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⚾ | Nippon-Ham will hold 3 consecutive farm battles from March 30th as "Kamaroku Series"

Photo Kamasta 6 consecutive battle support project "Kamaroku Series" held [Photo courtesy of Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters]

Nippon-Ham will hold 3 consecutive farm battles from March 30th as "Kamaroku Series"

If you write the contents roughly
I hope you will try to recover from fatigue with Lipovitan D, which will be distributed after the match. "

One "Lipovitan D" will be given to each person after the match Nippon-Ham will be on the 1th, from the 1th of this month to the 25th of April 30 ... → Continue reading


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Lipovitan D

Lipovitan D(Lipovitan Day,Lipovitan D) IsTaisho PharmaceuticalTo sellNutrition DrinkIt is a drug and is registered by the company.商標(No. 528525 and others).catch copyIs "Fight! One shot!", Abbreviation isLipo D(Lipo Day).

CurrentlySingapore-Kingdom of Thailand-People's Republic of China-フィリピン-Indonesia-The United States of America-The United Kingdom-United Arab EmiratesIt is sold in more than 15 countries (efficacy-Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu-ingredientHowever, there are some products whose contents are different from those sold in Japan due to laws and regulations related to medicines and foods and drinks that are religiously contraindicated).

2003At the end of the year, the cumulative number of units shipped since the start of sales exceeded 200 billion.2004Currently, about 8 million bottles are produced annually.JapanAcquire a 5% share of the energy drink market[1], It has become a representative product of the Japanese nutritional drink industry.After that, we continued to develop the series2016At the stage, the cumulative number of units sold is 387 billion.Taisho Pharmaceutical HoldingsIt is said that it accounts for 2% of the sales of[2].


1960Released the predecessor tablet "Lipovitan" and ampoule "Lipovitan liquid"[3]Especially while the lipovitan solution containing taurine is popularShokichi UeharaThe president has come up with an idea to improve the ease of drinking Lipovitan solution and help maintain further health.[4]..In the form of increasing the size from the ampoule, diluting the taste of the active ingredient and adding a pineapple flavor that is easy to drink1962In 3 monthMedicineStarted selling as[4][1]..The following year, the price was reduced from 150 yen to 100 yen.[1][5].1999May 3ThanQuasi-drugMove to (20096Revised fromPharmaceutical Affairs LawBy "Designated Quasi-drug”),convenience storeIt has become possible to sell at general retail stores such as.Also in-housevending machineIn addition to starting sales of this product at2001In 3 monthAsahi BeverageIn partnership with Asahi Soft Drinks (CalpisAfter the integration of the vending machine division with Asahi Calpis Beverage, nowAsahi beverage sales) Has also started selling at vending machines managed by.The product label has been consistently based on blue since its release, and a design with a gear pattern is used.The logo was a straight typeface when it was first released, but later it was changed to the current italic typeface (this typeface isPavlon, Etc. Commonly used in Taisho Pharmaceutical products).The gears were adopted with the image of "vitality", "machine civilization", "pumping out poison in the body", and the blue color "drink" and "cool feeling".[1]..As a brother product in the early days of salesChewing gumA product called "Lipovitan gum" was also on sale.


LipolysisLipolysis (also known as lipoclasis, or lipolysis), which meansvitaminIt is a coined word that combines.This is initially ...DetoxificationThis is because it sang the effect of.

D is not DeeDayIs correct.officialTwitterAccording to "GermanBecause it is the pronunciation of[6]..In the official view, it means "delicious, etc."Company historyThen, the preceding product "Taurose C, And a D is added in the symbolic sense that it follows another "Lipovitan C".[7].


Lipovitan D sold in JapanEast Japan(Niigata-Nagano-ShizuokaEast,HokkaidoFor (excluding) Taisho Pharmaceutical Hanyu Factory (excluding)SaitamaHanyu),West Japan(Toyama-Gifu-AichiTaisho Pharmaceutical Okayama Plant (west) and HokkaidoOkayamaKatsuta-gunShoo), Each is manufactured.


Lipovitan D

"Two menAn actor CliffClimbingRapidsThe viewer, who is always watching commercials, appears to face various difficulties that may surprise him, and in the most difficult scenes, he squeezes the power of "Fight!" And "Ippers!" It is famous for its impressive commercial, "! (One shot!)" And yelling at each other to overcome the difficulties.By appointing two such male actorscommercialIt took the form1977It is after that.Since that time, the theme has always been "effort, friendship, victory"[8]..StuntmanCGThe actors themselves perform all the dangerous actions without using such things.2009Over 6 works in June[9]. Also,Test tubeScenes where people gather and go aroundthumbWith onecapThe scene where the urinal rotates and comes off the bottle mouth is also famous.

Recently, the appointment of celebrity second generation or similar actors is conspicuous (Kai Shishido[10],Kane Kosugi[11],Eiji Takigawa[12],Takahiro Miura[13]).Also a long-term performer on the current routeHiro Katsuno,Hiroyuki WatanabeDropped at the age of 37, but Kane continues to throw at the age of 38.

