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⚽ | J1 Kashima commander dismissed Zago to continue supervision in Brazil!Are multiple clubs already in contact?

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Zago dismisses J1 Kashima commander to continue supervision in Brazil!Are multiple clubs already in contact?

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Zago was unsuccessful at Kashima Antlers, which is always required to win the title, but it seems that he will try to revive in his home country.

Carlos Zago, who was released from the commander of Kashima Antlers in the Meiji Yasuda Life J1 League, is in charge of supervision in his native Brazil ... → Continue reading

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Kashima Antlers

Kashima Antlers(Kashima Antlers,British: Kashima Antlers) IsJapan OfIbarakiKashima City,Kamisu City,Itako City,Whereabouts,Hokota CityHometown[1],Japan Professional Soccer League(J League) professionalsサ ッ カ ーclub.


1947Was founded inSumitomo Metal Industries kicking teamIs the predecessor. When joining the J League1991In October, 10 local governments (IbarakiKashima-gunKashima Town-Kamisu Town-Hasaki Town-Onomura,WhereaboutsItako Town) And 43 companies investedKashima Antlers FC Co., Ltd.Was established and was renamed to the current club name. Affiliated teams since the establishment of the J League (Original 10)one of.home townWas established by the merger of the five towns at the time of its establishmentKashima City(Formerly Kashima Town, Ono Village)Kamisu City(Former Kamisu Town, Hasaki Town)Itako City(Old Itako Town,Ushibori Town),2006FromWhereabouts,Hokota CityWas added,Deer areaThe whole area became a hometown. In addition, at the time of the establishment of the J League, as a general rule, 1 team 1 hometownMunicipalityHowever, only Kashima was recognized as a wide-area hometown with surrounding municipalities in a special case (currently there are no restrictions on wide-area hometowns, there are multiple teams with multiple municipalities or entire prefectures).

Home stadiumPrefectural Kashima Soccer Stadium, The practice areaKashima Antlers Club House Ground.

The team name "antler" isEnglishdeerMeans the antlers ofKashima ShrineThe antler is based on the image of a thorn in Ibaraki prefecture. It also means to stand up bravely and aim for victory with the sharp antlers. "FOOTBALL DREAM" has always been the identity of the club since the team was established. The club mascot has a deer motifShikao"When,1997May 3"Shikako", who was married to "Shikao",1999May 8It is "Anton" with a setting that was born during this time.

Three major titles in JapanIsJ1 league(8 wins),J League Cup(6 wins),Emperor's Cup All Japan Soccer ChampionshipThe number of wins (5 wins) is the highest among all J clubs since the inauguration of the J League, and boasts a total of 3 titles with 19 titles. It is also the first club to win the domestic triple crown (all three major domestic titles won in the same year), and the only club to have won the J1 league for the third time in a row. In addition, in 2018AFC Champions LeagueIn some cases, 20 titles of main titles are included in the championship, and 29 titles in total including other titles.

2016HeldFIFA Club World CupIn, he won the runner-up. This is the first Asian club team to reach the final. (Only Japanese club team)

1993It is also a club that has never demoted since the inauguration of the J League. This is Kashima AntlersYokohama F. MarinosOnly. Also, in the final ranking of the league match, it was double digit2012No. 11 only, and all other years ended in single-digit order.

From the time the club was establishedSumitomo Metal IndustriesIs the main shareholder of Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal, which took over the company organization through the merger →Nippon SteelHas been operating as a major shareholder, but on July 2019, 7, 30% of the 72.5% of the issued shares of the club operating company (Kashima Antlers FC) owned by Nippon Steel and its subsidiary were ForFlea appPlan, develop and operateMercariAnnounced to transfer to[3][6].Fair Trade CommissionWas obtained, and on August 8, the same year, the largest shareholder was transferred to Mercari.To the presidentMercari OfManaging directorAlso serves as COOKoizumi civilizationWas appointed.


Sumitomo Metal Age

1947Wound club of Sumitomo Metals (1956ToSumitomo Metal Industries kicking teamRenamed to) became the predecessor,1973ToJapan Soccer League(JSL) Part 2,1985Was promoted to JSL1 division. In addition,1975ToOsakaからKashima WorksHaveIbarakiKashima Town (currentlyKashima City) Was relocated to its headquarters.

1989In response to the establishment of the professional soccer league in1990ToSumitomo Metal Industries(CurrentNippon Steel)'S "2000 Vision" guideline started, and seven people, including Mayor Kashima, requested the association to join the professional league of the Sumitomo Metal Industries kicking team that was in the JSL7 section at that time. In response to this, Sumitomo Metals applied for participation in the professional league, but the Sumikin kicking team at that timeJapan Soccer League (JSL) I belonged to the 2nd division and was one of the founding membersKawabuchi Saburo"Sumitomo Metals has almost no chance of joining the party. 99.9999% is impossible."[7].. However, Kawabuchi's statement (which was the last way to give up Sumikin's participation) said, "If it is possible to build a soccer stadium with a seat in the audience seating 1 people,"[7] Ibaraki Prefecture receivedIbaraki Prefectural Kashima Soccer StadiumDecided to build. This is a reverse hitJ League participation from the first yearWas approved.

1991,Brazil national teamcaptainServed asZicoJoins (Kawabuchi SaburoAccording toFurukawa Electric(Current:Jeff United Ichihara/Chiba), but this Furukawa Electric showed difficulty in joining Zico and refused after that. Therefore, when Sumitomo Metals was newly introduced, there was an appeal from Sumitomo Metals, and the joining of Zico was realized."

With the launch of the J League, the club name was changed to "Kashima Antlers". J League first official match,1992 J League CupSince Kashima Stadium was under construction,Kasamatsu Athletic Park Athletic FieldMainlyNational Kasumigaoka Athletic Field,Saikyogoku Stadium(The game at Saikyogoku isGamba OsakaWas my partner).


To the first directorHonda Motor Co., Ltd.Former directorMiyamoto MasakatsuIs appointed.Yoshiyuki Hasegawa,Honda YasutoHonda Motor Co., Ltd. players, Zico,Arsindな どBrazilianReinforced mainly by players.
1993 year 5 month 16 dayOpenerAt Kashima Soccer StadiumNagoya GrampusIn the home game that welcomedGary Lineker, But Zico's hat trick and Arsind's two goals scored a 2-5 win[8].. In addition to the former Honda group,Yutaka AkitaWon the regular. Although he won the 1993st stage of the opening series in 1,1994In 1 monthNational Kasumigaoka Athletic FieldMade inJ League ChampionshipVerdi KawasakiWas defeated with a total loss of 1 minute and 1 loss, and the first year champion could not be acquired. In the second round, ZicoChiura MiuraHe was sent off with a second warning on the day due to a non-gentleman's act of spitting on the ball during his PK. Even so, despite being the only J League club that participated in the team of the JSL2 division as the mother body, Kashima Town was nationwide recognized as a "soccer town" due to the rapid progress from the overwhelming victory of the opening game to the victory of the 2st stage, The Kashima soccer stadium, which had been worried about the lack of spectator mobilization due to its small number, became overcrowded every game and became known as a stadium where tickets were very difficult to obtain.
Miyamoto system second year.League matchZico retired after the Suntory series (1st stage), but since then he has been involved as a technical adviser in the team,EduJoined as a head coach and took over as the successor director of Miyamoto, who moved to the general manager from the 2nd stage. Also,1994 FIFA World CupToBrazil national teamPlayed as Joined. In the league match of the year, Arsind scored 28 points, the most in the season in Kashima.Emperor's cupIn the first roundJFL OfTokyo GasHave been defeated in the first round.
Second year of edu system.GiordinhoJoined. Their activities, including Leonardo who joined last year, helped Kashima establish a position as a powerful player. After that, excellent Brazilian players who made good use of Zico's personal connections joined Kashima.League matchIs ranked 7th in the year,Emperor's cupFinished in the best four and director Edu retired.


Joan CarlosBecame the director. It was held in one seasonLeague matchWon for the first time inSuntory cupI lost to Nagoya in the final.
Carlos regime second year. From V KawasakiBismarck,HiratsukaからAkira NarahashiEarned.Xerox Super CupWon the first victory in.League matchWon the 1st stage and won the most points in the year. Suntory Championship is the 2nd stage winnerJubilo IwataThe title didn't become a second consecutive loss. But,Nabisco CupEmperor's cupWere the first to win.J1He won the league's top points, the league cup and the Emperor's Cup for the first time in the history of the league.
Team slogan:CHALLENGE
Carlos regime third year. Win the Super Cup for the second consecutive year. Joan Carlos and Giordinho clashed due to disagreement during the 3st stage interruption, Joan Carlos resigned as manager and the rest of the gameTakashi SekizukaActed as a director.
Before the 2nd stage startsZe MarioBecame the director. On September 9, Hasegawa won the club's first 23th goal in Shimizu battle. The championship defeated Iwata and won the league title for the second time. In the league this yearAtsushi YanagisawaHowever, he recorded the highest score of 22 points in the Japanese season at the club. 2nd stage Section 5FukuokaSection 1999 of 3 following the warHiroshimaWon 16 consecutive wins. Also in the same yearFrance World CupRepresentation from JapanFrom Kashima to Yutaka Akita, Akira Narabashi,Naoki Soma3 people were elected.
Team slogan:NEXT
Mario system second year.2002 FIFA World CupRenovation work of the Kashima soccer stadium for the opening began,League matchThe 1st stage sponsored matchNational Kasumigaoka Athletic FieldHeld in. For the 1998-99 seasonAsian Cup Winners CupWon the 3rd place. However, this year it was only three consecutive wins in the Xerox Super Cup. Director Ze Mario was dismissed during the season, and Zico took over as general manager from the middle of the 3nd stage. In addition, on September 2IchiharaIn the battle, the fastest league match in the J.League club was scored at 500 points.


