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🚴 | Bicycle high school student hit by a heavy car at an intersection ... Aichi / Ichinomiya City


A high school student on a bicycle is hit by a heavy body and becomes a light car at an intersection ... Aichi / Ichinomiya City

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Police arrested Takamasa Natsume, a 48-year-old employee of a delivery company in Ichinomiya City, who was driving a light car, for the current crime of negligent driving injury.

A high school boy who was crossing an intersection by bicycle was hit by a light car and was unconscious. Around 22 pm on the 10rd, love ... → Continue reading

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Ichinomiya(Ichinomiyashi)AichiNorthwestern part ofOwari region) Located inCity.Core cityIs specified in.

The current area is oldNakajima-gunNorthern / OldHaguri-gunWestern / OldNiwa-gunIt corresponds to the western part (the area at the time of the city system on September 1921, 9 was the former Nakashima-gun).


The center isShin Kiyoda Shrine OfMonzen-choIt originates from prospering as[1].

Long time agofabricKnown as one of the leading producers of[2], Currently branding Bishu textiles, Aichi prefectureWoolenOccupied 60% of the national market share[3]..It was once called "the city of female workers (female employees of the factory)" because it employed a large number of female employees in the center of the spinning and textile industry, and the female employee of the textile factory was "Orihime". The female population is still rather large because the former employees still live there.

The textile industry has a long historyHeian periodHas already produced Nishiki Aya[1]..However, in modern times, the textile industry has moved to foreign countries and is sluggish.The remains of textile, spinning and textile factories have become residential and commercial facilities.Train-highwayBecause of its high convenienceNagoya city OfBed town[4]Urban development is progressing as.

It is the fifth largest city in Aichi prefecture, following Nagoya, Toyota, Okazaki, and Toyohashi. Adjacent to April 5, 2005Bisai CityとHaguri-gunKisogawa TownTheTransferAs a result, the population has expanded to 37.[5].. Fourth in the prefecture from April 2021 (3rd year of Reiwa)Core cityMoved to[6](Toyota, Toyohashi, Okazaki, Ichinomiya).

About place names

The name "Ichinomiya City"Owari OfIchinomiyaIsShin Kiyoda ShrineIt comes from the fact that there is.This area (hereinafter referred to as "urban area")OwariAlso known as Ichinomiya, it is the name of the JR station.In Aichi prefectureHigashimikawaIn rural areasToyokawaIchinomiya(Until 2006, Ichinomiya-cho, Hoi-gun), which is "Mikawa-Ichinomiya".In addition, there are "Ichinomiya" and "Ichinomiya" all over Japan, such as Ichinomiyamachi, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture (Hida Ichinomiya).SaitamaOmiya WAlso"Musashi IchinomiyaIs the origin.There is a town name "Omiya, Ichinomiya City" on the north side of Masumida Shrine.In the city and neighboring cities and towns, the city name is often called "Ichinomiya" instead of "Ichinomiya", and even in Ichinomiya city, the city area is sometimes called "Ichinomiya". (Other than the urban area, it is often called by the old towns and villages such as Okoshi, Okucho, and Azai.)


Nobi PlainInuyama, almost in the center ofFanLocated at the western end ofhighestHowever, it is located on a flat land with an altitude of about 20m.



Main river


Place name in the city

Place name in IchinomiyaSee.


Population distribution by age in Ichinomiya City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Ichinomiya City (2005)
■Purple-Ichinomiya City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Ichinomiya City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Adjacent municipality

Aichi prefecture flagAichi

Gifu Prefecture FlagGifu



  • 1921 years(Taisho10 years) September 9-Ichinomiya-cho, Nakashima-gun enforces the city systemIchinomiyaWas launched.
  • October 1922, 11 (Taisho 10) --City emblem established[7].
  • 2002 years(Heisei14 years) June 4- Special city at the time of enforcementMoved to.
  • September 2005, 17- Bisai City・ Haguri-gunKisogawa TownIncorporated.The City Hall Ichinomiya Government Building (southeast side of Masumida Shrine) has been renovated, and the Onishi City Hall is still used as the Onishi Government Building and the Kisogawa Town Hall as the Kisogawa Government Building.
  • February 2021, 3 (4nd year of Reiwa)- Core cityScheduled to move to.

