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🇯🇵 | Terunofuji returns to Ozeki for the first time in 21 places

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Terunofuji returns to Ozeki for the first time in 21 places

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As messengers, the Sumo Association dispatched Takashima (former Sekiwake Takanobuyama) and Asakayama Judge (former Ozeki Kaiou) of the same Isegahama Ichimon to the Isegahama room in Koto Ward.

On the 31st, the Japan Sumo Association held a ranking organization for the Sumo Summer Basho (the first day of May 5, Ryogoku Kokugikan) at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Sumida-ku, Tokyo. → Continue reading

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Isegahama Ichimon

Koto Ward

Koto Ward(Kotoku) isTokyo OfWardLocated in the eastspecial area.


Eastern Tokyo,Sumida RiverArakawaIt is in a position sandwiched betweenTokyo BayFacing.

Edo PeriodToLandfillIs the area whereEdoAt the eastern end ofFukagawa district(OldFukagawa Ward)Tomioka Hachimangu ShrineIncludingShrines and TemplesThere are many.The inland area of ​​the ward has been around for a long timeResidential areasandIndustrial areaAs,KameidoToCrane turtle OfKameido Tenjin ShrineAlso, the south side of Kinshicho Station has developed as an entertainment area (however,Kinshicho StationAnd its southShuto Expressway No. 7 Komatsugawa LineUntilSumida-kuIs).Also, around the ward, especiallyCoastal subcenterAnd the Minamisuna area are large-scaleApartment,Medical-welfare facilityIs being built one after another.ToyosuDistrict andDream islandIn the districtchildrenCondominiums have been built one after another in recent years.populationIs increasing, but it depends on the wardYoungerAccompanied byprimary schoolDue to the population increase after the consolidation, it is difficult to accept students at the elementary schools where the consolidation was carried out.SimilarlyNurseryAlso fell into a situation of shortage,Waiting-listIs increasing.

Western part of the ward (Tokyo city(Equivalent to Fukagawa Ward)Great Kanto EarthquakeandTokyo air raidAnd so onLand readjustmentHave been.


  • Number of households: 21 households
  • Total population: 45
  • Basic Resident Register: 43 people
    • Man: 21
    • Woman: 21
  • Number of registered foreigners: 1
    • Man: 8580 people
    • Woman: 1

2008(20) As of April 8

Population distribution by age in Koto Ward and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Koto Ward (2005)
Purple-Koto Ward
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Koto Ward (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


2005 night population (liveThe number of people is 420,827, but from outside the wardCommutingWithCommuting to schoolIt is the total population remaining in the ward during the daytime among the living and residentDaytime populationIs 490,708Noon The1.166 times the population of Tokyo (edited by Tokyo Metropolitan Government, "Daytime Population of Tokyo 2005", published in 20, p. 126,127, according to the censusageThere are 16 unknown people in Tokyo alone. In the graph above, including those of unknown age, there is an error between numbers because the figures of unknown age are not included in the figures for the day and night population).


Adjacent municipalities


Originally lowland, but onceSouth Kanto Gas FieldWith the development ofgroundwaterBy pumpingGround subsidenceBy doing so, most of the wardZero meter zone, Or it is a minus sea level zone below sea level.For example, in the vicinity of Minamisunamachi, it reaches minus 3 meters above sea level.In addition, there are many canals and bridges, and the ward calls it a "watercolor city."道路waterwayAre made in a row,Residential areasShips often come and go by the side of the river.From Tokyo in the wardFukutoshinIs specified inCoastal subcenterKinshicho/Kameido FukutoshinThere are twoFukutoshinComprehensive.Because of this, many tourists and office workers come to the ward.

The waterfront cityShinagawa-Minato-kuHowever, in reality, Koto Ward occupies most of the area.Bubble periodIt is an emerging development area that has been rapidly developed since then, and the cityscape is modern.Kinshicho / Kameido subcenter is a large area that has existed for a long timeDowntownAnd from ancient timesDowntownProspered as. From the late 1990sTokyoIt is rapidly opening as a new spot in Japan, and has transformed into a cityscape where the atmosphere of downtown and the modern redevelopment area coexist.In the seaside subcenterLandfillIs famous for the "Tokyo Garbage War"Dream island,Qinghai,AriakeIs also a busy tourist area.In addition, the bay area in the coastal areaMinato-ku,Edogawa-kuAnd the coastline is connectedDaiba,Tokyo Disney ResortToTransportationThe flight is good.In addition, it should be notedGreat East Japan EarthquakeAt the time ofLiquefactionThere is also a districtHousing complexThere were places where the ground was submerged, such as roads.

Area is 40.16 km2.

natural environment

It is a former garbage landfill in the seaside area of ​​the ward.Dream islandThe area is largeparkWas created, and a large number of trees and vegetation were planted during the development of the city, making it an area with a lot of greenery that cannot be thought of in the 23 wards of Tokyo.Also,(I.e.からKibaThe city was improved by redevelopment, and large parks and sidewalks were strengthened.Green spaceThe environment has been increased.On the other handKinshicho-KameidoSince there are no large-scale parks in the subcenter, green areas are on the decline.AlsoCoastal subcenterIn the directionoffice StreetThere are few green areas.HoweverMinamisunaAnd Oshima,FukagawaGreen areas have been developed in downtown areas and residential areas, such as in condominiums.Shopping districtThere are several parks scattered aroundGinkgo,willowMany trees such as are also planted.


Origin of ward name

The ward name isSumida RiverFrom the geographical meaning of being located in the east ofTatsumi Ward","Higashi Ward","Eitai WardWas selected from candidates such as.

1947(22)May 2Jotoin a meeting,May 2Was voted by the Fukagawa Ward Assembly."Koto" in Koto WardFukagawa, "East"JotoIt also includes the meaning of.

