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⚽ | Kengo Nakamura U-17 Japan National Team debuts as a leader at the training camp!


Kengo Nakamura U-17 Japan National Team debuts as a leader at the training camp!

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Furthermore, Rikuto Hashimoto (Tokyo V Youth), who holds the youngest participation record in J2 history (15 years, 10 months, 26 days), the next championship candidate, Shio Fukuda (Kamimura Gakuen High School), and Rui Osako (Kamimura Gakuen High School) The talented people who will lead the next generation show off the best technology of the age!

Soccer U-4 Japan National Team candidate training camp to be held from 12 / 4-15 / 17.Training camp where talented people who will lead the next generation gather ... → Continue reading

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Young participation record

Kamimura Gakuen School Corporation

Coordinate: North Latitude 31 Degrees 42 Minutes 17 Seconds East longitude 130 degree 16 min 52 sec /31.70472 degrees north latitude 130.28111 degrees east longitude / 31.70472; 130.28111

Kamimura Gakuen School Corporation(Gakkou Hojin Kamimura Gakuen)KagoshimaIchikikushikino CityHeadquarters in BeppuSchool corporation..A school founder who runs kindergartens, elementary, junior high and high schools, and vocational schools.Also,KosaidoIt also provides content to the e-learning business "Learning Heaven" operated by.

Building spirit

Providing rich personality education with different values ​​based on practical learning[PR 1]

School lesson

Health-Labor・ Sincerity ・courtesy-responsibility

Installation school


  • 1956(Showa 31) --By Isao KamimuraKushikino Accounting CollegeIs installed[PR 2].
  • 1964(39)-"Kamimura Gakuen School CorporationIs approved for installation[PR 2].
  • 1965(40) --Kushikino Commercial Girls' High School is established.
  • 1990(2) --A junior high school was added to Kushikino Commercial Girls' High School.Kamimura Gakuen High School / Middle SchoolRenamed to.
  • 2017(29)May 4[3] - MieIga CityKamimura Gakuen High School Iga Branch SchoolWitz Aoyama Gakuen High SchoolInstalled in the form of inheriting[1][2].


  • At Kamimura Gakuen, which is known as a strong high school in the prefecture along with Kagoshima Kogyo and Kagoshima Josai, it is known that they were doing violent acts such as kicking the members' feet, saying "I will make it a body that can not play soccer", and whiteboard It is also known that he returned from Fukuoka, the destination of the expedition, to the same school in Kagoshima prefecture to pick up one pen.This teacher became homeless and later retired on request.[4][PR 3].
  • The violence against junior high school students by the third graders of the baseball club became habitual, and the case was discovered by appealing to the school by letter to the editor, and it was discovered that violence and acts like threatening were carried out for several months by hearing. right awayJapan High School Baseball FederationIt was decided to report to the director and to remove the relevant third grade member from the registered members.[PR 4].. In September 2014, a man who belonged to the same department and suffered from residual aftereffects filed a claim for damages against a senior male student at the time. December 9, Kobe District Court(Judge Kumiko Honda)By the 14th of the same year, he ordered the perpetrator to pay about 1170 million yen, saying that he "used his senior's position and violently attacked a man who had no fault."
  • The high school of the school20194ToHyogoAwaji CityWide area opened inCommunication systemIn the same year, there was a suspicion that he spent time practicing soccer at an educational support facility and was left unattended without proper learning guidance.May 12Ascended by.It seems that 22 out of 10 freshmen at the center have voluntarily dropped out.Former student parents are the same yearMay 12To the schoolMatsue District Court(I.e.To the branchRestitution for DamagesProceedings have been filed for payment such as[5][6].


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