Transition of local government

countyBefore Meiji 22April 22, 10Meiji 22-Meiji 45Taisho 1st year-Taisho 15th year1-64Heisei 1-PresentNow
Ichinomiya VillageIchinomiya villageIchinomiyaIchinomiyaMay 10, 9
Municipal system Ichinomiya
Isshiki Village
OgemuraOtashima VillageOtashima VillageApril 39, 5
merger Haguri Village
Haguri VillageShowa 15 years 8 month 1 Date
IchinomiyaTransfer to
Shanshan Village
Komyoji VillageKomyoji VillageKomyoji Village
Sasano Village
Sarayashiki Village
Tadokoro Village
Sachihara VillageSachihara VillageSachihara Village
Asano VillageAsabuchi VillageApril 39, 7
merger Nishinari Village
Nishinari VillageShowa 15 years 9 month 20 Date
IchinomiyaTransfer to
Kitaobuchi Village
Minamiobuchi Village
Great Akami VillageAkabaneAkabane
Koakami Village
Niwa Village
Shimonara VillageChunming VillageHonami VillageHonami Village
Shimonara Rooster Nitta
Josuiji Village
Nishiogaido Village
Tokinoshima VillageTokinoshima Village
Sebe VillageToyohara Village (Sebe)April 29, 11
Sebe Village
Nishiazai VillageAsai villageApril 33, 7
Town system Asai Town
April 39, 5
merger Asai Town
Asai TownAsai TownShowa 30 years 1 month 1 Date
IchinomiyaTransfer to
Higashi Asai Village
Kawabata Village
Nishikaito Village
Emori Village
Ohibino Village
Kohibino Village
MaenomuraMizuho VillageMizuho Village
Ozeki Village
Kuroiwa Village
Kawada Village
Gokurakuji Village
Kokonoka Market VillageKokonoka Market VillageApril 39, 7
merger Tanyo Village
Tanyo VillageTanyo Village
Itsukaichi Market VillageFutagawa Village
Denpoji Village
Mitsui VillageMie Island Village
Shigeyoshi Village
Hirashima Village
Sotozaki Village
Takagi VillageTakamori VillageTakamori Village
Morimoto Village
Sarukaido Village
Morimoto Village
Machiya villageToyotomi VillageToyotomi VillageApril 39, 5
merger Chiaki
ChiakiChiakiShowa 30 years 4 month 7 Date
IchinomiyaTransfer to
HanemuraAsano Hanemura
Oyama Village
Shiojiri Village
Tenma Village
Hozumitsuka Motomura
Isshiki Village
Kumashiro VillageKamo Village
Hanayama Village
Kano Baba VillageYomura
(Kano Baba / Shibahara)
(Kano Baba / Shibahara)
Shibahara Village
Northern villageNorthern villageNorthern villageNorthern villageNorthern villageNorthern villageShowa 30 years 4 month 1 Date
IchinomiyaTransfer to
Nakajima Village
Sone VillageKuroda Village (Sone)April 27, 12
Town system Kurodacho(Sone)
April 39, 5
Northern villageTransfer to
(I.e.(I.e.April 27, 9
Town system Okumachi
Hagiwara VillageHagiwara VillageHagiwara VillageApril 29, 4