Team slogan:Glory Again-Challenge from the Origin-
With ZicoGolden quartetWas made up of the Brazilian national teamToninho SeresoBecame a director. This year, in addition to Nakata and Motoyama growing up in Ogasawara, the third year of professionalism, Hirase, Yanagisawa and Motoyamaunder,ASuzuki won the Nabisco Cup New Hero Award when he suddenly recalled Suzuki, who had been rented to Kawasaki before the season, in anticipation of his absence. Although he settled in 1th place in the 8st stage, he won the 2nd stage by losing the V goal in the 7th round against C-Osaka in the 2nd stage.J League,Nabisco Cup,Emperor's cupAnd won the first triple crown since the inauguration of the J League.
Team slogan:-Victory Antlersism-FOR NEXT 10 YEARS
Second year of the Seresio system. Received the prefectural honor honor from Ibaraki Prefecture in honor of achieving the triple crown in the 2 season.League match'S 1st stage could not fill the hole of Soma who left for a long time and was sluggish at 11th place, but the 2nd stage joined to fill its weaknesses.AugustWin the championship. Defeat Iwata in the championship and win the league title.
Team slogan:-Evolution Antlersism-STAIRWAY TO THE WORLD
The third year of the Toninho system.League matchCouldn't stop Iwata, who was in great shape, and missed his third consecutive title,Nabisco CupIs the finalUrawaDefeated and won. In addition,2002 FIFA World CupRepresentation from JapanTo Yutaka Akita,Takayuki Suzuki,Atsushi Yanagisawa,Koji Nakata,Mitsuo Ogasawara,Jun Sogabata6 people (most by club) were elected. Suzuki scored a goal in the first match against Belgium and became the first World Cup scorer to belong to Kashima. After the tournamentRepresentation from JapanBecame director and resigned as technical director. Also, Suzukiベルギー OfKRC GenkTransferred to.
On May 5, Miyamoto, who was the first director, passed away.
Team slogan:OVER'03-From Kashima to Asia and to the World-
The third year of the Toninho system.A3 Champions CupBecame the first champion. Yanagisawaイタリア OfSampdoriaTransfer to a limited time (in 2005FC MessinaComplete transfer to).Nabisco CupWon the finals for the second consecutive year, but lost to Urawa and did not win consecutive titles.
Team slogan:FOOTBALL DREAM 2004-Crown 10-
The third year of the Toninho system.League matchFinished 1th in the 5st stage and 2th in the 4nd stage.Nabisco CupEmperor's cupBoth lost in the best 8 and ended the season without winning the title.
Team slogan:FOOTBALL DREAM 2005-Counterattack Declaration-
6th year of Toninho system. J1 has shifted to a one-stage system for the first time in nine yearsLeague matchSucceeded in the opening dash. At one point I was in 2nd place with more than 10 points difference, but in the middleG OsakaAnd Urawa,千葉,C OsakaHad the possibility of winningLast sectionAlthough he won, he ended the season in 3rd place. Nakata is in FranceLeague Ann OfOlympic marseilleTransferred to. After the end of the season, Toninho, who had been the coach for six years, retired.


Team slogan:FOOTBALL DREAM 2006-New victory-
Sao Paulo FCFormer directorPaulo AutouoliBecame the director.League match TheAtsushi YanagisawaReturn, high school newcomer side backAtsuto UchidaThere was a lot of success, but it was a big pillar in the middle of the seasonMitsuo Ogasawara FC Messina(イタリア) To 6th year due to transfer with a deadline until June of the following year. On the other handNabisco CupThen, it made its way to the final for the first time in three years, but lost to Chiba.Emperor's cupLost to Urawa in the semifinals. After all, Paul Autouli retired as director in a year. In addition,2006 FIFA World Cup OfRepresentation from JapanWas selected by Mitsuo Ogasawara and Atsushi Yanagisawa.
Team slogan:FOOTBALL DREAM'07-Soul Spirits-
Colin ChanceAnd director of São Paulo FCOswald OliveiraBecame the director. From Shimizu S-PulseMarquinhos,Shiogama FC YouthからYasushi EndoEarned.League matchThen, I was appointed as the command tower instead of OgasawaraTakuya NozawaWas injured in the pre-season match just before the opening. There were no winning stars in five games since the opening, but after Nozawa returned, his performance gradually improved. In the second half of the league break, Ogasawara returned from the rental transfer, and since 5, when the extra time was abolished in the final stage, he won the league championship for the first time in six years with 2003 wins and 9 losses, including 14 consecutive wins, which is a new record. At the same time, he achieved the club's long-cherished desire of "2 crowns." The team that never took the lead until the final round won the final round in a come-from-behind victory, and it is the first time in J-League history that a team that has not participated in the A national team's match won the championship. Is. Also awayUrawaAchieved the fastest 300 league wins in the league history.
Incidentally,FIFA Club World Cup 2007Originally it was planned to participate as a "host country frame",AFC Champions League 2007Urawa won the championship, and was unable to participate in this tournament due to the rules of the tournament, "No more than two teams from one country can participate."
Nabisco CupWhile losing 1 win and 1 to G Osaka in the semifinalsAway goalLost due to the difference in numbers.
Emperor's cupHas been relegated to J2HiroshimaWon the finals and achieved double crown with the league match for the second time.[Note 1].
On January 1th, Kashima received a special achievement award from the city of Kashima, and on February 9st, Ibaraki Prefecture received the prestigious citizenship award (the second time since 11).
Retired the previous year on July 7Honda YasutoThe retirement game of 1993J League Championship"Kashima Antlers 1993 vs.Verdi 1993Was held at the Kashima Soccer Stadium.
Team slogan:FOOTBALL DREAM 2008-DESAFIO Challenge-
Oliveira system second year.Fuji Xerox Super CupPlayed against Hiroshima, leading two points but was overtaken just before the end, losing at the end of the PK match.League matchAchieved the first consecutive J-League championship since the introduction of the one-season system. Marquinhos won the club's first J-League top scorer with 1 goals in this year's league match.
AFC Champions League 2008Then, the Japanese club team decided to advance to the club's first final tournament by scoring a total of 6 points in 28 races, which is the highest score in the ACL group league, but Ogasawara was on the left knee meniscus in the match against Kashiwa on September 9th. He suffered a serious injury for half a year, which damaged both cruciate ligaments, and then took a rest. The team that lost the captain was eliminated in the final eight.
In addition, although he won the league match for the second time in a row, unfortunately because Gamba Osaka won the ACL, due to the rules of the tournament as in 2.FIFA Club World Cup 2008I couldn't participate.
Team slogan:FOOTBALL DREAM 2009-PROGRESSO leap-
Oliveira system second year.Kagoshima Josai High SchoolからYuya OsakoIn addition to the foreign player quota, the Asian quota has beenPark Ju-hoTheMitoEarned from.
On February 2, the 1st Antlers Achievement Award was announced as a hall of fame for players who contributed to the club, and is one of the recipients of the Achievement Award.Yutaka AkitaThe retirement game was held. On the 28th of the same month, he won the G-Osaka at the Fuji Xerox Super Cup and won his fourth victory in 10 years.
League matchでは3連覇への好スタートを切り、4月29日に行われた第8節の神戸戦から延期分となった10節の名古屋戦まで8連勝を達成。夏場から秋口にかけて5連敗を喫するも、Jリーグ史上初の3連覇を達成した。なおチームは51得点だった為、2013年の広島と共に2005年にJリーグが1シーズン制になってから最少ゴール数での優勝チームとなった[9].
AFC Champions League 2009Decided to advance to the final tournament for the second consecutive year, but Korea Rep.FC SeoulLost at the end of the PK game and lost in the best 16.
Team slogan:FOOTBALL DREAM 2010-Evolucao Renewal-
Oliveira system 4th year. From HiroshimaShodai Sato, OriginalNiigata OfJewtonThePorto AlegreFrom the rental transfer from京都からLee Jong Soo,Brazilian Second Division OfPortugalからFelipe GabrielIs acquired by full transfer. From youthNao YagiWas promoted and transferred by rental transferSuzuki Hisato(Shonan),Yuji Funayama(C Osaka) Has returned.
On February 2, the Fuji Xerox Super Cup played against G Osaka for the second year in a row, winning the PK victory for the fifth time and winning the same club for the first time in the history for the second time.
League matchは、失点数や敗戦はリーグで最少、51得点30失点は3連覇を果たした昨年とほぼ同じで敗戦は昨年の8から6に減らしたものの、降格したFC東京と共にリーグ2位タイの引き分けが12で内田が移籍してからは9分けと後半戦は勝ち切れない試合の多さが響き8月7日に行われた第17節清水戦で敗れて以降は1度も首位に返り咲く事はなくリーグ4連覇を逃しただけではなく、ACLの出場権に当たる3位以内にも入れず4位転落で終了した。
Made in february2010 FIFA World CupWith Uchida as the representative of JapanTaiki Iwamasa,Korean representativeLee Jong Soo was elected, and Lee Jong Soo scored two goals in this tournament. In July, UchidaGermany OfSchalke 04, IQatar OfAl SaddTransferred to.
AFC Champions League 2010Broke into the finals tournament for the third consecutive year and broke the group stage in all the first wins in Japanese football history, but in the round 3 of the previous championPohang SteelersLost to the best 2 for the second consecutive year[Note 2].
Emperor's cupIs the finalShimizuDefeated and won the 3th time for the first time in 4 tournaments. This earned him the ACL participation right.
Also with this seasonTsuyoshi OiwaRetired from active duty. further,Kenta Kasai, Marquinhos, without signing a contract with JuittonSendai,Yuji FunayamaYamagata,Hiroyuki Ohdo OkayamaComplete transfer to,Shinichiro KawamataIs Sendai,Kawashima DaichiYamagata,Tomohiko Miyazaki Yokohama FC,Suzuki Hisato Tochigi SC,Ryuta SasakiBecame a rental transfer to Shonan.
The club celebrates its 20th anniversary. Oliveira system 5th year.Aomori Yamada High SchoolからTakeshi Amagasaki,Yonago Kita High SchoolからMasako Gen,Kansai University Daiichi High SchoolからTakahide UmebachiEarned. From Kashima YouthSeiji DoiIs promoted.SapporoからNishi Daigo,Union leiriaからCarlonFrom Chibaア レ ッ ク スFrom ShimizuTakuya HondaWith a complete transfer,YamagataWas rented toYuzo Tashiro,Masashi MasashiReturned to Japan, Shodai Sato who had been transferred from rental was completely transferred, the first amateur player from the club to play in Brazil.CFZ de RioFrom the father of the team OBArsindIsイ ゴ ー ルWas awarded with a C contract.
2 month 26 dayFuji Xerox Super CupNagoyaPlay against. After losing the PK match, he was not the second consecutive champion in the same tournament.
League matchStruggled in the early stages and then moved up to fifth place by surpassing undefeated August and ended up in sixth place.
Also occurred on March 3thGreat East Japan EarthquakeDue to the disaster, facilities such as stadiums and clubhouses were severely damaged[10], Team activities were suspended from March 3th to 15th[11].. After that, as the Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction aidMito Holy HookLaunched “WITH HOPE Project” in collaboration with Ibaraki Prefectural Football Association and started reconstruction support activities in Ibaraki Prefecture. On June 6th at Kashima Soccer Stadium,Earthquake recovery charity event SMILE AGAIN ~ YELL FROM KASHIMA ~Was held.
In 7 monthMasahiko Inami クロアチア OfHeiduk SplitComplete transfer toNeuchatel The MaxRental transfer to (thenBraga(Rental transfer to),Fluminense FCからTartaWas acquired through a rental transfer.
Participated in 4 consecutive yearsAFC Champions League 2011Won the group league undefeated for three consecutive years in Round 3, but lost to Seoul again and was eliminated in the best 16 for three consecutive years.
Nabisco CupThen advance to the 7th final. He won Urawa for an extra time and won his fourth victory in 9 years.
Emperor's cupOf the J4 in the fourth round京都And was eliminated in the best 16.
Oswald Oliveira retired as coachOkuno mentor rightAlso left the group (later assumed the position of director Yamagata).Sugiyama SatoshiBut Sapporo and TartaPortugal,Takefumi Takuma,Suzuki HisatoIs Tochigi SC,Kenji Oyano Niigata,Yuzo Tashiro,Takuya Nozawa Kobe,Felipe GabrielCompletely transferred to Botafogo,Yokohama FCWas rented toTomohiko Miyazaki IwataRental transfer to, Igor left the group.