For CM routes, "GreatmannerismIt is ridiculed.It seems that it is difficult to find and select the shooting location, sometimesノ ノ ー ボ ーIt also incorporates trends of the same era.

From April 2015, the style of "giving hot ale to athletes who are serious about sports" was adopted under the name of "new series".[14]..The first is professional baseballIndependent League-BASEBALL FIRST LEAGUE OfHyogo Blue ThundersThe game / practice scene by the players of the game appeared in combination with the video of Kane Kosugi shouting "Fight!" On the cliff (at the end, the players pose with "One shot!")[14]..Since July of the same year, Taisho Pharmaceutical has been co-sponsoring as an official sponsor since 7 as the second step.Rugby representative from JapanThe teamMiyazakiWe took a picture with the training camp held in Japan, and selected cuts were used from the huge shooting time of over 1,000 minutes.[14].

Stopped the conventional commercial production in September 2016,Chiura Miura-Otani XiangpingIt was converted to a commercial with a refreshing image centered on both athletes. The line of "Fight one shot!" Remained, but the main catch phrase is "Have a Dream".In the backgroundEnergy drinkThe current situation is that sales of Lipovitan D are sluggish due to being pushed by[15]..Takeshi Uehara, vice president of Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., said, "The high-growth era of" working hard and working hard "that was expressed by sweat and muscles is no longer suitable for the present era."[16].

Professional climber co-starring with Kazuyoshi Miura on a TV commercial in September 2017Miwa OhbaAnd, the remake CM "Crisis Close Call (One Shot) CM" by Kane Kosugi is released only on the web.

Past performers

Radio commercial

ExhaustedOffice worker,OLMainlyoffice,ゴ ル フ 場, Private and other daily lifeRadio DramaControlA 15-second commercial in the wind1993It has been produced since that time, and there are hundreds of them. At the end of the commercial, there is also a word "Please go to the blue streamer shop".

Lipovitan Fine

2007Lipovitan Fine, which was newly released in Japan, is developing its own commercial for the first time in products other than Lipovitan D.It features a commercial with an image that sets it apart from the above Lipovitan D.

2007-March 2012
Performer:Satoshi Terao,Mari Natsuki,Sachie Hara,Shun Oguri
The catch phrase is "I'm Fine!], A CM with the image of a family.
February 2012-
Performer:Ki Kitano,Kimura Fumino,SHELLY
The catch phrase is "Go! Go! Fine"so,room shareThe story of three women[24].
February 2014-
Performer:Mao Inoue[25]
The catch phrase is "How to make my energy.. "
February 2016-
Performer:Maeda Atsuko
The catch phrase is "I'm a genky person, I'm beautiful.. "

Lipovitan feel

2013In the newly released Lipovitan Feel (described later), it will be a CM characterapricotHas been appointed.

Lipovitan ZERO

2017Lipovitan ZERO, which was newly released in Japan, will be a CM character from July 2018.TakedaHas been appointed[26].

Lipovitan D Kids

2012In Lipovitan D Kids, which was newly released in Japan,Kaito Sentai Lupine Ranger VS Police Sentai PatrangerWith the release of the tie-up bottle (Rupapato bottle) with2018May 8A TV commercial featuring Lupine Ranger and Lupine X, Patranger and Patren X is being broadcast.In this commercial, the scream of the famous phrase "Fight! One shot!" Used in the former Lipovitan D commercial is Lupine Red (CV.Asahi Ito) And Patren No. 1 (CV.Yuki Koshi) Is resurrected[27].

Lipovitan Alcobert

2019In the Lipovitan Alcobert released in, it became a CM characterHeisei NobukobushiHas been appointed[28].


