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⚽ | J3 Gainare Tottori officially announces Koki Ishii's withdrawal from injury.Expected to be completely cured for 6 weeks

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J3 Gainare Tottori officially announces Koki Ishii's withdrawal from injury.Expected to be completely cured for 6 weeks

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Koki Ishii joined Gainare Tottori in 2017 after graduating from Tokoha Gakuen Tachibana High School and Kansai University.

Meiji Yasuda Seimei J3 League Gainare Tottori officially announced on the 21st that DF Koki Ishii will leave the front line.Koki Ishii ... → Continue reading

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Tokoha University Tachibana Junior High School/High School

Location of Tachibana Junior and Senior High School attached to Tokoha University (in Shizuoka Prefecture)
Tokoha University Tachibana Junior High School/High School

Tokoha University Tachibana Junior High School/High School(Tokoha Daigaku Fuzoku Tachibana Chugakko / Kotogakko)ShizuokaShizuoka CitySakai DistrictLocated in Sena XNUMX-chomeprivateMiddle and high school integrated school.Abbreviations are "Tachibana Daitachibana", "Tachibana Takashi", and "Tachibana".


High schoolgeneral courseAnd the English and Mathematics department.The regular course is divided into a comprehensive course and a comprehensive arts course.The comprehensive arts course also has an art major and a brass band major.Transfers between the English and Mathematics courses and the regular courses are permitted based on the ability test.Transfer courses between courses are also accepted based on the ability test.Currently, the ratio of males and females is 6: 4, and the number of male students is still large.In recent years, the results of integrated middle and high school education have begun to appear, and the baseball club has obtained a ticket to Koshien for the second consecutive year.


Extracurricular activities

Sports Department

  • Land section
  • Baseball club
  • Kendo club
  • Judo section
  • Soccer club (male / female)
  • Rugby club
  • Tennis club (male / female)
  • Table Tennis Department
  • Volleyball club (male / female)
  • Swimming club
  • Basketball club (male / female)
  • Karate club
  • Archery
  • Shorinji Kempo Club
  • Support section
Athletic club episode
  • Both the men's soccer club and the baseball club are in the prefectural tournament finalHamana High SchoolThe door to the whole country is open for the first time.
    • High School Soccer Club 2005 Prefectural Tournament Final Tokoha Tachibana 1-0 Hamana
    • High School Baseball Club 2009 Prefectural Tournament Final Tokoha Tachibana 10-0 Hamana
  • High school baseball club is a brother schoolTokoha KikugawaSimilarly, the Asahikawa group has listed the first white star in the national tournament.
    • Tokoha Kikugawa 2006 Meiji Jingu Tournament High School Division Tokoha Kikugawa 6-2Asahikawa Minami
    • Tokoha Tachibana 2009 National High School Baseball Championship Tokoha Tachibana 2-0Asahikawa Odaka
  • In 2010, a brother school confrontation with Tokoha Kikugawa was realized in the district tournament final, and he defeated Tokoha Kikugawa 5-3.
  • In 2010, the junior high school baseball club and soccer club won the national tournament one after another.
  • In 2012, the men's and women's soccer club participated in the national championship in Abek

Achievements of the athletic club

High school men's soccer club

84nd Championship

91nd Championship

Junior high school baseball club

28 timesNational Junior High School Softball Baseball Tournament

24 timesAll Japan Boys Softball Baseball Tournament

High school baseball club

91nd Championship

  • Tokoha Tachibana 2-0Asahikawa Odaka(North Hokkaido)
  • Tokoha Tachibana 7-6Kochi(Kochi)
  • Tokoha Tachibana 6-8Meiho(Oita) (12 extra times)

92nd Championship

94nd Championship

High school track and field club

  • Has a track record of participating in the National High School Ekiden three times

53rd Ekiden Race Tournament

  • 35 bit

Famous people



Directions and Parking

Affiliate school


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  1. ^ News from Tokoha Gakuen No. XNUMX (July XNUMX, XNUMX)

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Gainale Tottori

Gainale Tottori(Gainare Tottori)Japan OfTottori City,Yonago,Kurayoshi,SakaiminatoCentered onTottoriHometown in all prefecturesJapan Professional Soccer LeagueJoin the (J League)サ ッ カ ーclub.


1983Founded in "Tottori Teachers Football ClubIs the predecessor[1],2007J-League associate membership approved in February[2] Is done,Gainale TottoriWas renamed to[1].2011Joined the J League[1].

The team name "GAINARE" is the predecessorSC TottoriIt was decided by open recruitment in the timesShimane From the eastern part of Tottori prefecture to the western part of Tottori prefecturedialect(Unhaku dialect) And "gaina" which means "big" and "for a big team"Get used toWas enacted with the wish[1]..The mascotStrong and small warrior Gainaman.

Home stadiumAxis Bird Stadium, Practice groundTottori City Wakabadai Sports Center,Coca-Cola West Sports Park,Chubu YAJIN StadiumIs[1][4].. Detail is#Stadium/practice fieldSee section.

2011On March 3, commissioned to "Tottori Furusato Ambassador"[5][6].



1983The predecessor of the Tottori Teachers Football Club, which was founded in Yonago City,1989ToSC TottoriRenamed to[1]. In 2001Japan Football LeaguePromoted to[1].. Became an operating company in December 2006SC Tottori Co., Ltd.Established,2007In 2 monthGainale TottoriRenamed to on the 20th of the same monthJ League Associate ClubApproved as[2].

