "OSAKA" again.The chest logo and number have become a new typeface with the Ming Dynasty motif, and the tiger mark on the left sleeve has also been revived.Stockings are two yellow lines on a black background.
  • 1958 - 1959
    For both home visitors, the yellow border on the chest logo is gone.In addition, the vertical striped hat and stockings on a white background for home use have been eliminated, and the same ones for visitors have been unified.
  • 1960
    The typeface of the home uniform "Tigers" has been adjusted in detail and adopted a chest number.The hat mark is "OT"change to.
  • 1961 - 1965
    As the team name was changed to "Hanshin Tigers", the chest logo of the visitor uniform was changed to "Hanshin Tigers".HANSHIN", And the hat mark"HT"change to.
    • 1962Late
      The visitor's chest number is the same round typeface as the uniform number.
  • 1965- 1973
    The basic design remains the same, but thick lines have been adopted on the collar, arms, and sides of the pants.The uniform number for home is a typeface close to Gothic, the uniform for visitors is a square typeface, and the chest number is a square typeface for both home and visitors.However, the chest number for home is a so-called "high school baseball type" typeface that is different from the number and typeface for visitors."OSAKA" is back on the left sleeve for home use, and the tiger mark for visitors is the same as before.
    • 1970 - 1973
      In addition to the tiger mark being slightly changed and embroidered, a spine name is adopted.Therefore, the number has become slightly smaller.It is customary to use "H" for the long vowels of the Odan, but in the Tigers1985There were many players who abbreviated H until around that time (Kozo Kawafuji: "KAWA TOH" → "KAWATO",Goro Toi: "TOHI" → "TOI",Hidetaka Okura: "OHKURA" → "OKURA" etc.).
    • 1972 -1973
      The HT mark "H" on the hat is yellow, "T" is white, the top button is white, and the air hole is yellow.
  • 1974 - 1975
    Taking advantage of the fact that the double knit material has been adopted as the material for uniforms, the team color yellow will be added to the brim of the hat, chest logo, uniform number, sleeves / neck / pants lines, etc.Also, the color of the vertical stripes for home has changed from gray to black.
  • 1975- 1978
    First1975Only the visitor uniform has been changed, the ground color has changed from gray to sky blue, and the sleeves and pants have jagged lines.This line isKazumasa NagaiDesigned byBright stream lineWas called.The origin is "tigerFangs "and"Ako RoushiThere are two theories of "happi coat".Also, for the first time in the history of the teamLagran sleeveThe specifications have been adopted.It was an unusual style with a first button on the neck line, with different button materials for home uniforms and visitors, the home was made of the same plastic as the ground color, and the visitor was a translucent plastic button.
    • 1976 -1978
      The "Kiryu Line" is also used for home use, and the "OSAKA" logo on the left sleeve has been changed to the tiger mark.
  • 1979 - 1983
    BlazerAt the same time as the director took office, the bright stream line was abolished and changed to the conventional black and yellow lines, the button type was changed to a pullover type, and raglan sleeves were also adopted for home uniforms.In addition, the two yellow lines of stockings will be abolished and will be all black.For home use, the side lines of the pants disappear and the vertical stripes become slightly thicker.The tiger mark on the left sleeve of the visitor uniform has changed to the "Tigers" logo.1983The "Tigers" logo on the left sleeve goes up to the right.
    • 1982 -1983
      Norio AndoWith the appointment of director, the model for home use has been significantly changed.The yellow team color disappears, the monotone style and striped hat (black brim, TH mark) are revived, and the home spikes turn black on a white background.From this design change, the basic design will be used for 2006 years until 25, although minor changes are repeated on the way.During this time1985-2003-2005Won the league championship three times.
  • 1984 - 1987
    The typeface of the uniform number for home uniforms changes from a typeface close to Gothic to a square typeface similar to that for visitors.The chest number is the same high school baseball typeface as before.In addition, two years later for the home, the visitor uniform was significantly remodeled.As with the home version, the yellow neck and sleeve lines have been eliminated and black vertical stripes have been created on a gray background, and the tiger mark on the left sleeve has been revived.In addition, the hat will have a white HT mark on a black background, and the typeface of the chest number for visitors will be the same as the uniform number.
  • 1988 - 1990
    The basic design remains unchanged, from a pullover type to a button type.In addition, the HT mark on the visitor's hat will be changed from white to silver, and the visitor's spikes will change from a white line on a black background to a black line on a white background similar to that for home use.
  • 1991 - 2000
    The pullover type was revived again in 1985, when it was the best in Japan. 1984-The design used in 1987 was almost completely followed.
    • 2000
      At the suggestion of director Katsuya Nomura at the time, the vertical striped hat used for homes was abolished, and black hats for visitors will be used in home games as well (1999 All-Star GameAtTakeshi ShinjoYutaka WadaWas participating in the same combination of "home uniform + visitor hat").In addition, spikes will be silver lines on a black background for both home visitors.
  • 2001 - 2006
    The home uniform adopts a pullover type with buttons without changing the basic design (the buttons can be removed from the top only a few, and the rest are decorations), and the typeface of the uniform number and chest number is a high school baseball type. Changed to.The visitor uniform has been redesigned.The vertical stripes have been eliminated, black and white racket lines and sleeve lines have been added to the gray background, and the tiger mark on the left sleeve has been changed to a monotone color.In addition, the chest logo of "HANSHIN" has a white border on black letters.Pittsburgh PiratesIt becomes a typeface, and the typeface of the number and chest number is changed to the high school baseball typeface as well as for home.New York YankeesIt became a style without a spine name imitating.
    • 2002 -
      The tiger mark on the left sleeve for visitors has been changed from a monotone color to a conventional color.
    • 2003 -
      The style for visitors has been changed from no spine name to one with spine name.
    • 2005
      The fierce tiger mark on the left sleeve has been replaced with the logo mark commemorating the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the team.However, the color scheme is slightly different for home visitors.
  • 2007 - 2011
    Major model change.Home uniforms have undergone a major change for the first time in 25 years.At the request of director Akinobu Okada, the team color yellow has been adopted for the first time since 1981, and the "Tigers" logo and uniform number are bordered in yellow.Yellow and black sleeve lines + pants side lines have been added, and the design has black on the sides.The hat has a yellow brim on a black background, the HT mark "H" is yellow, and the "T" is white.For the visitor uniform, the racket line has been abolished and the "HANSHIN" logo has been adopted again in the typeface before 2000, and the design has black cutting on the flank as in the case of the home.The hat is a conventional black hat with a white line on the edge of the brim and the HT mark is white.In addition, the typefaces of uniform numbers and chest numbers for both home visitors were designed to be reminiscent of the European typefaces used until the summer of 1962-1965.
    • 2008 - 2009
      The design of the hat for visitors has changed since the end of the 2008 Interleague Play.We will continue to use the popular interleague game for visitors (described later) with minor changes from gray to black for the air holes and top buttons.
    • 2010
      The tiger mark on the left sleeve has been replaced with the logo mark commemorating the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the team.Visitor hats return to the 2007 type.
  • 2012 - 2014
    NewlyMizunoModel change due to supplier contract with.The concept is "fusion of tradition and reform", and the yellow part is less than the previous design.The vertical stripes on the home uniform have become thicker than last season, and the "Tigers" logo and uniform number / chest number have black letters and white borders.The visitor uniform has been redesigned in two-tone color (black shirt + white pants).Shadow stripes are arranged on the black shirt, and the "HANSHIN" logo has been changed to a pirate-shaped motif design, with a gray border in white along with the uniform number and chest number.The shoulders and flanks of the shirt and the sides and hem of the pants have a sharp cut-back design with the image of "tusks". The home has a black + yellow edging, and the visitor has a white + gray edging.The hat is all black for both home and visitor, and the brim has a yellow line for the home and a white line for the visitor (same for the helmet). The HT mark is white "T" + yellow "H" for home use, white "T" + gray "H" for visitors.The chest number and uniform number have been changed to the same typeface as the uniform used by Chunichi Dragons in 1996-2011.
  • 2015 - 2017
    Model change on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the foundation of the team. Based on the concept of "history, tradition, and newness," the home uniform is white and the visitor uniform is gray, with a simple vertical stripe design.The "HANSHIN" logo for visitors has been restored to its traditional design.For both home and visitors, the shoulders and flanks have been eliminated, and white and black arm lines and racket lines have been added.The hat has a design common to home visitors, with the HT mark in white letters on a black background.The helmet will be a matte type.
    • 2015
      The tiger mark on the left sleeve has been replaced with the symbol mark commemorating the 80th anniversary of the foundation of the team.
    • 2016 -2017
      Renewed for visitors. Based on the image of the "strong Tigers" when winning the league twice in 2003 and 2005, the upper and lower gray used in 2-2001, for visitors without vertical stripes, a black and white racket line based on gray And a sleeve line.The sleeve part from the shoulder to the sleeve became black.
  • 2018 -
    Both home and visitors are back in yellow.The home uniform has a minor change from white to yellow on the chest logo, back number, chest number, back name, and line of the model used until the previous year, and the hat was also used in 2007-2011 ( Based on the HT mark "H" is yellow, "T" is white, and the brim is yellow), the top button and air hole are yellow.Two-tone style (black shirt + white pants) has been revived for the first time in four years since 2014.Yellow and black racket line + sleeve line on a black background, "HANSHIN" logo, uniform number, chest number, and uniform name are yellow letters + white border.The hat is all black as in the previous year, but the HT mark has been changed from white letters to yellow letters + white border.
    For home use, the "Joshin" logo will be newly posted on the hat (left side) and pants (left foot base) in addition to the helmet and right sleeve up to the previous year.[113].
    • 2020 -
      The tiger mark on the left sleeve has been replaced with the symbol mark commemorating the 85th anniversary of the foundation of the team.Renewed for visitors.The design has a gray-based heather pattern and white gradation while keeping the basic patterns such as logos and lines.The hat is based on black, the brim is a gray heather pattern, and the HT mark is black letters + yellow border.

