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⚽ | Takumi Minamino and Yuya Osako!Japan national team's "foot valley" battle is interesting


Takumi Minamino and Yuya Osako!Japan national team's "foot valley" battle is interesting

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The Japanese national team will play the World Cup Asian second qualifying round against Mongolia at the Fukuda Denshi Arena on the 30th.

The Japanese national team is competing for the first International Match Week this year. JFA close-up video [Team Cam]… → Continue reading


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World Cup Asia XNUMX

Fukuda Electronic Arena

Chiba City Soga Sports Park > Fukuda Electronic Arena

Fukuda Electronic Arena(Fukuda Denshi Arena, English: Fukuda Denshi Arena) IsChibaChibaChuo-ku OfChiba City Soga Sports ParkIt is infootballDedicatedFootball field. The facility is owned by Chiba City and the facility in the parkChiba Marine Stadium"SSP UNITED" consisting of four companies, such as Jeff UnitedDesignated administratorIs managed asThe itemSee).

In ChibaOrdinanceThe above name isChiba City Soga StadiumAlthough it is Chibashisogyu, we will manufacture and sell medical devices from the beginning of business.Fukuda ElectronicsIs a facilityNaming rightsAnd used the name “Fukuda Denshi Arena” (Later). Abbreviation isFukuari.


Kawasaki SteelChiba Works (currentlyJFE SteelEast Japan Works) "Soga Specified Area" set as an idle land caused by the relocation to the offshore landfill area[3] The stadium was built in the Soga Sports Park in Chiba City, and was the first facility to open on October 2005, 10. In addition, JFE Steel's office space, which is the management district of the steel mill, still remains between the commercial district and the residential district (planned site).

After openingJapan Professional Soccer LeagueBelong to (J League)Jeff United Ichihara/Chiba(Jeff) uses it as a home stadium. The capacity is 19,781. originallyChiba The2002 FIFA World CupAccording to市 原 市Yawata district (currentIchihara Surek ParkArea) to plan the construction of a prefectural stadium (Chiba prefectural stadium) that can accommodate about 5 people,Ichihara Ryokuchi Sports Park Seaside StadiumThere was a plan to move from (Ichihara City), but the plan was aborted because Chiba Prefecture was defeated as the World Cup host city. In parallel with this, the construction of a ball stadium by Chiba City was planned, so it started to be used as Jeff's home stadium in combination with the Ichihara Seaside, which was undergoing a refurbishment plan. In conjunction with this, all home games of Jeff's home games are held at this stadium, and since then the scale of renovation of the Ichihara Seaside has been reduced (in effect abandoning the use of his home base), and since then all home games have been held at this stadium. The seaside stadium was not held at the match, but was registered with the J League until 2006 along with Fukuari).

In 2007Good Design Award(Architecture/Environmental Design Category)[4].

After the completion of this stadium, a multi-purpose open space (Fukuda Denshi Square) was built in Soga Sports Park (to the east of the stadium), and it also served as a Jeff's clubhouse and driving range in the adjacent area.United parkHas been maintained.

Equipment outline

The design isAjinomoto StadiumSame asJapanese designIt is due to. Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation (currentlyUrban regeneration mechanism) Ordered,Shimizu Construction,Obayashi team,New Japan Constructionbyjoint ventureConstruction work was done by.

Different from the huge stadiums that were built during the World Cup, the concept is to create a "next-generation" and "community-based" stadium that is easy to see, easy to use, and more compact, which matches the J.League soccer event scale. Is designed[4].


The size of the field is 68 mx 105 m, and an additional 3 m of grass is planted both vertically and horizontally. ThisInternational Football FederationMeets the pitch standards set by. The lawn is Tifton 419 as summer turf and as winter turf.Perennial ryegrassHas been adopted.

There is a minimum distance of 8m (near the corner) and a maximum distance of 15m (center of the back stand) between the stand and the field. This is used as a passage for work vehicles in the event of a disaster.


With a capacity of 18,500 seats and 1,281 standing persons, the total capacity based on the Fire Service Act is 19,781. This includes 80 royal seats, 110 seats for the physically challenged and 84 press seats. Of these, no standing tickets have been sold so far. In Jeff's home game, a buffer zone with away supporters is set for this, and tickets of around 17,000 seats will be sold.

