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⚽ | [Takamado Trophy U-18 Soccer OSAKA Part 4 Section 4] FC Osaka wins by pushing out Daisho Otaka

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[Prince Takamado Trophy U-18 Soccer OSAKA Part 4 Section 4] FC Osaka wins by pushing out Daisho Otaka

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The final score was 7-0, and FC Osaka won by defeating Daisho Daiko with a big difference of 7 points.

Takamado Trophy U-18 Soccer OSAKA Part 4 Section 4 will be held on March 3th (Monday) at J-GREEN Sakai S-29. → Continue reading


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FC Osaka

FC Osaka(FC sea)OsakaHigashi Osaka CityBased inサ ッ カ ーclub.Clubs aiming to join the J LeagueIs one of.

The club name notation until December 2020, 12 is "FC Osaka"Met.


Since the age of the regional league, it has been operating women's clubs, U-18s, soccer schools, senior teams, and employs former J-Legers and foreign players as top teams. About this managementBusiness journalDescribes it as an ambitious team management[2].

In addition,Campionato Brasileiro Serie A(Brazil1st division)Gremio FBPAIn addition to forming a tie-up with, we have formed a training department organization locally.Primera Liga(Portugal1st division)CS MaritimoIn addition to seeking business tie-ups with others, we are also engaged in the management business of Japanese athletes who have experience in FC Osaka.[2].

Based in Osaka PrefectureBASEBALL FIRST LEAGUE Of06BULLSAnd a mutual cooperation alliance on March 2013, 3[3].

It is the operating body of the teamRdash Co., Ltd.Was originally aimed at sales promotion to various organizations such as companies and public interest corporations.Advertising agencyFC Osaka was formed as a corporate grass soccer team centered on the company's employees. When the club aims to enter the J League, it views FC Osaka as a part of the advertising content of various organizations and owns a soccer club to serve customers of various business partners and other organizations. To create opportunities for public relations and strengthen relationships with various organizations.[2].

In January 2018, due to the incorporation of the soccer club, which is a prerequisite for joining the J League,FC Osaka Sports ClubEstablished[4]. July of the same year,Higashi Osaka CityConclude a hometown agreement with (see below).

The mascot character has a human female motif as a motif.RinaWith a white tiger motif”Guardian TigreAnd[5], Designed by the sponsor company of the clubAsura filmYu Aoki[6].. Past mascot characters have a carp motifCarpWas used from 2014 to 2018[7][8].


1996Founded in[9].2007ToOsaka Prefecture Soccer LeagueFirst win in the first division2010,National adult soccer championshipFirst appearance (in the first roundClub Fields Norblitz HokkaidoLost to).2011, Won the Osaka League 1st division for the third time in a row for the third consecutive year.Kansai Prefecture Soccer League Final TournamentWin theKansai Soccer LeaguePromoted to 2nd division. Also, from this year, the operating corporation was changed from "Nippon Entertainment Group Co., Ltd." to "R Dash Co., Ltd."

2012, Won the victory with 2 wins and 10 loss, including 13 consecutive wins in the Kansai League 1nd division, and was promoted to the Kansai league 1st division.2013, Won 1 wins 12 minutes (undefeated) in the Kansai League 2st division.37th National Regional Soccer League Final TournamentLost in the first round. Established the women's team "FC Osaka CRAVO".2014,The KSL Island Shield of AwajiWon.Osaka Soccer ChampionshipWon the first94th Emperor's CupFirst appearance (in the first roundZuegen KanazawaLost to).50th National Adult Soccer ChampionshipWon.38th National Regional Soccer League Final TournamentIs a runner up. December 12Japan Football League(JFL) JFL membership approved by board of directors[10].

2015 years,95th Emperor's CupIn the first round ofC OsakaWas won.

In 2018, the operating corporation "FC Osaka Sports Club" was established, which is a prerequisite for joining the J League. In the 4th year of JFL participation, it finished at 2nd place in a record high in the year. November 11 of the same year,Higashi Osaka CityIs approved as a hometown[11].. In Higashi-Osaka City,2019 Rugby World CupCompleted a major renovation beforeHigashiosaka Hanazono Rugby FieldAs a result, we will proceed with preparations for entering the J League in Higashi-Osaka City as a home town in the future.[12].