Limited / exclusive uniform

Sep-pa Exchange Battle

2005,Sep-pa Exchange BattleA special uniform was created to be worn during the new event.this is,2005Is the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the team, andRitsuna TsunashimaFrom 1999 to 2004Weekly baseballIn the column "Uniform Story" that was serialized in "Uniform Story", successive uniforms were introduced, which raised the voice of fans who said "I want to see the players fighting in old uniforms".Akada OkadaThis is because the director agreed that he should show something that is not usually seen in the interleague game.Taking this opportunity, the reprint uniform project spread to other teams.

The special uniforms borrowed by the players will be sold at the charity auction held after the interleague game every year.Successful bidderThe proceeds will be donated to welfare organizations.

  • 2005: Home uniforms only, using reprinted uniforms based on the 1979-1981 design.What was a pullover type at that time has been arranged into a pullover type specification with buttons, and the same raglan sleeve specification as the normal uniform is diverted.
  • 2006: Since there were many requests from fans that "I want to see the vertical stripes even for visitors", I wore the reprinted uniform used in the previous year as a uniform for visitors.On the contrary, at the same time (1979- 1983) I wore a reprinted uniform modeled for visitors for home use[114].
  • 2007 : Hiroko KoshinoWearing a specially designed uniform by.For the first time since the foundation of the team, the typeface of the "Tigers" logo was changed to a cursive typeface with a beard.The uniform number was once handled by KoshinoOsaka Kintetsu BuffaloesIn the same typeface as the uniform ofFujiidera StadiumLike the Kintetsu Railway of the era, the Lagrang style is adopted, with black vertical stripes on a white background for home use and yellow vertical stripes on a black background for visitors.Both raglan sleeves are black with yellow cuttings on the shoulders.The cursive "Tigers" logo with a beard has been used frequently in goods since then.
  • 2008: Based on the concept of "real tiger", sublimation print is adopted for the first time in the history of professional baseball.By printing the logo, mark, uniform number, etc., which were previously designed by appliqué, directly on the fabric, we have achieved a weight reduction of approximately -100g.On the design side, the width of the stripe is doubled to 5 mm, and gradation processing is applied, and the color becomes lighter toward the hem and logo.For the hat, the air hole and top button for the home are yellow, the brim and air hole for the visitor, and the top button is gray.In addition, this uniform was proposed by Director Okada himself during the camp.
  • 2009: A reprint uniform was planned for the first time in 3 years.1984 - 1987In 1985, the uniform that played the best in Japan was reproduced, and the design at that time was almost completely reproduced for both home visitors, but the spikes that were white at that time were diverted from the usual black ones.
  • 2010: 1975-Reproduced the uniform of "Kiryu Line" used in 1978.The design was almost completely reproduced for both home visitors, but in addition to the raglan sleeve specifications, the hat was diverted from the usual home one, and the stockings did not have a line.
  • 2011: 1948-Reproduced the "black uniform" used in 1949.The stockings are yellow + navy.In addition, it was worn only for home games (in the visitor game, it was worn for normal visitors).

Since 2012, there have been no plans for interleague play uniforms, but limited and exclusive uniforms have been passed down to various other events.


A limited-time project sponsored by the Central League in 2010 and 2012.Each of the six Central League teams wore a reprinted uniform selected from successive uniforms.

  • 2010 『"GREAT CENTRAL"-Old uniform series 2010-』: 1948-Reproduced the" black uniform "used in 1949.The stockings are blue gray + navy blue.
  • 2012 『"GREAT CENTRAL"-Legend Uniform Series 2012-]: 1936 - 1940The uniform that was used for the first time in the history of the team in the fall of 1937 is reproduced. Two types of stockings are reproduced, and the one with two lines of yellow and red on a black background is used for home use, and the one with three lines of engine on a black background is used for visitors.
"Ul Tiger Summer"

Held as a summer event from 2013.It is labeled "Uru Tora no Natsu (AD)" every year, and a limited-time uniform is used in the Hanshin-sponsored games during the period.It will also be worn during Golden Week as a uniform to be unveiled before the event starts.

  • 2013: Yellow and black racket line + arm line on vertical stripes, HT mark on left chest[115]..The HT mark was used for uniform design for the first time in the history of the team.
  • 2014: In commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the opening of Koshien Stadium, "Uru Tora Green" based on "Green", which symbolizes Koshien Stadium, was adopted as the theme color.[116]..Yellow arm line + side cutting on green background, yellow line design on white background for trousers, yellow brim and HT mark on green background for hat.The chest logo is all capitalized and "TIGERSIt became a powerful typeface with horns.
  • 2015: Wearing a uniform based on the team color yellow as part of the "Yellow Magic Project", an event commemorating the 80th anniversary of the foundation of the team.[117]..White and black racket line based on yellow, pants are yellow and black side line on a white background.It was the first time in the history of the team that yellow was adopted as the base color for uniforms.
  • 2016: The same yellow color as the previous year, with a new black raglan sleeve.[118]..Also, from this year, the name of the "Uru Tora no Natsu" uniform was changed to "Uru Tora Yellow Uniform".
  • 2017: Adopted a basic design that follows the previous year's model.Vertical stripes have been newly added to the front body, black has been added to the back in addition to the raglan sleeves, and vertical stripes have been added to the brim of the hat.[119].
  • 2018: The entire uniform is decorated with a tiger pattern in yellow and dark yellow, and the racket line that has been adopted since 2015 is abolished and the arm line is yellow and black.In addition, the chest number and uniform number have a flame design that imitates the event logo of "Uru Tora no Natsu".The hat is based on yellow with the HT mark black, and the brim is decorated with a tiger pattern in black and gray.[120].
  • 2019: Based on the model adopted in 2015, the black and white border "Tigers" logo, uniform number, chest number, uniform name, yellow and black racket line, arm line.The entire uniform is decorated with the flame pattern of the "Uru Tiger Summer" logo.The hat is based on a home hat, and the brim has a flame pattern similar to a uniform.[121].
  • 2020: The basic design follows the previous year's model, but the racket line has been abolished, and the entire uniform has a geometric pattern based on yellow.The hat is based on a home hat, and the brim has a geometric pattern similar to a uniform.The mark on the left sleeve is a symbol mark commemorating the 85th anniversary of the foundation of the team.[122][123].
  • 2021: Based on yellow, the face of a roaring tiger caught from the front is treated all over the front, and a black tiger pattern is arranged throughout.[124]..The hat is based on a home hat, and the brim has a tiger pattern similar to a uniform.[125].
"Traditional Battle ~ THE CLASSIC SERIES ~"

A mutual development project by Hanshin and Giants that started in 2016.Detail is"A traditional battle ~ THE CLASSIC SERIES ~See section.

  • 2016: Wearing a limited-time uniform that is a remake of the "Kiryu Line" uniform to the 2016 version[126]..For the first time in the reprint uniform project, the same shirt sleeve specifications as at that time were reproduced, and regular cut stockings with lines were also reproduced.
  • 2017: Wearing a remake of the 2017 version of the "black uniform" (changed hat mark from "O" to "HT", added back name and tiger mark)[127].
  • 2018: Based on the "Kiryu Line" uniform for visitors, the chest logo was changed from "HANSHIN" to "Tigers" and the "Kiryu Line Uniform 2018" was remade for home use.

マ ス コ ッ ト

Baseball teamマ ス コ ッ トAre the following three bodies.For details, refer to each item.Both have a tiger motif after the team name "Tigers".

Major successive team songs and support songs

The official team song is this "Tigers song" (commonly known as "Tigers song"Rokko'[Annotation 42]), But there are also many other team cheering songs.

