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🥋 | <Wrestling> [Special feature] The descendants of the legendary fighting clan aiming to participate in the Olympic Games, to the final qualifying round in the world ... Abi ...

Photo Senior's first international tournament ended in a bittersweet result Avid Haroon (Pakistan = Nippon Sport Science University) = Photographed by Sachiko Hodaka <UWW>

<Wrestling> [Special feature] The descendants of the legendary fighting clan aiming to participate in the Olympic Games, to the final qualifying round in the world ...

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Haroon is known as a relative of Akram Pahalwan, who fought in Pakistan in 1976 with Antonio Inoki, who was advancing a heterogeneous martial arts route.

[Almaty (Kazakhstan), sentence = Koji Fuse] Tokyo Ori held in Almaty, Kazakhstan on April 11th ... → Continue reading

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ア ン ト ニ オ 猪 木

ア ン ト ニ オ 猪 木(Antonio Inoki,British: Antonio Inoki, 1943May 2 -) isJapanSource ofProfessional wrestler,Businessman,政治家.Real name : Inoki Hiroshi(Kanji Inoki).Kanagawa横 浜 市Tsurumi kuI'm fromBlood TypeAB type.新 日本 プ ロ レ スAfter establishmentTaglineIs "Burning fighting spirit[4]. "Japanese professional wrestlingOf the era of affiliationTaglineIs "Young lion. "NicknameIs "Anton. "Multiple OfMarriage historyとDivorce history(Married four times) and the second wifeactress OfDouble Award MitsukoIs.Between the double prizeDaughterThere is one.1991To(I.e. OfShiiteSacred placeKarbalaAtIslamThe Muslim name is "Mohammed Hussein InokiIs[5]. However,Washington PostAccording to the person himselfBuddhistSelf-identify[6].

As a professional wrestler, the founding of New Japan Pro-WrestlingHeterogeneous martial artsActive in.As a politicianMember of the House of Councilors(2rd term),Sports and peace partyRepresentative,Next generation partyDirector of the National Movement Bureau and House of CouncilorsChairman of Policy Research,Meeting to make Japan cheerfulHe has served as the chief advisor and the representative.



Kanagawa横 浜 市Tsurumi kuBorn in Namamugi Town (currently Kishiya, Tsurumi Ward).His father is Sajiro Inoki and his mother is Fumiko (maiden name: Sagara).His father died when Inoki was five years old.Akira Maeda wrote in his book, "According to Mr. Inoki, his father was a member of the prefectural assembly or something."[7]..My parents' housecoalWholesalerWas runningSecond World WarLater, the center of the world's energy resources came from coaloilBankruptcy because it changed to.

At the age of 12Yokohama City Terao Junior High SchoolEven though I entered the school, my life was difficult. With my mother, grandfather and siblings, hoping that I might be able to get out of poverty at the age of 13.BrazilMigrating to[8],Sao PauloSpend a boyhood on a farm near the city.BrazilEmigrationFor the first year and a half after that, from 1 am to 5 pm on the farmcoffeeHe was forced to work hard, mainly harvesting beans.

In my childhoodMotor nervesIs dull, and my friends say "Don Hiroshi (insensitivity)"LuckIt was called "Hiroshi-chan", but after moving to BrazilAthleticsParticipated in local competitions as a playerShot putDemonstrate its physical ability, such as winning the championship[9]..At that time, during the Brazilian expeditionRikidozanIt catches the eye of.

As a professional wrestler

Wrestling debut

1960(35) I was visiting São Paulo for a box office on April 4th.RikidozanI was scouted directly from Japan and returned to Japan.Japanese professional wrestlingJoined.The first word from Rikidozan was "Oy, get naked."It is said that only the upper body was taken off and the muscles of the back were seen and passed.After his debut, he focused on Inoki's qualities.Sonny myersReceived a training offer from[10].

Giant babaOn the same day as the debut of1960(35) September 9, real nameInoki HiroshiAs, in Taito-ku, TokyoTaito Ward GymnasiumでKintaro OkiDebuted against the opponent (7 minutes 6 seconds, defeated due to reverse arm consolidation)[11].1962(Showa 37) September 11,OkinawaNahaIn the match with Hideyuki Nagasawa inRing nameTheア ン ト ニ オ 猪 木Renamed to[11]..This ring name is a senior wrestlerToyotoIt is named by.The famous wrestler at that time,Antonio RoccaThe general theory is that it was named after it.[12], "On the way back from BrazilJapanese BraziliansThere are various theories such as to emphasize that[11]..In addition, he appeared during the activity with his real name.tv setDrama"Champion FutoshiThe role name in "Shinigami ChiefRikidozan, who liked it, tried to make it the ring name of Inoki.[11].

South AmericaRikidozan was initially trying to sell Inoki as a Japanese-Brazilian as a stepping stone to the success of the box office in Japan (it was after Rikidozan's death that he made public that he was "born in Yokohama").Shortly after his debut, he became an attendant of Rikidozan, but Rikidozan1963(Showa 38) Died on December 12th.

American warrior training

1964He later stated that he started training as an American warrior in (39), but initially he could not get a formal work visa and avoided working under his real name.The ring name at this time isLos Angeles OfJapanese StreetIsLittle Tokyo"Little Tokyo Tom"And many others.West coast,Midwest,SouthernCircuit and returned to Japan two years later.During this expeditionDuke KeomukaTeam up withEastern TexasEdition of the NWA World Tag Team Championship[13],andHiro MatsudaTeam up withMid AmericaTaking the throne of the edition[14](Synchronous BabaMSGAlthough he was appointed as the top eventer of the United States, he did not win the title during his training in the United States).The Mid-American version of the NWA World Tag Team ChampionshipEddie Graham&Sammy steamboatIt was acquired by defeatingTokyo Pro WrestlingとInternational wrestlingGraham &Johnny valentineA defense battle was held against[15]..In Texas, it is said that he defeated Joe Blanchard and won the NWA Texas Heavyweight Championship, but this is confused with Ray Urbano, who also called himself "Tokyo Tom" in the same area.[16][17].

Tokyo Pro Wrestling

1966(Showa 41) Completed training in the United States in March,Giant baba,Michiaki YoshimuraStopped to participate in a joint practice withHawaiiAt the end of the previous yearJapanese professional wrestlingLeaving the company and secretly entering HawaiiToyoto"I will go on the Baba for the rest of my life even if I return to Japan Wrestling," and withdrew from Japan Wrestling (Pillage on the Pacific Ocean).April 4, after returning to Japan, make himself an aceTokyo Pro WrestlingOfficial announcement with Toyonobori[15].. In the launch battle on October 10thJohnny valentineGain fame in a match with.

However, business performance deteriorated rapidly due to the lack of TV broadcasting, weak sales force, and embezzlement of Toyonobori. When I tried to stop the business because there were few customers, an angry audience ignited the ring.Itabashi IncidentTokyo Pro Wrestling went bankrupt in three months, and finally the Liberal Democratic Party vice president at that timeShojiro KawashimaWill return to Japan Pro Wrestling, which is an old nest, with the help of[18].

Return to Japan Wrestling

After returning to Japan Wrestling, he was treated next to Baba, and the tag team with Giant Baba "BI gunAsInternational Tag Team ChampionshipAcquired. NET (currently:TV Asahi) Started broadcasting Japanese professional wrestlingNippon TVInoki became the ace of NET's Japanese professional wrestling broadcast because the Baba game was monopolized by NTV.UN Heavyweight ChampionshipWas won. Also,Dolly Funk Jr. OfNWA World Heavyweight ChampionshipChallenged.

However, the request for a match against Baba was not accepted (since Rikidozan unified the Japanese mat, the Japanese confrontation was taboo at that time) and the accounting of Japan Pro Wrestling was unclear. From repeated feuds with1971Received expulsion in (Showa 46) (For detailsSneaking caseSee).November of the same yearactress OfDouble Award Mitsukoとmarriagedid.

Established New Japan Pro-Wrestling

After being banished from Japan Wrestling1972(Showa 47) January 1新 日本 プ ロ レ スLaunched[19]..Initially, it was a difficult business without TV broadcasting.Also,Giant babaLeadAll Japan Pro WrestlingIt was difficult to invite a leading foreign professional wrestler due to the pressure ofInternational wrestlingThe aceStrong KobayashiA big Japanese confrontation with, a senior in the Japanese professional wrestling eraKintaro OkiGrudge match withBill RobinsonIt gains popularity in the world's best deciding match with.Tiger Jeet Singh,Stan Hansen,Hulk HoganWe also trained such as as a foreign ace.WWWFAfter tie-up with Rikidozan, he became able to call many foreign stars and built the golden age of professional wrestling after the death of Rikidozan.