The maximum number of visitors to date is 2010 J2 Section 26 (September 2010, 9)Chiba Derby(Jeff ×Kashiwa Reysol) Of 18,031 people (the number of people who came to the limit of the capacity without a standing seat in the buffer zone came), and the second place in the number of visitors was the 2 season.Gamba OsakaBattle (17,916 people. Home opening game,Fukuari MiracleFirst home game ever. ), the third place is Kashiwa (3) in the same season.

The shape of the stand is a two-layer oval shape. In the outer part of the upper part of the main stand (home (away) corner free seat in Jeff's home game), the attack on the opposite side corner enters the blind spot.

Further, slits are provided to ensure ventilation in the pitch.

Barrier-freeAs a main, back, the first floor stand on both sides, the last row has a total of 1 locationswheelchairA total of 110 seats are reserved. From these seats, it is considered that the viewpoint of the wheelchair user in the wheelchair space to the pitch is secured even if the spectator in the seat in front of the wheelchair space stands up.

For wheelchair users, from the horizon to the stadiumConcourseAn elevator to move to is installed at one side stand concourse on the home side.


The main stand, back stand, home side stand, and away side stand are equipped with cooking booths that can be used for fire, and serve food and drink. There is a stadium restaurant outside the ticket booth.

There are shops selling goods at the main stand, back stand, and both side stand concourses. At the main stand, back stand, and home goal back-selling shop, from the season opening game on March 2008, 3Suica(Suica electronic money)WhenPASMOIs available. Also, on March 3, the same year, we started mutual use of electronic money with Suica.ICOCA(ICOCA electronic money) Is also available[5]. There are 2 toilets, 8 in each stand.


The roof covers almost all the seats except near the front row of stands. Even in the past, soccer-only stadiums with all-seat roofs had problems in raising grass on the pitch due to poor lighting, but in this stadium, the material of the roof of the away side stand, which is on the south side, is transparent. The material is used and consideration is given to lighting. Since it is by the sea, it can be rainy even on a rooftop (especially the main stand because of the wind direction) on a windy day.

At this stadium, rainwater that falls on this roof can be collected. The rainwater collected in this way is used for purposes other than drinking, such as toilets.

Lighting and audiovisual equipment

Lighting is installed on top of the roof of each stand.

At the beginning of the stadium, the adoption of large-scale vision was postponed (only the preparatory work was planned), but after that, due to JFE donation.Mitsubishi ElectricMade ofLEDdisplay"Aurora visionIt was decided to set up (the stand behind the goal on the away side). This includes consideration that the purchase price when Chiba City acquired the land from JFE became a problem. The four monitors in the concourse were donated by Yasuhiro Okuyama (who died before the opening of the stadium) who was one of the members of the Eleven Round-table Conference (see below), and his family.

In Jeff's home game, an LED video device (Aurora Ribbon) is installed in the space of the advertising billboard on the back stand side, and video advertisement is performed.[6].

Role in a disaster/emergency

The stadium receives subsidies from the state for construction because it will be utilized in the event of a disaster. Therefore, the shape of the stand, the space between the stand and the pitch, etc. are restricted due to this.[Source required]

Provided by Fukuda Denshi, which acquired the naming rightAutomatic external defibrillatorMultiple (AED) are installed. This is due to the fact that one or more AEDs for players and spectators must be prepared at the match venue due to the J League game management regulations.

Naming rights

We started considering the introduction of naming rights from the beginning of construction, and started recruiting in 2004. Initially, the conditions presented by Chiba City were initially over 1 million yen per year, and the contract period was 2,000 years. At this time, Chiba City itself sold the naming rights, but the company that actually contracted did not appear, and the naming rights were sold in April 5.DentsuThe company has begun recruiting companies that will undertake over 1 million yen per year for a contract period of 5,000 years.

The deadline for the second call for naming rights was originally the end of June 2005, but it was extended until July, and the search for buyers of naming rights was continued. Of the medical device manufacturer on July 6Fukuda ElectronicsReached a basic agreement on the acquisition of naming rights. The contract contents are 5 million yen to 4 million yen + AED and ticket purchase for 5 and a half years. On August 5th, the name was decided based on the naming rights.Fukuda Electronic ArenaAbbreviatedFukuari, And logo mark were set. After that, the naming rights contract was renewed in 2011 and 2016, and the current contract amount is 3,000 million yen (excluding consumption tax, if Jeff is promoted to J1 it will be increased to 5,000 million yen a year).[7]. In addition, from 2008 to 2015, Fukuda Denshi also acquired the naming right for another facility in the park.