And many others
  • CD "Hanshin Tigers player-specific cheering song"
    • 1992年から2003年まで毎年、日本コロムビアから発売されていた球団歌や球団応援歌、選手応援歌などを収録したCD。2001年版は1万3000枚、2002年版は2万8000枚、2003年版は11万枚を売り上げた(日本コロムビア調べ)[130].. It has not been produced since the 2004 edition.

Team slogan

  • 1985-1998 3F (Fresh, Fight, For The Team)
  • 1999-2001 TOP baseball
  • 2006-2008 Be the Best For the Fans
  • 2009-2011 Focus on this play, this moment !!
  • 2012-2014 Go for the Top Get hot !!
  • 2015 Go for The Top as One
  • 2016 Super Transformation Fighting Spirit
  • 2017 Challenge Tigers Change
  • 2018 Obsession Tigers Change 2018
  • 2019 Break!I'm Yar 2019
  • 2020 It's win[Annotation 43] time I'm crazy
  • 2021 Challenge / Super / Top-Challenge to the top-

Episodes, keywords, etc.

Mr. Tigers

This is the title given by fans to the main players of the Tigers.OriginallyFumio FujimuraIt was a name for, but after Fujimura retiredMurayama Minoru,Koichi Tabuchi,Masayuki KakefuThey were called by similar titles as their successors.

Dynamite striking line

Synonymous with the Tigers batting line.It is used on the media when the Tigers' striking line is particularly strong.In the past, dynamite strikes were formed in the late 1940s, around 1985, 2003, and 2010.

Back screen 3 barrage

1985May 4In the battle against the Giants (Koshien), the TigersCleanup(Randy Bath,Masayuki Kakefu,Akada Okada) Is three consecutiveBack screenIn the directionHome runThe event that hit. Sometimes called "Legendary ---", it is treated as a famous scene that remains not only in the history of Tigers but also in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball.

Pinch hitter god

The Tigers players, who demonstrate their competitiveness in situations that influence the development of the game as a "pinch hitter trump card," are known among fans and in the media.Pinch hitter godMay be expressed as[131].

He has been active as a pinch hitter since the mid-1990s, and in 1997 he recorded a pinch hitter success rate of over 4%.Hiroshi YagiBegan when he was called "the god of pinch hitter"[132][133]. afterwards,Shinjiro Hiyama[134][135],Kentaro Sekimoto[136],Kano Keisuke[131] The title of "God of Pinch Hitter" has been inherited by the players who have settled on the trump card of Pinch Hitter.

Even before Yagi's success, there were several players who played an active role as a pinch hitter for multiple years.Goro Toi,Kozo Kawafuji[133],Mayumi Akinobu[131] And so on.

One battle of tradition

Mainly in the media, etc.Yomiuri GiantsBattle "One battle of traditionMay be expressed as. From 2016, the card will be released as a joint project with the giant.A traditional battle ~ THE CLASSIC SERIES ~We are trying to develop each other.

