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⚾ | [College Baseball] “I can't show the weak part” Meiji University's “11” on my back ...

Photo: Yu Takeda, the starting lineup [Photo: Tomoyo Nakatogawa]

[University baseball] "I can't show the weak part" Meiji University's "11" on my back ... Selection quasi-V Ace image aimed at by the right arm

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After finishing the mound of the first match as an ace, he said, "I was able to keep it to zero, but I think there are still many issues to be solved, so I would like to adjust my body usage and make adjustments for next week."

Jingu Stadium is the first day of the second week of the Tokyo Big7 Baseball League Spring League match with no runs in the 2th inning, starting from the first match of the season, the Todai War. → Continue reading


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