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⛷ | Failure continues!Marin Honda is almost confirmed to be "lost" at the Beijing Olympics and is a stepping stone to enter the entertainment world

Photo failure continues!Marin Honda is about to enter the entertainment world with the Beijing Olympics "lost" almost confirmed (image) Sergey Nivens / shutterstock

Continued failure!Marin Honda is almost confirmed to be "lost" at the Beijing Olympics and is a stepping stone to enter the entertainment world

If you write the contents roughly
If the cooking program is popular, it is possible that it will enter the entertainment world as it is.

The Beijing Winter Olympics will be held in February next year, but the crackdown on ethnic minorities and human rights issues have been seen as problems, and boycotts and other Kina ... → Continue reading

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Cooking program

Cooking program(Rory Bangumi) isCuisineWas the subjectTV program,Radio program.


The performers mainly make food. The cooking programs currently being broadcast can be roughly classified into the following types.

Generally the first formInformation programAs for the latter two formsEntertainment showsOften treated as. In addition, the cooking program broadcast for children isEducational programIt may be treated as.

For popular cooking shows,Women's magazineWe have posted recipes in partnership with, or compiled the recipes introduced in the program, "Recipe bookMay be published.

Generally, a program in which the performer does not cook and the performer goes to the place where the dish is provided and introduces the dish is generallyGourmet programHowever, those programs may be included in the category of cooking programs as “a cooking program in a broad sense in the sense of handling food”.

It tends to be influenced by the performers of the cooking program and the image characters,Gas companyIn the case ofgasHob, For power companiesIH cooking heaterIn the case of a cooking program that is fixed at, and has only certain cooking utensils, the image character of the paired industry isGuestTake measures that can not appear in.

Main cooking programs

tv set

Programs currently being broadcast

Cooking corner in the program

な ど

Programs that were broadcast in the past

な ど

Cooking corner in the program

Foreign cooking programs

A program on the subject of cooking programs


Programs currently being broadcast

Programs that were broadcast in the past


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