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⚾ | "Eyes are bad" "I only want to hit" Hawk batting average 10% Fans pay attention to the "eye power" of a man

Photo SoftBank Yuya Hasegawa [Photo: Kazuto Fujiura]

"Eyes are bad" "I only feel like hitting" Fans pay attention to the "eyes" of a man with a batting average of 10%

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"Fukuoka Softbank Yuya Hasegawa continues to produce results on behalf of him.

Hawks Hasegawa has 3 hits in 2 at bats in the opening 2 consecutive games with Lotte ■ Softbank 6-5 Lotte (28th, Pa ... → Continue reading


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Fukuoka Softbank Hawks

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Fukuoka Softbank Hawks (Fukuoka Softbank Hawks,English: Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks) IsJapan OfProfessional baseballBaseball team.Pacific LeagueBelongs to. The current director isKimiyasu Kudo, The chairman of the corporationSadaharu OhIs working.

FukuokaTheFranchiseage,Fukuoka CityChuo-kuIt is inFukuoka PayPay DomeTheHeadquarters,KitakyushuKokurakita WardIt is inKitakyushu City StadiumTheSemi-homeIt is said. AlsoSecond army(Western leagueThe home of (affiliation) isChikugoIn TsushimaHAWKS Baseball Park Chikugo(Tamahomu Chikugo) is used.

Baseball history

Nankai era

From 1944 to 1947, including the time when the team name was Kinki Nippon, Great Ring.

Baseball team established

1938March 3Nankai RailwayAs the parent companySouthern Navy(Nankaigun) was formed (the operating company is "Nankai Baseball Co., Ltd."), and in the private railway industry in KansaiHanshin Electric Railway,Hanshin Express Railway (Hankyu)It became the third professional baseball team following. Hanshin's and Hankyu'sKobayashi IchizoIn the NankaiJinkichi TeradaWith the presidentEiichi OharaIt is said that it was decided by the voice of Tsuru Terada, who recommended the establishment to the director.At the time of birth, it is described in "Nankai Hawks Forty Years History" that "I was born with a generosity that did not know the suffering of labor."BasedOsakaSakai City OfSakai Ohama Stadium.

Held on November 3th of the same yearJapan Professional Baseball FederationAlthough membership was approved at the General Assembly, there are several different testimonies about the status of this General Assembly.At that time, the president of the federationRyuji Suzuki"I'm not sure who said it in the old story,"Nagoya goldfish armyIt is said that he gave a dissenting opinion.The dissenting opinion was that since 1937, eight teams had already held a league match, so if the South Navy was allowed to participate, it would be held with nine teams, and one team was resistant to being excluded from the match on the schedule. It is said that it was.On the other handOsaka TigersIt is said that the managing director will not refuse to withdraw if the membership of Nankai is not approved, but there was no such a terrible atmosphere, according to the report of Mr. Noguchi, the secretary who attended the general meeting.In addition, the number of members at that time was small, with 14 members including the manager and players.However, the federation and league teams have decided to enter conditionally.It is thought that the start of the spring league participation was approaching and it was difficult to adjust the schedule, but the main reason is "reinforce the players and take their abilities into consideration in the fall. Participation from the league is allowed, "and the Spring League started as a quasi-member team that could not participate in the league match.Therefore, he will participate from the autumn league match.


On July 1938, 7, the pair of "22nd Yomiuri Championship", the first official game of NankaiLion armyThe battleKorakuen StadiumIt will be held in the starting lineupSeshō RyuHas lost 3 to 3 with 5 runs in the 8rd inning. July 7,Sakai Ohama StadiumIn the "Nankai formation commemorative game" with the Hankyu army, it was canceled in the rain immediately after the first two points in the third inning. The autumn league match will start on August 3, and it will be the first match of the Nankai league official match.Tokyo Giants ArmyThe battle (Korakuen) was held, and the giant scored 3 points first, and then Nankai tied the score, but pitched in relief.Victor StarhinIn addition to being suppressed by, the timely final was also hit and the defeat ended in 3-4. September 9thNagoya goldfish armyHe won the match (Korakuen) 3-2 and won his first official match, but the league match he participated in for the first time ended with 11 wins, 26 losses and 3 minutes, and finished 18th out of 9 teams, 8 games behind the lead.

1939As a baseball stadiumNakamozu StadiumWas completed, but the official game is mainlyHankyu Nishinomiya StadiumHanshin Koshien StadiumIt was done in. I got out of the receptionYoshiyuki IwamotoI just joined the captain after this yearTsuruoka aloneIs inaugurated. Tsuruoka will be the team's first title with 10 home runs from the first yearHome runHowever, he was called for only this year and could not return to the team until the end of the war.The league will be a one-season system throughout the year, and for convenience, it will be a three-season system of spring, summer and autumn, but Nankai lost in spring and summer but won in autumn, 1 games behind the top giant throughout the year. Finish in 3th place.

1940, April 4 vsHankyu ArmyIn the battle, suffer a record-breaking 2 to 32 defeat.He couldn't fill the hole of the main players such as Tsuruoka, and finished 283th out of 45.5 teams with a win rate of .9 and 8 games behind.The number of paying visitors this year was close to 88, the highest before the war.To offTokyo Roku University BaseballFrom HankyuMitsuhiko Ishida,Wing armyからSeiichi KitohWe are embarking on unprecedented reinforcement of players, such as joining[1].

1941,Wing armyNagoya goldfish armyThe merger will result in an eight-team system. The players continue to be called, and the pitchersTakeo KandaTokuji Kawasakiの2人で全試合の8割を投げているという状況だった。春、夏はそれぞれ12勝16敗と負け越すが、秋季は最後まで巨人と首位争いとなり、既に巨人の年間優勝が決まった後であったが、最終戦は1ゲーム差で巨人と戦うが2対3で敗れ、19勝9敗として、通年では初の勝ち越しとなる43勝41敗で4位となる[2].

1942Started in December of the previous yearPacific WarDue to the influence of, the main players continue to be called, and by strengthening the forceValais, SwitzerlandA large number of players from the original team will be enrolled, but will become the mainstay from the following yearAkira Bessho以外は戦力にならなかった(別所はこの年2試合のみ登板)。川崎が病気で欠場となり、その分神田に比重がかかったが、春季は開幕から23試合までは巨人と1勝差ながら首位となり、その後4連敗で首位陥落し、夏季も開幕5連勝の後に12戦で1勝11敗で順位を落とし、首位巨人と26.5ゲーム差の6位に終わる[3].

1943, Kawasaki and others left the team, and Kanda, who supported the team for two years until the previous year, died of illness in July, and the strength of the team continues to decline. Bessho in the second year became a pillar of the pitchers, and on May 2thYamato armyThe first team in the battleNo hit no runAchieved[Note 1]However, in the spring, the team finished in 1.5th place, 6 games behind the bottom Hankyu, and in the summer, the coach was 2 wins and 11 losses.Kisaku KatoHowever, before and after this, he recorded 6 consecutive losses and 4 consecutive losses, and was the lowest with 6 wins and 19 losses. In the fall, it was 2 wins and 1 loss from the opening, and immediately after that it became 11 consecutive losses, and it has not surfaced since then, the worst result in the history of the team[4]With a winning percentage of .185 and 5 wins, 22 losses and 1 draw, it ends up at the bottom, and even after the year, it ends up at the bottom of the 28.5 game behind the top giant. The pitchers are with BesshoFumio MaruyamaIt was in a state of being thrown by two people, but Maruyama was called for this year only[4].

1944, Wartime corporate integration policy (Land Transport Business Coordination Act) By Nankai RailwayKansai Express RailwayMerged with and from June 6st of the same yearKinki Nippon Railway(Kintetsu) and the name of the teamKinki Japanese Army(Kinki Nippongun)[Note 2]Renamed to. Due to the succession of players, it was held with 1943 people in 20 and 1944 people in 14 (a little less than 6 people in total for the 90 teams at that time).[5].

This yearNishitetsu ArmyYamato armyWas disbanded, so it became a 6-team system. In the spring, it ends at the bottom with 3 wins and 12 losses. In the summer, the giant who won the championship for the fifth consecutive year is Starffin, the ace.[Note 3]Kinki Nippon Tourist ranked 3rd at the same rate as the Giants, but it became difficult to hold a league match due to the succession of players from all the teams. The league match is limited to the summer, and the last match for Kinki Nippon is the match against Giants (Koshien) on August 8, with Kinki Nippon winning 27-6.[6].. Autumn is September, instead of league matchJapan Baseball General Advance ChampionshipTokyo tournament (Korakuen) and Osaka tournament (Koshien) will be held, but it will be difficult to form a single team, and Kinki Nippon will participate in a mixed team with Hankyu.[7].. Although the year-round results are the lowest for the second consecutive year,Toshiaki OkamuraHas a batting average of .369Leading batterEarned.

Tsuruoka director era

1946, Professional baseball is resumed by 8 teams and returns to the league. The name of the teamGreat ringRenamed to. Nickname isKinkiso,Kinki Great RingSometimes called (for more informationNickname of the teamSee section. Also, regarding the general nickname aspect of professional baseball at that time,Japanese Baseball League (Professional Baseball) # 1946 baseball team nicknameSee).It was a battle for victory until the final race, and on November 11th, the giantSenatorFirst victory of the team by losing to[Note 4].. In the end, it was one game behind the second-placed giant.

1947On June 6, all the business of the former Nankai Railway was from Kintetsu RailwayNankai Electric RailwayTransferred to, and the parent company of the team also moved to Nankai Electric Railway. Match the team nameNankai Hawks[Note 5]Renamed to. The team scored 59 wins this year, half of which, 30 wins, were due to Bessho, and although the batting line was excellent in mobility, he was also a player-coach.Yamamoto aloneThe shortcomings of the following 21 people are conspicuous, and the day after Bessho wins the top, they often lose to the bottom, and as of May 5, the game was 5 games from the top middle day, but after June, the top Osaka Being separated by, finally ranked 0.5rd out of 6 teams with 19 games behind[9].

1948Demobilized from Siberia to make up for the minority elite of the previous yearSuzuki Yuki,Tadasuke KizukaReinforce such things and face the season.Nobuo NakataniWins 12 consecutive wins from the opening[10].. After winning the Hankyu match (Koshien) on November 11th, he won the championship for the first time in two years, and is behind the second-placed giant by five games.Off, Ace's BesshoYomiuri GiantsThere was an incident that was pulled out. Detail isBessho withdrawal caseSee.1949With a winning percentage of 5%, it ends up in 18.5th place out of 8 teams, 4 games behind the Giants. Off-season2 league divisionPacific LeagueJoin.

After joining the Pacific League


As a new homeOsakaIn the inner centerNambaToOsaka StadiumIs completed and secures its own stadium. On May 5th, he took the lead by two margins, but fell to the top in one day, and everything else from the opening.Orions every dayBecame the leader. The game is behind by 8 games, including 6 games behind in August, and the game is finally behind the game by 10 games, finishing 15nd out of 7 teams.[11].


Since ALL STAR SERIES will be played after the end of the season, it will be discontinued in the middle of the season, leaving 21 games behind, and on September 9, it will be the first victory after joining the Pacific League with a 23 game behind the 2nd place Nishitetsu.First baseTokuharu Iida・ Second baseTsuruoka alone・ Third baseKazuo Kageyama・ AttackTadasuke KizukaOverwhelmed other teams with the infield team called "Million Dollar Infield Team". Although he lacked extra-base hits, he scored the most points in the league and scored the least in the league. I participated for the first timeJapan seriesThen, he will play against the giant, but he couldn't show his strength, such as the infield team ending with 5 stolen bases throughout the series, and he lost 3 consecutive losses from the first match and lost 1 win and 4 losses.[12].


This year, seven teams fought up to 7 games, and after that, the top four teams played in the fourth round. Until June, he ran alone every day, but after June, Nankai recorded five consecutive victories or more four times.[Note 6]By the time he finished 108 games, he was overwhelming the second place and below, but after the battle between the top four teams, he fell into a slump and became a championship battle every day. By winning the final round against Daiei (Osaka), he will win the league two consecutive games by one game behind the second place every day.Japan seriesThen, I will play against the giant as in the previous year, but I will lose with 2 wins and 4 losses[13].


16 wins last yearTakeo HattoriAnd 11 winsTadashi EtoHowever, Yuki also won 1 wins, but he left for two months due to a breakdown, and the pitchers up to the previous year were destroyed, but it was the second year.Taketoshi Ogami19 wins,Shinichi InoueBecomes a pillar of the pitchers with 14 wins.It was a melee battle in which the leaders changed 28 times, but on October 1th, when Nankai had only one match left, Daiei, who was in second place, lost, and he decided to win the league for the third time in a row.Japan seriesThen, he will play against the Giants for 3 consecutive years, but lose with 2 wins, 4 losses and 1 draw.[14].


Takahashi UnionsWith the membership of, it will be an 8-team system.Nishitetsu Lionsがプロ野球新記録の開幕11連勝で飛び出すが、8月から9月にかけて南海は日本プロ野球記録の18連勝、1敗を挟んで8連勝で追い上げ、終盤まで西鉄と優勝争いとなる。西鉄の90勝を上回る91勝を挙げるものの、引き分けの差で西鉄と0.5ゲーム差の2位に終わる[15].


This year, Nankai jumps out with 10 consecutive victories in the opening season, but this year too, it will be a fierce battle for the lead with Nishitetsu changing the lead 25 times. Although he was in 2rd place twice, he beat the other 3 teams except for Hankyu with 10 wins and 10 losses, and after August 6, he won 8 consecutive wins once, 1 consecutive wins twice, and 7 consecutive wins once. Won the match against Nishitetsu (Heiwadai) on October 2th without passing the lead, and decided to win the league title for the first time in two years, 6 games behind the 1nd place Nishitetsu. 8 wins is the highest record in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball. 24th timeJapan seriesIt will be the fourth match against the Giants, but he will be eliminated with 4 wins and 3 losses. It was ridiculed as "Nankai (Nankai), who cannot beat the giant no matter how many times he fights." The second army team was founded in the same yearWestern leagueParticipate in

Tsuruoka, who thought that mobile baseball could not compete with the giant, emphasized the team concept of long hitting power.400 feet strikingHowever, it did not get off to a good start.


In February, the team will conduct the first expedition to Hawaii outside Japan. In the early stages, when he took the lead on April 2, he temporarily fell in the middle of June, but when he returned to the end of June, he did not give up the lead, and as of early September, he had seven games against Nishitetsu, who was in second place. However, he could not win the direct confrontation 4 consecutive battles at Heiwadai from September 15 with 6 losses and 6 draw, and on the 9th of the same month, he surrendered the lead to Nishitetsu and the Nankai returned again the next day, resulting in a fierce battle for the lead. Won 2 wins and 7 losses in 9 consecutive games against Daiei, and Nishitetsu won 22 wins and 4 loss, and Nishitetsu won the championship on October 3. Nankai won from all the teams and scored 1 wins, the same number as Nishitetsu, but finished in second place with a draw of one as in 30. As for the pitchers, no pitcher has reached the league's prescribed number of pitches of 4 innings this year, and 2 wins in the past two years.Takuwa Honji6 wins, 23 wins last yearNakamura TaiseiIt is said that there was no ace that could be called absolute, such as finishing 5 wins, and Iida, Kizuka, Kageyama and others saw a shadow in the batting team, and it was a year that can be said to be a transitional period between old and new.[16].


Takahashi Unions Daiei StarsWill be merged into a 7-team system. This year too, it was a battle for the lead with Nishitetsu, but Nishitetsu escaped with 7 consecutive victories from July to August. Nankai, who presented 8 of the 14 consecutive wins, lost to Nishitetsu with 14 wins and 7 losses, which led to a 7-game behind Nishitetsu and finished in 15nd place. Of the "Rikkyo Three Crows" offNagashima ShigeoTadashi SugiuraHowever, Nagashima, who was sure to join the team from Sugiura at that time, joined the Giants and ended up joining only Sugiura. In addition, in order to rejuvenate the team, Iida is traded with JNR and Kizuka is traded with Kintetsu.[Note 7]Is releasing in[17].


Orions every day Daiei UnionsMerged. From this year onwards, the Pacific League will be a six-team system. With Sugiura becoming the winning pitcher in the opening round, the team made 6 wins and 4 losses in April, and became a solo run from the beginning.All starSugiura scored 20 wins (3 losses) before, 2 games behind Nishitetsu in 11nd place. However, in the second half of the game, Sugiura got sick and ended up with 8 wins and 3 losses, including 7 losses against Nishitetsu in August. NishitetsuKazuhisa Inaoがチーム36勝のうち31勝に関与するなど活躍を見せて南海を追い上げ、8月16日に4ゲーム差、9月末最後の首位攻防戦2連戦直前の時点では6厘差としていた。その首位攻防戦の9月27日の試合は杉浦が先発、途中からリリーフで登板の稲尾との投げ合いで10回引き分けとしたものの、翌日には杉浦が連投で先発したものの1回で降板するなど2対7で敗戦し、首位を西鉄に明け渡す。10月1日に西鉄が優勝し、3年続けて、序盤首位に立った南海を逆転した西鉄の優勝という形となった[18].


この年は大毎との優勝争いとなり、10月4日の後楽園での直接対決に勝ち、4年ぶり7度目のリーグ優勝を決める。月間成績でも優勝が決まった10月を除いてすべて勝ち越し、10敗以上はしない安定した成績で、4月28日に立って以降は8月に10連勝の大毎に首位を奪われた以外はすべて、首位だった。38勝を挙げた杉浦忠をはじめ10勝以上投手が4人出ており、杉浦はMost wins-Best defense rate-Highest win ratePitcherTriple CrownEarned[Note 8],Best playerHas been selected for. In the batterKohei Sugiyama Leading batterEarned.Japan seriesでは、4回の対戦でいずれも敗退した巨人と5度目の対戦となり、杉浦が第2戦以外の3試合で先発、第2戦でもリリーフで登板するなど4連投し、シリーズ史上・球団史上初となるストレート4連勝で1リーグ時代から約11年ぶり3度目、2リーグ制になってから初の日本一達成となった。大阪市内のMidosujiStarted in front of Osaka StadiumparadeWas filled with 20 fans (announced by the police)[19].


In the opening round, Sugiura, who had been free from the previous year, lost for the first time in 56 innings and lost to Hankyu 4-5, losing in the opening round for the first time in 14 years. Continuing from the previous year, it will be a battle for victory with Daigo, but the fact that he lost 8 consecutive games in August made a big impact, and 9 games for Daigo at the top.[20]Ends in second place in the difference[21].


Until then, I had been fighting for lower ranksToei Flyers Shigeru MizuharaAs a director, he made a leap forward and became a leader in the battle with Nankai. The winner is the one who wins three consecutive games between Nankai and Toei from October 10th, and Nankai wins the game at Komazawa on October 11th, deciding the eighth league victory for the first time in two years with three consecutive wins.With the giantJapan seriesThen, in the 2th round, which was greeted by Nankai with 1 wins and 4 loss, Nankai had a 1-point lead in the bottom of the 9th inning with two deaths.Joe StankaAlthough the Nankai side protested fiercely against the decision of the ball to throw after making two strikes, the decision was not overturned, and the loss of goodbye after that divided the light and dark of this series.[22], Loses to the Giants with 2 wins and 4 losses.Katsuya NomuraHas been the Pacific League record for eight consecutive years since this yearHirose UnkoFor 5 consecutive years from this yearStealing kingTo win[23].




夏場まで首位独走、5月5日の時点で2位の東映に8ゲーム差をつけていたが、オールスター直前に6連敗するなど成績が下降。前半戦4位の西鉄が9月を19勝9敗、10月も8連勝するなど追い上げ、南海が10月17日にリーグ全日程を終了した時点で、西鉄が残り4試合を西鉄が2勝以下で南海優勝[Note 9]In that situation, Nishitetsu won the championship four times in a row, and the game was reversed by a maximum of 4 games. Nomura established the most home runs of the year as a right-handed batter at that time.[26][27].


