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🏀 | John Stamos, who played Jesse Katsopolis, who was not good at basketball, said, "Big shot! 』And Basqueco ...


John Stamos, who played Jesse Katsopolis, who was not good at basketball, said, "Big shot! 』And Basqueco ...

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John Stamos plays Marvin, a basketball demon coach who was banished from the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) due to his crazy personality.

Starring John Stamos, who is familiar with the role of Jesse Katsopolis in the popular family drama "Full House" ... → Continue reading

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National University Sports Association

National University Sports Association(Zenbeidaigakuspotsukikai, abbreviation:NCAA, Abbreviation for National Collegiate Athletic Association; also called "NC Double A" in the United States)AmericaThe association.It may also refer to a sports league match hosted by the association.

The association itself mainly provides various operational support such as communication coordination and management between university sports clubs.

HeadquartersIndianaIndianapolisThe events of the competitions that are set up in and run by the association are:American Football,basketball,baseball,Ice hockey,Tennis,Golf,Athletics,Amateur wrestlingSuch.The largest university athletic association in the world.League games such as American football, basketball, and ice hockey are broadcast on TV and are very popular.


20st centuryAt the beginning, it was held between universitiesAmerican FootballInjuries and fatal accidents may occur due to collisions during the match.1905President of the timeTheodore RooseveltInvited college sports officials and urged reform of college sports.Next time1906IAAUS (Intercollegiate Athletic Association of the United States, United States Inter-University Athletic Association)1910Has been renamed to NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association).For some time after that, NCAA's main business was managing the rules of the game.1921For the first timeAthleticsHost the tournament.

After that, the number of events where the tournament was held gradually increased. The NCAA staff operated the organization as volunteers, but after the war the types of competitions and competitions were so diverse that full-time staff were needed.1951Walter Byers becomes full-time organization representative, next1952ToMissouriKansas CityThe headquarters was set up in.Since that time, television rights have been managed for NCAA-sponsored games.

1973There are three divisions, Division I, Division II, and Division III. At the NCAA, athlete scholarships are only granted to universities belonging to Division I and II conferences.1978Then, Division I in American football is further subdivided into IA and I-AA, and conferences that do not cover American football are distinguished as I-AAA.

1982By then, the women's league had begun to operate.

1999The organization headquarters under the representative of Cedric DempseyIndianaIndianapolisMoved to.Dempsey also has the right to broadcast the tournament.CBSSigned over $ 11 billion in contracts with the bureau for 60 years.

2017USA Today is an NCAA member school1988から2017By the time, he reported that 338 sports clubs had been abolished.2016At Clemson University, which won the American football nationwide2012The men's and women's swimming clubs were abolished.This is to concentrate funds on American football, which is expected to attract customers, and unprofitable parts will be cut.[2].

Competitions and competitions

The NCAA currently runs 23 competitions in 90 competitions.In total, more than 1,200 athletes from more than 4 universities participate in the competition. The number of athletes involved in the NCAA competition amounts to 36.

The NCAA runs competitions for the following competitions:


It is branded under the NCAA name under NCAA certification.JapanBut1980 eraIn addition to the distribution of apparel products with the NCAA logo,SuntoryReleased bySports DrinkWas used as the brand name of.

O'Bannon proceedings

In 2009Ed O'Bannon"Even after becoming a university alumnus, the portraits have been used commercially by NCAA, and it is unpaid.Portrait rightSued as "infringement"[3][4].. In August 2014, the California District Court sentenced plaintiffs to victory in a first-instance decision.[5].


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