Taking this opportunity, the home town was changed from Yonago City to all prefectures in Tottori Prefecture centered on Tottori City, Yonago City, Kurayoshi City, and Sakaiminato City.

2007-2010 (JFL)


Former to directorU-20 Japan National TeamDirector'sYoji MizuguchiBut to the head coachThailand national teamFormer directorWitthaya LaohakuruIs inaugurated.Mizuguchi resigned in August, and Witthaya became the coach.He was undefeated in six league games from his second inauguration, but suffered three consecutive losses in the final stages. Although he got the most points after being promoted to JFL, he finished in 8th place.Thirteen people left the group, including retirement and the expiration of the rental period.Emperor's cupThen in the first roundSaga UniversityIn the second roundKanoya University of Physical EducationLost to.


yuanRepresentation from Japan OfNorio OmuraFormer J1 club players andHamed Koné,Adul LahsohAcquired 15 people including foreign players who used Witthaya's Thai route, including loan transfers.

He won the opening round for the first time after being promoted to JFL, including the SC Tottori era, but since then there have been many injuries and his performance has been sluggish, and at one point the maximum point difference from 4th place was 14.After that, at the end of the 16th round of the second half, the difference in points from the 4th place was reduced to 2, but in the 17th round of the second half (final round of the league).Ryutsu Keizai UniversityLost in the battle, the final ranking was 5th.Komura retires after the league ends.Emperor's cupThen in the first roundKamata Mare SanukiLost to.

Team slogan:First year of strength

GKSchneider JunnosukeAnd DFNaoya Shibamura, FWYutaro AbeAnd FWNaoya UmedaAcquired a total of 7 players.In addition, the MF who had joined with a loan transfer from the previous yearKenji SuzukiAnd FWRyumi Ozawa5 players were acquired by complete transfer.

In the previous term, he was undefeated in eight races (3 wins and 8 draws), including three consecutive wins in the opening season, and finished second with 6 points, but lost four consecutive games in the middle of the season.Entering the second half, former Japan national team FWMasayuki Okano, MFYasuhiro OkuyamaAnd DFYuya HashiuchiHowever, he was ranked 2th for the second consecutive year.After the end of the league, 5 players were out of force, 3 players acquired by loan transfer withdrew due to contract expiration, SchneiderYokohama FCTransferred to.Emperor's cupThen in the first roundSapporoLost to.

Team slogan:Strong and small second year "warrior"

Witthaya resigned as director after recovering from a traffic accident injured during his return to Thailand in December 2009, and succeeded him.Tokyo VFormer directorTakeo MatsudaIs inaugurated.To the head coachTamotsu NakamuraWas inaugurated.Also, the former representative of JapanToshihiro Hattori,Atsushi Mio,Yasushi Kita,Kiyomitsu Kobari,Uchima AnjiEight people joined.

The season was undefeated in the opening 14 races (10 wins and 4 draws) and was the leader in the previous term.Entering the second halfOitaTo FWTakahiko SumitaAcquired (from Yonago City) with a loan transfer.

May 10ToArte TakasakiHe won the match (late 10th section) and was confirmed to be within 2th place in JFL, which is one of the conditions for entering J1 (the 4th match of the JFL team in total and 300 wins in total of the JFL team in this match against Takasaki).May 10ToTochigi Uva FCHe defeated (12th verse in the second half) and decided to win the league for the first time, leaving 5 games, which is the fastest in JFL history.In the end, he achieved 17 undefeated games (16 wins and 1 draw) in the home game, which is a JFL record, and 14 consecutive wins in the home game.

May 11, J-League admission was unanimously approved by the J-League extraordinary board of directors, Tottori2011From the seasonJ2Entry has been decided[7].Emperor's cupThen, in the first round (second round)TokushimaLost to.

2011-2013 (J2)

Team slogan:Strong and small year flight

Kenta Togawa,Nobutaka Suzuki,Daisuke Tada,Jeong Dong HoReinforced mainly by those who have experience in the J League, such as (transfer for a limited time).Takahiko SumitaThe loan transfer period has also been extended.

On March 3, the first match after joining the J-League was defeated by Tokushima.Great East Japan EarthquakeSuspended and resumed on April 4thKitakyushuVictory in the battle, the first victory after joining the J League, June 6th京都He won his first home victory in the battle.

At one point, he lost his temper, such as losing five games in a row in the summer.Emperor's cupOf the fourth roundKumamotoTo win the battle[Note 1], J2 top in league matchSapporoI won.The season record is 8th with 7 wins, 23 draws and 19 losses.

Manager Matsuda retired after the end of the season, and three players retired from active duty.Toshihiro Hattori,Naoya Umeda,Daisuke Tada GifuTransferred to (Hattori and Umeda are completely transferred. Tada is transferred for a limited time).

Team slogan:Strong and small four years trust

To the directorAndFormer directorYoshizawa HideoIs appointed.Takahide KishiWith a fixed transfer,Tomokazu YanagakuAnd Takahiko Sumida, who had been transferred from Oita for a limited time until the previous year, was acquired by a complete transfer.As a college graduate rookie playerTakuya Sugimoto(Previous yearSpecially designated player),Kumazawa Keisuke,Osamu MiuraJoined.Also, the former Costa Rica national teamKenny CunninghamRoy smith2 people were acquired.In July in the middle of the season千葉からYuichi KuboShuji FujimotoWas acquired by a loan transfer.