Tokyo Olympics開催の影響で、開幕が3月14日となり、3月を9勝7敗としたものの31日から5連敗で5位に転落。5月までに2位としたものの、直後に7連敗で5位に戻る。前半戦は前年よりYukio NishimotoAlthough Hankyu was in a state of running alone as the director, Nankai, who caught up from around the All-Star, took the lead on August 8. In September, Hankyu was forced to lose 5 hairs in a row with 9 consecutive losses, but Hankyu lost to Tokyo on September 7, so it was the shortest after the division into 3 leagues.[Note 10]Decided to win the 4th league title for the first time in 9 years. It was the first team confrontation between the Kansai areas with the Hanshin Tigers.Japan seriesIs the first to win the Hanshin Tigers, but in the 6th and 7th roundsJoe StankaShutouts in two games in a row, and achieved the fourth time in Japan with 2 wins and 4 losses, counting from the 3st league era. This year, the top hitter and the stealing kingHirose Unko, With a home run kingRBIWas won by Katsuya Nomura, and Nankai monopolized the titles of the main hitting divisions.[28].


19 consecutive victories at the Osaka Stadium, the home base since the opening[Note 11][29]するなど、序盤より連勝を重ね、2連敗を一度した以外は連敗がないまま、7月7日の時点で59試合で50勝9敗というペースで勝ち進み、17連勝も記録した。オールスター以降の勝率は5割を切ったものの、序盤からの独走もあり、2位に12ゲーム差をつけて9月26日に対東映戦ダブルヘッダー(大阪)に連勝し、2年連続10度目のリーグ優勝を決める。 Japan seriesThen from this yearV9Lost to the giant entering the era with 1 win and 4 losses. Tsuruoka resigns as director, but succeedsKazuo KageyamaTsuruoka has returned to coaching because he died suddenly four days after taking office (see details).Nankai Kageyama new director sudden death riotSee). Nomura achieves the first triple crown in the batting category since the two-league system[30].


5月まで26勝12敗で、6月は負け越したものの、以降はすべての月で勝ち越す。西鉄・東映との首位争いとなり、一時5.5ゲーム差をつけていたものの西鉄に追い上げられ、南海が全日程を終了後、4試合4連勝が優勝の条件だった2位の西鉄が10月9日に敗れたことで、南海の3年連続リーグ優勝が決まる[26].Japan seriesThen, I will play against the giant for the second consecutive year, but in the first and third roundsKunio JonouchiDefeated by being suppressed by. In the 4th round, it will be extended 14 timesKent HadriWins a walk-off home run from Jonouchi, but wins four seasons in Round 6Akio Masuda5 hits shutout, 2 wins and 4 losses to lose the series[31].


It has been sluggish from the beginning to 5th place or lower. He won the month for the first time in June, and from July 6th, he won 7 consecutive wins and moved up to 4rd place with a winning percentage of 5%, but immediately after that he lost 5 consecutive games. Although it has maintained 3% since August, it is finally the 5th place behind Hankyu, which is the leader, 8 games, and Toei, which is the 5rd place, by 11 game. It ends in the first B class.In the match against Nishitetsu, it was 3 wins and 1 losses in a one-point difference match, and due to the weak influence, 4 wins and 1944 losses, and the match against HankyuTakao KajimotoWith 8 losses, the loss of 9 wins and 17 losses made a big impact. With the exception of home runs being second in the league, Yoshinori Hirose was out of order, and his batting average and ERA were the lowest in recent years due to an unbalanced throw.[32].


Although Kintetsu was the leader in the early stages, it dropped out by the end of the first half of the war.The second half was a match race between Hankyu and Nankai, and as of October 10th, they were lined up with Hankyu without any game difference.[Note 12].. In the final match against Kintetsu (Nippon Life) on October 7th, which was the 10th consecutive win, the team lost 11 to 4 and Hankyu won, ending in 6nd place, one game behind Hankyu.[33].. Off, Tsuruoka retires as director, successorTokuharu Iida.

Iida, Nomura era


Although the camp was changed from Kure to Kochi from this year, the location conditions are worse than those of Hankyu and Hanshin, which set up camps in the same Kochi.[Note 13]It is said that the camp failed due to heavy rain nationwide this year. 31 wins in the previous yearMutsuo MinagawaHas a complicated fracture of his right index finger in the open game just before the opening. furtherMasanori Murakami-Kiyohiro Miura-Akitada NiiyamaAnd the pitchers were out of order one after another.Katsuya Nomuraも2度の突き指と2度の肉離れで調整不足のまま開幕を迎えた。開幕2連戦を連続してサヨナラ負けで序盤を3勝7敗、その後7勝3敗で5割、3位に浮上したが、6月には15連敗を記録。開幕後もHirose Unko-Don Blazer-Kenji KoikeThe hitting line was sluggish due to a series of injured batters among the main batters, and ended up with 100 home runs, which is the only home run of 85 or less in the Pacific League, and fell to the bottom for the first time in the Pacific League.[34].. Iida resigned from the coach in a year, and Nomura was appointed as a player as a successor. In this year's draftHiromitsu KadotaJoined the group.

Nomura invited Blazer, who had left Nankai the previous year, as a head coach, and NomuraID baseballThe slogan is "Thinking Baseball," which is the origin of. Occurred this yearBlack fog caseThen from the NankaiKimihiro SatoHas been permanently banished for committing an auto race match-fixing[Note 14].


Michio SatoWon 18 wins in relief and performed as expected[Note 15]、打線が好調だったものの、杉浦忠・皆川睦雄・三浦清弘ら投手陣が精彩を欠き、前半戦はなかなか勝てないでいた。7月28日の時点で首位ロッテと8ゲーム差で、大阪球場で3連戦を迎えたが1勝1敗1分で追い上げられず、直後1分を挟む5連敗などもあり、最終的にチームは69勝57敗で首位のロッテと10.5ゲームの2位となる。佐藤はBest defense rateNewcomer KingWin[35].


In April, he was second only to Kintetsu, which was the leader, but after May, when Hankyu of the previous year's B-class took the lead, the team continued to fight for third place with Kintetsu from June. 4nd yearHiromitsu KadotaWill be the first title with 3%, 30 RBIs and 120 RBIsRBIHowever, the team was separated by Kintetsu at the end, and the team finished in 22.5th place, 4 games behind the leader Hankyu.


ToeiObtained by trading fromMengiki EmotoHas 16 wins, the same as his uniform number, since he did not win the previous yearNishioka SanshiroGrowing up to be an ace-class pitcher in the Nankai line.Katsuya Nomura, the key to the team, scored 101 RBIs from ToeiKatsuo OsugiAlso won the 7th Dotting King.Pitcher Michio Sato won his first title with the highest win rate at .750.The team finished in the lead in April and was expected to win the championship for the first time in six years, but after May, when Hankyu took the lead, the battle for second place with Toei and Kintetsu continued until the end.In the end, the game is behind the 4nd place Kintetsu, but the winning percentage is 6 behind, and the 5rd place is 2 games behind the leader Hankyu.


From this year the Pacific LeagueLate period systemIntroduced. Transferred from Giants this year in the previous termShinichi Yamauchiが6月6日にリーグ一番乗りの10勝到達するなど、チームは6月13日に単独首位に立つとそのまま前期優勝。後期は対阪急戦で1分12敗と1勝も出来なかったが、後期はその阪急が優勝し、プレーオフを阪急と戦う。阪急圧倒的有利の声の中、南海が3勝2敗で勝利し、後期の南海の阪急に対する戦いぶりは「死んだ振り」と評された[36].Japan seriesThen I will play against the giant, but I have been eliminated with 1 win and 4 losses[Note 16].. This year was the last league victory in the Nankai era.

off,Nitaku Home FlyersNishimura Akitaka brought up a merger plan for Nankai and Lotte Orions. Nishimura decided to merge the teams in anticipation of the transition to the 1-league system, saying that "the Pacific League has no future", but a sports newspaper in Kansai said that the merger had not been revealed yet. The ball world was tumultuous because it reported the merger of Nankai and Kintetsu ahead of time, but as Nittaku sold itself to Nippon-Ham, the 1-league problem was settled and rumors of the merger with Kintetsu disappeared naturally.




In the doubleheader against Kintetsu on April 4, the first game was lost 20 to 1 without the pitcher's earned run, and the second game wasKambe ToshioHe achieved a no-hitter no-run and lost 1-0, and although his ERA was in the 2 point range, he recorded 15 missteps in 23 games from the beginning, and the defense was disturbed one after another, and even in May, he lost in a row. In the previous term, he finished 5th with 27 wins, 32 losses and 6 draws. In the latter half of the year, the score exceeded the goal in 5 consecutive games on the road in the early stages, but lost with 6 wins and 2 losses, returned to the base and slumped to the bottom with 4 consecutive losses in Hankyu, and although it won in September, the defeat until then Resonating, 3 wins, 9 losses, 30rd place, and 33th place in the year. In particular, the loss to Kintetsu with 2 wins, 3 losses and 5 draws made a big impact. In the second army, he won the Western League for the first time in 6 years. Off, in the South SeaMengiki EmotoAnd HanshinYuka Enatsu4 to 2 trade by[38].


Although the expected Yutaka Enatsu was miscalculated as 6 wins and 12 losses throughout the season, he was the pitcher of League One this year, but the batting team is a new foreigner.Tom RobsonHowever, he suffered a long hit, such as Nomura hitting 10 home runs due to a breakdown, and finished second in both the previous and next seasons. This year, Hankyu, which ranked first in the previous and subsequent periods, was sluggish from the beginning of the latter period,Based on the fact that Hankyu's three consecutive games from August 8 were 22 wins and 3 loss, he won 2 consecutive victories, and during this time Nankai gained momentum with a five-minute record.[39].[Question]


After losing goodbye in the opening game with Hankyu, he took the lead with seven consecutive victories,Shinichi Yamauchi-Fujiwara MitsuruWas caught up by Kintetsu and Hankyu and dropped to 5rd place in May. It is not compatible with Kintetsu, such as 3 consecutive losses (including 7 division) from the beginning, and it was 1 win and 3 losses in the 6 consecutive games with Hankyu from June 3rd, which was 4 games behind, and finally 1 with Hankyu in the previous term. It ends in the second place of the victory difference. In the second half, consecutive losses continued, such as 3 wins, 2 losses and 2 draw from the opening, and when the consecutive losses stopped, 2 athletes suffered diarrhea and abdominal pain, and accidents continued in July. August. Yutaka Enatsu, who is devoted to relief, saved 10 games in a row, and the team's condition improved, but the winning percentage reached 1% in the 20th game in the final stage, as he repeatedly went to the end of the game and lost. He finished in 7rd place in the second half without participating in the competition for the championship, and could not advance to the playoffs (the year-round ranking is 8nd). On September 6, Nomura's relationship with women was seen as a problem and was dismissed due to public-private confusion.[40][Note 17].. Yoshinori Hirose takes over as successor[42].. Also, dissatisfied with this disposition with EnatsuJun KashiwaraLeft the group.

Hirose's era-Nankai trafficking


In the first half, they lost 4 consecutive games in April and May, and in the second half, they lost 5 games in a row in July, both ending at the bottom. The batting line was weakened from the previous year due to the breakdown of Hiromitsu Kadota and Mitsuru Fujiwara, and the pitcher team became a slump after Shinichi Yamauchi of the ace won 7 win and ended up with 7 wins this year, and Michio Sato also won 7 wins and Yutaka Enatsu The hole that was missing was not filled.Yukihiro MurakamiWon the rookie king. The number of spectators has dropped sharply, and the minimum number of 12 teams is 44.


Produced 3 4% batters (Hiromasa Arai,Katahira Shinsaku,Carlos May,Noriyuki Kawano[44].Motoyasu Kinjo TheBest Relief Pitcher,Shinichi Yamauchi12 wins are the only double-digit wins[44].Hiromitsu KadotaDuring the campAchilles tendonWithdrawal due to rupture, ending in 5th place in the season (5th place in the first half, lowest in the second half)[44].


"Docaben"thingNobuyuki KagawaJoined the team, and immediately after the opening, he played a battle for the lead, but from April 4th, he suffered seven consecutive losses and stalled, ending at the bottom. Kadota hit 30 home runs and Mei left .7, but Shin Yamauchi had the most 41 wins and Kaneshiro became the best relief pitcher for the second consecutive year.[44].. Hirose resigns after the season[44].


Blazer, the head coach of the Nomura era, is appointed as the coach. Raised fighting spirit and sinking baseball[44].. Kadota is the first home run king, Shinichi Yamauchi, rookieTakanori Yamauchi,Kazuhiro Yamauchi26 wins in Trio the Yamauchi[44].. Finished 5th in the season (5th in the first half, lowest in the second half)[44].


Trio the Yamauchi got a double-digit victory, Kinjo saved 2 and the pitchers were improved, but Kadota of the main gun often left the battle line due to a breakdown.[44], The striking line repeats the retreat at the opportunity[44], The most hit points of the teamJim Tyrone,Chiaki SadaokaFinished at 48, the bottom of the league. Blazer for heart diseasegoutI got sick and left the group in the same year[44].. The new coach was demonstrating his skills as a second-arm coachYoshio AnabukiWas appointed[44].


Kadota hit five home runs in seven games in the early stages, but on April 7 he was hit by pitch and temporarily withdrew. Kagawa, who came in 5th instead, became the top batting average with a batting average of over 4%, but after the summer, his batting average dropped and he did not reach the regular batting average, but recorded a batting average of .18 and 4 home runs. Kazuhiro Yamauchi won the most with 4 wins, and Kadota won the home base hitting king, but ended up in 313th place due to lack of overall strength.


He temporarily took the lead by keeping 5% until May, but lost 5 consecutive games in June due to a series of breakdowns of the main team. He finished in 6th place just before the All-Star, but ended up in 7th place in August, suffering 4 consecutive losses for the first time in 8 years.[46][44].. There were many injured people in the batting team, and it was the best that Kawano, who turned outfielder, came in 10th place in batting.[44].. on the other hand,Jun Hatakeyama-Shuji Fujimoto-Shinichi KatoThe young pitchers of the team made us feel the growth such as pitching more than 30 games.[44].


Regular third baseman on January 1thKuboji YujiBegins with the shocking event of sudden death at the age of 26 due to acute heart failure. Although it will be 4% in April, it lost 5 consecutive games in both May and June, and in July it was unable to win in a row and was ranked at the bottom. In September, he won a large number of goals in the Pacific League record of 5-6 against Kintetsu on the 6th, but on the 7th, it was announced that Anabuki would be dismissed and Tadashi Sugiura would be appointed as the new coach. In October, he ended up at the bottom with 5 debts, including 8 consecutive losses with a minute in between.[47].


Tadashi Sugiura, the trump card, was entrusted with the reconstruction and was greeted by the director.[44].. Sugiura expressed his determination at the time of his inauguration, saying, "We will strengthen the team that raised me."[44].. Rejuvenation measures promoted by former director Anabuki are accelerating[44].. Sugiura is a rookieYoshiaki NishikawaActively appointed, from the middle gameYuji InoueWas used as a stopper[44].. NishikawaKiyohara Kazuhiro10 wins as expected, the team is at the bottom for the second consecutive year[44].. Giants offFree contractBecameEiji KatoEarned.


Kato and Kadota achieved 2000 hits, and Fujimoto, Yamauchi Kazu, and Yamanouchi Takashi, who emerged with 15 wins, and three double-digit wins, Inoue ranked second with 3 save points.[44]The team returned to 3rd place in the first half, approaching the leader Seibu by 9 games on September 6, but then stalled and was overtaken by Nippon-Ham to finish in 3.5th place. "From next season, it will be on sale between Yugamidani and Tatsunami's fresh two games," he said with the team.Draft meeting of the yearThen at that timePL Gakuen High SchoolWas the captain ofKazuyoshi TachinamiAcquisition and the following yearHiroshi Yugamidani・ I aimed to form a two-game space by a young combination of Tatsunami, but in the end Tatsunami was drawn by lottery.Chunichi DragonsAcquired, and this concept ended in a phantom[48].


This year marks the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the team, but on April 4, he declared that "Hawks will not be sold while my eyes are black."KawakatsudenThe owner dies. The newly appointed owner, Shigeo Yoshimura, has started to sell himself as soon as he took office, such as selling the team.[49],In SeptemberDaieiAnnounced the sale of the team to. It was the final season for the Nankai Hawks. Although he ended up in 5th place this year, Kadota scored 44 home runs and 125 RBIs, the highest record for a player in his 40s.[50]Acquired two crowns, leaving for another yearMVPAlso won,Makoto Sasaki,Tony BanazadeWas active[44].. At the ceremony after the final war of the home game as Nankai, Director Sugiura said, "Mr. NagashimaNot, but the Hawks are immortal. Thank you, I will go (to Fukuoka)! " Kadota refused to go to Kyushu after the seasonOryxTransferred to 1 to 3 trade.

Daiei era

Heiwadai era


XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Sanwa Bank(CurrentMitsubishi UFJ Bank)KIXWith the openingNamba redevelopmentThe Nankai side trying to push the business and sell the unprofitable team, and FukuokaRedevelopmentOwning a baseball team as the centerpiece of the business, aiming to expand the trade area with Kyushu as the core and Asia as wellDaieiOn the condition that Nankai Electric Railway will leave the name of "Hawks", the manager Tadashi Sugiura will remain, and the players, leaders, and team staff will bring all the applicants. Sold to Daiei[51][52].

In addition, Daiei was initiallyKanagawa OfKawasaki StadiumWas based inLotte OrionsWas considered on the premise that the acquisition of the company would be relocated to Fukuoka.He was also the president of DaieiNakauchiInitially the birthplace of Nakauchi with a strong intention ofKobe cityWas built inGreen Stadium KobeI was also considering relocating my base to the Central League, but in KansaiHanshin TigersIs overwhelmingly popular and of the same Pacific LeagueHankyu[Note 18],KintetsuWas struggling to mobilize the audience[52], And the mayor who wants to make Fukuoka the gateway to AsiaKeiichi KuwaharaAnd wanted to re-establish a professional baseball baseFukuoka Youth Conference CenterPersistent approach from and held the following year (1989)Asia Pacific ExpoDaiei's managing director decided that a new business model could be created by using the siteTatsuro SuzukiRyuzo SetoyamaNakauchi officially decided to relocate its headquarters to Fukuoka in May 1988, partly due to the persuasion from[51][53][54].

By the way, it was a Daiei group company and had a chain of supermarkets mainly in Kyushu.UnidoIs reported to be a leading acquisition destination of the Hawks teamFukuoka Uneed Daiei HawksHowever, Uneed was difficult to manage at that time, and it was eventually acquired by Daiei.[51][55].. In addition to Daiei, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (currentlyPanasonic) Is also said to have embarked on an acquisition, but there are many internal dissenting opinions and the acquisition is finally abandoned.

Is basedFukuoka City OfHeiwadai StadiumMoved to, and the team name and company nameFukuoka Daiei HawksIt was changed to. Fukuoka, a new world, once fought fiercely for supremacy with NankaiNishitetsu LionsI was worried that it would be accepted by Fukuoka fans because it was the home of Fukuoka, but the welcome mood was bigger because it was the first local professional team in 10 years. Even so, Daiei continued to stagnate for a while after the move, and there were many vacant seats on the stands, and the percentage of Seibu fans was high in the battle against Seibu at that time.


Although he finished in 4th place, he was in 13nd place with 11 wins, 2 losses and 2 draws against the winning Kintetsu Railway.Orix Bravesに12勝13敗1分、3位の西武に11勝13敗2分と上位球団と互角に戦い、最終的に1位と3位のゲーム差が0.5、勝率が2厘差というパ・リーグ史上最大の混戦を演出する立役者となった。さらに準本拠地(当時)のKitakyushu City StadiumThen it was a total victory in 7 races.1980 eraThen it all ended in B class. The first double-digit 2 wins for pitchersShinichi KatoIs the axis[56], In the fielderMakoto Sasaki-Hiroshi Fujimoto-Kishikawa KatsuyaNew forces such as[56].. In the Seibu match on October 10, he showed a big reversal drama that overturned the difference of 5 points.[56].Yuji InoueIs the team's first title at 27 SP[56].. Sugiura retired from the director this year andKoichi TabuchiBecame a director. He was a colleague during the Tabuchi and Seibu erasMasahiro KurodaIs the head coach,Takuji OhtaIs appointed as a hitting coach. In the draft immediately afterHideo NomoNo. 1 on the outskirtsDaiki MotokiAlso refused to join the group.


