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⚾ | Kitahiroshima City agrees to redevelop the west exit of the station to the access base of the new stadium


Kitahiroshima City agrees to redevelop the west exit of the station to access base for the new stadium

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Last year, ES-CON Japan also acquired the naming rights for the new stadium from professional baseball Hokkaido Nippon-Ham.

Kitahiroshima, where the professional baseball Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Ball Park will open again next year.JR Kitahiroshima Station, which is the gateway to the city today ... → Continue reading

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Professional baseball Hokkaido Nippon-Ham

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ES-CON Japan Co., Ltd.(ES-CON JAPAN Ltd., English name: ES-CON JAPAN Ltd.)TokyoMinato-kuTokyo HeadquartersOsakaChuo-kuHeadquarters in Osakareal-estate company.

2018 ,Chubu Electric PowerThrough a capital and business alliance withEquity method affiliateIt was,2021 Against the company in AprilThird-party allotmentBecame a subsidiary[2].

For-sale that appeals to the plan / conceptApartmentPlanning / development / sales business of commercial facilities such as brands "Neverland" and "Le Jade" and "tonarie", leasing business for owned properties, property management business, condominium management business, real estate related business We develop contract, planning, brokerage, consulting and real estate investment advisory business.Commercial facility,Medical facility,HotelAlso involved in real estate development such as.

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