Town system Hagiwara
April 39, 5
merger Hagiwara
Nishinogawa Village
Futago Village
Takamatsu Village
Togari Village
Built-in village
Asamiya Village
Kushitsukuri Village
HayashinomuraShinmei VillageShinmei Village
Nishinomiya Shigemura
Kawadakata Village
Nakajima VillageNakajima Village
(Nakashima, Nishimido, Higashimiya Shige)
Nakajima Village
(Nakashima, Nishimido, Higashimiya Shige)
Nishimido Village
Higashimiya Shigemura
Tomita HomuraNikko VillageNikko Village
Hanaikata Village
Menjo VillageApril 39, 5
merger Kaya Agamura
April 41, 4
Renamed Yamato Village
Yamato VillageShowa 26 years 3 month 1 Date
Town system Yamato Town
Mabiki Village
Fukumori Village
Kaya AgamuraKaya AgamuraKaya Agamura
Miyaji Hanaike VillageMiwa VillageMiwa Village
Totsuka Village
Myokoji VillageMyokoji VillageMyokoji Village
Mr. Nagamura
Kita Takai VillageTakai VillageTakai Village
Minamitakai Village
Oho VillageInaho Village (Oho)Inaho Village (Oho)
Mayori VillageMayori VillageMayori VillageApril 39, 5
merger Imaise Village
Imaise VillageShowa 16 years 3 month 10 Date
Town system Imaise Town
Shin-Kobe VillageKobe villageKobe village
This Kobe village
Miyago VillageKaimei VillageApril 32, 8
Kobe villageTransfer to
NofumuraKaimei VillageKaimei VillageShowa 30 years 4 month 1 Date
Bisai CityTransfer to
IchinomiyaTransfer to
Kobara Shinden
Okoshi VillageOkoshi VillageApril 29, 2
Town system Okoshi
April 39, 5
merger Okoshi
OkoshiOkoshiShowa 30 years 1 month 1 Date
Municipal system Bisai City
Konobu Nakajima VillageKonobu Nakajima VillageKonobu Nakajima Village
Kaya Yasuga NittaSanjo VillageSanjo Village
Itakura Village
West Gojo VillageDaitokumuraDaitokumura
East Gojo Village
ImamuraKita Imamura
Nishi Hagiwara VillageApril 39, 5
merger Asahi
Hasuike Village
YukumuraYuga VillageYuga Village
to East MalaysiaKaganoivillage
East Kagano Village
Kamisobue VillageKamisobue VillageKamisobue Village
Akoi VillageMeiji VillageMeiji VillageMeiji Village
Yoshifuji Village
Tamano VillageTamano VillageTamano Village
Kuroda VillageKuroda Village
(Kuroda, Kadoma, Uchiwarita
  ・ Sotowarita / Sanboji)
April 27, 12
Town system Kurodacho
(Kuroda, Kadoma, Uchiwarita
  ・ Sotowarita / Sanboji)
April 39, 5
merger Kurodacho
April 43, 2
Renamed Kisogawa Town
Kisogawa TownKisogawa Town
Kadoma Village
Uchiwari Tamura
Sotowari Tamura
Sanboji Village
Sato Komaki VillageSato Komaki VillageSato Komaki Village
Tamanoi VillageTamanoi VillageTamanoi Village



代NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
First generationTsunetaro Hino1921th of February 121930th of February 11Former Mayor of Ichinomiya
2 feeFutoshi Kojima Gate1930th of February 121933th of February 12
3 feeForest Uemon1934th of February 51942th of February 5
4 feeManji Yoshida1942th of February 61947th of February 1Banishment of public officeResigned by
5 feeIto Ito1947th of February 41971th of February 4
6 feeMori Kotaro1971th of February 51989th of February 9Died of heart failure
7 feeMaki Kanda1989th of February 111998th of February 12Resigned to run for the Aichi governor's election
8 feeKazuo Tani1999th of February 12015th of February 1Resign 4 days earlier than the expiration of the term
9 feeMasayasu Nakano2015th of February 2Incumbent


2014 (Heisei 26) initial budget[8]

General account1,054 million yen(0.2% increase from the previous year)
Special account671 million yen(12.9% decrease compared to the previous year)
Corporate accounting548 yen(12.9% increase from the previous year)
All accounts2,274 yen(1.5% decrease compared to the previous year)

While the city is expanding in scale, its financial strength is weak due to changes in the industrial structure.AichiAmong the cities with a population of 10 or moreSeto CityAlong withLocal allocation taxIt is a granting organization.

Aichi Prefectural Organization
  • Owari Prefectural Life Plaza
  • Ichinomiya Health Center
  • Ichinomiya Children's Counseling Center
  • Nishiowari Prefectural Tax Office

Sister cities/partner cities


sister city
2005 yearsAichi ExpoStarted exchanges between Ichinomiya City and Italy[9].. Since 2007, exchanges with Treviso that share textiles and fashion will deepen.[9].
Friendship partner country
Held in 2005Aichi ExpoThen, "one municipality one country friendship project" was carried out.Nagoya cityMunicipalities in Aichi Prefecture have welcomed 120 officially participating countries of the Expo as friendship partners.[10].


Partner city
Cities with mutual support agreements in the event of a disaster
  • Toyama Prefecture FlagTakaoka(Toyama)
    May 2007, 19 Mutual support agreement at the time of disaster
  • Gifu Prefecture FlagSeki City(Gifu Prefecture)
    2011 (Heisei 23) Mutual support agreement in the event of a disaster
Kazutoyo YamauchiとChiyo (Missoin)Participating in municipalities that have a deep relationship with and that value relationships. Held annually from 1994 to 2007.
In 2006, the taiga drama "Achievement is TsujiWas aired and achieved certain results, so it was switched to private sector initiative in 2007.


City council

Ichinomiya City Assembly
  • Number of people: 38 people
  • Term: March 2019, 5-March 1, 2023[11]
  • Chair: Tadashi Yokoi (Reiwakai)
  • Vice-chairman: Yasuro Noritake (Reiwakai)
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsRepresentative name (◎ is representative)
Reiwakai17◎ Nora Watanabe, Toshihiko Asai, Masatsugu Okamoto, Satoshi Takeyama, Yaso Hasegawa, Takeyuki Yagi, Akihisa Watanabe, Satoshi Ozeki, Tadashi Yokoi,
Masaaki Hanatani, Toshiaki Mori, Yasuro Noritake, Fumio Inoue, Hidenori Shimazu, Masato Higashibuchi, Hirotsugu Motoyama, Kenta Kimura
Shinfukai7◎ Tetsuro Matsui, Hiromasa Takagi, Kazushi Ukai, Hitomi Mori, Noriyo Otsu, Fumito Ota, Fumiko Kyogoku
KomeitoIchinomiya City Council5◎ Kunie Hiramatsu, Yuji Shibata, Chieko Mizutani, Hiroyasu Kawamura, Tomoaki Ichikawa
Fresh greenery4◎ Tamotsu Nishiwaki, Kazuhito Nakamura, Hajime Takahashi, Yoshiaki Kobayashi
Meeting to improve Ichinomiya2◎ Sachiko Uyama, Miyuki Goto
Liberal Democratic Party Ichinomiya City Assembly1Hiromichi Ito
Japanese Communist Party Ichinomiya City Council1Kazuko Hikosaka
Ichinomiya Citizen's Club1Osamu Hattori

(As of June 2020, 6[12])

Prefectural assembly

Aichi Prefectural Assembly
  • Number of people: 5 people
  • Constituency: Ichinomiya City Constituency
  • Term: March 2019, 4-March 30, 2023
  • Voting Date: July 2019, 4
  • Number of voters on the day: 314,723[13]
  • Voting rate: 34.78%[13]
Candidate nameCommentageParty nameOld and newNumber of votes obtained
Kentaro KobeThis59LDPNow18,812 vote
Toshiro KitoThis62KomeitoNow16,789 vote
Masako TakahashiThis60IndependentNow13,468 vote
Hidetoshi SatoThis62LDP新13,072 vote
Toshihide HiramatsuThis49LDP新12,858 vote
Yue Tomatsudrop39Constitutional Democratic Party新12,740 vote
Shinji Iwamuradrop64IndependentNow11,546 vote
Masafumi Itakuradrop60Japan Communist Party新8,794 vote