However, the place name of Koto was not used for the first time at this time.Already oldEdo PeriodThe area called Koto at that time was used fromMain officeIt meant to refer to the district or Fukagawa district, and broadly to the eastern part of the Sumida River.

History of the ward
  • 1878(Meiji11 years) June 11- County, town and village organization lawIs enforced.Tokyo prefecture is divided into 15 wards and 6 counties, with Fukagawa wardMinami KatsushikaWas launched.
  • 1889(Meiji 22) April 5- Municipal system-Municipal systemWith the enforcement, the following municipalities will be established.
    • Tokyo cityWas launched.Fukagawa Ward belongs to the city of Tokyo thereafter.
    • Kameido Village, Oshima Village, Suna Village, etc. were established in Minamikatsushika-gun (as villages based on the town-village system).
  • 1894(Meiji 27) December 12-Sobu Main LineBoth countriesOpened up to, and Kameido station opened accordingly.
  • 1900(Meiji 33) July 7-Kameido Village and Oshima Village enforced the town system.
  • 1904(Meiji 37) April 4- Tobu RailwayKameido station opens (laterTobu Kameido Line).
  • 1921(Taisho10 years) July 7-Sunamura enforces the town system.
  • 1928(Showa3 years) April 4-Kameido Mizukami Station on the Tobu-Kameido Line opens.
  • 1932(Showa 7) October 10-Kameido Town, Oshima Town, Suna Town were incorporated into Tokyo City, and Joto Ward was established with the area of ​​1 towns.
  • 1943(Showa 18) July 7- Tokyo Metropolitan GovernmentDue to the enforcement, Tokyo Prefecture and Tokyo City will be abolished.Fukagawa-ku, Tokyo and Joto-ku, Tokyo.
  • 1945(Showa 20) July 3- Tokyo air raidAs a result, almost the entire area of ​​Fukagawa Ward and Joto Ward became scorched earth.
  • 1947(Showa 22) March 3-Fukagawa Ward and Joto Ward mergedKoto WardIs born.
  • September 1947, 22 (Showa 5)- Local government lawWas enforced, and Koto Wardspecial areaBecomes
  • 1965(40) May 5-Industrial water supplyMinamisunacho Water Purification PlantWater flow.
  • 1967(Showa 42) September 9-Tozai LineToyocho StationMonzen-nakacho Station, Kiba Station, and Toyocho Station opened accordingly.
  • 1969(44) March 3-Tozai LineMinamisunamachi StationOpened.
  • 1972(Showa 47) November 11-All in the wardTodenThe route will be abolished.
  • 1978(53) December 12-Shinjuku Line opens, Morishita Station, Sumiyoshi Station, Nishi-Ojima Station, Ojima Station, Higashi-Ojima Station opens.
  • 1980(55) March 3-Industrial water supply Minamisunacho water purification plant abolished.
  • 1982(57) --Kameido (Kinshicho) is designated as a subcenter.
  • 1988(63) June 6-Yurakucho LineShinkiba StationToyosu Station, Tatsumi Station, and Shin-Kiba Station will open accordingly.
  • December 1988, 63-The Keiyo Line opens to Shin-Kiba Station.
  • 1990(Heisei2 years) March 3-Keiyo LineTokyo StationShiomi Station and Etchujima Station opened accordingly.
  • 1993(5)- Rainbow BridgeOpening.
  • 1995(7) --The coastal area is added to the subcenter.
  • September 1995, 7- YurikamomeOpened, Ship Science Museum Station (currently Tokyo International Cruise Terminal Station) --Ariake Station opened.
  • 1996(8) April 3- Rinkai lineOpened, Shinonome Station, International Exhibition Center Station, Tokyo Teleport Station opened.
  • 2000(12) December 12-Morishita Station, Kiyosumi Shirakawa Station, and Monzen-nakacho Station on the Oedo Line open.
  • 2003(15) March 3-Sumiyoshi Station and Kiyosumi Shirakawa Station on the Hanzomon Line open.
  • 2005(17) July 7-Fukagawa shuttle starts operation.
  • 2005 (Heisei 17) November 11-Koto Ward community bus Shiokaze started operation.
  • 2006(18) March 3-Yurikamome Ariake-Toyosu area is extended and opened.
  • 2010(22) --The entire Tokyo Bay coastal road is opened.
  • 2012(24)- Tokyo Gate BridgeOpening.

Town name

In Koto Ward, the entire area except the reclaimed land outside the central breakwaterAct on Residential Displaybased onHouse displayIs being implemented.

Koto Ward consists of 45 towns in the Fukagawa and Joto districts.Even now, the area of ​​the ward continues to increase due to the reclamation of the area adjacent to the coast.