Heterogeneous martial arts

New Japan Pro-Wrestling is "Wrestling is the pinnacle of all martial arts""Strong style".It has a great influence on the subsequent professional wrestling.Inoki is a Pakistani hero to prove his strongestAkram Pahalwan, A karateka nicknamed "Kuma-Killing"Willie WilliamsPlay against, etc.Heterogeneous martial arts routeContinue to challenge, later years総 合格 闘 技Laid the foundation of

Above allProfessional boxingUnified worldHeavyweightchampion,Mohammed AliThe battle with was broadcasted to various countries around the world and attracted a lot of attention.In Japan, the same day as the daytime live broadcastPrime timeIt was broadcast twice in the form of a recorded broadcast on NET TV from 19:2 (for details,Antonio Inoki vs. Muhammad AliSee).1979(54) Former African boxing heavyweight champion in JanuaryEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euFormer president ofIdy AminA plan for a heterogeneous martial arts battle with[20]..Amin agreed to Inoki, but after thatCoup d'etatReceivedSaudi ArabiaToexileTherefore, the match was not realized after all[20].

Inoki Confinement Case

1982(Showa 57) September 2,Okinawa Matsubayashi-ryu KarateFull contact karate group with Tokai branch managerKansuiEstablished "Karate".

same year,Original author OfIkki KajiwaraInoki was imprisoned.KajiwaraGangsterInoki using the people involvedOsaka OfRihga Royal HotelCall to a room,銃It is said that he threatened Inoki by implying that he had.Kajiwara later said in his book "My Confession" that the incident began at that time.Tiger maskIt is said that the character usage fee for Inoki was no longer paid to Kajiwara from the Inoki side. "When Inoki was avoiding Kajiwara and couldn't get in touch with him at all, he happened to meet him at the hotel, so he invited him to his room and asked him about the matter, and the blackmail in captivity was a complete false charge."However, it has not been denied that there were "accompanied persons" other than Kajiwara regarding blackmail.

Launch of IWGP and change of generations

1983Aiming for a unified world title in (58)IWGPLaunch.However, in the 6st IWGP championship on June 2nd of the same yearHulk HoganFrom over the ropeAx bomberAnd hit his head when he fell to the ringsideConcussionAnd suffered a fainting KO defeat (for more informationIWGP League matchSee section).

Around this time, Inoki had his own business (""Anton Heissel”, Etc.), and many of them failed and put pressure on the management of New Japan Pro-Wrestling.Tiger mask,Choshu powerIt leads to the withdrawal turmoil.

1986(61) Professional boxing group in JuneJapan IBFStarted a business alliance with.1987(62), divorced with double prize due to affair.And Anton Heissel's debt, in the worst of coups,Masa SaitoとNo people match without spectatorsDo it.

1988(63) The IWGP match with Fujinami on August 8 was something that managed to win the IWGP challenger decision league match under the speculation that "If Inoki loses, will he retire?"[21]..Inoki declared that he would retire if he lost, promising the actual condition of the retirement match.Ichiro FurudateHowever, in the setting that the game will be played live in a hurry due to the production of TV Asahi, the game is a 60-minute time-out draw.This was Inoki's last IWGP challenge.


1994(6) March 5,Fukuoka DomeでGreat MutaPlay against and win the fall.From this match, the "Inoki Final Countdown Series", which is a stepping stone to retirement, has begun (it was named "Final Countdown", but the count did not go down and it went up to "1, 2, 3").

1995(7) NovemberPyongyang International Physical Education and Culture Celebration for PeaceInoki initially won the WBA / IBF World Heavyweight Championship a few months before his 46th birthday the previous year.George ForemanForeman said, "It's ridiculous. I don't go to North Korea. I'm a patriot first and a boxer second. As long as our country doesn't have diplomatic relations with North Korea, I'm there. I can't go to. " 1974Kinshasa's miracleInoki himself participated as a guest in 1976, when he KOed Foreman, who reigned over the world title, and took the world title, and played against Inoki.Rick FlairComplete victory. December 12thOsaka Castle HallHeld an independent box office "INOKI FESTIVAL" at.

1996(Heisei 8) On November 11, Foreman, who had longed for a match in Pyongyang, came to Japan.Tokyo Bay NK HallMade inWbuJudgment win in the World Heavyweight Championship.InokiKiyozumi NinomiyaAlso served as a commentary on TBS TV.

1998(10),OkinawaTomigusuku Village (currently Tomigusuku City)内 のAkinobu HiranakaThe last camp of active life at the gym, March 3Aichi GymnasiumでNoburou TsunodaとPublic spar, August 4Tokyo DomeHeld at the retirement commemorative event "Final Inoki Tournament" inRetirement matchSo, I played against Naoya Ogawa and others and wonDon FryPlay against and win the ground cobra twistRetirementdid.At the time of retirement, he gave a speech reciting the poem of "road" that begins with "what happens if you go this way"[22]..This "road" line will flourish laterFirst in springThey are the target of impersonation.

After retirement

After retirementUFO,PRIDE,INOKI BOM-BA-YEHe has appeared in many groups and events as a lively role, and has held "Jungle Fight (MMA / VT)" produced by Inoki in Brazil.

2002(14) "" held on August 8Dynamite!", From 4,000 meters above the sky (announced 3,000 meters due to nighttime regulations)sky divingChallenge[23].National Kasumigaoka Athletic FieldSucceeded in landing on, but then insulated from "PRIDE".

2003(15) On December 12, "Inoki Bombayer" was held with the support of Nippon Television, but it ended in a big failure and retired from martial arts production.

2005(17) On November 11, the shares of New Japan Pro-Wrestling (equivalent to 14% of all shares) owned by the company were transferred to the corporation.Yuke'sSold to, and virtually withdrew from the management of New Japan Pro-Wrestling.Since then, the Bangladesh box office that he advocated has been canceled, and the influence on the organization is disappearing as much as it was at its peak.

2006(18) April, American mixed martial arts organizationIFLBecame the world ambassador of. In September of the same year, he formed himself as a director to participate in the IFL.At the same time, the martial arts event "INOKI GENOME-The World's Best Martial Arts Battle-"[24]We repeated trial and error, such as announcing the postponement of the event.

2007In March (19), a new organization "President (later chairman)"Inoki Genome Federation(IGF) ”Was launched, and in June, a flag-raising battle was held at the Ryogoku Kokugikan.Son-in-lawSimon Kelly InokiAlso新 日本 プ ロ レ スHe resigned from the president and joined IGF.

2007(19) July 7th, have a friendshipTRIPLE-PAnd "TRIPLE-P vs. Antonio Inoki" were teamed up and released as a song with Antonio Inoki's quote "Michi".On the back of the road CD jacket, Antonio Inoki's handwritten "road" is written.promotion videoAlso appeared inDJOr playsamplerOr hit.

2007(19) December 12th, held at the Ariake ColosseumNaoya OgawaversusTadao YasudaAfter the match, he broke in to stop the rampaging stream, ignoring the referee's restraint, and fainted the stream with a rear-naked choke.

2010(22) March 2,WWEIs InokiWWE Hall of Fame(WWE Hall of Fame) Announced the award. Inoki is the first Japanese to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.[25]..The reason was that he was selected in recognition of his contribution to the development of the world's professional wrestling world.Inductor (presenter)Stan Hansen.

Inoki's WWE Hall of Fame Award Ceremony on March 3thArizonaPhoenixIt was done at.Inoki will be in Arizona the next dayGlendale OfUniversity of Phoenix StadiumHeld at26th WrestleManiaAlso appeared and received a blessing from the audience[26].

In December 2010, "INOKI BOM-BA-YE" was revived and "Dynamite !! ~ The Power of Courage 2010 ~Return to New Year's Eve as a producer.

December 2011, 23 (Heisei 12), "How are you!! New Year's Eve! 2011Held.

On July 2012, 24, a new organization "Shanghai AibuWas launched.

2012(24) Received the Cuban Friendship Order on November 11th[27].

2013May 2,KoukiA party to celebrateTokyoMinato-ku OfHotel Okura TokyoHeld inSeiji Sakaguchi,Naoya Ogawa,Fujinami Tatsuji,Yoshiaki Fujiwara,Kenmura Kimura,Satoshi Sayama,George Takano,Maeda Himei,Motoyuki Kitazawa,Masahiro Chono,Hiroshi Tanahashi,Daichi Hashimoto,Stan HansenA former beloved disciplerivalAnd from various fieldsShinichi Chiba-Hayato Tani,Devi Soekarno,Eiichiro Funakoshi,Kuju Master,Torata Nanbu,Katsuya Nomura&Sachiyo Nomura660 people, including the couple, rushed to the blessing[28].

2017May 5Announces the launch of a new event "ISM" produced by himself[29].. The proceeds from "ISM" will be used to build the tomb of Gotch, one of his masters, in Japan.On the other hand, he revealed to IGF that he has already withdrawn from the operation and that he is "thinking in the direction of organizing the company".[30]..On the other hand, the IGF side has appealed for the policy of aiming for the survival of the group, saying that Inoki is still one of the major shareholders of the company although the officer has retired.[31]..In the same month, the IGF side filed a proceeding against Mrs. Inoki for an unjust enrichment refund.[32], Some issues were brought to court, but finally a settlement was reached between Inoki and IGF in March 2018, and Inoki sold all of his shares in IGF to a third party. Declined relationship with IGF[33].