Immediately after the opening of the pitcher coachKatsumi NakanishiIs resting. Kazu Yamauchi and Chunichi, who had no winning stars in JuneTadashi SugimotoCloser pitcher with a proven track record in trading and majors with these two playersRich gossageAcquired.Also a giant who had no experience in the armyShoji MotoharaStruggled with 5 wins.TabuchiWillie Up Show, Caused a feud with Bernazard[57], Both foreigners return to Japan or leave the group during the season[58].. It was sluggish with 4 wins and 3 losses in April and 12 wins and 5 losses in May, and was the lowest in four years. Team batting average, home run, score, goal, ERA are all the lowest in the league[59].. Losing to all 5 Pacific League teams, winning percentage .325 losses is the worst record for teams after the 85nd league system[56].. On October 10, Tabuchi announced a list of other teams to submit to the selection meeting, and the teams were careful and imposed a 28% reduction in salary.[60].. In the same year, the off-leaders were renewed and became pitcher coaches.Hiroshi Gondo, Yoshinori Hirose as defensive base coach, hitting coachTakahata YasumaTo the second army directorTakeshi ShibataWas appointed.


Kadota returns for the first time in three years. Gondoh's skill also shinesMurata KatsukiWon 10 wins in the first half and transferred from HanshinIkeda ShinkoAlso turned to a stopper and played an active part[61].. The first half ends in 4th place[61]..Although he was in a position to aim for the upper ranks, the main pitchers Murata and Motohara left halfway due to a breakdown, and Kishikawa, the main gun who was hitting 20 home runs, also stalled and ended up in 5th place.[61](At the end of the entire schedule, Nippon-Ham had five games left against Lotte, and if they won one, they could secure fourth place, but after one draw, they lost four consecutive games and fell to fifth place in the final game. The final round was also the final round where Lotte was based in Kawasaki Stadium). Under Hirose's guidance, the number of stolen bases increased sharply, especially from Hanshin.Ohno HisashiWon the stolen base, and produced three stolen bases with Ohno (42 stolen bases), Sasaki (36 stolen bases), Hiroshi Yugamidani (30 stolen bases) and more than 30 stolen bases. The number of stolen bases of the team was 3, which is the top of both leagues.[62].


From orixBoomer WellsIs transferred. rookieKenichi WakatabeJoined the starting rotation from the opening and won a double-digit victory despite losing.Became the sole leader for the first time in 2 years, but lost 7 consecutive games in late May[59]After that, it was sluggish and ranked 4th. In addition, it is the first time in 15 years to win against Orix with 11 wins and 22 losses. Sasaki wins the top hitter, the stealing king. Director Tabuchi is dismissed[59], Kadota, Takanori Yamauchi, Boomer who won the top scorer this year retired. Relocated from Heiwadai Stadium in 1992. Actively engaged in exchange trading during this period. Sasaki even if it grows upKoichiro Yoshinaga・ The growth of young people such as Murata, and the players who won the trade during this periodYutaro Imai-Makoto Shimada・ Kadota ・Shuzo Arita-Permanent fire protection-Hirohashi-Toshio Shinura-Tadashi Sugimoto-Yoshio MizukamiAlthough the past achievements were sufficient, there were many players who were about to retire and their strength was significantly weakened, and although there were successful cases such as Ikeda, Ohno, and Motohara, their success lasted for only 1-2 years. I didn't.

Fukuoka dome era


OffRikuo NemotoBecame a director. The following spring, it will have Japan's first retractable roofDome StadiumAsFukuoka DomeAt the same time as the completion, the design of the uniform was changed.


In the first season of the dome relocation, the holes through Boomer and Kadota are large, and because the Fukuoka Dome was the largest stadium in Japan at that time, only 60 home runs were hit in 18 home games, and the pitchers However, he fell to the bottom without improving the disaster of the Heiwadai era. This is the 1978th consecutive season of losing from 16 in the Nankai era to this year.JNR SwallowsRecorded for 15 consecutive years (1962 - 1976) Is the worst record for Nippon Professional Baseball. In November of the same year, Sasaki, Murata,Takehiro HashimotoFrom Seibu in a trade withKoji Akiyama-Tomoo Watanabe-Tomoyuki UchiyamaAcquired. Also from this year's draftReverse nomination systemWas introduced,Shuichi Watanabe-Yuki KokuboHas been acquired by reverse nomination.


For the first time after moving to Fukuoka, he participated in the battle for victory. From HanshinFATransferredHiromi Matsunaga, Akiyama who transferred from Seibu, helperKevin ReimerBrian TraxlerIs added, and the existing forceKazu Yamamoto-Hiroshi Fujimoto-Koichiro Yoshinaga-Chihiro HamanaTogether with the heavy hitting line. In the pitchers, Wakatabe and the hole that Murata passed throughToyohiko Yoshida-Go ShimoyanagiHowever, the rookie Hidekazu Watanabe struggled to win the rookie king, but Tomio Watanabe and Uchiyama couldn't live up to their expectations, and the defeat came a long way ahead of them. He finished 2th with a 6-hair difference and missed the A class.The number of wins and losses is 4 wins, 69 losses and 60 minute, during the Nankai era.1977Since then, he has won for the first time in 17 years. Same year off,Draft meetingThen.Komazawa UniversityWas unofficially decided to go on toKenji KijimaIn addition to nominated 1st place, from Seibu in FAHironori Ishige-Kimiyasu KudoHas transferred. Nemoto retired from the director and devoted himself to the team's managing position.Sadaharu OhBecame the director.


In addition to the breakthrough of the team in the previous year, Sadaharu Oh was appointed as the manager, Ishige and Kudo joined, and he is a big foreigner.Kevin MitchellWas expected, such as winning. However, Mitchell was in the opening roundHome runHe returned to Japan without permission after repeating his arrogant attitude. Matsunaga, Kazu Yamamoto, Yoshinaga, Limer, and Ishige, who were active in the previous year, were injured or ill. The pitchers who struggled the previous year were all in trouble and injured one after another, and it was impossible to calculate at all except Kudo. In the second year, Kokubo won the home run king with 2 home runs, but the team finished in 28th place, 26.5 games behind the leader Orix.


It was sluggish from the beginning and fell to the bottom in late April. May 4thNissei StadiumAfter losing the match against Kintetsu Railway in Japan, with 9 wins and 22 losses, the king and players got on board after the match.busAn incident occurred in which a fan hit a raw egg (see details)Later[Note 19].. Transferred from Nippon-Ham during the seasonKazuhiro Takeda15 wins, Hidekazu (Watanabe) in the 3rd year is 3rd in the ERA league, 6th yearMuramatsu AritoWon the stolen base with 58 stolen bases, but Kokubo was marked by the success of the previous year and the batting average dropped significantly, and Akiyama devoted himself to team batting and marked 3% for the first time in a while, but only 9 home runs ended. Kudo also won the title with the most strikes, but the league's most defeat. In the end, it ended up at the bottom of the 22 games behind the leader Orix. In this year, it became B class for 19 consecutive years from the Nankai era, and it is a continuous B class Japanese record recorded by Hiroshima until then.1950から1967Updated for 18 consecutive years.


Made in the previous yearAtlanta OlympicsWas a big success in the Japan National Baseball TeamTadahito Iguchi-Nobuhiko MatsunakaJoined in draft. 3rd yearKenji KijimaWas appointed as a regular catcher from the opening. Jojima, who wore a mask from the end of the previous year and became a regular catcher this yearRegular turn at batReached, hit a 3% double-digit home run, Yoshinaga, who was a regular catcher until then, hit a 2% 3 home run as a designated hitter, and Kokubo won the top scorer, but Iguchi broke down in the open game. The first home run in the first game of the return became a full-base home run and made a brilliant debut, but after that he was baptized by a professional. Matsunaka was also delayed in responding to wooden bats from metal bats, and the pitchers did not become a force, and even if Takeda pitched well, he could not win at all, and there was no pitcher other than Kudo who could calculate. In the end, 29th place with the same rate as Nippon Ham[Note 20], Finished in B class for 20 consecutive years. Kintetsu's record of 4th place or lower since 1950196819 years in a row[Note 21]It became the worst record of Nippon Professional Baseball.


Discovered the previous yearProfessional baseball tax evasion caseKokubo, Hidekazu, who was involved inSaito Mitsugu-Honma Man-Fujii Masao5 players were suspended for 3-8 weeks and could not participate for a while after the opening. In addition, Kokubo was seriously injured shortly after returning and shook the season. Ace Kudo, stopperKatsumichi OkamotoLeaves in the middle of the season. Second year in painHiroshi Shibahara・ Iguchi gets regular. He played an active part in Hiroshima to suspend the participation of the main gun Kokubo and fill in the injuries.Louis LopezIn a hurry. Takeda wins the most,Shuji YoshidaAcquired the most holds, transferred from KintetsuRyuji NishimuraAlso kept the rotation and won 5 wins for the first time in 10 years.Comeback awardAcquired. resultOrix Blue WaveThe record of the continuous B class that had continued since the Nankai era stopped in 3 years (it ended with 20 consecutive losses, but later Orix also lost to the doubleheader with Seibu and closed with the same rate. Both have a win rate of .5, but Daiei has 500 wins, Orix has 67 wins, and Daiei has more wins). However, the ranking of the previous year was 66nd in Orix, while Daiei was 2th in the same ratio, so the next1999Could not get the right to open the base of.

This year, there was a suspicion that "the team staff gave money to a part-time student and let the players know the sign of the opponent's catcher with the movement of the cheering bat."West Japan NewspaperIt was raised by the report of. The suspicious playerKoichiro Yoshinaga-Noriyoshi Omichi-Yanagita SaintSo, it became a problem because it was widely reported with a photo, but the front desk strongly denied this.After that, an investigation was conducted by the Pacific League Special Investigation Committee, but no evidence was given, and it remains unclear whether it actually existed.In addition, it was reported that the espionage was carried out at the base (Fukuoka Dome), but when the batting average of the three suspected players was compared with other stadiums, the batting average at the base was slightly higher for the two players, but the rest One player had a lower batting average at home.


Takeda transferred to Chunichi in FA off the previous year, but this year he was appointed as a pitcher coach.Takao ObanaDemonstrate his skill. Takeda and Nishimura's hole that left for the second yearTomohiro Nagai-Junji HoshinoWas selected and both marked 10 wins, also in the second yearTakayuki ShinoharaWon the title with the highest win rate with 14 wins and 1 loss while he was a middle pitcher. FujiiBest relay pitcher, Kudo won the best ERA, the most strikes, and the season MVP. Wakatabe escapes from the slump and wins 5 for the first time in 10 years. As a result, with the pitching power that has been said to be an issue for many yearsFirst league victory after moving to FukuokaAchieved. At this time, the total score fell below the total goal until just before the end of the season, and it was talked about whether it was the first rare event in history, but in the end the total score exceeded (total score 563, total goal 553). 12 wins by goodbye was the most in 12 teams[59].. FurtherJapan seriesThen.Chunichi DragonsWith 4 wins and 1 loss,JapanBecame[Note 22].. Akiyama series with two home runs and fine playMVPIn 1991 during the Seibu era, he became the first Japan Series MVP winner in two teams in history.


Ace Kudo leaves in FA, Fujii withdraws due to lung cancer[Note 23]However, contrary to the previous year, the batting team pulled the team and achieved the second consecutive league title.Japan seriesThen, in the battle with the giant led by Shigeo Nagashima, it became a hot topic as "ON confrontation".He won two consecutive victories at the enemy's base from the opening, but then lost four consecutive losses.In addition, the team's most wins in the same year were 2 wins by Wakatabe and Nagai in the starting lineup.On the other hand, Yoshida and Shinohara have won 4 in relief, and it is the first time in history that the highest win rate in the regular season and participation in the Japan Series with 9 double-digit winning pitchers.

In this year's Japan Series, there was no moving day between the 2nd and 3rd rounds, and between the 5th and 6th rounds, and it was said that there were 3 days between the 3rd and 2th rounds up to the 4rd round and the 4th to 1997th rounds. It was an irregular schedule.This is because in 2000, Fukuoka Dome rented out the four days from October 10th to October 24th, which was scheduled for the 10 Japan Series, without the permission of the team to hold the event. A problem was discovered in the fall of 27, and a request for a schedule change, etc. became impossible, and although we sought to change the stadium, etc. Therefore, it became such an irregular schedule.In addition, this problem is responsible for the team's failure to secure the stadium.NPBImposed a sanction of 3,000 million yen on the team.


He fought for the championship with Kintetsu and Seibu until the end of the game, but ended up in second place with a 2.5 game behind Kintetsu and missed the third straight victory. Although Kintetsu won the championship this year with 2 wins and 3 losses, it was a big win.Seibu DomeChiba Marine Stadium&Miyagi StadiumThe cause of the loss was 3 wins and 11 losses, which was weak as a visitor. Four players with 30 home runs or more will appear this year (first in the Pacific League)Die hard battingThe hitting line called "Kokubo 44, Matsunaka 36, ​​Jojima 31 and Iguchi 30 hits 203 home runs for the whole team).


May 5th and May 14th,Taiwan OfTaipei Municipal Tianmu Baseball StadiumSo, the first official game of Nippon Professional Baseball after the war was held in Taiwan (against Orix. The game is 1 win and 1 loss, detailsLater). However, after that, the team stalled, as the regular catcher Jojima left due to an injury. It ends in 16.5nd place with 2 games behind the leader Seibu and the same rate as Kintetsu. Akiyama retired from active duty this year. Wakatabe, who was the winner, transferred to Yokohama by FA.


Kokubo suffered a serious injury to his knee in the open game and shook the season, but entered third base as a substitute.Munenori KawasakiIs active. He also won the Central League with 1982 wins and 21 losses, which had been defeated for 16 consecutive years since 12 until the previous year, and won the league championship for the first time in three years. With HanshinJapan seriesWith 4 wins and 3 losses[Note 24], 4th time in 6 years[Note 25]Achieved the best in Japan[63].. The batting average of the team is .297, which is a new record in Japan. Obtained RBI / RBI King, Shiroshima 3 RBI / Season MVP,Pedro Valdes104 RBIs), this "100 RBI quartetWas active mainly in "(DetailsDie hard battingSee). The pitchers became the opening pitchers with four wins the previous yearKazumi SaitoWon 20 wins, became the first 18-win pitcher in 20 years in the Pacific League, and 14 wins despite being a newcomer.Newcomer KingBecameTakeshi Wada, Also rookieAragaki Nagisa, 2th yearToshiya Sugiuchi3 people "Matsuzaka generation"Pitcher, andHayato TeraharaThere was an activity of the starting pitchers who were completely renewed from the previous year.However, Kokubo became a giant on November 11 immediately after the championship parade.Free tradeIt is announced that it will be done (Kokubo case), Protests flooded not only from many fans but also from players and related parties.


Although the starting pitchers are upset and injured, the batting line is still alive this year. Matsunaka hitsTriple CrownEarnedMVPBecame. 28 year old rookieKoji MisePlays an active role as a closer pitcherBest Relief PitcherAnd was elected the rookie king.Best nineThere were also 4 people. Finished the regular season in 1st place, but was newly introduced from this yearplay offLost to Seibu with 2 wins and 2 losses in the second stage and missed the league title[Note 26].. In October, Akiyama returned to the team as a second-team coach.

On October 10, Daiei, which had been rebuilding its business, abandoned its voluntary rebuilding.Industrial Revitalization OrganizationThe sale of the baseball team will be concentrated because the organization side said that it will not become a state-owned Hawks. On the other hand, it originated from the merger problem of Orix and Kintetsu.Professional baseball reorganization problemIn connection with the above, there was a proposal to merge Lotte and Daiei to launch "Fukuoka Lotte Hawks". The number of spectators is sluggishChibaThe Marines side, which suffers from financial difficulties, and the Hawks side, who suffers from the management difficulties of the parent company, are aiming for a foothold in South Korea, which is geographically close, and Lotte, who also has a professional baseball team in South Korea, was very attracted. Due to the speculation, the theory of merger with Lotte was also strongly rumored.But finally on November 11th,Major IT company OfSoftbankOfficially announced that it will acquire the baseball team for a total of 200 billion yen, and on the same day, NPB (Japan Professional Baseball Organization), The membership application (baseball team transfer) was approved by the professional baseball owners' meeting on December 12, and Daiei's baseball stock (ownership ratio 24%, remaining 1%) on January 28, the following year.Nakauchi TadashiThe problem was settled when Softbank took over (which Daiei owners continue to own) for 50 billion yen.

At the same time with SoftbankHawks TownHas signed a 20-year contract to use Fukuoka Dome, including the transfer of business. The one-year stadium usage fee will be 1 billion yen. Also on the same dateColony capitalIt was agreed to conclude a business transfer agreement to acquire the entertainment rights owned by Hawks Town, which is under its umbrella, for 150 billion yen. On the same day, Softbank is the name of the new teamFukuoka Softbank HawksAnd announced the team logo mark.In addition, it should be noted.Next sectionRegarding the mascots and cheering songs of the teams posted in, we announced that we will keep the changes from the Daiei era to the minimum necessary and inherit them as they are.

As of 2021, the active Japanese players of NPB who have experience of belonging to Fukuoka Daiei Hawks areTakeshi Akashi[Note 27]-Takeshi Wada(Both are Softbank).

Softbank era

King era


On January 1, Softbank acquired the shares of Daiei's baseball team and the box office rights, and signed a contract to use the Fukuoka Dome, which started "Fukuoka Softbank Hawks" in both name and reality.In addition, Wang is the director and vice president of the team.General managerIt was also announced that he would take office.

The new team mark is a combination of English "S (SoftBank)" and "h (Hawks)", and the two yellow lines inserted in the team logo are from SoftBank.CIArranged logo (originallyKaitentai OfFlag sign(Things taken from).

In terms of force, IguchiMajor League OfChicago White SoxTransferred to, but declared FA from KintetsuNaoyuki OmuraAcquired. In addition, a total of 214 home runs in the major leaguesTony BatistaFor a total of 2 million dollars (about 1,500 billion yen) for two years,Seattle MarinersWas playing inHolbert CabreraWith an annual salary of 2 million yen.

On January 1th, a fan exchange event "The First Reception 30" was held at Fukuoka Yahoo! JAPAN Dome, and new uniforms, new cheering songs, and 2005 slogans were announced.The cheering song was taken over as it was, with only some revisions to the lyrics ("Daiei" was changed to "Softbank").

The Korean match against Lotte scheduled for March 3, June 9 and June 6 will be held in South Korea.SeoulI couldn't play the matchKorean professional baseballIt was decided that it would not be profitable due to the sluggish popularity of the company, so it was canceled. Since these two games were sponsored by Lotte,Chiba Marine StadiumIt was held as an alternative.

Lotte takes the lead immediately after the opening,Sep-pa Exchange BattleAfter taking the lead with 15 consecutive victories from the final stage and 12 consecutive victories at the home base Yahoo Dome, after that he did not give up the lead and recorded 89 wins, which is the most for Hawks during the King's coaching era, and became the first place. However, the game behind the 1nd place is 2, which is the same as the previous year.play offThe condition for gaining the advantage of 1 win is not reached, "5 games behind"[64], Jojima's injury withdrawal, Matsunaka's slump echoed to the end, and he lost 2 wins and 3 losses in the playoffs. Jojima is offSeattle MarinersTransferred to FA.


The exchange game was 20th with 16 wins and 5 losses. On July 7, Wang held a press conference after the war against Seibu in Yahoo Dome, announced that he would be resting for stomach surgery, and left the team from the next day until the off-season.Acting directorKoji MoriwakiThe chief coach served. Leading the seasonHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersAnd 5.5 games behind the 3rd place.play offIn the first stage, he played against Seibu with 1 wins and 2 loss, but in the second stage, he played against Nippon-Ham and lost two games in a row. Yakult became a free contractRick GatomsonAcquired. Kokubo returns from the giant by transferring to FA. By trading with TeraharaYokohama Bay StarsからHitoshi TamuraWas won.