Festivals and events

  • Fukagawa Festival
    Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine OfAnnual festivalMay 8The main festival is held only once every three years.The main festival starts from Eitai-dori, Daimon-dori, Kiyosumi-dori,Kiyosu Bridge,Hakozaki Town,Eiji Bridge, About 8km course that spans Koto Ward and Chuo Ward, ending at Hachimangu Shrine via Eitai Dori (from Eidai Bridge, which is the starting point in the afternoon, at the beginning of Hayashi, Kiyori, Tekomai, Miyaji, etc.) 54 portable shrines Parades for 9 hours.Also known as the "Mizukake Festival," buckets, hoses, and firefighting water can be sprayed from the roadside.The shouts are unified into the traditional "wasshoi", and you can get the hands of "Koriyasa", "Dokkoi", "Hoisa", etc., but shouts such as "Soya" and "Seiya", which are the mainstream at other festivals, are completely prohibited. Has been done. *2017(29) was the main festival.next time2020.
  • Reshuffle Shinto ritual
    Every year on January 1th and 24thKameido Tenjin ShrineIt is done in.It is said that by replacing the bullfinch of the previous year with a new one, it will bring in good fortune.There is a long line every year from early in the morning.The wood carving bullfinch, which is a lucky charm, is awarded. According to the saying, "Last year's evil became a lie, and I replaced it with a true good luck."The wood carving bullfinch is about 5 to 22 cm in height, and the upper third is roughly cut into a white wooden cylinder to form the head and abdomen, and the tail feathers are cut in the back by a shaving method.The head is black, the chest is vermilion, and the wings on the back are green and black.
  • Wisteria festival
    Late April-Held at Kameido Tenjin Shrine from early May.The wisteria trellis on the premises bloom all at once, and the entire shrine is dyed in mauve.It is a famous place for wisteria, which has been called "Kameido wisteria" since the Edo period, and is visited by tourists from other than Kameido.At the same time, a school festival is held, and many prayers for school prayers visit.
  • Kiba Kakujo (Tokyo designated cultural property)
  • Kiba's woodwork (Tokyo designated cultural property)
  • Koto Ward Citizens Festival Central Festival
    Every year in mid-JuneMetropolitan Kiba ParkDone in.
  • Koto Ward Festival Kameido District Tournament
    Metropolitan area every year in late AugustKameido Central ParkMade inFireworksAnd so on.
  • Koto Ward Festival Oshima District Tournament
    Held every year in mid-September.
  • Koto Ward Citizens Festival Sunamachi District Festival
    Held every year in early October.
  • Koto Fireworks Festival
    Held every year in early August.
  • Akahata Festival
    Japan Communist PartyAn event for the general public hosted by.
  • Comic market
    Twice a year, summer and winterTokyo Big SiteWill be held atDoujinshi sale event.

Urban core

In Koto Ward, the area that the ward positions as the main area is designated as the city core.According to the ward's long-term basic plan, the following six areas have been designated as urban cores.

Ward officeThere is, the center of the ward administration.Toyocho StationHas the largest number of passengers as a single station on the Tokyo subway.Representing Japanoffice StreetIsOtemachiUntilElectric trainBecause it is in a good location within 10 minutesResidential areaWhile many are scattered, it is influentialCompanyThere are also many offices, and it has one side as a business district.Hotel, restaurantEnterEast 21and so on.
The center of the northern part of the ward.From the capital as "Kameido / Kinshicho subcenter"FukutoshinIs specified in.Kameido StationThe surrounding area has a lively atmosphereSeiko InstrumentsThe site of the former headquarters was redevelopedSun Street KamedoEtc. (closed on March 2016, 3)Tenjin,FunabashiyaIs also famous and has prospered since ancient times, and is one of the oldest urbanized areas in Koto Ward.Tobu Kameido LineIt is also the first station ofLRT(See traffic below) It is also the planned starting station for the plan.
The center of the western part of the ward.It is a town that has prospered since ancient times, and there are many shrines and temples such as Tomioka Hachimangu and Fukagawa Fudo. "Fukagawa" is easy to associate with the Monzennakacho area.There are no large commercial facilities,Shopping districtIs also very prosperous.The Tozai Line and Oedo Line pass, and on the Tozai LineOtemachi3 stations from.
Residential area in the center of the eastern part of the wardCommercial area..Currently, redevelopment is underway, such as "Topyrec Plaza" and "SUNAMO".Complex commercial facilityIt is one of the most fulfilling areas in the ward.On the other hand, hydrophilicparkIn recent years, it is said that the living environment is good because there is a lot of greenery includingpopulationIncreased rapidly.MunicipallibraryThere is the Central Building and Juntendo Medical Center for the Elderly.LRTIt is also the planned location of the main station of.
Ariake,QinghaiEtc., commonly known as "OdaibaMost of the places called "Koto Ward (Minato Ward)"Daiba, Shinagawa WardEast YashioAnd so on).Prosper as a tourist destination and business district.In AomiDiversity Tokyo,Palette Town,Japan Museum of Future ScienceThere are famous facilities such as Tokyo Big Sight, hotels, and office buildings that are visited by about 1500 million people a year in Ariake.2020 Tokyo OlympicsIt is also the planned site for the competition venue and media center.
The center of the southern part of the ward.A place that once prospered as an industrial area such as a shipyard.Currently under development, the population is exploding.High-rise apartment-skyscraperAnd so on.IHI,NTT Data,Nihon Unisys,Maruha NichiroHeadquarters andShibaura Institute of TechnologyHeadquarters campus is locatedComplex commercial facilityIsLalaport ToyosuThere is. Also,convenience store OfSeven-ElevenAlso opened its first store in Japan. October 1Tokyo Central Wholesale Market Tsukiji MarketOpened in place of (Toyosu New Market), It is one of the areas of interest in the Gulf.

Zip Code

Area code

  • The whole area of ​​Koto Ward"03".
  • Most of the city codes in the "03" area are in the second digit from the top."6"(36XX, 56XX, 66XX), but "6" is also usedEdogawa-ku,Katsushika,Sumida-kuSimilarly, as a measure against depletion, recently"8"(38XX, 58XX, 68XX, etc.) are also assigned.
  • Around Toyosu, Koto-ku,"5"(35XX, 55XX).

License plate

Koto Ward is the Koto number (Tokyo Transport Bureau) Is assigned.


