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⛳ | Golf is increasing in popularity even in the corona storm. Accelerate with Matsuyama V Hiroshima


Golf popularity is rising even in the corona sickness Accelerate with Matsuyama V Hiroshima

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Recently, young couples are coming to practice golf more and more, and they are expecting it as a new date spot.

Hideki Matsuyama, who won the first Japanese men's championship in the Masters of the four major golf tournaments.Hideki Matsuyama "Finally the day ... → Continue reading

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A date

A date(English: dating) means that two people who have a goodwill meet at a fixed date and time.Meeting.

In addition to a pair of men and women, the meeting of two intimate people (and doing something together on top of that) is sometimes called a date.


Specifically, in generalMeal,shopping,Tourism,movies-exhibition-theater-concertAppreciation,amusement park(Theme park),Events,Night viewIn many cases, the content is to enjoy together, but rather than these acts themselves, deepen each other's emotions and deepen each other's feelings.愛情The main purpose is to confirm.In addition to the following meaning of dating for the purpose of romance, as mentioned above, simply going out to play regardless of the same sex family may be expressed as "dating".

Oxford English DictionaryDefined as a sociable or romantic meeting promise[1].

By knowing each other more deeply, we can deepen our relationship.Make a plan in advanceDating plan, The pre-planned date pathDate course, Where are the best places to dateDate spotIt is called.

In some cases, one side is planning a purpose not just to enjoy the time spent together, but to keep the relationship going smoothly.In the middle of a date恋人The first time to formally apply for a relationship that you recognize as each othersillaginoiddo,proposeThere are things to do.

Japan Sex Education AssociationAccording to the 4th Youth Sexual Behavior Survey, men are 17 years old and women are 16 years old, and more than 50% of dating experiences[2].


English wordOther dates include "prostitutes and customers out-of-store dates," "dating partners," and "dating partners."Date"(in this caseJapaneseThen "DateIt may be written as.腕 時 計Function of)"Date palmThere is a meaning such as.

RarelyFrenchIs sometimes referred to as "Rendezvous", but originally the French rendez-vous simply means "meeting" (roughly equivalent to an English appointment), and does not include any romantic elements. It is a word widely used in everyday situations (the usage is unknown).Secret word(Apart from when it could have been used as a), it is not very suitable nowadays.

Date type

Double date
Four people make a pair and have a date.It often means having a date with two men and two women, for a total of four people.A particular man and woman may or may not have a lover relationship.
In the middle of acting together, there are cases where each group takes different actions.
Blind date
Ask each other to share the contact information of unfamiliar people through the introducer.And get in touch with the other person and have a date.If you think it doesn't suit you, you may not be able to go on a date just by contacting us.

Lover's sanctuary

natureSurrounded by,Night viewSuitable for couples, such as beautiful placesJapanAbout domestic standard date spotsSpecified nonprofit corporation"Lover's Sanctuary Project" sponsored byLover's sanctuaryPublic relations activities were carried out asTV program,Tourist guideIt is introduced by magazines.


  1. ^ A social or romantic appointment or engagement. [1]
  2. ^ The 4th Youth Sexual Behavior Survey --Japan Sex Education Association

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