Although it was listed as the most promising candidate for the championship due to the large-scale reinforcement off the previous year, Kawasaki, Saito, Omura,Aragaki Nagisa・ Injured people continued to appear among the main players such as Kokubo. Both the team batting average and the team ERA were No. 1 in the league, but they could not ride the wave throughout the season and ended up in 6rd place, 3 games behind the leader Nippon-Ham. Tamura, Matsunaka, and Kokubo are expected to be called "TMK cannons," but the total of the three hits was 3 home runs.Climax seriesIn the first stage, he lost to Lotte with 1 win and 1 losses, and was eliminated from the postseason for the fourth consecutive year.


In the Interleague Play, 15 wins and 9 losses were lined up with Hanshin in terms of winning percentage and number of wins, but due to the rule that the ranking is decided by the previous year's ranking (9th = Softbank, 10th = Hanshin) of the exchange game, Softbank's first victory decided. In the latter half of the season, the slump in the batting line became conspicuous due to the effects of the injured pitchers and Kawasaki, and as of September 9, he was in second place, but in September he lost 1 wins and 2 losses. The team had the intention of making the king a lifelong coach, but on September 9, the same year, he announced that he would retire from the 5 season due to poor physical condition. In the final match of the league on October 18, he lost to Rakuten in a direct confrontation with Rakuten, who was at the bottom of the league, at Ksta Miyagi, losing goodbye. In the end, it was 9 wins, 23 losses and 2008 draws, the lowest in 10 years. The team's ERA deteriorated by more than one point, and the pitcher coach'sTadashi SugimotoWas dismissed. The second army decided to win the Western League for the first time in 24 yearsFarm Japan ChampionshipThen he defeated Yakult and became the first in Japan. The successor to the king is Koji Akiyama, the chief coach. The king was promoted from vice president to chairman and remained in the team.

Akiyama era


交流戦序盤の6連勝などで、6月16日に2年連続での交流戦優勝を決め、6月20日に横浜に勝ち、初の交流戦全球団勝ち越しての優勝を達成した。7月には一時首位に立つが、後半になると6カード連続負け越しを喫し、10月2日には対パ・リーグ戦での負け越しが確定し、シーズン3位となった。Climax seriesLost to Rakuten with 1 wins and 0 losses in the first stage.Tadashi TsutsuzuWon the rookie king.


Settsu,Brian Falkenborg,Takahiro Ubara,Keisuke Katouof"SBM48"Yoshihiko MorifukuRelief pitchers such as, etc. played an active part and recorded a relief defense rate of 12 (only 2.84 points), which is the top of the 2 teams. The middle pitchers supported the starting pitchers who were sluggish except for Sugiuchi and Wada. The number of team strikeouts, 2005, which was recorded by Hanshin in 1208, was updated with 1244. On September 9, Seibu, the Magic target team, lost to Nippon-Ham, so the victory was decided. But,Climax seriesThen batting average 1% 6 minutes 9 厘 0 home runs and batting team do not shake[65], Lost to 3rd place Lotte with 4 wins and 3 losses in the final stage. Unlike the playoffs up to 2006, the climax series won the team with the highest winning percentage in the official game regardless of the result, so it became Softbank for the first time in seven years and became the first league champion, but continued in 7 and 2004. , I missed the advance to the Japan Series. This is the first time that the league-winning team has missed the Japan Series, and the second in both leagues after the 2005 Giants. Tsuyoshi Wada won the MVP. Off from Yokohama by FAUchikawa Seiichi, From SeibuToru HosokawaIn addition to winning, it became a free contract from OrixAlex CabreraWon. In addition, all the players who have experience of belonging to Nankai Hawks have retired because Omichi, who was a giant and continued to be active, retired this year.


After the start of the interleague game, he took the lead and won the interleague game with a record 18 wins, 4 losses and 1 draw, and Uchikawa won the interleague game MVP. Magic number 9 lights up on September 17, and the league championship for the second consecutive year will be decided in the Seibu match on October 17. With 10 wins, 1 losses and 2 minutes, the official game was over with a 88 game behind the 46nd place Nippon-Ham. We won all 10 teams for the first time in history, and never lost in monthly results[66].. Uchikawa won the MVP / top hitter (second in both leagues).Climax seriesIn the final stage, he won 3 consecutive wins against Seibu and scored 4-0, making him his first appearance in the Japan Series for the seventh time since the current playoff system began in 2004. With ChunichiJapan seriesThen, until the 6th round, they lost each other at home and won as a visitor, resulting in 3 wins and 3 losses, but they won the 7th round 3-0 and became the best in Japan for the first time in 8 years. Held in TaiwanAsia seriesThen in KoreaSamsung LionsLost in the final. OffHoultonToshiya Sugiuchi transferred to Giants, WadaMajor League-Baltimore OriolesKawasaki transferred to the Major League Baseball Seattle Mariners. Meanwhile, Seibu'sKazuyuki HoashiHas been acquired in FA.


XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Softbank HeadquartersIs the Fukuoka DomeSingapore Government Investment Corporation(GIC) reports that it will be acquired for 870 billion yen[67]..If you win the opening match against Orix (Fukuoka Dome) on March 3th 30-3[68], Takes the lead with 10 wins and 8 losses in 2 games. May 5thBrad PennyWithdraws from the pitch in one game due to a right shoulder injury[69].. In the interleague game, it was sluggish with 8 consecutive losses and ended in 8th place with 13 wins, 3 losses and 11/16. In the first half of the game, with debt for the first time in XNUMX years[70], Turn back in 3rd place. In the second half of the game, on August 8nd, 22 consecutive wins will be 7 games behind the leader Nippon-Ham.[71]..At one point, it retreated to 4th place, but at the end of the game, Rakuten and Lotte competed for the climax series, and Rakuten lost to Seibu on October 10, so Softbank decided to advance to the climax series.[72].. In the end, 67 wins and 65 losses, the third place behind the leader by 6.5 games. The team's ERA was the highest in the league for the second consecutive year, but the batting average was sluggish with 3th place in the score and the lowest batting average in the scoring position.Climax seriesIn the first stage, he will play against Seibu and win with 2 wins and 1 loss.[73], Played against Nippon-Ham in the following final stage and lost in 3 consecutive losses[74].. The second army has won the Western League for the first time in four years[75].. Hiroki Kokubo retires from active duty[76].. Tadashi SettsuBest pitcher・ Most winning pitcher ・Sawamura Eiji Prize, Seiichi UchikawaMost hitsAcquired. 8 winsShota TakedaReceived a special award (excellent newcomer award). In this year's draftAdai OfHigashihama GiantNominated 1st place, won after competition with Seibu / DeNA[77].. OffHayato TeraharaReturned for the first time in 7 years[78], As human compensationTakahiro UbaraTransferred to Orix[79].. MLB ・YankeesBecame a free contractRyota IgarashiWin[80].. Hitoshi Tamura,Teruaki Yoshikawa,Yasushi KamiuchiFrom DeNA in a trade withYuki Yoshimura,Shintaro Ejiri,Shogo YamamotoEarned[81].


Although it is said to be the top candidate for the championship due to its full strength, foreign players do not shake all over the throw[82], Suffering from a shortage of starting pitchers[83]Such a difficult fight. Achieved the 2th Interleague Play victory for the first time in 4 years[84]However, after the end of the interleague game, the slump continued, such as not being able to win other than the game in which Settsu pitched.[85], Fall to the bottom on July 7th[86].. At Seibu DomeSeibuOn August 3th, when he won the same card three times in a row, he overtook Seibu and moved up to 8rd place.[87]After that, I maintained A class, when I won on September 9thLotte2nd place emerged[82], 4 games behind the 5th place Seibu[88]Despite this, the remaining 19 games after the following 14th, 5 wins and 9 losses, slurping back[82]On October 10rd, when they lost in a row at the Seibu Dome in the final stage, they were reversed by Seibu, who had a good record of 3 wins and 10 losses in the last 8 games, and fell to 2th place with no game difference.[88]On the 5th of the same month, he won the final match against Nippon-Ham Fighters and stopped the losing streak with 3, but after this match Seibu won the match against Rakuten, and Softbank's 4th place was confirmed.Climax seriesThere is no possibility of advancement[82].. Hasegawa was the Hawks outfielder in 1955.Tokuharu IidaSince then, he has participated in all games full innings for the first time in 58 seasons, and has been active in winning the title of the top hitter and the most hits with 3 hits in the season of the third place in the Pacific League history.[89], The team's total score 660, total goal 562, goal difference 98, while leaving the league's top class results[82]For the first time in five years since 2008, the final year of Wang's era, it became the first B-class since Akiyama took command.[82].. In addition, the second army has decided the championship for the second consecutive year and the best in Japan for the first time in five years[90].. In the middle of the seasonKazumi SaitoAbandoned returning to active duty and left the group[91].. Embark on a large-scale reinforcement off, with FAShinya TsuruokaKenichi NakataWin[92].. From MLB / AthleticsHideki OkajimaIs back[93].. I left another teamJason Stanridge(Return for the first time in 6 years),Dennis Safate[94],Brian wolf[95],Lee Dae-ho[96]Won. on the other hand,Brian FalkenborgTo Rakuten[97],Yamazaki Katsumi[98]Willie Mo Pena[99]Transferred to Orix.


In the final round, which was the first in the interleague game, he lost the direct confrontation with the second-placed giant and ended up in second place.[100].. Won the Seibu match (Yafuokudome) on September 9th 6-6, the first of 2 teamsClimax seriesI decided to advance[101]After that, there was a fierce battle for victory with Orix until the end, and at one point Orix, who was in second place due to the number of games remaining, was lit up with a magic number to win, and on the contrary, Softbank was the last with 2 win and 9 losses from September 17th. The magic number did not light up until, and in the direct confrontation with Orix at the final round of the season, Yahoo!Nobuhiro MatsudaAchieved the 3th league victory in total for the first time in three years by hitting a walk-off home run. It is the first time in 18 years since Yakult in 1992 that the magic number did not light up and won the championship.[102]So, the decision to win the final round of the seasonNPBFor the eighth time in history, the victory decision by winning the goodbye in the final round was the first in NPB history.[103].. In addition, the number of spectators in the season was 246, and the team record since 8442, which was announced close to the real number, was updated.[104].. Of the director on October 10thKoji AkiyamaAnnounced the retirement of director for this season only[105].. The CS final stage (Yafuokudome) with Nippon-Ham won with 1 wins and 4 losses, including 3 win of Advantage, for the first time in 3 years.Japan seriesAdvance[106], In the Japan Series with Hanshin, became the best in Japan for the first time in 4 years with 1 wins and 3 loss[107].. November 11st, the next directorKimiyasu KudoWas announced to take office[108][109]. OffNew York MetsからDaisuke MatsuzakaIs transferred.

Kudo director era


Finished in 4rd place in April, but on May 3th, he overtook Nippon-Ham, which had been the leader until then, to take the lead.[110].. The interleague game ended with 12 wins and 6 losses, 0.5 games behind the leader Nippon-Ham, but with the loss of Nippon-Ham in the Hanshin-Nippon-Ham fight on June 2, Softbank's highest win rate for the interleague game was confirmed.[111].. Team batting average 287, team home run 23, 90 points are all 12 teams top[112].. The first half of the game will end with a 2 game behind the 3.5nd place Nippon-Ham. By winning the match against Nippon-Ham Fighters on August 8, Magic 5 lights up. It became the fastest lighting after moving to Fukuoka[113].. On September 9, he won the match against Rakuten 6-5 and was confirmed to be within 3rd place, deciding to advance to the climax series with the first rider in both leagues.[114].. On September 9, he won the Seibu match against Seibu 17-5 at his home base and decided to win the league title fastest in the Pacific League.[115].. This is the 2th consecutive league championship for the second consecutive year, and the fifth consecutive league championship since 19/2010. Achieved a total of 2011 wins for the fifth team in history, including the Nankai / Daiei era, by winning the match against Lotte on September 5.[116].. Won the match against Rakuten on October 10th and achieved 4 wins in the season[117].. 90 wins in the season is the first time in 1956 years since the team won 96 wins (52 losses and 6 draws) in 59 during the Nankai era.[118].. In the end, he won the league championship with a big difference of 2 games over 12nd place Nippon-Ham.Climax seriesIn the final stage, we will play against Lotte, the winner of the first stage. If you take the initiative with Uchikawa's goodbye hit in the first match,Lee Dae-hoExploded with two home runs during the period, and decided to advance to the Japan Series for the second consecutive year with 2 wins and 4 losses (including 0 win of advantage) and straight wins with the momentum of the season.[119].Tokyo Yakult SwallowsPlayed againstJapan seriesThen, with 4 wins and 1 loss, he achieved the 2th best in Japan for 7 consecutive years. The Japan Series championship was the first in the 21st century and the first in the history of the team.[120].Yuki YanagitaBatting average .363, 34 home runs, 32 stolen bases, at the same time as winning the title of the top hitterTriple threeAchieved (3% 30 stolen bases),Pacific League MVPWas also elected[121].. In the draftJumpei TakahashiAcquired after 3 team competition[122].. In addition, Wada returns from MLB / Cubs[123].. Meanwhile, Lee Dae-Ho goes to MLB Mariners[124], Stanridge transfer to Lotte respectively[125].. And Matsunaka leaves the team with a view to continuing to be active in NPB and other baseball teams.[126]Retired from active duty because the winning team did not appear[127].


From March of this year, the headquarters of the second armyFukuoka City Ganosu Recreation Center Baseball FieldからHAWKS Baseball Park ChikugoMoved to[128].

Lee Dae-Ho passed away and did not reinforce new foreign fielders, and although it became a purely domestic batting line from the opening, as in the previous year, the first half of the game steadily jumped to the top, and even in the interleague game it became the highest winning team for the second consecutive year. There was even the possibility of the first ever magic lighting in June.However, Nippon-Ham's angry waves were caught up by a maximum of 2 games behind the middle stage, and during that time, the main players were out of order and slumped.In particular, the number of relief pitchers' breakdowns and poor performance was serious, and although they recorded the top of the 6 starting pitcher wins this year, there was no win other than May in the relief wins and losses, and the relief wins and losses in the monthly results of August in the second half of the game. Recorded 11.5 wins and 12 losses.As a result, it continued to stall, and at the end of August, Nippon-Ham took the lead.From there, he entered into a fierce battle for the lead with Nippon-Ham, but lost in a row against Nippon-Ham on September 5st and 8nd.[129].. Nippon-Ham decided to win on September 9th, confirming second place in the league[130].

In the climax series, he played against Lotte, who was third in the league. He won the straight with two consecutive victories and decided to advance to the final stage for the first time in seven years since Rakuten in 3 as the second place in the league. Although he played against Nippon-Ham, who won the league in the final stage, he lost to Nippon-Ham with 2 wins and 2 losses. He did not participate in the Japan Series for the third consecutive year.

Wada, who was in his first year returning to Japan, won the most with 1 wins.


I left Lotte on February 2th, before the opening.Alfredo DespineAcquired. Also, on March 3st, the opening day,Chicago CubsKawasaki, who had been a free contract, returned. In the interleague game, it became the highest winning rate at the same rate as Hiroshima, and because it beat Hiroshima, it became the highest winning rate team for the third consecutive year.[131].. In the official game, he won 5-18 in May and moved up from 7th to 4nd. Leads on 2th July but falls to 7nd on 7th[132].. In early August, after repeating the exchange of first and second place with Rakuten several times, he won the match against Orix on August 8, the fastest 2th win in both leagues and the 8th win in total since the establishment of the Softbank team. Ascended to the top with listing[133]After that, he ran alone in the lead and won the battle against Seibu on September 9th, deciding to win the fastest league title in the history of the Pacific League.[134].. In addition, he achieved the minimum tie record of 1 team missteps in one season.[135].. This is the record since Seibu listed it in 1991, and at that time the number of games in the season was 130.[136], It became a record under the condition that the number of games is large since 1991.

In the climax series, he played against Rakuten, who ranked 3rd in the league. After losing two games in a row, he won three games in a row and decided to advance to the Japan Series with four wins and two losses, including one advantage.In the Japan Series, he won his first match against DeNA, winning three consecutive games and deciding the check first, but then suffered two consecutive losses.

Sarfate scored 54 saves, a new record for Nippon Professional Baseball, and became the most-save pitcher for the third consecutive year.Positive power awardIn addition to being elected toHigashihama GiantWon 16 winsKikuchi YuseiIn addition to Higashihama, the most wins with the same number as (Seibu)Chiga UniversityAnd Van den Hurk also achieved double-digit wins (2 wins each),Sho IwasakiRaised 46 hold pointsBest relay pitcher, Despaigne became the double crown of home run king and RBI king with 35 home runs and 103 RBIs.


New foreigners during the February campJulis Bell GlacierJoined the group.Before the openingHiroaki Takaya arthritisWithdraw with, alsoRyoya KuriharaHowever, due to dislocation of his left shoulder, he was completely healed for 6 months and became desperate.However, the only remaining military experienceTakuya KaiHas not been in the open game since he was called to SAMURAI JAPANKenta Tanigawara-Ryuhei KukiIt was an emergency with them. In response to this, on March 3, the catcher who was registered for trainingHoriuchi TamonAnd conclude a contract under control. The pitchers are also inside the right elbow of the previous yearLateral ligament reconstruction surgeryReceivedRobert SuarezWas delayed until after the opening of Japan, and had undergone left elbow bone fragment removal surgery the previous year, and then returned.Takeshi WadaHowever, due to a large number of injured people, such as complaining of discomfort on the left shoulder and being delayed, the open game ended in 5th place out of 10 teams with 1 wins, 12 losses and 10 draw.

レギュラーシーズンでは前年の優勝の立役者だった千賀・サファテ・岩嵜らの怪我人が続出し、5月下旬から8月中旬まではロッテ・オリックスとの3位争いとなり、8月には一時期借金状態となる。8月下旬から連勝し日本ハムを抜き2位になりさらに西武を猛追するが、9月15日からの対西武3連戦で3連敗を喫し、西武にマジック11が点灯[137]In the direct confrontation from September 9th, Seibu lost to Seibu again at MetLife Dome, and lost to Lotte at Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome on September 27th, so Seibu's victory was decided as the winning magic 9. He missed the league title in a row by 30 games and finished the regular season in 1nd place.

Climax seriesファーストステージではシーズン3位の日本ハムと対戦して2勝1敗でファイナルステージへ駒を進めると、リーグ優勝した西武と対戦、柳田の2本塁打・8打点などの活躍もあり昨年同様3戦目から5戦目まで3連勝し、4勝2敗(西武のアドバンテージによる1敗含む)で2年連続18度目のJapan seriesI decided to advance. This season is the first time that Softbank has advanced to the Japan Series by breaking through the climax series other than winning the league.Hiroshima Toyo Carpとの日本シリーズではシリーズ史上最多の8度盗塁阻止(甲斐は6度盗塁阻止で日本シリーズ最多補殺新記録)などの活躍を見せ広島の機動力を完璧に封じ込み、4勝1敗1分けで下し平成最後の日本シリーズを2年連続9度目の優勝で飾り、パ・リーグの球団では初めてセ・リーグの全6球団を相手に日本シリーズを制した球団となった。同一監督による連続日本一は球団初。リーグ連覇を果たしていない球団が連続日本一になるのは史上初となり、平成の日本シリーズ優勝はこれが7度目で、それまで6度で並んでいた巨人を抜いて単独最多となった[138]。ソフトバンクは2003年、2011年を含めシリーズ出場6連続優勝。史上最長11連続の巨人(1961、1963、1965~1973年)に次ぎ、西武(1986~1988、1990~1992年)に並ぶパ・リーグ最長記録となった[139].. Selected as Japan Series MVPTakuya KaiBecame the first MVP in the history of training[140]. OffYuichi Honda,Ryoma CastleRetired from active duty.Tadashi TsutsuzuHe also left the team and was aiming to continue playing in other teams, but there was no offer and he announced his retirement in January 2019.


