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🥋 | <Wrestling> [5.6-9 World Final Qualifying / Outlook (3)] Cuba needs to be careful, and the rest is a horizontal battle ... Men ...

Photo Yuli Gurriel Torule Blanca Cuerarta (Cuba), who won the 2020 Panamerican Championship.Lost to David Taylor (USA) in qualifying and couldn't get a quota = Provided by UWW

<Wrestling> [5.6-9 World Final Qualifying / Prospects (3)] Cuba needs to be careful, and the rest is a horizontal battle ... Men ...

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Azamat Dauretobekov (Kazakhstan), who was third with Sosuke Takatani in the Asian qualifying, has a record of being second in the Asian Championship twice.

《Results of major international tournaments from 2018 to 21》 * Shading is the country that won the participation slot Men's Freestyle 57kg 86kg 97k… → Continue reading

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Sosuke Takatani

Sosuke Takatani(That's right,1989May 4 -) isKyotoTakenoAmino Town(CurrentKyotango City) FromwrestlingPlayer (freestyle).ALSOKBelongs.The current class is 86 kg.

2012 London Olympicsと2016 Rio de Janeiro OlympicsParticipated in the 2 kg class in the two Olympic Games in 74World Wrestling ChampionshipsThen he won the silver medal in the 74 kg class.A sharp tackle is a weapon and has the nickname of "Prince Tackle"[1].


In the lower grades of elementary schoolkarateBut started wrestling in the 6th grade of elementary school[1]..Until junior high school, I attended a local Amino-cho boy wrestling class, and in 2004 (Heisei 16)National Junior High School Wrestling ChampionshipWon the men's 59 kg class[1].Kyoto Prefectural Amino High SchoolAt the time of admission, it was 66 kg class, but in the second year of high school, it was converted to 2 kg class.[1]..2007 (Heisei 19) while attending Amino High School,All Japan Wrestling ChampionshipI won the runner-up and got a lot of attention.After graduating from Amino High SchoolTakushoku UniversityIn 2008 (Heisei 20)Beijing OlympicsAt that time, he became a candidate for the national team, but he was unable to participate in the Olympics after losing in the final qualifying.

First victory in the 2011 All Japan Wrestling Championships[1].. In June 2012Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euHe won second place in the London Olympics Asian Qualifying held in Tokyo, and won the right to participate in this tournament in the 74 kg class.He lost the first match at the London Olympic Games.

2014 (Heisei 26)World championshipIn the 74 kg class, he advanced to the final and lost to Russia's Dennis Zargsh 2-8 in the final to win the silver medal.[2].. Belarus in the third roundMurad GaidarovAlthough he was hit by a foul attack such as being punched by his opponent, he defeated it 4-0, but before the semi-final, Gaidarov boiled Takatani's head with boiling water.Gaidarov was defeated in the repechage by committing a rough play foul and losing the foul.Not only that, I got into the referee's seat to protest the decision of another match.United World Wrestling UnionHe took an unmanned attitude, such as assaulting the (UWW) Secretary-General and referees.Gaidarov was in 2004 (Heisei 16)Athens OlympicsEven inBuvaisar SaitievHe had been hit after being defeated by.Japan Wrestling AssociationStrictly protests against the United World Wrestling in writing[3][4][5][6], World Wrestling Union Suspended Gaidarov for 3 Years and Fined 1Swiss franc(Approximately 135 million yen)[7][8].

In October 2016Rio de Janeiro OlympicsDespite being injured in the right knee ligament, he participated in the Asian qualifying round, and by advancing to the final, he was qualified to qualify for the Olympics.[9]..He finished 7th in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.

2017 World ChampionshipIn the first match, he played against Armenian Grigor Gregoryan, but he not only stabbed his head but also bit his flank and won the foul.Takatani lost the subsequent game[10], 8th place. In 2017 (Heisei 29), it was converted to the 79 kg class of non-Olympic events, and in 2018 (Heisei 30), it was converted to the 86 kg class.[1].. Held in 2021 (3rd year of Reiwa)2020 Tokyo OlympicsHas acquired the right to participate in[11].


His younger brother is also a wrestler.Like his brother, he entered Takushoku University from Amino High School and won the 2013 All Japan Wrestling Championship.[12].


International competition

World Wrestling Championships
  • 2019 86kg class 10th place
  • 2018 79kg class 11th place
  • 2017 74kg class 8th place
  • 2015 74kg class 14th place
  • 2014 74 kg class runner-up
  • 2013 74kg class 7th place

Domestic competition

All Japan Wrestling Championship
  • 2020 92kg class championship
  • 2019 86kg class championship
  • 2018 86kg class championship
  • 2017 79kg class championship
  • 2016 74kg class championship
  • 2015 74kg class championship
  • 2014 74kg class championship
  • 2013 74kg class championship
  • 2012 74kg class championship
  • 2011 74kg class championship
  • 2010 74kg class 3th place
  • 2007 74 kg class runner-up
All Japan Wrestling Championship
  • 2019 86kg class championship
  • 2018 79kg class championship
  • 2017 74kg class championship
  • 2015 74kg class championship
  • 2014 74kg class championship
  • 2013 74kg class championship
  • 2011 74kg class 3th place
  • 2008 74 kg class runner-up
Other tournaments

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