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🏓 | Nissay Red Elf Hayada, Hirano, Nagasaki and other 13 players renewed their contract


Nissay Red Elf Hayada, Hirano, Nagasaki and other 13 players renewed contract

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Nissay Red Elf, with the addition of a new force, is steadily preparing for the fourth straight victory.

Table tennis T-League girl Nissay Red Elf announced the renewal of contracts with 1 players on the 13st.Contract renewal player Natsume Akae ... → Continue reading

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Nippon Life Red Elf

Nippon Life Red Elf(Nippon Life Red Doerufu)OsakaBased inTable tennisIs a club team. Opened in fall 2018T LeagueBelong to.


Nissay Red Elf was newly established in 2018T LeagueA table tennis club team that belongs to.It was named "Red Elf" by multiplying the fairy elf and the corporate color red.[1]


Founded in 29.Japan Table Tennis League13 times in the first half, 18 times in the second half, 17 times in the Prime Minister's Cup.All Japan Table Tennis Championships (Group)14 wins,All Japan Business Team Table Tennis Championships10 wins,T LeagueWe have a track record of winning once[2].. Participated in the T-League that started in 2018 and won the first title.[3].It has won a total of 42 titles, the highest number of women in the nationwide business group.On August 8st, the team name, logo, mascot, and player names were announced, and it was announced as "Nippon Life Red Elf". Red is taken from the team color red, and elves are taken from the English word "fairy" and the German word "1" (meaning the 11-point preemption rule in table tennis).

Active player

Uniform numberCountryPlayer namePlayer rankBattle typeRemarks
#0Japanese flagSakura MoriAAARight shake
#1Japanese flagHirano MiuSRight shake
#2Japanese flagARight shake
#7Japanese flagMaeda MiyuAALeft shake
#8Japanese flagARight shake 
#10Singapore flag(Chinese version)SRight shake
#12Japanese flagALeft shake drive typeKaizuka Municipal Second Junior High SchoolCurrently enrolled
#14Japanese flagARight shake drive typeCurrently enrolled in Kaizuka Municipal Second Junior High School
#15Japanese flagARight shake
#17Japanese flagYuka IshigakiAAARight shake cut mancaptain
#18Japanese flagHina HayataAAALeft shake
#19Republic of Korea flagTian ZhixiAAALeft shake
-Japanese flagNagasaki MiyukiLeft shake drive typeNew member
2021-22 season

ス タ ッ フ

general managerYasukazu Murakami
directed by
coachHina Hayata
coachIn charge of Miu Hirano
2019-20 season


SeasonNumber of matchesNumber of winsNumber of defeatsScoreGoalsProfit/lossPointsRemarks
2018-1921138513813 43Win
2019-2021147583424 51Win
2020-212113849444 57Win

Successive players


  • T League: 3 times (2018-19, 2019-20, 2020-21)


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4 consecutive wins


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