Team slogan:SMILE AGAIN with PRIDE
New directorGiordinhoIs appointed. As a reinforcement(I.e.からJuninho,FukuokaからOkamoto HideyaWith a complete transfer,Ryutsu Keizai UniversityからKazuya Yamamura,Shizuoka Gakuen High SchoolからYukitoshi ItoEarned. Had a rental transferShinichiro Kawamata(Sendai),Ryuta Sasaki(Shonan) is back and from Kashima YouthTakamasa Suzuki,Yoshitaka Nakagawa,Ryota MiyauchiWas promoted. From Kyoto during the seasonDutraIs a complete transfer,Chugoku OfGuangzhou constantからRenatoJoined by rental transfer. Alex in JulyTokushima, Ryuta Sasaki transferred to Tochigi for rental.
Jun SogabataIs March 3 J31 Section 1Yokohama FM475 games, the most club appearances in the match, and 500 games for the first time in the history of the club.NiigataAchieved in battle.
Suruga Bank ChampionshipThen,チリ OfUniversida de ChileWas defeated in the penalty shootout and won the first victory.
Yamazaki Nabisco CupThen, in the eighth final, he defeated Shimizu in an extra time and achieved the club's first consecutive championship in history.
League matchFailed to make a good start dash, with 5 loss and 1 losses in 4 games from the opening, and being the last one from Section 2 to Section 5. At this time, he lost the opening three games in a row and had no score until the fourth round. After that, the season ended in 3th place after the end of Round 4 and the 13th place, which was the first double-digit position in history since the J League was established, without ever rising to a single-digit position.
Emperor's cupWas defeated in the semifinals by G Osaka, which had been decided to be demoted to J2, and was eliminated in the best four.
Giorzinho resigns as director[12],Toru NiibaIs C Osaka,Shinzo KorogiBy Urawa, Hideya Okamoto by Niigata, and Masashi MasudaK League OfUlsan Hyundai, Dutlaベルギー OfSporting RockerenTomohiko Miyazaki who had a complete transfer to Iwata and Alex who had a rental transfer to Tokushima also had a complete transfer. Furthermore, he did not renew the contract with Renato, who joined the company from Guangzhou Hengda for rental transfer, and Ryuta Sasaki, who had transferred to Tochigi for rental.
Team slogan:RENASCIMENTO-With pride in mind-
Tonino Sereso, who took the lead from 2000 to 2005, is reappointed as director. As a reinforcementAtagoからTakanori MaenoFrom KyotoMitsutaka Nakamura,Qatar OfUmm SalalからDaviWith a complete transfer,Otsu High SchoolからUeda direct communication,Yuta ToyokawaEarned. Daichi Kawashima, who had been rented to Yamagata, and Takuya Nozawa, who had been completely transferred to Kobe, have returned. Also, in AprilUniversity of Tsukuba OfShuhei AkasakiBecome the club's firstSpecially designated playerI registered at. In addition, in JulyTakamasa Suzuki 千葉Takuya Honda transferred toShimizuCompletely transferred to, Nao Yagi retired at the end of August.
League matchAlthough he did not have consecutive losses in the season, he suffered 7 consecutive losses in the away game from the beginning of the season to the DF team, but he continued to lose points but finished in 5th place. In addition, Section 4 of April 6C OsakaIn the battle, Sereso achieved the first league match in all history with 1 wins in only one club since the J League was established. Also, on May 100th Section 5ShonanIn the battle, he achieved 150 wins for the first time in the official coaching system.
Yamazaki Nabisco CupIn the quarterfinalsYokohama FMLost to 3 consecutive wins.
Emperor's cupIn the first roundHiroshimaWas defeated in the best 16. Also, in the second round on September 9,Sony sendaiIn the battle, achieved 500 points in total for the first time in the official coaching system.
Suruga Bank ChampionshipThen, in 2006, I was the director of KashimaPaulo AutouoliLeadBrazil OfSao Paulo FCHe won the championship in the tournament and the first international tournament in the history of the Japanese club team.
With this year, Juninho expired and Daiki IwamasaThailand OfTerrorist sasana, Yuya OsakoGermany 2nd Division Of1860 Munich, Kawashima DaichiKitakyushuTakamasa Suzuki, who was completely transferred to Chiba and rented to Chiba, moved to Tochigi.
Team slogan:SPECTACLE
Third year of the Seresio system.IwataからYamamoto,BragaからLouis AlbertWas completely transferred, and Shuhei Akasaki from University of Tsukuba,Teikyo University Kani High SchoolからTaro Sugimoto,Chiba International High SchoolFrom C contractKaioJoined. Hayato Koizumi was promoted from Kashima Youth. Also from ChibaJailTransfer from March to July with a deadline[13] Earned in AugustBotafogo FRFrom originaloak OfGeorge wagnerWas completely transferred. At the end of January, Yoshitaka Nakagawa[14] Retired, Takuya Nozawa in AugustSendaiTransferred to.
On April 4, he has been a stadium DJ since the opening of Kashima Stadium, but he passed away[15].. Memorial ceremony on April 4th[16] And a farewell party on June 6st[17] Was held at the stadium on both days. Also, on June 6st, the Antlers Achievement Award will be presented.[18] I also went.
League matchDespite having succeeded in the start dash, he lost tune after the third consecutive home loss, but he finished in third place and decided to participate in ACL for the sixth time in four years. In addition, Masashi Motoyama is J3 Round 3 on July 4thUrawaAchieved 500 club games in the battle in the 17th season, which is the longest enrollment. Also, J8 Round 9 of August 1thNagoyaAchieved the 100th total number of official club games with the score of Yuto Yamamoto in the battle. In addition, J9 Round 27 of September 1TokushimaIn the match, Kaio scored 6 points, the highest score for the club's first year high school league match, and Shuhei Akasaki scored 11 points for the club's first year high school league score in the J29 Round 1/C Osaka match on November 33. Was updated.
Yamazaki Nabisco CupLost in the qualifying league for the first time in nine years,Emperor's cupWas defeated by Sony Sendai in the penalty shootout, and the first match since the 1994 tournament was eliminated.
In addition, with this seasonKoji NakataRetired, Louis Alberto,Ryota MiyauchiContract expires, George WagnerEC Vitoria, Takanori MaenoNiigataWas completely transferred to. The Japan National Team was selected as a World Cup member from each team since the 1998 French tournament, but since Osako transferred to Munich in 2013 in the off of 1860, no World Cup member was selected for the first time in the history of the team. ..
Third year of the Seresio system. From Tokushima as a reinforcementHiroyuki Takasaki,HiroshimaからFan SoccoWith a complete transfer,Portimonense SCからYume KanzakiWith a fixed transfer,Osaka Toin High SchoolからKutone KubotaEarned. Also, from Kashima YouthTakahashi Ohashi,Yuma SuzukiIs promoted. Takamasa Suzuki, who had transferred to Tochigi with a training type deadline, has returned. In May, a medical check found a meniscus damage in January, and the contract was abandoned.GenieAnd a formal contract.
It was the first time in 4 yearsAFC Champions League 2015Then,2013King'sGuangzhou constant(Chugoku) And runner upFC Seoul ( South Korea), and then2014King'sWestern Sydney Wanderers(Australia) And entered the same group in the group league, but after the opening, Western Sydney at home, FC Seoul in the enemy land, Guangzhou Hengda all lost 3 consecutive losses. Guangzhou Hengda, the Western Sydney match in the enemy territory, had the possibility to advance to the final tournament until the end, but lost to FC Seoul, the second time since the first year tournament with 16 teams Until the 2 team system until the next year and 2008 team system from the next year, it became the first league defeat at the bottom since it became the home and away system on the group stage where it divided into east and west.
Two-stage system revived for the first time in 11 yearsLeague matchThen, after defeating the 1st stage, 8th place, the 2nd stage is the lower team after the opening[Note 3] He was 1 win, 1 loss, 1 draw against the opponent, dismissed Sereso, and succeeded as the top team coach.Masatada IshiiIs appointed. For Kashima, he acted as a director twiceTakashi SekizukaExcluding, he became the second Japanese director in 1992 years since Miyamoto, the first director who served from 1994 to June 6. After the change of director, they competed for the title with Hiroshima and finished in 21nd place in the 2nd stage, but finished in 2th place in the year.Emperor's cupAlso lost in the third round after the penalty shootout.
Yamazaki Nabisco CupThen,FC TokyoKobeTo advance to the final for the first time in 3 years. In the final, I aimed for the second straight victoryG OsakaWas defeated by 3-0 to win the championship for the first time in 3 years and to win 3 domestic 17 major titles.
In addition, with this seasonDaviContract expired, had been enrolled for 18 yearsMotoyama MasashiIs Kitakyushu, Takamasa Suzuki is Ehime,Shodai Sato KumamotoComplete transfer toTakahide UmebachiYamagata and Yuta ToyokawaOkayamaWas transferred to a limited time.
Team slogan:Football Dream-Together-
Ishii system second term. From Tokyo VKento three polesFrom ShonanRyota NagakiFrom ShimizuBuenoComplete transfer from ShimizuMasatoshi KushibikiWas acquired through a rental transfer. From youthHiroki Machida,Toshiya Tanaka,Taiki Hirado,Hiroki KakitaWas promoted. Kanazaki, who had joined the transfer with a deadline in the previous year, once returned to Portimonense, but acquired it by a complete transfer before the opening. In addition, Hiroyuki Takasaki returned from Yamagata (from AprilMasaru Matsumoto FC(Transfer with time limit).
