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⚾ | [Professional baseball / This week's hot hitter] Hanshin / Kento Itohara, who is mass-producing hits The key to the explosion of hits is the "first at bat"


[Professional baseball / This week's hot batter] The key to the explosion of hits by Hanshin and Kento Itohara, who are mass-producing hits, is the "first at bat."

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However, in the following game against Konosu and Seibu, he hit 12 hits in 4 at bats (batting average .333) and gained momentum in the game against Softbank last weekend with 10 hits in 4 at bats (batting average .400).

Professional baseball has completed 14 to 15 games since the opening, and the difference between the ups and downs of each team is gradually becoming noticeable.Central League ... → Continue reading


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10 strokes 4 hit


Softbank Corporation(British: SoftBank Corp.[1]) IsSoftBank Group Corp.At a company under its umbrella,JapanIn mobile phones etc.Wireless communicationServices(Mobile carrier)andLong distance,International communicationJapan's leading provider ofTelecommunications carrier.. On November 2015, 7Softbank Mobile Co., Ltd.Changed the trade name from.

Softbank expandsSoftbankFor branded mobile phonesSoftBank (mobile phone), MVNO (in collaboration with our companyVirtual mobile operator) And other companies inherited by the companybrand(PHS(Including businesses), etc. will be dealt with in separate articles.


The origin of the company organizationJapan National Railway(JNR)PrivatizationIn 1986, beforeTrain phoneEstablished for the purpose of business successionRailway Communications Co., Ltd. (JR Communications)Is. Then, in 1989ShindenMerged with Japan Telecom, which was established as a subsidiary, and JR Communications was renamed to Japan Telecom (2nd generation).

Japan Telecom1991To enter the mobile phone business,Kanto Koshin region-Tokai region-KinkiIn the areaPacific Telesis(Then, mobile communicationAir touchJointly funded by JR Group and othersDigital phoneEstablished a group.Hokkaido,Tohoku region,Hokuriku region,Chugoku,ShikokuAndKyusyuIn 1994, I didn't enter as a digital phone.Nissan MotorBy joint investment with othersDigital tukerEstablished.IDODDI cellularAs well asroamingProvided a nationwide service.

Since 1997 as a common brand for digital phones and digital tukerJ-PHONE(Japhone) Is established. Digital Tucar, which Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. withdrew its capital from in 1999, was absorbed into a digital phone regional company, and in 2000, Japan Telecom and Vodafone's investment company J-phone Co., Ltd. A regional company was brought under its umbrella and merged into a single company through an absorption-type merger. For the first time in Japan in November of the same yearMobile phone with camera(J-SH04) Was commercialized and carried out as part of the campaignPhoto mailIs for J. Fonmarket shareBecame a trigger to raise.

From 2000The United KingdomMobile phone companiesVodafone(Vodafone)Was aiming to enter the Japanese mobile phone business, but the parent company Japan Telecom was concerned about takeover in 1999.BT group-AT&TAnd accepted the investment. However, due to changes in the environment, Vodafone succeeded in acquiring a majority stake in Japan Telecom from its existing shareholders in October 2001, making Japan Telecom and J-Phone a Vodafone Group. That is, the symbol logo with both J-PHONE and Vodafone is adopted for advertising and terminals. In 103rd generation mobile communication system As a (3G) serviceVodafone Global Standard(Later Vodafone 3G,SoftBank 3G) Started.

In October 2003, Vodafone split Japan Telecom Holdings (10rd generation) from Japan Telecom Holdings.Ripplewood HoldingsWas sold toVodafone Co., Ltd.Change the trade name to.

On July 2004, 7, SoftBank (now SoftBank Group) acquired Japan Telecom.

In Vodafone (Japan), the number of cancellations was greater than the number of new contracts in July 2004 due to intensifying price competition with competitors and dissatisfaction with the communication area.[5].

2006 year 3 month,BB mobileSoftBank Group, which had planned to enter the mobile phone business by Vodafone, will sell Vodafone Co., Ltd.'s shares and assets/liabilities at JPY 1 billion, the highest amount for a Japanese company.AcquisitionAnnounce to do[6].. As of October 10st of the same year, Vodafone Japan Ltd.Softbank mobile, Japan TelecomSOFTBANK TELECOMThe company name was changed to.

From April 2007, paper invoices such as account transfer notices and usage fees will be charged.

