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🥋 | Mama Ogi criticizes karate Shinai instruction "Instruction is my heart!"

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Ogi Mama criticizes karate bamboo sword instruction "Instruction is the heart!"

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To this, Shosuke Tanihara asked Mama Ogi, "Are you using bamboo swords in the field of education?

Education critic Naoki Ogi, also known as Mama Ogi, will be on Fuji TV's "Mezamashi 1" on the 8st, and Ayumi Uekusa of karate will be the All Japan Karate Ren ... → Continue reading

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Naoki Oki

Naoki Oki(Oki Naoki,1947May 1 -) is JapaneseEducational critic,Hosei UniversityHonorary professorPresident of "Niji", Clinical Education Research Institute. Nickname is "Ogi Mama'[1][2].


ShigaSakata-gunIbuki(Current:Maibara)birth[3].Takamatsu Daiichi High School[4]ThroughWaseda University Faculty of Education[5]After graduating, worked as a high school/junior high school teacher and a part-time lecturer at the University of Tokyo. After 22 years of teaching life, retired from teaching in 1994. In the same year, the clinical education research institute "Rainbow" was established[6].Great East Japan EarthquakeI visited the disaster area several times later and worked on education and child-rearing support activities.[7].. On July 2011, 7, he was appointed as the "Maibara Hometown Ambassador" in his hometown of Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture.Otsu CityCommissioning ceremony was held in[8].

Waseda Universitygraduate SchoolVisiting Professor, Professor, Faculty of Career Design, Hosei University, Director/Professor, Hosei University Teacher Training Center[6]Since April 2017, he has been a specially appointed professor at Hosei University. Professor Emeritus of Hosei University since 4. He has published more than 2019 books so far, and the lectures are overcrowded mainly by young people.[9][10][11][12].

Career history

  • March 1971-Junior high school 3st grade, high school 1nd grade Japanese language teacher license acquired
  • February 1972- Haijo High SchoolTeacher (- March 1976)
  • April 1976-TokyoHigashimurayama cityTatehigashi Murayama Daiichi Junior High School Teacher (-March 1980)
  • April 1980-TokyoNerima-kuTate Junior High School Teacher (Nerima Junior High SchoolShakujii Junior High School) (- March 1993)
  • February 1990- Tokyo UniversityFaculty of Education, School Education Department, Part-time Lecturer (-March 1992)
  • February 1992- Nippon Welfare UniversityPart-time Lecturer, Faculty of Social Welfare (- October 1992)
  • April 1993-TokyoKokubunji City Daiichi Junior High SchoolTeacher (- March 1994)
  • February 1994- Tokyo University of EconomicsPart-time lecturer (-March 1998)
    • Seikei UniversityPart-time Lecturer, Faculty of Literature (-March 1999)
    • Part-time Lecturer, Faculty of Letters, Hosei University (-March 2001)
    • Established "Niji", a clinical education research institute (-present)
  • April 1995-Part-time Lecturer, Faculty of Letters I and II, Waseda University (- March 4)
  • April 2001-Part-time Lecturer, Graduate School of Letters, Waseda University (- March 4)
  • April 2004-Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Education, Waseda University (- March 4)
    • Professor, Faculty of Career Design, Hosei University (-March 2017)
  • April 2012-Director, Hosei University Teaching Curriculum Center (- March 4)
  • April 2017-Professor, Hosei University
  • September 2019-Hosei University Emeritus Professor 

Source of this section[6].

Committee history, etc.

  • December 1997-Director, Japanese Society of Mental Health Society (- August 12
  • June 1998-Kireruko Phenomenon Experts Committee (Tokyo) Member (-March 6)
  • August 1998-Completed "Master Course" certified by Japan Society of Health Counseling
  • December 1998-Committee member of Youth and Television Experts (Ministry of Posts, NHK, Commercial Broadcasters) (- June 12)
  • June 1999-Chair of the Bullying Prevention Learning Program Review Committee (Niigata Prefecture Board of Education) (- March 6)
  • November 1999-Member of the Study Group on Youth and Media Literacy in Broadcasting (Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications) (-June 11)
  • April 2000-Executive Director, Teacher Education Society of Japan (- March 4)
    • Vice Chairman of Broadcasting and Youth Committee (NHK, Commercial Broadcasting Union) (-March 2004)
  • May 2012-Special Advisor, Kani City Bullying Prevention Special Committee (- Present)
  • August 2012-Member of third-party investigation committee on bullying at Otsu City Junior High School (- January 8)

Source of this section[6].


