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⚾ | [High School Baseball] Succession 90% + “My color” 10% Creating a team of new managers who have been appointed to Koshien regular school

Photo Director Takashi Shizuoka and Shinnosuke Ikeda (left) [Photo: Atsushi Ma]

[High school baseball] Succession 90% + "My color" 10% Creating a team of new managers who became Koshien regular schools

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The match, which was held on the 25th because of the possibility of confusion, was held with spectators as before, but sales of alcohol, lunch boxes, and light meals were canceled at the stadiums in the target area.

Mr. Shinnosuke Ikeda, who became the new manager at Shizuoka's prestigious Shizuoka High School, held the second round of the Spring High School Baseball Shizuoka Prefectural Tournament on the 25th, Shizuoka ... → Continue reading


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