2017May 10,Ryogoku KokugikanIn "INOKI ISM.2" atLiving funeralI do[34].

On February 2019, 2, I visited "Giant Baba 19 Years After Death" and gave a greeting before the match.[35]..This is the first time that it has appeared in an event related to Giant Baba.Including the entanglement in the ring, it was the first time since the "Dream All-Star Battle" in 1979.[36].

As a politician

Political advance, member of the House of Councilors

1989(HeiseiXNUMXst year), with the slogan "international peace through sports"Sports and peace partyFormed.15rd House of Councilors ordinary electionCollected 99 votes from the proportional district and won the first prize,Member of the House of CouncilorsBecome[37](The catch phrase is "国会Consolidate toconsumption taxSlashing the spinal cord ").From the first wrestler in historyMember of ParliamentIt became.

In addition, at that timeHouse of Councilors Proportional ThePolitical partyAlthough it was a name vote, I wrote Inoki's personal name because of his high nameInvalid votes(The House of Councilors proportional representation election at that timeStrict restraint roster ceremony).While continuing his political activities, he never retired from the professional wrestling world.PoliticsI wore a professional wrestling "two-legged waraji" and worked.At that time, the House of Councilors was not allowed to use the common name.[38], The parliamentary activity was carried out under the real name of "Inoki Hiroshi".

1989(Heisei10st year) July 14th,FukushimaAizuwakamatsuBecame a thug during a lecture at the gymnasiumCutleryInjured the left neck and so on.While the venue was temporarily noisy, the woundTowelGive a lecture to the end while holding it in, and after the endTokyo OfhospitalWas hospitalized.Inoki at this timeMedia OfInterviewHe commented, "It hurts for an attraction."Later, when the police and the media asked Inoki why he wasn't wary, Inoki said, "In the past, at lectures, talk shows, and various events, fans suddenly went up to the stage and shook hands. I've been asking for autographs, giving out presents, asking for apprenticeship and joining New Japan Pro-Wrestling several times, and this time I misunderstood that the man approaching me was not a thug but my fan. I wasn't wary. " October 10,Unification groupFormedDemocratic PartyI stood on the question due to the consideration of[39].

Liberation of Japanese hostages in the Gulf War

1990(2) August 8, at that timeSaddam HusseinadministrationUnder(I.e.SuddenlyクウェートInvasion (Gulf crisis).IraqJapanincludingUnited NationsWas in Kuwait at the time after being criticized and sanctioned byJapaneseForty-one people will be taken to Iraq as de facto hostages and will be banned from moving abroad.

Negotiations to release hostages between governments were difficult, but Inoki said in Iraq on December 12st.Festival of peaceAnnounced to do.Ministry of Foreign AffairsReluctant to do this, but Inoki paid for it individually.Turkish aircraftChartered via Turkey with 41 family members of 46 officials and hostage victimsBaghdadI entered.After this event was held, the Japanese residents and all hostages were released.

With this as a tailwind, then1992(4) of July16rd House of Councilors ordinary electionBut I got one seat[40](The second seat in the House of Councilors group).


1994(6), Kumiko Sato, who was the first public secretary (at that time)[41]And the former Secretary-General of the Sports and Peace PartyHisashi ShinmaEt al.Political Funds Control LawViolation "," bribery ","Right wing(Japanese Imperial Party) Adhesion ”,“Sagawa ExpressAt the request of the chairman, problems such as "Governor of Tokyo dismissal", "tax non-payment", "women's problem"AccusationThe so-called "Inoki scandal" was launched.

Some of these (such as child prostitution) are completely forged, especiallyPolitical Funds Control LawAbout violationsTokyo District ProsecutorinvestigationinsidePrescriptionAnd the disposal was avoided.The issue of non-payment of taxes was seized by the Setagaya Ward Office and national tax (Government Bulletin).[Source required]Described in).

Around this time, another member of the Sports and Peace PartyMengiki EmotoConflict over the operation of the party.In particular, the distrust of Emoto's Inoki over the alleged money caused a big crack.Inoki was also strongly criticized for taking a high-pressure attitude, such as hitting the desk and yelling at the reporter at the press conference.

There is also a series of "Inoki scandals",1995Lost in the Upper House election (7).In the same Upper House electionNobuhiko TakadaServed as deputy leader "Refreshing new partyI also ran for[42], I couldn't get a seat like "Sports and Peace Party".After the election, Emoto left the party.

The Sports and Peace Party was dissolved in April 2004.

Re-running to the Upper House election, returning to national affairs

August 2013, 6,Japan Restoration PartyThan,23rd House of Councilors ordinary electionAnnounced to run as a proportional representation.Co-representative of Nippon Ishin no KaiShintaro IshiharaAt a press conference held in the presence of him, he motivated him to re-challenge national affairs, saying, "I want to make use of Inoki's energy for Japan."[43].

In the ballot counting on July 7, the same year, he was elected with 21 votes (the most votes in the party).[44], Returned to national affairs for the first time in 18 years.

From July 2013, 7, the House of Councilors allowed the use of "Antonio Inoki" as the name of a member of the House of Councilors.[45].

Visit to North Korea

From January 2013, 7north korea OfKorean WarAttend a commemorative event for the 60th anniversary of the truce[46][47]..In pyongyangKinei southMeeting with the Standing Chairman of the Supreme People's Assembly[48]..According to the House of Councilors rules, if a member cannot go to the House of Councilors, permission from the House of Councilors is obtained, but the term of the former member of the House of Councilors expires on July 7, although it was after being elected in the proportional district of the House of Councilors election. It was explained that there is no problem because it is still a civilian[49].

After that, he was the chairman of the North Korean sports indoctrination committee.Zhang NarizawaIn late October, he expressed his intention to visit North Korea again. October 10stHouse of CouncilorsParliamentary Steering CommitteeThe board decides not to allow travel as "no need"[50]..However, the disapproval was unreasonable and the visit to North Korea was actually carried out in November, so the Board of Directors of the House of Councilors Steering Committee is considering measures including disposition.[51].. House of Councilors on November 11Main ConventionでDisciplinary actionWas passedDisciplinary CommitteeIt was decided to refer to and examine the pros and cons of disposal and the contents[52]..Although the Disciplinary Commission had given him an opportunity to make an excuse, he refused to do so. The Disciplinary Commission unanimously passed this, and the House of Councilors plenary session on November 11 passed the suspension of hospitalization on the 20th, with the exception of the Restoration.[53][54]..In addition, as a disposition as a party from the Meiji Restoration, the party membership and the deputy secretary-general of the party parliamentary delegation were suspended for 50 days each.

In addition, Jang Song-thaek who invited InokiMay 12TopurgeAndBanishment of public officeWas done.AndMay 12ToDeath penaltyJudgmentAnd was executed on the same day.When asked about Zhang's execution, Inoki replied, "I don't know. I'm nervous about North Korea, so I'd like to refrain from talking about it."However, it is said that the North Korean side responded that "the promise will not change at all" when accepting the visit to the Diet members who consulted when visiting North Korea.Inoki also said that the exchange activities through the office established in Pyongyang by the NPO "Sports Peace Exchange Association", which is the chairman, will not change.[55].

Visited North Korea from January 2014th to 1th, 13[56][57]..This is Inoki's 27th visit to North Korea.[58].

In April 2014, the same Ishin no KaiKenta Matsunami,Takashi Ishizeki,Naoto Sakaguchi(Masses),Takayuki Shimizu(Reference) With 4 membersGolden weekI planned to visit North Korea again.Ishin no Kai allowed as a party[59]However, the government met a request from the Liberal Democratic Party to refrain from traveling because sanctions are being enforced, such as notifying North Korea of ​​a recommendation to refrain from traveling.[60]Finally abandoned, saying that it was unlikely that the permission of both houses of the Diet required for travel would be obtained.[61][62]. July of the same year,186th DietAnnounced a plan to visit North Korea again after the closing of the Diet (because overseas travel other than during the Diet session does not require permission from each hospital to which the members belong).Yoshii KanChief Cabinet SecretaryIs a regular on July 7thPress conferenceSo the government is going to North KoreaEconomic sanctionsAnnounced a policy not to oppose, saying "We will not take any special measures when traveling" based on the fact that[63], July 7th, to Inoki and the above four membersEveryone's party Of山 田太郎Organized a group of 6 members including members of the House of Councilors and left for North Korea.PyongyangEach facility inGaeseongIn addition to visiting such places, he is an advisor to the Asahi-Japan Friendship Association.Korean Labor Party OfKang Sok-juWe had a meeting with the secretary and the chairman of the Asahi Friendship Association, who is the deputy director of the International Affairs Department of the Labor Party, and confirmed the efforts and human exchanges to resolve the abduction issue.[64][65][66].