  • My fatherJapanese Meteorological Agency OfEngineer, My mother was an elementary school teacher, and it was my mother who inspired me to become a teacher.[13].
  • In the first year of high school, I protested during the class to stop physical punishment from a physical education teacher who does physical punishment that kicks students who are not good at physical education.[14].
  • He became a critic when he was a teacher and felt that "from the perspective of a teacher, he could not change the current educational scene."[15][Reliability required verification].
  • Female-like demeanor and soft tone (so-calledOnee language) To “Ogi MamaNicknamed "[2][15]. In addition, "Ogi Mama" is the godfatherAkashi familyIs[16]. It is said that this tone was instilled to enhance sensitivity when writing and giving advice to the exchange diary from the trouble of career of girls students to the trouble of love during teacher's days.[17].
  • Peace and security legislationExpressing opposition to[18].
  • 2016(28)May 1Happened toKaruizawa ski bus fall accidentOf the 12 students of Ogi Seminar at Hosei University, 10 were involved, 4 were killed (3 were killed immediately, one unconscious died on the 1th), and 18 were seriously injured.[19]. The remaining two of the seminar students were scheduled to join the next day because the schedule did not meet[20]. Also, of the 15 victims of this accident, all but the driver were university students,HeiseiIt was the worst bus accident.
  • When I was 28Driver's licenseGet. No accident since acquisitionGold licenseHowever, in 2016, I became my son-in-lawbrakeWas pointed out the slowness ofGarageI was refraining from driving because I could not put in well. By elderly driverTraffic accidentMay be reported one after another,2019Have a driver's licenseMusashino Police StationHave voluntarily returned to[21].
  • He hates smoking and, of course, has never smoked since the beginning.

Comments on the official blog

As a celebrity's statement, Ogi's blog is often taken up in the media, and there are also controversial ones[22].

  • August 2014, 8, "Softball High School Baseball Semifinals.Extended 50 times over four daysIs regrettable and cruel.” Regarding the matter, "Is it an educational institution to do such a stupid game?" "I ask the Takano Ren who gave a cruel show an urgent view." "No way, no psychology or Bushido. And so on"Japan High School Baseball FederationRevealed his anger and revealed his intention to seek an opinion from Takanoren in the future[23][24].
  • Kenjiro SanoDevised and worked onTokyo Olympics and ParalympicsThe design fee for the official emblem is said to be 200 billion yenFalse rumorWas spread on the Internet, and there was a tumult of condemnation from Internet users, but I suspect that the origin of this hoax is Ogi's blog on August 2015, 8.J-CAST NewsPointed out. Actually, the consideration paid to the designer of the emblem adopted by the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee from the open call is 100 million yen due to the transfer of copyright, and there is no other consideration to receive. Ogi said on his blog, "I don't know what amateurs are..." and said, "The amount of money that an emblem designer at the Tokyo Olympic Games has is 200 billion!" Isn't there a usage fee for design?!?" For the interview with J-CAST News, “I heard (someone) was talking on an information program and wrote on my blog. At that time, the Olympic emblem fee was 4-5% (of sales) , Said that if it is used in goods (emblems), it will be about 200 billion yen in designers." After that, the person himself made an apology on the blog.[25]However, according to J-CAST news, no information program that has made a statement that exactly matches the content has been confirmed.[26]. In connection with this matter, on August 8, the day before, "The trace of design is a thief. It's as good as stealing someone's car! He said, "No apology to the person..."[27].


