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🏀 | [Friday, April 4, 23:10 am Lakers vs. Mavericks] Lakers Anthony Davis ...


【4/23(金)午前10時30分 レイカーズ対マーベリックス】レイカーズのアンソニー・デイビス…

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日本時間4月23日(現地22日)、アメリカン・エアラインズ・アリーナでロサンゼルス・レイカーズ(35… → Continue reading

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Head coach

Head coach(English: head coach)SportsInplayerTo teachcoachPosition at the top of the list (positioning depends on how the organization is divided[1]).


Especially for basketball coaches"Head coach"The standing position of is more clarified and the position is high. However, depending on the team, on top of the head coach"Super Ising Coach","Executive coach"There are also cases where you have a position such as[2]..Also, basically there is always one person in each team, but for a period of timeWakayama TriansWithout a head coach like"Associate Coach"May take command on behalf of.Once like any other sport"directed by"Was called,FIBAAs a name that refers to the commander of the scene"Head coach"Was unified.

Basketball coach"directed by" The"Assistant coach"と"Head coach"Often refers to a position located between.


In baseball, this is basically the next position after the director, and the main role is to take charge of the operational aspects and provide the manager with advice according to the situation. In addition, if the manager is suspended or sent off, or if he cannot participate in the match for personal reasons, he will act as the manager. The head coach post is not always placed.MLBThen there is no head coach like Japan,"Or"There is a position of "," but if anything, the emphasis is placed on operational personnel. Also, the title is "General coach""Chief coachThere are some teams that say, and some teams have both head coaches and general coaches.[3], In this case, the head coach is in a better position.2009 World Baseball Classic Japan National TeamThen.Ito work "General coach"Was appointed to.

Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB)

Central League
Baseball teamcoachRemarks
Yomiuri GiantsDaiki Motoki
Kim Ki-tai(Second army)
Hanshin TigersKazuki Inoue
Chunichi DragonsIto work
Yokohama DeNA BaystarsAoyama Michio
Hiroshima Toyo CarpYusuke Kawada
Tokyo Yakult SwallowsTakashi Miyade
Pacific League
Baseball teamcoachRemarks
Orix BuffaloesKatsumi Mizumoto
Seiichiro Nakagaki(Second armyPatrol)
Fukuoka Softbank HawksYuki Kokubo
Hokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersOgasawara Michidai(Half-time coach)
Chiba Lotte MarinesMayumi Imaoka
Kazuya Fukuura(Second armyHitting coach double post)
Saitama Seibu LionsNoneToshifumi BabaOperation and defense/base run coach is head coach
Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesMakishi Yasunaga

サ ッ カ ー

Similar to baseball, soccer is often placed as a post of manager. However, some clubs may or may not have a head coach position. In the case of the national team,"Head coach" "Coach"Is used to refer to the director, and the positions below are usually"Assistant coach"Call.

J League


In rugby, it refers to the position of commanding on-site when the supervisory industry is split. In this case, the general manager takes charge of team strengthening.Rugby representative from JapanSince 2004, a head coach has been conducting on-site with the introduction of a division of labor system.

Top league

Top challenge league

American Football

In Japanese college American football teams, a general manager may be appointed as the top of the organization. However, it is the highest American football league in the worldNFLIn, the head coach means the top of commanding and instructing on-site, and plays a role similar to the "manager" in baseball.


As a title given to sports leaders,directed by, Head coach, captain, vice captain, position leader, etc., but these are positioned differently depending on how the organization is divided.[1].. For example, the positions of head coach and “director” may not be separate and may be used synonymously.baseball-サ ッ カ ーIn some cases, the director and head coach have different positions (in the latter case, the director"Manager"Is translated as In the case of the former, the position of the head coach in the latter is""Called). These depend on the interpretation of whether "director" is included in the "coach" category.

Especially in Japan, in professional baseball, there was a team that had a manager (Manager) on top of the head coach, so there is an impression that the head coach is below the director, but in other sports, normally, This is the position of "director" in Japan.

In addition,rugbyThen, sometimes the director and the head coach are separated. The director may oversee the club's youth team to the top team, while the head coach may lead only the top team.Many.. The national director is usually called the head coach. In Japan, if you have a position of head coach under the coach of rugby, it is not due to the practice of real rugby, but from a kind of misunderstanding that there is a head coach under the supervision of Japanese professional baseball. Seems to be present (requires investigation). Overseas, sometimes the director and head coach are separated, and in many cases they are close to the roles of the director and head coach in Japan.

Under the head coachMay be placed.


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