As of April 2015, 4, SoftBank Mobile willSoftbank BB, SoftBank Telecom (SoftBank Telecom salesUpside down merger2nd generation),Y MobileAbsorbed and merged. Along with this, the wholly owned parent company BB Mobile's investment became 75.81%SoftbankThe main unit was 24.18% (99.99% of the total in the group) and 0.01% of the other. In addition, although the company name has not changed, BB and Wymobile (formerly eAccess) ADSL business, telecom long distance and international business such as fixed line communication business will be handled. In addition, by inheriting Y-Mobile, it has become a single company that operates both fixed communications and PHS.

As of July 2015, 7, the holding company SoftBank changed its trade name to "SoftBank Group Corp.", and at the same time, SoftBank Mobile succeeded the trade name, and (new)Softbank Corporation(The holding company SoftBank Corp. approved the change of trade name at the general meeting of shareholders held on June 6). Regarding the change in the trade name, "It is due to the expansion of business areas such as mobile phone business and other mobile communication business, as well as fixed communication business and Internet connection service."[7].. The mobile phone brand is still called “SoftBank” due to the remnants of the past."Y Mobile"Co-exists as a dual brand.

As of December 2015, 12,Intermediate holding companyMetMobile tech(BB Mobile's wholly-owning parent company) and BB Mobile have been merged into the SoftBank Group, and the company will directly own a 99.99% stake.