Joining and leaving the next generation party

On August 2014, 8, on the occasion of the Japanese Restoration PartyShintaro IshiharaGroup supporting co-representative "Next generation partyParticipate in[67]..He became the director of the party's National Movement Bureau and the chairman of the House of Councilors Policy Research.However, he submitted a notice of withdrawal on December 2014, 12.[68].

Participation and dissolution of the Assembly to Energize Japan

Political party "Meeting to make Japan cheerfulParticipated at the same time as the establishment of the party, and became the party's chief advisor.

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayNobel Peace PrizeAward winnerMalala YusufzaiI met him in England and requested him to visit Japan, and he accepted it.[69][70].. September 2015, 9Security billBelongs in the vote ofMeeting to make Japan cheerfulTurned in favor just before.He himself voted in favor, but was controversial a few days ago when he wrote to an opposition group that he would like to request careful deliberation.

June 2016, 6, the representative of the Association to Energize JapanKota MatsudaInoki was reported to be the representative of Inoki with his resignation. On July 2016, 7, the parliamentary group "Assembly to Energize Japan / Technical Group" was dissolved, and Inoki was the parliamentary group "Independent clubMoved to[71].2019March 2National Democratic Party"Democratic Party for the People," which is a parliamentary group ofFresh greeneryJoined[72].

Retired from politics

August 2019, 6,25rd House of Councilors ordinary electionHe expressed his intention to retire without running for the race.He stated that the reasons for not running were that he was old and that he had a feeling for an agreement between opposition parties for the election.[73][74][75].


Main battle record

Total results

  • Single match-612 wins 41 losses 50 minutes
  • Tag team-- 1466 wins 104 losses 130 minutes


NWA Big Time Wrestling
NWA Mid America
National Wrestling Federation
World Wrestling Federation
Universal Wrestling Association
Tokyo Pro Wrestling
Japanese professional wrestling
新 日本 プ ロ レ ス

signature move

Finish Hold (Special Move)

Cobra twist(Abara fold: Abdominal stretch)
A technique frequently used during the Japan Wrestling era.Giant babaAs the number of other users has increased, the persuasive power as a special move has diminished, and the consolidation will be used as the finish.Inoki's cobra twist rarely praised othersBruiser BrodyWas also acclaimed.
Swastika(Octopus hold)
Antonio Inoki's pronoun technique.It began to be used as a new special move to replace the cobra twist, and the name "Kagaku" was given by a public offering.Also known as Antonio Special.
Slashing the spinal cord(Fighting spirit kick)
The technique of jumping and kicking the medulla oblongata, which is the center of movement and the key point of the human body.This is also a technique synonymous with Inoki.
Back drop(Rock drop)
In the days of Japan Wrestling, the holding type was mainly used, but after that it is expressed as "throwing with a navel".Lou TheszUse expression backdrop.
German Suplex Hold(Atomic bomb consolidation)
In the age of Japanese wrestlingKarl GotchThe technique learned from.Strong KobayashiWhen I released it in the battle, it got too much momentumbridgeAt that time, my legs lifted up for a moment, and my body was supported only by my neck (German at this time wasAll Star Pro WrestlingIt is recorded as a special move).
Blockbuster hold
With Lou TheszNWF World Heavyweight ChampionshipIt was used as a finish in the battle.

Techniques mainly used in later years

Ground cobra twist
A technique in which you fall on the mat with your opponent while wearing a cobra twist, take a fall or take a joint give up extremely.It was the finish hold of the retirement game.
Sleeper hold(Rear naked choke)
UWFIn the battle withYoshiaki FujiwaraI used it after shutting it down.The so-called "magical sleeper" used by Inoki was similar to the choke sleeper.
Some call it a "chalk sleeper," but wrestling prohibits choke attacks, which are live announcers.Yoshinori TsujiThe commentator at that time said that it was a misunderstanding ofMasa SaitoAlso talks.


Arm breaker (arm folding)
A technique that uses the principle of leverage to grab the opponent's wrist over his shoulder and smash his shoulder from his upper arm to the base of his arm.1974(Showa 49) January 6Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium,NWF Heavyweight ChampionshipIn the match, the opponentTiger Jeet SinghI used it a lot and broke my arm. The answer to "Why can't you escape?" Is "It hurts more when I try to escape because I'm pressing the palm and applying force in the direction of opening the elbow joints outward."
Antonio Driver (Front Neck Chancery Drop)
A throwing technique that was used as a finish only during the Tokyo Pro Wrestling era.
Ali kick
Mohammed AliA kicking technique named after Ali because it was used in a heterogeneous fighting battle with.This technique of lying on its back and kicking the sides and back of the opponent's leg was an effective attack with blind spots in the rules of heterogeneous fighting with boxing (while standing or with a "sliding kick". There is also a leg kicking version).There is an episode that Ali's leg swollen purple after the match and he knelt down at the hotel elevator.After that, a low kick aimed at the opponent's foot will be called an ant kick when Inoki pays out.
Reverse Indian Deathlock
A technique to master the crossed legs of a prone opponent.While putting one foot in the other's crossed feet, take a passive back and damage it.Clap your hands to incite the audience and fall back in a flashy manner.kabukiIt's a big deal, and it's one of the big highlights when Antonio Inoki turns into a counterattack."Catch the opponent's chin by hand and bridge in a collapsed state"SickleIn many cases, it shifts to.Also, from the state where the legs are entwined, "Deformed bow and arrow consolidationThere is also a pattern that shifts to.
Knuckle part
A technique in which a fist swung vigorously is struck into the opponent's face (mainly the forehead).When performing a technique, the opponent's forehead may crack because he holds the opponent's hair with one hand and pulls it out many times.Fist bone is a foul technique in professional wrestling, but it is a standard technique that Antonio Inoki uses when he is extremely high.Sometimes he stiffens his fist and sticks out only his middle finger to hit the opponent's forehead.Also known as "Tekken sanctions", "straight to draw a bow".bowIt is sometimes called a "knuckle arrow" because it looks like it is pulling.[82].
Drop kick
He was good at kicking from a close distance without a run-up.In the heyday, it was used three times in a row, but it was often used to start a counterattack from the middle of the game.In the Japan Pro Wrestling era, there were many fosbury flops, but in the New Japan Pro Wrestling era, the screw type was often used.
Knee drop
Normally, it is a technique to fall from the knee and damage the sleeping opponent, but in the case of Inoki, he jumps from the top rope and kicks the knee to the sleeping opponent's face or the back of the opponent's head facing in the opposite direction. ..


Also known as a "tornado kick."Bone methodIt is considered to be one of the techniques ofLeon SpinksLearned in prewar Koppōjutsu special training.Mach Fumiake,Maeda HimeiIt is often confused with the vertical rotation Neil kick, which is good at, but it is very different from the Neil kick, which keeps the axis foot and balances, in that it floats in the air with both feet apart.Genichiro Tenryu, who later took this technique in a single match, inherited this technique with his own arrangement.

Inoki Bombayer

"Inoki BombayerAdmission song with the phrase ""Flame Fighter ~ INOKI BOM-BA-YE ~』OriginallyMohammed AliBiographical movie "Ali / The Greatest』) Insert song (Michael masserIt was composed), but it was given to Inoki by Ali who played against Inoki.[83], An arrangement of it.

By the way, "Boma ye" is "Boma ye" (Lingala: “Kill him!”. Meaning of "Yachimae"[83].Shinsuke NakamuraIt is also the name of the special move of).Ants are the capital of CongoKinshasaでGeorge ForemanIt is said that the cheering when fighting with[84]. Alsohigh school baseballIt is often used for cheering.

1977(52) Single record "Antonio Inoki's Theme Flame Fighter / Flame Fighter (Part 2)" (Performance:(English edition)) Is on sale (Toshiba EMI IER-20307).

In the same year, "Flame Fighter-Antonio Inoki's Theme" (performance, song: Antonio Inoki and The Fighters) was also released. Lyrics on side B (Lyrics:Thank you"Always together" with) (song:Double Award Mitsuko) Was coupled (Toshiba EMI TP-10341).I added the lyrics because the double prize suggested when he sent a record of the song home after the war against Ali.[83].

2002(14) The album "21st Century Version Flame Fighter ~ INOKI BOM-BA-YE ~" (WBSS-20123) containing various versions is released.

2006(18) Korean hip-hop group Side-B covers as "SB BOMBA YE" in a rap style.2007(19)DJ OZMARecovered the song as "Shippuu Jinrai ~ Seimei BOM-BA-YE ~".

