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⚾ | From the perspective of a state-of-the-art coaching group that Darvish also loves "Become a global pitcher" What is the talent of the third year of professionals?


From the perspective of a state-of-the-art coaching group that Darvish also loves "Become a global pitcher" What is the talent of the third year of professionals?

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It is a large right arm with a height of 193 cm, which is expected in the future, such as pitching in the Japan Series.

2021 professional baseball will soon begin.Last season, Fukuoka Softbank Hawks showed overwhelming strength 4 ... → Continue reading


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Height 193cm

Japan Championship Series

Japan Championship Series(Nihon Senshuken Series, Nippon Senshuken Series, commonly known as:Japan series) IsJapanese professional baseball OfPennant raceAfter the end,Climax seriesIt is a match held by the winning team to decide the best professional baseball team in Japan each year. The official name isProfessional Baseball Japan Series[1].

Asia series(Japan-Korea Club Championship) Will be given to the winning team of the Japan Series.


1949 Professional Baseball League DivisionIn response to the following 1950Central LeaguePacific LeagueThe winner of each year is the baseball worldJapanIt was founded as a series of battles over the seat of.1953UntilJapan World SeriesIt was called, but it was changed to the current Japan Series from 1954.2007The climax series system was introduced in Japan, and it is now performed by the winning teams of the series regardless of the result of the league match. Since it started after the war, it has never been canceled since the first year.

2005 - 2013During that time, the winner of this series said, "Asia series''Japan-Korea Club ChampionshipParticipated as a representative of Japan.

In addition, in the 1st league era, there was a match in which the spring champion team and the autumn champion team played against each other to decide the annual champion, but since the Japan Series starting in 1950 is common, this section also refers to after 1950. Describe the game.

Tournament management


  • Regular seasonClimax seriesUnlike all matchesJapan Baseball Organization(NPB) sponsored. Part of the entrance fee income will be distributed to the team, and will also be distributed to the players based on the ones up to the 4th round.[2].


  • After the champions of both leagues are decided, it is held every year from October to November.
  • The game is 7 races and 4 wins.The team that won the first four wins will be the best in Japan, and the losing team will be eliminated from the Japan Series.No further matches will be played.
  • ADの奇数年はパ・リーグの出場チーム、西暦の偶数年はセ・リーグの出場チームが第1・2戦と6・7戦をホームで開催、相手方のチームが第3・4・5戦をホームで開催する。第2・3戦の間と第5・6戦の間は、移動日として空白日が挟まれる(奇数年ならパパ・セセセ・パパ、偶数年ならセセ・パパパ・セセ)。
    • If it is canceled due to rain, etc.2006Until then, all dates including travel dates were postponed,2007From now on, when the rainy weather is canceled by the 5th round, it has been changed that in principle, there will be no moving days or rest days between the 5th and 6th rounds.[Note 1](However, if it is judged that it is difficult to move on the day because the bases of the two participating teams are far apart, a moving day may be set.[Note 2]).
  • If you get involved in Round 8 due to a draw, etc., Round 8 will be held at the stadium of Round 7 the day after Round 7 (in the past).1986If both teams still have less than 1 wins, one more day after the move, until one of them wins 4 at the stadium used in Round 1-3. Play a match.
  • 2020Limited during the seriesNew coronavirusIf it becomes impossible to continue due to the influence of, it will be discontinued, and the match up to the end point at that time will be targeted.World Baseball Softball FederationThe team with the highest TQB (1 inning average goal rate) specified by is recognized as the winning team.

Participating team

After 2007, both leagues will be held after the pennant raceClimax seriesThe winning team is participating.

The road from the climax series to the Japan Series (after 2007)
CS1stCS FinalJapan Championship Series
(6 races, 4 wins <including Hadvantage1 win>)
 Central League championship teamH
(3 races, 2 wins)
 1st winning team
 Second place team in the Central LeagueH
(7 races, 4 wins)
 Second place team in the Central League
 Central League CS winning team
 Pacific League CS winning team
(6 races, 4 wins <including 1 win of H's advantage>)
 Pacific League champion teamH
(3 races, 2 wins) 
 1st winning team
 Pacific League 2nd place teamH   
 Pacific League 3nd place team   
(H)-Home team for that stage
(☆)-Every other year, the distribution of Home 4: Visitor 3 is different. (Basically, the ratio of the 1st round main team is home 4 and the 3rd round main team is home 3)
Participating teams before 2006
  • Central League-The winning team of the pennant race of the year participates.
  • Pacific League-The winning team of the pennant race of the year will participate. However, there are some years when the pennant race championship decision method was as follows.
    • 1973-1982 years- 2 season systemIt is decided by the playoffs between the winning teams of both seasons.
    • 2004-2006-Top 3 teamsplay offDetermined by

Match method

  • extra inningsThe current rule is 7 extra times until the 12th round, and unlimited times after the 8th round (match time is unlimited) (2018From). The past changes are as follows.
    • ~1966 --Until sunset. (At that time, all match day games)
      • 1964 --I can't enter a new inning after 22:30. (All games night game only this year)
    • 1967-1981 --I can't enter a new inning after 17:30.
    • 1982-1986 --You will not be able to enter a new inning four and a half hours after the start of the match.
    • 1987-1993 ――7 times until the 18th round, unlimited number of times after the 8th round (revised after the 1986 series drew the 1st round with an extension of 14 times and was held until the 8th round).
    • 1994-2017 ――Up to the 7th round, the extension was shortened to 15 times.
      • 1994-Up to 18 times for day games due to the combined use of day games and night games.
      • 2011 ――The "3 hours 30 minutes cutoff rule" used in the regular season for power saving and energy saving will not be used. The first game of 2011 will be a day game, but the extension will be terminated up to 1 times as before.
    • 2018 ――Up to the 7th round, the extension was shortened to 12 times.
  • Suspended gamesDoes not apply.
  • Both teams will submit a list of "qualified players" (up to 40 players) by the day before the series start date. This cannot be changed after the announcement. The maximum number of players on the bench is 25, the same as in the official game, and each game is selected from qualified players.
  • Nominated batterSystem is1984Not adopted until1985Every other year (1985 adopted all games, 1986 not adopted all games), and since 1987 it has been adopted only at the home ground of the Pacific League participating teams.It should be noted that2020Will be adopted in all games for the first time in 1985 years since 35 as a special measure to accompany the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
  • A six-person system will be adopted as the referee. The refereeJapan Baseball Organization(NPB) It was operated by a total of eight referees selected from the refereeing department, but from 8 it will be operated by a total of seven referees.


Prizes and prizes are for 2020[4].

Winning team award
Most Valuable Player Award (MVP)
Fighter Award
  • Trophy from Nippon Professional Baseball and prize money of 100 million yen
Outstanding Player Award (3 people)[Note 3]
  • Trophy from Nippon Professional Baseball and prize money of 100 million yen
Home run award
  • Of each matchHome runAs the "SMBC Midsuke Home Run Award", SMBC will present a prize of 3 yen and a "Midsuke" stuffed animal to the player who hit. ("Midsuke" is the mascot character of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC), the crown sponsor) "
    • In 2016-2019, the prize money of 3 yen was presented as the "SMBC David Home Run Award", and in 2014, the prize money (2011 yen) was presented by SMBC (Konami from 2013 to 5).
Special sponsorship award

From 2011 to 2013Special sponsor (crown sponsor)The following awards have been added to the above awards from Konami.