He won his first victory from Kyoto in Section 4, but in 10 games since the opening, he won only one victory, and Sections 1 and 9 were at the bottom.Although he got out of the bottom in the 10th round, he lost 12 consecutive games from the 15th round, and it was the final round of the first half.Kusatsu戦での勝利を挟んで後半戦も4連敗とシーズン通して下位に沈み、第34節以降は20位もしくは21位に低迷。最終的には11勝5分26敗、勝ち点38の20位でシーズンを終えた。なお、総失点78(次に多いFukuoka68), goal difference -45 (next mostMachidaHowever, -33) was the worst in J2.

After the season, Yoshizawa retired from the coach.He also scored four goals at the top of the team.Atsushi MioShota Oide,KurayoshiFromMasato FukuiAnnounced that it will not conclude contracts for the next term with 16 players including retirement and expiration of rental period.Emperor's cupThen I defeated Kusatsu in the second round, but in the third roundKashimaWas defeated after an extension.

Team slogan:Five years of strength and small progress

Tottori OB Komura becomes director[8]..In addition, former coach Yoshizawa became the head coach.

Masaki Yanagawa,Tatsuya Okamoto,Masao Tsuji,Nagasato GenkiIs a complete transfer,Jun Kamita,Tsubasa Yokotake,Yudai Tanaka,Eijiro Takeda,Ryuji HirotaIs a loan transfer, as a college graduate rookie playerRyota InoueJoined.Yuichi Kubo remains due to the extension of the transfer period for a limited time.Foreign players are from Brazilラ フ ァ エ ル(Leaving in May),Reginald(Leaving in May),ブ ル ー ノ(Leaving in July) and from South KoreaIm Dong HyunJoined. In AugustMakoto RindoKota SamejimaJoined with a loan transfer. Born in Brazil in JulyDuduIs a loan transfer,Naoto Ando(Unofficial decision to join in 2014)Specially designated playerJoined as. Born in the United States in Augustオ ス カ ーIs completely transferred, Tottori City (formerlyKawaramachi) FromTaniya TanioJoined with a fixed transfer.

開幕から5戦を終えた時点では、2勝3分で2位と好位置につけたものの第4節から第15節まで12試合連続勝ちなし(6分6敗)で19位へ順位を下げた。第16節で当時首位のKobeWins, no consecutive wins stop, and the following Round 17 also wins and wins in a row, but immediately after losing 4 consecutive games, 21th place at the end of Round 20 at the end of the first half of the gameGunmaAlthough they are lined up in terms of points, they drop to 21st place, which may be a qualification match with the JFL.On August 23, after the end of Section 6, where he had not won six games in a row from Section 28, Komura, the director, was dismissed due to poor results.Koji MaedaWas appointed as the successor director as the director of the strengthening department.However, even after Maeda took office, neither the league nor the Emperor's Cup could win the official match, and on September 9, they were in the bottom of the line with points.GifuLost to the bottom and fell to the bottom at the end of Section 34. In verse 41KitakyushuLosing the battle decided the bottom of the season in Tottori.Home that will be the final round of the season千葉In the match, he was caught up and drawn while leading 2 points, and after taking office as manager of Maeda, he ended up with 13 minutes and 4 losses in 9 official games until the end of the regular season, and the 7nd section away on July 3rd.YamagataAfter winning the match, he did not win the official match and ended up at the bottom.

J2/JFL replacement gameThen.JFLLost to 2nd place Sanuki with a record of 1 minute and 1 loss, Tottori'sJ3 leagueIt was decided to be demoted to.

After the season, Maeda resigned as director and strengthening manager.Tomoyuki Yoshino,Tomokazu Yanagaku, Masayuki Okano retired from active duty and was on the team for 11 yearsNoriaki Sanenobu, Scored 10 points, the most in the teamNagasato Genki, Scored 8 pointsYuichi KuboEighteen players have left the group, including retirement and the expiration of the rental period.Emperor's cupThen, I lost to Kitakyushu in the second round.

Off the pitch on February 2th in YonagoChubu YAJIN StadiumAssuming that the paid shuttle bus was operated without the permission of the related organizations in the training match (against Gamba Osaka) held in (Chubu).Road transport lawOn suspicion of violationDocument inspectionWas done (laterProsecution delay[9]..Also, on December 12rd, club staff will be on June 3th.Drunk drivingTottori prefecturePublic Safety CommissionIncluding driver's license revocation on October 10stAdministrative sanctionsIn response to the receipt, the club management company was blamed by the J League (submitting a written statement) and sanctioned with a sanction of 100 million yen.[10].