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Aichi prefecture 9st ward
(Tsushima,Inazawa,Aishi City,Yatomi City, OldBisai CityIchinomiya City in the area,Ama City,Oji Town,Kanie Town,Tobishima Village)
Yasumasa NagasakaLDP3Constituency
Mitsuo OkamotoConstitutional Democratic Party5Proportional revival
Aichi prefecture 10st ward
(OldBisai CityIchinomiya City, excluding the area,Gangnam,Iwakura,Oguchi Town,Fuso Town)
Esaki TetsumaLDP7Constituency
Kazumi SugimotoJapan Restoration Party3Proportional revival

National agency

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Ministry of Finance

National Tax Agency

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Defense


Ministry of Justice

Prosecutor's office

裁判 所



ExecutivePolice box
  • Onishi executive police box (Konobunakashima)
  • Kisogawa executive police box (Kisogawa-cho Oaza Kuroda)
Police box
  • Asai police box (Ozeki, Asai-cho)
  • Haguri police box (Shimamura)
  • Tokinoshima police box (Tokinoshima)
  • Chiaki police box (Chiakicho Kanomanba)
  • Ichinomiya Southern Police Box (Seni 2-chome)
  • Hanaike police box (Hanaike 3-chome)
  • Hagiwara police box (Hagiwara, Hagiwara-cho)
  • Yamato Kita Police Box (Suehiro 2-chome)
  • Yawata police box (Yawata 1-chome)
  • Okucho police box (Okucho)
  • Imaise police box (Imaise Mayori)
  • Ohama police box (Ohama 2-chome)
  • Kinosaki police box (Shirosakidori 5-chome)
  • Ichinomiya station square police box (Sakae 3-chome)
  • Kaimei police box (Kaimei)
  • Tanyo police box (Tanyo Town)
  • Nishiogaido Police Box (Nishiogaido)
  • Akeike police box (Akeike)
  • Akoi police box (Kamisobue)
  • Tamanoi police box (Tamanoi, Kisogawa-cho)


Fire department / branch office
  • Ichinomiya Fire Department: Midori 1-1-10
  • Yawata Branch Office: 4-1-12 Yawata
  • Bisai Fire Station: 13-1 Nakagiriura, Nishiitsushiro
  • Kisogawa Fire Department: Kisogawa-cho Kuroda character Kitajuku Ninokiri 247-1
Branch office
  • Chiaki Branch Office: 1-1 Kamura, Sano, Chiaki-cho
  • Asai / Nishinari branch office: Asai-cho Higashi-Asai character Shinkaimae 27
  • Yamato branch office: Yamatocho Kariyasuga character Kamihigashide 37
  • Danyang Branch Office: Takaki 4-30-13
  • Hagiwara Branch Office: Hagiwara-cho Kushizukuri Suizetsu 15
  • Imaise / Oku Branch Office: 22-1 Higashiseko, Imaisecho Umayoji
  • Haguri Branch Office: Osaruzuka 19
  • Northern branch office: 60 Nishikanamaru, northern character in Kitagata-cho



Once as a hospital operated by Ichinomiya CityIchinomiya Municipal Hospital Ima-Ise BranchとIchinomiya City Onishi Municipal Hospital(Former: Onishi Municipal Hospital) existed, but was transferred to the private sector.

  • Daiyukai General Hospital(Social medical corporation Daiyukai)
  • Daiyukai Daiichi Hospital(Ibid.)
  • Kamibayashi Memorial Hospital(Specified medical corporation Anreikai)
  • Ichinomiyanishi Hospital (same as above)
  • Imaise Psychiatric Center (Same as above, former: Ichinomiya Municipal Municipal Hospital Imaise Branch)
  • Bisai Memorial Hospital (same as above, formerly: Ichinomiya City Bisai Municipal Hospital)
  • Chiaki Hospital(Medical corporation Owari Kenyukai)
  • Osu Hospital (Medical corporation Raikokai)
  • Taigenkai Hospital (Medical corporation Taigenkai)

Public hall


  • Ichinomiya City Library
    • Ichinomiya City Central Library
    • Ichinomiya City Onishi Library
    • Ichinomiya City Tamado Memorial Kisogawa Library
    • Ichinomiya City Onishi Children's Library
    • Ichinomiya City Children's Culture Plaza Library

Exercise facility


Primary industry


In agriculture, the cold winter wind "Ibuki OroshiWas usedKiriboshi-Daikon (Dried Daikon Radish Strips)Making is noted[14]..Also, in Chiaki-cho in the eastern part of the cityLeek[15],Chicken eggs[16]Production is thriving,TV programButTV Aichi"Freshly taken!"[17],Nippon TV"Which cooking show"[Source required]Was introduced in.