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Media appearance

tv set

Current appearance program
Past appearance programs
  • Mother's study room(NHK Educational TV)
    • Teenage Heart “Talking, Chikkoku, Forget” (April 1982, 4)
    • Teenage Heart "Teacher's Practice Report" (2)-Achievement-(April 1983, 4)
    • Teenage Mind "Academic Achievement of Junior High School Students-Basic Achievement-" (October 1983, 10)
    • Teenage Heart "At school now"-What is a good teacher-(January 1985, 1)
    • Teenage Heart "Is your friend more important than your parents?" (October 1985, 10)
    • "Check before admission to school" (3)-Are you seeing it? Adolescent Mind ~ Junior High School-(March 1988, 3)
  • Telephone consultation/education (NHK general TV
    • "Course" (1) (November 1992, 11)
    • "Course" (2) (November 1992, 11)
    • "Refusal to attend school" (June 1993, 6)
    • "Children are hard and school" (August 1993, 8)
    • "Children are hard-me and school" (August 1994, 8)
    • "Thinking about bullying" (December 1994, 12)
  • Sunday discussion(NHK general TV,NHK radio first 1,NHK BS2[29]
    • "SOS of children! Ask about emergency measures for "bullying"" (March 1995, 3)
    • "Why 14 years old...?-Kobe elementary school murder case" (July 1997, 7)
    • "Knife case, what are junior high school students now?" (March 1998, 3)
    • ""Class Collapse" How to Deal with Children" (May 1999, 5)
    • “Thousands of school violence: why children are “killed”” (August 3, 1999)
    • "Sequential Juvenile Crime What's Happening to Children" (May 2000, 5)
    • "How to Reform Education" (December 2000, 12)
    • "What to do with 5-day school education" (April 2002, 4)
    • "Reviewing educational reforms that reduce academic ability and relax education" (February 2005, 2)
    • Part 1 "Japanese Foreign Policy Asking Foreign Minister Aso" (February 2006, 2)
  • Education today(NHK Educational TV)
    • "Expulsion of deviation value, then"-How to deal with the invoice-(September 1997, 9)
    • "One year of education" (December 1998, 12)
    • "Era of Educational Reform" (1)-How do we face each other? (April 2000, 4)
    • "Era of Educational Reform" (2)-What to Learn in Mind Education-(April 2000, 4)
    • "Era of Educational Reform" (3)-What kind of educational system should be used for learning-(April 2000, 4)
    • "Era of Educational Reform" (4)-Does school change with respect for independence? (April 2000, 4)
    • "Era of Educational Reform" (5)-What kind of university do you study in? (April 2000, 4)
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    • "To teachers" (3)-How to face children in class-(April 2001, 4)
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    • "What Can Schools Do?"-Increasing School Refusal-(October 1998, 10)
    • "Children's violence"-In the midst of rapid growth and aging-(January 1999, 1)
  • Boys and girls project feature(NHK Educational TV, March 2000, 3)
    • "Ideal education told by teens" (10)
    • "Ideal education told by teens" (10)
  • Close-up modern(NHK general TV, NHK BS1)
    • "No one helped me"-A boy's 5000 million yen blackmail incident-(April 2000, 4)
    • "The teacher is gone ~ 21 people "Ripple cancellation" ripple ~" (September 2008, 9)
  • ETV2001 (NHK Educational TV)
    • "Japanese Homework/Schools" (6)-Teachers, why are they tired?-(2) (April 2001, 4)
    • "I want to go to such a school" (1)-Teachers can study outside-(November 2001, 11)
    • "I want to go to a school like this" (3)-Why don't you create a school? (November 2001, 11)
  • BS Archipelago information(NHK BS1)
    • Kansai "Changing to the 1st grade of elementary school"-What is in the classroom now-(May 2001, 5)
    • Tokai/Hokuriku ""Teacher Reform" has begun" (March 2002, 3)
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    • "Is it OK to keep TV as it is? Think with junior high school students" (August 2001, 8)
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    • 1th (August 2005, 11)
    • 2th (August 2006, 11)
    • 3th (August 2007, 10)
    • 4th (August 2008, 11)
    • 5th (August 2009, 11)
    • 6th (August 2010, 11)
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    • "How to Fight Bullying" (August 2007, 8)
    • "The Pitfalls of the Internet Society: How to Protect Children" (April 2008, 4)
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    • "Aim! A beautiful body from teens" (January 10, 2012)
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    • "Earth's "Child-friendly" Education on Earth" (March 2012, 3)
    • “Ichiban Atama Improves on Earth!? Class Finland” (December 2012, 12)
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  • Oh, My Dad!! Episode 5 (Fuji TV, August 2013, 8)-Main role
  • Educatio!(NHK Educational TV, November 2012, 11, April 30, 2013-March 4, 27)-MC
  • Use of oysters in downtownNew Year's Special (NTV)
  • Morning bird(TV Asahi, April-August 2015)-Wednesday Commentator
  • Asa Chan (TBS TV, April-December 2019)-Commentator (Wednesday Regular)
  • Direct hit Live Goody!(Fuji TV, April 2015 -) Commentator (Unspecified day, but mainly Thursday)
  • Information presenter Tokudane!(Fuji TV) Commentator (mainly Thursday)