Team slogan:Strong and small XNUMX years inflexible
Masanobu MatsunamiIs the director, OkanoGeneral managerWas appointed to.Keisuke Hayashi,Tadayo Fukuo,Kuranuki Kazuki,Shogo FujimakiIs a complete transfer,Katsuhisa InamoriIs a loan transfer, as a college graduate rookie playerNaoto Ando(Previous yearSpecially designated player),Yamamoto Daiki,Kazuaki Madawa,Masato Nakayama,Ryosuke Kakigi,Tetsuya KoishiJoined.I had joined with a loan transfer from the previous yearTsubasa Yokotake,Taniya Tanio,Ryuji HirotaJoined with a complete transfer.From Brazil in the middle of the seasonFernandinhoRamazottiIs a complete transfer,Akihiro YasudaKenichi TanimuraJoined with a loan transfer. Two U-18 players2 types registration.
Because there was a possibility of insolvency due to the decrease in income due to the influence of J3 demotion,J2 licenseAt the time of application, a "suspension conditional grant" was made to request the acquisition of new sponsors and an increase in income (later, a formal license was obtained by satisfying the suspension conditions).However, Section 11 on November 2ndKanazawaDue to the loss in the battle, the 3rd place and below who will remain in J3 are confirmed.The final ranking was 4th.
After the end of the seasonKiyomitsu KobariKuranuki KazukiTatsuya OkamotoHas announced that he will retire.Enrolled in the team for 6 yearsEijiro Mori, Participated in 31 gamesKenta TogawaFrom Yonago CityTakahiko SumitaEighteen players have left the group, including retirement and the expiration of the rental period.Emperor's cupThen in the first roundTadotsu FCIn the fourth roundKyoto Sanga FCLost to.
Team slogan:Seven years of strength
The second year of the Matsunami system.Ryosuke KawanabeMaki HatadaMasaya NozakiWith a complete transfer,Taishin MorikawaTomohiro TanakaIs a loan transfer member.6 new college graduates and 2 new high school graduates joined, and 18 players were promoted from U-2.A total of 15 players joined.I had joined with a loan transfer from the previous yearKatsuhisa InamoriJoined with a complete transfer. 18 U-3 players2 types registration.
On April 4, J24 license application was abandoned due to insolvency (details#Financial problemsSee).As a result, the J3 remaining in the following year was confirmed regardless of the results of the league match.The league match ended in 14th place with 8 wins, 14 draws and 6 losses.
After the season, Matsunami retired from the coach.Tetsuya Koishi-Ryosuke KakigiContract non-renewal with 5 players, etc.Stone worshipHas left the group, Taishin Morikawa and Tomohiro Tanaka have expired the loan transfer period.Kazuaki Madawa KanazawaTo, Naoki HatadaAkitaWhat,Yamamoto Daiki TochigiWhat,Naoto AndoMasato Nakayama YamaguchiA total of 13 players left the team after transferring to.Emperor's cupThen in the first roundOkayamaWon in the extension, but in the second roundKumamotoLost to.
Team slogan:Eight years of strength and small fight
Before the new directorMitoDirector'sTetsuji ShitaniIs appointed.Yousuke Kataoka,Shunsuke Maeda,Takanori Nakajima,Kurotsu Masaru,Kenji Oyano,Tam Sheang TsungIs a complete transfer,Ikegaya Hayato,Go MiyaichiJoined with a loan transfer.Three new college graduates and one new high school graduate joined, and two U-3 players were promoted.A total of 1 players joined.From Brazil in the middle of the seasonValci JuniorIs a complete transfer,Fukushima HarukiJoined with a fixed transfer.
Last year, he applied for a J2 license that he gave up due to insolvency, and in September the J9 license was issued for the first time in two years.However, it was sluggish from the beginning, and the possibility of Tottori's return to J2 disappeared at an early stage.The final ranking was 2 wins, 2 draws and 8 losses, finishing in 6th place.
On November 11st during the season, he announced that he would not sign a contract with Director Hashiratani next year and decided to retire.After the end of the season, Takanori Nakajima, Valci Junior, who joined from this season, Kenji Koyano, Ryosuke Kawanabe, who later announced their retirement, have not renewed their contracts, Haruki Fukushima and Tsuyoshi Miyaichi have expired the transfer period, and Fernandino is Brazil. After returning to Japan, a total of 1 players left the group.Emperor's cupThen in the first roundFagiano Okayama NextIn the fourth roundOmiyaLost to.
Team slogan:Strong and small nine years 10SPIRITS
Former Kyoto U-18 director as new directorRyuzo MoriokaIs appointed.
Takuto Haraguchi,Kosei Ishigami,Yuki UchiyamaIs a complete transfer,Daiki Numa,Ryuolivier IwamotoJoined with a loan transfer.It was a loan transferIkegaya HayatoHas moved to a complete transfer, 3 new college graduates have joined, 18 player has been promoted from U-1, and a total of 9 players have joined.
We got off to a good start with 3 wins and 2 draw in 1 games from the opening, but in Section 8 just before the J4 League entered a one-month rest period with 10 games unwinned, including 3 consecutive losses from Section 1.Morioka戦で約2カ月半ぶりの勝利を挙げるも、結局それがシーズン公式戦最後の勝利となり、中断明けからは7連敗を含む4分11敗、15戦連続未勝利のまま終了、4勝9分19敗の勝点21、16位のガンバ大阪U-23に勝点差5をつけられJ3リーグ最下位となった。また、最終節のホームで対戦したAkitaIt was a disgraceful record that he was able to win the championship in front of his opponent in the final round of the home game for three consecutive seasons.
