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⛳ | Japanese archipelago rejoices, sobs, tears Looking back on the last day of Hideki Matsuyama

Photo 36 Zander who fought in the hole praised each other for their good fight (Photo: Getty Images)

Japanese archipelago delights, sobs, tears Looking back on the last day of Hideki Matsuyama

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Was the tension that attacked him trying to crush Hideki Matsuyama?

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緊張What is (Kincho)?body,HeartIs in a tense state.



When stressed, the body releases chemicals such as cortisol when it is tense.This can cause sweating, palpitation, and gastric ulcers on the palms and back of the feet.

You should temporarily pay attention to your breathing for about two minutes in a tense state.Relax your abdomen, place your hands and take a slow, deep breath.Even if the entire chest extends outward like a barrel, the hands should come out.By taking this type of deep breath, you can calm down and counter anxiety and escape reactions.However, in addition to starting this breath on a tense day, you should practice this breathing technique a few weeks in advance.

The story of telling yourself why you are nervous is important, and performance depends on whether the reason is fear or excitement.If you feel scared, you should think of doing your best anyway.This can improve performance.Plan B to increase your options, that is, plan for the worst contingencies, and the tension begins to ease.[1].


When tension is maintained or occurs unexpectedly, it causes mild thirst and sweating on the body.In parallel with this, the heart rate rises and the pulse also rises.Although there are individual differences, it may cause symptoms that closely resemble a completely different type of hypotension.It is often seen in people with apathic temperament, but in rare cases it is said that they cannot tolerate too much tension and there are cases of fainting due to mental and physical loss.In the case of infants (excluding cases caused by organic disorders), symptoms such as attraction, vomiting, and sickness may occur, so psychological relaxation (rather than coercion) should be applied to the infant. Care is desirable.In addition, when human beings are said to be bad, when the other person says that they are not bad and apologizes, the tension up to that point is often cut off and they cry.


  1. ^ "Final Helpful Hints for Tests --Renaissance Learning and Unlocking Your Potential”(Japanese). Coursera. 2020th of February 12Browse.

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Hideki Matsuyama

Hideki Matsuyama(Matsuyama Hideki,1992May 2 -) isJapan OfProfessional golfer.Lexus(Toyota)Belongs[1]..2021 for the first time as a Japanese and Asian playerMasters TournamentWon[2].

The youngest Japanese Masters qualifier (19 years old at the time).When he was an amateur, he became the first Japanese amateur golfer to qualify for the Masters Tournament.2011Won the low amateur (amateur player's highest grade) title of the tournament.

First Rookie Year in Japan TourPrize King.. Rookie wins the most Thailand 4 times a year. The fastest annual prize (16 games) and the annual cash prize of 2 million yen exceeded[3].


EhimeMatsuyama CityI'm fromMeitoku Gijuku Junior High School/High SchoolThroughTohoku Fukushi Universitygraduate.

When I was four,Japanese flaxStarted playing golf under the influence of his father who has also participated.There is a golf club for the purpose of "preparing the environment for playing golf" in the second year of junior high schoolMeitoku Gijuku Junior High SchoolTransferred to.

Meitoku Gijuku High SchoolOf the era2008ToNational High School Golf ChampionshipWin theJapan Golf AssociationIt stands out as being selected for the (JGA) national team.

2010ToTohoku Fukushi UniversityGo on to school.Same yearAsian Amateur ChampionshipBecame the first Japanese to win the Masters qualification for the following year. Next weekJapan OpenHowever, following a line of professional golfers, he got 3rd place and won the low amateur.

2011ToMastersParticipate in. After passing the qualifying, he became the first Japanese to win the low amateur. In November of the same year,Sumitomo Mitsui VISA Pacific MastersKuramoto Masahiro,Ryo IshikawaIn the third amateur afterJapan tourWon the championship[4].

2012IsFROGFounded byWorld Amateur Golf RankingAnd won the first place in Japan.

Turning professional

2013On April 4, announced a professional turn. However, he continued to serve as the captain of the golf club at the university, and as a professional, he will play as a member of Tohoku Fukushi University for the time being. Tohoku Fukushi University fully supports the administrative procedures with the association and hotel arrangements. Caddy is an alumnus of the same university and has a wealth of professional caddy experience.Daisuke Shindo, Trainer is also Kanada Norin of the same university, basically fighting rookie year with a team of 3 people[5].


From April 4th to April 25th,Tsuruya Open Golf TournamentThen, we started from the 2nd place, which is two strokes away from the top on the last day. After arriving at the top of the 2th place in the latter half of the season, they won the come-from-behind victory, which included four consecutive birdies. The victory in the second professional turn,1999 OfJGTO "Japan Golf Tour Organization"After the start of the tour, the shortest record of the tour, skipping the conventional 5 games[6].. Before the establishment of JGTO,1979 OfChushikoku OpenIn the professional debut game,1981In Japan's National Planning Summers, the same professional turning second game as MatsuyamaKuramoto MasahiroHave won each[6][7].