  • "Konami Award for Everyone" (Prize 400 million yen, 2011 prize 300 million yen)
  • "Dream Nine Award" (100 million yen in prize money, 2011 million yen in 200)
  • "BASEBALL HEROES"Prize" (100 million yen in prize money, 2011 million yen in 200)
  • "Powerful professional baseballAward "(Prize 100 million yen, from 2012)
  • "Professional baseball spiritsAward "(Prize 100 million yen, from 2012)

During the tournament, the "Konami Award for Everyone" will be displayed on the results viewing page of the Konami tournament special official website, the social network game site "Professional Baseball Dream Nine" and the arcade game "BASEBALL HEROES" developed by Konami on the mobile phone site. The awarding players will be announced at the award ceremony at the end of the tournament by fan voting from the game machine (in 2011, the "Dream Nine Award" and "BASEBALL HEROES" awards were selected by voting from each game).

Qualified person

  • As a general rule, qualified players will select up to 8 players from among the players registered under the control of the participating teams (that is, the winning teams of both league climax series) by August 31st.
  • As a general rule, members on the bench are as follows.
    • 1 director
    • Up to 8 coaches other than the director
    • Up to 25 players
    • One manager, one trainer, one scorer, one interpreter, one person in charge of public relations, and one person in charge of equipment
    The above list will be prepared by the host organization by noon the day before the first round.Japan Baseball OrganizationcommissionerDocuments must be submitted to. As a general rule, this submitted list cannot be changed after the commissioner announces it.
    However, a person who concurrently serves as a manager / coach and a player is considered to be included in the number of players.
    またInterpreterIf you need more than one language, you can register two interpreters.
  • Bullpen catcherRegistration is limited to 1 players per game, and will be listed in the list of participating players for each game. However, it is not possible to enter the bench[5].