  • October 1984-(First generation) Established Japan Telecom Corp.
  • October 1986, 12- Japan National RailwayWith the privatization ofRailway Communications Co., Ltd.Was established.
  • 1987
    • March-Obtained a first-class telecommunications business license.
    • April --- Takes over the core communication network from the Japanese National Railways and starts operating JR telephone services and dedicated services.
  • May 1989, 5-Rail Communications Co., Ltd. (first generation) of domestic leased line, 1 long distance telephone, long distance public telephone serviceJapan Telecom Co., Ltd.,(2nd generation) Japan Telecom Co., Ltd.Changed the trade name to.
  • 1991
    • February-"2 card" service started.
    • July-Tokyo Digital Phone Co., Ltd. (affiliated company, later J-phone East Japan Co., Ltd.) was established to enter the mobile and car phone business.
    • November-Kansai Digital Phone Co., Ltd. (affiliated company, later J-phone West Japan Co., Ltd.) established.
  • November 1992-Tokai Digital Phone Co., Ltd. (affiliated company, later J-phone Tokai Co., Ltd.) established.
  • 1994
    • March 3-Digital Tuker Kyushu Co., Ltd. (an affiliated company) is established.
    • April-Commencement of mobile and car phone services by Tokyo Digital Phone Co., Ltd.
    • August 9- Tokyo Stock Exchangeas well as the Osaka Stock ExchangeListed on the second section of each market.
    • October-Digital Tuker China Co., Ltd. (an affiliated company) is established.
  • 1995
    • April 4-Digital Tuker Tohoku Co., Ltd. (an affiliated company) is established.
    • July 7-Hokkaido Digital Tuker Co., Ltd. (an affiliated company) was established.
    • September 9-Digital Tuker Hokuriku Co., Ltd. (an affiliated company) was established.
    • October 10-Digital Tuker Shikoku Co., Ltd. (an affiliated company) was established.
  • September 1996-Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange each market first section.
  • 1997
    • February-With the opening of Digital Tuker Shikoku Co., Ltd. (an affiliated company), the nationwide expansion of the mobile and car phone business is completed.
    • October - "ODN"Start of the service.
    • October 10-Japan Telecom announces "1 International Telephone Service"Japan International CommunicationsMerged with (ITJ).
  • 1998
    • May 5-Established Beatty Communications Service, Inc.
    • November 11-A joint venture between Japan Telecom, Nissan Motor and Air Touch International to investigate the business viability of the next-generation mobile phone system "IMT-30". Established Vodafone Co., Ltd.[8].
  • 1999
    • 4 month - British Telecommunications PLC, Signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with AT & T CORP.
    • August 8-Japan Telecom launches Beatty Communications Service Co., Ltd.Wholly owned subsidiaryAnd changed its name to Japan Telecom Communications Service Co., Ltd.
  • October 1999-Digital Phone, Digital Tuker companies such as J-Phone Tokyo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as J-Phone)J-phone[Note 2]Is changed to a trade name with "."
  • 2000
    • February-2 planning IMT Inc. (later Vodafone Co., Ltd.) made a subsidiary.
    • April 4-Change the trade name to J-phone Co., Ltd.
    • May 5-Japan Telecom Co., Ltd. merged Japan Telecom Communications Service Co.
    • May 5-J-phone 9 companies into a subsidiary.
    • October 10-1 companies nationwide (business companies) by the merger.
      • J-Phone Tokyo Co., Ltd. merged with J-Phone Hokkaido Co., Ltd. and J-Phone Tohoku Co., Ltd. and changed its name to J-Phone East Japan Co., Ltd.
      • J-Phone Kansai Co., Ltd. merged with J-Phone Hokuriku Co., Ltd., J-Phone China Co., Ltd., J-Phone Shikoku Co., Ltd., and J-Phone Kyushu Co., Ltd.
      • J-Phone Tokai Co., Ltd. will continue to exist.
  • 2001
    • May-Started providing local telephone service.
    • July-British Telecommunications PLC cancels comprehensive partnership agreement with AT & T CORP.
    • October-Vodafone International Holdings BV (hereafter Vodafone) of Japan Telecom Co., Ltd.Takeover bidAs a result, the parent company, Vodafone Group Plc, becomes the parent company with the majority voting rights of Japan Telecom Co., Ltd.
    • November 11-J-phone, J-phone East Japan, J-phone Tokai, J-phone West Japan absorption merger.
  • 2002
    • July-Established Japan System Solution by company split and succeeded to system solution business in mobile communications business. In addition, Telecom Express was established through a company split to take over the sales agency business of mobile phone terminals.
    • August 8-Japan Telecom Co., Ltd.Japan Telecom Holdings Co., Ltd.The company name was changed to "," and a wholly-owned subsidiary (third generation) Japan Telecom Co., Ltd. (later the first SoftBank Telecom Co., Ltd.) was established as a company split (new division) and transferred to a pure holding company.
  • 2003
    • October 10-J-Phone Co., Ltd. changed its name to Vodafone Co., Ltd.
    • November 11-Japan Telecom Holdings, Inc. (14rd generation) Transfer all shares of Japan Telecom Co., Ltd. to Ripplewood.
    • December 12-Japan Telecom Holdings, Inc.Vodafone Holdings Co., Ltd.Changed the trade name to.
  • 2004
    • June-Tender offer for shares of Vodafone Holdings Co., Ltd. in England by Vodafone, 6% acquisition.
    • October 10-Vodafone Holdings Co., Ltd. merges with Vodafone Co., Ltd.(2nd generation) Vodafone KK"change to. Vodafone UK stake increased to 97.68%.
    • December-Started "International roaming video call" that can use the videophone function of mobile phones overseas.
  • 2005
    • May 5-Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Stock Exchange sell shares as the number of minority specified shares exceeds 13% of the number of listed shares.Supervision postAssign to.
    • August 8-delisted.
  • 2006
    • March 3-British Vodafone agreed to sell the Japanese mobile phone business to Softbank at 17 billion yen.
    • May 5-Company name changed from October 18Softbank mobileThe brand nameSoftbankAnnounced to change to (SoftBank).
    • 8 month - BB mobileWill be a wholly owned subsidiary of the company through a stock exchange with the company as a wholly owned parent company.
    • July 10-``Softbank Mobile Co., Ltd.Changed name to[9].
  • June 2007-transition to a company with a board of corporate auditors.
  • July 2008-AppleiPhone 3GIs sold exclusively in Japan
  • April 2010-Japan System Solutions, Japan Mobile Communications, SoftBank Mobile Support merged.
  • 2012
    • February-Launch of LTE data communication service "SoftBank 2G" (AXGP method).
    • 7 month - 900MHz band(Platinum band) Started to provide communication services.
    • September-FDD-LTE high-speed data communication service "SoftBank 9G LTE" started providing.
  • February 2013-Started providing SoftBank satellite phone service.
  • March 2014-``VoltaStarted to provide voice call service.
  • 2015
    • August 4- Softbank BB,(2nd generation) SoftBank Telecom,Y MobileAbsorbed 3 companies[10].. Along with this, the parent company will be SoftBank itself, a subsidiary company of the main body, and BB Mobile, which is a subsidiary of Mobile Tech, and will handle not only the mobile communication business but also the fixed communication business.[11].
    • July 7-``(2nd generation) SoftBank Corp.Changed name to[12].. The holding company (first generation) SoftBank Corp. changed its name to SoftBank Group Corp.
    • July-Merged with Telecom Express Co., Ltd.
    • August 9- Softbank payment serviceBecame a wholly owned subsidiary[13].
    • December 12-Mobile Tech and BB Mobile will be merged into SoftBank Group Corp., and only SoftBank Group Corp. will be the parent company.
  • July 2016, 7-parent companySoftBank Group Japan GKTransferred to[14].
  • 2017
    • April 4-Parent company SoftBank Group Japan GK, is merged with SoftBank Group International GK, SoftBank Group International GK (currently SoftBank Group Japan, Inc.) becomes a subsidiary.
    • May 5 --SB C & S Holdings LLC (currently SB C & S Holdings Corp.).Softbank Commerce & ServiceBecame a wholly owned subsidiary[13].
    • October-Merged with Japan Telecom Information Services Co., Ltd.
  • 2018
  • 2019
    • January 1, a major subsidiary,Softbank C & S,Softbank payment service,Softbank satellite planning,Softbank mobile serviceBut eachSB C & S,SB payment service,BB Satellite,SB mobile serviceChange the trade name to[23].
    • June-In order to strengthen cooperation and synergies in various business fields including FinTech,Yahoo Japan CorporationBecame a subsidiary.
    • November-Z Holdings, a subsidiary, aims to strengthen fashion e-commerce for further growth of the e-commerce business.ZOZOBecame a subsidiary.