  • 1999The vending machine bottles that appeared due to deregulation in Japan have thicker glass to prevent damage and are slightly larger than usual.
  • "A TV that gives you the energy of a genius Takeshi!In the project of the same programsponsorTo Taisho PharmaceuticalMr. OkureI have been asked to appear in a commercial.Initially, the company was reluctant to use Okushi, which does not fit the above CM policy at all.MidnightIt was finally adopted on the condition that it will be broadcast only once.The content is indoorsPoolDrown in<span>Grade 1-2</span>Okushi and Hiroyuki Watanabe (bothBoomerang pantsThe figure) cooperated to rescue.
  • 1996In addition to the regular series, of the professional soccer players at that timeMaesono MasakiA commercial was also produced and broadcast.The narrator of the same version is not Masaaki YajimaChihiro TakoHas been appointed.
  • The wording of "Fight, one shot! (Ipperts)" was registered as a trademark (No. 2000, etc.) on January 1, 14, but the shout is three-dimensional.商標(sound,Movie,ColorEtc.), as one of the trademarks of sound, as of November 2015, 11Patent OfficeMore recognized (No. 5804565)[29].
  • 2005,Independent administrative agencyJapan Aerospace Exploration AgencySpace Science Research DivisionOperated by (ISAS / JAXA)Asteroid explorer "Hayabusa"Is the object of explorationAsteroid ItokawaWhen it reached, the official blog that tells the state of landing operation introduced how the number of empty bottles of Lipovitan D is increasing one after another in the control room.[30], Became a hot topic not only in Japan but also overseas.After that, a person related to Taisho Pharmaceutical who saw the blog gave Lipovitan D in two cartons to the person in charge of the blog.
  • 2008Is the movie "Aibo -Theatrical Version-In commemoration of the release of ", he is appearing in this work.Kazuhisa Kawahara-Hexagon spermA special version of the commercial was created in which they formed a combination and appeared in the appearance of a character.
  • WesternOf energy drinks that are very popular inRed bullOriginally learned that nutritional drinks such as the Lipovitan D series form a large market in Japan.Dietrich MatesitzHowever, it is a product that began to be sold in an attempt to develop the same type of drink in Europe and the United States, and Mateschitz admits that it is influenced by Lipovitan D in many aspects such as product development.
  • Nintendo DSEdition "Dragon Quest V Bride in the Sky"Fight Ippatsu" will appear as an in-game item.Although it has nothing to do with the product or company, it seems to be conscious of this product from the appearance of the item, which has the effect of doubling the attack power during battle.
  • UNIQLOT-shirts with trademark designs are on sale as a corporate collaboration series.
  • 2012May 5, To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the releaseSuccessive CM performersA commemorative event was held in which (King, Takarada, Watanabe, Kane, etc.) and others gathered together.On May 5th, "Fight one shot! DayOn the day of the event, "Fight, Ippatsu!" Was called, and at 1:8:2 pm, the spirit was raised all at once.In 2012, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the release, there will also be a "Deliver, Fight! Campaign"May 6Was carried out until[31].
  • 2015May 10As a limited quantity of "Lipovitan D", the cherry blossom logo of Japan national rugby union, which has been co-sponsored as an official sponsor since 2001, is placed around the logo from blue to red and white.borderPre-orders for the "Rugby Japan National Team Support Bottle" changed to "Taisho Pharmaceutical Direct", which is sold by mail order, have started (10 boxes only)[32].. same yearMay 10Limited quantity fromconvenience storeAlso started over-the-counter sales at[33].. In June 2016, it was renewed to a new design and re-released, and on the 6st, "Taisho Pharmaceutical Direct" was released, and on the 1th, it was released sequentially at convenience stores.This time, part of the revenueJapan Rugby Football AssociationUsed for the development of Japanese rugby through[34]..This bottle will be re-released in October 2017 exclusively for "Taisho Pharmaceutical Direct". Only 10 bookshelves are available[35].. In May 2018, it was changed to "Rugby Sakura Bottle", and it was released sequentially at "Taisho Pharmaceutical Direct" on the 5th and at convenience stores on the 8th. For the first time in "Lipovitan", the cherry blossom pattern was applied to the entire bottle by direct printing on the bottle.Rugby World Cup 2019The emblem of "" is also printed.In addition, the "Lipovitan D" logo is placed small on the top, and the English "Lipovitan" logo is placed large.[36].. In January 2019, a "Rugby Player Bottle" to commemorate the "Rugby World Cup 1"FamilyMartAvailable in limited quantities and for a limited time. The first Japanese national rugby player in "Lipovitan D" will be printed, and two label colors will be set: red for the first uniform and blue for the second uniform.[37]..In September of the same year, there were 9 "Rugby Player Bottles" and 10 "Rugby Japan National Team Player Bottles" with different designs (there are two types, the first red label and the second blue label, but it is not always the case that 2 bottles are evenly included. It may not be limited).Rugby Japan National Team Face Towel and Rugby Ball Type Original Craft Set "Rugby Japan National Team Support Pack" at supermarkets, drug stores,EC siteAvailable in limited quantities and for a limited time.The suggested retail price is set at the same price as the regular "Lipovitan D" 10-bookcase (1,460 yen excluding consumption tax).[38].
