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🇯🇵 | Abi, who started again, won the Makushita championship "It's not natural" "The joy of sumo wrestling"

Abi (photographed by Kaidemaki) who broke the photo Tokiei (right) by withdrawal

Abi, who started again, won the Makushita championship "It's not natural" "The joy of sumo wrestling"

If you write the contents roughly
"The master (Mr. Kisoyama = former Sekiwake Terao) told me that it was not natural to win, so I took it with all my might.

"Sumo Spring Basho, Day 13" (26th, Ryogoku Kokugikan) Former Koyui who was suspended from participation in 7 places after the place in July last year ... → Continue reading

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Kazan(Shikoroyama)Japan Sumo Association OfOld nameOne of the.Edo Sumo ClubFor a long time, successive generations of Tsuneyama served as the executive position of the brush.The first name, Kisoyama, was named as Shikona, and its origin is unknown.

For generations of Kouyama

  • The bold font of the second generation is the master who owns the room.
generationRetired nameHighest rankAffiliation room at the time of active dutyAttack periodRemarks
First generationSatoyama Riemon------
2 feeKihei Kisoyama------
3 feeHangoro Miyatogawa---Shikoroyama stable
4 feeSeigoro Ohashi---Shikoroyama stable
5 feeShichinosuke NanatakiDown 2Shikoroyama stable
6 feeKumoigawa BendayuDown 10Shikoroyama stable
7 feeToryuyama RiceTwelve 2Tamagaki roomJanuary 1863-June 11 (died)
8 feeTakaseyama KiyoshiDown 18---April 1872-
9 feeDenjiro KoganeyamaDown 5Takasago roomJanuary 1889-June 5 (died)
10 feeWakabayama bellSekiwakiHatachiyama stableJanuary 1933-June 5 (died)
11 feeHeikichi OuchiyamaOzekiFutabayama-Tokitsukaze stableMarch 1959-May 3Borrowed stock, 10sTatedayamaChanged its name to
12 feeSadao WakabayamasummaryFutabayama-Tokitsukaze stableDecember 1961-April 1 (retirement)
13 feeKenji OshiosummaryTogitsu style roomMarch 1988-May 1Borrowed stock, 8sShikihideChanged its name to
14 feeKurama TatsuyaSekiwakiTogitsu style roomMay 1989-January 9 (closed)借株
15 feeMasurao HirooSekiwakiOshiogawa stableMarch 1990-May 7Borrowed stock, 12sAbumatsuChanged its name to
16 feeHiroki Satsusupre-1君ヶ濱-井筒部屋March 1992-May 9Borrowed stock, 19sKasugayamaChanged its name to
17 feeEnazakura Torupre-1Oshiogawa stableMarch 1994-May 7Borrowed stock, 16sBamboo ropeChanged its name to
18 feeKirishima KazuhiroOzeki君ヶ濱-井筒部屋March 1996-May 3Borrowed stock, 10sKatsunouraChanged its name to
19 feeTakeshi KotogaSekiwakiSadogatake RoomMarch 1997-May 5Borrowed stock, 13sOnarutoChanged its name to
20 feeTerao TsunefumiSekiwakiIzutsu roomApril 2002-


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