  • 2021
    • On January 1, the head office was moved from Shiodome to Takeshiba.

Main services

Mobile communication service

Internet connection service

  • SoftBank Hikari
  • SoftBank Air
  • Yahoo! BB Hikari with FLET'S
  • Yahoo! BB ADSL
  • ODN
  • SpinNet

Fixed telephone service

  • Otoku Line
  • Free call supermarket
  • My Line/My Line Plus
  • 0088 Telephone service
  • 0061 International Telephone Service
  • Voice net
  • International ISDN
  • IP-One IP Phone
  • JR telephone service

Electrical service

  • Home electricity

Mech robot

Mobile phone business trends

From FY2007, when the name was changed to SoftBank MobileNet increaseThen.NTT DoCoMo,KDDI-Okinawa Cellular PhoneUnion Ofau, WymobileWILLCOM OkinawaUnionE-MobileThe number of months in which the number increased to 1st was suppressed, and the net increase reached the top for the 26th consecutive month, and was overtaken by NTT Docomo the following month, but it became the top again the following month, and fierce competition for subscribers fought. this is"White plan""White family 24The popularity of a plan that keeps the basic charge low instead of promising a contract period is also popular.Spabo bulk, Large-scale free lending to corporations (actual relative free plan), until the summer of 2011 it was a proprietary model of SoftBank MobileiPhone-iPadPopular[24]And so on.

The number of mobile phone contracts in JapanAbout 3976 million contractsAnd the market share of the Japanese mobile phone market is the third[25](As of the end of September 2015).

NTT East/WestEquivalent to a network service (on the networkUnannouncedDenial) is not the only response for domestic MNOs (mobile operators). Because of this, ourMVNOIsEMOBILE 4G-S,WILLCOM CORE 3GFor example, there is a phenomenon that the company's own line supports it, but the MVNO line does not support it (MNO does not,Disney mobileIs not doing the equivalent service as well).

Account transferInformation about usage fees, etc.paper OfInvoiceHas been charged since April 2007.[26]


After the merger of Wymobile on April 2015, 4, the communication service that Wymobile hadY! Mobile”Is continued as its own service, and it is effectively the second communication service after Softbank (so-called sub-brand). Before the merger, one used both communication areas as the MVNO of the other, but after the merger both of them were used as their own networks (However, due to system restrictions To move, it is necessary to follow the same procedure as MNP[27]).

Furthermore, in April 2018LINEMVNO operated byLINE MobileAcquired 51% of the shares and made it a subsidiary[28].. As a result, SoftBank will have three brands, SoftBank, Y!mobile, and LINE Mobile, including its own and group companies.

At SoftBank, the above 3 brands are categorized as follows.[27].

  • SoftBank-Large-capacity users/business users
  • Y!mobile-Light User
  • LINE Mobile-For teens to early 10s

Transition of investment company

Vodafone's acquisition of Jayphone

Japan Telecom (JT), the parent company of J-Fon, was liable for a debt of 8000 billion yen due to capital investment that the company had guaranteed debt due to the withdrawal of capital from Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., a co-sponsor of digital tu-car companies. It was refraining from capital investment for W-CDMA. In 1999, it raised funds by accepting 15% each from the former AT & T in the United States and BT in the United Kingdom. Was the parent company of JTJRSince each company held 33.8% of JT shares, management rights were secured, but for JR who was focusing on debt reduction from the JNR era, JT was only a costly company, and JT became JR Since we decided to introduce foreign capital without notice, our relationship with JR was getting worse.