During the season, from April to JulyRyutsu Keizai UniversityからYuta Koike Specially designated playerJoin the team as from PortimonenseFabricioWas acquired as a fixed-time transfer. On the other hand, Genei expired the contract at the end of June (afterwards, transferred to Shonan completely), and Aoki, who had been enrolled for 6 and a half years in July,Tosu, KaioUAE OfAl Ain FCTransferred to.
League matchIn the 1st stage, the league's minimum goal was reduced to 10 goals, the 15th time in 6 years[Note 4] , But the defensive collapsed on the 2nd stage, Kaio's transfer andCollision between Ishii and Kanasaki[Source required], In the end of the race, he suffered four consecutive losses, including many mainstays with breakdowns, and he sank to 4th place with the gears not meshing until the end. However, he challenged the 11st champion with 1rd place pointsChampionshipIn the semifinals, he defeated Kawasaki, who was the second best player in the year, and in the final with Urawa, who was the first best player in the year, he won the eighth J2 league title for the first time in seven years by winning two races in total. This earned him the ACL participation right.
Yamazaki Nabisco CupAs a champion last year, he tried to win the second consecutive title, but lost only one win and lost the qualifying.After being defeated, switch to the training line,[Source required]We challenged with young members such as Machida, Tanaka, Hirado and Kakita who are from youth.
It was the third time in three yearsSuruga Bank ChampionshipIt is,コロンビア OfSanta FeWas defeated by and won the third victory.
With the J1 championship, in the host country frameFIFA Club World CupI participated in for the first time. Of the first matchAuckland City FC(New Zealand) In the game, 2-1 reverse victory, quarterfinalMamelody Sundowns FC (South Africa) Decided to win 2-0. In the semifinalsAtletico Nacional Defeated (Colombia) 3-0 and decided to advance to the finals for the first time in Asia. In the finalreal Madrid (スペイン) Was temporarily reversed and played a close battle that was entangled until 2-2 in the overtime, but at the endク リ ス テ ィ ア ー ノ · ロ ナ ウ ドAlthough he forgot a hat trick and lost 2-4, he became a runner-up.
Emperor's cupDefeated Kawasaki in the final and won the tournament for the first time in six times. The third time in 6 years[Note 5] Played the double crown.
In addition, with this season, Naoshi Ohashi will be completely transferred, and Hiroki Kakita will be transferred with a fixed time.KanazawaTo, Taiki HiradoMachidaTo Taro SugimotoTokushimaLimited transfer, Hiroyuki Takasaki completely transferred to the fixed-time transfer destination Matsumoto, Masatoshi Kushibiki from Shimizu, and Portiomonense's fixed-time transfer Fabricio expired, Fan Socco left the contract. Mt. ShibasakiSpain 2st OfCD TenerifeTransferred to.
Team slogan:Football Dream -Connect-
Ishii system third year. From NiigataLeo Silva,KobeからPedro junior,FukuokaからKenshi Kanamori, Shonan to Kento Sankei's older brotherYuto three poles[Note 6],Jeonbuk HyundaiからKwon Sung-taeIs a complete transfer,SE PalmeirasからLeandroJoined with a fixed-term transfer, and Takahide Umebachi, who had a fixed-time transfer to Yamagata, returned. Akasaki is G Osaka on March 3[Note 7], May 5, Koizumi transferred to Mito for a limited time.
Made on August 2FUJI XEROX SUPER CUPPlayed against the Levan Cup champion Urawa the previous year, winning 3-2 and winning the 7th victory for the first time in 6 years.
It was the third time in three yearsAFC Champions League 2017, At the group stage in KoreaUlsan Hyundai FC,Thai'sMuangthong United FC,AustralianBrisbane Roar FCTo compete in the final tournament. The first round of the final tournamentSuper classKingGuangzhou constantとの対戦となったが、5月14日の神戸戦で遠藤とシルバが、5月19日の川崎戦では負傷離脱していた植田の代役である町田もこの試合で右膝前十字靭帯損傷の為それぞれ離脱。これらの選手を欠いて挑まなければならない第1戦は本来はボランチの三竿健斗をセンターバックで起用して0-1で落とす。植田が復帰したホームでの第2戦はジュニオールのゴールで2戦合計スコアを1-1とするが後半10分に第1戦でゴールを挙げたPaulinhoWas defeated by the away goal, which was the second consecutive goal, and the additional time Kanazaki (Kashima's 2th ACL total score) scored a goal and won the second round 100-2 with no surplus. However, although the total score of the two races was 2-1, he was able to exceed the away goal difference of 2, and he could not overcome the away game that he was not good at, and he also took a backstep to respond to the injured person.[19] Lost in the best 16. As of MayFIFA Club World CupThe possibility of participating in 2 years in a row has disappeared as soon as possible. In response to this result, on May 5, Ishii was dismissed on the ground of losing the 31st round of the ACL final tournament and losing 1th at home to finish 5th in the league, and succeeded as the top team coach.Tsuyoshi OiwaWas promoted[20].
Aiming to regain the title for the first time in two years since 2015YBC Levin CupParticipated from the knockout stage for ACL participation[21], Quarterfinals against Sendai[22].. In the first leg of the quarterfinals, both Masako and Ueda center backs were missed as representatives. The match is from former KashimaTakuya NozawaToCorner kickAssisted by and allowed the preemption,Hiroaki OkunoGot 2 goals and got 3 goals. Doi then returned 1 point but lost 1-3[23].. In the second round, in addition to Bueno who was sent off in the first match and Masako Ueda who was the representative convener, Machida who was injured in the Kawasaki match was also lacking, and all four people who were supposed to be center backs were in a state of leaving. This sounds and by the latter half 2 minutesDirect free kickPKで2失点を喫してしまう。アウェイゴール数の関係上準決勝進出には5得点が必要となる中、後半13分から鈴木と安部の2人が反撃のゴールラッシュ、鈴木の2ゴールを挙げ鹿島の下部組織出身選手最多のシーズン公式戦通算14得点としたのに加え安部がプロ初ゴール。後半だけで3得点を挙げて90分間では3-2と逆転したものの、2戦合計では4-5と仙台を上回る事が出来ず、4年ぶりの準々決勝敗退となった[24][25].
League matchThen, after the change of director to Oiwa mentioned above, he earned 6 points in 4 consecutive wins and 7 consecutive wins with a draw from the match against Hiroshima on June 8 to the match against FC Tokyo on July 5, and temporarily sank to 3th place. Lead the team to the top and get involved in the battle for the championship. Although he lost the match against Kawasaki on August 25, he won his second five consecutive victories and placed 7 points behind in 8nd place.However, if he loses in the match against Tosu on September 13, he will be kept within 2 goals after the next match against Hiroshima, and will gradually be chased by Kawasaki, who has won many times by 5 points or more.The fact that he lost both home and away to Kawasaki in a row was a haunting victory with a difference of 2 points, and even if he had only one win, the victory would be decided regardless of Kawasaki's result, but Kashiwa in 8, the final game of the home. Both the match and the final match against Iwata ended with a scoreless draw.On the other hand, Kawasaki won both of the remaining two races, so although they were lined up in terms of points, they fell short of Kawasaki due to the goal difference.[Note 8]For the first time in history, after being settled by a goal difference, Kawasaki was kidnapped by reversing the league title.
Emperor's cupLost to the quarter-finals at the end of the PK match in Kobe.
Nagaki, who scored in the J7 Round 2 Kashiwa match on July 1, became the 17th goal scorer in the league match in Kashima.
Team slogan:Football Dream
Oiwa system second year.Takahide Umebachi KanazawaIn the previous yearG OsakaWas transferred to theShuhei AkasakiCompletely transferred to Kawasaki, BuenoTokushimaIn addition to transferring with a deadline toMitoWas transferred to theHayato KoizumiWas completely transferred to Mito and transferred to Tokushima for a limited timeTaro Sugimoto,MachidaWas transferred to theTaiki HiradoWas transferred to Kanazawa for a limited timeHiroki KakitaThe transfer period of each was extended.
on the other hand,SE PalmeirasLeandro, who had joined the transfer for a limited time since, joined the transfer completely.1.FC Union BerlinからAtsuto UchidaHas returned for the first time in eight years,ShimizuからInukai Tomoya,Tokyo VからYuki AnzaiIs acquired by full transfer.Hannan UniversityからKazuma YamaguchiIs a new member. From youthYuya OkiWas promoted. In addition, from this year, Kanazaki of the transfer group will bear the back number 10 worn by native players such as Shibasaki and Motoyama.[Note 9].
Ueda in Belgium in the summerCircle Bruges, Kanazaki transferred to Tosu completely, and Pedro Junior transferred to the second division of China, butSantos FCからSerginhoEarned. From Sagan TosuJung Seung HyunIs acquired by full transfer. Also,ZicoBecame the technical director.
It became the participation for the second consecutive yearAFC Champions League 2018On the group stageSydney FC(Australia),Shanghai Shenhua(China),Suwon SamsungTeamed up with (Korea) and advanced to the final tournament in 2nd place. In round 16Shanghai Port(China) defeated two games with a total of 2-4, surpassing the first game of the final tournament for the first time in club history. In the quarterfinalsTianjin Gonken(China) won 2 games in total, and in the semi-finals, Mizuhara Samsung, which was the match following the group stage, won the finals by winning 5-0 games in total. In the finalPersepolisCompete with (Iran) and play the first match at homeLeo SilvaCerzinho, who showed outstanding performance in the final tournament, scored a 2-0 goal to get rid of the pressure from 2 opponent supporters in the second leg of the away game.[26] Protected 0-0 and the lead of the first round, the eighth appearance[Note 10] And won the first victory, and became the long-cherished Asian champion. at the same timeFIFA Club World Cup 2018Acquired the right to participate.
It was the first time in 2 yearsFIFA Club World Cup 2018So in the first quarter-finalsGuadalajara(Mexico) won the come-from-behind 3-2, but in the semifinalsGareth BaleAllowed a hat trick afterwards and lost to Real Madrid 1-3. Even in the 3rd place matchLiebel Plate(Argentina) lost 0-4 and finished fourth.
