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🎾 | Medvedev makes a statement to postpone the French Open "Stupid"

Photo Medvedev at the 2019 French Open

Medvedev makes a statement to postpone the French Open "stupid"

If you write the contents roughly
"I'm surprised at the rules set by the government and the government for the" French Open. "

Fran has started a nationwide lockdown for the third time since the beginning of this month to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. → Continue reading


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French Open

French Open(All open,French: Les Internationaux de France de Tennis, Roland-Garros, English: The French Open) IsTennis4 major international competitionsGrand slamone of. From the end of May to the beginning of JuneFranceThe capital ofParisFamous placesBoulogne ForestAdjacent toStud Laurent GarrosIt will be held at (Stade Roland Garros). The tournament will be managed by (FFT).

Flight homeLaurent Garros(1888 - 1918), The venue is named after Garros. Therefore, this tournament is "Laurent Garros Tournament"(Le Tournoi de Roland Garros) Is also called.


The French Open is the only of the four major tournamentsclay(Red soil =BricksIt is known to use a (powder) coat, and you can enjoy a different development from other competitions.Also otherGrand slamUnlike the French Open, only the French Open starts on Sunday and has a 15-day schedule.

The annual tournament is full of ups and downs, and there are many early defeats of top seed players.[Source required].. For example,Pete SamprasAlthough he won the 4th place in the men's history (1st place in the history at the time of achievement) and the other 14 major tournaments, he could not win the French Open until the end. The genealogy of the strongest tennis players since the 4sRoger Federer,Novak DjokovicEven he has won only once (as of 1). For successive men's singles winners, it boasts 2018 wins in the tournamentRafael Nadal"Clay Court Specialists" like this tend to dominate the championship,Career Grand SlamIt is the biggest barrier to aiming for.

Many of the French spectators are forced to fight in the so-called "away", and not only their skills but also their strong mental strength determine the outcome. For example, in a match against a local French player, booing by the spectators may occur even if the score is due to the opponent's unforced error. It is a grand slam tournament that is said to be the toughest tournament.[Source required].

The tournament will be held in French, with all announcements, referee calls and more. It is also known that players give some of their winning speeches in French.[Source required].

Participants will be decided based on the world ranking updated based on the results of this tournament, so at the Olympic GamesTennisSince its resurrection, the Olympic Year Games have been the final selection. Since players are biased toward a specific country based on the ranking alone, the maximum number of players in one country is four.For athletes from powerful nations, winning this tournament is an absolute requirement for qualifying for the Olympics.[Source required].

TV broadcast

In FranceFrench televisionとEuro sportsAnd in the United StatesNBCとTennis channelIs aired on[2].

in Japan,WOWOWとTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.TogetherBroadcast rightBecause it has, the game will be broadcast on these two stations.

From 2008 to 2013, when Japanese players were not active, it was not broadcast on TV TOKYO, but only on WOWOW. At the 2008 tournament, TV TOKYO did not relay everything from the qualifying round to the final due to the dispatch of live announcers to the site and the lack of commentators, and the sports news frame (""Megaspo!It was only transmitted in the time of "). During this time, the broadcast on TV TOKYO was treated as a video provided by WOWOW, and the successor program to "Mega Spo!"neo sportsWas only broadcast.2014DegreeKei NishikoriOnly the games related to2015The degree was broadcast on almost the entire schedule for the first time in eight years since 2007, and all games related to Nishikori were broadcast. From 8 to 2016, all games related to Nishikori will be broadcast, and in 2017, games related to Nishikori and games and digests related to Naomi Osaka will be broadcast.[3]..In 2019,大 坂 な お み/ All games related to Nishikori will be broadcast[4]After the defeat, the women's / men's singles final was broadcast on a recorded broadcast at midnight of the day.Also, from 2015 to 2019, MCChristel TakigawaWas in charge.

The 2017 tournament will be held at the same timeWorld table tennis"2017 Tournament" and "TV TOKYO Sports Festival" were broadcast every day from May 5th.[5].

WOWOW acquired the broadcasting rights for the 2012 tournament.UEFA Euro 2012In consideration of the live satellite broadcast, the women's singles final, doubles final, and men's singles final were broadcast by recording.

The following measures were taken at TV TOKYO in the 2020 Games.

Among the activities of Japanese players, Nishikori /Hibi vegetable cordThe match will be recorded and broadcast.Other than that, highlight[6].大 坂 な お みThe broadcast scale is smaller than usual because of the absence of.The game was never broadcast live.

The terrestrial broadcast is broadcast live when Japanese players such as Kei Nishikori and Naomi Osaka participate, but it may be recorded for convenience of organization.In the case of live broadcasting, the broadcasting is often not filled in the broadcast frame.In that case,"World Business Satellite[7]"Or"Nogizaka under constructionThe program is delayed or suspended.

For this reason, before and during the event, a notice of change / suspension will be displayed at the broadcast date and time when the next program is announced.It will also be listed on the website / program guide.Therefore, there are many cases where some programs are suspended for two consecutive weeks.