Episodes about a traditional battle

Annual championship match and Pacific home run
1936Due to multiple tournaments held in autumnPointsIt was a system.In each tournament, the team with the 1st place alone was given 1 point, and the team with the same rate of 1st place was given 0.5 points, and the total points of the 6 tournaments competed for the championship of the season.The Osaka Tigers had two points, leaving behind the final Tokyo second league match (the second Tokyo tournament), approaching the top 2 points of the Tokyo Giants.With the Tigers at the 2nd Tokyo TournamentHankyu ArmyWas competing for 1st place, but the giant was officially defeated by Hankyu.MatchfixBy playing the match, the Tigers missed the 1st place alone and lined up with the giant with 2.5 points, so they decided to play the championship match of the year.
In 12 monthSusaki StadiumAlthough he lost 1 win and 2 losses in the annual championship deciding match, Kageura showed an amazing performance with 12 hits in 6 at bats as a batter and 13 innings as a pitcher with an earned run of 1.
Although he lost in the 1936 fall championship match,1937In the annual championship deciding match (7 races, 4 wins) against the giant of the spring championship team, who won the first victory in the autumn season, Sawamura was defeated and 4 wins and 2 losses played the previous year's humiliation.Furthermore, in the year's championship deciding match, which won the spring season of the following year, he played against the giant again, gained momentum by winning the first game of goodbye, and achieved the year's consecutive victory with four consecutive victories.The two-season system ended in the same year, and the annual championship match was abolished.
Japan's number one in 1937 and 38 is not counted in the total number of league championships.This is because the league games of the last two years are independent seasons, and Hanshin's total victory is counted in the 2 autumn tournament and the 1937 spring tournament, respectively.
Century Fall Ball and V9
1973Was in a fierce battle for victory with the giant who has won eight consecutive titles.May 8In the 9th inning against the Giants (Koshien), he was defending the middle class with two deaths.Junichi Ikeda Kuroe TooruWhen I chased a mediocre fly ball, I fell down because of the natural grass in the outfield, which was not well maintained at that time.Since all the runners on the base survived during the fall, Hanshin, who was on the verge of victory, suffered a come-from-behind defeat.Actually, Ikeda just fellI haven't dropped a flying ballNevertheless, as Hanshin ended the season with the results described below, this play was "of the century" until later years.Falling ballWas called.After leaving the ball world, Ikeda suffered from harassment such as being categorized as a "war criminal" by a heartless fan.2005Have passed away.
May 8In the match against China and Japan (Koshien), the starting lineup, Enatsu,No hit no runIn the bottom of the 10th inning, he hit a goodbye home run.The possibility of winning by Chunichi disappeared, but the next day31 DayThe giant took the lead in.May 10In the battle against Giants (Korakuen)Koichi Tabuchi Makoto KurataAfter hitting a full-base home run, Enatsu held down and won, and the flow seemed to lean toward the Hanshin Tigers, but the next day, the giant caught up while leading 7-0, and ended up with a 10-10 draw after the reversal. ..
In the match against China and Japan (Chunichi Stadium) on October 2, which was close to the lead with two games left and one more win, the starting lineup of the Chunichi killer Ueda was expected.Masayasu KanedaNominates Enatsu, who has the most wins in the team[Annotation 44]..But this backfiredTatsuhiko KomataWhen a home run is hit and the player is overtaken, the hit line isSenichi HoshinoI was suppressed by and lost 2-4[Annotation 45]..On the other hand, Enatsu is an autobiography "Pride of the left arm" (composition: Masaru Hatano,Kusosha, 2001), "I was called by the front desk to the team office on the 19th and was told,'Don't win the remaining two games.'"[137].
Passing near the stadium just before the end of this war against ChinaTokaido ShinkansenThere is an anecdote that a train carrying a giant player passed through, and the game video at that time actually exists.One of the players tried to see the scoreboard from inside the car but couldn't do it.Nagoya StationUpon arrival, fans informed the progress of the match, and the players who heard it reportedly had a brighter mood.[Annotation 46].
Thus,May 10(Originally it was 21st, but it was postponed due to rain) In the battle against Giants (final game, day game)The team that wins the match winsIt was decided that[Annotation 47]..However, this match, which attracted a large crowd of about 48,000, also lost 0-9, and the giantV9Forgive me easily. 16:19, the final batterWillie KirklandAt the moment when he struck out, about 9 fans who got angry at the unlucky Hanshin Tigers who allowed the defeat and V1500 turned into mobs, rushed into the ground from the first base side stand and the Alps stand, and headed for the benches of both armies.Hanshin's players and staff escaped the difficulty by pulling them up to the locker room at the end of the game, but although the giant player immediately escaped to the bench, the king was beaten and collapsed in front of the bench, and the forest was taken off the catcher mask. Seven people, including players and coaches, were beaten and kicked.The giant's official escaped from the back of the bench and pulled it up to the dormitory "Takezono" in Ashiya City without raising his body.When the Hanshin fans learned of the player's departure, they screamed at the giant fan on the third base side, saying, "Go home, go home," and threw soil, cushions, and empty cans on the ground. Hanshin fans surrounded the giant fans who got down to the ground with "Stop" and became a brawl.Hyogo Prefectural Policeriot policePersonnelKoshien Police StationApproximately 180 members were dispatched[138][139].