Ward mayor

Administrative organization

  • Number of ward staff: 3012 (2006(Heisei 18) February 4)


20 initial budget scale

  • Total amount: 2160 million yen
    • General account: 1394 million yen
    • National Health Insurance Accounting: 480 million yen
    • Elderly insurance accounting: 29 million yen
    • Long-term care insurance accounting: 198 million yen
    • Medical accounting for the elderly: 57 million yen

Ward facilities

Main government building

  • Koto Ward Office Main Government Building
Toyo 4-11-28

Branch office

  • Kameido branch office
Kameido 2-19-1
  • Toyosu Special Branch Office
Toyosu 2-2-18
  • Shirakawa branch office
Shirakawa 1-3-28
  • Tomioka branch office
Tomioka 1-16-12
  • Komatsubashi branch office
Ogibashi 2-1-5
  • Ojima branch office
Ojima 4-5-1
  • Sunamachi branch office
Kitasuna 4-7-3
  • Minamisuna branch office
Minamisuna 6-8-3


Koto Ward Assembly

  • Number of people: 44 people
  • Term: March 2019, 5-March 1, 2023
  • Chair: Shigeru Wakabayashi (Koto Ward Liberal Democratic Party)
  • Vice Chairman: Shigeo Isono (Komeito, Koto Ward Assembly)
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsMember name (◎ is secretary general)
Koto Ward AssemblyLDP14
Koto Ward Assembly Civil Affairs Club11
Koto Ward AssemblyKomeito9
Japan Communist PartyKoto Ward Assembly3
New-維新・ Future meeting3

Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly

  • Constituency: Koto Ward Constituency
  • Number of people: 4 people
  • Term: March 2017, 7-March 23, 2021
  • Voting Date: July 2017, 7
  • Number of voters on the day: 404,179
  • Voting rate: 54.56%
Candidate nameCommentageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtained
Taro ShiratoThis50Tomin First Meeting45,614 vote
Itsuki YamazakiThis44LDPNow37,970 vote
Isamu HosodaThis56Komeito36,533 vote
Miwako KurokamiThis61Japan Communist PartyNow29,804 vote
Yukie Kakizawadrop47IndependentNow25,908 vote
Keimi Takahashidrop48LDP21,059 vote
Noboru Osawadrop52Democratic Partyyuan15,409 vote
Miko Kogadrop48Independent3,171 vote
Omotenadrop33Happiness Realization Party1,403 vote

House of Representatives

Representative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Akimoto TsukasaLDP3Constituency
Kakizawa unfinishedIndependent(Constitutional democracy-People-Social security・Independent forum)4Proportional revival

公共 機関


  • Tokyo Fire Department XNUMXth Fire Department Headquarters(Morishita XNUMX-chome) * Fukagawa Fire Station Morishita Branch Office
    • Fukagawa Fire Department(Kiba XNUMX-chome) Firefighting motorcycles ・Emergency services1. Unmanned water discharge vehicle (Rainbow 5)Special rescue team・ Ladder corps
      • Ariake Branch Office (Ariake 1-chome) Emergency Services XNUMX
      • Eitai Branch Office (Eitai XNUMX-chome) No paramedics
      • Edagawa Branch Office (Edagawa 1-chome) Emergency Services XNUMX
      • Toyosu branch office (Toyosu XNUMX-chome)Special fire fighting company・ Emergency services 1 ・ Large chemical vehicle ・ Refractive water tower vehicle
      • Morishita Branch Office (Morishita 1-chome) Emergency Services XNUMX
    • Joto Fire Station(Kameido 1-chome) Special rescue team, rescue team XNUMX, ladder team, supply team
      • Higashisuna Branch Office (Higashisuna 1-chome) Emergency Services XNUMX
      • Ojima Branch Office (Ojima 1-chome) Emergency Services XNUMX Chemical Mobile Company
      • Sunamachi Branch Office (Kitasuna 1-chome) Special Fire Fighting Squadron / Emergency Services XNUMX
  • Air Corps Koto Aviation Center Air Fire Rescue Task Force(Air Hyper Rescue)


  • Metropolitan Police Department Joto Police Station
    • Tenjinbashi police station (Kameido XNUMX-chome)
    • Kameido StationFront police box (Kameido XNUMX-chome)
    • Kameido police box (Kameido XNUMX-chome)
    • Oshima police box (Ojima XNUMX-chome)
    • Nissobashi police box (Minamisuna XNUMX-chome)
    • Kasai BridgeWest police box (Higashisuna XNUMX-chome)
    • Sunamachi police box (Kitasuna XNUMX-chome)
    • Shinkaibashi police box (Ojima XNUMX-chome)
    • Former Hachiman police box (Minamisuna XNUMX-chome)
    • Kitasuna XNUMX-chome police box (Kitasuna XNUMX-chome)
    • Bansho BridgePolice box (Higashisuna XNUMX-chome)
    • Higashi-Oshima StationFront police box (Oshima XNUMX-chome)
    • Mizukamimori Regional Safety Center (Kameido XNUMX-chome)
  • Fukagawa Police Station
    • Morishita police box (Morishita XNUMX-chome)
    • Sumiyoshi police box (Sumiyoshi XNUMX-chome)
    • Toyo police station (Toyo XNUMX-chome)
    • Monzennakacho police box (Monzennakacho XNUMX-chome)
    • Senda police box (Senda)
    • Toyosu police box (Toyosu XNUMX-chome)
    • Shirakawa police box (Shirakawa XNUMX-chome)
    • Edagawa alternation (Edagawa XNUMX-chome)
    • Kiyosumi Garden Front Police Box (Kiyosumi XNUMX-chome)
    • Eiji BridgeRegional Safety Center (Saga XNUMX-chome)
    • Hamazonobashi Regional Safety Center (Shiohama XNUMX-chome)
  • Tokyo Bay Police Station(2008(Opened on March 20, 3)
    • Miyakobashi police box (Shinonome XNUMX-chome) * Jurisdiction changed from Fukagawa Police Station
    • Tatsumi police box (Tatsumi XNUMX-chome) * Change of jurisdiction from Fukagawa police station
    • Shinkiba StationPrevious police box (Shinkiba XNUMX-chome) * Jurisdiction changed from Joto Police Station
    • Shinkiba Regional Safety Center (Shinkiba XNUMX-chome) * Jurisdiction changed from Joto Police Station
  • Air Corps Headquarters / Koto Flight Center
  • Koto Driver's License Examination Center