Agricultural cooperative

Secondary industry


Textile industry

fabricThe history as a production areaHeian periodIt goes back to. Edo PeriodIsKyohoStriped cotton and silk fabrics such as Yuki stripes and Kandaiji stripes from Ichinomiya were bought and sold in "Sanpachi City", which has been open since the year. MeijiAfter that, the "wool weaving industry" developed,Gachaman businessIn response to the boom in textiles calledloom,Twisted yarnHowever, the textile-related subcontracting business has declined due to the increase in cheap imports from abroad.However, even now, "" is still open as a comprehensive textile industry city.The national share of woolen manufacturing and shipment value is approximately 18.2% (2001).The Bishu brand is one of the three largest woolen production areas in the world.[18].

Redevelopment of large-scale textile-related factories through domestic reorganization has been progressing for decades, and the head office factory along National Route 22 was opened in June 1975.UniIchinomiya store (currently rebuilt and Apita's "Terrace Walk Ichinomiya”), In April 2004, the former Kisogawa-cho districtKurashiki spinningKisogawa Factory is Diamond City Kirio (currentlyAEON MALL Kisogawa) Has been reborn.

Tertiary industry

A coffee shop OfMorning serviceIt is said to be the birthplace and is promoting "Ichinomiya Morning".[19].


JROwari Ichinomiya StationとMeitetsu Ichinomiya StationIn the city where there is, the main town in front of Masumida Shrine (near the city hall)Shopping district,Meitetsu Department Store Ichinomiya(Adjacent to Meitetsu Station).The shopping district used to be one of the busiest areas, but like other cities, it is currently sluggish.

In recent years, in Kisogawa TownAEON MALL Kisogawa-ApitaKisogawa store, near the cityTerrace Walk IchinomiyaThere are commercial facilities such as (Apita Ichinomiya store),Consumer electronics storeSuch asRoadside storeThere are also many stores.

Since the terrace walk is located in the city area, the scale of stores and parking lots is not so large. In Kitagata Town and former Haguri Village, in addition to Kisogawa Town, Aeon Kagamihara Store and Colorful Town Gifu (Ito-Yokado), and in urban areas and southern and western Tanyo Town, Yamato Town, Hagiwara Town, and Bisai City, Apita Inazawa Store It is often used (adjacent to UNY headquarters) and Reef Walk (Megadon Quixote Inazawa).

There used to be many movie theaters in the city, but now they are all closed, and now the only cinema complex in Ichinomiya is at AEON MALL Kisogawa.

Main commercial facilities

A company headquartered in Ichinomiya



Newspaper company

Life base


In IchinomiyaElectrical TheChubu Electric Power Power Grid Co., Ltd.Is supplied by.

The supply of electricity startedTaishoIn the times, before the enforcement of the city system.Of the 14 towns and villages in the current city area, Ichinomiya Town started supply in January 1913 (Taisho 2).The business operator has its head office in the townIchinomiya ElectricSo, in February of the same yearOkumachi-Okoshi-Kisogawa TownBut started supplying[21]..As of 1918 (Taisho 7), the company's supply range is in addition to the above four towns.Hagiwara-Imaise Village-Yamato Village-Asahi-Nishinari Village-Asai Town-Northern village-Haguri VillageWas added to make a total of 12 towns and villages[22].

In addition to Ichinomiya Electric, in the current city areaNagoya lightHas advanced. The companyNagoya cityHeadquartered in 1914 (Taisho 3)ChiakiAnd part of Nishinari Village was included in the supply range[23].. RemainTanyo VillageAbout Inazawacho (currentlyInazawa) Based in Inazawa Electric (laterInazawa Electric Light) Has been supplying since 1916 (Taisho 5)[24].

