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⚽ | "The Gachi tackle on Wenger changed my life." The secret story of Toure's brother joining Arsenal is interesting.


"My life changed with the Gachi tackle that I showered on Wenger." The secret story of Toure's brother joining Arsenal is interesting.

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Toure who gave the director a sliding tackle whether it was an enrollment test.

Former Ivory Coast national team DF Coro Tou who played in Arsenal, Manchester City, Liverpool, etc ... → Continue reading


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Defense (soccer)

サ ッ カ ーIndefense(Defense)Is the enemyOffenseFrom your own armygoalProtect and become an enemyscoreIt is an act to prevent being done.


The purpose of the defense is to protect the goal of your own army and prevent goals and from the opponentballIs to rob.These weights change depending on the situation and tactics, and in tactics that emphasize leading situations and not conceding goals, it is important to protect the goal of your own army, and in tactics that emphasize leading situations and points, it is important to steal the ball To do.The defense that emphasizes defending the goal of the own army may be regarded as passive, and the defense that emphasizes stealing the ball may be regarded as positive.In defenseDefenderGoalkeeperPlayers play an important role, but in soccer, you can attack from the point where you stole the ball, so it is becoming more important to steal the ball closer to the opponent's goal and move on to the attack.forwardThe defensive burden on the players is also increasing.Also, when you take the ball, the offense and defense are switched, and you can quickly move from defense to attackcounterCall.

Defense terminology

Intercept (pass cut)

Intercept(Intercept) OrPass cut(Pass cut) Is issued by the other partypathIs to stop in the middle and steal the ball.It is important to read what pass the opponent gives to whom and react quickly.

Shoulder charge

Shoulder charge(Shoulder charge) Is the act of hitting one's shoulder against the shoulder of the opponent player who has the ball and causing the balance to be lost.simplychargeAlso called.This allows you to steal the ball or block the attack.Since the body comes into direct contact, a player with a good physique is an advantageous play.However, if you go to a player who does not have the ball, or if you use the part below the elbow, it will be a foul if it is excessively violent and dangerous.

Sliding tackle

Sliding tackle(Sliding tackle), Or simplyTackle (tackle) is to slip into the ball held by the opponent player from the tip of the foot and steal the ball.Since the body is thrown out and slipped, if it fails, it takes time to stand up and it causes a big loss.It is a foul if you aim at the opponent's foot and make a sliding tackle or if you go from behind.Even if the opponent falls as a result of a sliding tackle, it will not be a foul if the foot is firmly on the ball.


Clear(Clear) Is the act of kicking the ball in front of the goal of one's own team to move the ball away from the goal and avoiding the danger of an imminent goal.If the ball is not cleared enough and the ball remains in front of the goal, it will give the opponent a second chance such as a middle shot, which is very dangerous, so it is important to kick it far away.It is said that it is good to kick back toward the opponent's goal as far as possible, but if that is difficult, kick out of the touch line or outside the goal line and give the opponent a throw-in or corner kick to play. Priority is given to cutting the flow and rebuilding the defense.

マ ー ク

マ ー ク(Mark) Is a defensive act that restricts the action so that the opponent player does not stick and attack freely when defending.The defensive player who is making a mark is called a marker, and marking is called a marking.

man Mark

man Mark(Man mark) Means to always stick to a specific opponent and defend one-on-one.It is often performed for players with particularly excellent abilities in the opponent team, and the purpose is to prevent the opponent players from playing freely.


Checking(checking) OrCheck(Check) Means to quickly put pressure on the opponent who has the ball.It may also indicate a dash that takes a few steps in the opposite direction and then suddenly changes direction before trying to move in one direction.


Chasing(Chasing) OrChase(Chase) Is to chase the opponent player.


Covering(Covering) Orcover(Cover) Means to fill an empty defensive space.Although it is not a play that steals the ball directly, it is possible to prevent the attack by narrowing the play options of the opponent player and not making effective use of the space (space without defense).It may also indicate that you will go to help when your teammate is overtaken by the opponent's dribbling.[1].. One player goes to check and another player covers the vacant spaceCheck & cover,Challenge & CoverSay.


delay(Delay) Means to mark the opponent player who has the ball but not go to steal the ball, but to let the opponent take time while descending to the back and try to delay the advance.It is done for the purpose of gaining time and getting out of a disadvantageous situation when the defensive formation and the number of people are not prepared at the counter etc.


sandIs to sandwich the opponent player with the ball between two or more defensive players.The etymology is sandwich, which means sandwich.

One side cut

One side cut(one-side cut) Is a defense that blocks the direction of travel of the player who has the ball and intentionally invites the player in the advantageous direction of the other defense.

Ball watcher

Ball watcher(Ball Watcher) Means a player who is unable to respond to the opponent's offense or the movement of the ball and is in a state of "just looking at the ball".

Defense tactics


Forecheck(Fore check) Isサ ッ カ ーIt is a kind of tactic in.It refers to a defensive tactic that actively presses from the front line and tries to steal the ball as close to the opponent's goal as possible and turn to an attack, for example, the opponentDFWhen trying to expand by turning the pathFW,MFThe player goes to check and aims at the opponent's mistake and the capture of the ball.However, the burden on the front line players will increase, and as a result, the scoring ability may drop.When in the lead, the other side often makes a pass at the baseline to save time, and the lead side tends to perform a more aggressive forecheck.There is "high press" in almost the same meaning.


Retreat(Retreat) Is a word that means retreat or withdrawal, and in soccer, it is a tactic in which most players fall to their own side and firmly defend their goals.By attracting and defending the opponent while descending, you can eliminate the space in front of the goal and not give a chance, but if it falls too muchMiddle shootWill be easily hit.It is a tactic used by many teams depending on the situation, but when the leading team tries to escape while maintaining the point difference.Long counterIt is often used by teams aiming for.

Line defense

Offside trap

Press defense

Man-to-man defense

Zone defense

Zone press



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