Inoki's disciples

  • Inoki's first discipleFujinami TatsujiHe was an attendant in the Japan Wrestling era.
  • Many of those who have longed for Inoki have found out about it afterwards.Maeda Himei(Participated in the old UWF related to Inoki as an ace → collapsed),Satoshi Sayama(Old UWF-> Shooting-> UFO-> Breakdown-> Reconciliation-> IGF participation),Nobuhiko Takada(Fighting together in "PRIDE" but later isolated), so-calledThe Three Musketeers(Keiji Mutoh = Transferred to All Japan Pro Wrestling, Masahiro Chono = IGF GM → Retired, Shinya Hashimoto = ZERO ONE established).
  • The last attendant during his active career wasKazuyuki Fujita.
  • Inoki's last disciple is the 10th UFC World Light Heavyweight ChampionLYOTO.

Kansuiryu Karate

KansuiKarate is1979(54) A full-contact karate group founded by karateka Masao Mizutani and Antonio Inoki on December 12st.The name was taken from Antonio Inoki's real name, Hiroshi Inoki's "Kan" and Mizutani's "Water".Currently the official name is "Specified nonprofit corporation It is active mainly in the Tokai region as "World Kansuiryu Karatedo".

To Antonio Inoki, who stated that he would take on any challenge at any time.Noboru AndoThe karateka, Masao Mizutani, who is known as a model for the novel "Tokai no Murder Fist", offered "a battle for life without rules".Inoki accepted the offer and proceeded with a concrete story.In addition, "battle for life without rules" means that any technique of professional wrestling and karate is free, even sneak attacks are not prohibited, and the game is decided by life or death.Since Mizutani was also a master of Ryukyu ancient martial arts such as sickle, rhinoceros, and tonfa, it is said that he challenged Inoki's bare hands with a kusarigama, but this is incorrect.This match was once agreed upon by both parties, and was taken up by the media as "Showa no Iwaryujima" at that time.Inoki's expectation,Hisashi ShinmaWas judging Mizutani's ability with a calm eye.And there was no sponsor for the TV broadcast, and Mizutani'sPrideIt was canceled shortly before due to Shinma's desperate arbitration, fearing that Inoki might have something to do with an attack on his eyes or a sneak attack by kicking.In the process of negotiations, Mizutani respects Inoki for his risk-ready acceptance of the challenge of the karateka, despite being a star in the professional wrestling world.Inoki also marvels at the fact that some Japanese are fighting for their own lives.The two were in sharp conflict before the battle, but after that they deepened their exchanges.KansuiFounded karate.Mizutani1990He died in 2, but Inoki, who learned of the news, said he cried for the premature death of his allies.



  • 1989(HeiseiIn the first year), the Sports and Peace Party was formed under the slogan of "international peace through sports."He ran for the 15th House of Councilors election in the same year from the proportional district and was elected for the first time.Member of ParliamentBecame a member of the House of Councilors and engaged in various political activities such as "Inoki Charity Telephone" (dial Q2).
  • Tokyo SportsWas divided into "wrestler Inoki" and "member of the House of Councilors Inoki". An article about wrestler Antonio Inoki when it is called "Inoki", and an article about the member of the House of Councilors, Hiroshi Inoki when it is written as "Mr. Inoki" or "Mr. Inoki".
  • Soviet UnionからYuri Albachakov-Olsbeck NazarovDeep friendship with top amateur boxing players includingMasanori KonpeiLeadKyoei Boxing GymDeposited in "Movie"Rocky 4』To make the world a reality", paving the way for a professional debut in Japan.Currently as Honorary Chairman of Yakushiji Boxing Gym Supporters AssociationYakushiji HoeiIs supporting.At the same time, the top Soviet amateur wrestling playerSalman Hashimikov・ Also made a professional debut at New Japan Pro-Wrestling.
  • Gulf WarOn the eveEvents in IraqByhostageContributed to the liberation of Japanese residents and all hostages who were in a state.In addition, it should be noted.north koreaBut the event "Festival of peace(Rick FlairWe have won against each other) ”was held.Next time1996(8) In the spring, he was defeated and was a former member of the DietChoi Iron SooPave the way for a professional debut from Kyoei Jim.
  • 1992(4) Conducted in July16rd House of Councilors ordinary electionAs a proportional representation candidateHanshin TigersProfessional baseball commentatorMengiki EmotoSupport.He was elected and won the second seat in the House of Councilors group.
  • Inoki is the 8th generationLDP President-Seiwa Policy Study GroupOf the first chairmanFukuda YoshioBeloved by Fukuda's younger brotherFukudaIs the chairman of the supporters' association as Inoki's fighter, and Fukuda's beloved disciple, the 19th president of the Liberal Democratic Party and the 4th chairman of the Seiwakai.MoriI have a close friendship with him.
  • Nikaido SusumuWas also a commissioner of the Japan Pro Wrestling Commission (New Japan Pro Wrestling / International Wrestling).1985(60), Shinkokugikan (Ryogoku Kokugikan)'S use of New Japan Pro-Wrestling, fan riots at Kuramae Kokugikan the previous year (IWGP League matchWhen the Sumo Association was reluctant to lend from (see the section on the finals of the XNUMXnd tournament), it took the trouble of mediating.
  • By the so-called "Inoki scandal"1995Lost in the Upper House election (7).
  • In the same year, Deputy Representative Emoto suddenly confronts over the management of the party.In particular, distrust of Inoki due to financial suspicions related to party management causes a big crack in the relationship between the two.Deputy Representative Takenori Emoto left the party and became independent, and was a former public first secretary (who was once dismissed due to debt problems), his brother.Yoshimori Inoki(tenorsinger・ Pablo Inoki) becomes the party leader (representative).
  • After that, the Sports and Peace Party stopped conducting major political activities and2007(19) The official website was closed in March.We have already submitted a notice of dissolution of the political organization to the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications.
  • 2013(25)23rd House of Councilors ordinary electionでJapan Restoration PartyHe ran as a proportional representative and was elected.Returned to national affairs.At the time of the next year's Nippon Ishin no KaiShintaro Ishiharagroup(Next generation party), But2015Leave the party in (27)Meeting to make Japan cheerfulParticipated in the party.2016After the dissolution of the (28) parliamentary group "Assembly to Energize Japan / Technical Group", the parliamentary group "Independent clubI was transferred to.

The truth about the release of Japanese hostages residing in Iraq

1990(2)Gulf WarIs worried(I.e. OfSaddam HusseinThe president has banned foreign residents from leaving the country (de facto hostages).Many Japanese were included in the list, and they were concerned about their safety, but the negotiations for the release of hostages led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not proceed slowly.

Inoki, who was paralyzed by the hostage negotiations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who could not even see a clue to the solution, dared to lead the victim's family and others, and the event in Iraq became tense. "Festival of sports and peaceDecide to head to Baghdad to do ".

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs persuaded Inoki to stop going to Iraq, but refused.Then, he put pressure on the hostage victims' families and said, "I don't know when the war will occur, and the Japanese government cannot take responsibility. I can't go to such a place. ... that means there is no guarantee of life, including you. "The Iraqi Japanese hostage victims' family (Ayame no Kai) decided to entrust everything to Inoki because the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not move after suffering.

1990In November (Heisei 2), Inoki was in JapanAirlinesDemanded a departure to Iraq, but due to strong pressure from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all other airlines refused, and plans for a direct flight to Iraq ran into a deadlock.Inoki is unavoidablygarden partyAt the venue of Turkey at that timeAmbassador of Extraordinary PlenipotentiaryI begged forWith the mediation of the Turkish ambassador, on condition that Inoki will bear the cost of the charter aircraft.Turkish AirlinesWith the cooperation of, it became possible to enter Baghdad.

1990On December 2, 12, he entered Baghdad via Turkey with 1 people from 41 families of peace festival officials and hostage victims.At that time, President Saddam Hussein welcomed Inoki, who is only a member of the Diet, as a state guest.

The festival of sports and peace in Iraq began with Japanese hostages, hostage victims' families and Iraqi spectators facing each other around the venue, and on December 12nd and 2rd, rock concerts and Japanese Traditional performing arts such as Daidaiko, Iraqi tournaments, and finally professional wrestling were held and the festival of peace was successful, but family interviews were allowed during the event, but it was not released. ..

In the midst of impatience and disappointment, when I arrived on the plane to arrive on my way home, the Iraqi government said to Inoki just before the flight.I have a story from the presidentInoki suddenly got off the plane, and as a result, the release of Japanese residents was decided on December 12, and the release of all the hostages was decided on December 5.

Inoki was once a martial arts hero during the New Japan Pro-Wrestling expedition to Pakistan.Akram Pahalwan[2]When he won the victory by fighting against him and breaking his arm, it became a national importance, and the appearance of Inoki greeting the people alongside the king with his wife Mitsuko Baisho was widely introduced in the local mass media. ..Then Pakistani journalist,Humanyun A. Mughal4 expeditions to Pakistan, every year in PakistanMay 12Is registered as Inoki Day.