Also, even outside the venue, around 16:40, about 500 fans surrounded the car on which the Hanshin Tigers officials were riding, and shook the car body saying "What is that match!"[Annotation 48]..The security headquarters set up by the Koshien Police Station was also stoned.[140].
This match isYomiuri TV(Live :, Commentary:Murayama Minoru[141] Nippon TVIt is relayed on the affiliated nationwide net[Annotation 49],Kinki wide areaLocallyAsahi Broadcasting(Live:Ueda Sadao, Commentary:Rikuo Nemoto,The guests:Nakamura Eiichi[Annotation 49] ,Sun TV(Live:Akira Nishizawa, Commentary:Tsuguo Goto.Kinki BroadcastingSimultaneous net)[141] Three stations including the one are broadcast on TV at the same time.Radio tooAsahi Broadcasting(Live :, Commentary:Mutsuo Minagawa, Also online for China Broadcasting.In-house, Pacific League championship deciding match, Hankyu vs. Nankai <Commentary:Yu Hanai> And dual) ・ Mainichi Broadcasting System (Commentary:Tadashi Sugiura, Hankyu vs. Nankai <Commentary:Masayoshi Nagai Other> and dual) ・TBS Radio(Commentary:Shigeru Mizuhara, Live:Jiro Yamada..Sanyo Broadcasting also online) ・ Nippon Broadcasting System (Commentary:Junzo Sekine)・Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.(Commentary:Takehiko Bessho)・Radio kantoWas relaying each[Annotation 50], Yomiuri TV and Asahi Broadcasting from the middleHazardous MaterialEtc. were thrown in, and about 200 mobs attacked after the players left.[139].
At the TV broadcast seat of Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, some mobs yelled at Uekusa and Nemoto, "Stop broadcasting," and threw empty cans.Uekusa continues the live performance while holding a cushion over his head from one of the Hanshin fans who is not a mob.At that time, "Good morning personality I am Nakamura Eiichi(I'm an enthusiastic fan of the Hanshin TigersNakamura Eiichi Asahi Broadcasting RadioThe live wide program that I was in charge of at) was extremely popular, so Hanshin fans who seemed to be listeners of the program said, "Here is Ei-chan.[Annotation 51] "Please forgive me from Notoko (Asahi Broadcasting's TV broadcast seat)" screaming[142]..In addition, conscientious Hanshin fans persuaded the mob to avoid attacks on the broadcast seats and equipment.[143]..However, since the audio was cut off for 16 seconds until the end of the broadcast (38:30:30), only the live video was shown on the TV.[139].
The mob also attacked the Yomiuri TV broadcast seat and said, "Don't hold only the shoulders of giants," TV cameras and expensive at that timeVTRRampage such as destroying broadcasting equipment such as equipment.Murayama, who had stopped commenting, also hit him, saying, "I did a commentary on the Yomiuri TV because I was a Hanshin player."Approximately 30 MTF members surround the broadcast seats of the three stations and keep the mob away, but according to a survey by the Koshien Police Station, the damage to Yomiuri TV was about 3 million yen.[138]..Due to this violence, there was no clear VTR image at the moment of victory, and it was transferred to a movie film (Kinneko) Remains.
On the other hand, the broadcasting seats and equipment of Sun TV escaped the difficulty because they were protected by Hanshin fans who said "Sun TV is our ally".[143]..Furthermore, unlike Asahi Broadcasting, there was no obstruction to the actual situation by the mob.
In a normal game, 100 police officers and 30 stadium staff are on guard, but in this day's game, 200 police officers,Hanshin Electric RailwayAlthough he had a special posture to put a total of 80 people, including 120 employees, 50 part-time workers, and 450 guards, on standby, he could not calm the turmoil.For this reason, 70 Hyogo Prefectural Police riot police were dispatched at 16:50.[139]..The dismissed fans turned the riot police into a long distance and called "Go home!".Most of the fans went out of the stadium after 17:800, but the excitement still did not subside. Hanshin fans and 18 people gathered in front of the reserved seat ticket office of Koshien Stadium and said, "Apologize to the person in charge of Hanshin." He made a noise and sang "Hanshin Tigers Song" to raise his spirit.At the request of the prefectural police, Hanshin director Kaneda appeared outside the venue in a uniform after XNUMX pm and used a mobile microphone to say, "I'm not shedding tears, but I'm just as disappointed as you are. I'll do my best, so I want all the fans to understand, "he said, apologizing and thanking the fans.[144]..In response to this, the fans were pulled up at 19:1, but one police officer was injured and six fans were injured by stone throwing at the security headquarters.[139][Annotation 52] In addition, several people have been arrested by the police on suspicion of breaking the broadcasting equipment of Yomiuri TV.[138].
Hanshin expects to winKoichi TabuchiPoster for the Japan Series[Annotation 53] And made a match that says "Victory Memorial", but bothEnter the warehouseAnd match[145] Was used at the Hanshin Electric Railway recreation center[Annotation 54].