After the season, contracts with 8 players such as Takuya Sugimoto and Shunsuke Maeda have not been renewed, Yosuke Kataoka, Kosei Ishigami and Ryuolivier Iwamoto have retired, and Daiki Numa has expired the transfer period.Shuto Kawai NaganoWhat,Takashi Akiyama FujimoriA total of 14 players left the team after transferring to.Emperor's cupThen in the first roundKagoshimaLost to.
Team slogan:10 years of strength and smallness XNUMXSPIRITS
The second year of the Morioka system.Takayuki Kitano,Hiroki Okuda,Soryu Kani,Yo Uematsu,Yusuke Hoshino,Sho MatsumotoIs a complete transfer,Kentaro KaiJoined with a loan transfer.One new college graduate has joined, and two have been promoted from U-1.FernandinhoReturned for the first time in a year, BrazilSantos FCから Vitor GabrielJoined, while a total of 13 players joinedTai Isoe Matsue City FCTransfer for a limited time.In the middle of the seasonYusuke NishiyamaNaoya UosatoIs a complete transfer,Ren SengokuJoined with a fixed transfer.
開幕から6戦無敗(4勝2敗)で、第3節と第5節から第7節まで首位に立ったものの、第7節から3連敗を含む5戦未勝利(1分4敗)で一気に10位にまで順位を落とす。続く第12節秋田戦では7試合ぶりに勝利し7位に浮上したものの、その直後の6月4日、森岡の解任とDaisuke SudoAnnounced the appointment of director[11]..After the change of manager, he won consecutive wins and moved up to the provisional 3rd place with 3 points difference from the leader Kagoshima, but before the summer league match suspension period, he was 8th place with 5 points difference to the leader Ryukyu.After resuming the league match, he was in the 4th to 6th place, but since he finished the final 6 rounds again with 4 wins and 2 minutes undefeated, he moved up to 3rd place at the end of the final round and ended the season.Leonardo also scored 24 goals in the league to win the title of J3 top scorer.
After the season, Sudo retired as a director due to family circumstances, Hiroki Okuda, from U-18Makito HatanakaContracts with 5 players are not renewed, Ren Sengoku (later retired), Kentaro Kai has expired the loan transfer period, Taisei Isoe who is transferring for a limited time has completely transferred to Matsue,Junya Kato GunmaLeonardoNiigataA total of 10 players have left the team.Emperor's cupThen in the first roundVerspa OitaEven if he played against him and extended it, he couldn't settle, and he got involved in the penalty shootout and won 4-2. In the second roundJ1 OfSanfrecce HiroshimaLost to 0-2.
Team slogan:Strong and small 10 years XNUMXSPIRITS
Former Tottori U-18 director as new directorRiki TakagiIs appointed.
Naoto Misawa,Takayuki Fukumura,Tsubasa OyaIs a complete transfer,K. IchikawaJoined with a loan transfer.From BrazilYuri(Loan transfer) andAdrielJoined, and a total of 6 players joined.In the middle of the seasonKunitomo SuzukiKeita TakahataJoined the transfer with a deadline.
After defeating YS Yokohama in the opening round, he dropped to 6th place at the end of Section 3 without winning 3 games (6 minutes and 17 losses), and after that he remained in double-digit ranking for a while, but from Section 2 Without losing 14 races including 5 consecutive wins, he moved up to 6nd place and 19th place with 2 points difference in the 3th round.With a break from Section 5, he has 20 win, 5 draw and 1 losses in 1 games, and although he is in 3th place, he can widen the difference in points from 6nd place to 2.Although he showed a catch-up again with no loss in 11 races from the 25th round (6 wins and 4 draws), he stalled in the final 2 rounds with 4 minute and 1 losses and finally reached 3th place with 14 wins, 8 draws and 12 losses and 50 points. finished.Emperor's cupThen in the first roundPacific Rim UniversityWon the penalty shootout, but in the second round of J2OitaLost to.
After the season, 9 players have not renewed their contracts, Akinori Ichikawa, Kunitomo Suzuki, Keita Takahata, and Yuri have expired the loan transfer period.Takayuki Fukumura Tokyo VWhat,Masamichi Hayashi ImabariA total of 15 players have left the team.
Team slogan:Passion 2020
Takagi system second year.Ken Tajiri,Kengo Fukudome(Mt. Ooyama TownFrom),Takuya Fujiwara,Nariwa KomakiIs a complete transfer,Daisuke Sakai,Arai Hikaru,Oshiro firefly,HamonJoined with a loan transfer.As a college graduate newcomerKoshiro Itohara(KurayoshiFrom),Kazuya Ando,Taiki Arai,Yu OkuboBut as a high school graduate newcomerYuya TaguchiJoined, from U-18Kei SakamotoIs promoted.From BrazilJoandersonJoined, while a total of 15 players joinedJin Nasu Matsue City FCTransfer for a limited time. In octoberTaniya TanioReturned for the first time in 6 years.
Enrolled for a total of 6 years after the end of the seasonFernandinhoRetired from active duty, contract with 4 players not renewed,Yo Uematsu・ Joanderson leaves the group, Hamon, Daisuke Sakai, and Kei Oshiro have expired the loan transfer period, and Jinyu Nasu, who is transferring for a limited time, has completely transferred to Matsue.Naoto Misawa 京都What,Rikito Inoue OkayamaA total of 13 players have left the team.
Team slogan:Strong Sho
Takagi system second year.Junya Suzuki,Tomoki Taniguchi,Naoya Senoo,Kiyonaga Takeru,Yushi Nagashima,Daichi IshikawaIs a complete transfer,Hayate Sugii,Naruki Harada,Akiyama Daichi,Asahi YokokawaJoined with a loan transfer.As a college graduate newcomerTamari KoyamaBut as a high school graduate newcomerYusuke IshidaJoined, a total of 12 players joined.
Two wins and a start dash failed in the opening seven games, and Takagi's dismissal was announced on May 7. Before May 2KagoshimaDirector'sGoldBecame the director.





