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⚽ | Soccer = Maguire dismisses concerns about burnout


Soccer = Maguire dismisses concerns about burnout

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"I have never thought about burnout," Magwire said in an overcrowded schedule.

[Reuters] – England national football team DF Harry Maguire has been in the club and national team this season ... → Continue reading


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syndrome(Shokogun,British: syndrome,syndrome) Is a series of symptoms that occur at the same time. Although the cause is unknown, common pathological conditions (self-objective symptoms,InspectionFindingsimageWhen there are a lot of patients who show such findings), the collection of such symptoms is named and made easy to handle. The original meaning of the syndrome is "simultaneous progress"[1], It is also used as a term that refers to social phenomena such as simultaneous occurrence.



There are no common rules in naming newly recognized syndromes. There are many syndromes that bear the name of the doctor or doctor group that was first announced, and those named like thisEponimCalled. The patient who first presented symptoms[2], The city (Stockholm Syndrome) May take the name. There are some extreme cases where the patient hesitates to name the patient after the doctor hesitates.[3].. In recent years, the name of the syndrome of eponim has been widely used, although it has been changed to a descriptive name based on symptoms and root causes rather than eponim.

"Syndrome" and "-disease"

When the cause is found, its name may be changed, and sometimes it may be combined with other disease names. On the other hand, there are many “syndromes” that have been used routinely for a long time after the cause has been identified, and conversely, there are many diseases of unknown cause that bear the name of “disease”, and in fact there is a clear distinction. Often not. this isHereditaryThis is especially true for the syndrome.

  • An example of a disease called a "syndrome" despite its known cause
  • An example of a disease called "-disease", although the cause is unknown and whether it is a single disease or not
    • Kawasaki disease:Acute febrile illness in children. Cause unknown. While the involvement of infection is suspected due to sporadic epidemics, the degree of symptoms and tendency of laboratory findings vary widely, and it is also suspected that the disease is a single disease.
    • Behcet's disease:Collagen diseaseRelated diseases. specificHLAIt is known that it is often related to, but the cause is unknown.

In the psychiatric field, almost all of the diseases to be treated are diseases that should be called syndromes, so the terms XX disease and XX disease are used instead of the syndromes because of the problem of convenience.

"Syndrome" and "Coalition"

In the field of genetic medicine, the term "syndrome" is customarily used only when the underlying causative gene is known;British: association)” is sometimes called. By definition, Union isSignificantlyShow that a combination of frequent cases causes a collection of symptoms[4].. Until 2005CHARGE syndromeWas most often called the "CHARGE Union", but the major causative gene (CHD7) Was discovered and the name was changed[5].(English editionThe root cause of is not commonly referred to as a "syndrome" because no unified view has been determined[6].

List of syndromes


Ibn Sweener(Awikenna, 980-1037)(English editionIt is said that the idea of ​​syndrome was opened in the diagnosis of a specific disease[7].. The concept of syndrome in medicine was introduced in the 17th centuryThomas SydenhamWas further developed[8].

Other than medical field

In biology “syndrome” is used in various contexts in a more general sense to describe a trait trait of a trait. Example:Pollination syndrome.

Also, from the original meaning of “simultaneous progress”, they occur simultaneously for a certain reason.Social phenomenonIt is also used as a suffix to call a series of (bad) situations like illness. Example:Kessler syndrome,China Syndrome,Fat finger syndrome,Split brain syndrome,RAS syndromeetc.


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