In 1999, US Airtouch Communications, which had a direct investment in the operating company J-phone, was acquired by Vodafone Group (VFG) in the UK (in 2014Verizon wirelessVFG participated in the management (the president of J-Fon Hokkaido was from Air Touch. Thompson later became Senior Managing Executive Officer and General Manager of Technology Headquarters). VFG aims to enter the Japanese mobile phone market with the acquisition of J-Fon, and in 2001 AT & T / BT andJR Tokai-JR West JapanPurchased the shares of Japan Telecom that were released. TOB implementation in September of the same yearJR EastAlso acquired Japan Telecom shares and raised its stake to 66.73%, making it a subsidiary of VFG.

Immediately after making Japan Telecom a subsidiary, the brand was quickly launched in October 2001.VodafoneDecided to move to.J-PHONEToVodafoneThe dual logo, which is also used, was adopted to improve brand recognition. In addition, in order to further raise awareness, liking, and preference, we forced to change the domain of the email address, but this caused a great deal of disagreement and caused confusion. For this reason, even if it becomes SoftBank, unless you change the e-mail address of the assigned Vodafone domain in the initial state, you can receive it even if you send e-mail to the e-mail address using the domain of the J-phone era. There is.

In the Jayphone era, the net number of contracts increased steadily by developing services such as copy mail, and at the end of March 2002, au, which had been deciding a strategy, overtook by the overall share, the total number of subscribers was only one month Was also second place[29].. But with JapanEuropeDue to the "convergence terminal" strategy of releasing terminals with the same specifications as above, we were unable to provide the service that became a hot topic following "Sha-mail". as a result,QualcommWith the evolution of chipsRinging songOther carriers such as au who have released services such as "will lose their share.

In addition, many of the measures are backfires, such as the fact that after 10 "promises from Vodafone," it became a breach, the price was revised for most users, and the attractiveness was reduced by narrowing down the terminal procurement. Came out to.

For this reason, VFG was forced to reassess its Japanese business, and former NTT DoCoMo Vice PresidentShiro TsudaTheHead huntingOr took some action, such as increasing capital investment. However, due to pressure from shareholders to secure profits, failure of Verizon to become a wholly owned subsidiary in the United States, concentration of capital in growth markets, etc. Decided to withdraw. Thus the history of Vodafone in Japan came to an end.

Capital structure before the acquisition of Vodafone

Prior to the integration of the Japon regional companies in East Japan, Tokai, and West Japan (February 2001), the investment ratio of Jayphone Co., Ltd. was as follows.

  • Japan Telecom Co., Ltd.-54%
The legal personality goes back to railway communication, and after the acquisition of VFG, Japan Telecom Holdings → Vodafone Holdings → Vodafone → Softbank Mobile → Softbank.

10 promises from Vodafone

The announcement of new measures when the company name was changed to Vodafone in October 2003. Although it is a bullet point like a corporate/management philosophy, it is only advertisement development, and at the same timePacket flat-rate systemOther companies, such as the introduction of, were dominated by abstract phrases such as changing service names.

I started thisHappy bonus-Happy timeWith new discount services such asIncentiveIncreased spending caused profits to decline in the fiscal year ending March 2004, resulting in a loss, and happy time ended in June 3. "2004 Promises from Vodafone" disappeared in about 6 months[30].. After that, he will be told at a press conference etc. later because of the promise failure. The contents are as follows.

  1. Model change, Affordable
  2. Powering up rate plans and discount services
  3. Mobile phones with advanced features and excellent design
  4. Receive e-mail as usual
  5. "J-Sky" leap to "Vodafone Live!"
  6. "J-phone shop" to "Vodafone shop"
  7. More globally
  8. Easy to use video call service
  9. Providing package plans
  10. "J-phone" mobile phones can still be used

Acquisition by SoftBank Group

On March 2006, 3, SoftBank (currently SoftBank Group) announced that it has signed an agreement with Vodafone UK to acquire a Japanese corporation for 17 billion yen. The purchase will be completed through the subsidiary within two months. About 1 trillion yen of the acquisition fund will be procured with collateral of the Vodafone shares of the acquisition targetLBOMethod, and the rest is SoftBank orYahoo! JAPANWill be funded by the company.

Initially, British Vodafone continued to hold a portion of its Japanese corporation stock and was willing to retain some influence, but as a result of repeated negotiations with Softbank, all of its shares were transferred. However, Vodafone UK will not completely withdraw from Japan, but the two companies will form a strategic alliance and joint venture (Joint venture) Is established. By April 2006, 4, Vodafone UK hasPreferred stock・Investment in stock acquisition rights and subordinated bonds worth 1000 billion yen is being made to BB Mobile.