  • From March 2017, "Lipovitan D" will be available in limited quantities.Professional baseball"Baseball team bottles" will be released sequentially at convenience stores and station shops.As the first on March 3, the same yearHokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters(HokkaidoLimited sale),Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles(TohokuDistrict limited sale),Hanshin Tigers(Kinki-ShikokuDistrict limited sale),Fukuoka Softbank Hawks(Kyusyu4 types (district limited sale)[39]Was released, and on April 4, the same yearChiba Lotte Marines(Chiba-TokyoLimited sale),Saitama Seibu Lions(Saitama・ Limited to Tokyo),Hiroshima Toyo Carp(China areaLimited sale) 3 types were added, and on April 4, the same yearOrix Buffaloes(Kinki area limited sale) added[40]..As the third bullet on May 5th of the same yearYokohama DeNA Baystars(KanagawaLimited sale)Chunichi Dragons(Aichi-Gifu-MieLimited sale) 2 types added[41], 10 teams[42]Is in the lineup.Each has a team mascot character, and the color around the logo has been changed to match the team color (eg Hanshin → Yellow, Hiroshima → Red), and Lotte limited bottles are on the entire label.stripeIs given.Since the sales area is limited for each team, it may be possible to purchase multiple limited bottles or not to purchase limited bottles depending on the area.Therefore, along with the release of the third edition, "Taisho Pharmaceutical Direct" started selling 3 limited bottles of all 10 teams, and it became possible to purchase them regardless of the sales area.The label and design of the 10-box package design are unified.In September of the same year, a limited number of "Victory Commemorative Limited Design Bottles" were released to commemorate the league championships of Hiroshima Toyo Carp and Fukuoka Softbank Hawks. In addition to being sold at "Taisho Pharmaceutical Direct" (sold in 10 boxes), it was also sold at stores, but unlike the case of "Professional Baseball Team Bottle", Hiroshima Prefecture (Hiroshima Toyo Carp only) and Fukuoka Prefecture (Fukuoka Prefecture) It will be sold at Fukuoka Softbank Hawks only)[43].. From June 2018, 6, two types of Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles (released mainly in the Tohoku area) and Hanshin Tigers (released mainly in the Kinki area) will be released.[44], Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters (released mainly in Hokkaido), Saitama Seibu Lions, Chiba Lotte Marines, Yokohama DeNA BayStars (the above three teams are released mainly in the Kanto area), Chunichi on July 7, the same year Nippon Dragons (released mainly in the Chukyo area), Hiroshima Toyo Carp (released mainly in the China area), Fukuoka Softbank Hawks (released mainly in the Kyushu area), and not released the previous yearYomiuri Giants8 types (released mainly in the Kanto area)[45]Has been added, 10 types[46]It became. In the 2018 specification, the design was changed, and the 10-bookcase was designed with the notation "Limited time collaboration bottle" in the upper right and the team mascot drawn in the gear.In addition, the sales channel has been expanded.Drug store,supermarketBut now I handle it. Hiroshima Toyo Carp will be on sale from April 2019nd, 4[47]As the second release, on June 2, the same year, Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, Saitama Seibu Lions, Yomiuri Giants, Chiba Lotte Marines, Yokohama DeNA BayStars, Chunichi Dragons, Fukuoka Softbank Hawks, and the previous year were released. Nine teams of Orix Buffaloes that did not exist, Hanshin Tigers were added sequentially on July 6, the same year, and increased to 17 teams excluding Tokyo Yakult Swallows[48].. In the 2019 specification, the mascot drawn on the lower side of the label in the 2018 specification is drawn in the gear, and in the same font as the product logo on the upper part of the label ``Fight Ippatsu!The team logo was written under the gears, and the number of design variations was increased to four (the box has a proviso that not all four label designs can be included in a 4-bookcase).Hiroshima Toyo Carp will be sold at stores mainly in Hiroshima Prefecture, but other teams will be sold at "Taisho Pharmaceutical Direct".In September of the same year, a limited design bottle was set to commemorate the league victory for the first time in two years, and Yomiuri Giants Design won the Central League on the 10st.[49]Saitama Seibu Lions Design, which won the Pacific League on the 24th[50]However, pre-order sales have started for "Taisho Pharmaceutical Direct" only. In 2020, 4 teams except Tokyo Yakult Swallows will be released all at once on April 23. In the 11 specification, the label and the design of the 2020-box have been redesigned.This time, "Taisho Pharmaceutical Direct"Amazon.co.jpLimited to 10 boxes only[51]
  • From 2018, for a limited time and quantity of "Lipovitan D Kids" for 5 to 14 years oldTie-upPlanned products are now on sale, and in 2018,Kaito Sentai Lupine Ranger VS Police Sentai Patranger"Lupapato Bottle", a tie-up project with "Lupapato Bottle", will be released on July 7st.[52], 2019 isKnight Ryu Sentai Ryu Soger"Ryu Souja Bottle", a tie-up project with "Ryu Souja Bottle", is on sale on July 7th.[53].. On January 2020, 7,Television Animation"Pokemon"Pokemon Bottle", which is a tie-up project with "Pokemon Bottle", has been released.PikachuThere are 2 types of label designs: (5 types), Hibani, Wanpachi, and Mew, and the cap is also a "monster ball" design instead of the usual "eagle mark".In addition, the box of 10 pieces is also two-tone yellow and blue, and it will be a special design with Pikachu drawn.[54].

