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🥋 | Middleweight legend Hagler dies nicknamed "Marvelous" for an era

Photo Marvin Hagler = Las Vegas (Getty = joint) rejoicing in winning the world war with Roberto Durán in November 1983

Middleweight legend Hagler dies nicknamed "Marvelous" for an era

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Mr. Hagler unilaterally attacked from the first time, tore through Minter's face and took a referee stop.

Marvin Hagler, who was the protagonist of the middleweight golden age of boxing in the 1980s, died on March 3th, Mrs. Kay ... → Continue reading


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knock out

knock out(Knock Out) Isboxing,Fighting sportsWithknock downIt is a victory caused by leaving it in a state.Known as "KO. "



boxing,Kickboxing OfmatchThen, after being sentenced to knockdown,refereeStand up before finishing counting for 10 secondsFighting poseIf you cannot take it, a knockout (hereinafter referred to as "KO") will be declared and the match will end.This is called a 10-count system.downBesidesroundIf a player does not enter the match after counting 10 counts after the start, it will be KO.Carlos MonsonToJose NapolesChallengedMiddle classIn the title match, Napoles was unable to enter the match due to accumulated damage after the gong at the start of the 7th round, and KO was declared.

However, in recent years, when a player's damage is large, the referee often declares KO and declares the end of the match before the 10-second count is completed.This is from a safety point of view, if the damage is large, the game will be stopped immediately and the players will be stopped.DeathThis is to prevent it from happening.Therefore, when the referee declares down, the referee checks the player's condition (whether his feet are staggering, whether he is unconscious, etc.). Even if he stands up within 10 seconds and takes a fighting pose, if the referee judges that the damage done by the player is too great, he will declare KO and end the match.

In addition, some organizations have adopted a rule that automatically declares a KO loss if they are declared down more than the specified number of times.For example, the boxing world title accreditation bodyWorld Boxing Association(WBA), kickboxingNew Japan Kickboxing Association,J-NETWORKHas adopted a "three knockdown system" in which if a player is sentenced to down three times in one round, he or she will be sentenced to lose KO at that point.

In addition,World Boxing Council,International Boxing Federation,World Boxing Organization,The United States of AmericaBoxing has adopted a "free knockdown system" that determines whether to lose KO or continue by looking at the amount of damage of the downed player without worrying about the number of downs.

K-1In the case of, "3 knockdown system" is adopted in one match,TournamentHas adopted a "two knockdown system" that loses KO by two downs.However, the tournament final is a "2 knockdown system" as in the one match.Also,Japan Boxing Commission(JBC) had adopted the "2015 knockdown system" ("3 knockdown system" in the 4th round) until 2, but changed to the "free knockdown system" from 2016.[1]..Depending on the group and rules, the count may be shortened to 5 seconds.

referee,doctorStops the match, orSecond AbstentionIf you express your intentionTechnical knockout(TKO) (Especially if the referee stopsReferee stop,DoctorIf stoppedDoctor stopCalled).The statement of abstention iswhiteThereTowelAlthough it is done by throwing in, some organizations such as WBC prohibit the throwing in towels by rules and require other means to express their intentions.[2].

If both are knocked down and neither can stand upDouble knockoutIt will be a draw.

If the referee is taken out of the ring by an opponent's attack, the referee will count 20 and will lose the knockout if he cannot return to the ring by then.is thisRing outCall.

In amateur boxing, KO (KnockOIn addition to ut), as the equivalent of professional boxing TKO,Referee Stop Contest(CSR) ”. In RSC, although the players stood up within the count,

  1. The damage is enormous.
  2. The specified number of downs has been exceeded.
  3. There is a huge difference in ability.
  4. Due to the injury, the referee or doctor has determined that the match cannot be continued.

It is applied in such cases.

Especially when the referee judges that the damage to the head is large, RSCH (RSCH) which is a variation of RSCH=Head) is applied.

In games that use computer scoring (5 point if a majority of the referees vote for pushbuttons and a majority of them are judged to be valid hits), if there is a difference of 1 points, RSCO (RSCO) is a variation of RSC.RefereeStopCwe are Outclass) is applied (due to the difference in baseball points)Cold gameAnd in amateur wrestlingTechnical fallSynonymous with).

Other Martial Arts

総 合格 闘 技However, although there is a KO settlement, it is rare to enter the 10 count because the referee stop is reached when it is done or down because the attack on the fallen opponent is allowed.In amateur mixed martial artsGround punchBecause it is often prohibited, down counting due to hitting from the stand adopts the down counting method like boxing.

wrestlingThere is a 10-count system KO settlement according to the rules, but a 3-count systemFallSince there is a win, wrestlers usually go to get it, so KO settlements are rarely seen in regular games (double knockouts are often seen).However, if the opponent player's fall is not counted because he / she remains collapsed due to a rope break or the like, the knockout count may be taken.Also,International wrestlingWas done inWire mesh deathmatchThen, in addition to giving up only 10 counts KO (3 counts after falling and 10 counts), an American professional wrestling organizationWWEThere is no fall or give-up, and the match is decided only with 10 count KOLastman Standing MatchThere is a match of the form (1975ToAll Japan Pro WrestlingMade inGiant babaversusFritz von EricThe battle was conducted according to the same rules and was called "Texas Deathmatch").


  • Originally a boxing term,baseballでStarting pitcherWas sent off due to being hit, injured or violated, 5 times (Winning pitcherWithout having one of the conditions)ReliefIt is also called KO to be sent.Therefore, there is something called "KO! KO! (Team name)" in the support (Tokyo Yakult Swallows,Hanshin Tigers,Orix BuffaloesSuch).
  • Knockouts are sometimes called knockouts when a person falls down due to some physical force and cannot recover even during a boxing match.
  • Gene knockoutIt is also used to mean "spoiled".
  • As a qualifying format for motor sportsKnockout methodThere is something like that.The method is that the winners remain, but in most cases it is not implemented on a one-to-one basis due to the number of competitors and time.


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