J3 league
Japan Football League

Other awards

Stadium/practice field


In Tottori City, which is the only one in Tottori Prefecture that meets the J2 stadium standardAxis Bird Stadium(April 2008, 4-March 1, 2020 is Torigin Bird Stadium) is used as a home stadium. Since the relegation to J3 in 31, Yonago City has become a club's own stadium and meets the J2014 holding standards.Chubu YAJIN Stadium(Chubu) is also used.In addition, it should be noted.SC TottoriThe era is in YonagoHigashiyama Athletics Stadium(Dora Dora Park Yonago Athletics Stadium: Dora Par) was the home stadium. The stadiums held after J-League associate membership (2007) are "This item"checking.

Since Bird Stadium does not meet the J1 stadium standard due to the capacity, the club is requesting Tottori City, which manages the stadium, to increase the number of spectators' seats.[12] However, the addition of spectator seats has been postponed in consideration of the club's performance and financial problems.

When the Bird Stadium is held, there is almost no parking lot in the stadium (it is offered as an event space), soChiyo RiverKurata Sports Plaza (Entsuji, Tottori City) and official supplierGoodhillHeadquarters (Yoshinari, Tottori City) was opened as a temporary free parking lot to Tottori StarShuttle busIn addition to operatingTottori StationIn partnership with multiple toll parking lots in the vicinity, we are implementing measures such as a 6-hour free parking service by presenting stubs for watching games.[13].

Number of visitors by year

Number of visitors
Maximum number of visitorsMinimum number of visitorsaverage
Number of visitors
Number of matchesHome games
Holding stadium
Number of visitorsOpponentVenueNumber of visitorsOpponentVenue
2007JFL29,8323,811SonyTottori851YKK APTottori1,75517Tottori 10, Riku Higashiyama 4
Fuse 3
200854,6827,117KariyaRiku Higashiyama1,363TochigiTori star3,217Torista 13, Riku Higashiyama 4
200958,1286,188HondaTori star1,267Machida3,419Torista 12, Dora Par 5
201059,4189,499SAGAWA1,837Lock3,495Torista 13, Dora Par 4
2011J270,1528,212Yokohama FC1,787Kusatsu3,69219Tori star19
201265,7866,629Okayama1,3633,13321Tori star21
201386,03310,096G Osaka1,530Fukuoka4,097Tori star21[Note 2]
2014J355,2425,892Kanazawa(Section 20)1,832Nagano(Section 5)3,06918Tori star13, Chubu 5
201535,9534,013Yamaguchi(Section 39)1,096J-22(Section 15)1,89220Tori star16, Chubu 4
201628,4713,450Oita1,321Sagamihara1,78715Tori star13, Chubu 2
201724,9382,435Tochigi573Ryukyu1,55916Tori star13, Chubu 3
201937,8894,011Hachinohe946F east 232,22817Tori star14, Chubu 3
202013,7311,451C large 23Axis0[Note 3]GifuAxis808Axis13, Chubu 4

Practice field

The practice area is in Tottori City near the stadiumTottori City Wakabadai Sports Center(Wakabadaikita, Tottori City)[1]Coca-Cola West Sports Park(Tottori City Fuse)[1], Chubu YAJIN Stadium in Yonago City, where the club is the main base (Chusta, Abe, Yonago City)[1][4]Higashiyama Athletic Park(Higashiyama-cho, Yonago City)[4] To use.

Chubu begins construction on March 2012, 3[14], A stadium dedicated to ball games with a capacity of 11, completed at the end of November of the same year.The headquarters of SC Tottori, the operating company of Gainare, is also located in Chubu's clubhouse, and as of 7,390, we are basically practicing here.[4].. J2014 games have been held since 3, but in the case of J2 and above, it is difficult to use Chubu due to the standard of the number of people accommodated, so in the future traffic access to increase the number of supporters in the western part of the prefecture There are also plans for improvement and positioning "Torista as the base of the game and Chubu as the training ground".[15].

In addition, Yonago City, where Chubu and other clubs are based, and Tottori City, where the match venue is located, are about 90 km away, and even on the JR limited express, it takes just over an hour (Yonago Station to Tottori Station), and about two hours by car. There is a reasonable distance.In the 1 season, which was basically "bus movement from Yonago" from the management side, even if it is a home game, it will be a bus movement from Yonago city on the day, so an away club to stay overnight in Tottori city It was said that it was more disadvantageous in terms of condition than that, and it affected the content of the game.[16].


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)绿Navy blueNavy blue
FP (2nd)Gray x whiteグ レ ーグ レ ー
GK (1st)yellowyellowyellow
GK (2nd)Pink x blackpinkpink
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd

Team color

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestTottori Gas Groupenetopia2014-2014-2016 is written as "Tottori Gas"
2017 is "TOTTORI GAS GROUP" notation
2018 is `` Tottori Gas 100th Anniversary -since 1918-"Notation
clavicleSan-in Godo BankSan-in Godo Bank2018-Written on the left
2007 is chest
("Let's protect the forest" notation)
2008-2009 pants
("Let's protect the forest" notation)
Mt. Ooyama DoriMt. Ooyama DoriYear ending March 2018[17] -Written on the right
Upper backKotobuki ConfectioneryInaba's White Rabbit2016-2010-2015 sleeves
Lower backNakaumi TV broadcastingNakaumi TV broadcasting2018-
Front of pantsAxisAXIS2017-
Back of pantsBarcosBOATS2021-
  • 2012-In 2017, under the right chest emblem, and in 2018, under the right sleeve J3 league logo mark, the words "Daisen Kuroushitori" were added.