On October 2006, 10, Vodafone KK changed its company name to SoftBank Mobile Corp. and its brand name to SoftBank.

As of November 2011, 11, Vodafone UK and SoftBank Mobile will not renew the partnership agreement centered on corporations, but from the next day Vodafone will focus on NTT DocomoConexus Mobile AllianceIt has become clear that the policy is to partner with some of the businesses that subscribe to.

Four commitments

On May 2006, 5, four commitments to reform Vodafone were announced at the first financial results presentation after the completion of the acquisition of Vodafone. As there were many cancellations because there were many out of service areas and the terminals were not attractive, we will increase the number of 10G base stations from the current 4 stations to 3 stations by the end of the year, and create terminals that meet the needs of Japanese users. I was promised something to do.

  1. 3G network enhancement
  2. Strengthening 3G terminals
  3. Enhance content
  4. Strengthen sales structure and branding


  • 20060February: Reported that MVNO is in talks with Vodafone on SoftBank.
  • 20060303rd: UK Vodafone acknowledges the fact that it has negotiated the acquisition of a Japanese corporation in Vodafone.
  • 20060304th: Softbank acknowledges the fact that it has negotiated the acquisition of a Vodafone Japanese corporation.
  • 20060March 3: Vodafone UK decides to transfer its Japanese corporation Vodafone to Softbank for 17 billion yen. Also, of the SoftBank president who made the official announcementMasayoshi SonBasically expressed their intention to switch to a new brand. Regarding the details of the new brand, "I want to decide as soon as possible. I have not decided yet, I will consider it from now on."
  • 20060March 3: Softbank first comment on homepage after decision to acquireAcquisition of Vodafone Co., Ltd. and business alliance with Yahoo Japan Corporation regarding mobile phone businessPosted.
  • 20060404th: TOB was conducted at 1 yen per share through SoftBank and BB Mobile.
  • 20060April 4: Vodafone publishes future policy "Continuing Customer First" on its website. Expressed the domain name of the email address and the intention to continue the current service.
  • 20060April 4: Since May 24, the head office is located in Atago, Minato-ku, and it has been announced that it will move to the Tokyo Shiodome Building in Higashi-Shimbashi, which is the same as the SoftBank head office. The purpose is to strengthen collaboration with SoftBank Group companies.
  • 20060April 4: Vodafone Japan Corporation is acquired through the purchase of Vodafone Japan corporation shares owned by Vodafone UK through SoftBank and BB Mobile, and at the same time all shares of Metrophone Service are also acquired to acquire the shares held by the company. Acquired 27 shares (540% of outstanding shares).
  • 20060April 4: Masayoshi Son, President of SOFTBANK, serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vodafone and President and Representative Executive Officer.CEOAppointed to.
  • 20060May 5: It was announced that the company name will be changed to "Softbank Mobile Co., Ltd."
  • 20060609th: Under the Industrial Revitalization Law applied by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, cash can be delivered in place of stock when 100% of Vodafone Japan corporation stock is acquired.
  • 20060August 8: Become a wholly owned subsidiary of SoftBank.
  • 20060August 8: Announced the launch of models with the SoftBank logo. This logo mark is the "〓" of the SoftBank Group, but the color is silver metallic (SoftBank Headquarters is yellow = Revolution Yellow).
  • Year ending March 200601st: Company name changed to SoftBank Mobile.

Shareholder composition

(As of May 2018, 12)

  • SoftBank Group Japan Co., Ltd. 63.14%[31]

Until March 2015, BB Mobile Co., Ltd., a subsidiary company of SoftBank (currently SoftBank Group) holds all shares, and former SoftBank holds all shares through its subsidiary Mobile Tech, which holds all shares of BB Mobile.stockWas indirectly held. Before SoftBank acquired Vodafone Co., Ltd., SoftBank had a plan to newly enter the mobile phone business. BB Mobile will be the operating company,Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsSince November 2005, 11, the mobile phone business has been certified by BB Mobile. However, since BB Mobile entered the mobile phone business by having Vodafone Co., Ltd. (at that time) under the umbrella of the following method, it announced that it will return the new entry authorization to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications on April 10, 2006. ..

In the takeover bid (TOB) that took place in April 2006, 4% of the applicants had the following shareholder composition (former SoftBank could not make the stock company a wholly owned subsidiary).