Tax office

  • Kotonishi Tax Office (Fukagawa District Jurisdiction)
  • Koto East Tax Office (Joto area jurisdiction)




Incineration plant

  • Shinkoto Incineration Plant
  • Ariake Incineration Plant



  • Nearest station to the ward office: Toyocho station
JR logo (east) .svg

East Japan Railway(JR East)

Sobu Line (slow)
Keiyo Line
Tōbu Tetsudō Logo.svg

Tobu Railway

Kameido Line
Tokyo Metro logo.svg

Tokyo subway(Tokyo Metro)

東西 線
Yurakucho Line
Hanzomon Line

Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation(Toei Subway)

Toei Shinjuku Line
Toei Oedo Line
  • Morishita Station --Kiyosumi Shirakawa Station --Monzennakacho Station
Tokyo Seaside New Transportation Seaside Line
Tokyo seaside high-speed railway logo mark.svg

Tokyo Seaside High Speed ​​Rail (TWR)

Rinkai line
Generally unavailable routes

In Koto Ward, between Kameido and ShinkibaLRTThere was a plan to operate.This is Kameido Station-Minami-Sunamachi Station is elevated, and south of itMeiji streetPlan to lay railroad tracks along the metropolitan land, and use the Sobu Main Line (Etsunakajima branch line, see above) up to Kameido-Minamisuna, and the same for the southMeiji streetIt was planned with two plans, such as laying railroad tracks on the metropolitan land alongside.However, there were many issues such as the outlook for income and expenditure was not bright and the problem of level crossing with Route 2 near Shin-Kiba Station.2003It was positioned as a "long-term concept" in December (15) and is currently on the shelves.

In addition, Mayor Yamazaki Koto will reach the vicinity of the International Exhibition Center from Shiodome via Tsukiji and Toyosu.RopewayI am planning to introduce[2][3].

General route bus




Famous place, historic site, culture, sports facility


Shrine nameLocation &
Tomioka Hachimangu ShrineTomioka XNUMX-chome
Fukagawa ShinmeigyuMorishita XNUMX-chome
Masaki Inari ShrineJoban XNUMX-chome
Fukagawa Inari ShrineKiyosumi XNUMX-chome
Kiyosumi XNUMX-chome
Saga XNUMX-chome
Peony XNUMX-chome
Sarue XNUMX-chome
Sarue XNUMX-chome
Senda XNUMX-chome
Susaki ShrineKiba XNUMX-chome
Kameido Katori ShrineKameido XNUMX-chome
Koto Tenso ShrineKameido XNUMX-chome
Kameido Tenjin ShrineKameido XNUMX-chome
Kameido XNUMX-chome
Kameido XNUMX-chome
Kameido XNUMX-chome
Oshima XNUMX-chome
Ojima XNUMX-chome
Oshima Inari ShrineOjima XNUMX-chome
Higashi Ojima ShrineOshima XNUMX-chome
Higashisuna XNUMX-chome
Higashisuna XNUMX-chome
Higashisuna XNUMX-chome
Higashisuna XNUMX-chome
Higashisuna XNUMX-chome
Higashisuna XNUMX-chome
Shinobu Sonku ShrineKitasuna XNUMX-chome
Kitasuna XNUMX-chome
Kitasuna XNUMX-chome
Tomigaoka HachimanguMinamisuna XNUMX-chome





The following libraries are operated by Koto Ward.Part of the library work is outsourced to the private sector.

  • Koto Library (Minamisuna XNUMX-chome)
  • Fukagawa Library (Kiyosumi XNUMX-chome)
  • Sunamachi Library (Kitasuna XNUMX-chome)
  • Toyo Library (Toyo XNUMX-chome)
  • Toyosu Library (Toyosu XNUMX-chome)
  • Shinonome Library (Shinonome XNUMX-chome)
  • Furuishiba Library (Furuishiba XNUMX-chome)
  • Joto Library (Ojima XNUMX-chome)
  • Kameido Library (Kameido XNUMX-chome)
  • Higashi Oshima Library (Oshima XNUMX-chome)
  • Shirakawa Children and Shokan (Shirakawa XNUMX-chome)

Convention Center Hall Arena

Sports Facilities


Complex commercial facility

Coastal subcenter
  • (Large stores represented below)
    • Aeon Food Style by Daiei(Food supermarket)
    • Do Sports (Sports Club)
    • Cainz(Home center)
    • Kojima x BicCamera(Large home appliances)
    • Futaba books(Composite book)
    • Sports depot(Sporting goods)
    • UNIQLO(Clothing)
    • Adores(amusement)
    • Pyon Pyon (Amusement)
    • In addition, there are a total of 24 stores, including 44 restaurants, 21 retail stores, and 98 service stores.