  • Total results (until 2020): Pacific League 36 times (209 wins), Central League 35 times (202 wins).
  • As a general rule, the Most Valuable Player (MVP) will be awarded from the winning team, and the fighting award will be awarded from the losing team, with the exception of1956The fighting award was selected from the winning Nishitetsu.
Central LeagueTeamPacific LeagueTeam
TimesHeld yearVictory teamNumber of winsWinMinutenegative12345678Opponent teamVictory directorMost Valuable PlayerFighting-spirit awardDecision stadium
11950Paro /every day01 /First victory42Se-horizontal /ShochikuYuasa /Sadao YuasaHetsuto /Kaoru Bettoto-Osaka Stadium
21951Se-巨人01 /First victory41Par-SoftBank /南海Misuhara /Shigeru MizuharaMinamimura /Minamimura unstoppable-Korakuen Stadium
31952Se-巨人Continuous / 02 consecutive years02 th42Par-SoftBank /南海Misuhara /Shigeru MizuharaHetsuyo /Takehiko Bessho-Korakuen Stadium
41953Se-巨人Continuous / 03 consecutive years03 th412Par-SoftBank /南海Misuhara /Shigeru MizuharaKawakami /Tetsuji KawakamiMinohara /Hiroshi MinoharaOsaka Stadium
51954Se-Chunichi01 /First victory43Pa-West /NishitetsuAmachi /Shunichi AmachiI like /Shigeru SugishitaOita /Hiroshi OshitaChunichi Stadium
61955Se-巨人Buri / 0After 2 years04 th43Par-SoftBank /南海Misuhara /Shigeru MizuharaHetsuyo /Takehiko BesshoTokawa /Ichiro TogawaOsaka Stadium
71956Pa-West /Nishitetsu01 /First victory42Se-巨人Mihara /MiharaToyota /Yasumitsu ToyotaIno /Kazuhisa InaoKorakuen Stadium
81957Pa-West /NishitetsuContinuous / 02 consecutive years02 th410Se-巨人Mihara /MiharaOita /Hiroshi OshitaMiyamoto /Andy MiyamotoKorakuen Stadium
91958Pa-West /NishitetsuContinuous / 03 consecutive years03 th43Se-巨人Mihara /MiharaIno /Kazuhisa InaoFutta /Fujita MotoshiKorakuen Stadium
101959Par-SoftBank /南海01 /First victory40Se-巨人Tsuruoka /Tsuruoka aloneSukiura /Tadashi SugiuraTsuchiya /Masataka TsuchiyaKorakuen Stadium
111960Se-horizontal /Ocean01 /First victory40Parro /Every stepMihara /MiharaKonto /Akihito KondoTamiya /Kenjiro TamiyaKorakuen Stadium
121961Se-巨人Buri / 0After 6 years05 th42Par-SoftBank /南海Kawakami /Tetsuji KawakamiMiyamoto /Andy MiyamotoStanka /J. StankaOsaka Stadium
131962Pa-Nippon Ha /Toei01 /First victory412Se-HanshinMisuhara /Shigeru MizuharaTohashi /Masayuki Dobashi
Masayuki Tanegamo
Yes/Yoshio YoshidaKoshien Stadium
141963Se-巨人Buri / 0After 2 years06 th43Pa-West /NishitetsuKawakami /Tetsuji KawakamiNakashima /Shigeo NagashimaIno /Kazuhisa InaoHeiwadai Stadium
151964Par-SoftBank /南海Buri / 0After 5 years02 th43Se-HanshinTsuruoka /Tsuruoka aloneStanka /J. StankaYamauchi /Kazuhiro YamauchiKoshien Stadium
161965Se-巨人Buri / 0After 2 years07 th41Par-SoftBank /南海Kawakami /Tetsuji KawakamiNakashima /Shigeo NagashimaMori /Nobuyasu MorishitaKorakuen Stadium
171966Se-巨人Continuous / 02 consecutive years08 th42Par-SoftBank /南海Kawakami /Tetsuji KawakamiShihata /Shibata IsaoWatanabe/Taisuke WatanabeKorakuen Stadium
181967Se-巨人Continuous / 03 consecutive years09 th42Pa-Oric /HankyuKawakami /Tetsuji KawakamiMori/Masahiko MoriWe /Mitsuhiro AdachiNishinomiya Stadium
191968Se-巨人Continuous / 04 consecutive years10 th42Pa-Oric /HankyuKawakami /Tetsuji KawakamiTakata /Takada ShigeruNakaike /Tokuji NagaikeKorakuen Stadium
201969Se-巨人Continuous / 05 consecutive years11 th42Pa-Oric /HankyuKawakami /Tetsuji KawakamiNakashima /Shigeo NagashimaNakaike /Tokuji NagaikeNishinomiya Stadium
211970Se-巨人Continuous / 06 consecutive years12 th41Par-LotteKawakami /Tetsuji KawakamiNakashima /Shigeo NagashimaGood /Reiji IishiTokyo stadium
221971Se-巨人Continuous / 07 consecutive years13 th41Pa-Oric /HankyuKawakami /Tetsuji KawakamiSettle /Tamio SuetsuguAnd again /Hisashi YamadaKorakuen Stadium
231972Se-巨人Continuous / 08 consecutive years14 th41Pa-Oric /HankyuKawakami /Tetsuji KawakamiHoriuchi /Tsuneo HoriuchiWe /Mitsuhiro AdachiNishinomiya Stadium
241973Se-巨人Continuous / 09 consecutive years15 th41Par-SoftBank /南海Kawakami /Tetsuji KawakamiHoriuchi /Tsuneo HoriuchiNomura /Katsuya NomuraKorakuen Stadium
251974Par-LotteYellowtail /After 24 years02 th42Se-ChunichiKane /Shoichi KanedaHirota /Sumio HirotaTakaki /Takagi MoridoChunichi Stadium
261975Pa-Oric /Hankyu01 /First victory420Se-HiroshimaUeta/Toshiharu UedaYamakuchi /Takashi YamaguchiYamamoto/Koji YamamotoNishinomiya Stadium
271976Pa-Oric /HankyuContinuous / 02 consecutive years02 th43Se-巨人Ueta/Toshiharu UedaFukumoto /Fukumoto YutakaShihata /Shibata IsaoKorakuen Stadium
281977Pa-Oric /HankyuContinuous / 03 consecutive years03 th41Se-巨人Ueta/Toshiharu UedaAnd again /Hisashi YamadaKono /Kazumasa KawanoKorakuen Stadium
291978Se-Yakult01 /First victory43Pa-Oric /HankyuHirooka /Hirooka TatsuroOsuki /Katsuo OsugiWe /Mitsuhiro AdachiKorakuen Stadium
301979Se-Hiroshima01 /First victory43Pa-Ori /KintetsuThis is /Takeshi FuruhaTakahashi /Yoshihiko TakahashiImoto /Takashi ImotoOsaka Stadium
311980Se-HiroshimaContinuous / 02 consecutive years02 th43Pa-Ori /KintetsuThis is /Takeshi FuruhaLytle /J. LytleOkawa /Toru OgawaHiroshima City Stadium
321981Se-巨人Buri / 0After 8 years16 th42Par-Nippon HamFutta /Fujita MotoshiNishimoto /NishimotoInoue/Hiroaki InoueKorakuen Stadium
331982Par-SeibuYellowtail /After 24 years04 th42Se-ChunichiHirooka /Hirooka TatsuroHikashio /Osamu HigashiKamikawa /Seiji KamikawaNagoya Stadium
341983Par-SeibuContinuous / 02 consecutive years05 th43Se-巨人Hirooka /Hirooka TatsuroOta /Takuji OhtaNishimoto /NishimotoSeibu Lions Stadium
351984Se-HiroshimaBuri / 0After 4 years03 th43Pa-Oric /HankyuThis is /Takeshi FuruhaKiyoyuki Nakashima /Kiyoyuki NagashimaYamaoki /Norihiko YamaokiHiroshima City Stadium
361985Se-Hanshin01 /First victory42Par-SeibuYes/Yoshio YoshidaHaas /R. BathIshike /Hironori IshigeSeibu Lions Stadium
371986Par-SeibuBuri / 0After 3 years06 th413Se-HiroshimaMori/Mori AkiraKuto /Kimiyasu KudoTatsuwa /Mitsuo TatsukawaHiroshima City Stadium
381987Par-SeibuContinuous / 02 consecutive years07 th42Se-巨人Mori/Mori AkiraKuto /Kimiyasu KudoShinozuka /Toshio ShinozukaSeibu Lions Stadium
391988Par-SeibuContinuous / 03 consecutive years08 th41Se-ChunichiMori/Mori AkiraIshike /Hironori IshigeUno/Uno MasaruSeibu Lions Stadium
401989Se-巨人Buri / 0After 8 years17 th43Pa-Ori /KintetsuFutta /Fujita MotoshiKomata /Tokuhiro Komadarough/Hiromasa AraiFujiidera Stadium
411990Par-SeibuBuri / 0After 2 years09 th40Se-巨人Mori/Mori AkiraTestraate /O. DestradeOkasaki /Ika OkazakiSeibu Lions Stadium
421991Par-SeibuContinuous / 02 consecutive years10 th43Se-HiroshimaMori/Mori AkiraAkiyama /Koji AkiyamaKawakuchi /Kazuhisa KawaguchiSeibu Lions Stadium
431992Par-SeibuContinuous / 03 consecutive years11 th43Se-YakultMori/Mori AkiraNice/Takehiro IshiiOkahayashi /Yoichi OkabayashiJingu Stadium
441993Se-YakultYellowtail /After 15 years02 th43Par-SeibuNomura /Katsuya NomuraKawasaki /Kenjiro KawasakiKiyohara /Kiyohara KazuhiroSeibu Lions Stadium
451994Se-巨人Buri / 0After 5 years18 th42Par-SeibuNakashima /Nagashima ShigeoMakihara /Hiroki MakiharaKiyohara /Kiyohara KazuhiroTokyo Dome
461995Se-YakultBuri / 0After 2 years03 th41Par-OryxNomura /Katsuya NomuraOmarii /Tom O'MalleyKohayashi /Hiroshi KobayashiJingu Stadium
471996Par-OryxYellowtail /After 19 years04 th41Se-巨人big/Akira AokiNeil /Troy NeelWest/Toshihisa HitoshiGreen Stadium Kobe
481997Se-YakultBuri / 0After 2 years04 th41Par-SeibuNomura /Katsuya NomuraFuruta /Atsushi FurutaMatsuki Kasoo /Matsui KazuoJingu Stadium
491998Se-YokohamaYellowtail /After 38 years02 th42Par-SeibuKonto /Hiroshi GondoMiscanthus /Naonori SuzukiOtsuka /Koji OtsukaYokohama Stadium
501999Par-Softbank /DaieiYellowtail /After 35 years03 th41Se-ChunichiOh/Sadaharu OhAkiyama /Koji AkiyamaKawakami /Nobuno KawakamiNagoya Dome
512000Se-巨人Buri / 0After 6 years19 th42Par-Softbank /DaieiNakashima /Nagashima ShigeoMatsui /Hideki MatsuiTry/Kenji KijimaTokyo Dome
522001Se-YakultBuri / 0After 4 years05 th41Pa-Ori /KintetsuWakamatsu /Tsutomu WakamatsuFuruta /Atsushi FurutaLoos /Tuffy RhodesJingu Stadium
532002Se-巨人Buri / 0After 2 years20 th40Par-SeibuHara /Tatsunori HaraSmell /Tomohiro NiokaCaffella /A. CabreraSeibu Dome
542003Par-Softbank /DaieiBuri / 0After 4 years04 th43Se-HanshinOh/Sadaharu OhSukiuchi /Toshiya SugiuchiKanemoto /Tomonori KanemotoFukuoka Dome
552004Par-SeibuYellowtail /After 12 years12 th43Se-ChunichiIto /Ito workNice/Takashi IshiiInoue/Kazuki InoueNagoya Dome
562005Par-LotteYellowtail /After 31 years03 th40Se-HanshinHallentine /B. ValentineNow /Toshiaki ImaeYa No/Teruhiro YanoKoshien Stadium
572006Par-Nippon HamYellowtail /After 44 years02 th41Se-ChunichiHillman /Trey HillmanInaha /Atsunori InabaKawakami /Nobuno KawakamiSapporo Dome
582007Se-ChunichiYellowtail /After 53 years02 th41Par-Nippon HamOchiai /Hiromitsu OchiaiNakamura /Norihiro NakamuraTaru Hitsushiyu /With DarvishNagoya Dome
592008Par-SeibuBuri / 0After 4 years13 th43Se-巨人Watanabe/Hisanobu WatanabeKnight/Takayuki KishiRamirez /A. RamirezTokyo Dome
602009Se-巨人Buri / 0After 7 years21 th42Par-Nippon HamHara /Tatsunori HaraAhe/Shinnosuke AbeTakahashi /Shinji TakahashiSapporo Dome
612010Par-LotteBuri / 0After 5 years04 th412Se-ChunichiNishimura /Toshifumi NishimuraNow /Toshiaki ImaeWata /Kazuhiro WadaNagoya Dome
622011Par-SoftbankBuri / 0After 8 years05 th43Se-ChunichiAkiyama /Koji AkiyamaKokuho /Yuki KokuboYoshimi /Yoshimi KazukiYahoo Dome
632012Se-巨人Buri / 0After 3 years22 th42Par-Nippon HamHara /Tatsunori HaraDepression /Tetsuya UtsumiInaha /Atsunori InabaTokyo Dome
642013Par-Rakuten01 /First victory43Se-巨人Hoshino /Senichi Hoshino Mima /Beautiful horse studyChiyono /Hisayoshi NaganoK-Star Miyagi
652014Par-SoftbankBuri / 0After 3 years06 th41  Se-HanshinAkiyama /Koji Akiyama/ UchikawaUchikawa Seiichi/ MetsusensiaaR. MessengerYahoo auction dome
662015Par-SoftbankContinuous / 02 consecutive years07 th41 Se-YakultKudou /Kimiyasu Kudo/ILee Dae-ho/ YamadaTetsuto YamadaJingu Stadium
672016Par-Nippon HamYellowtail /After 10 years03 th42 Se-HiroshimaKuriyama /Hideki KuriyamaRare At /B. LairdEl Trett /B. EldredMazda Stadium
682017Par-SoftbankYellowtail /After 2 years08 th42Se-DeNAKudou /Kimiyasu KudoSafate /Dennis SarfateMiyazaki /Miyazaki ToshiroYahoo auction dome
692018Par-SoftbankYellowtail /2 consecutive years09 th411Se-HiroshimaKimiyasu KudoTakuya KaiSeiya SuzukiMazda Stadium
702019Par-SoftbankYellowtail /3 consecutive years10 th40Se-巨人Kimiyasu KudoY. GracialYoshiyuki KameiTokyo Dome
712020Par-SoftbankYellowtail /4 consecutive years11 th40Se-巨人Kimiyasu KudoRyoya KuriharaShosei TogohPayPay Dome