  • BB Mobile Corp.-529 shares, 9814% of voting rights
  • Metrophone Service Co., Ltd.-10 shares, 3099% of voting rights (Metrophone acquired by BB Mobile and became a wholly owned subsidiary)

Then, on March 2006, 6Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Act on Special Measures for Industrial Vitality RegenerationApproved a business restructuring plan under the Industrial Production Act. On July 7th of the same year, due to the utilization of the Industrial Activity LawStock exchangeSign a contract. By August 8th of the same year, a stock exchange was carried out, and BB Mobile acquired the remaining 15% stake held by minority shareholders for 78 billion yen, making Vodafone a wholly owned subsidiary.

The parent-child relationship is SoftBank Group (holding company)> Mobile Tech> BB Mobile> SoftBank, which is a great-grandson company from the perspective of the SoftBank Group.

As a result of the absorption-type merger of three other telecommunications carriers of the group in April 2015 (SoftBank BB, SoftBank Telecom and Ymobile, all of which were formerly owned by SoftBank directly) Has been transferred, resulting in a very small shareholding outside the SoftBank Group. The shareholder composition at this point is as follows.

  • BB Mobile Corp.-75.81%
  • SoftBank Corp. (currently SoftBank Group Corp.) 24.18% (99.99% including indirect ownership)
  • Other 0.01%

On December 2015, 12, Mobile Tech and BB Mobile were absorbed and merged with SoftBank Group Corp., and SoftBank Group Corp. owns 1% directly.[32].. July 2016, 7: The parent company is SoftBank Group Japan GK (current:SoftBank Group Japan Co., Ltd.)[33].


Special recruitment course

On March 2009, 3, some students who applied for the purpose of joining the company in April 17 were offered a "special recruitment course" as a revenge recruitment only for sales and planning staff (not for engineers and general employees) But電子 メ ー ルSent by. The content is to let students take a new contract for SoftBank Mobile's mobile phone from March 2009, 3 to April 23, 2009, and add the result to the selection criteria along with a written test and interview.

In addition, the company commented that students who have not decided whether to hire them will actually do business, "it is not the purpose of sales just by setting selection criteria that are not in written examinations / interviews." In addition, since SoftBank BB and SoftBank Telecom, which are group companies, are also adopted at the same time, the same conditions are adopted.[34].. About this selectionLabor Standards ActIf you suspect a violation,Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareHas started an investigation.

Since the issue attracted social attention, it was later changed to selection contents such as sales model proposals and interviews rather than new SoftBank contracts.

Misregistration case of deposit to credit information agency

Between October 2009, 10 and August 8, 2013,SmartphoneI made a mistake in making a partial purchase (individual credit purchase mediation contract/installment purchase contract), even though I paid the installment payment or mobile phone charge.Credit informationWith CIC (CIC)Japan Credit Information Agency(JICC) announced on October 63,133, 2013 that 10 cases had been registered as "unpaid" with no payment.[35].. In addition, in connection with this event, the National Bank Personal Credit Information Center of the affiliated credit information agencies connected to CRIN (National Bankers AssociationOperation was adversely affected when dealing with member companies[35].

Actually, the number of affected cases such as credit card examination and loan examination due to incorrect registration has been announced as 16,827, and for customers who seem to be affected,direct mailI contacted him with an apology[36].. In addition, how to handle the contents included in the credit information differs depending on the business operator, and the examination contents are not disclosed. It is difficult to investigate and notify in detail.”[35].

The misregistration case was in 2009Computer systemWhen repairingComputer programIn March 2013, a user made an inquiry to SOFTBANK MOBILE due to a setting error, and it was discovered by the end of March of the same year.Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryHowever, the notification to the user was six months after the false registration was discovered, ``It took time to announce it to general users because of confirmation of the range of influence and coordination with related parties. ”, explained SoftBank Mobile public relations.[35].

On the day before the announcement of the problem (September 9), we held a presentation of a new smartphone for the winter and spring sales season in 30, but Masayoshi Son did not touch on the misregistration case, rather "I did not cause a serious communication failure It was only Softbank," stating side-by-side examples of communication failures of competitors (NTT Docomo, au), and strongly appealing that there were no serious accidents for 2013 days.Sankei ShimbunThen, "erroneous registration is not a communication failure, but it is a "serious accident" that you rarely see." Criticized the case[37].

