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⛷ | Mao Asada “Chapter XNUMX” of life is also “if you were involved in skating in some way”

Mao Asada (camera = Daisuke Iwata) who fascinated the audience

Mao Asada "Chapter XNUMX" of life is also "if you were involved in skating in some way"

If you write the contents roughly
Mao has a dream of making her own skating rink.

Mao Asada (XNUMX), a professional figure skater and former world queen, will produce an ice show "..." on the XNUMXth. → Continue reading

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Skating rink

Skating rink(British: ice rink, Or(ice) skating rink) Isice skateHas the size and durability to be able toLevelToA flat surface with a stretch or a facility that includes it. "silver plateAlso known as "ice rink," "skating rink," "skate center," and "ice arena."


Link(rink) IsScottishIs a word that means "course" incurlingIt was used as the name of the place to do.Later, the term was diverted to other sports and icy areas for various purposes.[1].


To carry out ice skating, it is strong enough not to break even if many people ridefrictionNeeds a small flat surface, but the winter temperature is low enoughFreezingIn the area whereLake,canalOrSlopeIs smallRiverIs the most convenient skating rink for ice skating.Even in areas where lakes and marshes do not freeze, it is used as a skating rink by sprinkling water on horizontal land (school grounds, riverbeds, fields, etc.) with a certain amount of water in winter.

ice makingWhen installing an artificial skating rink (piping rink) using technology, it is common to spread a cooling pipe, fill it with water, and use a refrigerator.freezing pointThe heat medium cooled below is circulated in the cooling pipe to freeze.As a heat mediumSodium chlorideAqueous solution (brine, Brine)Calcium chlorideAn example of using an aqueous solution is often seen.thesesaltThe aqueous solution of (en) isFreezing point depressionDoes not freeze even below the freezing point.Also, liquefactioncarbon dioxideThere is also a method of circulating the heat medium in the cooling pipe.Operate the refrigerator in any caseEnergyNeed, it isElectricalIs common.other,Liquefied natural gas(-162Below)Thermal power generationWhen regasifying for use in industry, etc.Heat of vaporizationThere is also a method of cooling the heat medium by utilizing the deprivation of heat from the surroundings.As an example of this, in JapanOsaka Prefectural Seaside Sports CenterThere is a skating rink.

In recent years, friction is small enough to slidePlasticThere is also a technique to make skating rinks other than ice using materials.This method does not require energy, but it may be necessary to apply wax to the gliding surface as appropriate.

In generalleisureSince the number of people participating in ice skating will increase in winter, outdoor skating rinks will be facilities that meet supply and demand, but indoor skating rinks will have a business problem due to a decrease in users in summer.In some areas, the running cost of the indoor type is several times higher than that of the winter due to the high outside temperature in summer and the setting of electricity charges.Therefore, the indoor type has a lower running cost and a large number of participants in the summer.Pool,gymnasiumThere are many facilities that repeat the conversion to skating rinks every year in winter.On the contrary, it is usually used as a gymnasium or an exhibition hall, and there are cases where cooling pipes are laid out and skating rinks are installed only at competitions.Even outdoor skating rinks can be used as playgrounds in the summer.In addition, it should be notedSubtropicalIn rural areas, some people use cool indoor skating rinks to escape from the high outside temperature in summer, so it is explained that the population participating in ice skating in summer will not decrease significantly.

Considering the use in ice skating competitions, skating rinks are often constructed according to the standards expected for the competition.As a competition held at the skating rinkIce hockey,Bandy,(English edition,(English edition,speed skate,Figure skating,(English edition,Boots hockey,curlingThere is.


For leisure

There is no specific standard, and it will be installed according to the circumstances of the place of establishment.When making a link by sprinkling water on the soil such as a schoolyard, it is difficult to make a horizontal, so in advanceconcreteThere is also a method of creating a horizontal plane of the size of a link and watering it.

For competition

EventLink schematicspecification
Speedskating rink 400 meters with dimensions.svgOutdoor, indoor, or indoor, a track with a maximum of 1m to a minimum of 400 and 333/1m, a double lane, and two 3 degree curves is used.[2]..Inside the curveradiusIs 25m to 26m, the width of the lane is 4m on the inside and 4m or more on the outside.[2].
シ ョ ー ト
Shorttrack diagram.pngIn a closed room with a roof (heating equipment), a link with a size of 60m x 30m or more has a circumference of 1m.OblongMake and use a truck[2].
HockeyRink-Zones.pngAccording to international standards, the maximum is 61m x 30m and the minimum is 56m x 26m.[2].NHLUsed inNorth AmericaThe standard is 200フ ィ ー ト(About 61m) x 85 feet (about 26m).Detail is"Hockey rink"reference.
Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
According to international standards, the maximum is 60m x 30m and the minimum is 56m x 26m.[2].
curlingCurlingsheet flip.svgcurlingSee.
BandyBandy pitch metric.svgBandySee.