Performance by team

  • TaiziThe item of represents the largest number.Baseball teamClick the sort button in the column to return to the original order.
  • Shochiku was merged into the ocean (currently DeNA), and Kintetsu was merged into Orix, so the record isNoticesBecomes
Baseball teamParticipationWinDefeatmatchvictorydefeatDrawWin rateLatest participation yearLatest winning yearDecision stadium
(Opponent)(Opponent)(The name of the stadium at that time)
01 /巨人362214206109952. 5342020(Softbank)2012(Nippon Ham)Tokyo Dome
02 /Seibu (Nishitetsu)2113813068602. 5312008(Giant)2008(Giant)Tokyo Dome
03 /Softbank (Nankai / Daiei)2011911360512. 5412020(Giant)2020(Giant)Fukuoka PayPay Dome
04 /Yakult7524124170. 5852015(Softbank)2001(Kintetsu)Meiji Jingu Stadium
05 /Oryx (Hankyu)12487031372. 4561996(Giant)1996(Giant)Green Stadium Kobe
06 /Lotte (Every day / every day)6423217141. 5482010(Chunichi)2010(Chunichi)Nagoya Dome
07 /Hiroshima8355421294. 4262018(Softbank)1984(Hankyu)Hiroshima City Stadium
08 /Nippon-Ham (Toei)7344119211. 4752016(Hiroshima)2016(Hiroshima)MAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima
09 /Chunichi10286023361. 3902011(Softbank)2007(Nippon Ham)Nagoya Dome
10 /DeNA (Ocean/Yokohama)321161060. 6252017(Softbank)1998(Seibu)Yokohama Stadium
11Hanshin6153613221. 3612014(Softbank)1985(Seibu)Seibu Lions Stadium
12Rakuten1107430. 5712013(Giant)2013(Giant)Nippon Paper Kleenex Stadium Miyagi
13 /Kintetsu4042610160. 3852001(Yakult)02 /No best experience in Japan / Non-existent team
14 /Shochiku1016240. 3331950(every day)01 /No best experience in Japan / Non-existent team



1rd (1950) To the 4rd (1953)about,Major league baseballWith reference to "Japan World SeriesWas the name[1].

"JapanRegarding how to read "Japan" in the series, it used to be the mainstream to read "Nihon-".2000 eraChanged to read "Nippon-" from2003The official logo of "Nippon Series" was affixed to the player's helmet. On the flag of the champion flag given to the team that won the best in Japan, "JAPANESEIs sewn in. This champion flag is a triangle with a size of 1.4 meters in length and 3 meters in width.pennantIt is said that it spends nearly 100 million yen on production.[1].


In the past, there were no companies or organizations that could be sponsors of the box office.2011から2013Until,Game softwareMajor Konami Co., Ltd. (laterKonami HoldingsCorporation)[Note 4]Became a special sponsor, and the name of the tournament was "KONAMI Japan SeriesIt was held as. In addition, Konami was in the past2005~2007Was held at "Asia seriesWas specially sponsored, and the name "KONAMI CUP" was given as the crown sponsor.

2014FromSumitomo Mitsui Banking CorporationBecame a crown sponsor,SMBC Japan SeriesIs being held as[6][7].. The company took the opportunity of special sponsorship of the Japan Series.2014May 10, Concluded a sponsorship "NPB Partner" contract with Nippon Professional Baseball[8].

Match start time

From October to November, when the Japan Series is held, due to the climatic cold weather, games were once played in day games even on weekdays.