From April 5th to April 30th,Diamond cup golfOn the final day, Matsuyama, who started from the top tie, managed to escape and managed to reach the total score of 9 under, scoring his second win this season.

From April 6th to April 13th,US OpenThen entered 10th place in Thailand and won the US Open participation right next year.

From July 7th to July 18st, the firstBritish Open And finished in 6th place in Thailand. On the third day, one shot was punished for slow play, causing controversy.[8].Overseas majorIn, he left the first Japanese record of being in the top 10 for two consecutive races.

From April 9th to April 5th,Fuji Sankei ClassicOn the final day, while having a 4-stroke lead, he was overtaken by the following and entered the playoffs. Although I was suffering, I got my third victory this season.

On September 9, we announced the establishment of a fund to support the earthquake recovery. We plan to accumulate 28 yen per birdie and 1 yen per eagle in all future domestic and international competitions. I want to use this for the children affected by the disaster[9].

From October 10rd to October 3th, team competition by US selection vs. world selection (excluding players of European nationality)President's CupParticipate in. In the world selection, 10 people are automatically selected from the top of the world ranking, MatsuyamaAdam Scott(Australian flag Australia),Ernie Els( Republic of South Africa) Et al. became the 6th stately elected[10].

From April 11th to April 28th,Casio World Open Golf TournamentAnd won his fourth win this season. In the first year of tour participation (Rookie Year)Prize KingConfirm. It became the third player of 3 million yen in history. From the professional debut in 2 games (including 16 overseas major games)Shoji Ozaki(1994, 96) andToshimitsu Izawa(2001) is the fastest ever. In addition, the new player's four wins a year was in 4Kuramoto MasahiroLined up with the most records[11].

December 12th, 9 Japan Golf Tour Award Ceremony, the highest number ever in history (Best Player Award, Prize Ranking, Unisys Point Ranking Award, Best New Player Award, Average Stroke Award, Perk Keep Rate Award, Birdie Rate Award, Won the Sand Save Rate Award and the Golf Reporter Award)[12].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,ToyotaAnnounced that he has signed an affiliation contract with. ExternallyLexusBelonging". The contract period is 3 years and the total contract amount is 6 million yen.[1].


Graduated from Tohoku Fukushi University in March.At the graduation ceremony, due to the good results of golf while attending schoolSoto sectReceived the President's Award and President's Award[13].

Held from May 5th to June 29stMemorial TournamentAt(English editionWon the PGA Tour for the first time by winning the playoff with[14].. Japanese players dominate the US tour,Isao Aoki,Shigeki Maruyama,Ryuji ImadaAfter 6 years old, Matsuyama won the youngest championship for the first time in 4 years.


Rice from April 4th ​​to April 9thMasters TournamentThen, he went into fifth place alone with 11 under.

For the 2014-2015 season,PGA Tour15th in the prize ranking ($3,758,619),FedExCup pointsFinished in 16th place (558 points).


Held from May 2th to June 4stPhoenix openRicky FowlerHe won the PGA Tour for the first time in two seasons by winning the playoffs.[15]

Held from May 10th to June 13stJapan Open Golf ChampionshipHas won the first domestic major.

Held from May 10th to June 27stHSBC ChampionsHe won the World Golf Championship for the first time.


February 2-2thPhoenix open(English editionHe won the playoffs with and won two consecutive games, and won the PGA Tour's fourth victory.[16]

Held from May 6th to June 15stUS OpenSo I entered second place in Thailand.

Held from May 8th to June 3stBridgestone Invitation ChampionshipThe world golf championship 2nd win and the PGA tour 5th win.

November 11th, while visiting JapanPlaying cardsWith the presidentPrime Minister Abe OfAt Kasumigaseki Country ClubI played with golf[17].


4月8日から4月11日に行われた米マスターズ・トーナメントでは、予選ラウンド2日間を-4、首位と3打差の6位タイで通過し、3日目は前半を-1で終えた後、11番ホールプレー中に悪天候で77分間の中断に見舞われるが、再開後の8ホールで1イーグル4バーディーを記録し、同年の大会全参加選手中初のノーボギー65で周り通算-11で首位浮上、2位に4打差をつけ、最終日は前半終了時点で-13までスコアを伸ばし、2位に最大6打差をつけていたが、後半では15番Par5で2打目をグリーンオーバーし池に落とすなど1バーディー4ボギーの+3で、最終的に同日+1の73となったものの、2位の(English editionWon the first Masters Tournament in the history of Japanese and Asians by one stroke, and as an overseas major tournament, both men and womenHisako Higuchi(Women's PGA Championship),Kouki Idoki(National Professional Senior),Shibuno Hinako(British Women's Open) Followed by the fourth person, the so-calledFour major golf tournamentsThen it became the first Japanese conquest.Also, by winning the Masters TournamentAugusta National Golf ClubAs long as he is an active professional golf player, he can participate in this tournament regardless of the tour results (lifetime participation right).