After that, on November 2019, 11, an agreement was signed between FC Osaka and Higashi Osaka City regarding the renovation of the second ground of the Higashi Osaka City Hanazono Rugby Field.[13].. Specifically, the second ground which is deterioratingJ3 league(J League 3rd part) Corresponding to the official game[13]With more than 1300 seats from the previous 5000 seats[14], A roof will be installed on the front stand, and the stand behind the goal will be inclined.[13].. FC Osaka will be responsible for all construction costs and will be donated to Higashi Osaka City after completion.[13].. This refurbishment work was realized because there was a consultation from FC Osaka.[14].. Renovation work will be completed after December 2021[14].. In addition, on November 2019, 11, for the J League, ``Centennial Design ClubSubmitted the relevant documents for the application[15].

Approved as the J. League Centennial Vision Club on February 2020, 2[16].. Then, on June 6, 30J3 leagueFor membershipJ3 League licenseApplied for[17].. A J9 license was issued by the J League on September 15th.

As of January 2021, 1, the club name and operating corporation name will be changed from "FC Osaka" to "FC Osaka(English notation:FC ✩ OSAKA). "FC" not only means "football club", but also various fields (Field), foundation / board (Foundation), for people (For people) acronym "F", and community contribution (Community contribution) , Cooperation, Confidence, and Creation, which is an acronym for "C".[18].

On February 2021, 2, Harumi Hikita, president and CEO, who has been in charge of management since the club was established, is acute.Fulminant hepatitisSuddenly died at the age of 60[19][20]..On March 3, the same year, he was Vice President and Representative Director.Yusuke KondoWas appointed president[21].

Hometown activities

As above, from FY2019Higashi Osaka CityHas been established as a home town,2017ToTomitabayashiWe have signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement regarding city sales and are carrying out activities similar to hometowns.

In particular,Internet tvUsing FC Osaka TV and Tomita Hayashi TV, which are video distribution services of, conduct PR activities for both Tomitabayashi and FC Osaka, and mobilize FC Osaka players and staff at events hosted by Tomitabayashi Such as holding a soccer classroom[22].

Other,Shijonawate City,Hannan City,KadomaBoth, city sales according to hometownSustainable Development GoalsConcluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement regarding promotion activities.Osaka,Matsubara,Kishiwada,Kashiwara CityIs localCable TVProvision of information to video distribution services via Internet and Internet TV[23] Is being deployed.

2020, So far from Higashiosaka cityHOS Co., Ltd.Higashi Osaka City, including the Hanazono Rugby Field, which was entrusted to (former company name, Higashi Osaka Stadium Co., Ltd.)Hanazono Central ParkOutsource management work to a group of private companies/organizationsDesignated administratorUpon introducing the system, it was applied and adopted as a group "Higashi-Osaka Hanazono Activation Management Community" mainly consisting of FC Osaka. Operating period is from October 2020, 10 to the end of March 1, 2040 and a half years (planned)[24].


League match

年度AffiliationRankingPointsmatchWinMinuteDefeatscoreGoalProfit/lossdirected by
2006Osaka2nd block AJapanese flag
2007Osaka Prefecture Part 1 S2Win18760131823Japanese flag Masami Ogawa
2008Osaka Prefecture3 bit36151203531241Japanese flag Shigeru Morioka
2012Kansai2 partWin3614130152745
2013Kansai Section 1Win3814122038731
20142 bit3114941371522
2015JFL8 bit443013512453510
20165 bit58301848523121Japanese flag Haruo Wada
20174 bit55301677593227
20182 bit57301839543420
20198 bit403010101033321
20208 bit201562724240Japanese flag Shinya Tsukahara

Emperor's cup

  • Participation 5 times (as of 2019)
942014May 71 RoundGold bird star● 0-5Zuegen Kanazawa (J3)619
952015May 81 RoundGold bird star○ 2-1Cerezo Osaka (J2)4,467
2015May 92 RoundGold bird star● 2-3
Ehime FC (J2)1,186
972017May 41 RoundYS Nagai○ 4-1Saga University (Saga)415
2017May 62 RoundNHK Spring● 1-3Yokohama F. Marinos (J1)2,468
982018May 51 RoundGold bird star○ 3-0Tokuyama University (Yamaguchi)369
2018May 62 RoundNHK Spring● 3-4Yokohama F. Marinos (J1)3,096
992019May 51 RoundHigashiomi○ 2-0MIO Biwako Shiga (Shiga)267
2019May 72 RoundYour Star● 1-4Vegalta Sendai (J1)2,617


League match



Lower part/related organization

  • FC Osaka CRAVO --A women's soccer team established in 2013. The 2021 seasonKansai Women's Soccer League Division1Belong to.
  • FC Osaka VIDA-Senior team for people over 50 years old.
  • Soccer Schools-Having a soccer school for high school students from children as a fostering organization. Also has a U-18 team. Separately, it runs an adult (working adult) soccer school.
  • Other-As a training organization, it has a branch called "FC Osaka Brasil" in Brazil.