The first time the Japan Series was held in a night game in history1964(15th)Hanshin TigersversusNankai Hawkswas. this isTokyo OlympicsThe opening ceremony was scheduled so as not to interfere with the holding ofMay 10I had decided to digest all the dates by then. Originally the first roundMay 9, Round 7May 10Was,Central LeagueIn addition to the delay in winning the championship, the rainy weather was postponed, and the final race had to be held on October 10. Perhaps because of this, the average audience mobilization of the series was the lowest ever, so the next1965From then on, we returned to the original day game.

Weekday day games make it difficult to watch games unless you take a break from work or school, or on TVAudience ratingBecause it is related to the problem of1994(45th, Yomiuri Giants vs. Seibu Lions), 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds held on weekdays on a trial basis (Seibu Lions Stadium) Only in the night game. Or later,1995(46st,Orix Blue WaveversusYakult Swallows) Expanded to all games.

Round 2011 of 1 was held in the day game for the first time in 17 years[9].. This won the relay rightFuji Television Network, IncHowever, at the golden time of the same day, "World Cup Valley 2011』Broadcast.

Cold game

2005(56th / Chiba Lotte Marines vs. Hanshin Tigers Round 1 ・May 10 Chiba Marine Stadium) Then, at the time of 7 out in the bottom of the 1th(I.e.The match was interrupted because of. After that, the weather did not recover, so it remains as it isCold gameIt became. Cold games due to the weather1953(4th / Yomiuri Giants vs. Nankai Hawks) In the 3rd round, it was the first time in 8 years since it became a rain cold game at the end of the 52th round, but it was the first time that the game was canceled due to the interruption due to heavy fog. It was that.

In addition, there has never been a match that was decided to win the cold game.

Goodbye Japan's best

Goodbye gameThere are four cases in which Japan's number one was decided (as of the end of the 4 season).

Anomalous schedule

The following is an example of an irregular event schedule and venue.

  1. 1950Venue changed for each match. From the first roundMeiji Jingu Stadium,Korakuen Stadium,Hanshin Koshien Stadium,Hankyu Nishinomiya Stadium,Chunichi Stadium,Osaka StadiumEach stadium of. 4 wins and 2 losses this yearOrions every dayWon the first champion, but in Round 6Shochiku RobinsWhen he won and became 3 wins and 3 losses, the 7th round was scheduled to be held at Korakuen Stadium (details of whether it is a consecutive battle or a moving day are unknown).
  2. 1953Was normal until Round 4, but Rounds 5 to 7 were at Osaka Stadium and Hanshin Koshien Stadium.[Note 5], Korakuen Stadium was held in that order. According to the regulations at that time, "The stadiums used in the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th games and the 2nd, 4th, and 6th games are designated by both leagues alternately every year. However, the 1st and 2st games are designated. The stadiums used in the 3nd and 4rd games, the 5th game and the 6th and 6346th games will be designated as stadiums in the same area in succession. " The right to specify the stadium for even-numbered games this year was in the Central League, and there was a speculation that "Koshien, which has a larger capacity than Osaka, has higher profitability", but that speculation was dismissed, and the number of visitors was XNUMX. It was a person. This yearUS-Japan baseballWas organized in two tournaments[Note 6]Due to the influence, there was no movement / rest day that should be set up, and it was a forced march that moved every two games on the day of the game.
  3. 1962Round 5 sponsored by Toei and1978All four games sponsored by Yakult were held at Korakuen Stadium as a substitute for the convenience of holding student baseball at Jingu Stadium.
  4. 1974Lotte-sponsored Rounds 3 to 5 were registered as home bases due to facility problems.Prefectural Miyagi StadiumInstead of using Korakuen Stadium[Note 7].
  5. 1979,1980All Kintetsu-sponsored games were homeNippon Life StadiumThe capacity of the Japan Series was less than 3, which is the standard for holding the Japan Series.[Note 8], Also owned by KintetsuFujiidera StadiumBecause the lighting equipment for night games was not installed, the event was held at the Osaka Stadium, which is the home of the Nankai Hawks.
  6. 1981Since the participating teams of both leagues were Giants and Nippon-Ham, both of whom are based in Korakuen Stadium, all six races were held at the same stadium and were called the "Korakuen Series".
  7. 1986は第1戦は引き分けで始まり広島が3連勝したが、西武も3連勝し第7戦終了時点で3勝3敗1分になり、急遽第7戦で使用した旧広島市民球場で初の第8戦以降を行って勝敗を決することとなった。第8戦で西武が勝利し決着がついたが、当時のルールでは第8戦以降も回数無制限ではなく、仮に引き分けならば1日の移動日を設けて西武ライオンズ球場で第9戦以降も行うことになっていた。
  8. 2000Was a match between Giants and Daiei, but three years ago1997I was looking for a venue for a large international academic meetingJapan Neurosurgical Society2000 when the Fukuoka Dome side, which received a loan request fromMay 10から27 daysWas already rented out without the permission of the team. This is in anticipation that the Hawks were unlikely to win the league in 1997 because they were in the B class for the 20th consecutive year since the Nankai era. However, in 1998, the team entered the A class for the first time after moving to Fukuoka, and the possibility of holding the Japan Series increased, so the team requested the Japan Neurosurgical Society to change the schedule, but more than 2 people from each country gathered. It was a large-scale general meeting, and it was refused because various related arrangements had already been completed. So the Daiei teamNakauchi TadashiActing owner (at that time) on the NPB side "replacement of the series venue", "change of the series schedule itself", "held at the baseball stadium of other Pacific League teams", "Kitakyushu City Stadium,Nagasaki Big N StadiumWe offered to hold the event at other stadiums in Kyushu, but all of them were rejected. We also received cooperation from the Brain Science Society, such as shortening some schedules and opening up time zones."Tokyo de, Tokyo de, Fukuoka de, holiday, rest, Fukuoka de, Fukuoka de, Tokyo de, Tokyo de"It is possible to do it on an irregular schedule for 9 days without a moving dayMay 8Was announced in. After the series ended, the Daiei baseball team was charged with a sanction of 3,000 million yen (the maximum amount of sanctions for the team or individuals) from the NPB for failing to secure the schedule.
  9. 2010 TheTyphoon 14Concerns about approachingMay 10-May 10If the match at Nagoya Dome is canceled, the move date between the 2nd and 3rd rounds will be left as it is, and the move date of the 5th and 6th rounds will be omitted to make the maximum 5 consecutive rounds. However, there are only 4 games broadcast nationwide on TV (1st, 2nd, and 5th games).Satellite broadcastingonly. TerrestrialPrefectural broadcastIn consideration of only), the schedule was set to omit the travel days of the 2nd and 3rd rounds and leave the travel dates of the 5th and 5th rounds as they are for a maximum of 6 consecutive races. There was no effect from the typhoon, and the schedule was not changed.
  10. 2020Is the home of the giantTokyo DomeHowever, it cannot be used because other tournaments are held, and the giant's home game isKyocera Dome OsakaIt will be held at.This year was originallyTokyo OlympicsIt was scheduled to be held from November 11th due to the schedule corresponding to, but worldwideNew coronavirus infectionDue to the epidemic, the opening of the official game was significantly delayed, and the Japan Series is scheduled to start on November 2, two weeks behind schedule.However, at Tokyo Dome from November 11ndCity competition baseball tournamentWas scheduled to be held, so it could not be used, so it was decided to use Kyocera Dome Osaka[10][Note 9][11]..As in this exampleMeiji Jingu Stadium(Yakult),Nagoya Dome(Chunichi) was also in a situation where the Japan Series could not be held due to other tournaments and events, but at the Meiji Jingu StadiumMeiji Shrine Baseball Tournament(November 11th-November 20th scheduled) was canceled to prevent infectious diseases, and at Nagoya DomeAAAThe concert (scheduled for November 11th and 28th) was also postponed after 29, so it was finally available.

