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⚾ | Pinch hitter first ball bullet Pinch hitter goodbye bullet Opening game 10 consecutive losses ... Record collection born in the opening game 3 consecutive games

Kamei, a giant who hits a goodbye home run over the right side of the photo = 26th

First batter first ball bullet Pinch hitter goodbye bullet 10 consecutive losses in the opening game ... Record collection born in the opening 3 consecutive games

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(837 games 500 wins 316 losses 21 minutes win rate 613) This is the 2018.9st person since Nippon-Ham Hideki Kuriyama, the manager of September 2, 31.

Professional baseball that started in 2021.In the opening round, Rakuten Tatsumi Ryosuke started with the first batter home run of the outfielder, and the giant turtle ... → Continue reading

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837 games 500 wins 316

Since director Hideki Kuriyama of Nippon-Ham


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