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⚽ | Reiwa 3rd Kanto High School Soccer Tournament Tokyo Qualifying Round 1 Komazawa University Senior High School vs Takashima Metropolitan

Photo Komazawa University Senior High School vs Takashima Metropolitan

Reiwa 3rd Kanto High School Soccer Tournament Tokyo Qualifying Round 1 Komazawa University Senior High School vs Takashima Metropolitan

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In the battle between powerful players, Komazawa University, who showed a difference in deciding power, was given a boost. April 4, Reiwa 11rd year Kanto High School Soccer ... → Continue reading

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MF7 Yuta Hirano

Starting member

Starting member(Japanglish) IsSports OfGroupCompetitionso,matchIt refers to the players within the capacity who will participate from the beginning.

In generalStamenAbbreviated asStarting order,Starting lineup(British: Starting lineup),Starters(British: Starters) And so on.JapaneseThen.Starting playerAlso called.


mainlybaseball,サ ッ カ ー,volleyball,basketballAthletes who play a central role in the team in competitions where players are often replaced during the match (regular, Bench player,Roaster (MLB),Roaster (NBA)..In Nippon Professional BaseballPlayer registrationSelected from (those who have joined the so-called army)).Depending on the sportSeasonThe starting member in the first match is sometimes called the "opening starting lineup".[Note 1].

There is a tendency for the best players to be selected in each position, but depending on the team, there are opponents andplayerCondition,directed byOr the coaching staffstrategy,tacticsMembers can be changed flexibly.In some cases, predicting compatibility with the opponent and starting members,Reconnaissance member[Note 2]In some cases.

Players who were not selected as starting membersSub member,CopyCalled.

In particular,Professional sportsTeams and prominent competitions (Olympic,high school baseball,World CupEtc.), it is a great honor to be selected as a starting member, and since it is a proof that the coach, coach, and teammates have recognized their abilities, a fierce "starting lineup battle" is held every time.

vice versaAmerican Football,Ice hockeyThere are also sports that are less particular about starting members.This is because the players can be changed freely and arbitrarily, and the members at the start of the match are not always the best team in the team because the strategy is set according to the opponent.

rugbyDepending on whether you are a starting member or notUniform numberFluctuates.


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注 釈

  1. ^ Of these, for pitchers, "Opening pitcher(See the same section for details).
  2. ^ Popularly called "reliable horse"


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