Video judgment

  • 2015In the 5th round of SoftbankLee Dae-hoThe hit ball passed over the left wing pole, and the left wing linesmen decided that it was a home run because it wound the pole, but Yakult'sManaka ManakaThe director protested, "Isn't it a foul?", And the referees took up to 7 minutes.Video judgmentAfter that, the decision was not overturned and it was a home run. In addition, since the video judgment over home runs was introduced in 2010 at NPB, the video judgment in the series is the first in history.[Note 10][12][13].
  • 2016In the second round of the game, a video judgment was made with the home base close play introduced in the same year. In the bottom of the 2th inning, Hiroshima on the second base without deathRyosuke Kikuchi BusterThe hit ball that was hit by switching to the left came out in front of the left, and the second base runner who saw thisHirosuke TanakaHeaded to home base, but Nippon-Ham left fielderHaruka NishikawaFrom catcherShota OhnoThe ball was returned at a critical timing, and the ball umpireKazuyuki ShiraiWas declared out. To this in HiroshimaTakashi OgataThe director requested a video judgment, and the video judgment was made in consultation with the referees. As a result, he overturned the judgment and admitted Tanaka's survival, saying that "Tanaka's hand touched the home plate before Ohno's touch".[14].
    • In the 2016th round of 5, in the second inning, Hiroshima's first basemanSewage flow Sapporo DomeThe umpire decided that he was in play after shooting a ball that jumped up on the fence. First base runnerTetsuya Kobobo・ The batter's sewage flow stopped on the third and second bases, respectively, but Ogata requested a video judgment as to whether it was a home run.As a result of the video judgment, the referees judged that the hit ball bounced off the fence top, and the judgment was not overturned, and the game resumed on the second and third bases without death.

All games held in the same prefecture

1970Will be held by the participating teams of both leaguesBunkyo kuKorakuen Stadium is the home of the giant,Arakawa OfTokyo stadiumIs the home of Lotte, and all games areTokyoSince it was held in Tokyo, it was held only in the same prefecture for the first time in history (Tokyo series or GO series).[15]). The Japan Series in the same prefecture is this 1970 and mentioned above1981Only 2 cases of (Korakuen series).

As of 2019, Orix will move to Osaka in 2008Franchise[Note 11]However, since there is no prefecture in which the Central League teams are based, they will not be held in the same prefecture under the normal franchise system.

All teams have experienced the best in Japan at least once

In place of Kintetsu, which merged and disappeared without being the best in Japan even once in 2004, Rakuten, which newly joined in 1, became the best in Japan in the 2005 series.All 12 teams that are members of NPB for the first time since the establishment of NPB have all experienced the best in Japan.But this isMajor LeagueThen, 7 out of all the teams have not achieved the best in the world (among them)Seattle MarinersIs the best in the world, let alone the World Series), and is a rare record in the world that has never been achieved.

TV broadcast

Terrestrial series national broadcasting

Until 2010, it basically negotiated directly with the broadcasting station recommended by the home game team, and was broadcast live nationwide from the start to the end of the game by the network to which the broadcasting station belongs (usually the station that frequently broadcasts the regular season). Recommended and broadcast live). However2010 Japan SeriesIn response to the fact that there were three games in which terrestrial broadcasting was not carried out nationwide, in 3, the advance team recommended a broadcasting station, and then the TV broadcasting sponsorship sponsorAdvertising agencyAdopted a method of conducting relay negotiations with the broadcasting station[16](Nevertheless, stations that regularly broadcast in the regular season are still preferentially recommended). In subsequent broadcasts, there have been cases where the match start time has been advanced due to the convenience of the broadcasting station's program organization (2011st round in 1, 2016th round in 5). In addition to regular baseball commentators, active players and managers of non-participating teams will appear as guest commentators in the broadcast.

Until the 1990s, the audience rating was highly popular, with an average of around 30%, but since the 2000s it has gradually declined, and since the 2010s it is not uncommon for some cards to take single digits, 2019. In 2020, 4 out of 3 games set the worst single-digit ratings record.[17]..On the other hand, as in the regular season, it often gets high ratings in areas other than Kanto where the participating teams are based.[18].