Vocational school

high school

High school nameEstablishment divisionZip CodeAddress
Joto High SchoolMetropolitan136-0072Ojima 3-22-1
Fukagawa High SchoolMetropolitan135-0016Toyo 5-32-19
Oedo High SchoolMetropolitan135-0015Sengoku 3-2-11
Higashi High SchoolMetropolitan136-0074Higashisuna 7-19-24
Science and Technology High SchoolMetropolitan136-0072Ojima 1-2-31
Koto Commercial High SchoolMetropolitan136-0071Kameido 4-50-1
Sumida Technical High SchoolMetropolitan135-0004Morishita 5-1-7
Third Commercial High SchoolMetropolitan135-0044Etchujima 3-3-1
Nakamura Junior and Senior High Schoolprivate135-8404Kiyosumi 2-3-15
Kaetsu Ariake Middle School/High Schoolprivate135-8711Shinonome 2-16-1
Chuo Gakuin University Chuo High Schoolprivate136-0071Kameido 7-65-12

Junior high school

Junior high school nameEstablishment divisionZip CodeAddress
Fukagawa Daiichi Junior High SchoolMunicipal135-0004Morishita 4-9-22
Fukagawa Daini Junior High SchoolMunicipal135-0041Fuyuki 22-10
Fukagawa Daisan Junior High SchoolMunicipal135-0044Etchujima 3-7-1
Fukagawa XNUMXth Junior High SchoolMunicipal135-0015Sengoku 1-12-12
Fukagawa XNUMXth Junior High SchoolMunicipal135-0061Toyosu 4-11-18
Fukagawa XNUMXth Junior High SchoolMunicipal135-0023Plain 3-6-13
Fukagawa Dainana Junior High SchoolMunicipal135-0001Mori 1-14-1
Fukagawa XNUMXth Junior High SchoolMunicipal135-00432-21-14 Shiohama
Ariake Junior High SchoolMunicipal135-0063Ariake 2-10-1
Ariake Nishi GakuenMunicipal135-0063Ariake 1-7-13
Tatsumi Junior High SchoolMunicipal135-0053Tatsumi 1-10-57
Toyo Junior High SchoolMunicipal135-0016Toyo 2-1-8
Kameido Junior High SchoolMunicipal136-0071Kameido 9-2-2
Second Kameido Junior High SchoolMunicipal136-0071Kameido 4-51-1
Third Kameido Junior High SchoolMunicipal136-0071Kameido 1-12-10
Oshima Junior High SchoolMunicipal136-0072Ojima 8-12-22
Second Ojima Junior High SchoolMunicipal136-0072Ojima 3-27-18
Oshima Nishi Junior High SchoolMunicipal136-0072Ojima 4-1-23
Sunamachi Junior High SchoolMunicipal136-0073Kitasuna 6-16-28
Second Sunamachi Junior High SchoolMunicipal136-0074Higashisuna 8-10-9
Third Sunamachi Junior High SchoolMunicipal136-0076Minamisuna 3-10-3
Fourth Sunamachi Junior High SchoolMunicipal136-0073Kitasuna 5-20-17
Minamisuna Junior High SchoolMunicipal136-0076Minamisuna 2-3-20
Second Minamisuna Junior High SchoolMunicipal136-0076Minamisuna 1-2-18

* Middle and high school integrated schools#high schoolSee

primary school

Elementary school nameEstablishment divisionZip CodeAddress
Meiji Elementary SchoolMunicipal135-0033Fukagawa 2-17-26
Fukawa Elementary SchoolMunicipal135-0005Takahashi 14-10
Municipal135-0007Shinohashi 3-1-15
Rinkai Elementary SchoolMunicipal135-00481-1-6 Monzennakacho
Etchujima Elementary SchoolMunicipal135-0044Etchujima 3-6-38
Kazuya Elementary SchoolMunicipal135-0047Tomioka 1-18-7
Heikyu Elementary SchoolMunicipal135-0042Kiba 1-2-2
Municipal135-0016Toyo 3-27-12
Municipal135-0016Toyo 2-1-20
Municipal135-0015Sengoku 2-9-12
Municipal135-0014Ishijima 18-5
Former Kaga Elementary SchoolMunicipal135-0021Shirakawa 4-3-19
Municipal135-0001Mori 2-2-2
Municipal135-0002Sumiyoshi 1-12-2
Toyosu Elementary SchoolMunicipal135-0061Toyosu 4-4-4
Toyosu Kita Elementary SchoolMunicipal135-0061Toyosu 3-6-1
Toyosu Nishi Elementary SchoolMunicipal135-0061Toyosu 5-1-35
Shinonome Elementary SchoolMunicipal135-0062Shinonome 2-4-11
Ariake Elementary SchoolMunicipal135-0063Ariake 2-10-1
Ariake Nishi GakuenMunicipal135-0063Ariake 1-7-13
Edagawa Elementary SchoolMunicipal135-0051Edagawa 3-5-3
Municipal135-0053Tatsumi 1-11-1
Second Tatsumi Elementary SchoolMunicipal135-0053Tatsumi 1-1-22
Daiichi Kameido Elementary SchoolMunicipal136-0071Kameido 2-5-7
Second Kameido Elementary SchoolMunicipal136-0071Kameido 6-36-1
Katori Elementary SchoolMunicipal136-0071Kameido 4-26-22
Sengen Tatekawa Elementary SchoolMunicipal136-0071Kameido 9-22-4
Suijin Elementary SchoolMunicipal136-0071Kameido 5-22-22
Daiichi Oshima Elementary SchoolMunicipal136-0072Ojima 2-41-4
Second Oshima Elementary SchoolMunicipal136-0072Ojima 3-16-2
Third Oshima Elementary SchoolMunicipal136-0072Ojima 9-5-3
Fourth Oshima Elementary SchoolMunicipal136-0072Ojima 6-7-8
Fifth Oshima Elementary SchoolMunicipal136-0072Ojima 8-40-13
Nanao Oshima Elementary SchoolMunicipal136-0072Ojima 1-20-20
Sunamachi Elementary SchoolMunicipal136-0073Kitasuna 4-13-23
Second Sunamachi Elementary SchoolMunicipal136-0074Higashisuna 7-17-30
Third Sunamachi Elementary SchoolMunicipal136-0076Minamisuna 6-3-13
Fourth Sunamachi Elementary SchoolMunicipal136-0076Minamisuna 2-13-18
XNUMXth Sunamachi Elementary SchoolMunicipal136-0074Higashisuna 8-11-5
XNUMXth Sunamachi Elementary SchoolMunicipal136-0073Kitasuna 6-26-6
Seventh Sunamachi Elementary SchoolMunicipal136-0074Higashisuna 3-21-5
Onagigawa Elementary SchoolMunicipal136-0073Kitasuna 5-22-10
Higashisuna Elementary SchoolMunicipal136-0074Higashisuna 2-12-14
Kitasuna Elementary SchoolMunicipal136-0073Kitasuna 1-3-36
Minamisuna Elementary SchoolMunicipal136-0076Minamisuna 2-3-21
Kametaka Elementary SchoolMunicipal136-0073Kitasuna 5-20-16