This year, while the season started with a series of injured people, the pitchers later went on to underslow their second year as a pro.Newcomer KingWill be awardedRei TakahashiAnd the fourth year of high school graduate who was active as a middle school graduate throughout the yearJumpei Takahashi, Draft No. 1 rookie who played an active part as a set upperHiroshi Kaino, In the fielders, it was registered under the control from training, and it was appointed as a substitute runner and defensive consolidation mainly in this situation.Ukyo ShutoYoung players such as, filled the hole. Especially from outfielders who are from training, with a series of disabled peopleKamamoto GoAlso made a leap with 86 appearances. Due to the success of young players, in July he was behind the 7nd place by about 2 games. Seibu chased hard from late August, fell from the top in mid-September, and Seibu won and Softbank lost in the match on September 7, so Seibu's victory and Softbank's second place were confirmed and missed the league championship. .. But,Climax seriesThen, after losing to Rakuten in the first stage, he advanced to the final stage with two consecutive victories, and in that final stage he won four consecutive victories without losing to Seibu.Japan seriesAdvance to. Softbank is the first to advance to the Japan Series twice with a non-league victory.[Note 28].. Even in the Japan Series, which was the first match against a giant in 19 years, he won 4 consecutive victories without losing and closed the postseason with 10 consecutive victories of Henon, and won the best in Japan for 3 consecutive years.

As a result, Softbank will be in the 2010sNo. XNUMX in Japan against all Central League teamsWas achieved.

Hoped to increase participation opportunities during the off-seasonShuhei Fukuda FA declarationToothChiba Lotte MarinesTransferred to. Fukuda's transfer was Lotte's coach and former HawksYusuke TorigoeWas eager to transfer, which was a major reason. Also,Egawa TomoakiHave retired from active duty.

Former Yakult as a reinforcement playerVladimir Valentin[141]And the new foreigner's left arm who has won 2019 majors at the end of the 54 seasonMatt Moore[142]Announced the acquisition of.


The name of the stadium of the XNUMXst Army base is "FukuokaPayPaydomeWas changed to[143].

In the practice game before the openingUchikawa SeiichiHowever, the start of the opening second army was decided due to the great slump, and againEpidemic of new coronavirus infectionUnder the influence ofDespine-GlacialCouldn't come to JapanAkira NakamuraI wasn't in time for the opening because of an injury.Even after the openingNobuhiro Matsuda,ValentinThe hit of the main players was not good, and the opening start dash failed.On the other hand, a young man selected as the opening starting lineupRyoya KuriharaHad a goodbye hit in the opening round and kept a good start in the early season.

On July 7 (against Rakuten)Fukuoka Dome 1000 winsAchieved[144]..Behind-door games have been running since June 6th, the season's opening, and this was the first game in the season to include spectators.In addition, the extension is 19 times (up to 10 times due to the special rules of the 2020 season)Yuki Yanagita OfGoodbye home runSettled in, and added glamor to the milestone memorable victory[145]..As a result of repeated ingenuity such as rearranging the batting order almost every day, he accumulated victory and rose to the top for the first time in late July.[146].

On August 8st, the second army is adjustingYuya HasegawaThe playerNew coronavirus infection OfPCR testPositiveIn response to this, the match on the next day (against Seibu / Fukuoka PayPay Dome) was canceled.[147].. Despaigne Gracial returned in mid-August, and Moore returned in late August.Fall from the top several times in the same month[148][149]However, all of them have returned to the top in one day.

In September, Rakuten retreated significantly, and the battle for victory was virtually a one-on-one battle between Lotte and Softbank. September 9 (vs.Nippon Ham-Sapporo Dome), Died suddenly at midnight on the 15thTakashi KawamuraIn mourning for the third army conditioning officer, the player wore a mourning armband on the left sleeve of his uniform and went to the match. Achieved 1000 hits in this matchAkira Nakamura TheHero interviewTalked about his thoughts on Kawamura[150].. From the second half of SeptemberUkyo ShutoRaised his batting tone and seized the lead-off man's seat.

Lotte was pressed by Lotte in September and early October, and he was in danger of falling to the top again.[Note 29]However, the pitchers have been stable since mid-October, and the team scored 10 points in October.[152], 11th (against Lotte / Fukuoka PayPay Dome), 13th / 14th (against Orix / Kyocera Dome Osaka) and achieved 3 consecutive games without goals in line with the team record[153]On the 10th (against Lotte / Fukuoka PayPay Dome), many of the main players continued to win in a row, and on the 21st (against Nippon-Ham / Sapporo Dome), after taking office as director Kudo, many of the main players pushed out Lotte at a stretch. Achieved the longest 10 consecutive wins,Winning magicTurned on "8"[154]..Extend the winning streak to 23 on the 12rd (against Seibu / Fukuoka PayPay Dome)[155]In 11 games, the starting pitcher became the winning pitcher[152]After that, he steadily reduced his magic and won the match on the 27th (against Lotte / Fukuoka PayPay Dome), deciding to win the league title for the first time in three years.[156].. With the victory on the 31st (against Seibu / MetLife Dome), 22 wins per month (4 losses and 1 minute), a new record for professional baseball with 18 monthly savings[Note 30]Established[157]..When it was over, it was an overwhelming victory with the 2nd place Lotte and 14 games behind.

Shuto decided to steal 10 games in a row, which is a new record for professional baseball in October.Stealing kingShined.Yanagita againMost hitsWon the title for the second timePacific League MVPWas elected to.In pitcherChiga UniversityHiiragi IshikawaBoth won 11 wins, and the same 11 wins RakutenHideaki WakuiMost winsI shared the title.SengaBest defense rateandMost strikeout(OrixYoshinobu YamamotoIshikawa also has the same number of titles asHighest win rateI also got the title of.AlsoLiván Moinelo Most holdWon the title.Akira Nakamura has also won his first Golden Glove Award (first base)[152].Yui MoriKurihara, who took the name of starting lineup for almost a year, recorded a batting average of .2 in the scoring position.[152].

The team's ERA is the only 12 teams with 2 points (2.92), the team score is from 2019th place (4) to 582nd place (2) in the league in 531, and the home run is 126 tops in the league.[152], The stolen base is also the top 99 in the league.

On the other hand, Uchikawa has stated that he will not participate in the army this season and will leave the group only for the same season.[158].

With LotteClimax seriesIn (CS), he won the first goal in both races, but won a come-from-behind victory.[159].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Japan series・第4戦(福岡PayPayドーム)で読売ジャイアンツに4対1で勝利し4勝0敗で4年連続11度目の日本一を達成した。なお、2年連続の4勝0敗は史上初、4年連続の日本一はパ・リーグ初であった[160]..Kurihara won the MVP[152].


Team results/records

  • Wins 21 times (The highest annual win rate is 1973 times including 2004 and 2005, excluding 22 from the following, and 2 times after the division into two leagues)
(1946年、1948年、1951年 - 1953年、1955年、1959年、1961年、1964年 - 1966年、1973年、1999年、2000年、2003年、2010年、2011年、2014年、2015年、2017年、2020年)※1
  • Climax series victory 7 times
(2011, 2014, 2015, 2017-2020)
  • Interleague play championship, highest win rate 8 times (highest win rate from 2015 to 2018)
(2008, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015-2017, 2019)
  • Japan twice
(1959, 1964, 1999, 2003, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2017-2020)
  • A class 49 times * 2 43 times after league division
(1941, 1946 ―― 1966, 1968, 1970, 1972 ―― 1974, 1976, 1977, 1998 ―― 2007, 2009 ―― 2012, 2014 ―― 2020) * 2
  • B class 32 times * 2 26 times after league division
(Autumn 1938-1940, 1942-1944-, 1967, 1969, 1971, 1975, 1978-1997, 2008, 2013)
  • Longest record in consecutive A class 21 years (1946-1966)
  • 20 years of consecutive B-class record [Nippon Professional Baseball Record] (1978-1997)
  • 1st win in the previous term (1973)
  • Most wins 99 wins (1955)
  • Most losses 85 losses (1990)
  • Most draw 16 minutes (1974)
  • Highest win rate .750 (1951)
  • Minimum win rate .283 (1940)
  • Most consecutive wins 18 (1954)
  • Most consecutive losses 15 (1969) * 1 Draw

* 1 In 1973, it was ranked 1st in the previous term (3rd in the annual win rate).play offDefeated Hankyu with 3 wins and 2 losses to win the league.

* 2 In 1998, Orix was in 3rd place with the same rate, and in 1997 Orix was in 2nd place and Daiei was in 4th place, so the opening right in 1999 could not be obtained.

2004-2005 playoffsAdvances to the second stage as the team with the highest win rate in the regular season (the game was supposed to have the advantage of one win with a game difference of 2 games or more, but the game was a game without an advantage with a 5 game difference in both years). .. Lost to Seibu in 1 and Lotte in 4.5, both with 2004 wins and 2005 losses.Playoffs at the timeAccording to the regulations of, the final result was the second place in both years.

2006 playoffsは、レギュラーシーズン3位により第1ステージから登場。シーズン2位の西武を2勝1敗で破って第2ステージに進むものの、この年は、2004年・2005年と2年続けてレギュラーシーズン最高勝率球団のチーム(ソフトバンク)が敗れたため制度が変更され、ゲーム差に関係なく無条件で1位チームに1勝のアドバンテージが与えられたこともあり、シーズン1位の日本ハムに2連敗で敗退。

2007Was third in the regular season, and from this year the Central League also introduced a playoff system and was renamed.Climax paAppeared from the first stage. Lost to 1nd place Lotte in the season with 2 win and 1 losses[Note 31].

Other records

  • Minimum game difference 0.5 games (1954, 1956)
  • Maximum game difference 45.5 games (1940)
  • Highest score 822 (2003)
  • Most hits 1461 (2003)
  • Most home runs 203 (2001)
  • 3 minimum home runs (1944)
  • Maximum batting rate .297 (2003)
  • Minimum batting .184 (1943)
  • Highest Defense Rate 1.82 (1941)
  • Minimum protection rate 5.63 (1980)

Successive homes

In addition, as a quasi-base after moving to FukuokaKitakyushu City Stadium(Kitakyushu) AndFujisakidai Prefectural Baseball Field(KumamotoKumamoto-shiChuo-ku) But we are playing an official game.

Successive directors

TaiziIs the league title, ◎ is the best in Japan

  1. ^ Kinki Nippon Tourist since 1944
  2. ^ Great ring since 1946
  3. ^ Nankai Hawks from 1947
  4. ^ In the 1962 season, he took a rest for several months due to poor performance. During this time, Kazuo Kageyama acted for him.
  5. ^ He died suddenly four days after taking office without taking command.Nankai Kageyama new director sudden death riotSee.
  6. ^ Substantially continuous throwing
  7. ^ In 1977, he was dismissed with two games left until the end of the season. Yoshio Anabuki will act for the remaining two games.
  8. ^ Fukuoka Daiei Hawks since 1989
  9. ^ Fukuoka Softbank Hawks since 2005
  10. ^ Rest for surgery from July 2006, 7 to off-season 6.Koji MoriwakiIs acting on your behalf.

Successive captains

TaiziHas experience as a coach (including other teams and Japan national team)

  1. ^ 6 years from Koji Akiyama to Hiroki Kokubo are vacant
  2. ^ Two years from Hiroki Kokubo to Seiichi Uchikawa are vacant

Uniform number treated as semi-permanent missing number

Formal since the Nankai eraPermanent numberIs said to not exist, but the following uniform numbers are treated accordingly.

15:Fujii Masao
Active as a "fire relay" in 1999, at that timePacific Leaguemostホ ー ル ドSet a record. First league championship after moving to FukuokaJapanWill be the driving force of.He complained of chest pain during the Japan Series, and while he was repeatedly hospitalized and discharged, he was adjusting with the second army in anticipation of a revival, but on October 2000, 10, after seeing the team's V13,Lung cancerDied for.Year-round31.
Since 2001, No. 15 has been a missing number, and there is a description of "semi-permanent missing number" in the media reports as of 2016.[161].
89:Sadaharu Oh
For 1995 years from 2008 to 14, he commanded the Hawks coach and achieved three league championships and two Japan's best (3 times).巨人4 league championships including the coaching era),General managerEven so, he left a great deal of achievement for the team. The team had indicated that it would give the future coach a uniform number of 89, but succeeded the king.Koji AkiyamaHowever, he declined, saying, "A lot of fear is too heavy for me to carry." As a result, the team announced that 89 would be treated as a missing number.

Sawamura Eiji Prize Winners

Team features

Nankai era

  • 1948 yearsFranchiseTemporarily set up a base for the introduction of the systemKoshien StadiumDecided to. September 1950, 9Osaka StadiumMoved with completion. Until then the 1950 seasonFujiidera StadiumAnd so on.
  • The team color of the Nankai era is green.
  • Nankai eratv setBaseball relayNankai Electric Railway was also a major shareholderEvery day broadcastingIn 1959tv setAt the time of opening the station, he signed an exclusive relay contract for all games at Osaka Stadium. This year, Nankai became the number one in Japan, and the company history of Mainichi Broadcasting System, published in 1961, described this contract as a "big hit."[162].. With this success, the Nankai side came to know the taste of TV broadcasting, and the next 1960 contract was based on popularity.Broadcast rightSignificantly raised the fee request[Note 32].. Therefore, Mainichi Broadcasting System has concluded a priority broadcasting contract for 35 home games. However, Mainichi Broadcasting System, which was worried about the soaring broadcasting rights fee, abandoned negotiations with Nankai in 1961 and decided to significantly reduce the baseball broadcast itself on TV.[164](However, while the relationship with Mainichi Broadcasting System has been significantly reduced in scale,DaieiIt continued until the team was sold to.) After that, the voice of the Tokyo key station became stronger, and even in the Kansai area.Nippon Television NetworkAnd other major key station affiliates nationwiderelayThe Hanshin Tigers, who often play against the Giants for the same Central League as the Giants, were exposed on television much more than the Nankai Hawks. In addition, Sun TV, which was newly opened as Hyogo Prefecture U station, will now broadcast many Hanshin-sponsored Central League games other than the Giants game, and the radio waves can be received not only in Hyogo prefecture but also in almost the entire area of ​​Osaka prefecture. In addition, KBS Kyoto, the U station of Kyoto, has become more frequent in the broadcast, so the popularity of baseball has become more predominant in the Central League throughout the Kansai region, and the popularity of the Pacific League's Nankai, which has few TV broadcasts, has dropped significantly. I went. As a result, the TV broadcast of the Nankai War was a vicious cycle that decreased further. As the concentration on the Hanshin Tigers progressed, the interest of broadcasting stations also shifted to how to secure the Hanshin Tigers.[Note 33].

After moving to Fukuoka

  • The average number of spectators per game in the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks-sponsored game was 1 in 2012 statistics, which was the top in the Pacific League, second only to the Giants (33,933) and Hanshin (12) among the 40,333 professional baseball teams. 37,886rd place[166][167].. Since 1993, the number of spectators has exceeded 200 million, and the number of spectators in the sponsored games has been ranked first in the Pacific League for 1993 consecutive years from 2012 to 20, when the Fukuoka Dome (currently Fukuoka PayPay Dome) opened. is there[168].
  • July 2010, 7 against Rakuten (Fujisakidai Prefectural Baseball FieldIn the 22nd year since Hawks moved to Fukuoka, the total number of spectators in all official games (including local games) exceeded 5,000 million (50,013,137).
  • Hawks says "Monthly HawksThere is an official information magazine called "," which is sold at bookstores nationwide (in Kyushu, the release date is delayed by two days).
  • In 1989, the first year of the move to Fukuoka, Daiei's games were limited to weekday night games.Fukuoka Broadcasting(FBS) What was being relayed in production is the key station of FBSNippon TVI edited it into a digest of about 0 hour from 30:1 at midnight and recorded and broadcast it frequently (this is a broadcast only in the same year, and the commentary is by the FBS exclusive commentator.Tokushi NagaikeNNN affiliated stations, which are the same as FBS, very rarelyHiroshima TVWas the commentator (at that time)Seiji KobayashiAndChukyo TVWas the commentator (at that time)Atsushi MisawaI was also in charge of the commentator for Nippon Television). According to "Mechanism of the media-a local TV station controlled by newspapers" (Akashi Shoten), Takehiko Nanjo, who was in charge of negotiations with Daiei at FBS due to the relocation of Hawks, was ambiguous as a nationwide network including recorded broadcasts when negotiating relay rights. It is said that it was the final proposal with a simple expression[169].
  • Was the director at the time of moving to FukuokaTadashi SugiuraChanged the uniform number from "71" to "81" at the time of the acquisition and relocation of Daiei, and since then, all successive directors except Sadaharu Oh have used the uniform number "81".
  • The team colors of the Daiei era were orange and emerald green. Orange was used for uniform lines and team logos, and emerald green was used for the ground color of team flags. After Softbank became the parent company, the company's image color "Revolution Yellow" was used as the team color. Used for uniform sleeve lines and ground color of team flags. with this,Pet markandMascot characterThe color of the hawk's face changed from orange to yellow.

Nickname of the team

  • "The nickname of the team after the warGreat ring"Imagine the wheels of a railroad, and also Kintetsu'sCompany emblemAnd along the lineYamatoIt was an image of the unity of the district (large → big, Japanese → wa, “big circle” → great ring) and the merged company Kintetsu. But this is about sexSlangTherefore, it is said that the U.S. soldiers who came to watch the game with interest in this team name were laughing every time they heard the word "Great Ring" (according to the material, "Female genitalia""Male genitalia""SexThere are multiple theories[170].. The truth is unknown because it is a slang word to the last). Therefore, the name was changed to Nankai "Hawks" in line with the change of the parent company the following year.
  • "HawksIs of Nankai Electric RailwayCompany emblem[Note 34]Was a design in which bird feathers extended from both sides of the wheel, so from among the types of birdshawkWas decided by selectingDaieiSoftbankHas been handed down to the present even after each acquisition. In "Nankai Hawks Forty Years History" (1978), which is the history of the Nankai Hawks team, "Condor" was also nicknamed a leading candidate at first, but since the representative of the Matsuura Takematsu team at that time was a bald head.コ ン ド ルIt is said that he was refrained from calling himself[171].. In addition, in the text published in the Nankai in-house newsletter "Affinity" in 1960, there is a hearsay that there was "Cardinals" in addition to "Hawks" as the final candidate.[172].
  • "Hawks" has been used since the middle of 1947, and in the Japanese sphere, "Tigers" (since 1936, but not used during the war), "Giants" (since 1947, but "Giants" in 1936) (From), "Dragon's" (from 1947) has the longest history.