  • Central LeagueIn the teamYomiuri Giants(NTV),Chunichi Dragons(CBC TV, Tokai TV, TV Aichi, Mie TV),Tokyo Yakult Swallows(Fuji Television Network, Inc),Yokohama DeNA BaystarsCertain broadcasting stations, such as (TBS TV), are given the right to broadcast games hosted by their home base. If these teams participate in the Japan Series,As with the regular season, broadcasting rights are always recommended for affiliated stations of the network to which these broadcasting stations belong... Especially in the case of Yomiuri Giants and Chunichi Dragons, because they are affiliated with newspaper companies, they are very tightly locked out from affiliated stations, and it is so thorough that broadcasting stations that are not given broadcasting rights are not recommended to broadcast the Japan Series.[Note 12].
  • Hanshin TigersHiroshima Toyo CarpBroadcast rights are evenly distributed to each station, but in the case of the Hanshin TigersAsahi Broadcasting TVPrioritizes the broadcasting rights of the games on Wednesday and Sunday, and the broadcasting rights when the Hanshin Tigers participate in the Japan Series follow that.[Note 13]..Therefore, in the games held by the Central League team, the TV Asahi affiliated stations are recommended for the games on Wednesday and Sunday in principle when the Hanshin Tigers participate in the Japan Series.[Note 14], If Hiroshima Toyo Carp participates, Tokyo Yakult Swallows will participate, and it will be almost limited to some games held at the base when Fuji TV does not monopolize due to organizational reasons.
  • Chiba Lotte Marinesな どPacific LeagueIf some of the teams advanceTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.-TV Tokyo affiliateMay be recommended, in which case there are few affiliated stations[Note 15]Therefore, the area where live broadcasting can be seen by terrestrial broadcasting is significantly smaller than other series (the Central League side has been so far).Chunichi Dragons(Broadcast rights are obtained only whenSatellite broadcasting OfNHK BS1(PreviouslyBShiIt will be complemented by broadcasting on (also) (TV TOKYO series)BS TeleBroadcasting on is not currently implemented).
  • Since 1970 and 1974 were held during the daytime, and some stations were in the time zone of local sales, we went to local stations that have strong ties to the 12 channels of Tokyo.Program sales(The Chukyo area is originally Nikkei capitalChukyo TVIt was broadcast on, but because the number of UHF viewing households was still small,Nagoya TVBroadcast at. In the Kinki region, the 1970rd round of 3 and the 1974th round of 5 were at that time.Cross net stationWas in a relationshipEvery day broadcastingSo, the 1970th round of 4 was treated as a quasi-key station of Tokyo 12 channel from that time.Kinki Broadcasting-Sun TVSimultaneous broadcasting was performed at).
  • However, 6 times after the night game was held (excluding the times when there was no match itself), due to the organization of affiliated stations, live broadcasting is an area where you can watch 5 TV Tokyo affiliated stations and independent prefecture stations in Chukyo and Kinki. In 2003, some local stations sold a 90-minute edited broadcast version and broadcast it at midnight on the day (before dawn the next day), but since 2005, that has not been done, and the series In most prefectures where there is no TV Tokyo, it is not possible to see the actual situation of TV TOKYO (BS Japan → BS TV TOKYO / TX series CS (AT-X,Nikkei CNBC) But it is not relayed)[Note 16].. Also, even if there are affiliated stations, areas that cannot be viewed due to reasons such as no relay station (especially)TV Hokkaido),Cable TV OfRebroadcast outside the areaHowever, since there are areas that cannot be viewed (technical problems, opposition from local affiliated stations, etc.), viewers who want to watch TV TOKYO's broadcast instead of NHK BS1 that is broadcast in parallel said, "If it cannot be broadcast in the entire area, it will be broadcast. There is also a complaint that "you should not take the right." Especially in 2003 and 2007, when the match that got the relay right becomes the championship deciding match, that tendency becomes stronger.
  • 1999 Daiei vs. ChunichiAlso once played the 7th game on TV Tokyo series (produced byTXN Kyushu), But the number of affiliated stations is small, and satellite broadcasting is not widespread (at that time, BS commercial broadcasting was only paid broadcasting WOWOW. Digital including free broadcasting of commercial broadcasting key stations The opening of broadcasting2000May 12)TV Asahi series(Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting) Has been transferred. However, Daiei won the championship with 4 wins and 1 loss, and the 7th round itself was not held.
  • In addition,1998Nippon-Ham[Note 17],2001If Daiei advanced to the market, broadcasting of Round 1998 in 4 and Round 2001 in 7 was being considered, but it was not realized because it missed the championship.
  • The TV Asahi series1970 eraAfter the opening of the UHF station in the latter half1990 era OfHeisei New BureauUntil the opening rush hour of the station, we followed the stage from the core city and finally increased the number of regional affiliates other than the core city, but when there were few affiliated stations, it was difficult to receive the recommendation, so the games that could be relayed were limited. Even if it was possible to broadcast, most areas became non-affiliated nets during the day game era. Mainichi Broadcasting System, which has a strong connection with the Nankai Hawks1975May 3 OfIntestinal twist net changeSince it was a TV Asahi series until it was resolved, the broadcast of the Japan Series of the Nankai War from Mainichi Broadcasting System1959 vs. GiantsRounds 1 and 2[Note 18], Except for the Nankai War1962, Hanshin vs. ToeiOnly 1 games of 6st, 7th and 3th games, total 5 games[Note 19].
  • In addition,NHKBut1991Until then, mainly in the 4th game where the fastest victory is decided (with exceptions)NHK general TVAlthough it was broadcast live on TV, it has not been broadcast on terrestrial broadcasting since 91 due to a review of the program organization due to the spread of satellite broadcasting. The exclusive broadcast was cut off at the end of the above-mentioned 1974 Chunichi vs. Lotte Round 6 (the match Lotte decided to win).

Prefectural Independent Station

  • 1985, Hanshin vs. Seibu3rd and 5th games of Hyogo Prefectural BureauSun TV(HyogoIt was broadcast locally).The independent prefectural station became the first broadcasting right in history other than receiving the Internet, but at this time, the third round was Asahi Broadcasting and the fifth round was parallel broadcasting with Yomiuri TV, so it was not an exclusive broadcast.After this2003 Hanshin vs. Daiei,2005 Hanshin vs. LotteSun TV did not get the right to broadcast the main game twice, but in Hyogo prefecture, the TV Tokyo affiliated prefectural bureau of the neighboring prefectureTV Osaka-TV set[Note 20]As a consideration for areas where TV TOKYO cannot receive, the Pacific League side supervised games (2003th game in 7, 2005nd game in 2) are online.
  • 2010Is the 1st, 2nd and 5th gamesTerrestrial waveThere was no national broadcast.Central Japan Broadcasting CompanyIs an affiliated station ofTBS seriesHad priority, but the time zone was "World valley』\ TBS series did not acquire the broadcasting right because it overlapped with the broadcast.Round 1 isNagoya DomeThere isAichiOf the local stationTV Aichi[Note 21], Round 2 is in the Chukyo areaTokai TVSo, the 5th round isChiba Marine StadiumThere isChibaOf the Prefectural Independent StationChiba TelevisionThen it was broadcast locally in Chiba prefecture. The above-mentioned Hanshin vs. Seibu match was in parallel with wide-area broadcasting (quasi-key station), but since the terrestrial broadcasting of this match is only on Chiba TV, it will be the first "prefectural independent station exclusive broadcast" in history. There was a possibility. After that, regarding the broadcast of Round 5, Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting Co., Ltd. suddenly carried out its own production on November 11, and was in charge of broadcasting locally in the three Tokai prefectures, and the broadcast of Chiba Television productionMie televisionWill be netted at the same time[19]However, in the Kanto region, it was broadcast only on Chiba TV, and it became a form of "Kanto region TV station exclusive broadcast" including key stations.

Satellite broadcasting

Correspondence differs depending on the affiliated station. As a general rule, broadcast stations that have no record of professional baseball broadcasts will be omitted.

CS broadcasting

NTV series

TV Asahi series

  • TV morning channel 2(2012 TheAsahi New Star) Is a complete recording relay with the same content as terrestrial broadcasting. The same TV Asahi direct controlTV Asahi ch1Has no broadcast record due to the peculiarity of the organization. Furthermore, until 2011, TV Asahi series production games will be broadcast by Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (currently:Asahi Broadcasting Group Holdings.. The TV business itself is a subsidiary of the company due to the transition to a certified broadcasting holding company and the spin-off.Asahi Broadcasting TVInherited to)Sky AWas broadcast on[Note 24].

TBS series

  • TBS channel 2Complete recording relay with the same content as terrestrial broadcasting.2013Until then, there was no broadcasting record due to the peculiarity of the organization. (Until 2013TBS News Bird<The past Chunichi / Softbank-sponsored games have a track record.However,2011In some of the games, the terrestrial broadcast was replaced with the actual situation>, but the news bird broadcast was in the same year.[Note 25]It ends with). In addition, of the same JNN seriesEvery day broadcastingParent company (certified broadcasting holding company)MBS Media HoldingsUnder the umbrellaGAORAThen there is no broadcasting record.