Detection of omission of declaration (hidden income)

Over the three years from 2012 to 2015, the companyTokyo National Taxation Bureau OfTax investigationTotal of about 62 billion yenOmission of declarationThat was pointed out in December 2017. Of these, by setting the service life of mobile phone communication antennas to 12 years, the loss of assets per year will beDepreciationRegarding the expenses that were used as expenses, about 62 billion yen of omission of declaration was pointed out as "overdepreciation expenses were excessively recorded", etc., and about 1 million yen of research and development work costs entrusted to another company Is also considered to be income hiding,Additional taxAbout 17 billion yen includingAdditional taxWas done[38].

Violation of the Freedom Display Act (Decoy advertisement)

On July 2017, 7, despite not fully preparing the target product in the store,Apple WatchIf you advertise that you will sell at a cheap campaign price,Freebie display methodIn violation (decoy advertisement)Consumer Affairs AgencyI received an order to prevent recurrence. From the first day of the campaign starting November 2016, 11, almost all stores did not have a majority of inventory[39].

Large-scale communication failure

December 2018, 12, a large-scale communication failure occurred. Approximately 6 million lines were in an unusual situation where they could not make calls or communicate with SoftBank or Y!mobile for four and a half hours during the day. The cause of this problem is the software of the exchange, which is the key to communication, and the processing such as authentication did not proceed and the terminal could not communicate. Regarding this large-scale communication failure, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications considered that it was a "major accident" based on the Telecommunications Business Law, and decided to issue a policy of issuing administrative instructions and business improvement orders to the company to report the cause of the accident. President Miyauchi announced at a press conference that there were about 4 cancellations in 4-4 days after a large-scale communication failure.
Not only Softbank on this day,Same companyEleven telecommunications carriers outside Japan using this software also announced that a communication failure occurred at approximately the same time.[40].

Transfer of confidential information to Russia

2020On January 1, confidential information illegally acquired by a former SoftBank employee wasTrade Representative of the Russian Federation to JapanHand over to the staff ofPublic Security Department, Metropolitan Police DepartmentToUnfair Competition Prevention LawI was arrested on suspicion of a violation. On February 2019, 2, the alleged arrest was suspected of accessing the Softbank server where I was working and duplicating two pieces of confidential information such as trade secrets and illegally acquiring it.[41].. SoftBank announced a comment that "I deeply apologize for causing a great deal of worry and inconvenience"[42].. According to a SoftBank spokesperson, the former employee who was arrested was acting as general manager of the department that promotes labor saving of equipment construction work at the time of the incident, and it is suspected that it was taken out by the investigation authorities in the construction procedure manual. Disciplinary dismissal in mid-December 2019 after being contacted by[43][44].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Tokyo District CourtSentenced ex-employee to imprisonment for violating the Unfair Competition Prevention Act for two years in prison, four years in suspension, and a fine of 2 yen[45].

Documents were also sent to the employees of the Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in Japan for inducing violation of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, but they were dismissed because they had left the country and had no chance of re-entry.[46].

Suspected illegal removal of 5G technology

2021On January 1, the Metropolitan Police Department was a former SoftBank employee (December 12, 2019, retired from SoftBank. The next day, January 12, 31.Rakuten MobileChange job to[47]) From the company5rd generation mobile communication systemAssuming that technical information regarding (5G) was illegally taken outUnfair Competition Prevention LawArrested this ex-employee on suspicion of violation[48][49]..Softbank grasped the situation in February 2020[50], Consult the Metropolitan Police Department and report the damage.The company's trade secrets are stored in Rakuten Mobile's trade secrets used by former employees, and it is highly likely that Rakuten Mobile has already used our trade secrets in some way.In order to prevent our trade secrets from being used in Rakuten Mobile's business in the future, we aimed to suspend and dispose of the company's trade secrets.Civil action・ We will continue to cooperate fully with the investigative authorities and provide the former employee.Restitution for DamagesAnnounced that it will consider future measures with a view to measures including billing.[51]..In addition, the situation was reported on the Rakuten Mobile side as well.[52]However, according to Rakuten Mobile's public relations department, "There is no doubt that the arrested person is enrolled in our company, but I can not answer the details. We will fully cooperate with the police investigation," he said in an interview.[53]. 

5月6日、ソフトバンクは元社員と転職先の楽天モバイルに対し、10億円の損害賠償と基地局の使用差し止めや廃棄などを求める訴えをTokyo District Courtに起こした。「持ち出された情報が、楽天モバイルが業務上利用するサーバーに保存され、ほかの社員が見られる状態にあったことを確認している」と主張していて、今後の審理の状況に応じて請求額が増えることがあるとしている[54].


tv set

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注 釈

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