Iroha uniform number and position uniform number

1936In the spring, the newly established Tigers had 17 players who were enrolled.Uniform numberI decided the name Iroha in order.However,Tadashi WakabayashiTakeo SatoThinks that the uniform numbers 4 and 13 given at the beginning are unlucky, and have changed them to the empty numbers 18 and 19, respectively.The number 18, which Wakabayashi of Ace accidentally gave, later came to be called the ace number.

1950The Tigers, who had undergone reforms such as the formation of farms due to the division of the league, changed their uniform numbers by position. 1-8 was the pitcher, 9-11 was the director, assistant director, captain, 12-14 was the catcher, 15-20 was the infielder, 21-24 was the outfielder, and the rest were farm players. 9-11 is not used as a catcher because of the number 1 who has been a meritorious person since the 9st league era.Kenjiro MatsukiAnd uniform number 10Fumio FujimuraThis is because care was taken not to change the number of.

Episode about uniform number 11

Murayama MinoruWhen he joined the groupStop jersey number 11There is an episode that people around me said.This is because the players who gave 11 before Murayama always faced unhappiness in some way, including breakdowns, and 11 was said to be an ominous number.

11 was first attachedFujii Isamu(1935-1939, 1942).Fujii was the main batter of the prewar team, but was drafted twice, and after the warPacificHe ended his baseball life without being able to return to the Tigers because he was transferred to. 2nd generationTaiichi NozakiIn (1946-1949), shoulder pain struck where he could not achieve satisfactory results, and he changed to 3 in the last year. 3rd generationTakao Misono(1950) changed from 15, but returned to 15 the following year because his physical condition, which was not better than the previous year, worsened further. 4th generationMasatoshi Mifune(1952-1954) was expected as an ace, but the burning habit became a ghost.Toei FlyersTransferred to trade. 5th generationMasahiro Yamanaka(1955) was the 50th generation who left the group due to lack of physical strength as soon as he changed from 6.Masahiro Naiji(1957) also left the group as soon as he changed from 40.

Against this background, Misono student, who is the 11th person in charge and a senior at Murayama University, persuaded him that he would give up his uniform number 15 (which he had worn), so never wear 11. "I amShowa 11 YearI was born, so I just want to stick to 11"He said he stubbornly rejected it.As a result, Murayama, who bounced off the jinx with his own activity, got the number 11 with his own hands.Permanent numberI chose

The shortest match in history and the longest match in history

1946May 7Pair ofPacificBattle (Hankyu Nishinomiya Stadium, 1-0 win), the match time is short from the start at 13:15 to the end at 14:1055 minutesThat is, the shortest match time record in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball was achieved.In this matchSeitaro WatanabeWon a shutout with 5 hits and 88 balls, the Pacific starting lineupYoshiaki YuasaHe made a complete game with 7 hits and 93 balls, but the fact that there were only 6 fouls in both sides led to this record.

vice versa,1992May 9It was a direct confrontation for the championship that was held inYakultThe longest in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball in the battle (Koshien)XNUM X hours X NUM X minutesI recorded the match time.In the bottom of the 3th inning, which was tied 3-9 in this match,Hiroshi YagiThe hit ball hit the horizontal rubber part of the left fence and the wire mesh fence above it and entered the stand, so it was once judged to be a goodbye home run, but as a result of discussions by the referees due to Yakult's protestEntitle to baseWas corrected to.However, the Hanshin side also protested this decision (because there were players and coaches who had already pulled up to the locker), and the game was interrupted for 37 minutes.In the end, he fought overtime 15 times (at that time, there was no time limit and extended 15 times draw rematch system) and drew 3-3 as it was.In addition, it should be notedSun TVHas been broadcasting this game until the end of the game, and the end time of the game, "0:26 am", was the latest end time of the game in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball.At that time, I was conducting an audience rating survey in JapanNielsenAccording to the match day averageAudience ratingRecorded 28.0% and the highest instantaneous audience rating was 50.0%.In addition, there is an episode that the technical staff of Sun TV became too hot due to the interruption of the game and broke the switch of the ball count display posted at the time of broadcasting, and after that, it was switched to manual until the end of the game.[146].

2018May 9Made to vs.Hiroshima21rd round (Mazda Stadium, 5-4 wins), the end of the match is the next21 DayIt was midnight at 0:3.In the past, there were 13 games that took two days, including the longest game in the history of professional baseball, but all of them were involved in overtime, and it was the slowest game in history that was settled in nine times. It was the end time of the game.It was raining before the start of the match on the day, and not only was the start of the match delayed by 9 hour and 1 minutes at 9:19, but at the end of the second inning, the rain leg became stronger and it was interrupted for 9 hour and 2 minutes. After the end of the match, the match was also interrupted for 1 minutes, so the match time was 2 hours and 5 minutes including the interruption time, but the date had changed at the end of the match.It was a situation that could be canceled or no game, but the Hanshin Tigers of the year were canceled one after another from the first half to the middle stage, and the pace of game digestion was slower than usual, and further cancellation is a further schedule to digest the whole schedule. There is a circumstance that it was forced because there was concern about tightness.In addition, the Central League of the year has been in the "Federation Management Section" from August 12, and the Central League manager or the ball umpire of the match will take over the possibility of conducting the match and changing the start time of the match. Was[147].