Product line-up

As of May 2021, there are 4 types of Lipovitan series (includingDesignated Quasi-drugThere are 16 types, 5 types of food, and limited-edition products).All suggested retail prices shown belowconsumption taxPrice including (about 8% for food, about 10% for quasi-drugs and pharmaceuticals).

Designated Quasi-drug

☆ marks are products that have been labeled with new indications due to the revision of approval standards for designated quasi-drug vitamin-containing health products in April 2017.

Lipovitan D ☆
A representative of the series released in 1962.TaurineContains 1000 mg. Shifted to quasi-drugs in 1999 (became a designated quasi-drug in 2009). The meaning of D is "delicious" or "dynamic". The package was renewed in March 2018 (the color around the logo is a gradation from light blue to blue), and the indication of efficacy was changed at the same time.
Suggested retail price 161 yen
Lipovitan D Hyper (Brand name: Lipovitan DK) ☆
Released in September 2019.Make taurine 9 mg, which is 3 times the amount of "Lipovitan D",Royal jellyAnd the first under the "Lipovitan" brandDichloroacetic acidDiisopropylamineContains (DCDCA).
Suggested retail price 385 yen
Lipovitan D Super
Released in 1965.Make taurine 2 mg, which is twice the amount of "Lipovitan D",ArgininePlus contains hydrochloride and carrot extract. Increased amount of carrot extract in March 2005,Vitamin ERenewal with a new formulation of (tocopherol acetate).At the same time, we will shift from conventional drugs to quasi-drugs (designated quasi-drugs from 2009).
Suggested retail price 275 yen
Lipovitan ZERO (brand name: Lipovitan O) ☆
Released in September 2017.The active ingredient is the same as "Lipovitan D", but by replacing it with multiple sweeteners, sugars are reduced to zero and calories are significantly reduced (9 kcal per bottle (1 ml)). Active ingredient in March 100InositolTheCarnitineThe brand name was changed from "Lipovitan FN" after a renewal to change to chloride.
Suggested retail price 161 yen
Lipovitan Rhythm (Brand name: Lipovitan Royal 8) ☆
Released in April 2019.Contains 4 mg of taurine, inositol, and 1000 mg of royal jelly in B vitamins.
Suggested retail price 198 yen
Lipovitan Fine (Brand name: Lipovitan Fine N) ☆
Released in October 2005.Zero sugar type containing 10mg of taurine, inositol, B vitamins, etc. Renewed in 1000.Formulated as an additivesweetenerTheXylitolからErythritol,SteviaBy replacing with the extract, the calories per bottle (1 ml) was significantly reduced from 100 kcal to 19 kcal.
Renewal was carried out in August 2017, the flavor was changed from mixed fruit flavor to peach & grapefruit flavor, and the cap was also changed from white to pale pink.In October of the same year, 8 additional boxes were released.At that time, the indication was changed (the indication was changed at the same time for the existing 10-piece rose and 6-pack).
Suggested retail price 161 yen
Lipovitan Fine Precious (Brand name: Lipovitan Fine P)
Released in October 2016. Based on the prescription of "Lipovitan Fine", increase the amount of taurine to 10 mg,ThiaminDouble nitrification (vitamin B1) and inositol (thiamine nitrification: 5 mg → 10 mg, inositol: 50 mg → 100 mg), as well as royal jelly and syrup.HawthornExtract S,KukoshiA flow extract was additionally added.
Suggested retail price 275 yen
Lipovitan Feel (Brand name: Lipovitan Feel N) ☆
Released in April 2013.Taurine 4 mg and sodium riboflavin phosphate (vitamin B1000),Nicotinic acidContains 6 types of active ingredients such as amide.Low calorie (1 kcal per bottle (100 ml)), non-caffeine design,CassisgrapefruitFlavor. Renewed in October 2015.NewlyglycineXylitol, D-, as well as the sweeteners that are added as additivesSorbitolBy changing from erythritol and stevia extract, the calories per bottle (1 ml) was significantly reduced from 100 kcal to 18 kcal.
2017 additional boxes will be released in October 10.At that time, the indication of efficacy was changed as in "Lipovitan Fine".
Suggested retail price 161 yen
Lipovitan Non Cafe (Brand name: Lipovitan NC) ☆
Released in October 2008.Non-caffeine type containing 10 kinds of active ingredients such as taurine, inositol, and B vitamins. It was renewed in 6, and the indication of efficacy was changed.
Suggested retail price 161 yen
Lipovitan D11 (Brand name: Lipovitan 11M) ☆
Contains 3 kinds of active ingredients such as 1500 kinds of crude drugs and 11mg of taurine. In 2015, instead of omitting royal jelly, carrot extract, inositol, and tocopherol acetate (vitamin E), Nikujuyo extract was added, and Shigoka style extract (0.6 mL → 0.8 mL) and L-ArginineThe brand name was changed from "Lipovitan 100a" due to a renewal to increase the amount of hydrochloride (300mg → 11mg). The indication changed when the package was renewed in 2017. L-Arginine Hydrochloride in March 2020,ShigokaRoyal jelly, instead of omitting the flow extract and Nikujuyo extractGingerContains flow extract and carnitine chloride,KukoshiInstead of increasing the amount of flow extract (0.2 mL → 0.3 mL)Nicotinic acid amideWeight loss (30 mg → 20 mg).Indication of efficacy "Gastrointestinal weakness and abdominal paindiarrheaThe brand name was changed from "Lipovitan 11s" with the addition of "easy to cause" and "easy to get cold / poor blood circulation".
Suggested retail price 385 yen
Lipovitan D Light (Brand name: Lipovitan D Dry) ☆
Released in February 2000 (full-scale release after test release in August 2).The active ingredient is the same as "Lipovitan D", but with reduced calories (1999 kcal per bottle (8 ml)). It was renewed in 1, and the indication of efficacy was changed.
Suggested retail price 161 yen
Lipovitan D8 (Brand name: Lipovitan 8R) ☆
Contains 1500 kinds of active ingredients such as vitamins B500, B1 and B2 in 6mg of taurine and 8mg of royal jelly. It was renewed in 2015, and instead of omitting tocopherol acetate (vitamin E) and carrot extract, the amount of royal jelly was increased (300 mg → 500 mg), and the brand name was changed from "Lipovitan 8a". The indication was changed when the package was renewed in 2017.
Suggested retail price 275 yen
Lipovitan D Kids
Released in November 2012.Calcium gluconateA non-caffeine prescription mini drink containing 3 types of vitamins and taurine, including hydrate. For children 5-14 years.
Suggested retail price 161 yen
Lipovitan Royal 11 ☆
Released in November 2006. A mini drink containing 11 kinds of active ingredients including 2 kinds of crude drugs.
Suggested retail price 385 yen
Lipovitan Gold V ☆
Released in 2014.A mini drink containing 1500 mg of taurine and 4 kinds of crude drugs (royal jelly, ginger, chimpi, angelica acutiloba).
Suggested retail price 308 yen
Lipovitan DX (Brand name: Lipovitan tb) [Quasi-drug] ☆
Released in October 2020.This is the first tablet type since the first "Lipovitan", which is a combination of taurine with 10 kinds of vitamins and 4 kinds of crude drugs.Since "D" is read as "day" like "Lipovitan D", "DX" is read as "DX".Initially, there were two types of packaging, 2 tablets with a pouch with a chuck and 30 tablets in a bottle, which were sold exclusively by mail-order "Taisho Pharmaceutical Direct", but in 90 2 tablets in a bottle and 2021 tablets. Additional locks have been released to reach 180 capacities in stores andEC siteExpanded sales channels to.
Suggested retail price 1,650 yen (30 tablets) / 4,268 yen (90 tablets) / 6,468 yen (180 tablets) / 8,668 yen (270 tablets)