FC Osaka High School

At FC Osaka, the youths who challenge the concept of "securing time for what they want to do" and "realizing dreams" centered on U-18 players are not only soccer players but also human character formation Of the part-time or communication systemhigh schoolAsKashima Gakuen High School・FC Osaka High SchoolEducational corporation Kashima Gakuen(HeadquartersIbaraki[25]) In cooperation with the central office of Osaka City, where the head office is located, and a practice fieldSakai CityIt is deployed at two Sakai schools.

The students of the school are not only required to practice soccer and to have regular high school graduation qualifications, but also to run sports business centered on soccer, sports management, and future second career. We are also studying to improve the basic skills of working adults[26].

Overseas business alliance club

Home stadium

After joining JFL

Until 2018, Osaka City was the main hometown of Nagai Park.Nagai Stadium(Then Ginkgo Stadium), orNagai Second Athletic Field(Yanmar Field Nagai) was the main product. Officially from 2019Higashi Osaka CityBecomes hometown, but the mainToyonaka City OfHattori Ryokuchi Athletic FieldBecomes

年度Gold bird starYS NagaiYF NagaiJG Sakai S1Hattori RyokuchiExpoMikiKisimi-deraTogenkyoHanazono 2GFlower garden
2020-0008 → 4000007 → 30
Usage Guide
  • Kincho Star-Kincho Stadium (Nagai Stadium)
  • YS Nagai = Yanmar Stadium Nagai (Nagai Athletics Stadium)
  • YF Nagai = Yanmar Field Nagai (Nagai Second Athletic Field)
  • JG Sakai S1 = Sakai City Soccer National Training Center S1 field
  • Hattori Ryokuchi = Toyonaka City Hattori Ryokuchi Athletic Field
  • EXPO = EXPO Commemorative Stadium
  • Miki = Hyogo Prefectural Miki Disaster Prevention Park Athletic Field
  • Kizoiji = Kizoiji Athletic Park Athletic Field
  • Togenkyo = Kinokawa Togenkyo Athletic Park Athletic Field
  • Sonobe = Nantan City Sonobe Park Athletic Field
  • Hanazono 2G = Higashiosaka Hanazono Rugby Field 2nd Ground
  • Hanazono=Hanazono Central Park Multi-purpose Ball Park


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)light bluelight bluelight blue
FP (2nd)whitewhitewhite
GK (1st)绿绿yellow
GK (2nd)pinkpinkpink
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd

Club color

  • - 2008 :   light blue,  黄色
  • 2009-2013:  "Red"
  • 2014 - :  light blue

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestBio bankOM-X2012-2012 shows "BioBank"
clavicleHTB EnergyHTB Energy2020-Written on the left
iCure technologyiCure Eye cure
Acupuncture and moxibustion
2017-Written on the right
2017-2018 pants
2019-2020 sleeves
In 2017, it is written as ``Koizumi Acupuncture and Osteopathic Hospital''
2018 is ``iCure Acupuncture and moxibustion"Notation
Upper backIto Kampo PharmaceuticalIto Kampo Pharmaceutical2018-2018-2019 lower back
Lower backHikari RentaHikari Renta2020-
PantsNo sideNO SIDE!2021-

Uniform supplier

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

年度chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleevePantssupplier
2008Japan CreateBefore banCONNECT---ASICS
2012BioBankDojima PuddingGAViC
2016Tahibo nFDTURKISH
Thank you to the earth
Koizumi Acupuncture Center
2018-Ito Kampo PharmaceuticalSURF BOARDS
Acupuncture and moxibustion
new balance
Japan CreateAzoomiCure
Eye cure
Acupuncture and moxibustion
Tahibo nFD
2020HTB Energy-Ito Kampo PharmaceuticalHikari Renta-
2021iCure Eye cure
Acupuncture and moxibustion


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