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🏓 | Misako Wakamiya, the top-ranked Nagoya player last season, became the first female commander in the T-League.


Misako Wakamiya, the top-ranked Nagoya player last season, became the first female commander in the T-League.

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This time, I am Misako Wakamiya, who has been appointed as the director of Top Nagoya Ping Pongs Nagoya.

Table Tennis T-League Women's Top Virgin Ping Pongs Nagoya (hereinafter referred to as Top Nagoya) will be on the 13th, 2021-2022 Sea ... → Continue reading

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Top Otome Ping Pongs Nagoya

Top Otome Ping Pongs Nagoya(Top Otome Ping Pongs Nagoya, Abbreviations are TOP Nagoya, TOP Nagoya)Nagoya cityBased inTable tennisClub team. Started in the fall of 2018T LeagueBelong to.


Started in 2018T LeagueA table tennis club team that participated in the war.Elizabeth Samara,Xu Xiaoyuan, Etc. from overseas top players participated.[1]

Active player

Uniform numberCountryPlayer namePlayer rankBattle typeRemarks
#3Romanian flagElizabeth SamaraAAARight shake
#4Singapore flag(English edition)AARight shake drive typeNew member
#6Japanese flagAnka DezawaAARight shake
#7Japanese flagAALeft shake
#9German flagHan InnSRight shake cut man
#11Japanese flagARight shake
#10Japanese flagAALeft shake
#26Japanese flagAAARight shake drive typeNew member
#30Chinese Taipei flag(Chinese version)SRight shake
#31Republic of Korea flagLiang Xia GinAAARight shake
#Japanese flagRight shakeReregistration
2020-21 season

ス タ ッ フ

directed byyuanSenshu UniversityWomen's coach
2019-20 season


SeasonNumber of matchesNumber of winsNumber of defeatsScoreGoalsProfit/lossPointsRemarks
2018-19215163158-27% 19
2019-20218133952-13% 27
2020-21214173557-22% 18

Successive players


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外部 リンク

Wakamiya Misako

Misako Wakamiya(Wakamiya Misako,1989May 6[2]-) isKagawaTadotsu TownFromTable tennisplayer.Front team haste type.ITTFWorld rankingThe highest rank is 24st.RankIs 7 steps.All Japan Table Tennis ChampionshipIn women's doublesHiroko FujiiHas won four consecutive titles since the 2010 tournament in pairs with[3]..Weapons of drive and meet[4]. Besides this,Ai FukuharaWomen's doubles paired withKenji MatsudairaEven in the mixed doubles paired with, he has achieved good results in domestic and overseas competitions. Retired from active duty only in March 2018.


,Mitoyo City Takase Junior High SchoolThroughJinsei Gakuen High SchoolIn the third year ofInter HighWon the women's singles[5].

In January 2007, he lost to the All Japan Table Tennis Championships Junior Division and became the best four.[6].

In the All Japan Table Tennis Championships in January 2008, he was in the top 1 of singles.[7].

Ritsumeikan UniversityFaculty of Industrial SociologyEnroll in[8], In the first year of 1All Japan Student Table Tennis ChampionshipsWon the women's singles and the women's doubles with[9][10]..After that, in July 2009, he dropped out of the university to concentrate on table tennis and joined Nippon Life.[11].

2010 Year of 10 MonthAll Japan Adult Table Tennis ChampionshipsThen, in the women's singles, it was defeated and ranked 3rd[12], Was the best 8 in doubles[13].

In 2004 at the international conventionNew DelhiHe won the Asian Youth Championship Cadet in Japan, and won the 2006 Indian Tournament in the World Junior Circuit from 2007 to 2007. Participated in the ITTF Pro Tour since 2006 and in 2009和 歌 山He was in the 8th singles best at the tournament and the 4th best women's doubles at the Seoul tournament.横 浜 市Made in50th World Table Tennis Championship Individual Match(At that time, the world ranking was 132nd)Kenji MatsudairaSo I advanced to the second round. December,Hiroko FujiiParticipated in a pair withEast Asian GamesWon a silver medal in the women's doubles.