Second-class pharmaceutical products

Lipovitan Gold Ace
Released in October 2009. A mini drink containing four herbal medicines (carrot, corn, vulture, royal jelly).
Suggested retail price 330 yen

Second-class pharmaceutical products

Lipovitan Gold X
Released in April 2015.A mini drink containing royal jelly and B vitamins.A combination crude drug based on the conventional "Lipovitan Gold N"HampiTincture,SanyakuRyu extract, Remanedin 855 (in-house developedGeoInstead of extract), the amount of inositol and anhydrous caffeine was changed (100mg / 40mg → 50mg / 50mg).In addition, due to the change in the active ingredient, the risk category was also changed from [Lipovitan Gold N] [Class 2 drugs] to [Class 3 drugs].
Suggested retail price 330 yen
Lipovitan Jr.
Released in January 2000.Two kinds of crude drugs, Gomishi style extract and dried Shigoka extract,calcium(Calcium gluconate hydrate ・Calcium chlorideHydrate), L-Aspartic acidmagnesium, Taurine, B vitamins, etc. mixed berry flavored mini drink. For 8-14 years old.
Suggested retail price 220 yen


Lipovitan jelly
Released in April 2020.Contains vitamins B4, B1, B2, citric acid, royal jelly, etc.EnergyReplenishment type jelly drink.
Suggested retail price 216 yen
Lipovitan Jelly For Sports
Released in October 2019.Energy-supplemented jelly drink.It has obtained "Informed Choice Certification", which is an international anti-doping certification.Initially releasedFamilyMartAlthough it was limited, the sales channel was changed from April 2020, and it is now available at drug stores, station shops, and supermarkets. L- in March 4Citrulline, L-Arginine,Folic acid,Vitamin B12Instead of omittingPalatinoseBlended,FructoseIt was renewed by changing to a composition containing.
Suggested retail price 248 yen
Lipovitan Shot for Sports
Released in June 2020. Shot drink (soft drink) in a 6 ml bottle can. Obtained "Informed Choice Certification". Citrulline, arginine, in March 100Niacin,Pantothenic acidOmitting Ca and vitamin B12, β-Alanine, BCAA,caffeineRenewal by changing to a composition containing.In addition, although it was limited to mail-order sales when it was first released, it was also released at drug stores and other stores as a result of the renewal.
Suggested retail price 248 yen
Lipovitan powder for Sports
Released in March 2021. It is the first dietary supplement under the "Lipovitan" brand and is a stick granule that can be drunk as it is without water.
Suggested retail price 2,160 yen (14 bags) / 4,320 yen (30 bags)
Lipovitan Kids Jelly
Released in January 2021.Vitamin B1 / B1 / B2,calcium,Glucose,PalatinoseA jelly drink for children with a grape flavor that contains such ingredients.The design of Pokemon is adopted, and there are 2 types in total: Pikachu (6 types), Eevee, Lucario, Aceburn, and Gengar.There is also a 6-bag (box) for bulk purchase, but it is stated that the outer box does not always contain all 6 designs.
Suggested retail price 194 yen

