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⛳ | US Women's Golf, Uehara 29th, Hataoka 134th, Kia Classic

Ayako Uehara, who finished 29th in the photo, on the 25th, Carlsbad (Getty = joint)

US Women's Golf, Uehara 29th, Hataoka 134th, Kia Classic

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Inbee Park, who turned 66, took the lead, and Kim Hyo-joo (both from South Korea) came in second at 67.

The Kia Classic of US women's golf is the first at Aviara GC (par 25) in Carlsbad, California on the 72th ... → Continue reading

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Park Jin

Inbee Park[1](Park Inbee (Inbee Park), Hangul: 박 인비[2], English: In-Bee Park,1988May 7 -) isSouth KoreaSeoul Special CityNative girlProfessional golfer.


Started playing golf at the age of 10[1], 9 wins at the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) tournament in his junior years, and was selected as the "AJGA Rolex Junior Player of the Year" in 2002.[3].

January 2004National Women's Professional Golf Association(LPGA) "LPGA Takefuji ClassicAs an amateur, this will be his first appearance on the LPGA tour.[4].

Turned professional in April 2006[3], LPGA Tour first appearance as a professional in "LPGA Takefuji Classic"[5]..Other than that, he mainly participated in the Futures Tour at the bottom of the LPGA Tour, but he was ranked 3rd in the annual prize money ranking (hereinafter referred to as the prize money rank) of the tour and got the right to participate in the LPGA Tour for the 2007 season.[3].

January 2008Korea Women's Professional Golf Association(KLPGA) Join[2].

LPGA tour in June of the same year "US Women's Open19 years, 11 months and 17 days, he won the youngest victory in the history of the tournament, and won his first victory on the same tour with a major title.[3].

2010 isJapan Women's Professional Golf AssociationParticipated in the (JLPGA) tour, "Nishijin ladies classicAnd the official game "LPGA Tour Championship Ricoh CupWon the championship and ranked 5th in the JLPGA prize rank.[6].

Joined JLPGA as an international professional member on January 2011, 1 (1rd gen member), the same year tour "Daikin Orchid Ladies Golf Tournament] Win[6].

2012 JLPGA Tour "Hundawkin Ladies] Win[6].. He won 2 wins on the LPGA tour and won the 1st place in the prize money rank (Queen of prize money).[3].

2013 LPGA Tour Major Tournament "Craft Nabisco ChampionshipWins[3]Two weeks later, he became the first player in the World Women's Golf Ranking on April 2, the same year.[7][Note 1].

In the same year, "Wegmans LPGA Championship (National Women's Professional Golf Championship) ”And“ US Women's Open ”, the first player to win three majors of the year, and six wins including these three wins, becoming the prize money queen for the second consecutive year.[3]..In addition, he was the first Korean player to be selected as a "Rolex Player of the Year" in the same year.[3].

2014 LPGA Tour Major Tournament "Wegmans LPGA Championship" Winner[3]..Married to coach Nam Gi-hyob on October 10, the same year[8].

2015 LPGA Tour Major Tournament "KPMG Women's PGA Championship (Women's PGA Championship)", "British Ricoh Women's OpenBoth won[3].

By finishing the first day of the "KPMG Women's PGA Championship" on June 2016, 6, he fulfilled his obligation to participate in 9 games that would have been on the tour for one year, achieved 1 seasons, and already obtained the necessary points. He was inducted into the LPGA Tour Hall of Fame at the age of 10, the youngest in history.[9]..From the same South KoreaPark SeriWas the third member to join[9].

Paris olympicSince then, the women's golf competition has revived for the first time in 116 years in August 2016.Rio de Janeiro OlympicsWon a gold medal in[10].

2017 KLPGA Hall of Fame, 2015ApplicationWas the third member to join[11].

May 2018 KLPGA Tour first victory at "Doosan Match Play Championship"[12].

Won the "ISPS HANDA Australia Women's Open" in February 2020 and achieved 2 LPGA tour wins[13].

Tour victory history


* This section is based on the LPGA profile page[3], The tournament name is written at the time of victory, and the bold letters are major tournaments.The "Wegmans LPGA Championship" and "KPMG Women's PGA Championship" are held in Japan.National Women's Professional Golf ChampionshipIt is a tournament written as.

  • 2008:US Women's Open
  • 2012: Evian Masters, Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia
  • 2013: Honda LPGA Thailand,Craft Nabisco Championship, North Texas LPGA Shootout,Wegmans LPGA Championship, Walmart NW Arkansas Championship,US Women's Open
  • 2014: Manulife Financial LPGA Classic,Wegmans LPGA Championship, Hubon LPGA Taiwan Championship
  • 2015: HSBC Women's Champions, Volunteer of America North Texas Shootout,KPMG Women's PGA Championship,British Ricoh Women's Open, Lorena Ochoa Invitation
  • 2017: HSBC Women's Champions
  • 2018: Bank of Hope Founders Cup
  • 2020: ISPS HANDA Australia Women's Open


* This section is based on the JLPGA profile page[6], The tournament name is written at the time of victory, and the bold letters are major tournaments.

  • 2010: Nishijin Ladies Classic,LPGA Tour Championship Ricoh Cup
  • 2011: Daikin Orchid Ladies Golf Tournament
  • 2012: Fundokin Ladies

European Ladies Tour

  • 2014: Mission Hills World Ladies Championship[14]

Other wins

LPGA major competition results

ANA inspirationDNPDNPT62DNP9T26T10T29T26138T11T6T3T2T68
Women's PGA ChampionshipDNPDNPDNPT62T46T14T7T14T9111CUTT7CUTT7
British Women's OpenDNPDNPDNPT11CUTT24T9T72T4241DNPT11CUTCUT
Evian ChampionshipT67T10T8DNPDNPT8T8

* The results in this table areLPGA | Results | INBEE PARKBased on each year's results (English)


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注 釈

  1. ^ Cumulatively ranked first for 106 weeks.


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