Japanese skating rink

Second World Warbefore,Taisho eraIn Osaka at the endIchioka ParadiseJapan's first artificial skating rink "Hokugokukan" was built inside[3]However, the number was small nationwide.Generally, in winter, the natural ice of lakes and ponds was used to slide as a natural link, but it was often affected by the weather, the thickness of the ice, and the quality of the ice.But especially after World War IIHigh economic growth periodWith the rapid increase in artificial skating rinks, it is less likely to be significantly affected by the weather.At the same time, it led to a dramatic improvement in speed skating.

Ministry of educationBasic Survey on Social Life[4]According to the number of indoor links installed1969122,1985268,1996There were 127 in, but it is decreasing year by year.2008Has decreased to 96 locations.The number of outdoor links was 1969 in 270, 1985 in 672, and 1996 in 278, but it has decreased year by year to 2008 in 115.Winter OlympicsIt is temporarily in the limelight every time it is performed, but it is repeatedly obsolete soon.

From a competitive point of view, it is a matter of life and death that there are few places to practice.Also, since there is no 400m track link that can be used all year round, it is a drawback that athletes in Japan have to go abroad for summer practice.2009In 9 monthHokkaidoObihiroThe Meiji Hokkaido Tokachi Oval, which has a 400m track link indoors, was completed, and from the following year, the link will be used in mid-July, and it is becoming a base for speed skating athletes in Japan to practice in the summer.

またKansai University"Kansai University Ice Arena"Chukyo UniversityLike "Chukyo University Aurora Link"UniversityHas also built its own skating rink.

Main skating rink

400m truck

speed skateUsed for.

Hockey rink

Hockey rinkIt is,Ice hockeyIn addition,Short track speed skating,Figure skatingIs the standard used forcurlingIt may correspond to.There are many links that are open all year round[5]Only listed below.The year-round business here means that there are regular holidays about once a week and business days are set all year round.Some of the facilities below are open 1 hours a day, both for general use and for private use.

  • Size: The size of the main link.Vertical (verticalm) × Horizontal (m).
  • Year-round: The year when it was open all year.However, if unknown, the year of establishment.After the whole year, the operator may have changed, there may be a period of business suspension, or the old facility may be dismantled or newly established.
  • Umemura Academy-Chukyo UniversityandKansai University-Kansai UniversityThe link is a dedicated facility for university officials and athletes, but may have a public opening date.Kake Gakuen-Kurashiki University of Arts and SciencesEducational facilityHealthpia KurashikiThe link is open to the public.
  • Nicknames in brackets are parallel to the official name.The names in parentheses are widely known.Naming rightsIf the sale has a nickname that takes precedence over the official name, enter the nickname.
Year-round skating rink in Japan (as of February 2017)
RegionPrefecturescityName of facility位置sizeYear-round
HokkaidoHokkaidoSapporoSapporo City Tsukisamu GymnasiumMap× 60 301971
Emori Memorial Hoshioki skating rinkMap× 60 301985
KushiroMap× 56 261984
Tomari village"Toma Link"Map× 60 301998
TohokuIwateMoriokaMichinoku Coca-Cola Bottling LinkMap× 60 302015
MiyagiSendai cityIce rink SendaiMap× 56 261988
KantoSaitamaAgeo CityMap× 60 302014
ChibaChibaMap× 60 302005
FunabashiMitsui Real Estate Ice Park Funabashi× 60 302020
TokyoShinjuku wardCitizen Plaza Ice skating rinkMap× 60 301975
Meiji Jingu GaienIce skating rinkMap× 60 301963
HigashiyamasaHigashiyamato Skate CenterMap× 60 301993
NishitokyoDydo Drinco Ice ArenaMap× 60 301984
Kanagawa横 浜 市Shin-Yokohama Skate CenterMap× 60 301990
Bank of Yokohama Ice ArenaMap× 60 302015
Central partNiigataNiigataNiigata Asahi Alex Ice ArenaMap× 60 302014
NaganoKaruizawaKaruizawa Kazakoshi Park Ice ArenaMap× 60 302009
AichiNagoya cityNagoya Sports Center(Osu skating rink)Map× 56 261953
Howa Sports Land Minato ice rinkMap× 60 301981
Toyota CityChukyo UniversityIce Arena "Aurora Link"Map× 60 302007
NagakuteAichi Earth Expo Memorial ParkIce skating rinkMap× 60 302006
KinkiOsakaOsaka Ice skating rinkMap× 60 302005
TakatsukiKansai University Takatsuki Ice ArenaMap× 60 302006
MoriguchiVIVA skatesMap× 56 262006
TakaishiOsaka Prefectural Seaside Sports Center Ice skating rinkMap× 59 271991
HyogoNishinomiyaMap× 60 302013
ChugokuOkayamaOkayama CityOkayama International Skating RinkMap× 60 301995
KurashikiHealthpia Kurashiki・ Ice ArenaMap× 60 302014
KyusyuFukuokaFukuoka CityIce arenaMap× 60 301991
Kurume Ice skating rinkMap× 56 281967
IizukaMap× 60 301985
OkinawaHaebaru Town Ice arenaMap× 58 281997

Curling stadium

curlingThen, spray distilled water in the form of mist to create fine ice protrusions called "pebbles" on the link.In other ice competitions, the "pebble" is annoying because ice is made to make the links smoother.


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