Limited to sales destinations

Lipovitan Life (Brand name: Lipovitan Amino Royal) [Quasi-drug] ☆
Released in 2015. Contains 4 types of amino acids, royal jelly, taurine, etc.Only the mail-order "Taisho Pharmaceutical Direct" is available, and it will be sold in units of 30 pieces.
Lipovitan Biz (Brand name: Lipovitan D Royal 8) [Quasi-drug]
Released in June 2008.Contains taurine and royal jellyplumtaste.JR East Water BusinessIn joint development withEast Japan Railway(JR East) Limited to group stores (inside the station).
Lipovitan Clear (Brand name: Lipovitan G Royal) [Quasi-drug] ☆
Released in June 2019.With 6 mg of taurineKukoshiFlow extract-A andShigokaContains flow extract, etc.Only the mail-order "Taisho Pharmaceutical Direct" is available, and it will be sold in units of 10 boxes.
Lipovitan Gold Maxio [Class 2 Pharmaceuticals]
A mini drink containing carrots, dioe (Remanezin 855), and royal jelly.Store limited item.

Discontinued products

* Ordered in order of release, excluding limited-edition products and limited-edition products.The distinction (pharmaceutical products, quasi-drugs, etc.) is the one at the time of sale.

  • Lipovitan A [Pharmaceuticals] (released in 1976) -Inherited to "Animarin A [Pharmaceuticals → Quasi-drugs → Designated Quasi-drugs]"
  • Lipovitan Gold [Pharmaceuticals] (released in 1979) --Inherited to "Lipovitan Gold N [Class 2 Pharmaceuticals]"
  • Lipovitan for children [Pharmaceuticals] (Released in 1980-Discontinued in October 2004) -Inherited to "Lipovitan Children [Quasi-drugs → Designated quasi-drugs]"
  • Lipovitan D Ace [Pharmaceuticals] (Released in 1992-Discontinued in 1998)-Inherited to "Lipovitan D Royal [Pharmaceuticals → Class 3 Pharmaceuticals]"
  • Lipovitan D EX [Pharmaceutical] (Released in 1996-Discontinued in 2001)
  • Lipovitan D2000 [Pharmaceutical] (Released in April 1997-Discontinued in 4)-Inherited to "Lipovitan DW [Quasi-drug → Designated quasi-drug]"
  • Lipovitan D Royal [Class 3 Pharmaceuticals] (released in 1998)
  • Lipovitan GX [Pharmaceuticals → Class 2 Pharmaceuticals] (Released in July 1999) --Originally sold to pharmacies and drug stores, but once discontinued, thenZip drag,Lyfort,WantsIt was sold as a limited edition.
  • Lipovitan 8 [quasi-drug] (released in 2000) --Inherited to "Lipovitan 8 II [quasi-drug]"
  • Lipovitan Royal [Quasi-drug] (Released in October 2000-Discontinued in December 10)-Inherited to "Lipovitan 2002 Royal [Quasi-drug] (Discontinued)"
  • Lipovitan DII [Pharmaceuticals] (released in 2001) --Inherited to "Lipovitan DIIα [Pharmaceuticals → Class 2 Pharmaceuticals]"
  • Lipovitan 11 [Non-medicinal products] (released in August 2001) --Inherited to "Lipovitan 8 NEW [Non-medicinal products → Designated quasi-drugs]"
  • Lipovitan 8II [quasi-drug] (released in 2002) --Inherited to "Lipovitan 8 NEW [quasi-drug → designated quasi-drug]"
  • Lipovitan 11 Royal [Quasi-drug] (Released in December 2002 --End of production in November 12) --Inherited to "Lipovitan Royal 2006 [Quasi-drug]"
  • Lipovitan G [Non-medicinal products] (released in 2004)
  • Lipovitan Gold II [Pharmaceuticals] (released in April 2004)
  • Lipovitan Amino (released in June 2004, brand name: Lipovitan Amino NEW)
  • Lipovitan Amino Gold [Non-medicinal products] (Released in June 2004)
  • Lipovitan Children (Brand name: Lipovitan for children) [Quasi-drugs → Designated quasi-drugs] (Released in October 2004) --Inherited to "Lipovitan D Kids [Quasi-drugs]"
  • Lipovitan Winds Ace [Non-medicinal products] (released in 2005)
  • Lipovitan D reprint [Non-medicinal products] (released in 2005) --A reprint that faithfully reproduces the label at the time of release, and the contents are the same as the normal "Lipovitan D".The logo typeface and "eagle mark" are the ones used at that time, and the catch phrase "Let's go with fight!" Is written at the top.
  • Lipovitan DW [Non-medicinal products → Designated quasi-drugs] (Released in February 2005)
  • Lipovitan D Maxio [Non-medicinal products] (released in 2006)
  • Lipovitan VC [quasi-drug] (released in 2006, limited quantity product)
  • Lipovitan 11 NEW [Quasi-drug] (released in 2006) --Inherited to "Lipovitan D11 [Quasi-drug]"
  • Lipovitan D PRO [Pharmaceuticals → Class 2 Pharmaceuticals] (released in 2007)
  • Lipovitan DIIα [Pharmaceuticals → Class 2 Pharmaceuticals] (Released in March 2007)
  • Lipovitan 8 NEW [Non-medicinal products → Designated quasi-drugs] (released in 2007) --Inherited to "Lipovitan D8 [Designated quasi-drugs]"
  • Lipovitan Half (Brand name: Lipovitan D Half) [Non-medicinal products] (Released in May 2009)
  • Lipovitan Ace [Quasi-drug] (Released in August 2009)
  • Lipovitan FB [Quasi-drug] (released in March 2010)
  • Lipovitan D Bibika [Non-medicinal products] --Limited drug placement
  • Lipovitan Gold S [Class 2 Pharmaceuticals]- Cocokara FineLimited edition
  • Lipovitan Gold α [Class 2 Pharmaceuticals]- Hapicom (formerly Aeon Welcia Stores)Limited edition
  • Lipovitan Alcobert (released in April 2019)- liverextract·Curcumin-TurmericTo the extractRiceDerived botanicalLactic acid bacteriaA mixture of K-1.The first "Lipovitan" brand in JapanSoft drinkBecome a standard
  • Lipovitan Alcobert Strawberry Flavor (Released in October 2019)-Different flavors of "Lipovitan Alcobert".Labels and caps are also pink

