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🇯🇵 | Former Sekiwake Kotoyuki retired, Kimigahama Shumei Award 1st, Sadogatake Stable

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Former Sekiwake Kotoyuki retired, Kimigahama attack name special merit award once, Sadogatake room

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From now on, he will guide the younger generation as a master with a Sadogatake room.

On the 14th, the Japan Sumo Association announced that Kotoyuki (30), who was the leader of the West Makushita in Sekiwake, was born in Kagawa prefecture, and was in the Sadogatake stable. → Continue reading

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Sadogatake Room

Sadogatake Room(Sadogatake Beya)Japan Sumo AssociationBelongingNisho no Seki Ichimon OfSumo room.


Nisho no Seki roomFormer belonging tosummary-Kotonishiki(1955st generation) retired in May 30 (Showa 5)Elderly・11'sSadogatakeAt the same time, he founded the Sadogatake room in the form of an independent branch with several uchideshi. 11sYokozuna-Kotosakura, OzekiKotogahama,Sekiwaki-(I.e.They were raised, but died suddenly in July 1974.

Since the 11th generation passed away, he retired before the place in July 1974 and is an elderly person and 7th generation.White ballKotozakura, who had just taken the name, changed his name, and in July of the same year, he took over the room by taking the name of the 7th generation Sadogatake. The twelve energetically focused on the scouting activities of the disciples, and were internal disciples from the predecessor era.KotokazeWas raised in Ozeki, and SekiwakeKotofujiAnd SekiwakeKotonishikiHe raised many wrestlers such as (2nd generation) and grew the Sadogatake room into a large room.

Since the 12th generation retired on the 2005th day of November 11 (November 13th of the same year), the son-in-law's MakuuchiKotonokaRetired from active duty on the same day, and took over the room under the name of the 13th generation Sadogatake.Immediately after being a disciple from the predecessorKotooshuWas promoted to Ozeki, and in 2007Kotomitsu, In 2011Koto Chrysanthemum(Both were disciples from the predecessor) were subsequently promoted to Ozeki. In June 2006, 6 wrestlers, led by Kotooshu,イ ス ラ エ ルAt the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we visited the site and wrestled with goodwill.


A complete room-based brute force system was introduced in January 1965, but it is the only room that had Makuuchi wrestlers at that time, and has never lost Makuuchi wrestlers to this day.

The wrestlers call themselves the Shikona name with the single letter "koto" in the head, which is the hometown of the 1th generation.KagawaKanonjiIt is inKotohiki HachimanguIt is derived from.KotomitsukiFirst ringEven when going up to the ring with his real name, such as Kotomitsuki, who sometimes gave his name, it is customary to add the character "koto" in front of his real name to make a shikona name. From the 12s, "The word koto isBecome king nowIt means "[1]..However, this is from around 1975, before that(I.e.There were many scholars who gave their real names and those who did not have "koto" in their four-pronged names.The name in the room omits the "koto" part.

An example of a separate house directly from the Sadogatake room isTail roomKotokaze, the founder ofNaruto RoomTwo examples of Kotooshu who founded.In addition, Kotonishiki (2nd generation) moved to the Oguruma stable after retiring, and thenAsahiyama RoomFoundedIsehamama familyTransferred to.



  • 11th generation: Noboru Sadogatake (Noboru Sadogatake, KoyuiKotonishiki,Kagawa)
  • 12th generation: Keikane Sadogatake, 53rd YokozunaKotosakura,Tottori)
  • 13th generation: Mitsumune Sadogatake (Mitsumune Sadogatake, Sekiwake)Kotonoka,Yamagata)

Master with room


Active Sekitori experienced wrestler








Ten cars

Former Sadogatake Room (4st-XNUMXth generations)


  • First generation: Sadogatake Sawaemon (2 in front)Sadogatake Sawaemon,Ueno country)
  • 2nd generation: Daigoro Sadogatake (XNUMXrd stage, Daigoro XNUMXgatake, Kozuke Ueno)
  • 3rd generation: Sadogatake Sawaemon (Koyui, Koyui)Sawaemon Sekinotozawa, Kozuke)
  • 4th generation: Sadogatake Sawaemon (former 1, Sawaemon Hatsugoro, Hoki Kuni)



Former Sadogatake Room (7s-10s)

Unlike the current Sadogatake roomTakasagoIt was a series.Yokozuna Minanogawa was a Takasago stable at the time of the introduction, but later became a disciple of teenage Sadogatake.Only in the prewar sumo roomSaitamaIt was a room that had been based in.


  • 7th generation: Sadogatake Hyoemon (8, Togamiyama Hyoemon, Tokyo)
  • 8th generation: Sadogatake Hyoemon (Juryo, Haruyoshi Masaki, unknown)
  • 9th generation: Taro Sadogatake (former 17, Taro Tamanokawa, Kanagawa)
  • Teen: Koichiro Sadogatake (former 10 ・Koichiro Akutsugawa,Tochigi)



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