In 2010, in the women's doubles quarterfinals of the Japan Championships, when Ai Fukuhara and Kasumi Ishikawa, who lost in the East Asian Games final of the previous year, were defeated, they won the championship for the first time.Guangzhou9th in the Asian Cup singles at2010 Asian GamesWon the bronze medal in the women's doubles[14].

January 2010SeoulKAL Cup held at (under 21 years old)ITTF World Tour Grand Final) At the end of the full set,Yuka IshigakiLost to[15][16].. December 12th to 24thKure City General GymnasiumMade in51th World Table Tennis Championship Individual Match(Rotterdam) Was ranked first in the Japan national team player selection, and was appointed as the national team.[17]..The following day, at the World Championships in May 2011, she advanced to the top 5 in the women's doubles.

2012 year 1 month,Kenji MatsudairaAchieved the first mixed doubles victory in the Japan Championships and the third consecutive victory in the women's doubles.

Achieved 2013 consecutive victories in the history of the tournament at the Japan Championship Women's Doubles in January 1[3]..In the same year's world championship, she was the best 6 in the women's doubles who participated in the 8th seed.Best 16 in mixed doubles.

At the Japan Championships in January 2014, she lost in the quarterfinals in the women's doubles and did not win the fifth straight title.Hiroko Fujii retires at the end of this tournament[18]..Best 4 in mixed doubles.In the semifinals in singlesKazumi IshikawaLost to, but entered the best 4 for the first time[19].. At the Ogimura Cup in JuneAi FukuharaParticipated in a pair with, and in the final of the previous year's World Championship bronze medal pairFeng Tian, Defeated Yu Mengyu (Singapore) and won the championship.

In January 2015, the Japan Championship missed the women's doubles due to a pair of back pain in Fukuhara.In the mixed doubles with Kenji Matsudaira, he advanced to the final for the first time in three tournaments and was runner-up.

201653nd World Table Tennis Championships Team MatchI participated in the world table tennis team competition for the first time.

In the February issue of the World Table Tennis Kingdom in 2017, he announced his retirement from the Japanese national team and is intractable.SLEConfessed to suffer from[20].. In the 2017 season, he is also focusing on training the junior generation as a coach while staying at Nippon Life.Also from 2017Japan Table Tennis AssociationServe as a member of the athlete committee[21].

Announced that he will retire from active duty only in March 2018 and turned into a body make-up trainer[22].

2012 years,Systemic lupus erythematosusWas diagnosed[23].

Main battle record

  • 23 All Japan Table Tennis Championship Mixed DoublesWin(Kenji Matsudaira pair), Women's DoublesWin(Hiroko Fujii pair)
  • Asian Table Tennis Championship(Macau) Mixed doubles bronze medal (Kenji Matsudaira pair)
  • Ogimura Cup International Table Tennis ChampionshipsWomen's doublesWin(Hiroko Fujii pair)
  • ITTF Chile Open Women's DoublesWin(Hiroko Fujii pair)
  • ITTF Czech Open Women's DoublesWin(Hiroko Fujii pair), women's singles runner-up
  • All Japan Adult Table Tennis Championship Women's DoublesWin(Hiroko Fujii pair)
  • 24 All Japan Table Tennis Championships Women's DoublesWin(Hiroko Fujii pair), Mixed Doubles Best 4 (Kenji Matsudaira pair)
  • World Championship Women's Doubles Best 8 (Hiroko Fujii pair), Mixed Doubles Best 16 (Kenji Matsudaira pair)
  • ITTF Germany Open Women's Doubles Runner-up (Ai Fukuhara Pair)
  • All Japan Adult Table Tennis Championship Women's DoublesWin(Hiroko Fujii pair)
  • 25 All Japan Table Tennis Championship Mixed Doubles Best 4 (Kenji Matsudaira Pair), Women's Singles Best 4
  • ITTF Croatia Open Women's Singles Runner-up
  • Ogimura Cup International Table Tennis Championships Women's DoublesWin(Ai Fukuhara pair)
  • ITTF Czech Open Women's DoublesWin(Ai Fukuhara pair)
  • 26 All Japan Table Tennis Championship Mixed Doubles XNUMXnd Place (Kenji Matsudaira Pair)
  • ITTF Hungarian Open Women's SinglesWin


* Highest grade



Mixed doubles



  • Kagawa Prefecture Sports Glory Award Special Award[24][25]

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