Changes in uniforms

Nankai era

  • 1938-- 1940: A line is added to the placket with the "NANKAI" logo.Nankai at that time on the left sleeveCompany emblem"Mark with wings on the ball" is an arrangement of (commonly known as a haguruma).
  • 1940-1943: Due to the worsening war situation, the logo becomes Chinese characters (entering the box), but the emblem is left as it is. In 1944, the parent company Nankai Railway merged with Kansai Kyuko Railway to become Kinki Nippon Railway, and the team name was changed to "Kinki Nippon", but the uniform is unknown.
  • 1946-1947: New team color green is used for the placket. Since 1947, the Nankai mark has been used on the left chest of the uniform.Visitors will have the "GREAT RING" logo and later a single letter "N".
  • 1947 --1949: The team name is changed to Nankai Hawks, and a dark blue uniform appears."Hawks" in black cursive on the chest.The hat is white, the brim is green, and the logo is "H", which is gold.
  • 1948: Vertical stripes are used in the early days of the postwar period.Although it won the championship, it was abolished in one year.
  • 1949 --1950: Introducing the logo that was used until the 1988 team trafficking[Note 35].. The edging is yellow. A champion mark was attached to the left sleeve to commemorate the 1946 and 1948 championships. The gray uniform for visitors was a hawk mark, but since 1950, Shields type uniforms have appeared. The hat has a dark green hawk mark (white border) on a dark blue background.
  • 1951-1958: ButtonsFly tailoringIntroducing the uniform.The line was also abolished, giving a simple impression.During this time, the hat mark will be changed from 1956[Note 36].
  • 1959-1968: Director Tsuruoka's idea is to introduce a design with thick black lines on the shoulders, sleeves, and pants. Waist numbers have been assigned since 1960.It is a uniform that symbolizes the Golden Age of the Nankai, and many old fans associate it with the Nankai.The hat was changed from one with black as the ground color and the NH mark sharing the vertical line on the right side of N and the left side of H, to one with H as a motif of train wheels combined with N.
  • 1969:Tokuharu IidaThe design is such that the dark green is sandwiched between oranges, which means that the director will change his mind. The hat is a combination of black as the ground color, NH mark N is white, and H is orange. Chest number appears (chest number is orange). The typeface of the uniform number and chest numberAsahiyama Senju HaiType block body (Kintetsu Buffaloes(Similar to). However, it will be abolished in one year because it is the lowest.
  • 1970-1971:Katsuya NomuraFrom the time he took office, he returned to the design of Tsuruoka's era. However, although there is a thick line on the sleeve, there is no shoulder line and a chest number is attached.
  • 1972-1977: Significant model change due to the spread of color television.Uses elastic knit uniforms.Like Director Nomura, who is in charge of auspiciousness, there were minor changes in details every year. 1974-From 1976, we used two types of uniforms for home use and two types for visitors, for a total of four types of uniforms.
    • [Pirates type (1972-1976)]
      • Since 1972, at that timePittsburgh PiratesIntroducing a beltless pullover type with reference to. The chest logo, uniform number, chest number, hat, undershirt, and stockings are dark green, close to black. The NH mark and ventilation holes on the hatOcherThe neck and pants have two lines of dark green and ocher, and the sleeves and waist have three lines of dark green, white and ocher.
        • Top and bottom white for home use.HawksThe logo, uniform number, and chest number have an ocher border.
        • For visitors, the top and bottom are blue gray,NANKAIThe logo, chest number, and uniform number have a white border.
      • From 1974, the pants line changed from two lines of dark green and ocher to three lines sandwiching both sides of the ocher line with thin dark green lines.
      • Since 1975, a pet mark has been added to the left sleeve of both homes and visitors.
    • [Athletics type (1974-1976)]
      • Since 1974, it has been added to the pirate uniforms at that time.Auckland AthleticsA new uniform will be adopted with reference to. The hat, undershirt and stockings are yellowish green, and the NH mark is white. The side lines of the pants are yellow-green, yellow, and yellow-green, and the socks are yellow (undershirts are yellow only in early 3).
        • For homeHawksThe logo, chest number, and uniform number are yellowish green, the border is dark green, the neck is yellow and yellowish green, and the sleeves and waist are yellowish green, yellow, and yellowish green.
        • The visitor's jacket is yellowish green, the pants are white,NANKAIThe logo, chest number, and uniform number are white, the border is dark green, the neck is yellow and two white lines, and the sleeves and waist are yellow, white, and yellow-green.
      • In 1975, it became a V-neck and changed to three lines. In addition, a pet mark is attached to the left sleeve as well as the pirate type.
        • There are three lines for home use: yellow-green, yellow, and yellow-green.
        • There are three lines for visitors: yellow, white, and yellow.
      • In 1976, the sidelines of the visitor's pants disappeared.
    • [Prototype (1976/1977)]
      • Furthermore, in 1976, for home use only, an athletics-shaped neck and a white V-neck uniform with no lines on the sleeves were released.Open battleAll star gamesWill appear for a limited time. (Pants are the same as normal type)
      • In 1977, it became a round neck, orange, the player's name on the uniform number, and under the pet mark on the left sleeve.NANKAIThe logo is included.
  • Only in 1977, the Pirates type uniform was abolished, and the Athletics type uniform was a minor change. Red is newly added to the sleeves and waist line, and the neck area returns from the V-neck to the round neck. From this year, the player's name will be entered in Roman letters above the uniform number, and the spike color will be a yellow-green line on a white background. The hat is green with a white NH mark.
    • For home use, the sleeves and waist have three lines of yellow-green, yellow, and red, and the neck has three lines of dark green, yellow-green, and dark green.
    • For visitors, the sleeves and waist are red, white, and yellow, and the neck is yellow, white, and yellow.
  • 1978-1983: Director Nomura dismissed,Hirose UnkoWith the appointment of the director, the uniform has been renewed. The pet mark on the left shoulder has been removed, and the home and visitor colors have been retained, and the thick lines on the shoulders and sleeves, which were a symbol of Tsuruoka's era, have been restored (thick line, logo, uniform number, chest number: yellow-green for home use, White for visitors, each with a black border). The hat has a green background and a white NH mark.
    • Only in 1980, the home version was changed to dark green vertical stripes, and the chest number became red only in the latter half.Also, the brim of the hat turns red for both home visitors.However, it will be abolished in one year because it is the lowest[Note 37].
    • Minor change from beltless to belt type in 1983. For the home, the belt line is looped and the side line is retained, while for the visitor, the belt line is changed to the normal type and the side line disappears.
  • 1984-1988: The previous yearYoshio AnabukiWith the appointment of the director, the dark green color that was a symbol of the Nankai Golden Age has been revived. The shoulder and sleeve lines are two dark green lines on the shoulder and sleeve. The hat is green with a white NH mark.
    • For visitors, the upper body is dark green and there are no lines on the shoulders.
    • There were two types of hats with white buttons and green buttons.

Daiei era

  • 1989-1992: The name of the team became "Fukuoka Daiei Hawks"Issey MiyakeRenewed by design.DaieiThe image color is orange and the vertical stripes (both home and visitor) are based on dark brown. The chest logo has a small "Daiei" on the upper left of "Hawks" and "Hawks" for home use, and a small "FUKUOKA" on the upper left of "Daiei" and "Daiei" for visitors. Daiei on the right sleeveCompany emblem, The left sleeve is "FUKUOKA" for both home visitors. The typeface of the uniform number and chest number has changed,Seibu LionsIt becomes the same typeface as. The hat is dark brown and orange in "FDH", but the helmet is the image of a hawk's head, commonly known as "FDH".GatchamanCalled a "helmet"[173]Adopted a unique design.
    • In addition to uniforms, two types of windbreakers, one for home use and one for visitors, were prepared. The color used was orange, which is the image color of Daiei for home use, and green for visitors, with the meaning of inheriting the Nankai era. The back is a player name (black letters with an orange border) in Roman letters, which is common to both homes and visitors, and a hawk embroidery on a map of the Kyushu region underneath.
    • From the middle of 1991, the ground color for visitors was changed from beige to gray.[Note 38].. The color of the vertical stripes is also changed from dark brown to orange.
  • 1993-2004:Fukuoka DomeWith relocationRikuo NemotoWith the appointment of director, at that timeChicago White SoxModel change to a simple design with the motif. The jacket is white for the home and black for the visitor, and black for the home and white for the visitor. The pants are white. Team pet mark on the left sleeve and "FUKUOKA" on the right sleeve. Also in the hatFDHThe logo with the marks arranged vertically is attached to the left chest, and the chest number is attached to the center of the right part. The hat is black. The FDH mark is orange for home use and white for visitor use for both hats and uniforms.
    • 1999-(2001 for the second army): The brim of the hat is orange and the FDH mark is white, just like the helmet, for both visitors and homes.
    • 2001-: Pet mark moved to the right sleeve.

Softbank era

  • 2005-: The team name was changed to "Fukuoka Softbank Hawks".While inheriting the design of the Daiei era, although the basic coloring does not change, from the image color of Daiei orangeSoftbankThe team color has changed to the image color of Revolution Yellow, and the outerwear is white for home use and black for visitor use, following the colors of the Daiei era. It has a gray racket line and the "SoftBank HAWKS" (home) and "SoftBank" (visitor) logos on the chest. Both sleeves have two thick lines that are the image symbol of Softbank. The line color is yellow for home and white for visitors. There is a white letter "HAWKS" on the left sleeve only for visitors, but in the case of uniforms with sponsor advertisements, it will be moved to the right sleeve. The pants are white, yellow for home and gray for visitors, each with two thin lines. The chest number was abolished, and the brim of the hat / helmet became black again. The hat mark is a yellow monogram with "S" and "h" entwined.
    • July 2006-: The hat has a yellow design on the brim that appeared in the hawk festival uniform described later. In addition, the helmet remains the same black as before.
    • 2008: The pet mark on the right shoulder becomes the logo mark of "70th anniversary of the foundation of the team & 20th anniversary of the relocation of Fukuoka".From the same year, spikes will be changed to white lines on a black background.
    • 2010-: Chest marks and uniform numbers change from embroidery to sublimation prints[174].. No design changes.
    • 2013: The pet mark on the right shoulder becomes the logo mark of the "75th anniversary of the foundation of the team".
    • 2016-: The supplier of uniformsMLBSame as the teamMajestic AthleticBecome a company[175].. No design changes. Also from May 5, the same yearKumamoto / Oita EarthquakeThe catchphrase "Fight! Kyushu" with a message to the victims is attached to the top of the mascot mark on the right sleeve. Advertising on the cap has been approved since the 2015 season, and Huawei (on the right side of the cap)Huawei technology) Advertisement is included.
    • 2018: The pet mark on the right shoulder becomes the logo mark of the "80th anniversary of the foundation of the team".
    • 2019: The pet mark on the right shoulder will be the logo mark for the "30th anniversary of Fukuoka relocation".

Special uniform

  • Starting with wearing limited uniforms at the "Hawk Festival 2006 in Yahoo Dome" held from July 7th to 15th, 17, wearing limited uniforms of various designs every year at the "Hawk Festival" Yes (#Hawk FestivalSee).
  • 2018年の球団創設80周年記念企画として、3月31日の対オリックス戦・5月5日の対オリックス戦・6月2日の対DeNA戦・8月26日の対西武戦・9月9日の対オリックス戦での「レジェンドデー」にて歴代ユニフォームから球団創設時の白地に紺のラケットデザイン、帽子を黒地に1947年に採用された鷹マークの最終形のアレンジ、胸に現行のHAWKSロゴ、袖に現行ユニフォームに準じた紺の二本線を入れた「80周年記念ユニフォーム」を着用。
  • From April 2019th to May 4th, 7, "WE = KYUSHU Day" to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the move to Fukuoka with the motto "Hawks is with Kyushu" in 19 games at 5 venues in Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Kitakyushu, Kumamoto and Kagoshima. (We Equal Kyushu Day) was held.In the same game and the open game on March 5, he wore a cap with red "Kachidoki Red" on a white background and a special uniform with the shape of Kyushu Island on the left sleeve.When worn during the open war, the edge of the uniform number was thin, but in the official game it was improved to a thicker one.
  • In the match against Lotte on May 2019th and 5th, 11, the yellow part of the normal home uniform was changed to pink for the purpose of raising awareness of breast cancer with the cooperation of NPO "Happy Mamma" as a Mother's Day event planned for "Taka Girl Day". "" with a pink ribbon mark next to the Sh mark on the capPink ribbonWearing a uniform.

Reprint uniform

  • In 2008, the following uniforms were reprinted after explaining the purpose to Nankai Electric Railway and Daiei as part of the 70th anniversary of the birth of Hawks and the 20th anniversary of the relocation of Fukuoka. The opponent of the reprint match is the same leagueOrix BuffaloesExcept for, it is the opponent in the Japan Series when it became the best in Japan at the time of wearing.Both uniforms have emblems on their sleeves that mark the 70th anniversary of their founding and the 20th anniversary of their move to Fukuoka.
  • In 2013, the uniform was reprinted to commemorate the 75th anniversary of its founding.
    • [Nankai, 1984-1988 model]
      • Joint project with ORIX "OSAKA CLASSIC 2013'[Note 40](April 4-19, Kyocera Dome Osaka) and the Pacific League 21 teams will play a match in a reprint uniform.Legend series 2013"ofTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesWith the war (August 8-September 30, Yahuoku Dome)Hokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersWar (September 9-3,Tokyo Dome) Wear. On the sleeves of the uniform, there is an advertisement for "Koujun" and an emblem with the 75th anniversary mark. In addition, the helmet has the SoftBank logo mark. The grand coat was not produced for Nankai, and Akiyama and his colleagues wore normal ones.
  • The following uniforms were reprinted in 2014. Both have an advertisement for "Q'Sai" on the left sleeve.[Note 41].
    • [Nankai, 1972-1973 model]
      • "OSAKA CLASSIC 2014", a joint project with ORIX, held following the previous year[Note 40]Worn at (May 5-16, Kyocera Dome Osaka). The SoftBank logo is on the helmet.
    • [Daiei 1989-1992 model]
  • The following uniforms were reprinted in 2015.
    • [Nankai 1983 model]
      • "OSAKA CLASSIC 2015", a joint project with ORIX, held following the previous year[Note 40]Worn at (May 5-1, Kyocera Dome Osaka). The left sleeve has an advertisement for "Q'Sai" and the helmet has the SoftBank logo.
  • The following uniforms were reprinted in 2017.
    • [Nankai 1980 model]
      • Worn at "KANSAI CLASSIC 2" (April 2017-4, Kyocera Dome Osaka) jointly planned with Orix, which was held for the first time in two years.
  • The following uniforms were reprinted in 2018.
    • [Nankai, 1984-1988 model (visitor)]
      • Worn at "KANSAI CLASSIC 2018" (April 4-28, Kyocera Dome Osaka) jointly planned with ORIX.

Transition of the team flag

  • 1938-- 1940: Nankai Electric Railway at that time on a dark blue backgroundCompany emblemFocusing on the "mark with wings on the ball", which is an arrangement of (commonly known as a haguruma).
    • There are also yellow ones (the yellow ones have the dark blue "NANKAI" letters under the "mark with wings on the ball").
  • 1946-1947: Changed to "Kinki Nippon Great Ring", but the Nankai company emblem (so-called "haguruma") is used as it is. "Haguruma" on a dark blue background.
    • Some are yellow.
  • 1947 --1948: Designed a white isosceles triangle in the center on a dark blue background. Nankai company emblem above the letter "N".
  • 1949: Following the above design, the base of the isosceles triangle is reversed. A green isosceles triangle on a white background, and a yellow border hawk silhouette on it (Shichiro ImatakeProduced by).
  • 1950-1976: Changed the team flag when the two leagues split. Silhouette of a green hawk on a white background.
  • 1977-1988: Following the above design. The silhouette of the hawk has been slightly renewed, and the word "Hawks" is written in white cursive on the red line below it.
  • 1989-2004: Sold to Daiei and became "Fukuoka Daiei Hawks". Illustration of "Homer Hawk" in the center with emerald green as the ground color. "FUKUOKA" in black above "Homer Hawks", "Daiei" in orange under "Homer Hawks", and "Hawks" in black below.
  • 2005-: Sold to Softbank and became "Fukuoka Softbank Hawks".KaitentaiWith the motif of the flag (Nibiki), two lines of Revolution Yellow, which is the image color of the parent company Softbank, on a white background. The upper white part is black letters "= Softbank", and the lower white part is black letters "HAWKS".

マ ス コ ッ ト

During the Nankai era, from 1974 to 1977, a boy rides on a hawk on a bat, but this mascot was directed by Katsuya Nomura (at that time) and his current wife.Sachiyo Nomura(At that time: Yoshie Ito) Since it was introduced under the initiative, its use was discontinued at the same time as Nomura's director was dismissed.

After that, from 1978 to 1988, a mascot character named "Taka-chan" who personified a hawkPet markIt was used for such things. After the baseball team was sold, some arrangements were made by the youth baseball team "Junior Hawks," which is run mainly by Nankai OB.

From the Daiei era, mascots who anthropomorphized hawks called "Hawk Family" have appeared. During the Heiwadai Stadium era, it consisted of four bodies including "Homer Hawk". After moving to Fukuoka Dome, "Harry hawkIt is composed of eight bodies, and it has not changed even now when it became Softbank. The body color of the Hawk family is orange during the Daiei era and yellow after becoming Softbank.

Also, from 2012, "Ucchi-kun"Match"Chome-chan"Pon-chanMascots with the motif of the players belonging to them will appear as stadium characters in sequence.[176].. From the middle of 2013I'm sorry"But[177], From the middle of 2014 "Imami-kun"But[178]Newly appeared.

In addition, on May 2015, 5Chiba Lotte MarinesWhite star from the warJet balloonsA mysterious character with the motif of "Fu-san" has appeared.

From 2016, "Hinamaru" has appeared as a mascot exclusively for HAWKS Baseball Park Chikugo of the second army. From 2017HanakappaAs a cheering mascot character, Momokappa, Garizo, and Agel were selected.

The first official 2020 teams from November 11, 9VTuber・ "Hawk Kannon Sea" and "Hina Aritaka" made their debut.Character designtiv[179].

Head Office

For the team, refer to the company basic information on the right.


  • AcroBatsLtd.
    • Established on August 2019, 8 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks.
    • The parent company of the teamSoftbank GroupWe have been promoting the second career business such as employment support after retirement of athletes and coaches in cooperation with such as, "Furthermore, we will widely return the experience and thoughts of athletes to society, both companies and athletes. It was established with the aim of creating a system to produce former athletes who are active in various fields in society by providing significant value to them.
    • Businesses include management of athletes, casting of appearances on TV and radio, and planning of events for regions, companies, and organizations.
    • The company name has the meaning of "I want you to spend a second career that is more brilliant and acrobatic than when you were active."
    • At the time of establishment, three staff members have been decided, and the president, Kenji Azumi, is in charge of business, strategy, and planning.Shintaro Ejiri, And signed a management contractTadashi TsutsuzuIs[181][182].

Sponsors of uniforms, etc.

uniformSponsors and suppliers are:

Main team songs / cheering songs

Successive generations

  • Nankai song(Lyrics :)
    The lyrics are published in the magazine "Baseball World" November 1939 issue appendix "Professional Baseball Handbook".It seems that it was enacted during the South Navy era, but the score has not been confirmed[Note 43].
  • Nankai Hawks song(Lyrics:Takao Saeki, Composition:Shunichi Sasaki,song:Katsuhiko Haita,Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus
    Katsuhiko Haida is a baseball fan who professes that he wanted to be a baseball player rather than a singer.Baseball boy"Shining Robins" (Taiyo RobinsThe team song) is sung. From the 1980s, the cover version of the Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus was used at the stadium. Even now that it has become the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks, in games in Kansai, cheering teams play trumpets between games. At the Hawks cheering seats, it is usual for fans from the Nankai era to show a strange excitement.
  • Baseball hawk(Lyrics:Shinichi Ishihara, Composition:Koji Tokuhisa,song:Tsutomu Saito= At that timeEvery day broadcastingannouncer)
    Record released in 1980.Nobuyuki KagawaIt was a coupling (side B) song of the cheering song "Youth Dokaben".
  • Hawk claw(Lyrics:Mizushima Shinji, Composition:Akito Yomo, Arrangement:Masaaki Jimbo, Song: Nobuyuki Kagawa ・Shinichi Kato-Hiroyuki Yoshida-Jun Hatakeyama-Hiroshi Yugamidani
    Record released in 1986.Produced under the supervision of Mizushima. "Nankai HawksIt was planned as a cheering song.
  • Diamond hawk(Lyrics:Yu Aku, Composition:Ryudo Uzaki,song:RYUDOGUMI
    Since moving to Fukuoka, he has played that role as an official team song for many years, beginning with the section "WE ARE THE CHAMPION ...". In addition to the stadium (which was washed away one hour before the start of the game)DaieiIt was an affiliated store or Daiei affiliateconvenience store OfLawsonBut this song was played, and it was played at the time of the championship and the ceremony at the end of the season. In addition, since XNUMX, it has been broadcast occasionally, mainly during the Heiwadai era.Sun TVBetween the Hawks game broadcastsCMThe performance part at the end of this song was also appointed as the music just before entering (with the score score as the background). However, the name recognition of "Izayuke Wakataka Army Corps" (at that time: official cheering song), which will be described later, was low, and as the team moved to Softbank, the curtain was closed (later, Yu Aku wrote this song). Has announced a comment that it is very regrettable that it is no longer used).
  • 可能性(Lyrics :, Composition: Tomoyuki Yamamoto /Kotaro Kubota,song:Escalo
    The official support song for the team.Kyushu Asahi BroadcastingWith full cooperationKBC RadioEscalgo produced music based on the recruitment of cheering song titles, and was sung at events such as STOP and All That's Hawks, as well as on-air on KBC baseball broadcasting.
    Escalgo was disbanded in 2003.