The history of uniform supply

Successive uniforms

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
2007Let's protect the forestBefore banGozaemon HisashiBefore banOU Land
・ Hotel
Max support
Call support
Before banbumblebee
2008Mt. Ooyama black cow--Let's protect the forest
2009Ganbarou TottoriPURE CITY
2010White rose milkInaba's White RabbitFood Miyako Tottori Prefecture
Optonics Energy
Yakiniku Kuroushitei
2013poplar- /
Hotta Oil
2014Tottori Gaspoplar
2015-White rose
2016Inaba's White RabbitEco RingWhite rose milk-
White rose milkSankoAXIS
2018Tottori Gas
100th Anniversary
-since 1918-
San-in Godo Bank- /
Mt. Ooyama Dori
Nakaumi TV broadcasting
2019enetopiaMt. Ooyama DoriPUMA
2021BOATSSoccer Junky

Team information


Strengthening department

Affiliated player

Stadium dj

In some cases, Mimura was basically in charge alone, and Tako was added to this, and two people were in charge.If Tako and Mimura couldn't come to the venue, the local CATV station announcer did it.
Tako and Mimura were appointed as stadium DJs because of the former GM's policy of "increasing the satisfaction of supporters in areas other than the game content" and the connection that Takenashi was originally a Shonan Bellmare employee.[23].
  •  : 2011-2013
For the stadium DJ, the final selection by Hirano, who was selected in the audition, and another person was held in the pre-season match.[24], Plain was selected as a result of voting by supporters[25].

Gainare Girl

"Peeba Co., Ltd., which creates, publishes, and distributes free papers in Tottori Prefecture,"Tottori Bishoujo EncyclopediaIn collaboration with ", 2011 PR girls were selected in July 7, until January 10.Gainare GirlAppeared in home games and various events[26].. Since 2012, the members have been replaced and selected.

Gainare Tottori Moriage Corps

  • Honmaru[27] : 2014-2015 (Member Toshihiko Mukai is from Yonago City)
  • Chelip[28] : 2014-(Idol unit by two people from Tottori prefecture)

Gaina Lady's

Announced on May 2017, 5, there are 17 members in total, and 13 members of the team "Entertainment TEAM" who specializes in media exposure such as TV appearances, CM appearances, magazine activities, singer activities, model activities, etc. (Entertainment TEAM)Chelip(Including members of) and the so-called behind-the-scenes planning and devising team "Planning TEAM" to broaden the activities of Gaina Lady's.

Support song

The singer's 1st single "Beyond the Light" (released in June 2009) from Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture was selected as the support song. Beijy himself visited the stadium several times at home game events and sang this song, and also watched games.In addition to this, four types of original songs have been created as BGM for the stadium, and are played along with the existing J.League anthems, etc. according to each scene.

Hometown Day

From the middle of the 2011 season, a Home Town Day will be set up for each home game in Tottori Prefecture (some towns and villages are joint), discount sales of tickets for the relevant municipalities, and an event to introduce the cities, towns and villages. , Products are sold.


Organization operated by SC Tottori Co., Ltd.

Academy staff
Gainare Tottori U-18
Established in 2008.Yonago Shoin High SchoolIs affiliated with.
年度CategoryBOXING RECORDKura selectionJ YouthU-18 Director
2009Wakatori2 bit--
2010Wakatori1 bit--
2011Prince China 2nd Division4 bit-4th place in the qualifying league
20126 bitGroup league 4th3th place in the qualifying league
2013Wakatori 1st copy1 bitLost the first round (1nd place in the qualifying league)
20141 bitGroup league 3th3th place in the qualifying leagueYoshizawa Hideo
20151 bit-Eliminated the second roundShigeru Tsujimoto
20163 bitGroup league 4thEliminated the second round
20171 bitRound 16 (2nd in the group league)Eliminated the second roundRiki Takagi
2018Prince China10 bit-Eliminated the second round
Gainare Tottori U-15
Until 2007, he was active under the name of "SC Tottori Verdor"
年度CategoryBOXING RECORDKura selectionTakamado Palace CupU-15 Director
2009progress8 bit--
20109 bit-
20113 bitYusuke Amano
20123 bit
201310 bit-
2014Tottori Prefecture 1st DivisionWin-
2015progress7 bit-
20166 bit-
20178 bit--
2018Tottori Prefecture 1st Division3 bit-

Organization operated by NPO Yamatsumi Sports Club

  • SC Tottori Dreams(OB-based team)
  • SC Tottori Puede Junior Youth (junior high school team)
  • SC Tottori Puede Junior (elementary school team)
  • SC Tottori Fiore (Women's Team)

Financial problem

On August 2008, 8, SC Tottori Co., Ltd., which operates the Gainare, due to the cost of player reinforcement and relocation of the base.Debt overrunIt turns out that it is.In response to thisJ LeagueIn addition to securing J2 entry conditions (within 4th place) in terms of performance, it was required to eliminate insolvency, restore financial soundness, and strengthen the management base.According to SC Tottori Co., Ltd., it has become clear that it is necessary to raise 2 million yen by the end of November 2008 in order to participate in J11.

After that, support funds were collected from the government, individuals and groups, and about 4 million yen was decided to be invested from the "Bird Stadium Japan Foundation" funded by Tottori Prefecture and Tottori City, provided that it was within the 7000th place of JFL, which is a condition for entering the J League. However, the prospect of raising 2 million yen was set.However, because he failed to secure the 4th place in JFL in the same year, the investment from the fund was effectively withdrawn.The cumulative deficit of the club at the end of the 2008 season was 7000 million yen.

Since 2009, SC Tottori Co., Ltd. has announced that it will aim to enter the J-League by managing its height.[29], Which has been listed as a unified slogan for the team since the same yearStrong and small"Is the wording of the manifestation of intention. "Strong and smallThe word "" is also written on the chest of the 2012 uniform.