After winning in the AFC Champions League, he fought in the most 60 official games in club history, struggling with poor conditions and injuries throughout the season.League matchSuffered a fifth loss as early as the end of Section 11 and lowered the ranking to 5th. Before the J15 was interrupted by the World Cup, it was provisionally 1th, and after resuming, it won 11 consecutive wins from Section 26 and Section 31, increasing the ranking to 3rd as the final ranking. As a result, he will be eligible to participate in ACL playoffs next season.YBC Levin CupWon the quarterfinals in two games against Kawasaki in a total of 2-4, but lost to Yokohama in the semifinals and lost the best four. In the Emperor's Cup, Urawa, who won ACL in the semifinals last year, lost to become the best four, and all domestic titles finished 2th or more, but ended the season with two consecutive crowns.
In addition, with this seasonMitsuo OgasawaraRetired,Yuto three poles OitaWhat,Nishi Daigo KobeToshiya TanakaGunmaComplete transfer to Taro Sugimoto from TokushimaMasaru Matsumoto FCComplete transfer to,China-class A league OfWuhan Table Tennis ClubPedro Junior, who had a limited time to transfer to, was completely transferred to Fortaleza EC, and Katone KubotaOkayamaTransfers with a deadline to, Masako GenLeague AnnBelongingToulouse FCTransferred to.
Team slogan:Football Dream
Oiwa system third year. It became the participation for the third consecutive yearAFC Champions League 2019On the group stageShandong Lu No Tai Mountain Foot Club(China),Johor Darul Takjim(Malaysia),Gyeongnam FCIt became the same group with (Korea), and against the Gyeongnam FC opponent who was held in the enemy land of the third race, as in the first round of the ACL semifinal last year, a reversal victory from 3 points and 1 games were completed and 2 points were quickly exceeded. However, in the 3th round of the revenge match let alone Joule Darul Takjim in the harsh environment where the humidity exceeded 7% in the 4th round of Malaysia, he eventually advanced to the final tournament. However, he passed the second place, worshiping the dust of Shandong Luo. In the final tournament, ACL was the first Japanese decisive battle in team history. Sergino, who scored five consecutive goals in last year's final tournament, showed the same competitive strength in the first match held at Kashima Soccer Stadium against Hiroshima, which was the second final tournament for the first time in five years. , Doi pushed into the spilled ball of the old cross and made 5-90 in the second round at Edion Stadium Hiroshima in Hiroshima City, but last year's 2 goals Patrick, Sasaki and Goal continued to score goals I will be 5-2 in total. But defeated DoiYoji NakabayashiWhen he was forced to leave the field, he overcame the pinch of Hiroshima's corner kick that came in the 44th minute of the second half, and set up a counter, and the keeper who was up to scoreHayato TakutoDoi's second goal was a decisive final goal with no chance of returning. Finally, Patrick was able to decide the penalty, but he scored two away goals by 2-3 and decided to advance to the quarterfinals for the second consecutive year. The quarterfinals are Guangzhou Hengda, which had been forced to lose just like Round of 3 two years ago. In the first match, he overwhelmed Guangzhou Hengda's onslaught with a scoreless draw, but in the meantime, three poles and Shirasaki were injured in a home game that won 2-2 and reduced the difference to the leading FC Tokyo to 2 point. , Bueno who sealed the opponent's attack with Inukai was not able to use because it was not registered with ACL, and Anderson Son Talisca made a strong heading shot from the corner kick in the first half, and in the latter half of the second half Guangzhou Guangzhou War two years ago was injured. It was barely possible for Serginho to change the course of Silva's shot, which he was not able to participate in, to catch the score of 16-1 in a total of two races. Even if the coach replaced Ishii with Oiwa, he injured himself before the Guangzhou Hengfeng War, and lost the goal at the Tianhe Sports Center Gymnasium in the first round without losing a goal and lost two years ago. With this development, ACL's second consecutive title has disappeared, and the possibility of acquiring the club World Cup participation right for the second consecutive year also disappeared.
After that, three poles and Silva, who are competing for a tight schedule from the end of August, and Serginho, the scoring source, are leaving one after another, and in the league game at Section 8.Yanmar Stadium NagaiMatsumoto, who was in danger of relegation at Section 1 despite winning the 0-29 victory over away-C OsakaSun Pro AlwinNot only was they lined up with FC Tokyo, who was in second place at the time when they defeated Kobe 3-1 with points, but Yokohama FM, who had been catching up undefeated in five games since the last defeat against Cerezo Osaka on August 2, When they were pressed by one point difference, they lost 8-17 to Kawasaki, who lost in the Levin Cup semi-finals in the 5st round, and fell from the lead, and in addition to defeating Iwata, they beat FC Tokyo as well as Sapporo. He was also hesitated by Yokohama FM and fell to 1rd place.After that, Yokohama FM won three consecutive games and FC Tokyo drew to Shonan and Urawa against the team who had to fight for the remaining team, while at Edion Stadium Hiroshima, they drew scoreless to Hiroshima and lost to Kobe 31-2 at home to win the league title. The possibility disappears. It was Sekiyama who won the ACL participation right for four consecutive seasons.At the Emperor's Cup, he advanced to the final at the New National Stadium for the first time in three tournaments since 0, but in the final with Kobe on New Year's Day, Nagaki was near the penalty area in the 2th minute of the first half.Takanori SakaiBe robbed byLucas PodolskiIn the season opener, when the ball played by Kwon Sun-tee hits Inukai and hits Inukai with an own goal, the west turn, which was transferred in 38 minutes, was not clear by Inukai again. Scored two goals at Kashima Stadium as a member of OitaNoriaki FujimotoThere is a game to eat the 4th shot of the season from the Oita era when he was pushed into and transferred. Losing 0-2, he was runner-up for the first time in 2002 years since 17, and was uncrowned for three consecutive years in the three major domestic titles.After the season, Go Oiwa's retirement was announced.
Team slogan:Football Dream -Show-
Former director Palmeiras as new directorAntonio Carlos ZagoIs inaugurated.From Kawasaki FRyuki NaraFrom ShonanSugioka Daiki, From SendaiKatsuya NagatoFrom Yokohama FMHirose Rikuto, From NagoyaRyuji Izumi, As a new foreignerInternacional OfJuan Arano,Queretaro FCからEveraudEarned.Yuta Matsumura,Ryotaro Araki,Someno ItsukiA total of 11 high school graduates have joined.On the other hand, team top scorer SerginhoChangchun Atai Foot Club,Jung Seung Hyun Ulsan Hyundai, Leandro transferred to FC Tokyo and Atsutaka Nakamura transferred to Yamagata.In the middle of the seasonAtsuto UchidaRetired from active duty.
As mentioned above, we welcomed many new players and tried to switch from traditional counter soccer to soccer that dominates and pushes the ball under the new coach Zago, but in addition to winning the final at the Emperor's Cup, participated in the ACL playoffs. Because I had to do it, the off period was as short as 3 weeks and the penetration of tactics was delayed.Perhaps this had an effect, the score remained at one own goal in the four races from the opening, and the club worst opened four consecutive losses. In Section 4, he defeated the previous year's champion Yokohama FM 1-4 to win his first victory, but when he finished the match against FC Tokyo in Section 5, he sank to the bottom again, making it the worst departure. From the 4th verse, he recorded 2 consecutive victories for the first time in 7 years, and finally the condition started to improve from around September, and he started to dig into the ACL participation right battle with Nagoya and C Osaka.However, although the difference was narrowed, he could not overtake due to losing in a direct confrontation with Nagoya in Section 12, and reached the final section with 11th place leaving the possibility of 7rd and 9th place to get the ACL participation right. It was.The final round will be a direct confrontation with Cerezo Osaka, who is 29th with one point difference, and if they win, they will be 3,4th or higher.[Note 11]・ The 5th place was about to be confirmed after a draw, but in the 83rd minute of the competitive game developmentRiku MatsudaI was hit by a hit and scored first. Everaldo scored in the 7th minute when two points were needed in the 2th minute, and Everaldo and Ayase Ueda shot three shots in the last play, but the opponent GKKim Jin HyunThe match ended when it was cleared by two good saves and the right post. After a 2-1 draw, he finished fifth and lost his ACL qualification for the first time in five years.
ACL entered the playoffs, but as mentioned above, the short offs left the tactics unpenetrated.Melbourne VictoryI was enrolled in Urawa until last yearAndrew AboutHe succumbed to the score and lost 0-1 and became the first Japanese club to lose the playoffs.
The Levin Cup will be joined from the group stage due to the loss of the ACL playoffs.In the group stage, which was changed to a one-time round robin system for four teams due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it was decided to lose to Nagoya and Kawasaki in a row.[Note 12].

