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⚽ | Fukushima player training, resumed for the first time in 10 years Soccer "JFA Academy"

Photo 16th gen member at the entrance ceremony of "JFA Academy Fukushima" = J-Village in Fukushima Prefecture on the afternoon of the 6th

Fukushima player training, resumed for the first time in 10 years Soccer "JFA Academy"

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At the entrance ceremony on the 6th at J-Village, JFA Chairman Kozo Tashima encouraged "I want you to become a person who can contribute not only to study and soccer but also to society with talent, knowledge and skills."

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Chairman Kozo Tashima

Entrance ceremony

Entrance ceremony(Nyugakushiki) isDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularIt is a ceremony that allows students to enter the school and celebrates it.JapanSo in generalSpring:It is an event ofWesternSo in generalFall:Event[1]Is. In addition, there are some places where the entrance ceremony cannot be held due to the system, such as going to school from the day when you reach school age. Also, when entering a kindergarten, it is called an "entrance ceremony".

Japaneseprimary school,Junior high school,high schoolEtc.,Opening ceremony,Closing ceremony,Graduation ceremony,Completion ceremonyAlongsideSpecial activityInschool eventso,Ceremonial eventIt is a learning activity classified into.

Course of StudyThen, "Based on its significance,National flagWhile doingNational anthemTheChorusInstruction should be given." Raising the rising sun flag at the entrance ceremony (and graduation ceremony),You areThere are various problems with singing the song (for details, similar problems are occurring.Problems at the graduation ceremonychecking).

Expression progress

At the entrance ceremony, the following steps are mainly conducted.

  • New student admission
How to enter and sit downClass teacherBy prior instructions, etc.
  • National Anthem Singing(At the entrance ceremony of elementary school students, it is difficult for new first graders to memorize the lyrics, so there are schools where current students and staff sing or omit them).
  • Read out the names of new students (some schools call them "admission certification" or "introduction of new students")
Depends on the classroom teacher or grade chief (starting with "admissions" [Heisei XX year enrollment "etc.).
Includes admission declaration.
  • Oath by new student representative
Go to the principal and the representative swears that he "obeys the rules".
However, it is becoming a mere corpse, and many schools do not have it.
  • Words of encouragement from local residents
In some schools, there is little support from the community, and in others there is no support.
  • Welcome words from current student representatives
Many schools do not have this.
Depending on the school, staff and student representatives / volunteers may sing in the form of "showing".
  • Face-to-face
After the ceremony, some schools hold face-to-face ceremonies with current students. Greetings will be exchanged between the student council president and the new student representative (however, depending on the area, it may be the day after the entrance ceremony).

After the end, new students move to the classroom, while parentsPTAAttend a related ceremony (admission ceremony).


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