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⚾ | Junichi Tazawa marks his third save this season, unmatched in Taiwan, ERA 3 in 6 games

Photo Junichi Tazawa of Wei Chuan [Photo: Getty Images]

Junichi Tazawa marks his third save this season, unmatched in Taiwan, ERA 3 in 6 games

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Tazawa, who has been entrusted with the closer for Wei Chuan, who officially participated in the CPBL pennant race this season.

The index WHIP, which indicates the runners to be put out per inning, is also an amazing number of 1. From this season, Taiwan Professional Baseball (CPBL)… → Continue reading


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pennant(British: Pennant) Is elongatedflagKind of.

Slenderisosceles triangleThere are many "long triangle flags"rectangle,Trapezoid, (The tip is divided into two parts), etc. In each case, it has an elongated shape,aspect ratioCan be more than 10:1. In addition to hanging like an ordinary flag, it may be hung or used in combination with an ordinary flag if it is very elongated.

PennantPenon(Penny)Whenpendant(Pendant) is a compound word. Penon is inferiorナ イ ト(Knight bachelor)spearThe long triangular flag and pendant attached towarshipIs a type of long triangular flag (both are not triangular). Now these terms may not be clearly distinguished. Historically, pennons and pendants have been fairly long flags, and not so long flagsPenn cellIt was called (pennoncel), but some of the current pennants are as long as a pennoncell.

Ship pennants

ShipUses various pennants to represent affiliations, messages, etc.

A pennon streamer, or simply a streamer,warship CitizenshipIt is a very long pennant to show. Sometimes translated as "long flag". Not necessarily a triangle, for exampleJMSDFThe long flag of is rectangular.

(International Code of Signals; INTERCO), dozens of types of pennants and banners (正方形Or a rectangular flag) is used to define how the vessel sends a simple message.

Other pennants

  • Japanese professional baseball,Major league baseballThen,Championship flagPennant is used forWinning pennantCalled. The league game is called a pennant race because it competes for pennants.
  • During the period of high economic growth, tourist attractions were treatedSouvenirThe pennant was in fashion. (Now almost disappeared)
  • Strictly not a flag, but a winnerTrophyA very long and narrow rectangular ribbon is used to write and connect successive award records, etc., and this is called a pennant.Add and add as the tournament continues.
  • Wave pennants are used for interior decoration such as celebrations.



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