Affiliated player

ZicoWas also a member ofBrazilHas a strong pipe with the soccer world. J League has started1993Since then, the foreign nationalityAsian frameWas acquired using South KoreaExcept for the human players, they are all Brazilian players.Giordinho, ,BevetAnd so on, players who deserve the first-class, such as playing an active part in the soccer kingdom Brazil, played in Kashima in the past.

Representative player

So manyRepresentation from JapanPlayers are producing.

Antlers Achievement Award

This award is designed to recognize the people who have contributed to the development of the club.Kashima Soccer MuseumWill be commemorated at "THE HALL OF LEGEND". Active athletes and staff members currently in Kashima will be excluded from the selection.

Award yearWinner
2009Yutaka Akita,Kurosaki Hisashi,Zico,Giordinho,Naoki Soma,Toninho Sereso
Akira Narahashi,Yoshiyuki Hasegawa,Bismarck,Honda Yasuto,Miyamoto Masakatsu
2011Oswald Oliveira
2015Toru Niiba,Koji Nakata,Atsushi Yanagisawa
2019Mitsuo Ogasawara


Domestic match

Since professionalization in 1992,3 major titles in Japan(J1 league,J League Cup,Emperor's cup) All boast the most wins.

International match

The titles won at the international competition areA3 Champions Cup(2003) andJ.League Cup/Copa Sudamericana Championship(2012, 2013),AFC Champions League(2018) 3 tournaments.

Successive directors

Like the foreign players mentioned above, the foreign coaches are all Brazilian and Zico's older brother.EduAnd with ZicoBrazil national teamOf "Golden Midfield (Golden quartet)”Toninho SeresoAre in charge of this team. In addition, the Japanese regular director until 2017 is the first directorMiyamoto MasakatsuAnd was appointed in the middle of 2015Masatada IshiiWas appointed in the middle of 2017Tsuyoshi OiwaWas appointed in the middle of 2021Naoki SomaThe other four are Brazilians.

Successor director of Kashima Antlers
directed byperiodJ

Japanese flag Miyamoto Masakatsu1992-July 199400000000000
Brazilian flag EduJuly 1994-600000000000
Brazilian flag Joan Carlos1996-July 199811125000005
Japanese flag Takashi SekizukaJuly 1998, August 700000000000Acting as director
Brazilian flag Ze MarioJanuary 1998-January 810012000002
Brazilian flag ZicoJuly 1999-December 800000000000Acting as director
Brazilian flag Toninho Sereso2000-2005, 2013-July 201522105001127
Brazilian flag Paulo Autouoli200600000000000
Brazilian flag Oswald Oliveira2007-201131228000008
Brazilian flag Giordinho201201001001012
Japanese flag Masatada IshiiJanuary 2015-January 711114000004
Japanese flag Tsuyoshi OiwaJuly 2017-500000010011
Brazilian flag Zago2020-July 202100000000000
Japanese flag Naoki SomaFebruary 2021-

Derby match


Domestic title

International title


J League
J League Cup

Other awards

Club records

Record nameRecordmatchRemarks
Consecutive undefeated recordJ117 match2009 Round 3 Hiroshima Battle (Kashima)-2009 Round 19 Kashiwa Battle (Kashima)
Consecutive win recordJ116 consecutive wins1998 2nd Round 5 Fukuoka Round (Hakatakyu)-1999 1st Round 3 Hiroshima Round (National)Highest league record (as of 2018)
Consecutive loss recordJ18 consecutive losses1999 1st Round 13 Urawa (National)-1999 2nd Round 4 C Osaka (Kashima)
Most scored matchJ17 - 0August 1997, 8 9nd Round 2 Nagoya Battle (Kashima)
7 - 2August 2005, 8 Round 24: Battle of Niigata (Kashima)
7 - 0May 2012, 5 Round 19 Sapporo Battle (Kashima)
J League Cup7 - 1October 1992, 10 GL Round 3 Battle of Nagoya (Mizuhoball)
7 - 0October 1997, 10 Second Quarterfinal Round, Sapporo Round (Kashima)
Emperor's cup8 - 1December 1992, 12 5st Round, Nippon Steel Hachiman Battle (Ehime)
International competition16 - 0October 1999, 10 ACC 23nd Match Valencia (Hitachinaka)Club maximum score record
Most goals scoredJ10 - 7May 1995, 5 3st Round 1 Hiratsuka Battle (Hiratsuka)Club most goals scored
J League Cup3 - 4September 1992, 9 GL Round 23 Yokohama M Battle (National)
1 - 4September 1992, 9 GL Round 26 Shimizu Battle (Kasamatsu)
2 - 4March 1997, 3 GL Round 8 C Battle against Osaka (Kashima)
0 - 4November 2003, 11 Final Urawa match (national)
2 - 4March 2013, 3 GL Round 23 vs F Tokyo (Kashima)
1 - 4March 2016, 3 GS Round 27 vs Kobe (Noesta)
Emperor's cup2 - 6January 1994, 1 Final Yokohama F match (national)
International competition1 - 4April 1999, 4 ACWC Semi-finals Zennan (National)
3 - 4March 2003, 3 ACL GL Round 12 Shanghai Shenhua Battle (Spacharasai)
1 - 4March 2009, 3 ACL GL Round 11 Suwon Samsung Battle (Suwon)
3 - 4March 2015, 3 ACL GL Round 18 Guangzhou Constant War (Tianhe)
2 - 4December 2016, 12 FCWC Finals Real Madrid (Yokohama International)
0 - 4December 2018, 12 FCWC 22rd place match Liebel Plate (Zayed Sports City)
Minimum number of shotsJ10 本November 2009, 11 Round 8 Yamagata Battle (Kashima)First league record
May 2021, 5 Section 12 Nagoya match (Toyota Su)