  • Izayake Wakataka Corps
  • To the sky of victory(Lyrics / Composition / Song:Fumiya Fujii
    The official ceremony song of the team. Produced to coincide with the birth of the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks, it was first unveiled by Fujii himself at the opening round of 2005. When you win a match at Yahoo Dome, it is standard to raise "Victory Fireworks" and play this song with "Izayuke Wakataka Army". After the first victory match after the opening, or when Fujii himself is coming to Fuku at a live performance, he may perform a live song.

Main campsite


Daiei era
  • 1989: Just Now For The Fan
  • 1990: Action Baseball
  • 1991: Action Baseball II ~ Raise the Storm Hawk Corps
  • 1992: BIG CHALLENGE '92
  • 1993: GO WILD! GO! ~ Wild School Declaration
  • 1994: ING 1994, something happens
  • 1995: AIMING aims.
  • 1996: I'll let you go.
  • 1997: Wild but Balanced
  • 1998: AIMING2
  • 1999: Get the top
  • 2000: Aim! V2
  • 2001: Super Hawks 2001-The Age of Hawks
  • 2002: 2002 Super Hawks AGAIN ~ All Together
  • 2003: Victory Again ~ Flapping HAWKS
  • 2004: GOLDEN HAWKS ~ Challenge to Endless Victory
Softbank era
  • 2005: Aim for the best in the world!
  • 2006: Aim for the best in the world!
    In addition, "WE = HAWKS", "Double back" as a slogan limited to the Lotte game.
  • 2007: Aim for the best in the world!
    In addition, "WE = HAWKS", "Strong Hawks", and the slogan of the final game / climax series "To win, fully open!"
  • 2008: Aim for the best in the world!
    In addition, "WE = HAWKS", "Enthusiastic Bun! Bun! Everyone's opening" as the opening game slogan, and "Pride in the chest, to the top" as the late season slogan
  • 2009: "Furikire !! Everyone, fully open, forward Hawks."
    In addition, "WE = HAWKS", as the slogan of the final game, "Furikire !!
  • 2010: "This year's year!"
    Another slogan for the final game is "Winning!"
  • 2011: "(Da)" (Da in ◯).
    Besides, as a slogan for the final game, "Burning (da)"
  • 2012: "VV"
    Another slogan for the final game is "Burning! VV"
  • 2013: "Super! Let's go crazy!"
    Besides, as a slogan for the final game, "Super! Guts Mela Mela"
  • 2014: "(I) will do it." (I in ◯.)
    Another slogan for the final game is "Zettai! (I) will do it."
  • 2015: "Atsuo" (Atsuo)
    Besides, as a slogan for the final game, "Everyone!
  • 2016: "Atsuo 2016" (reading of "Atsuo" is the same as 2015)
    In addition, as a slogan for the final game, "Hot Man Fire-Burning to the Top!"
  • 2017: "1 (One) Dahoe!"
    Other slogans for the final game are "ALL FOR Wonder Ho!" And "Full Power! Wonder Ho!"
  • 2018: "One more top! (Icho)"
    Besides, as a slogan for the final game, "One more top! HAWKS soul"
  • 2019: "Stolen Sh! (Dash)"
    Besides, as a slogan for the final game, "V robbery Sh!"
  • 2020: "S15 (Silvia!)"
    Besides, as a slogan for the final game, "Everyone HAWKS S15"
  • 2021: "Hawk!"

Main topics

First victory in a forfeit match

In the 1946 season, the whereabouts of the championship were unknown until the final day of November 11.This day,Korakuen StadiumTokyo Giants ArmyversusSenator, And the Great Ring vs.Central Japanese ArmyAnomalyDouble header, And when the giant wins and the Great Ring loses, the two teams take first place with the same winning percentage.Tie finalThere was a possibility that it would be carried over to. However, because the giant lost 1-1 in the first game, Great Ring decided to win the long-awaited league match in the ninth year of the founding without waiting for the turn. The Great Ring was in the final roundAkira BesshoHowever, there was an accident in which he dropped out due to nosebleeds and fainting, and he lost 4-7.

Tsuruoka aloneLater, "(Who won)Pacific Of藤 本Thanks to Mr. (the team manager). " This is because Pacific was enrolled in the existing prewar teamFujii Isamu-Toshio ShiraishiAcquired. Both players had not received salary from the team they belonged to before the war, so Fujimoto thought that he was a free contractor and won it.Japan Baseball FederationDecided to investigate and said, "We will not allow official participation until the investigation is completed." However, ignoring that, they let them participate in the four official games in May without permission, and later theseConfiscation gameIt has become. Two of them were against the Great Ring, and the match on May 2 was 5-23, so it doesn't matter if the Great Ring won or lost, but the match on May 7 was defeated by Pacific 5-26. .. This was a 4-7 victory for the Great Ring under the rules of the forfeit match. If there were no forfeit matches and the final match was the above result, it would have been a tie-breaking final between Giants and Great Ring.

Every goal match / every goal match

June 1952, 6, during the Nankai era,Korakuen StadiumAt the pairTokyu FlyersFirst in the history of Nippon Professional BaseballScore every timeThe record was achieved. From the 1st to the 5th inning, he scored 2 points each time, and in the last 9 innings, he scored 4 points at a time and made the first feat in history with a big win at 18-4. The scores are listed as a table in the score section each time.

On the contrary, I have had two experiences of losing points each time. The first was on May 2, 1 during the Nankai era.Hankyu BravesBattle (Hankyu Nishinomiya Stadium) Lost 4-15 and scored every time at Hankyu[Note 44]Is presented. The second time was against May 2, 1997 during the Daiei era.Seibu LionsIn the battle, he lost a large amount of 7 points in the 6th inning, and is suffering a shutout loss of 0-21.

Japan Series minimum audience mobilization record

1953 Japan Series(Battle against Giants) was originally the 5th roundKorakuen Stadium, Rounds 6 and 7 were scheduled to be held at Osaka Stadium,US-Japan baseballの日程の関係と当時の大会規定で「第1・3・5・7戦と第2・4・6戦は毎年両リーグが交互に指定し、また第1・2戦、第3・4戦、第5・6戦はそれぞれ連続して同じ地区の球場を指定すること」という取り決めもあり、予定を変えて5・6戦を南海主催、7戦を巨人主催の後楽園という日程で行った。このうち第6戦は本来の大阪球場ではなくOsaka TigersHome ofHanshin Koshien StadiumThe event was held by renting, but the number of paying spectators was only 6346, the lowest record in the history of the series.

Kokeraotoshi is a suspended game

Opened this year on May 1987, 5Niigata-Kashiwazaki City Satoike Baseball Field OfFlutterAs a pairLotte OrionsThe battle was held[189].. However, due to heavy rainfall on that day, I originally wanted to cancel it, but in Kashiwazaki City, it was the first time in 1950 years since 37.[Note 45]The tournament was hosted because the advance tickets were sold out as the official game was held.Niigata DailyKashiwazaki City waited for the weather to recover in an attempt to hold a forced event.

Then, after seeing a lull, the ground was improved and the soil was replenished, and the game started at 14:32, 14 minutes later than the originally announced 32:64, but it was interrupted for XNUMX minutes due to heavy rain again. Is forced. Still, considering that the attention was high, I was particular about the match, and managed to win the match. After the break, the match continued without any problems, but at Satoike StadiumNight gameNo lighting equipment is installed, and the match must be terminated at sunset. The sunset time in Niigata at that time was 18:20, and it was possible to hold it until the last minute, but due to the influence of the thick clouds, it would be dangerous to see the ball if the game was continued any longer. , At 8:4 during Lotte's attack, which was greeted in the 4th inning, 17-44Suspended gamesWas sentenced. The continuation of this match was held at Heiwadai on July 7th, and won by hitting Kawano's goodbye in a timely manner.[Note 46][Note 47][Note 48].


On May 5th, the day after the pre-suspended game was playedNiigata OfToriyano Sports Park Baseball FieldThe match scheduled to be held in Japan was canceled due to poor ground conditions due to the heavy rain.[190].

From 1977 to 1988, Nankai is conducting the "Niigata Series" mainly in the summer, and in principle, the first Saturday is the first day.Nagaoka City Yukyuzan Baseball Stadium, On the second dayToriyano Sports Park Baseball FieldWas the venue[191].. However, in the 1981 match against Seibu Lions, the first match wasJoetsu Municipal Baseball Stadium, The first match against Kintetsu Buffaloes in 1987 and 1988 mentioned above is being held in Kashiwazaki. Also, of the Sundays held, 1977/1978 and 1982[Note 49]Was a two-season system at the time, so it was once implemented with a doubleheader in order to be able to digest one card and three consecutive battles as much as possible.

Phantom relocation plan to Sakai City

Osaka StadiumOf the 1994KIXSince it was designated as a target area for the redevelopment plan for the Namba area due to the opening of the port, it was finally closed in 1990. Parent companyNankai Electric RailwayWas considering the construction of a new stadium to replace the Osaka stadium, and is adjacent to Osaka City.Sakai CityHowever, the mayor at that time enthusiastically promoted the invitation. However, with the transfer of the team to Daiei and the relocation of the headquarters to Fukuoka City, this plan also became an illusion.

After that, the Osaka Stadium ended its role only after being used as a quasi-base by Kintetsu Buffaloes for two years in 1989 and 1990. After using the field section as a housing exhibition hall as a temporary measure, it was completely closed in 2. Due to the subsequent redevelopment projectNamba ParksIt became. The Nakahyaku Tobori Stadium was also used for general use such as local grass baseball and youth baseball, but it was closed in 2001 and an apartment was built on the site.

Raw egg case

May 1996, 5, against Kintetsu Buffaloes (Nippon Life Stadium) Match[Note 50]After losing 2-3, some frustrated fans turned into mobs and threw raw eggs at the bus with the king and players, with a swearing "You guys, professional?" .. The year has been sluggish since the opening, and the team lost four consecutive games in this defeat, and as of this day, the results were 4 wins and 9 losses, the debt was 22, and the winning percentage was less than 13%. There was a series of runaway fans who questioned the king's position, mainly at stadiums other than Fukuoka, such as the turmoil surrounding.

Road games in protected areas

So far, he has played 5 games (3 cards) in official games and road games in his hometown Fukuoka.

  • June 1999-6, 11 against Orix Blue Wave (Fukuoka Dome)

MoreOrix Buffaloes #Game hosted by enemy territorySee.

The above two games are in different Kyushu regions the day before (the former isShin Oita Stadium, The latter isNagasaki Big N Stadium) Is the "Kyushu 2 Lien Chan".

In all three games above, the Hawks treated as a road used the bench on the first base side and the opponent side used the bench on the third base side due to the arrangement of the benches (the home team can choose the bench under the agreement). At the new Oita Stadium and Nagasaki Big N Stadium, Hawks used the third base side and BayStars used the first base side.

Open battleThen at Fukuoka Dome and KitakyushuYomiuri GiantsAnd in KitakyushuYokohama DeNA Baystars-Hiroshima Toyo CarpThere was a case where a local road game was played. At this time, the Giants hosted the Giants at the Fukuoka Dome, with the Giants on the third base side and the Hawks on the first base side. At Kitakyushu Municipal Stadium, Giants and Carp used the first base side and Hawks used the third base side. The BayStars sponsored the BayStars on the third base side and the Hawks on the first base side, as in the official game.

Official match in Taiwan

May 2002th and 5th, 14,Taipei Municipal Tianmu Baseball StadiumHeld two consecutive battles against Orix Blue Wave.Izumi ChongqingAccording to the report, the official game in Taiwan was originally planned by Orix, but it was abandoned due to lack of prospects for the balance. The plan was supposed to float in the air, but it was said that Daiei was able to hold it in 2002. It is the third time that Japanese professional baseball has played overseas after the war (Nishitetsu Lions vs Toei Flyers on May 3, 1961, Hankyu Braves vs Daigo Orions on June 5 and 20, 1962 at that time.The United States of AmericaWas under the occupation ofOkinawa(Since I went there), but the official game in Taiwan is the first after the war.

The match isAya MatsuuraIn the first round, Daiei won the goodbye 1-5, and in the second round, Orix won 4-2.

The team will be in 2003 the following yearKaohsiung CityI was planning to have two consecutive battles against Seibu Lions, but negotiations with Seibu were not finalized and it was not held.[Note 51].

Hosted game in Tokyo

August 2004, 6, vsOsaka Kintetsu BuffaloesBattle (first battle of two consecutive battles),Sadaharu OhIs the old nest ofYomiuri GiantsHome ofTokyo DomeIt was held for the first time as a sponsored game at.In addition, since he achieved a total of 6 wins for the manager in the match on June 7, a few days before this match, it was held as a commemorative match for a total of 1000 wins in a hurry.In addition, from 1000, as part of the "Hawk Festival", one or two games were held every year at Tokyo Dome until 2012 (no plans to be held in 2019 and 1).

Hosted game in Osaka

August 2014, 8, sponsored by SoftbankKyocera Dome OsakaHeld a battle against Seibu at.The match was won by Softbank 6-5 with 32,093 spectators[192].. Originally Softbank's predecessor was Osaka PrefectureProtected areaSince it was Nankai, it was decided to hold a sponsored game at Kyocera Dome Osaka. It was the first time in 1988 years since 26, before the move to Fukuoka, that the main game was held in Osaka. Until the day before, Softbank had a visitor match against Orix at Kyocera Dome Osaka, and on the day of the match, the match was hosted in Osaka, and for the next day and the day after next, the match was held in Fukuoka as before. The three irregular battles between Osaka and Fukuoka were held as a special series entitled "Fukuoka Softbank Hawks 2th Series" to commemorate the 3th anniversary of the transfer of the team to Softbank. Since 10, one game has been held every year, and one card against Orix at Kyocera Dome is held as a reprint game of Nankai (Orix side is Hankyu or Kintetsu depending on the year).

Cooperation with local Fukuoka

Hawks Supporters Club

With the support of local companies and shops, the Hawks Supporters Club is increasingly partnering with the team to offer discounts (planning if they win) when they win various events and games.[193].

Collaboration with retailers

  • The Daiei era is a retail competitorIwataya,Hakata Izutsuya,Hakata Daimaru[Note 52],AEON Kyushu[Note 53][194][195]Although retailers such as were reluctant to sell,Pet markLiberalization of use such as (RoyaltySales efforts such as "free of charge" and the importance of the team's success in Fukuoka have come to be emphasized, and the support of various companies has increased. Cooperation has continued even after becoming Softbank.Youme Town(Izumi[Note 54],Edion,Hankyu Department StoreMany companies such as (Hakata Hankyu), which are based outside Fukuoka Prefecture, also support the company because they have stores locally.[Note 55]
    • In the Nankai era, in the retail industryTakashimayaFormed a capital tie-up with Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd., the parent company of the team at that time.Namba Station OfNankai BuildingIt was indirectly related to having the registered head office (Osaka store) in Japan, and until the sale of the Nankai baseball team, there was a "Takashimaya Hawks Supporters Association" as a support organization within the company, but in the 1950s During the Nankai Golden Age, there was no business custom for cheering and winning sales, and since 1978 it was sluggish at 4th place or lower, so the winning sale at the Takashimaya Osaka store was only once in 1973.[Note 56].
    • Daiei had held a victory sale for the local team at the store where the team was located before the team owned it, but even after the team owns it, it will hold the Hanshin Tigers championship sale in the Kansai area and the Seibu Lions championship sale in Saitama prefecture with the permission of each team. In particular, in 2003, it was an exceptional response to the winning sale of both the Daiei and Hanshin teams competing in the Japan Series in the Kansai area.
  • From spring 2007LawsonA collaboration store with Lawson Jigyo 15-chome store opens. For the interior of the store, yellow, which is the Hawks team color, is used as the symbol color instead of the normally used blue. A panel of 2 Hawks players is posted on the wall of the store. Fukuoka Yahoo! JAPAN A special fixture that imitates the dome is permanently installed, and Hawks goods (about 60 items) are sold with two types of fixtures that display the Hawks character. We are also actively participating in the campaign.
  • In 2010, in commemoration of the Pacific League victory for the first time in 7 years, with local companieslicenseWe have signed a contract to plan Pacific League victory commemorative goods and deepen cooperation with local companies. As an example of an unprecedented planned product, you can request production in collaboration with the member's photo at the time of winning.Made-to-orderJigsaw puzzleAnd so on.
  • In 2015, Aeon KyushuMaxvalu Kyushu・ Former parent company Daiei jointly "Fukuoka Softbank Hawks ×WAONIssuance of "card" has started[197].. As a character on the cardHarry Hawk Honey HawkAnd the design of Happy Waon, the image character of WAON, is printed.
  • In Hiroshima prefectureSoftbank shop(Y! MobileAt SOFTBANK Group (including shops), there are stores that sell the winning sale of the competing team Hiroshima Toyo Carp, and the SoftBank Group is also taking flexible measures in consideration of regional characteristics (especially Central League, where there is little competition in official games). For league teams).

Cooperation with J League baseball team

Since 2006, based in the same city of FukuokaJ League OfAvispa FukuokaThey have deepened their cooperation with each other and put up banners for each other on the official websites of both teams.Also, make the owner's hometown the hometownSagan Tosu,Giravanz Kitakyushu,Roasso Kumamoto,V. Farren NagasakiOthers The relationship with the Kyushu ground baseball team is also relatively good, although the cooperation and exchange projects are not as dense as Avispa.

Public transport

Cooperation with the resident media

  • Hawks has been actively collaborating with broadcasting stations in Fuku (Northern Kyushu) since the Daiei era.
  • Yomiuri Shimbun Western HeadquartersHas been in the series since the 2000 Japan SeriesFukuoka BroadcastingThe Hawks support stance has been strengthened more than other newspapers due to consideration for the Hawks, and advertisements are posted on Yahoo Dome, and in the Fukuoka prefecture version, sales information of tickets for games that are broadcast on the TV section is posted. localWest Japan ShimbunOther newspaper companies are also trying to strengthen cooperation with the Hawks in their respective ways.

Hawks cheering party

Female idol group at the fan appreciation event "Thank you gathering 2011" held at Yahoo Dome on December 12, 11AKB48Based in Fukuoka, a sister group ofHKT48Has been announced to join the Hawks cheering squad[200].. In 2012, the event appearance at the spring camp, the appearance at the opening game on March 3, and the FAN! FUN! STAGE (mainly the HKT30 performance at the theater near the dome and the Hawks game date overlapped. At the time, mini-lives were held at the pre-performance ground (July 48th, August 7th), Hawks Caravan, and "Thank you gathering 15", and 8 was the same as the previous year. Mini-lives at the caravan and FAN! FUN! STAGE were held (irregularly). In addition, the Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome also had a member-specific HKT room with refurbished super box seats and a booth displaying member signatures, and goods in collaboration with Hawks were also on sale. Among the members, Haruka Wakatabe was on June 30, 2012.Rino SashiharaAppeared at the opening ceremony on September 2013, 9 and September 26, 2015, respectively (Sashihara is not as a Hawks cheering party, but as a sponsor of the match). Activities as a cheering party ended in 9, but in 28 he continued to participate in the Hawks Caravan (irregularly). Also, at TOKYO MX "STRONG! Hawks Baseball Broadcast",Haruka Wakatabe(At that time, HKT48 member. Currently:Fuji Television Network, IncGeneral employee) is my fatherKenichi WakatabeThere was a time when he was active as a reporter during the game where he explained (irregularly).

In AKB48's sister group, on September 2010, 9SKE48[201], May 2011, 5NMB48[202]However, it has appeared in mini-lives and opening ceremonies on the ground.


HakozakiguIt is customary to pray for victory every January.


Relay program

tv set

Since 2020SKY Perfect JSATIs directlyBroadcast rightAnd the camp broadcastBS SKY PerfecTV!But the official gameSports live +(Sukasaka!Is reorganized) will be broadcast[203][204],at the same timeJ: COMAnd someCable tv stationBut start distribution[204][205].