Targeted for mild intellectual developmental delaySpecial support class(Friendly class) is located in all elementary schools, and (Sunflower classroom) is set up in 10 schools (for students enrolled in 32) to provide patrol guidance.[4].
Language disorders (language classes) and hearing disorders (hearing classes) are located at Nanyo Elementary School and receive class guidance.
Special school Thefollowingreference.


Municipal kindergarten

  • Hiraku kindergarten
  • Nanyo Kindergarten
  • Kawaminami Kindergarten
  • Tsubame kindergarten
  • Motokaga Kindergarten
  • Toyosu kindergarten
  • Edagawa kindergarten
  • Tatsumi Kindergarten
  • Chidori kindergarten
  • Skylark kindergarten
  • Daiichi Kameido Kindergarten
  • Second Kameido Kindergarten
  • Oshima Kindergarten
  • Daisan Ojima Kindergarten
  • Maple kindergarten
  • Fifth sand town kindergarten
  • Higashisuna kindergarten
  • Nadeshiko kindergarten
  • Konakigawa Kindergarten
  • Green kindergarten

Special school

Tokyo Metropolitan Special Schools provide more specialized education according to disabilities[4].

  • Joto Special Education School (Elementary / Middle / Intellectual)
  • Rinkai Aomi Special Needs School (Elementary / Middle / Intellectual)
  • Koto Special Support School (High / Intellectual)
  • Sumitomo Special Needs School (Elementary / Middle / High / Physically Handicapped)
  • Otsuka Deaf School Koto Branch Classroom (Child / Small / Hearing)
  • Katsushika Blind School (Children / Elementary / Middle / Sight) --Katsushika Ward

International School

Education-related facilities

Job training

Major companies / organizations

High-rise facility

Sister city/friendship city

Sister city/friendship city


Large apartment

  • Kameido Residence
  • East Parks Ojima
  • Cosmos21 The Gardens Fort
  • Higashi Ojima Famil Heights
  • Tokyo Suite Residence
  • City Terrace Toyocho
  • Itopia Toyocho Mansion
  • Minamisuna Town Green Heights
  • Clio Regis Dance Tokyo
  • Proud City Shinonome Canal Marks
  • Famiel Beach Garden
  • Rene Monzennakacho Park States
  • Kiba Sunny Town
  • The Midland Avenue
  • Alphas City Oshima
  • Itopia Higashi Ojima Mansion
  • Solaret City
  • Mates Fukagawa Sumiyoshi