Total number of wins

Total number of wins in J1 league match
Total victorymatchRemarks
First victoryMay 1993, 5 Suntory Round 16 Nagoya Battle (Kashima)
100 winsApril 1997, 4 12st Round 1 Kobe Battle (Kashima)
200 winsNovember 2001, 11 17st Round 1 Tokyo V match (Kashima)Fastest record in the league
300 winsNovember 2007, 11 Round 24 Urawa Battle (Saitama)Fastest record in the league
400 winsMarch 2014, 3 Round 8 Sendai Battle (Kashima)Fastest record in the league
500 winsJuly 2019, 7 Round 6 Battle of Iwata (Kashima)Fastest record in the league

Total score

Official game total score
Total scorematchPlayer nameRemarks
First scoreSeptember 1992, 9 Nabisco Cup GL Round 5 Yokohama F Round (Kasamatsu)Japanese flag Kazuhisa Irai
500 pointsSeptember 1997, 9 J 27nd Round 2 Yokohama M Round (Kashima)Japanese flag Muroi Ichie
1000 pointsDecember 2002, 12 Emperor's Cup 15rd Round Tokyo Gakugei War (Kashima)Brazilian flag August
1500 pointsApril 2009, 4 ACL GL Round 22 SAFFC Round (Kashima)Japanese flag Takuya Nozawa
2000 pointsJuly 2015, 7 J25 1nd Round 2 F Tokyo Battle (Kashima)Japanese flag Masako Gen
J1 league match total score
Total scorematchPlayer nameRemarks
First scoreMay 1993, 5 Suntory Round 16 Nagoya Battle (Kashima)Brazilian flag Zico
100 pointsMay 1994, 5 Suntory Round 18 Nagoya Battle (Kashima)Brazilian flag Santos
200 pointsAugust 1995, 8 Nikos Round 16 Iwata Battle (Iwata)Japanese flag Kurosaki ratio
300 pointsJuly 1996, 10 Round 30 Battle of Iwata (Kashima)Brazilian flag Madinho
400 pointsApril 1998, 4 11st Round 1 Kashiwa Battle (National)Japanese flag Yasuo Manaka
500 pointsSeptember 1999, 9 23nd Round 2th Ichihara Battle (National)Japanese flag Yoshiyuki HasegawaFastest record in the league
600 pointsAugust 2001, 9 29nd Round 2 Nagoya Battle (Kashima)Japanese flag Koji NakataFastest record in the league
700 pointsOctober 2003, 10 18nd Round 2th Battle of Shimizu (Kashima)Japanese flag Naoki SomaFastest record in the league
800 pointsOctober 2005, 10 Round 1: Battle of Chiba (Kashima)Brazilian flag Alex MineiroFastest record in the league
900 pointsAugust 2007, 8 Round 12 Kofu Battle (Kose)Japanese flag Takuya NozawaFastest record in the league
1000 pointsApril 2009, 4 Round 29 Kobe Battle (Kashima)Japanese flag Taiki IwamasaFastest record in the league
1100 pointsNovember 2011, 5 Round 21 Urawa Battle (Saitama)Japanese flag Masashi MasashiFastest record in the league
1200 pointsApril 2013, 4 Round 6: Battle of C Osaka (Kashima)Japanese flag Yasushi Endo
1300 pointsSeptember 2014, 9 Round 23 Sendai Battle (Uuaster)Japanese flag Seiji DoiFastest record in the league
1400 pointsJune 2016, 6 11st Round 1 Urawa Battle (Saitama)Japanese flag Yuma SuzukiFastest record in the league
1500 pointsJuly 2018, 7 Round 22, Kashiwa Battle (Kashima)Japanese flag Seiji DoiFastest record in the league
1600 pointsAugust 2020, 8 Round 16 Kobe Battle (Kashima)Japanese flag Ryotaro ArakiFastest record in the league
J League Cup total score
Total scorematchPlayer nameRemarks
First scoreSeptember 1992, 9 GL Round 5 Yokohama F match (Kasamatsu)Japanese flag Kazuhisa Irai
100 pointsJune 1999, 6 19nd round 2nd round G Osaka (Riku Akita)Japanese flag Yoshiyuki Hasegawa
200 pointsOctober 2007, 10 Semi-final Round 13 G Osaka Round (Kashima)Japanese flag Motoyama Masashi
300 pointsMarch 2021, 3 GS Section 3 Tosu Battle (Kashima)Japanese flag Ryuji Izumi
Emperor's Cup total score
Total scorematchPlayer nameRemarks
First scoreDecember 1992, 12 First round Nippon Steel Hachiman (Ehime land)Japanese flag Yoshiyuki Hasegawa
100 pointsDecember 2002, 12 Semifinals Ichihara Battle (Nagai)Brazilian flag Eurel
200 pointsSeptember 2015, 9 Round 9 Ryukyu Round (Kashima)Japanese flag Taro Sugimoto

Personal records

Record namePlayer nameRecordmatchRemarks
Youngest participationJ1Japanese flag Takuya Nozawa17 years 7 months 29 daysApril 1999, 4 10st Round 1 Kyoto Battle
Oldest participationJ1Brazilian flag Zico41 years 3 months 12 daysJune 1994, 6 Suntory Round 15 Iwata Battle
Youngest scoreJ1Japanese flag Atsuto Uchida17 years 11 months 22 daysMarch 2006, 3 Round 21 Kofu Battle
Oldest scoreJ1Brazilian flag Zico41 years 3 months 12 daysJune 1994, 6 Suntory Round 15 Iwata Battle
Consecutive game scoreJ1Brazilian flag Marquinhos7 matchAugust 2008, 8 Round 16 Tokyo V-October 21st Round 10 Omiya
Season consecutive pointsJ1Japanese flag Mitsuo Ogasawara17 season1999-2015
Highest score in the seasonJ1Brazilian flag Arsind28 points1994
League scorerJ1Brazilian flag Marquinhos21 points2008

hat trick

Record namePlayer namematchRemarks
J14 pointsJapanese flag Atsushi YanagisawaApril 1998, 4 4st Round 1 Kyoto Battle
3 pointsBrazilian flag ZicoMay 1993, 5 Suntory Round 16 Nagoya Battle (J League Opening Game)First league record
Brazilian flag ArsindJune 1993, 6 Suntory Round 19 Battle of Nagoya
Japanese flag Yoshiyuki HasegawaAugust 1995, 8 NICOS Round 26 G Osaka Battle
Brazilian flag MadinhoApril 1997, 4 12st Round 1 Kobe Battle
Japanese flag Yoshiyuki HasegawaSeptember 1997, 9 20nd Round 2 Hiratsuka Battle
Japanese flag Atsushi YanagisawaMay 1998, 5 5st Round 1, Iwata Battle
Japanese flag Tomoyuki HiraseApril 2000, 4 29st Round 1 Kobe Battle
Japanese flag Takayuki SuzukiSeptember 2004, 9 18nd Round 2th Battle of Iwata
Japanese flag Atsushi YanagisawaMarch 2006, 3 Round 5 Hiroshima Battle
Brazilian flag フ ェ ル ナ ン ドSeptember 2006, 9 Round 24 FC Tokyo match
Japanese flag Takuya NozawaDecember 2006, 12 Round 2 Battle of Iwata
Brazilian flag MarquinhosSeptember 2010, 9 Round 18 Omiya Battle
Brazilian flag DutraOctober 2012, 10 Section 6 F Tokyo Battle
Brazilian flag LeandroSeptember 2017, 9 Round 16 Niigata Battle
Brazilian flag EveraudAugust 2020, 8 Round 1 Oita War
Japanese flag Seiji DoiMay 2021, 5 Section 15 Yokohama FM match
J League Cup3 pointsJapanese flag Yoshiyuki HasegawaOctober 1992, 10 Round 3, Nagoya Battle
Brazilian flag ZicoMarch 1992, 10 Round 11 Hiroshima Battle
Japanese flag Kurosaki ratioOctober 1997, 10 Second Quarterfinal Round, Sapporo Round
Emperor's cup3 pointsJapanese flag Kurosaki ratioDecember 1992, 12 Round 5 Nippon Steel Hachiman
Japanese flag Masashi MasashiNovember 2005, 11 3th Round Honda Rock Battle
Japanese flag Yasushi EndoSeptember 2012, 9 8nd Round Tsukuba War
Japanese flag Mitsutaka NakamuraSeptember 2019, 9 Round 25 Yokohama FM Battle
International competition4 pointsJapanese flag Tomoyuki Hirase1999th of February 3 ACWC 3rd Round 2nd Round Sarawak
3 pointsJapanese flag Yoshiyuki HasegawaMarch 1999, 3 ACWC Round 3 Round 3 Sarawak
Japanese flag Atsushi Yanagisawa1999th of February 10 ACC Round 2 Round 1 Valencia
Japanese flag Takayuki SuzukiOctober 1999, 10 ACC 23nd Round 2st Round Valencia
Brazilian flag Marquinhos2008th of February 3 ACL GL Round 1 Krung Thai Bank
Japanese flag Yuya Osako2013th of February 8 SBCS Battle of Sao Paulo


Number of spectators by league season

年度matchGeneral audienceAverage audience
  • Audience units: people

Source: "Total number of visitors by year”. J.LEAGUE Data Site. 2021th of February 1Browse.