Both broadcast until the final round, including the digestive match after the league victory is decided. In particular, "KBC Hawks Nighter" will broadcast all Hawks games from the opening round to the final round, regardless of home visitors (JRNRKB, the sole member station,NRNBecome an exclusive cardTokyo Yakult SwallowsBecause the sponsored game cannot be broadcast).

Broadcast program that was broadcast in the past

Support / news program

Support program currently being broadcast
Support program that was broadcast in the past


Various events are held in some of the official Hawks-sponsored games at the Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome. Until 2009, some kind of event was held every game under the name of "100% Enter Dome Declaration".

○○ day

A "○○ Day" project is being held for specific players and fans.An example is given below.

Kids Day
Mainly on the children of Hawks fan club members, Miss Uguisu andStadium djInstead, there are plans such as experiencing on-site broadcasting. As far as the on-site broadcast is concerned, it is currently being broadcast mainly on holidays and summer vacations in the bottom of the 4th and the bottom of the 5th, with only the first three batters from the beginning of the episode.
∞ Player Support Day
On Hawks' main player support day, tickets with goods for the target player will be on sale, and masks and headgear of the target player will be distributed free of charge to visitors. Held until 2009.
Ticket discount day
The infield seats are half price, and the outfield seats are all 1,000 yen. Currently, only the outfield seats are available, and weekday games are all 1,000 yen except for some specific games such as the opening game and the hawk festival.
Let's enjoy the sound of the ball
It prohibits the support of noise and calls for enjoying the sound of hitting and catching. Held until 2009.
Club Hawks Day
Various events will be held for members of the official fan club "Club Hawks".
Men's Day
This is a project for male students that has been held since 2011, and will include limited-edition merchandise and events featuring talents and idols.
Held from 2012. A mini-live, opening ceremony, etc. will be held before the start of the match by a group of K-POP artists. In addition, watching tickets with goods and event tickets will be sold for a limited time. 1Supernova, 2013 yearsINFINITE,BOYFRIEND, 2014 yearsU-KissHas appeared.
Roof open day
Fukuoka Yafuoku! Open the roof of the dome and play the game. If the Hawks win, the roof will be closed once for the convenience of launching the winning fireworks, but it will be reopened after the launch. However, depending on the weather, it may not be done, or the roof may be closed on the way.

Hawk festival

Since 2004, in home games during summer vacation"Hawk Festival"We are holding an event wearing a summer uniform called. The highlight of this event is the gift of replica uniforms to all visitors, as well as fan-participation events and large-scale promotions in the city.

However, there are some problems with the distribution of replica uniforms. InitiallyVisitor support seatAudiences can receive their uniforms when they return from the stadium.[208], I was not allowed to bring it to the visitor's seat during the match. Despite this, at the Hawk Festival held at PayPay Dome in 2014, Hawks fans who could not purchase other seats purchased a visitor support seat because they wanted a uniform and sat in the visitor seat, so the original visitor seat It is said that there was a problem that fans of the visitor team who should buy the ticket could not buy the ticket. In addition, the official Twitter account that responded to the complaint said, "Considering the abolition of visitor seats."[209]Was misleading and later apologized[210].. This statement meant that the width of the visitor area should be decided according to the situation after it was released as a non-reserved seat, not in advance.[210].

After all, from the following 2015, all the visitors of Hawks goods, including games other than the hawk festival, will not be distributed to the visitor support seats only.[211][212].. However, depending on the match, we may distribute visitor team goods instead.[213][214].

  • In 2004, a home uniform was presented under the title of "White Miracle".
  • In 2005, the match was titled "Black Hawk Advent!", Wearing visitor uniforms. Along with this, a uniform for visitors was presented.
  • In 2006, the event will be held in three consecutive battles, and the Hawks will wear a "third uniform" for three days only. The uniform present for the visitors was held on the third day. The catchphrase for 3 was "BIG YELLOW DREAM", and the uniform was yellow with black on both arms. I also made the brim of the hat yellow.
  • In 2007, as in the previous year, it was held in three consecutive races. The catchphrase is "Moeruze Natsu! Strong Hawks", and the third uniform has a silver background and yellow arms. In addition, the Sh logo of the hat was used on the left chest.
  • In 2008, as in the previous year, it was held in three consecutive races. The catchphrase is "WE = HAWKS", and the third uniform is the reverse of the revolution yellow and white of the home uniform. Until the previous year, uniform gifts were given to all visitors, which was only on the third day, for all three days, and stick balloons were also given only on the third day. Also, at the roof open show held on the third day, when the roof of the dome opened, the letters "WE = HAWKS" emerged.Sea Hawk HotelThere was also a large-scale performance where you could see.
  • For three years from 2009, the third uniform is not based on the traditional yellow color, but a cheering song "Izayake Wakataka CorpsIt is based on the color associated with the lyrics.
    • In 2009, as in the previous year, it was held in three consecutive races. The catchphrase is "Katsu! Natsu!", And the third uniform is "Genkai Nada" (No. 3), which is based on navy blue.Genkai Sea"Blue" has a white line in the image of "Hawk's claw mark, rough waves of the Genkai Sea". As in the previous year, uniforms were presented for three days. When the roof of the dome opened at the roof open show on the final day, the words "Furikire !!", the catchphrase of this year's Hawks, appeared at the Sea Hawk Hotel (I won the second day, but the roof of the dome due to bad weather. Did not open. This dayJuly 21 Heavy rain in northern China and KyushuWas severely damaged in Yamaguchi Prefecture. ).
    • The catchphrase for 2010 is "Burning and Ikanbai !!".The third uniform burns after "fire" (No. 2)"Red"Based on "Kachidoki Red", the design of the usual uniform was left as it was. OpponentSaitama Seibu Lions.
    • The catchphrase for 2011 is "Shobunda! 2011".The third uniform is "Champion Blue" (normal design) based on the light blue of the league champion flag acquired in the previous year (the pennant is the same color, but the color of the winning pennant differs depending on the year) after "Champion Flag" (No. 3). The ground color of the uniform was changed to light blue).First worn at the match against Orix (Kyocera Dome Osaka) on July 7st before the festival.After that, it will be worn in the visitor's game. The match from July 1th to 7th was the same Saitama Seibu Lions as the previous year.
  • The theme color for 2012 is "VV Green".The design is based on bright green, which is reminiscent of the uniforms of the former Nankai Hawks era (usually the background color of the design uniform is green, and the hat and pants are also designed with bright green) in July. 7 official games such as the Seibu match hosted by Softbank at the Tokyo Dome on the 2nd (the first time it will be held outside of Yahoo Dome), the Lotte match on the 15th at Yahoo Dome, and the Orix match on the 16th-18th. It was worn by (including visitors) and was also used in several home games at the end of the pennant race.In addition, in the game on July 15, the greenPsylliumWas distributed to visitors (however, on the same day, some people threw the psyllium distributed at the festival into the stand after the fireworks, and the SoftBank Hawks side officiallyTwitterI made a complaint and apologized.[215]).
  • The catchphrase for 2013 is "Super! Guts Mela Mela".The color is "Guts Purple".The design is based on deep blue-purple (usually the background color of the design uniform is purple, and the hat and pants also have purple), and this year's catch phrase "Super! Guts" was held at the recital. Former boxing world champion named after "Melamera"Guts IshimatsuAlso rushed.
  • The theme color for 2014 is "Kachidoki Red 2014". While keeping the image of "Kachidoki Red" worn in 2010 as it is, "Hawks player" and "Hawks fan" fight together and adopt it as a theme color to push forward. It became more vivid than the 2010 "Kachidoki Red", and the strong feeling for "Japan's No. 2010" that could not be achieved last time (7) was expressed in the logo color "Champion Gold" ("SoftBank HAWKS" logo and hat "Sh". The logo, spine number, and spine name are gold), and the hat and pants are also designed with red color, July 1 (Tokyo Dome), July 7 (Kitakyushu Municipal Stadium), 21nd, 22rd. In addition to the Lotte match on the day (Yafuokudome), the Orix match (Yafuokudome) on July 23-7, and the Seibu match on August 25 to commemorate the entry into the 27th year of the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks, the "Hawk Festival in" It will be held at Kyocera Dome Osaka, which is named "Osaka".Also, in "Hawk Festival in Osaka", the emblem on the right sleeve of the uniform has been changed to a special version of "Osaka emblem".The sponsor logo of the left sleeve "Q'Sai" has been changed from the usual "white letters on a green background" to "green letters on a white background".
    • Initially, "Kachidoki Red 8" was scheduled to end in the game on August 18th, but in the game worn in this game, it achieved a good result with 2014 wins and 6 losses, especially in the Yahoo! As the victory will gain momentum, the 2 Hawks games scheduled for September will be targeted again.EncoreDecided to wear[216](However, he did not win the Kachidoki Red because he wore the regular specifications for the match against Orix on October 10nd when he decided to win and the postseason after that).
    • This year, we are collaborating on the children's invitation project "Sports Kids Project".J League-Sagan TosuCollaboration with. Tosu was held on July 7(I.e.Players wore special uniforms using Kachidoki Red in the battle, and distributed Kachidoki Red collaboration uniforms (similar to the front-opening baseball uniform) to all visitors.[217].. Similar projects are being implemented in 2015 and 2016.
  • In 2015, it was planned to be held at 4 venues and 8 games in Fukuoka, Tokyo, Osaka and Kitakyushu, but the Lotte game in Kitakyushu on July 7 was in poor ground condition due to the torrential rain that shook just before the start of the game.[218]Because of this, it was canceled, and at this stage there were 3 venues and 7 games (alternative dates in Kitakyushu are undecided). This year's theme was "Attich! Atsoo", and the special uniform was named "Atsuo Revolution Yellow".[219].
    • This uniform was originally scheduled to end in the game against Orix on July 7, but after all it was a win (26 wins, 6 loss, 1 cancellation) with a special specification uniform.[220]As a result, it was decided that the league championship would gain momentum as in the previous year, and it was decided that the encore would be worn in the seven main games scheduled for September 9th to 4th. I also decided to say "Atsuo!"However, there is an agreement that "if you win the league (if there is a possibility of winning with Magic 20 or less), you will wear a normal white uniform", and the Seibu match that was the league championship match on September 7th It was changed to that white uniform, and it was not possible to raise the body in the "Atsuo" uniform.[221].
  • In 2016, it will be held at 4 venues and 8 games in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kitakyushu, and Osaka.The special uniform is colored in the image of the 2016 Japan Series champion pennant named "Champion Blue 2015".
  • 2017年は「ワッショイ! ワンダホー!」をテーマに、7月17日から7月23日の福岡県内で行われる主催6試合(ヤフオク5、北九州1)に加え、いずれも北海道日本ハムを相手とした月曜ナイターとして施行される東京ドーム(7月31日)、京セラドーム大阪(8月14日)の合計8試合[222]で行われ、6勝2敗であった。今回のサマーユニフォームは、「1(ワン)ダホー!ストライプ2017」をテーマに、ホームゲーム用に使用する白をベースとしたものに、2010・14年に着用した「カチドキレッド」の縦じまをあしらったものを採用し、「Hawksの伝統を受け継ぎ、日本一へ続く道」をアピールしている。なお「鷹の祭典」自体は7月17日からであるが、前半戦最終のホームゲームである7月4・5日のオリックス戦と11・12日の東北楽天戦でお披露目を兼ねて着用が行われている[223]This uniform is also worn by encore as part of the final game campaign against Orix on September 9th and 13th and Rakuten game on 14rd-23th.[224]However, "If the league victory is decided, or if the league victory is the visitor stadium and the subsequent awards ceremony is held in the home game"[225]There is a special agreement to wear a regular home game uniform, and the match on September 9 was played in a regular uniform due to the award ceremony for the league championship.
  • In 2018, it will be held at 4 venues and 10 games in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kitakyushu, and Osaka.The special uniform is "One more top! Golden stripe 1" and is colored with a gold stripe with "2018" in a row on a white background in connection with the team slogan "One more top!".
  • In 2019, 9 games will be wearing the "Hawk Festival 2019 Uniform" based on light blue.[226].
  • In 2020, eight games will be played, and the yellow-based "Hawk Festival 8 exclusive uniform" will be worn.[227].

Taka Girl Day (formerly known as High School Girl Day)

Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting"Asades.』Planning of the fansHigh school girlSince 2006, it has been held only for one of the games hosted by May to June every year. At the eventCecil McbeeLimited goods mainly in pink will be on sale, including limited uniforms in collaboration with famous brands such as X-Girl and moussy. Until 2011, high school girls "Hawks Girls" who will be the center of the event on the day were recruited in advance, and the event contents were planned and implemented, but in 2012, HKT48 of the Hawks support team became the center. Event, 2013DreamAn event was held in collaboration with. In addition, from 2009, we will raise awareness and promote the eradication of breast cancer and early consultation of screening.Pink ribbonIn connection with "Activities", pink bases with white ribbons are installed on each of the first, second, and third bases. In 2014, it was renamed Taka Girl Day.

Doomo Day

Kyushu Asahi BroadcastingMidnight program ofDomoAn event that has been held jointly with the Hawks since 2008 for one match only. Tickets with goods will also be sold on the day, and purchasers can watch the game with the performers and participate in events held on the ground after the game is over. In 1, the Hawks Vision video was changed to one with Duomo performers.


Asahi beerCo-sponsored music by one or two artists held several times a year from 2010 to 2013 before the start of the matchLIVE.

Cheering style

Megaphone dance

The support of the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks is called "Megaphone Dance" (hereinafter referred to as "Megadan"), which has continued since the predecessor Daiei era, and can be said to be a unique support not found in other teams. mainlyoutfieldFans of the stand hold a megaphone when attacking the Hawks and dance differently depending on the song to the player cheering song and hitting march. As the name of megaphone dance suggests, the choreography mainly moves only the arms (some hitting marches run around). However, as of 2019, the number of fans who are doing megaphone dance has decreased considerably, and it seems that there are more fans who only hit megaphones and kung fu bats according to the hitting march of the cheering party.

Since 1999, "Support Performance Video / DVD" has been on sale from the team (DVD has been on sale since 2005, and VHS has not been sold since 2007).

Jet balloons

Yellow after playing "Izayuke Wakataka Army" before the 7th Hawks attackJet balloons(Balloons of different colors may be flown due to the event). Also, if the Hawks win, fly a white jet balloon over the "white star" after the hero interview.[Note 60]..Also, in 2020,New coronavirus(COVID-19) The use of jet balloons was banned to prevent infection.

Out theme

Until 2017, out-themes were used in principle. The theme song is "Restaurant in Dotonbori, Osaka"KuidaoreThis is an arrangement of the CM song, which is a remnant of Nankai Hawks, which has a franchise in Osaka. In the second half, 1 out sounds once, 1 outs 2 times, and 2 outs 3 times. However, it does not sound when the base is hit or the sacrifice bunt is successful. It was abolished from the 3 season.

Movement to carry on tradition

As mentioned above, there are many support themes that have been used continuously since the former Nankai Hawks era. The current team colors are yellow and black, which are the corporate colors of the parent company Softbank, but the happi coats and cheering flags used by the cheering squad at the cheering seats nationwide (especially in Kansai and East Japan) are the team colors of the former Nankai Hawks. Was used for dark green and team flagsマ ゼ ン タThe overwhelming majority are based on.

2008年には、球団創設70周年及び福岡移転20周年という節目の年に当たることから南海電鉄とダイエーにも趣旨を説明した上で、南海時代(南海ホークスとして最後に日本一になった昭和39〈1964〉年当時のもの)とダイエー時代(1999年と2003年に日本一になった当時のもの)のユニフォームが復刻された。2013年にも、球団創設75周年を記念して南海時代(福岡移転直前の1984年から1988年当時のもの)のユニフォームが復刻された(#Special uniformSee). At the time of Nankai uniform, the Nankai Hawks team flag was waved at the stand, and at Lucky 7, "Nankai Hawks song" was played. Also, at the time of Daiei's uniform, at the time of Lucky 7, the "Izayuke Wakataka Army Corps" of the Daiei era is being played.


2011 yearsGreat East Japan EarthquakeIn response to this, in addition to the usual support using the team flag only this year, the prefecture that was damaged by the earthquake in the main game at Fukuoka Yahoo! JAPAN Dome (Aomori-Iwate-Miyagi-Fukushima-Ibaraki-Chiba), There was a scene in which a private cheerleader waved a big flag with black letters on a white background, "Let's do our best !! ○○ (prefecture name)" (before the start of the match and after winning the match). When you finish, etc.).

Fan club

The official fan club is "ClubHAWKS". In addition to fan club cards, paid members can choose from several types of goods such as replica uniforms, and fan club exclusive pin badges.

In addition, paid members will receive newsletters issued four times a year, advance ticket sales, priority admission when holding Hawks-sponsored games at Fukuoka PayPay Dome, batting practice tours of Hawks players before the game, autograph sessions and talk shows of players, etc. You can receive benefits such as the right to participate in.In the past, there was also a point program where you could collect points by watching games or shopping at the official shop "Hawks Store" (granted until 4, used until 2007).Currently, when shopping at the official shop "Hawks Store", you can get a 2008% discount by showing your fan club card.

There are also shop members (free of charge) exclusively for "dugout" (Internet only), but you cannot receive the benefits of paid members.


The official goods shopHAWKS STORE(Hawks store) Until then in 2019Doug OutIt was renewed from. Formerly the center of Fukuoka cityTenjin(DaimaruTenjin Nishidori),Marinoa City Fukuoka,Canal City HakataAnd KitakyushuColletIzutsuyaIt had opened in the I'm specialty store area on the 8th floor, but is now withdrawing.

HAWKS STORE PayPay Dome store
2-2-2 Jigyohama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka In front of Gate 8 of Fukuoka PayPay Dome
HAWKS STORE Chikugo store
757-1 Tsushima, Chikugo City, Fukuoka Prefecture Tama Home Stadium Chikugo 3rd base side stairs

In addition to the above official shops, there are Hawks goods dealers in various parts of Fukuoka Prefecture and at the baseball stadiums of 11 teams other than Hawks.

Related books

  • "Nankai Hawks Forty Year History" Nankai Hawks ed., Nankai Hawks, 1978.
  • "HAWKS the 70th Hawks Glory Trail", edited by Baseball Magazine,Baseball magazine company, 2008.ISBN 9784583101194.
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  • "History of Nankai Hawks Glory 1938-1988" Baseball Magazine <BBMOOK 847 Sports Series No.717>, 2012.ISBN 9784583618876.
  • "Hawks 75 Years History Nankai, Daiei, Softbank Inheriting Glory History" Baseball Magazine <BBMOOK 962>, 2013.ISBN 9784583620220.


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  13. ^ Compared to Hankyu, which was in Kochi City, and Hanshin, which was one hour away from Kochi City, Nankai was said to take four hours by train from the city.
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  52. ^ DaimaruIs holding a support sale for the Hanshin Tigers at stores in the Kansai area (Hanshin Department StoreOther than that, the use of designs such as team names and pet marks was licensed from early on with Daiei). In addition, it became the same series due to business integration.MatsuzakayaIs holding a support sale for the Chunichi Dragons.
  53. ^ Maxvalu Kyushu,Home wide-VIVREAt AEON stores in the Kyushu area, including the above, support sales and championship sales have started since 2005 after the team moved to Softbank. The Aeon Group supports different teams depending on the region (example: the head office is close to the location)Chiba Lotte MarinesSupport), before being integrated into AeonMycalWas going to support Hiroshima Toyo Carp at the end of the period in consideration of regional characteristicsHiroshimaOr before joining the Mycal groupMoney Chief Takeda Department StoreYakult HeadquartersFrom the relationship ofYakult SwallowsI was going to supportAomori(Current:Sakurano Department Store) Except for some areasYomiuri GiantsI was doing support activities.
  54. ^ In 2018, when we played against Hiroshima Toyo Carp in the Japan Series, due to logistics and regional characteristicsYamaguchi With the western border as the boundarySanyo OnodaThe east is Carp,ShimonosekiNishi has held a Hawks support sale[196].
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  56. ^ JR Hakata CityTakashimaya also made a name for himself in opening a department store in Japan, so if the store was opened, there was a possibility that the Hawks' support activities would be revived by changing the location.JR KyushuSelected to open Hankyu Department Store because of conditions.
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