Discontinued products whose release date was unknown

  • Lipovitan Winds [Non-medicinal products] -Convenience store limited products
  • Lipovitan Gold N [Class 2 Pharmaceuticals] --Inherited to "Lipovitan Gold X [Class 3 Pharmaceuticals]"
  • Lipovitan ginger [Quasi-drug]

Similar products

South KoreaThen, the design of the ingredients and labels is similar to Lipovitan D.Bacchus D"(ko: 박카스 디) Is on sale[55].

Overseas expansion

Overseas sales began in Taiwan in 1963, the year after the domestic launch.White and blue color schemes and gears are often used consistently in little brown jars, but packaging, formulation, capacity, and name will vary from site to site.[56][57].

Overseas name
Country / RegionNameYear of releaseRemarks
TaiwanLipovitan1963At first, the capacity was 100 ml, which was the same as in Japan, but more was preferred and it became 150 ml.
Hong KongLipovitan1969100ml bottle product.How to read is Ribogen
ThailandLIPOVITAN-D1965100ml bottle product
MalaysiaLIVITA1972The phrase GET YOU GOING (meaning one fight!) Is attached.There are bottles, but there are 250 ml cans with a large content that young people like.
SingaporeLIVITA1972The phrase GET YOU GOING (meaning one fight!) Is attached.
フィリピンLIPOVITAN1973100ml bottle product.
United Arab EmiratesLIPOVITAN1977100ml bottle product.
IndonesiaLIPOVITAN HONEY1979It is a bottle product containing honey and uses a red color scheme.
バーレーンLIPOVITAN1981100ml bottle product.Almost the same as the United Arab Emirates.
AmericaLIPOVITAN1982Although it is a 100ml bottle product, it is a unique product that does not use the "gear" design.It is said that it is drunk mainly by Hispanic people in California as a supplement. The phrase "sustained energy prescription" is added.
Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euLIPOVITAN HONEY1996The content is a large can product of 250 ml, and it is sweet with honey to suit your taste.Bottled products are not sold as they are reminiscent of pesticides.
ChugokuLipovitan1998100ml bottle product.The phrase anti-fatigue / controlled blood fat is attached.
QatarLIPOVITAN2000100ml bottle product.Almost the same as the United Arab Emirates.
メキシコLIPOVITAN2003Although it is a 100ml bottle product, the "gear" design is not used.Similar to the US version, but in Spanish. The phrase "Japanese original prescription" is added.

PR character

  • Lipovitan man
A PR character who is active in sponsor ceremonies such as baseball, rugby, and basketball, as well as in-house product sampling venues.Initially active as a character wearing a bottle-shaped mask, then active as a hero-like character in a blue suit. In 2019, it will be renewed to a rough polygon style robot of the 90'sVirtual youtuberDebuted as[58].


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