TV Tokyo series

  • No broadcasting record in CS (direct control)Nikkei CNBCAT-XCannot be broadcast due to the peculiarity of each organization. ).

Fuji TV series

  • Fuji TV ONE(739) orFuji TV TWOCompletely live broadcast at (721), separate from terrestrial broadcasting (some games were recorded and relayed for convenience).

Others In 2010, there was a match that was not broadcast nationwide, soJ SPORTSThe 1st, 2nd, and 5th rounds were broadcasted independently (of which, the 1st round was provided by TV Aichi).

FOX SPORTS JapanHas no broadcast record.

BS broadcasting


  • NHK-BS has a broadcasting record except 1998 and 2002. In particular, when broadcasting TV Tokyo on terrestrial broadcasting, it is always done as a cover to unbroadcast areas. Since 2009, BS will only broadcast on NHK BS1, and other BS stations will no longer broadcast except for the recording digest on BS Nippon Television in 2012.[Note 26].
    • BS1 1988--1991 (all games broadcast recording), 1992-1997 (live broadcast only for Round 4, others broadcast recording[Note 27]、1999年(第2・3戦)、2000年(第4・5戦)、2007年(第2・5戦)、2009年(第1・2・3・6戦)、2010年(第1・2・3・4・5戦)[Note 28]、2011年(第2・5・6・7戦)、2012年(第2・3・4戦)、2013年(第2・3・6・7戦)、2014年(第2・3・4・5戦)、2015年(第1・2・3戦)、2016年(第4・5戦)、2017年(第1・2・4・6戦)、2018年(第3・4・5戦)、2019年(第1・2・3戦)、2020年(第2・3・4・5戦)[Note 29]
    • BShi 2008 (Rounds 1, 6 and 7)
    • BS1・BShi同時放送 2001年(第2戦)、2003年(第1・2・4・5・7戦)、2004年(第2・7戦)、2005年(第2戦)、2006年(第2・4戦)

NTV series

  • BS Nippon Televisionでの放送実績なし(ただし2003年(第2戦、第5戦)、2012年(第1戦、第6戦)、2013年(第4戦、第5戦)は1時間のダイジェスト版として放送)。

TV Asahi series

  • BS AsahiIn 2001 (Rounds 1 and 4; the latter recording), 2002 (Round 3), 2003 (Rounds 3 and 6; the latter recording) were completely broadcast, and in 2006 (Rounds 3 and 5), In 2007 (Round 1) and 2008 (Rounds 2-5), a one-hour digest version was broadcast.

TBS series

  • BS-TBSIt has been broadcast in 2002 (Round 4) and 2004 (Round 5) during the BS-i era.

TV Tokyo series

  • BS TeleThen there is no broadcasting record since the BS Japan era.

Fuji TV series

  • BS FujiIt has been broadcast in 2001 (Rounds 3 and 5) and 2004 (Round 6).

Others BS11-TwellV-FOX Sports & Entertainment・ J SPORTS[Note 30]No broadcast record in.

Radio broadcast

Since the Japan Series is sponsored by NPB, it can be broadcast equally regardless of whether or not it has broadcasting rights for the regular season. As of 2020JRN seriesInTokyo Yakult SwallowsHome game is applicable.As a general rule, broadcasting rights apply to all games in the series.

As of 2020, the broadcasting stations that broadcast live every year regardless of the cardNHK Radio First Broadcast[Note 31][Note 32]Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.,Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.,Every day broadcastingIt became 4 stations.Of these, Nippon Broadcasting will be produced in-house for all games regardless of the stadium (especially after 1989).

In addition, during the series periodNight offDue to the organization, the network organization is different from the regular season, and some stations do not broadcast online.In addition, stations with local teams broadcast only when the team participates.[Note 33]There is also.

Radio OsakaSince 2006[Note 34],TBS Radio[Note 35]And CBC Radio[Note 36]Is after 2018, ABC Radio is after 2019[Note 36]It is not broadcast.Tokai radioWas broadcasting regardless of the card until 2019, but is not broadcasting in 2020.RF Radio JapanSince 2013Yomiuri GiantsOnly home games are broadcast[Note 37].

For FMSaitama Seibu LionsOnly whenNACK5[Note 38]Broadcast on.

Internet distribution

The introduction of the Japan Series Internet distribution started in 2016AbemaTVIs the first. This year, the game was broadcast by TV Asahi, the investor, and was simultaneously distributed with its own commentary and commentary. From 2018, even Internet distributors in which other key stations are the investorHulu(NTV),Paravi(TBS / TV TOKYO),Fuji TV ONE smartSimultaneous distribution began on (Fuji TV), and 2018 was the first case of all games being distributed on the Internet. In addition, other distributors (DAZNEtc.),TVerThere is no broadcast at this time.

Other Remarks

  • 2thOut-of-force notificationIn principle, from the day after the end of the Climax Series to the day after the end of the Japan Series, the deadline for the Japan Series participating teams will be extended by 4 days.


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注 釈

  1. ^ At the beginning of the changeAsia seriesIt was said that the reason for omitting the travel day was that the schedule was approaching, but it has continued in the years since the series was no longer held. The travel days and rest days between Rounds 2 and 3 will continue as before.
  2. ^ As a specific example,2016Since it will be Hiroshima vs. Nippon-Ham and it is not possible to move between Hiroshima and Sapporo on the same day, it will be postponed for one day including the moving day.[3]
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  11. ^ For three years after the merger with Kintetsu (3-2005), Hanshin (only in Hyogo prefecture except for these three years after the introduction of the franchise system) and Orix had double franchise in Osaka and Hyogo prefectures as a special measure.
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  13. ^ During the day game era, other affiliated stations sometimes broadcast on Wednesdays and Sundays, and Asahi Television Broadcasting on other days. In addition, it was sometimes broadcast in parallel with Asahi Television Broadcasting and other stations.
  14. ^ However, as for the broadcast on Wednesday, TV Asahi intends to prioritize the broadcasting of regular programs, so it was cut off at the end of 2003 regardless of the main team (in 2005, when the Hanshin Tigers participated, it was in charge of broadcasting on Tuesday).
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  16. ^ However, this is not limited to the TV Tokyo network. In 2005, the TV Asahi series won 3 games including non-held games (1st, 3rd, 6th games), whileBS AsahiSince there was no broadcast by TV Asahi, there was a situation in which the first and third rounds could not be seen in prefectures without the TV Asahi series.
  17. ^ Until now, the TV Asahi series has almost exclusively broadcast Nippon-Ham (1981The three games managed by Nippon-Ham Fighters were monopolized by TV Asahi)1990 eraThis is because it was considered that it would be recommended after the middle stage, mainly in response to the strengthening of game broadcasting centered on weekend day games.
  18. ^ Co-produced and broadcast simultaneously with Yomiuri TV, Nippon TV, and NET TV.The first round is led by Mainichi Broadcasting System, and the second round isYomiuri TVIt was a initiative production.The 3rd and 4th rounds after moving to Korakuen were also in this form, but they were broadcast under the leadership of NTV.
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