  • ion"School bag Karusupo" (August 2011)
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  • Aiken Japan “Apartment management makes smart investment” (June 2014)
  • LotteCorporate advertisement "Experimental results" (August 2015)
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Related item

外部 リンク

Shosuke Tanihara

Shosuke Tanihara(Tahara Shosuke,1972May 7[1] -) isJapan OfAn actor,Voice actor,talent,chairperson.Create Japan AgencyThrough[3],Japan Music Entertainment(E-concept)Belongs.

Kanagawa[1]横 浜 市Background[2].. Height 183 cm, weight 72 kg[1].



Work side
At first it was just a beautiful boySecond pieceHowever, after moving to the office at the age of 28, in addition to that, he played a handsome but pretentious sarcastic man and a merciless man who can not get rid of a talented and smart man. Expanded my range as an actor[5][7]..In addition, he is also in charge of many moderators, making use of the slightly low and elegant narrative tone that brings out the goodness of the product, and the character that is soft and popular and has no sarcasm.[7]..I was worried about compatibility with the actor business, but I co-starred in the dramaKiyoshi KodamaDecided to challenge with the advice of[17]..Also, since I had a bitter feeling that I didn't have a job when I was 24 to 25 years old, when I was asked to do a job after that, I almost never refused, no matter how busy I was.[18].EnglishBecause he is proficient, he can communicate smoothly with foreign actors in the field.[19].
My hobby is cooking[1]·golf[1]·surfing[1]·Music appreciation[1]·Teddy bear[20],Old clothes-sneakers·clock[1]・ Collection of furniture,ビ リ ヤ ー ドetc.Large two-wheeled licensePossessedHarleyAlso ride[21]..Good at housework, handmade children's bags and place mats[18]..If you are at home, make your own meals[21], It is said that his skill is like a professional[5].. In 2017, he became the first recipient of the "84 (Nutrition) Award", which recognizes celebrities who "lived a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle through nutrition and played an active role widely".[22]..Also known as a history lover[23].
When I was in the second year of middle schoolStingThe album "Englishman in New York"Nothing Like The Sun』Listen to the music[24].. When I was in the first year of high schoolMetallicaI was shocked to hear[25]Especially afterHeavy metalPrefered and became popular in the 1980sThrash metalI often listened to[26]..As the first heavy metal album I bought,Exodusof"Fabulous Disaster][27]..After that, we will expand the listening genres such as psychedelic, soul, funk, and hip hop.[24]..I have a habit of collecting and own about 5000 CDs[26].
There is another side that I like girl cartoons,Kuramochi Fusako,Kaoru TadaFavorite[28].. Also"This manga is amazing!In "2006 Woman Edition", a comment is posted as "Manga reading in various fields".[29].
With my daughterHeart Catch Pretty Cure!From the timePrecure seriesRevealed to be a fan of[30], There is an episode that the movie theater was waving a miracle light, which is a privilege for visitors to children.[31].. In 2013Movie pounding! Precure mana marriage !!? A dress of hope that connects to the futureI was surprised when the voice actor of Matthew, the villain of[30], "I can brag to the children," so I agreed to appear.
横 浜 市Background[2]ButProfessional baseballIs ardentHiroshima Toyo Carpフ ァ ン[4][7][32]..Taken by my father from an early ageYokohama StadiumToYokohama× It is said that he often went to see the match against Hiroshima and supported Carp.[32]. AlsoFormer Hiroshima City StadiumI went to Hiroshima with my family to see the stadium before it was closed[4][32].
J LeagueThen.FC Machida ZelviaSupporters[33][34]..Machida is stillKanto LeagueI've been supporting you since I was enrolled in[35].
NattoLike.2005May 7As a celebrity who contributed to the spread and image enhancement of nattoNational Federation of Natto CooperativesSelected and commended as the "2nd Natto King", an image leader for promoting natto food by (Zennoren)[36].