At a Japanese sports stadium,The first case of starting to use the naming right from the beginning of using the facilityIs. Chiba City is "Chiba City Park Ordinance"[8] In the above, the name of the park in which the ballpark is located is “Chiba City Soga Sports Park”, and the name of the ballpark is described as “Soga Ballpark” in the paid park facility item in the park. In addition, the “Chiba City Soga Stadium” has been separately enforced for this facility.[9], In the text, it is simply described as "Soga Stadium." In addition to this, there are descriptions that describe the name used in the ordinance and the name according to the naming right, such as "Chiba City Soga Stadium (Fukuda Denshi Arena)" and "Fukuda Electronic Arena (Chiba City Soga Arena)".[10].

International Football Federation(FIFA)Clean stadium regulationsIf the name applied with the naming right cannot be used due to the regulations of the tournament organizer, etc., the name of "Soga Stadium" will be used. As an exampleEAFF E-1 Soccer Championship 2017Was introduced under the name of "Chiba City Soga Stadium (Fukuda Denshi Arena)"[11].

Various competitions and events

Opening game

Jeff conducted a simulation prior to the stadium opening in 2005May 9ToKashiwa ReysolI had a training match with. This is the first match (but not the official match) played at this stadium (score is Jeff 3-2 Kashiwa.Takeshi Hayashi). The visitors were selected by lottery from among the applicants who were recruited from Jeff's fan club members.

The first official match at this stadium will be J2005 Round 1, 27 (October 2005, 10)Yokohama F. MarinosThe number of visitors in the battle was 17,087. The opening goal isYuki Abe(Jeff, 16 minutes). The score was 2-2.

Home games of Jeff and its infrastructure

During the 2005 season, Jeff played five league games from the opening game to the end of the season. After this, the club had to decide to use it together with the Ichihara Seaside Stadium. No home games will be held (However, assuming that2010Until then, we had registered two locations of Fukuari and Ichihara Seaside as our headquarters, but due to the fact that we have not held the event at Ichihara Seaside after the completion of Fukuari and that the stadium specs of Ichihara do not meet the J2 standard.2011The designation of the headquarters of Ichihara was lifted, and it was unified in Fukuari), and as a result, since October 2005, 10, all home games have been held in Fukuari.

In addition to the home game of the top team at Jeff,Jeff United Ichihara/Chiba LadiesA part of the home game of is held in Fukuari. Also,Jeff United Ichihara/Chiba ReservesIt was also held (suspended in 2011).

Soccer matches other than Jeff

Domestic competition

International competition


Music event

  • 2017- JAPAN JAM.. The venue is the Soga Sports Park in Chiba City, and the area inside Fukuari is used as a rest area.

Directions and Parking



  • From Soga Station West Exit, a free shuttle bus to Harbor City, a shopping center near the stadium, runs every 10 minutes, and there is a "GLOBO Mae" stop near the stadium. However, at the time of holding the game, it is informed that it will pass through the stop before and after that, so that shoppers and spectators are separated.[14].

Cars/motorcycles/road traffic

2006It was not possible to secure a parking lot near the ballpark until now, so the stadium and Keiyo Line are only available on the day of the match.Chiba Minato StationThere was a free shuttle bus running between the two routes. In this case, the method of parking around Minato Chiba Station was adopted. From the middle of 2006, measures were taken to prepare a temporary paid parking lot at the planned stadium redevelopment site,2007The shuttle bus from Minato Chiba Station was abolished. This parking lot is completely reserved and the number of cars is limited, and the use of the parking lot may be limited due to the circumstances of redevelopment work. Jeff, on the other hand, sells annual parking tickets for extra-paid temporary parking provided near the stadium only for season ticket owners (buyers of annual seats) and before the start of the season.[15].. This extra paid parking lot may be sold for each game until the day before the game[16].

  • NearestInterchange
  • Parking Lot
    • First parking lot-1 cars
    • First parking lot-2 cars
    • First parking lot-3 cars
  • Free parking of bicycles/motorcycles on the stadium grounds.

Surrounding facilities


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