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[J1 Section 18] Starting soon! C Osaka vs Tokushima

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After this, from 4/14 18:00, the J1 League Section 18 Cerezo Osaka vs Tokushima Vortis match will be held at Yanmar Stadium Nagai.

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Section 18 Cerezo Osaka vs Tokushima Vortis


1418(Ichiyon Ichihachi) Is used as an architectural termBuilding equipmentOne of the names or common names that are often used to indicate the size of equipment called a residential sanitary equipment unit or a residential equipment unit.

You can stretch your legs in the bathtub when used for end usersModular bathAlthough there are many cases showing the dimensions of, it is not a name dedicated to the unit bus. When specifying a unit bus, it is often expressed as "1418 bus" or "unit bus (1418)".

This section focuses on bathrooms, where 1418 is often used as housing equipment.


Among the many types of building equipment, housing-related units areJapanese Industrial StandardIt is classified into (JIS) unit equipment, and the unit bath for bathroom is classified as A4416, and the unit bath with wash basin and toilet in addition to bathroom use is classified as A4410.

The equipment unit is the purposeFloor planMany types are provided by equipment manufacturers according to the scale, including bathrooms only, bathrooms and washbasins only, bathrooms and washbasins and Western-style toilets, and shower units.

A4401Toilet makeup units
A4410Residential composite sanitary unit
A4412Residential heating and cooling unit
A4113Residential plumbing unit
A4414Residential storage partition unit
A4416Residential bathroom unit
A4417Residential toilet unit
A4418Residential washroom unit
A4419Waterproof van for bathroom
A4420System kitchen components
A4421Drainage equipment for equipment units
A4422Toilet seat with warm water flush system


In the construction industry, not only equipment but also models and product numbers using alphanumeric characters are often read separately for each character in order to prevent misunderstandings and accurately convey information such as dimensions. In many cases, D is "day", T is "te", V is "buoy" instead of vie or vee, and W is "double" instead of double. For this reason, it is difficult to hear in 1418 due to the friction noise.ToothIt is rarely expressed as "Ichihachi" or "Senyonhyakujuhachi" as a numerical value.

The 1418 designation, which indicates the dimensions of unit equipment, generally refers to the width and length of equipment, and in unit baths, it is used as an approximate dimension of frontage and depth, which indicates the size of space.

The frontage used to express the size of a space refers to the dimension that can be seen in front when a person stands upright, and in a narrow space it is often used as an expression based on the doorway, and the position of the bathroom in the house is Determined by various requirements.

Family-friendly residential-scale bathrooms such as 3LDK and 4LDK have a space for undressing in front of the flow line from the common space such as corridors and halls and the aisle space to the bathroom. In addition, in studio-type condominiums that are often used for singles, the dressing room is omitted and there is a floor plan for entering and exiting the bathroom from the corridor, etc., and the entrance is located on either side of 1418 or 14 It depends on the floor plan, and either 18 or 14 is not always the explicit frontage dimension. If you want to specify either explicitly, put the depth dimension behind and use the acronym for depth, which means depth in English, on the shoulder of the number 18x14.DOr 18 × 14DIt is often expressed as.


In terms of dimensions, 1418 (14 x 18) has a width of 1.4 for the entire bathroom including the washroom and bathtub.Meters, The depth is 1.8 metersmeaningIs. The size of 1620 (16 x 20) means that the width of the entire bathroom including the washing area and bathtub is 1.6 meters and the depth is 2.0 meters.

The dimensional information obtained from the 1418 name is 1,400 mm in the short side direction and 1,800 mm in the long side direction, excluding the protruding part inside the equipment unit, but in the name and the actual product, the internal method is as the name implies. There are many products with fluctuations in the name of plus or minus 50 mm from the dimensions, and it is often judged as a rough dimension at the practitioner level. In addition, the shape of the bathtub inside the bathroom can be roughly divided into a Western-style type that allows you to extend your knees inside the bathtub and a Japanese-style type that allows you to immerse yourself while holding your knees. There are products with few items, and although the nominal size is a guide for the size, it is difficult to judge the specifications and condition of the equipment unit.

Actual dimensions

Generally, the name of the bathroom unit is a guideline for the size, and the actual product requires a space for equipment piping for water supply and hot water supply in addition to the metal reinforcing columns that support the panel on the back of the wall-finished unit panel. Often. Therefore, the actual size is larger than the numerical value used in the name.

in JapantatamiBeginning withShakunuki methodThere are many items of shaku modules based on the above, such as futons, chests of drawers, and desk furniture, and some chests that store Japanese clothes can only be stored in shaku modules. Even in Japanese detached houses, the pillar division using the shaku module by the shakukan method remains persistent, and the wall arrangement tends to be divided equally by 455 mm, which divides the pillars into two equal parts based on the shaku module, and 303, which divides into three equal parts. There is. For example, if the cross-sectional dimension of the columns is 100 mm and the column spacing is 3 shaku = 910 mm, the internal dimensions are 910-100 = 810 mm, and if the column spacing called the meter module is 1 m, the internal dimensions between the columns are 1,000-100 =. It will be 900 mm. The combination of numbers, which at first glance seems to be irregular, is often determined by such a dimensional background and the way of thinking of architectural planning.

Unit dimensions

The dimensions of typical bathroom-related equipment units vary widely as shown in the following table.

DesignationTypical building useBathroom unitBathroom unit
Toilet with washbasin
0808Apartment / studio apartment

Shower room unit
0811Apartment / studio apartment

Toilet unit
0812Apartment / studio apartment

Shower room unit, toilet unit
0815Apartment / studio apartment

Toilet unit
0816Apartment / studio apartment

Shower room unit
0817Apartment / studio apartment

1014Apartment / studio apartment
1115Apartment / studio apartment
1116Apartment / studio apartment
1117Apartment / studio apartment

1216Apartment / Studio Mansion / HospitalFor 0.75 tsubo
1217Detached houses

1218Family-friendly condominiums, hotels, hospitals
1316Family-friendly condominiums and hotels

1317Family-friendly condominiums, hotels, detached houses

1416Family-friendly condominiums and hotels

1418Family-friendly condominiums, hotels, hospitals
1616Family-friendly condominiums and hotels
For 1 tsubo
1618Family-friendly condominiums and hotels

1620Family-friendly condominiums, hotels, hospitalsFor 1.25 tsubo
1624Family-friendly condominiums and hotels
1717Detached houses

1721Detached houses

1726Detached houses

1818Detached houses
For meter module


Some of the 1418 equipment units are equipped with toilets, washstands, etc. in addition to the bathroom unit, and there are various grades of equipment related to floor and wall finishing and water supply, so there are many choices, such as detached houses and condominiums. Residential buildings, dormitories such as company housing and dormitories, accommodation facilities such as hotels and inns, manager's rooms such as commercial buildings and condominiums, water supply facilities for patients in hospitals, night duty facilities such as educational institutions, etc. It is used for building purposes. In an office building, a bathroom equipment unit may be installed adjacent to the boardroom.

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