Governor of Tokyo runs and withdraws

1991 Governor of Tokyo ElectionOnce upon a timeNHKWas a newscasterNaonori IsomuraInoki said, "Why did you run?" When asked by the media, "He (Isomura) once said,"News Center 9:XNUMX』Because the game with Ali was treated as a farce."

Then sponsorSagawa Express OfKiyoshi SagawaChairman,Prime ministeras well as the LDP PresidentExperiencedSeiwa LabFounderFukuda YoshioAnd his beloved discipleMorias well as the Hiroshi MitsukaPersuaded by, he gave up running and signed a policy agreement with Isomura.Behind the abandonment of running, there is testimony that tens of millions of yen of cash have moved.Tokyo SportsHisashi Kikuchi, who wrote a scoop in Nagatacho, was sued for defamation and damages of about XNUMX million yen, and the media was crowded. He denied it and was defeated by Kikuchi.

Inoki and Hisashi Shinma were also present in the district court decision, but after the decision, Inoki told Hisashi Kikuchi, "I wish I could have a better discussion."

Inspired by Inoki's withdrawal from runningYuya UchidaIs running.

Until the House of Councilors is defeated

1995(7) Runs for the House of Councilors,1993(5)Kumiko Sato[Avoid ambiguity]Former Public First Secretary and Former Secretary-General of the Sports and Peace PartyHisashi Shinma"Problem of violation of Political Funds Control Law" "Problem of bribery" "Problem of adhesion with right wing (Japanese Imperial Party)" "Problem of dismissal of Governor of Tokyo at the request of Chairman Sagawa Express" "Problem of nonpayment of taxes", "Women Scandals such as "problems" and "suspicion of smuggling pistols and possession of pistols" were discovered.Violations of the Political Funds Control Act were subject to prescription, and although the disposition was avoided, they were rejected due to this effect.

Inoki himself completely denied many scandals.

Relationship with the Korean Peninsula issue

Inoki learned that his teacher, Rikidozan, was visiting South Korea when he was a member of the House of Councilors.1994In September (6), I visited North Korea for the first time at the invitation of Kim Yong-sun, and met some VIPs and the daughter of Rikidozan.Since then, he has visited North Korea more than 9 times.InokiWorld (magazine)In an interview article, Japanese politicians have a prejudice against the North Korean issue and say nothing but abduction and sanctions.Since he does not have pre-war and post-war knowledge, he does not understand the other party and makes a judgment based on Japanese standards.Then, he criticizes that nothing progresses just by colliding with the other party.He insisted that the minister in charge of abduction should go directly to North Korea for dialogue and negotiations, and that he should use the superiority of national power to carry out calm and generous diplomacy. He says he wants to be a catalyst for discussions.[85].

Inoki, who visited North Korea for the 2013th time in July 7 and had a meeting with a VIP of the North Korean government, held a press conference at the Foreign Correspondents' Association of Japan after returning to Japan.abductionHe expressed his own opinion by saying that he was skeptical about the reliability of the victim list and solving the abduction issue by appealing to the international community, and saying, "Will we be happy if the abduction is resolved?" Was[86]. However,Abduction issueNot negative to the solution ofSAPIOIn an interview in the February 2015 issue, "If there are more than 2 ministers in charge of the abduction issue, the North Korean side cannot negotiate properly." "If necessary, a relationship of trust with the Workers' Party of Korea executives. You can always use me who has built up the abduction issue. Unlike the lawmakers who are performing the abduction issue in the election, I will do it at my own risk. "[87]During his 2016st visit to North Korea in September 9, he contacted three local Japanese women and said, "I'm 31 years old and old. I realized those people's dream of returning to their hometown." I want to call on you to return to Japan. "[88].

Made in July 2016Korean Labor Party 7th CongressAt金正恩Is giving a blessing flower basket after being nominated by the party chairman[89].

Inoki's attitude is sometimes controversial even from members of the Diet.[88].

Jewelry business

Inoki's vigorous ambition does not fit in the ring, and he is challenging many businesses.However, few have been successful.Most of the many businesses are related to Brazil, and Mrs. Mitsuko (at that time) told Hisashi Shinma, "Why are you so obsessed with Brazil?" I heard that.As shown below, Inoki is not limited to professional wrestling, but is expanding into various businesses, but he states that "Rikidozan (who had a strong desire for business) and his grandfather had a great influence."Once "pacific saury no ManmaWhen he appeared inAkashi familyHe asked, "How much is pacific saury-san's deposit? There is a good profit story, but why not invest?", But pacific saury gently refuses.

Anton Trading

Established a trading company called "Anton Trading".This company is temporarily in JapanTabascoI had the right to sell (McIl Henny Company), but I gave it up because I had a debt in another case.At that time, Tabasco was still uncommon, and after that, the spicy boom and pizza delivery became widespread, and demand increased significantly.Also, it is sometimes said that "Inoki was the first to bring Tabasco to Japan", but this is not the case (TabascoSee section).In addition, many New Japan Pro-Wrestling shows were held.

Anton Foods

Spareribs OfRestaurantIn addition to developing the chain "Anton Rib", it also sold health foods.Besides that"Anton Mate TeaAnd snacks "Anton nuts (Sunflower nuts) ”Is sold.Announcer Ichiro Furutachi advertised in the World Pro Wrestling program, but the sales performance was not good.

Anton Heissel

An international project "Anton Heissel" involving the Brazilian government (1980(Established in 55) was Inoki's biggest business in his life.It can be harvested abundantly in Brazilsugar caneSqueezed residue (Bagasse) Was devised as an effective utilization method, and from that time the Brazilian government used alcohol refined from sugar cane instead of oil.Bio fuelWe are planning to use it asBiotechnologyVenture businessIt was a pioneer of.Inoki started this Anton HeisselLDPInoki called for cooperation by saying, "Anton Heissel will solve all energy and food problems around the world," but he was persuaded to quit because he was worried about the situation in Brazil. I was devoted to.

This big project has a big problem that needs to be solved.It is a problem of pollution and the harmful effects of alcohol waste liquid and pomace formed after squeezing alcohol from sugar cane.Therefore, livestock are fed as feed, but diarrhea occurs immediately.In addition, if bagasse is discarded in the soil as it is, the soil quality will be deteriorated, resulting in adverse effects such as the inability to obtain agricultural products on the land.

Nevertheless, Inoki used the feces of livestock that ate bagasse regenerated feed in order to respond to the global food crisis.Organic fertilizerAs a result, he aims to improve agricultural production and increase livestock production, but eventually fails in fermentation due to the difference in climate between Japan and Brazil.Inflation in Brazil will continue to worsen production costs, as if to put an end to it.

Due to these causes, management will go bankrupt in a few years.According to media reports, Anton Heissel's approximate debt is in the billions of yen.TV AsahiWith broadcasting rights as collateral, take over 12 billion yen (later in exchange for stock certificates)Kiyoshi SagawaSagawa Express chairman will move the debt), but that alone will not make up for it, and will eventually make up for most of New Japan Pro-Wrestling's income.However, this became a ghost, and in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, 13 players including star players such as the first Tiger Mask (Satoru Sayama) and Riki Choshu withdrew in large numbers, causing a turmoil called a coup d'etat at that time, and eventually it developed into a drama to dismiss Inoki's president. To do.President Inoki and Vice President Sakaguchi were dismissed due to motions by Kotetsu Yamamoto and others, and TV Asahi employees were appointed as officers, but both returned a few months after the turmoil ended.

In Brazil, from sugar caneethanolThe biofuel business that extracts2005After (17)Crude oil priceDue to soaring prices, the content has been reviewed and is being actively carried out.

Later, Inoki commented to Anton Heissel that he was "deceived by various great people in Brazil."

Eternal institution

INP Technical Research Institute.The company saidPermanent electricityI was developing a generator for ", but it has changed to a" high-efficiency motor "in the middle.It invested a huge amount of money in research and development, and had an adverse effect on the management of New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

In 2002, the media (editors of sports newspapers and professional wrestling magazines) gathered to hold a permanent electricity presentation, but the experiment was unsuccessful.Inoki's defense was that he forgot to tighten one screw.

In 2005, it announced a new generator "Fighting Spirit Power" with 97% energy efficiency.

Antonio Inoki Sakaba

Tokyo-IkebukuroTo2006(18), the izakaya "Antonio Inoki Sakaba" was opened. "XNUMX pm professional wrestlingIt is a izakaya with the phrase "reproduce the menu you ate while watching", and the inside of the izakaya is an image of the good old Showa era, and professional wrestling is always broadcast, and dishes with names that are named after professional wrestling are lined up on the menu.The actual store management is also a sponsor of IGF,Yakiniku restaurantA major restaurant industryG communicationInoki is not involved in management.G-sha has been developing the brand's franchise and has expanded to Okinawa, Sendai, Chiba, Fukuoka, and Hiroshima, but all of them have closed. As of June 2016, only the Shinjuku store (opened in 28) was open.Talk shows andNishiguchi WrestlingInoki himself occasionally visited the store at an event.

