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⚽ | VISSEL KOBE will win 3 consecutive games?

Photo J1 VISSEL KOBE starting member in Section 7 (© VISSEL KOBE)

VISSEL KOBE wins 3 consecutive wins or Oita battle at home on 7th Expectations for Fujimoto's repayment bullet

If you write the contents roughly
"The attack was able to demonstrate the part that we are focusing on this season, such as invading the back and set play.

["GOGO! Vissel Kobe" Match Preview 2021 Season J1 Section 8] Soccer / J1 Vissel ... → Continue reading

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Set pieces

Set piecesWhat is (Set Play)?サ ッ カ ーandrugbyOne of the terms.英語圏ではIn the English-speaking worldSet pieceOften called.

Set pieces in soccer

mainlyCorner kick,Free kickRefers to.

When resuming the gameballIt is a play that is performed by setting, and a corner kick and a free kick near the opponent's goal are good opportunities for scoring.

Also, when playing set piecesforward,MidfielderNot only frontline players such asDefenderAnd depending on the game developmentGoalkeeperEven may participate in the attack,goalMany players will gather in front of both the offensive side and the defensive side.

Set pieces in rugby

Free kick,Penalty kickIn addition,Lineout,Scrum.

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