The first pitcher reconnaissance member

Reconnaissance memberAs a director who used a lot ofMiharaIs famous, but the first thing I devised in professional baseballFumio FujimuraSo, with the advice of Fujimura, who was an assistant director and infielderKenjiro MatsukiUsed by the manager for the first time in the match[148].1950May 4ToKumamoto OfSuizenji TempleVs made inChunichi DragonsIn the battle, the starting lineup of Chunichi is the left armHideo ShimizuOr right armHattori NobuhiroNo. 1 because I was at a lossLeft handPitcherKazuo HoshibaAnd[148]..When Hattori's starting lineup is known, the left-handed batter will replace the dry ground.Masayasu KanedaIt was sent.This measure was successful, and Hanshin took the lead with Kaneda's double as a foothold, but the match was lost 1-7.

Two forfeits

1954May 7Chunichi Dragons match (Osaka Stadium) and1967May 9It is being held in the match against the Ocean Whales (Koshien).Both are the losing games of the Hanshin Tigers.

Murakami Fund's stock listing plan and "management transfer" to Hankyu

MurakamiLeadinvestmentCompany"MAC asset management(Commonly known as Murakami Fund) in 2005Hanshin Electric RailwayBecame the largest shareholder of Electric Railway by buying more shares of.The Murakami Fund side proposed the listing of Tigers shares, saying that "the rebellious spirit of confronting established power and the spirit of the Kansai people will affect the entire group."to thisSenichi HoshinoThe senior director argued that "Tigers belong to fans," and Toshihiro Makita, president of the baseball team, commented that "there are no plans to list the stock." Murakami and the leaders of Hanshin Electric Railway held a meeting on October 2005, 10, and Murakami commented, "(Tigers' stock listing) will be considered after listening to the opinions of fans."

2006May 6,Hankyu CorporationHankyu Holdings, which owns the companyTOBSo, I acquired the Hanshin Electric Railway shares held by the Murakami Fund.afterwards,Hankyu HoldingsMade Hanshin Electric Railway a subsidiary (Hankyu-Hanshin management integrationreference).

In the discussion of business integration, the Tigers will continue to be "Hanshin Tigers", but this isMay 7Made inProfessional Baseball Owner MeetingTherefore, it was regarded as a "management transfer" in which the management sponsor was changed from Hanshin Electric Railway to Hankyu Hanshin Holdings, and Hankyu Hanshin Holdings was to be charged a membership fee of 30 billion yen.However, there was not enough debate on this decision, and the Hanshin side insisted that Hankyu Hanshin Holdings would not be involved in the team, and demanded a reexamination of this response.This allegation was almost accepted, and it was decided at the end of the year that only 1 million yen would be paid as a subscription fee.

Besides this, onceShareholder benefitsAs a result, for shareholders who hold more than 9 shares of Hanshin Electric Railway as of September 30, two of the Tigers-sponsored games at the Hanshin Koshien Stadium in the following year will be invited to the infield seats (ivy seats) for free. However, this free invitation was also abolished due to the delisting of Hanshin Electric Railway due to the business integration.

Response to the new coronavirus and resignation of the team president

2020,New coronavirusDue to the global epidemic, the Japanese government issued a state of emergency from April to May, and professional baseball was hit hard by postponing the start of the season.[149][150]..Meanwhile, on March 3, as the first person infected with the new coronavirus in the professional baseball world.Juntaro FujinamiWas found to be positive, and the next day, two more athletes were found to be infected.[151]..Although their infection route is unknown, they are having dinner at an acquaintance's house in Osaka City with an unspecified number of people outside the team along with the other four players who were not confirmed to be infected.[151], Because two women in their twenties who were present were also infected[151], Not only the people involved in the ball world who want to take thorough measures against infection toward the upcoming opening, but the entire Japanese people refrain from going out and "Three denseMany criticisms have been gathered for careless behavior in social situations that require many restrictions such as avoidance.[149][151][152]..The baseball team was temporarily suspended, and the Nagoya Baseball Stadium, where the infected player was participating in the 2nd Army Battle against China and Japan, was disinfected and the influence spread to other teams.[151].

Also, on September 9th, in the 25nd armyMasumi HamachiInfection was confirmed[153], Captain's in the PCR test immediately afterKento Itohara1 army 4 players and 2 staff members found infected[154]..On the same day, a total of 4 players, including 2 infected players, 4 players who were certified as close contacts by the public health center, and 10 players who were treated as close contacts unique to the team, were not registered as participating players.[154], 2 players including 9 players who were urgently promoted from the 19nd army will be replaced in the participation player registration[154], The two-armed war against China and Japan, which was scheduled to be held on the same day, was cancelled.[153].. From the action route of 10 players and Hamachi, Itohara and the oldest team in Nagoya on the 19th of the same monthKousuke FukudomeIt was discovered that they had a dinner with eight people and a dinner with four pitchers from Hamachi and others at another place on the same day.[155][156]..While some teams completely prohibit eating out during the expedition as a countermeasure against infection, Hanshin considers the need for athletes to take a break, and only on the designated days set during the expedition in Nagoya and Hiroshima, "up to 4 people" and " I was allowed to eat out with conditions such as "Avoid the same position as much as possible"[155][157][158]Many criticisms have been gathered because their actions violated this bylaw.[155][157][158]..The team also announced on October 10th that it would impose sanctions on the players.[156].