Main battle record

Championship history

Japan Tour (8)

Number of wins
Major (1)
Tours (7)
No.Date and TimeConventionWinning scoreStrike2 bit
12011May 11Sumitomo Mitsui VISA Pacific Masters-13 (71-64-68 = 203)2 strokesJapanese flag Toru Taniguchi
22013May 4Tsuruya Open Golf Tournament-18 (69-63-68-66 = 266)1 strokesUnited States flag (English edition
32013May 6Diamond cup golf-9 (71-69-68-71 = 279)2 strokesRepublic of Korea flag (English edition(Kim Hyun Sung)
42013May 9Fuji Sankei Classic-9 (66-70-66-73 = 275)play offJapanese flag Hideto Tanihara/Republic of Korea flag (English edition
52013May 12Casio World Open Golf Tournament-12 (72-66-68-70 = 276)1 strokesJapanese flag Yuta Ikeda
62014May 11Dunlop Phoenix Tournament-15 (68-64-67-70 = 269)play offJapanese flag Hiroshi Iwata
72016May 10Japan Open Golf Championship-5 (71-70-65-69 = 275)3 strokesJapanese flag Yuta Ikeda/Republic of Korea flag (English edition(Lee Kyung Hoon)
82016May 11Sumitomo Mitsui VISA Pacific Masters-23 (65-66-65-69 = 265) [18]7 strokesRepublic of Korea flag (English edition(Song Yong Han)[18]

Japan tour playoff record (2-0)

12013Fuji Sankei ClassicJapanese flag Hideto Tanihara/Republic of Korea flag (English edition2nd hole in playoff, Tanihara, par 2 on 2 putt par, Matsuyama 2 on 1 putt birdie. Matsuyama's victory.
22014Dunlop Phoenix TournamentJapanese flag Hiroshi IwataPlayoffs 1st hole, Matsuyama 3 on 2 putt par. Matsuyama wins because Iwata gives up.

PGA Tour (6)

Number of wins
Tours (3)
World Golf Championship (2)
Major Tournament (1)
No.Date and TimeConventionWinning scoreStrike2 bit
12014May 6Memorial Tournament-13 (70-67-69-69 = 275)play offUnited States flag (English edition
22016May 2Phoenix open-14 (65-70-68-67 = 270)play offUnited States flag Ricky Fowler
32016May 10HSBC Champions-23 (66-65-68-66 = 265)7 strokesSwedish flag Henrik Stenson/United States flag
42017May 2Phoenix open-17 (65-68-68-66 = 267)play offUnited States flag (English edition
52017May 8Bridgestone Invitation Championship-16 (69-67-67-61 = 264)5 strokesUnited States flag Zach Johnson
62021May 4Masters Tournament-10 (69-71-65-73 = 278)1 strokesUnited States flag

PGA Tour Playoff Record (3-0)

12014Memorial TournamentUnited States flag (English editionPlayoff 1st hole, Matsuyama 3 on 1 putt par. Matsuyama's victory.
22016Phoenix openUnited States flag Ricky Fowler4th hole in playoff, 2 on 2 putts in Matsuyama. Fowler 3 on 2 putty bogey. Matsuyama's victory.
32017Phoenix openUnited States flag (English editionA birdie in the 4th hole of the playoffs and 2 on 1 putt in Matsuyama. Simpson 2 on 2 putt par. Matsuyama's victory.

Other wins (1)

Competition results

Major championship

Open championshipDNPDNPT6T39T18CUTT14CUTCUT
PGA ChampionshipDNPDNPT19T35T37T4T5T35T16T22

LA = Low amateur
DNP = Do not participate
WD = Decline due to injury
CUT = half way cut
T = rank Thailand
Green is the winner and yellow is the top 10.

World Golf Championship

Mexico championshipDNPT34T23T35T25DNPT19
Match play championshipDNPR32R16T18T51T36T24
Bridgestone Invitation ChampionshipT21T12T37T421T39T43
HSBC ChampionsWDT41WD1T50T30T11

QF, R16, R32, R64 = Round



According to people around me,Natural bokeh". When I went out to eat with an acquaintance, he said he had forgotten what he ordered five minutes after he ordered the meal.[25].. "I like games with a lot of galleries," he says, with the advantage of being courageous on the big stage. Tohoku Fukushi University's director has also described it as an "immovable type."[25].

Hobbybaseball[26]Bowling.. Bowling said to record 280 over[27].

Favorite celebrityRyoko Hirosue[28]Aya Ueto[29].. (From interviews in 2010 and 2013.) For athletesTiger woodsIchiroLonging for[25].Yomiuri Giantsフ ァ ン[30].

My father isEhimeMatsuyama CityRuns "Hideki Golf Garden"[31].

In January 2017, he married a general woman who was one year younger than a junior in the golf club who had been dating since high school, and in July of the same year his first child was born.[32][33].


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