Closed on July 2020, 7[90].




  • At the beginning of the introduction to Japan ProGiant baba TheAttendantIt was a completely special treatment that he was immediately sent to the United States expedition without experiencing the situation and was paid even before his debut, but Inoki was the exact opposite, and he was raised from Rikidozan as if he was an eye-catcher. It was.For example, when putting ring shoes on Rikidozan, he was beaten or kicked even if the laces were misplaced.The experience of being beaten and embarrassed in front of the public and the fact that he was routinely accused of being a "chin" and "begging bastard" are also passed down in later years.[92]..Even so, when he was called to the banquet he was attending the day before Rikidozan died, he was a former yokozuna.Maedayama(At that time, he had already retired and became an elderly person, Takasago) saw Inoki's drink and commented on the size of the vessel. Next to him, Rikidozan nodded with a happy face and said, "To myself. I knew my expectations for the first time. When I remembered that face, all the grudges I had had cleared up, "he said." I asked for the future professional wrestling world. " I take it as a will, or as a message. "[93].
  • Since he was treated unreasonably by Rikidozan, he vowed that wrestlers would never bully the current human beings when he launched Tokyo Pro Wrestling.During the Tokyo Pro Wrestling era, I once gave up on a group of young people who tried to blame Hisashi Shinma on the ring because of the low salary.[94].
  • In the past the TV program "Tunnels hammer pricePlay against amateurs in Rikidozan MemorialHideaki TakizawaIs playing against.In addition, it was the one who purchased the right to play against Inoki at "Hammer Price"Yoshihiko MorotomiMeiji UniversityHe is a professor of the Faculty of Letters (ring name is "Zombie Morotomi").
  • "Slashing the spinal cord" is also available on overseas matsenzuigiriIt is called, and it has become established as a noun.
  • Inoki played 1961 times against Baba from May 5 to October 1963, but never won with all 10 losses.
  • After understanding the 袂, he relentlessly hostilely provoked Giant Baba, but in his private life he was a hotel (Capitol TokyuWhen I met Baba at (etc.), there was an anecdote that he went to shake hands with a smile and attended the meal without permission, and left the accounting to Baba. Was there.Masanobu FuchiIs the waiting room for the 1979 "Dream All-Star Battle"GolfI testify that I was chatting on the topic of[95]..In private, he was a friend who called "Baba-san" and "Hiroshi-chan".Baba didn't take the provocation either (Baba said in the first place that he never thought of Inoki as a rival), but in New JapanNWAIt is probable that he was quite conscious of Inoki from the inside, such as performing sabotage work against the membership.Inoki is also his ownTanimachiMetKiyoshi SagawaWas introduced to Baba, and the two of them visited Sagawa's house to discuss plans for the establishment of a unified commission.[96].
  • Inoki's trademark was black short tights, which stands for "strong style," but he sometimes wore orange, yellow, red, and green short tights during the Japan Pro Wrestling era.It was brown even during the New Japan Pro-Wrestling era, and in 1975, in the return match after being absent due to viral arthritis, he wore the same black long tights as Rikidozan and played only once. The long tights of the timeDon ArakawaIt is said that he borrowed something.
  • Another trademark of Inoki is the "red towel".This is because he wore a red towel around his neck when he wore a ring gown when he was active.[97]..As a remnant of that, Inoki often acts with a red muffler (stall) around his neck after retiring from professional wrestling, and it has become a familiar style.[98].
  • Narita AirportThe "Narita Conference" is a standard event where you hold a press conference before and after your trip to give your opinions on your future trends and the professional wrestling and martial arts world.
  • When Rikidozan tried to restore the relationship with Kakukai, he said, "Once InokiGrand SumoTo get started withTen carsI had a plan to return to professional wrestling when it became, but Inoki himself did not know this.
  • According to Mr. Takahashi, Inoki really fainted on the ring on October 1986, 10 at Korakuen Hall.Steve WilliamsIt ’s just a battle[99].


Its characteristic pointed jaw made Inoki an Inoki, and the jaw, which was only a complex, was eventually sublimated into a weapon.Yoshiaki Fujiwara"When I was sleeper, my sharp jaw bite into my shoulder and it hurt very much," he said.At a press conference before the match with Muhammad Ali, Ali said, "Pelican"Bad" and his chin are ridiculed, but Inoki says "My chin is sharp, so it's that strongI appealed my chin.He admits that it is a weapon in the sense that it guards the throat, which is a vital point that cannot be trained along with money.

Also, I have teamed up in the United StatesHiro Matsuda"Inoki's chin does not become a beautiful German Suplex because it gets caught on the opponent's back during German Suplex and gets in the way."

Mitsuko Baisho, the former wife of Mitsuko BaishoTV Asahi"Tetsuko's roomWhen he appeared in Inoki, he said that he opened his mouth while he was sleeping and tried to insert two fingers, the middle finger and the ring finger, in order to measure the depth of Inoki's chin.

Inoki believer

Fighting spirit slap

  • At the time of parliament1990(2) March 5,Waseda Preparatory SchoolLecture at (Title "May disease”), Preparatory school studentspunchI had a sideshow in my abdomen.One of the preparatory school students is actuallyShorinji KempoHe was a stepped-up person and hit him with all his might.Inoki, who couldn't prepare for this sudden hit, reflexively became a prep student.SlapI have hit.The preparatory school student was an Inoki fan, and immediately after receiving the slap, he thanked him "Thank you."This situation was recorded by a TV camera and flowed all over the country.After that, the University of Tokyo examinees asked Inoki for a slap before taking the exam, saying that they were lucky, and all of them passed.From this, the auspicious "fighting spirit slap" was born.After that, it became famous, and even female celebrities were slapped during the TV program (in recent years."Fighting spirit injection"It is often expressed as), but2006According to a TV program (18), he doesn't want to do a fighting spirit slap so much these days.Inoki himself also said in an interview that he was on an airplane when he was asked by an international flight stewardess to "slap the fighting spirit."[101]..For a while, a young female fan asked me to kiss instead of slap, and then other women lined up one after another, causing a phenomenon of begging for a kiss."Fighting spirit injection kiss"Was called.
  • In addition, the opponent who visited the general public for the first time other than the game was the TV Asahi announcer at that timeMasahiro SasakiIs. February 1990, 2 At the Tokyo Dome tournament, in the waiting room before the match between Antonio Inoki & Seiji Sakaguchi vs Shinya Hashimoto & Masahiro Chono, as a reporter of "World Pro Wrestling", "If you lose, this Was angry at Sasaki who asked, "The game is more than just the luck of time." After saying, "Are you stupid thinking about losing before you leave?" It is said to be the first.