Residential estate

  • URShinonome Canal Court Shinonome Canal Court CODAN
  • Toyosu XNUMX-chome housing complex
  • Green housing complex
  • Toei Shirahige housing complex (Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Construction, Tokyo), disaster prevention base, 1983
  • Toei Higashisuna housing complex
  • Minamisuna Town Green Heights
  • Metropolitan housingMinamisuna
  • JKK Minamisuna Housing Complex (Tokyo Metropolitan Housing Supply Corporation, Tokyo, 1972)
  • Toei Fukagawa Sengokucho Apartment (Sengoku 2-11, 1966-1967)
  • UR Fukagawa Saga Town Housing Complex (Saga City Housing Rental 134 1963 Existing Transfer Return)
  • UR Kitasuna 1976-chome housing complex (former Japan Housing Corporation, Wild Tsukasa Architects, Surface Development, XNUMX)
  • Kitasuna XNUMX-chome housing complex
  • UR Kiba Park Miyoshi Housing (former Japan Housing Corporation,Sakakura Associates, 1982)
  • Toei Etchujima 3-chome Apartment (Etchujima 2-1968, XNUMX)
  • Toei Shiohama 2-chome 1nd Apartment (Shiohama 3-1978, 1981-XNUMX)
  • Toei Shiohama 1-chome Apartment (Shiohama 5-1969, 1970 --XNUMX)
  • Toei Shiohama 2-chome Apartment (Shiohama 10-1967, XNUMX)
  • Toei Shiohama 4-chome 2th Apartment (Shiohama 26-1994, XNUMX)
  • Toei Shiohama 2-chome 2th Apartment (Shiohama 5-1971, XNUMX)
  • Toei Botancho Apartment (Botan 2-2, 1964-1969)
  • Toei Kameido No. 2 Apartment (Kameido 2-11, 1961)
  • Toei Kameido 6-chome Apartment (Kameido 54-1966, XNUMX)
  • Toei Kameido 2-chome 7nd Apartment (Kameido 40-1975, XNUMX)
  • Toei Kameido 3-chome 7nd Apartment (Kameido 42-1988, XNUMX)
  • Toei Kameido 7-chome Apartment (Kameido 56-1967, 1972-XNUMX)
  • Toei Kameido 8-chome Apartment (Kameido 4-1972, XNUMX)
  • Toei Kameido 9-chome Apartment (Kameido 33-1978, XNUMX)
  • UR Kameido 32-chome housing complex (Kameido city housing rental 1960 XNUMX existing transfer return)
  • Kameido XNUMX-chome housing complex
  • UR Kameido 9-chome housing complex (Kameido city housing rental 1958 XNUMX existing transfer)
  • UR Kameido Nishi housing complex
  • Toei Edagawa 3-chome 1rd Apartment (Edagawa 10-1999, XNUMX)
  • Toei Edagawa 1-chome Apartment (Edagawa 5-1972, XNUMX)
  • Toei Edagawa 2-chome 1nd Apartment (Edagawa 9-1988, 1993-XNUMX)
  • Toei Edagawa 3-chome Apartment (Edagawa 4-1974, XNUMX)
  • Toei Shinsuna 3-chome Apartment (Shinsuna-1999, XNUMX)
  • Toei Takahashi Apartment (Morishita 3-10, 1957)
  • Toei Morishita 3-chome Apartment (Morishita 13-1978, XNUMX)
  • Toei Sengoku 2-chome 1nd Apartment (Sengoku 7-1996, XNUMX)
  • Toei Sengoku 1-chome Apartment (Sengoku 9-1968, XNUMX)
  • Toei Sengoku 2-chome Apartment (Sengoku 3-1994, XNUMX)
  • Toei Senda No. 2 Apartment (Senda 21-10, 1995)
  • Toei Senda Apartment (Senda 22-16, 1995)
  • Toei Ogibashi 3-chome Apartment (Ogibashi 20-1977, XNUMX)
  • Shinohashi housing complex (Shinohashi urban housing rental 70 1963 existing transfer return)
  • UR City Court Ojima (Koto Ward)
  • UR Oshima housing complex (Ojima, rental 360 for sale 320 1957)
  • Oshima 1969-chome housing complex (Ojima, former Japan Housing Corporation, Ichiura Architects, Surface Development, Twin Corridor, XNUMX)
  • Oshima XNUMX-chome housing complex
  • Ojima XNUMX-chome housing complex
  • Toei Ojima 4-chome Apartment (Ojima 21-1975, 1980-XNUMX)
  • Toei Oshima 2-chome 5nd Apartment (Ojima 17-1967, 1981 --XNUMX)
  • Toei Ojima 4-chome 5th Apartment (Ojima 12-1987, XNUMX)
  • Toei Oshima 5-chome Apartment (Ojima 53-1966, 1968 --XNUMX)
  • Toei Ojima 6-chome Apartment (Ojima 3-1967, 1969 --XNUMX)
  • Toei Oshima 3-chome 8rd Apartment (Ojima 12-1971, XNUMX)
  • Toei Ojima 2-chome 8nd Apartment (Ojima 21-1970, 1977-XNUMX)
  • Toei Ojima 8-chome Apartment (Ojima 42-1967, XNUMX)
  • Toei Ojima 2-chome 9nd Apartment (Ojima 6-2006, XNUMX)
  • Toei Ojima 9-chome Apartment (Ojima 7-1987, 1998-XNUMX)
  • Toei Tatsumi housing complex
  • ToeiTatsumi XNUMX-chome apartment(Tatsumi 1-2, 1967 --1969)
  • Shiomi1-chome apartment (combination of metropolitan housing and metropolitan housing, Shiomi 29-1997, XNUMX)

Chief Events

Native celebrity



Various fields

Related person

Works set in Koto Ward

  • Suzaki Paradise Red Light --Nikkatsu.Set in Susaki, Koto-ku.
  • Pure love story --Toei system.It is set in Takabashi, Koto Ward.
  • Space Travelers --Toho system.DaibaAlthough it is a promotion and development area, it is set in the coastal area of ​​Koto Ward, which is still full of scenery of isolated islands on land.
  • School III --Shochiku system.Set in Kameido and Ojima, Koto-ku.A fictitious Koto Ward Vocational School has also appeared.The Kameido shopping street, which still retains the atmosphere of downtown, was reflected.
  • Sunset in XNUMX-chome - YamanoichiManga works.It is set in a town factory in Koto Ward.The depiction of the miserable environment of factory workers and the negative parts of human beings is overwhelming.
  • - Akimoto OsamuCartoon work.FukagawaThe main character is a downtown girl from a lumber shop in Tokyo.
  • I'll arrest you - Kousuke FujishimaManga works.It is set in the Joto district of Koto Ward and the Kinshi of Sumida Ward.
  • Japanese flying squid - rootsManga / independent productionWeb animethe work.A surreal gag with four high school girls as the main characters in Kameido.
  • Eden of the East ――The residence in Tokyo that the main character bought is set to LaLaport Toyosu.The living room is on the second floor of the United Cinemas restaurant.In addition, the area around Toyosu is depicted as a stage.
  • Love, election and chocolate - spriteProduced byAdult game..The name of the main heroine is taken from the place name of Koto Ward, and Kinshicho Station, Ojima Station, Kiba Park, etc. appear in the game.
TV drama


Koto Ward is the only of the 23 special wardsWard songHas not been enacted[5].2015(27)May 11(13 DayMidnight) BroadcastTV Asahi"Tamori Club』Take up this issue in the programTamori,Lexi,Makita sports"Koto Ward Song" was created by the collaboration of[6], Ward rejects proposal to adopt this song as a formal ward song[7].

In the same year as the broadcast of the program, "Koto Watercolor Ondo" (lyrics: Toshio Terasaki, composition: Gen Yamada) was created by the private sector.[8], The 70th anniversary of the ward system2017In (29), it was adopted as a part of "KOTO Lively Gymnastics" and is treated like "Recommended song of the ward".[9].


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