TV drama


General moderator / moderator / navigate


TV program
  • Next Stage-The Door of 2003 (2003, Fuji TV)
  • The Nonfiction (2003, Fuji Television)
    • "The Whereabouts of the Tameiki Family-Three Years After Each" (3)
    • "Rental Box House" (2005)
    • "Shibuya Twilight Paradise 2" (2006)
    • "The Street Corner of Lawyers 4" (2006)
    • "Life Rainy Day Kagurazaka" (2007)
    • "The Street Corner of Lawyers 5" (2007)
    • "Maria's New York" (2011)
    • Special memorial project "What is more important than ramen-Kazuo Yamagishi's life" (2015)
  • The secret of deep breathing (2004, CM)
  • Nice showtime(2004-2005, NHK)
  • Jewels-Mysterious and Fascinating Microcosm (2004,NHK-BShi
  • Takeshi Kusagi30-year-old locus ~ 120 days across the strait 2 km ~ (2004, Fuji TV)
  • Manami HonjoJourney to the texture of the world-Kokoro dancing in Sahara (2005, Fuji TV)
  • A shy night ... (2006, NHK)
  • Family history(2009-, NHK)
  • Passionate Tact ~ Conductor Yutaka Sado Challenge to the Berlin Philharmonic ~ (2011, NHK)
  • The power of travel~ Harumi Kurihara ~ (2011, NHK BS Premium)
  • Somewhere Street (2012, NHK BS Premium)
  • My unforgettable taste (2013, E-tele)
  • NONFIX"What's Bunraku? A 300-year tradition inherited" (2013, Fuji TV)
  • TV Future Heritage Sports “Dream” SP (2013, TBS) where the power of the family calls a miracle
  • Disney Nature (June 2014-6, 1 [22 times in total], BS Dlife)[76]
  • BS1 Special And No. 15 is back ~ Hiroshima Toyo Carp Hiroki Kuroda ~ (2015, NHK BS1)
  • Antarctica Great Dive Phantom Giant Squid and Ice Paradise (December 2017, 12, NHK BS Premium)
  • NHK Special Fierce fighting killer whale vs. blue whale-mysterious sea area where giant creatures gather- (November 2020, 11, NHK)


  • The power of travel "Grandfather's feelings sunk in the sea-Shosuke Tanihara Philippines-" (August 2013, 8, NHK BS Premium)

Television Animation

Movie version animation





Image character




  • Chinese conversation(2006, NHK education)
  • Chinese(2007, NHK Education)
  • Adult man's fashion web magazine "GOODA" vol.1 opening interview (September 2011-November 9)


Serialization column

  • "Yokohama Sky Magazine" (2003-2005)
  • Shogakukan"Telepal f" (2004-)
  • "Yomiuri ShimbunEvening ”(2006)
  • Asahi Shimbun Tokyo Headquarters Edition Good Book Good Day Paper Branch Office "Good Book Good Day Extra" "Tanihara Bookstore" (July 2018 issue-)[94]



  • Shueisha"Men's Non-no" (1992-1994) * Exclusive model[1]
  • Arc"Chinese Journal" (October 2007 issue) People in the Chinese World Shosuke Tanihara
  • Hurst Women's Pictorial"MEN'S CLUB(2007-December 10) * Main character
  • MiharaOfficial tourist guidebook "Mihara Book" (Distribution started on February 2017, 2, circulation 2) * Includes the cover and the experience of sightseeing in the city


注 釈

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