  • 1891-Founded as the French Championship (Championnat de France). At first, there were only two divisions, Men's Singles and Men's Doubles.
  • 1897-The Women's Singles category has been added.
  • 1902-Mixed doubles division is added.
  • 1907-The Women's Doubles category has been added.
  • 1925-Until then, only French players were eligible to qualify, but the rules were revised to become an international competition. The official name of the tournament was changed to "Internationaux de France".
  • 1928-The venue has been relocated to Stade Roland Garros.
  • 1968-It was the first open tournament in the four major tournaments, and it became possible for both amateurs and professionals to participate.
  • 1995-The center court "Court Philippe-Chatrier" was added.
  • 2007- Wheelchair tennisA department has been added. Detail is,French Open (Wheelchair Tennis)See.
  • 2019-Show Court "Court Simonne-Mathieu" is newly established[8].
  • 2020-The event was postponed due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection.[9][10][11].
  • 2021-The event will be postponed for a week due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection.[12]

Singles winner of the last 10 years

2011Spanish flag Rafael NadalFlag of the People's Republic of China Li NaLi Na is the first Asian player to win four major tournaments.
2012Spanish flag Rafael NadalRussian flag Maria SharapovaSharapovaCareer Grand SlamAchieved.
2013Spanish flag Rafael NadalUnited States flag Serena WilliamsSerena is the oldest winner since the opening at 31 years and 8 months.
2014Spanish flag Rafael NadalRussian flag Maria SharapovaNadalIs the first ever tournament to win 5 consecutive victories and the 9th win in total, the most in the tournament.
2015Swiss flag Stan WawrinkaUnited States flag Serena WilliamsWawrinka won his first victory and Serena won his fourth in total.
2016Serbian flag Novak DjokovicSpanish flag Garbine MugulsaDjokovicIt is,Career Grand SlamAchieved. In addition, achieved 4 consecutive victories in 4 major tournaments.MuguruzaFirst victory in 4 major tournaments
2017Spanish flag Rafael NadalLatvian flag Elena OstapenkoNadalIs the 10th victory.OstapenkoIs the first girl to win the four major tournaments from No Seed. Also, the tour's first victory4 major competitionsIt became.
2018Spanish flag Rafael NadalRomanian flag Simona HarepHalep won the first four major tournaments.
2019Spanish flag Rafael NadalAustralian flag Ashley BertieBertie won the first four major tournaments.
2020Spanish flag Rafael NadalPolish flag Iga Sifion Tech


Boys (1891-)

Record nameTimePlayer nameRecorded valueAge distribution
Most wins
Before 1924French flag Max Decgyth8 times1903-1904-, 1907-1909, 1912-1914-
1925-1967French flagHenri Cochet4 times1926, 1928, 1930, 1932
After 1968Spanish flagRafael Nadal13 times2005-2008-, 2010-2014, 2017-2020-
Most consecutive wins
Before 1924French flag Max Decgyth3 times1907-Twice 1909 and 1912-1914
1925-1967United States flagFrank Parker2 times1948-1949
Czech flagYaroslav Drobney1951-1952
United States flagTony Trabert1954-1955
Italian flagNicola Pietrangeli1959-1960
After 1968Spanish flagRafael Nadal5 times2010-2014
Most wins
Before 1924French flag Max Decgyth14 times1902-1914, 1920
1925-1967Australian flagRoy Emerson6 times1960, 1962 (Neale FraserGroup), 1961 (Rod laverset),
1963 years(Manuel SantanaGroup), 1964 (Ken FletcherGroup), 1965 (Fred Stolleset)
After 1968Dutch flagPaul Halfose3 times1995, 1998 (Yakko ErtinGroup), 2002 (Evgeny Cafe Lunikovset)
Russian flagEvgeny Cafe Lunikov1996-1997 (Daniel VacekGroup), 2002 (Paul Halfoseset)
Indian flag Leander Paes1999, 2001 (Mahesh BupasiGroup), 2009 (Lucas Drowheeset)
Belarusian flag Max Milnui2005, 2006 (Jonas BjorkmannGroup), 2011 (Daniel Nesterset)
Canadian flag Daniel Nester2007 years(Mark KnowlesGroup), 2010 (Nenad ZimonichGroup), 2011 (Max Milnuiset)
Most consecutive wins
Before 1924French flag Max Decgyth13 times1902-1914
1925-1967Australian flagRoy Emerson6 times1960-1965
After 1968United States flag2 times1978 (group) --1979 (group)
Russian flagEvgeny Cafe Lunikov
Czech flagDaniel Vacek
Swedish flag Jonas Bjorkmann
Belarusian flagMax Milnui
Canadian flag Daniel Nester2010 years(Nenad ZimonichGroup) --2011 (XNUMX)Max Milnuiset)

Number of wins ranking

playerNumber of times
Spanish flag Rafael Nadal13
French flag Max Decgyth8
Swedish flag Bjorn Borg6
French flag Henri Cochet4
French flag André Vacherot4
French flag Paul Aymé4

Girls (1897-)


List of winners

Winning prize (men and women singles)

ConventionAmount (boys)Amount (women)
1989Convention29US dollarUS $ 25
1990ConventionUS $ 37US $ 29
2002Convention78Euro76 euros
2003Convention84 euros81 euros
2004Convention86 euros83 euros
2005Convention88 euros86 euros
2006Convention94 euros
2007Convention100 euros
2008Convention100 euros
2009Convention106 euros
2010Convention112 euros
2011Convention120 euros
2012Convention125 euros
2013Convention150 euros
2014Convention165 euros
2015Convention180 euros
2016Convention200 euros
2017Convention210 euros
2018Convention220 euros
2019Convention230 euros

Winning trophy

The French Open championship cup is the Musktail Cup for boysen) (What is musk tail?Four Musketeers(Derived from) (produced in 1981), girlsSuzanne Lenglen・ Cup (fr) (Produced in 1925).The originals are kept at FFT headquarters and are usually only taken out at the winner's awards ceremony. The winner can touch the original cup, but the memorial is a smaller replica.[Source required].

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