In the current city area, the number of suppliers, which was three in the early Taisho era, was finally reduced to one.First, in 3 (Taisho 1), Nagoya Electric Light absorbed Ichinomiya Electric.Nagoya Electric Light has undergone several mergers since then.Chukyo areaMajor power companyToho Electric PowerDeveloped into[21]..Inazawa Electric Light, which was supplied to Tanyo Village, was also supplied in 1939 (XNUMX).ShowaIn 14), it was integrated into Toho Electric Power Co., Ltd.[25]Business integration in the city area is over, but during the warPower distributionIn 3 (Showa 1942), three years after the controlChubu Electric Power DistributionIt became the supply range of.In 1951 (Showa 26) after the warChubu Electric PowerWas established and has inherited the Chubu Electric Power distribution business to the present day.[21].


In IchinomiyaCity Gas TheToho Gas Co., Ltd.It is supplied by (Toho Gas).

About the gas business in the city, in 1882 (former Ichinomiya Town)Meiji15 years)Gas lampWas newly established, but the full-scale gas business was established in 1909 (Meiji 42), Ichinomiya Gas, and later.Bishu ElectricStarted by.After being succeeded to Toho Electric Power by the merger, the gas business in the city was transferred to Toho Gas in April 1923 (Taisho 12).[26]..Of the 10 towns and villages that Ichinomiya City incorporated in the Showa period, Imaise-cho was the one where gas was supplied before the transfer, and started in June 1933 (Showa 8).[27].. For the two cities and towns that were incorporated in Heisei,Bisai City(Excluding the former Imaise town area) started in June 1958 (Showa 33), and Kisogawa town started in November 6 (Showa 1962).[28].

Regarding the gas business, the Toho Gas Ichinomiya Factory was located in the city, but it was suspended in October 1953 (closed the following year) and switched to high-pressure conduit transportation from Nagoya City.[29].



Area code
  • NTTArea codeIs "0586" throughout the city. ("0587" area (adjacent)Gangnam,IwakuraEtc.) and local charges are possible. )



Tokai passenger railway(JR Tokai)
CA Tokaido Main Line
  • (Inazawa City) -Owari Ichinomiya Station- Kisogawa Station -(Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture)
Nagoya Railway(Meitetsu)
NH Nagoya Main Line
BS Bisai Line
Inuyama LineA part of the area between Hotei Station and Ishibotoke Station runs through Chiakicho in the eastern part of Ichinomiya City, but there is an Inuyama Line in Ichinomiya City.stationThere is no.You can use Iwakura Station / Ishibutsu Station (Iwakura City) and Nunobukuro Station / Konan Station (Konan City) near the border with Ichinomiya City.Congestion at the intersections of National Highway No. 22 and crossing roads is common in Ichinomiya City, and the Inuyama Line is often used east of Line 22. Meitetsu Bus operates from the bus terminal of Meitetsu Ichinomiya Station to Iwakura Station and Gangnam Station. ing.
Abolished route
Nagoya Railway
(Abolished in 1954)■ Starting line
At the time of abolition, Mabiki stationNakajima-gunYamato Town(Incorporated into Ichinomiya City in 1955), Kagoya Station-Nakashima-gun between the starting stationsOkoshi(In 1955Bisai CityIt is located in Ichinomiya City in 2005).
(Abolished in 1959)■ Bisai Line
At the time of abolition, the whole areaHaguri-gunKisogawa TownLocated in (2005, incorporated into Ichinomiya City).
(Abolished in 1965)■ Ichinomiya Line


From 2009 year 1 month 9 dayGifu StationDeparture and arrival "Dream Nagoya"Come to stop. In addition, from December 2010, 12, "Hokuriku Dream Nagoya"Was also stopped.