On November 2010, 11, the J.League extraordinary board of directors decided to join J.The J.League side will increase the capital of SC Tottori Co., Ltd. by 29 million yen for the 2011 season. Requested to achieve a year surplus[30]..As of the end of January 2012, the insolvency had been resolved.

Club licenseabout,2013-15 YearAll of them are issued J2 licenses.This is because the actual capacity of Torista does not meet the J1 standard, and the roof of the stadium at the base (Torista) and the number of toilets are not satisfied, so it is improved in writing as "B grade standard not satisfied". Received sanctions (de facto conditional delivery) requiring the submission of a plan.

However, regarding the license in 2015, in addition to belonging to J3, from the financial aspect of 2014, the net assets up to 2013, the deficit exceeding about 5300 million yen, especially the income from sponsors, admission fees, goods sales, etc. It was pointed out by the J.League that there was a risk of a decrease in revenue of about 2 million yen, and it was possible to issue a J.League license (exclusion from the J.League including J3) because it violated the "insolvency" of the license A grade condition. Because of the nature, as a management improvement measure from the club license first examination body

  1. "Capital increase of about tens of millions of yen"
  2. "New sponsor participation of several million yen"

We ordered to secure these two conditions by October 2, 2014, and if they are satisfied, the license will be effective as "grant with suspension conditions", and if the suspension conditions are not met, the J10 license will be forfeited. As J30 promotion condition ranking in grades[Note 5] It was decided that J2 promotion would not be possible even if the conditions were met.[31].

Regarding this, President Tsukano said, "As for the suspension condition, we mainly complete the capital increase procedure that we are currently proceeding with by the due date, but we have received a promise from a private company for the capital increase, so it is a condition that can be surely cleared. I think. The issues were the immaturity of the financial management ability of the bank club and the maintenance of cash flow this season and next season (club sustainability). For the club, clearing the conditions this time is only a counter-measure. I don't think this is the case, and I think it is unavoidable to work on fundamental infrastructure development and re-examining the future direction of the Guinale. "[32]

After that, the capital increase procedure was carried out, such as underwriting a capital increase from one private company and concluding sponsorship sponsors from multiple companies / organizations, and it was considered that the suspension conditions were satisfied in 1.May 10The "suspension condition" was canceled and a formal J2 license was issued.[33]


Develop new revenue sources

In such a situation, GM'sMasayuki Okano SakaiminatoFrom 2014, I heard the phrase "I don't have money, but I have a lot of good fish" when I went to the sponsorship business.Two-top project of wild people and fishermenIs planned.Donate player reinforcement funds to the club as a rewardSakaiminatoThe seafood landed in Japan is given (Furusato tax paymentWith the same method as), there was a donation of 2648 million yen in the first year, and we succeeded in acquiring MF Fernandinho.[35].

In 2018, based on the know-how gained from the management of Chubu YAJIN Stadium, the Yumigahama Peninsula where Chubu is locatedAbandoned land"Producing and selling lawns in the sandy areas that have becomeShibafullWe have also started a business called "Shiba Furu".Accepting fertilized sewage sludge from partner companies and cleaning turfHondaUse a robot lawn mower[36] We are introducing new technologies such as.


Relationship with other clubs

Relationship with Shonan Bellmare

Masaki Tsukano was seconded from SC Tottori to obtain a coach license in 2006 for a year.Shonan BellmareServed as a youth coach.After that, Tsukano returned to Tottori to become the president of SC Tottori Co., Ltd., but around this time he was a club staff member of Shonan Bellmare, but joined as a Tottori staff member (general manager).He has made good use of Bellmare's personal connections, such as the appointment of Rondo Mimura and Chihiro Tago, who are also in the section of stadium DJ.Many players also transferred from Bellmare, especially after becoming professional.

Relationship with Shimane Susanoo Magic

Because they are professional sports teams in neighboring prefectures in the same San'in region,B League OfShimane Susanoo MagicHave a friendly relationship with.While the official websites may be linked to each other and the Gainare side may set up a special booth when holding a part of Susanoo Magic (in Tottori prefecture), the Susanoo Magic side was also created by the Nakaumi Mayor's Association when Yonago was held during the JFL era. I have distributed joint stickers.In addition, the presidents of both parties have participated in the dialogue project.

Revival! Playing in the park

Yamatsumi Sports ClubSince the predecessor SC Tottori era when the team was run by the team, this event has been held continuously from the perspective of providing children who have few opportunities to play outdoors with the opportunity to play outdoors with their bodies.Players and team staff will play the role of "general kid" and play tag with the participating children.Since becoming Gainare Tottori, he has been cooperating with the Yamatsumi Sports Club, which is the main body of the event, by dispatching athletes to the event.


tv set

Nippon Sea TV
Nihonkai Cable Network
  • Enthusiastic! Gainare
NHK Tottori Broadcasting Station
  • Ichioshi NEWS Tottori Ichioshi Sports
Sanin Broadcasting(BSS TV)
  • Teleport Sanin(Monday corner "Monday sports", Friday corner "Friday sports", etc.)
  • J-DREAM Guinale Theater ――While changing the title, a support program that has continued since the JFL era. MC is MASAKO.Long time agoSchneider JunnosukeHas also served as MC. Broadcast ended in November 2012.
Nakaumi TV broadcasting
  • Chukai Information Square Paldia "Road to wild people one after another!Project G ”


  • Gainare Tottori Gaina Topics (Evening DARAZ Wednesday Corner)
  • RADIO GS 2015
Sanin Broadcasting(BSS Radio)

Newspapers and magazines

Local newspaper
National newspaper local edition


[How to use footnotes]
注 釈
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