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⚾ | DAZN announces "Best Battery Award" in the open game Se is Ryo Ose-Aizawa, Pa is Yamaoka-Tongu

The best battery award for the photo open game has been decided! [Image courtesy of DAZN]

DAZN Announces "Best Battery Award" in Open Battle Se is Ryo Ose-Aizawa, Pa is Yamaoka-Tongu

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In addition, Softbank Shunsuke Kasaya-Takuya Kai and Lotte Kota Futaki-Tatsuhiro Tamura were other candidates.

"DAZN", who threw 15 innings and had no goals, and Yamaoka had 13 goal in 2/3 in the 1th inning, joined the special sponsorship ... → Continue reading


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Softbank Shunsuke Kasaya

Lotte Kota Futaki


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