Audience mobilization record

Home game Most crowded match
Ibaraki Prefectural Kashima Soccer Stadium
ConventionNumber of visitorsmatch
J139,6842003th of February 71st Section 11Iwata
J League Cup19,1272019th of February 10Semifinal Round 2(I.e.
CS40,1152001th of February 12Round 2Iwata
ACL35,0222018th of February 11Final Round 1Persepolis
National Kasumigaoka Athletic Field
ConventionNumber of visitorsmatch
J151,5751999th of February 51st Section 11Iwata
J League Cup18,0091992th of February 9GL Section 2V Kawasaki
CS53,5531994th of February 1Round 1V Kawasaki
ACL11,9512011th of February 5GL Round 5Shanghai Shenhua


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)Deep red ×
Dark navy[27]
Deep redDeep red
FP (2nd)whitewhitewhite
GK (1st)light bluelight bluelight blue
GK (2nd)yellowyellowyellow
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd

Uniform color

  •   Deep red
  •   Navy blue

Uniform design

The uniform design was basically changed once every two years, but since the 2 season, the design has been changed every year. On the right sleeve of the uniform, a hometown mark is added to the 1 towns, and the name is entered under the uniform number. In 2010 season, we achieved 5 crowns (the number of titles in the three major tournaments in Japan), and from 2007 season, a big star (for 10 titles) was put on the emblem on the left chest. The stars after the 3th crown are attached to the conventional left sleeve. The club slogan "FOOTBALL DREAM" is consistently placed on the upper part of the sponsor logo on the chest (2008 -, only put in the hem in 1).

2018 Asian Champions League(ACL) has won 20 crowns by winning, so the number of stars has increased from the uniform of 2019 to 1 on the emblem.

  • The 1995nd model for league games in 2 used shirts, silver, pants, navy blue, and stockings, silver, but due to various circumstances, the shirts, pants, and stockings have all been changed to white. (For a while after the change, I was using the 1993nd model used in 1994 and 2).
  • From 2006 to 2007, the 2nd model used gray.
  • From 2008 to 2009, the league's first horizontal stripes (deep red and navy blue) were used.
  • In 2009, the gold-colored 3rd model was adopted and used in some games.
  • In 2012, we used the 2nd model with a dark blue base color.
  • The base color of the 2013 2nd model has been returned to white.
  • The 2017 1st model has dark navy and deep red horizontal stripes on the chest, thin deep red lines, and dark navy on the sleeves and back. The 2nd model is pink and the sides are dark navy. The 3rd model uses the white used as the 2016nd in 2.

Champion emblem

League champion emblem
  • For the league championship team of the previous year, it is a symbol of the Japan Football AssociationYata glassAttach the emblem with the J mark to the right sleeve.
  • From the 2009 season, the Jata glass emblem has been replaced with a golden J mark (first worn in Kashima).
Emperor cup champion emblem
  • The team that won the Emperor's Cup will be given an emblem with the E mark.
  • Like the league champions from the 2009 tournament, the Yatagarasu emblem has been discontinued and the Emperor's Cup emblem has been put on.
2 crown champion emblem
  • The team that won the league and the Emperor's Cup[Note 1] Is an emblem with a ☆ mark (Kashima was first achieved in 2000 after the J League was established).
  • From 2015, the ☆ mark has been discontinued and only the league champion emblem is attached.

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestLIXILLIXIL2011-1996-2010Tostem("TOSTEM" notation)
2012-2015 posted a different design than the original corporate logo.
clavicleMercaripurchase2018-Both left and right
Upper backYellow hat(Hat mark)1999-1995-1998 sleeves,
1999-2011 is written as "Yellow Hat"
Lower backIdeal science industryRICE2016-
sleeveNippon SteelJAPANESE
February 2012-1992-1994, 2000-September 2012Sumitomo Metal Industries
("SUMITOMO METALS" notation)
October 2012-March 10 is Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal
Front of pantsMerpaymerpay2021- [28]
Back of pantsCONNECTCONNECT2021-

The history of uniform supply

  • 1992-1996:Mizuno(League match),Enere(Cup match)
  • 1997:Umbro(League match), enere (cup match)
  • 1998-2001: Enere
  • 2002-Present:Nike
    • New supplier contract with Nike in 2016. Large contract for 2017 years from 10[29].

Successive uniforms

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
1992-Before ban-Before banSUMITOMO
-Before banennerre
1993Mizuno /
1995Yellow Hat
1997UMBRO /
1999Yellow Hat-
2012(Hat mark)
Eyeful home
  • AFC Champions Leagueas well as the FIFA Club World CupAccording to the rule that there is only one company, until 1, the breast sponsor will be "TOSTEM", and from 2010 onwards will be "LIXIL" only.
  • 1992-1995 has the "Antlers" logo on the chest instead of the sponsor.


Stadium DJ/player admission song

SUCESSO is "success" in Portuguese. US US CLUB single "I'm colored]'S coupling song.

Advertising billboard

  • The advertising billboard (the back of the goal) in the home game1995Since then, the rotating roll machine has been partially used. Initially it was only the inner part behind the goal,1999After that, it is also used for the outside (the middle of the stand and the pitch. The Kashima soccer stadium is held in the front row of seats). The advertisement of the sponsor of Antlers is switched and displayed according to the game time zone.

LED strip video device

  • The first soccer stadium in Japan, the longest in Asia (500m long)LEDA band-shaped image device is installed on the wall surface of the frontmost part of the second-floor stand almost once.[30][31].
  • It is used to display color advertisements, introduce players, progress in other venues, and guide evacuation in an emergency.


Since 1992, when Kashima Antlers was founded, as a selection team according to age for players aiming to play an active part in the top team, "Youth" of the second kind (U-2, high school student age), the third kind (U-18, junior high school student) 'Junior youth' of the age group) and'Junior' of the 3th class (U-15, elementary school student age) are active. Players from the Kashima Antlers Academy include Jun Sogabata, Takuya Nozawa, Seima Doi, and Yuma Suzuki. In addition, for the purpose of training and the spread of soccer, "school courses" for kindergarten students and above are held at 4 locations mainly in Ibaraki prefecture.

Local contribution activities

Non football business

The operating company Kashima Antlers F.C.2006From Kashima Soccer StadiumDesignated administratorAnd a sports plaza for health business "Kashima Wellness PlazaManagement ofIbaraki UniversityWe are also working to promote utilization of the stadium through a partnership with

Friendly town

home town5 cities (Kashima,Kamisu,Itako,Hokota,Whereabouts), the club has its own friendly town with 10 municipalities around its hometown. For the purpose of regional cooperation through football, we are conducting activities such as inviting citizens to home games once a year, holding tourism PR events at stadiums, opening academy school schools, etc. ..

Community exchange

  • Athletes visit all elementary schools in five hometown cities (Kashima, Kamisu, Itako, Hoko, and Whereabouts).
  • The Kashima Festival, held every October in Kashima City,Kashima ShrineAthletes and team staff participate in local events such as the Setsubun festival.

Environmental activities

  • 2006 year 12 month 2 dayJubilo IwataIn the battle, the green electricity (Wind-power generation,Solar power) Was held[32].
  • 2009 year 5 month 10 dayShimizu S-PulseIn the war, efforts were made to refine the cooking oil collected from visitors and use it as fuel for team trucks. In addition, this effort won the "Cool Biz Earth 3" at the 2009rd Cool Biz of the Year[33].


Match relay

TV relay
Radio relay
  • FM Kashima
    • FM KASHIMA EXCITING SPORTS (30 minutes before the start of the match-after the end of the match)
  • Ibaraki Broadcasting
  • Kashima Antlers Official Site
    • LIVE Antlers-Live streaming of home game audio at Kashima Soccer Stadium

Official show

tv set
Internet tv

Support program

tv set
  • FM Kashima
    • Antlers Spirits
    • Antlers Lounge
    • Letter from Antlers


Newspapers/information magazines

e sports

August 2020, 1,e sportsAnnounced the establishment of a team. In addition, Web Nasri, who ranked 2018th in the world ranking as of the 19-24 season, was announced. As esports continues to grow and develop both domestically and overseas year by year, it aims to become the world's No. XNUMX club as a new business[35][36].


Camping ground

Spring camp1998ThanMiyazakiMiyazaki City OfMiyazaki Athletic Park Athletic FieldIs being done in. Also, in 1993イタリア, 1994 yearsOkinawa,1995から1997UntilBrazilMade in.

Club shop

Club mascot

Supporter fan club

Fan club

There are four types: "SOCIO members", "MEGA members", "Freaks members", and "Family members". Among them, “Freaks Member” is a general member category, with the largest number of members. As a privilegeMonthly Antlers FreaksThere is a point system that is given when sending goods, advance discount sales of home game tickets, discount sales of goods, and when purchasing goods/tickets or visiting home games.


Supporter group "IN.FIGHT"1991Since the establishment of Kashima Antlers, he has been active as the center of Kashima supporters.


Kashima Antlers' financial results are as follows.

Profit and loss

年度incomeAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationOthercostexpensePersonnel expensesAdministrative expensesProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen
  • Personnel costs are included in the project cost.

Source: List of J1 club financial results for each year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSaleProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen

Source: List of J1 club financial results for each year. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingSalesOthercostPersonnel expenses