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🏀 | Basketball, Rui Hachimura and other 32 men selected as candidates for the Olympics

From left to right, Rui Hachimura, Yuta Watanabe, Yudai Baba (provided by NBAE, Getty = joint)

Basketball, Rui Hachimura and other 32 men selected as candidates for the Olympics

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Yuki Togashi (Chiba), Kosuke Kanamaru (Mikawa), Makoto Hiejima, Kai Toews, Rossita Ryan (Utsunomiya), Murphy Isaia (Hiroshima) and others were selected in the B League.

On the 14th, the Japan Basketball Association announced 32 men's national team candidates for the Tokyo Olympics this summer and will play in the US professional NBA ... → Continue reading

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Makoto Hiejima

Makoto Hiejima(Makoto Hiejima,1990May 8[1] -) isJapanThe boybasketballA player.FukuokaKoga CityBackground[1].. Position isguard[1].Utsunomiya BreakfastAffiliation[1]


Junior high and high school

Born in Fukuoka prefecture.Fukuoka City Hyakudo Junior High SchoolThen he participated in all and played an active part as an ace.

2006January,Rakunan High SchoolGo on to[1].. He has participated in the game since he was in the first grade and lost in the Inter-High finals to runner-up, but he himself scored 1 goals.37th Winter CupThen defeated Hokuriku and won the championship. Became a starter from the second grade, 238th Winter CupContributed to the second straight victory by scoring 28 points in the final match. 2 in 3rd grade39th Winter CupBut win[1]However, in boys, he became the driving force behind the third consecutive Winter Cup championship, which is the second school in history.


2009April, senior at Rakunan High SchoolArekushisu Minatoya,Naoto TsujiThere isAoyama Gakuin UniversityGo on to school. In the 4th grade, he contributed to the 3rd consecutive victory in the Kanto University League match and won the MVP.IncareSo I won twice in 2010 and 2011[1], Received the Outstanding Player Award for the second consecutive year. In 2 when he was in the 4th grade, he won the fighting award with a runner-up.

Working people / professionals

2013January,Aisin Seahorse MikawaJoin[1].. 1th year2013-14 seasonHe has participated in 53 games as a starter and won the Rookie of the Year.

July 2018, 7, I was enrolled for 19 seasons from the first year of professionalB League OfSeahorse MikawaLeaving the group,Link Tochigi BrexTransferred to.August 8, the following month, Australia-NBL OfBrisbane BulletsTransferred to. On January 2019, 1, with the acquisition of new players, HiejimaBrisbane BulletsWill leave the group. Four days later, January 4th, againLink Tochigi BrexJoin the group.

Japanese representative history

1rd year college2009,The 25th UniversiadeParticipate in[2].. In 3, the third yearThe 26th UniversiadeParticipation[3]Also in 2011Representation from JapanFirst elected as a candidate[4].2012Was elected for the first time as a representative of JapanWilliam jones cupParticipate in[5].Ota City GymnasiumHeld atFIBA Asia CupAlso participated in, runner-up[6].

2013 TheIncheonHeld atEast Asian Championship3nd place.ManilaHeld atAsian Championship9th place.He has participated in seven games in the tournament, averaging 7 points and 1 assists per game.

2014,Asian Cup6nd place.Incheon Asian GamesThen contributed to the 5rd place prize for the first time in 20 years in 3 tournaments.In the quarter-final round against China, he scored 100 goals with a 3% field goal success rate (1 2 points, 9 23 points).


Abbreviation Description
  GPNumber of games played  GS Number of starting games MPG Average participation time
 FG% Field goalSuccess rate 3P% Three pointsSuccess rate FT% Free throwSuccess rate
 RPG averagereboundQuantity APG averageassistQuantity SPG averageSteelQuantity
 BPG averageblockQuantity  TO averageturnoverQuantity PPG Average score
 Taizi Career high  League leader  Winning season
NBL 2013-14Aisin Mikawa535330.4. 501. 462. 7623.
NBL 2014-15Aisin Mikawa423629.3. 466. 294. 7382.
NBL 2015-16Aisin Mikawa515132.6. 493. 369. 7713.
B1 2016-17Mikawa595529.1. 474. 420. 7693.
B1 2017-18Mikawa554425.9. 505. 395. 7602.
2018-19Brisbane300.6. 000. 000. 0000.


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