Regarding these, the team that has sent out infected people due to the careless behavior of the players twice will also be asked about the weakness of its management system, and Hankyu Hanshin HoldingsKazuo KadoChairman and Representative Director GroupCEOAlso on October 10thSankei sportsIn response to such interviews, he made a statement suggesting the issue of advancement and retreat, saying, "It is necessary to take responsibility for managing the team and to be careful."[159][160].

On October 10th, against a series of flowsKenji YashioThe team president announced that he would resign for the same season, saying, "I am ultimately responsible for the confusion."[161]..After that, he expressed his intention to thoroughly implement infection prevention measures such as prohibiting eating out at the expedition destination at all.[161].


Official sponsor

The official sponsor of the team agrees with the purpose of managing the Tigers team.Company-Public interest corporationThe aim is for the team and each group to grow mutually, targeting various groups such as, and as a symbol that symbolizes them, the logo marks of the sponsoring sponsor group and the team are drawn side by side. "Team official composite logo mark" can be posted on advertisements, websites, etc.[162].

2013 years,Joshin Denki Co., Ltd.Mizuno CorporationWas officially signed as the first "team official sponsor" in the history of the team.[162]..After that, from 2014Lawson Co., Ltd.[163], From 2018Asahi Breweries, Ltd.Are each subscribed[164].

Company/Group nameIndustryYear of conclusionRemarks
Joshin Denki Co., Ltd.Consumer electronics store2013 -Uniform sponsor since 2004
Mizuno CorporationSportsEquipment / SportsClothesUniform supplier since 2012
Lawson Co., Ltd.convenience storechain2014 -
Asahi Breweries, Ltd.beerManufacturer2018 -

Uniform sponsor

In the Central League, at the request of each team2002It has become possible to place sponsored advertisements only for home uniforms.It was posted in 2002.Ashinaga Scholarship SocietyThe mark is not due to a sponsorship contract, etc., but was posted by the team as a volunteer.

Joshin (Joshin Denki Co., Ltd.)
  • Uniform shirt right sleeve (2004-)
  • Helmet temporal (2004-)
  • Left side of the hat (2018-)[113]
  • Uniform pants left foot base (2018-)[113]

Broadcast / media

Broadcast production stations and programs for sponsored games and visitor games

Sponsored game broadcast / production media

  • Tigers-ai(Hanshin content link
  • Fuji TV ONE(Kansai TV production Giants only) If it overlaps with Yakult's home gameFuji TV TWOAlthough it has been moved to and relayed to, the actual results when it overlaps with Seibu's home game on TWO have not occurred until 2019 due to the schedule.Terrestrial day games will be broadcast on two stations with Fuji TV, or night games will be broadcast on the Fuji TV series nationwide. Fuji TV will also participate in the production.
  • Nippon Telezitas(Yomiuri TV Giants only) * NTV will be included in the production during the national broadcast of the NTV series.

Free BS broadcasting media that produces and broadcasts sponsored games

  • BS Asahi --In principle, during the terrestrial TV Asahi series nationwide broadcast against Giants, Sunday game after 2017[Annotation 55] Broadcast the relay broadcast after the end of the terrestrial national broadcast (the same performer as the terrestrial broadcast is in charge).When terrestrial broadcasting is broadcast locally in Kansai or terrestrial broadcasting is broadcast on Sun TV (co-produced with Asahi Broadcasting Television), BS Asahi production work (also TV Asahi depending on the year) With the cooperation of Asahi Broadcasting TV production, the former is produced separately from terrestrial broadcasting, the latter is broadcast by BS independent broadcasting, and the video uses Tigers-ai production video.At the same station, the Pacific League baseball team sponsored by the Pacific League baseball team (also sponsored by Yakult depending on the year) also produced TV Asahi and BS Asahi (Orix sponsored by BS Asahi as well as Hanshin sponsored by BS Asahi production and Asahi Broadcasting TV production cooperation, Seibu sponsors Saitama Seibu Lions, produced by BS Asahi, but in the interleague game, Asahi Broadcasting TV commentator and TV Asahi (mainly sponsored by Rakuten and Seibu), Hokkaido TV (sponsored by Nippon Ham), Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting (sponsored by Nippon Ham) In some cases, it is a combination of announcers sponsored by Softbank.
  • BS-TBS --As a general rule, Saturday day games after 2017 during the terrestrial TBS series nationwide broadcast against Giants[Annotation 56] Broadcast the relay broadcast after the end of the terrestrial national broadcast (the same performer as the terrestrial broadcast is in charge).When the game against Giants is broadcasted locally in the terrestrial Kansai area, the whole story is backtracked, and when the game other than the game against Giants is broadcast by BS alone,TBS TV・ Produced by Tigers-ai and broadcast by TBS TV announcer and commentator.The station also broadcasts the TBS TV production sponsored by DeNA (Yokohama DeNA BayStars also owns the copyright) and the Hanshin Tigers sponsored by the Pacific League baseball team in the interleague game.
  • BS Nippon Television --From 2017, when the game against Giants is broadcast nationwide on NTV, weekday night games will be broadcast on top and relay, and Saturday and holiday day games will be broadcast simultaneously on terrestrial broadcasting (both will be backtracked during some hours).At the time of recorded broadcasting in Kansai local, the whole story is backtracked and broadcast live.The station also broadcasts the Giants match at Tokyo Dome on Nippon Television.
  • BS Fuji --Broadcast against DeNA on September 2017, 9 by Kansai TV production.Initially, the broadcasting rights were acquired on the premise of recorded broadcasting in the Kansai region, but on the same day, "FNS 27-hour TV Japan] Was organized, so it became a BS independent broadcast by backtracking from Kansai TV.Depending on the year, the Hanshin Tigers sponsored by Yakult may be broadcast by Fuji TV, and the Hanshin Tigers sponsored by Orix may be broadcast by Kansai Television.

Local cable TV station

Support / feature media

TV program

Radio program

Magazines and books

Works with the theme of the Hanshin Tigers



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