Transit Bus

For general routes that carry city transportation, etc., the following companiesTransit BusandCommunity busThere is. Also, until June 2007, 6Ichinomiya City Onishi area public facility patrol busWas in operation,i-busIt was absorbed as the northwestern tail and southwestern tail course.



National road

  • National Route 22(Nagi Bypass) North of the starting and ending points of the Nagoya Expressway Ichinomiya Line is often congested, and crossing intersections is often congested. This is also expected to alleviate traffic congestion by extending the Nagoya Expressway, which is scheduled to pass directly above.
  • National Route 155: There are two routes east of Route 22: the current road that passes through the northern part of Iwakura City and reaches the direction of Mt. Komaki, and the bypass that passes through the southern part of Konan City and reaches the direction of Komaki IC. The west of Route 2 is only the current road that passes in front of Masumida Shrine and reaches Tsushima City and Yatomi City.

Prefectural road

Main local road
General prefectural road

License plate




Junior college


Vocational school

  • Chubu Beauty College Ichinomiya School

high school


Junior high school

Source: Ichinomiya City websiteList of public junior high schools-List of private junior high schools


primary school

Source: Ichinomiya City websiteList of elementary schools, etc.


Special school


Facilities other than school education


Sights/historic sites/tourist spots

Sights and historic sites

Main castle
Main temple
Main shrine
Post town
Main ruins
Other historical sites
  • Kawai GyokudoBirth monument
  • Sawai public residence ruins
  • Tomb of Moritoyo Yamauchi and Juro's father and son

Nearby Tourist Spots

Cultural facility


Festivals and events

Main festivals
  • Vaginal discharge Thanksgiving IchinomiyaTanabataFestival
It started in 1956 (Showa 31)Ichinomiya Tanabata FestivalIs the biggest summer event in Ichinomiya City, with the last Sunday in July as the last day, and will be held for four days from Thursday, and will be crowded with more than 7 million people. The total number of times is NagoyaEntonjiTanabataIt's the same as the festival.Sendai Tanabata,Shonan Hiratsuka Tanabata Festival, Ichinomiya Tanabata Festival, or Sendai Tanabata, Shonan Hiratsuka Tanabata Festival,Anjo Tanabata FestivalIs called "Japan's Three Great Tanabata Festivals".
  • White Illumination in Bisai (next to City Hall Onishi Government Building (former Onishi City Hall))
  • Nobi Fireworks
  • Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Peach blossom festival
  • Iwato Festival
  • Azalea festival
  • Chindon Festival
  • Sebe floats and mortar festival
  • Ichitoyo Festival
  • Bisa Festival
  • Amazake festival

Specialty/Special product


  • Morning service —— “Ichinomiya Morning” is being promoted.


OUR TEAMSportsleagueHeadquartersEstablishment
Tokai NEXUSbaseballCenter leagueUndecided2020
FC.SIRIUS Owariサ ッ カ ーNishiowari Adult Soccer League2009
FutsalJapan Women's Futsal League2016
soft ballJapan Women's Softball League Organization2016

Origin-related celebrities

Sengoku warlord
Business world

Honorary citizen

Former Ichinomiya City / New Ichinomiya City
Former Bisai City
  • (1911-1965) --Businessman.
  • (1902-1977) --Businessman and politician. Mayor Onishi.
  • Fusae Ichikawa(1893-1981) --Women's activist and politician.
  • Setsuko Migishi(1905-1999) --Western painter.
Former Kisogawa Town
  • (1892-1960) --Politician. Mayor of Kisogawa.
  • (1910-1973) --Politician. Mayor of Kisogawa.
  • (1896-1974) --Politician. Mayor of Kisogawa.


Works set in Ichinomiya City

  • "Ichinomiya no Yoru" (Song, Norio Tsuboi)


  • In 2001 (Heisei 13), the city's symbol song "People, Town, To the Future" was produced to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the municipal organization. Lyrics: Kenichi Matsushima (Open call for participants) Supplement / Composition: Tokuhide Niimi.[31]
  • Vietcon RamenAlso known as the birthplace of.
  • Known nationwideMorningOriginated in Ichinomiya City.


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