  • Until one time when I was the president of New Japan Pro-WrestlingYoshiaki Fujiwara"The presidentautismHe was so quiet that he couldn't understand what he was thinking, but he became bright and sociable after attending a self-development seminar.[102]
  • Immediately after Inoki returned to Japan Wrestling in 1967,TokyoSetagayaOf the singer who was inHatakeyama greenInoki's residence in Setagaya was remodeled into a dojo and training camp for New Japan Pro-Wrestling when the New Japan Pro-Wrestling was launched in 1972.[103].
  • About 20 years ago, when asked about his height on a TV program, he answered, "I used to be 189th, but now I'm a little shrunk to 186th."Nominal height is 191 cm.By the time he entered junior high school, he was already 180 cm tall. In an interview in June 2013, I was asked "Have you changed your height and weight?" And asked, "You have shrunk. (At the time of active duty) it was about 6 cm. How about now? 189 is barely enough. Isn't it? Because all the cushions between the bones are shrinking. All the knees ... "
  • 1986With Antonio Inoki in (61)Double Award MitsukoInoki Hiroko, the daughter ofAnnie』, Starring in the role of Annie, the half of the double protagonistShiori Yamao..Currently, Hiroko Inoki was a student at an international school run by Inoki.新 日本 プ ロ レ スFormer presidentSimon Kelly InokiWife.
  • I often take a water bath with a large amount of ice.Later, Inoki himself said that this was "Diabetes mellitusWhen the blood sugar level rose, I took an ice bath and cramped the muscles of the whole body to consume blood sugar. "The doctor was astonished, "it's ridiculous," and said, "ordinary humans shouldn't imitate."
  • "Love readingAsahi Shimbun".
  • One day,Ichiro FurudateI borrowed 1 yen from, but I forgot about it.For Kodate, who was a young man at the time, 1 yen was a lot of money, but his opponent was a big star, and it was hard to say.However, one day, Inoki suddenly remembered that and returned, "No, I'm sorry," 30 times.
  • "1! 2! 3! Dar!"商標It is registered (the notation as a registered trademark is ""1 ・ 2 ・ 3 ・ Dah").Ramen using this registered trademark is "1 ・ 2 ・ 3 ・ Dah noodlesIt is on sale under the name.By the way, Inoki's "1! 2! 3! Dar!" Is registered as a trademark.2004(16) Introduced in "Trivia Fountain" on Fuji TV on March 3rd.In addition, "Bombayer", "Inoki Ism", and "Fighting Spirit" are also registered as trademarks.
  • キ ュ ー バとパラオHe owns an uninhabited island called "Inoki Island" named after Antonio Inoki. Both islands are CubanFidel CastroGifted from.The original island name was changed to Isola Amigo de Inoki (friend Inokijima), and Inoki is said to be using it for vacations.Floating in the Caribbean Sea, far from the main island of Cuba, the island is a flat island surrounded by coral reefs that is likely to sink into the sea if the sea level rises.Around the island is a white sand beach with clear and beautiful seawater, short trees and iguanas in the grass.
  • When he was in the United States, he married an American woman, Linda, and had one child, but (who) died.afterwards,Double Award MitsukoIt became a hot topic at that time with a wedding ceremony of 1 million yen.After divorce, he married his wife, who was about 22 years old, for the third time and divorced.After that, he married his wife, 3 years younger, for the fourth time.[104].. The fourth wife was the vice president of a management company that manages Inoki's portrait rights, trademark rights, and copyrights, but died in August 4.[105].
  • 1984(59) Announcement (1983(58) Degree) ranked first in the professional sports category (tax payment amount: 1 million yen)
  • Katsuzo EnbaWas an avid professional wrestling fan and was burnt down in an air raidIkegami Honmonji(TokyoOta-ku, The temple where the graveyard of Rikidozan is located) When the statue of Nio was rebuilt, he was asked to model and consented.Dozens of photographs were taken and the statue of Nio was made based on this.The statue of Nio has been restored in recent years and is enshrined in the main shrine.
  • Volunteer activities such as distributing food to homeless people are also actively carried out.He himself said, "I live in a hotel in Japan because I only have a house in the United States. In fact, I'm homeless in Japan."At the end of the year, we will prepare our own meals, which will be the 9th time.2009In (21) in ShinjukuTokyo Metropolitan Government2000 people gather in front and impersonate InokiAntonio Small InokiAlso participate and help.
  • My favoriteNatto..Dutch judokaWillem RuscaDuring a heterogeneous fighting battle with natto, he said to Ruska, "I'm strong because I'm eating cheese," and said, "I've become stronger after eating natto," and was commended by the Natto Association.Connect at least 100 times (because amino acids and collagen are released), not soy sauceFlax oilThere is a philosophy of eating with a sip (from "Fighting Spirit Recipe").Other than thatHakodate fishing portLanded insquidPrefer.
  • "The Last Supper" asks you to prepare blowfish and Brazilian coffee (from "Fighting Spirit Recipe")
  • At the age of 39, his blood sugar level temporarily reached 596 due to diabetes, but he recovered to a blood sugar level of 180 and fought a comeback 44 days later.He said it was against his philosophy to cure with the power of insulin injections.During that time, the staple food was mainly cabbage (the shredded cabbage was flattened in a bowl).
  • On December 1970, 12 (local time), Inoki was in a jungle in Brazil, where he was traveling.snakeI have been hit by an accident.During this time, Inoki was traveling for training and filming entitled "Antonio Inoki Goes to the Unexplored Region of Brazil."Inoki et al. Cooperate with the Brazilian Air Force and the Army[106]GotボリビアInoki is extremely poisonous, although he was in a jungle near the border.Bothrops jarara(Jararaka) on the left footankleI was bitten in the vicinity.Fortunately, the militaryserumInoki died in nine deaths because he was carrying a car and was quickly transported to a hospital in São Paulo by helicopter.After that, he was discharged from the hospital on the 23rd of the same month due to his amazing resilience, and returned to Japan on the 30th of the same month.The following day, from the opening game of the series on January 1971, 1, he has participated as scheduled.[107].
  • On February 2, 2015, after becoming a member of the House of Councilors for the second time, when I asked a question at the House of Councilors settlement committee,Shinzo Abeprime minister"I'm also careful about my health, but I wondered why the prime minister is doing well." I think the prime minister is also being trained. When I was young, I was a masterRikidozanI was forced to bend and stretch 1000 times and 2000 times. "[108].
  • Before and after retiring from politics, "I started to feel stuffy and I was short of breath when going up and down the stairs", so when I was examined in the fall of 2019, "a few out of a million people"Specific diseaseIt is assumedCardiac amyloidosisKnown to be affected by[109].

Inoki Glossary


  • PoetryHis hobby is making (poem) and he also published a collection of poems.
  • The poem "If you go this way ..."[22]Was given to the fans as a retirement message in his retirement game.This has since become a dojo kun for New Japan Pro-Wrestling.This line is laterMr. ChildrenSong, "one two three』The message at the time of retirement is recorded as it is in the last part.this isSakurai KazutoshiI really want to quote it, but I realized it with the permission of the person.


  • DREAM horse racing - 2008(20)Chrysanthemum, Appeared in the opening.Kyoto RacecourseI did "1 ・ 2 ・ 3 dar" with the audience.
  • Nikkan SportsTokai / Kansai version (newspapers for Chugoku / Shikoku regions other than Tokai / Hokuriku / Kinki / Yamaguchi) Column / "Kotoba Inoki" (Wednesday TV)
  • Oi Racecourse - 2009(21)Teio Sho, Appeared as a presenter guest.Audience and winning horseVermilionI did "1 ・ 2 ・ 3 dar" with the people concerned.
  • Meiji Jingu Stadium - 2010(22) February 6YakultversusHanshinIn the battle, when he challenged the Guinness record of "the number of people toasting at the same place all at once", he acted as the toast.As a result, the Guinness record was set (27,126 people).


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Published on February 2010, 6.Hitoshi TsujiDirector, former professional wrestler, Daimajin (starring).The first starring work as an actor.
  • Burning fighting spirit Antonio Inoki 50 years trajectory
Published November 2010, 11. In commemoration of the release of "Antonio Inoki 13th Anniversary DVD-BOX", the DVD recording video was specially edited for the theater and screened for a week only.

tv set

  • Wednesday special(TV Asahi)
    • "Seven Boys Challenge the Uninhabited Island of Terror, Captain Antonio Inoki and Palau Island Expedition" (November 7, 1981)
    • "Challenge! Antonio Inoki and the Shonen Silk Road Adventure Corps !!" (September 1984, 9)

(A part of the video that was later broadcast on this programSport compact!Was repeatedly broadcast on)




Television Animation"Tiger mask』Although it has not appeared, an anime character as a real person has appeared, the voice isMasao Nakasone.


  • Road (July 2007, 7,TRIPLE-P vs Antonio Inoki)


Pachinko, pachislot

2006(18) In the fallFieldsHas signed an exclusive license agreement for the commercialization rights of pachinko and pachislot machines related to Inoki, so two models, "CR Burning Fighting Spirit" and "Antonio Inoki Burning", are on sale from Fields.

A person who imitates Inoki

Fictitious characters and characters modeled after Inoki

Manga / fiction
  • Victory Musashi (Fire pro wrestlingseries)
  • Fighter Hayabusa (wrestling)
  • Inoki / Fighting Spirit Warrior Inoki / Fighting Spirit King Inoki (GREE"Tanken driland")
  • Dasher boar (Ehrgeiz)


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外部 リンク

Party position
Kota Matsuda
Meeting to make Japan cheerfulRepresentative
Second generation: 2
Next generation:
Next Generation Party House of Councilors Policy Research Chairman
First generation: 2014
Next generation:
Masamune Wada
(Integrated into Policy Research Chairman)
Yoshimori Inoki
Sports and Peace Party representative
Fourth generation: 2-1989
Next generation:


1976(1976 years old)AD(Gregorian calendar)by,Leap year starting on Thursday.Showa51 years.

This item describes 1976 from an international perspective.

Other chronology

*The subject calendar isDPR Koreaで1997Was established in.

















Below is a good number of years (Anniversary).






























Nobel Prize

The event of fiction

  • May 5 --The exploration vessel "Kennedy II" carrying three crew membersLunar orbitFrom the firstMars explorationDeparture to.However, it deviates from the estimated orbit on the outbound route.CeresCollides with and is crushed.Following this "Mars incident", the subsequent Mars exploration plan was abandoned. (novel"(English edition)])[1]
  • Japanese academic research teamExcavated a meteorite containing organic matter from the old strata of Antarctica.After that, as one of the results of the meteorite survey by the Japan-US Joint Research Group, Dr. Junichi Nishiwaki of the Tohto Institute of Biotechnology1984A new type of cell "Nishiwaki cell" (Antarctic No. 5 specimen) with an abnormally fast evolution rate is cultivated. (Cartoon"Mobile Police Patlabor])[2]
  • Eldorado is revived using the radiation of the nuclear reactor. (Drama"Doctor Who])


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