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⚾ | "PowerPro" to excite the Olympics Baseball game, IOC establishes tournament

Photo "Powerful Professional Baseball" game screen (provided and jointly provided by Konami Digital Entertainment)

Baseball game, IOC founds tournament to excite the Olympics with "PowerPro"

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He pointed out that the Konami Digital Entertainment baseball game "Powerful Pro Baseball (PowerPro)" adopted by the IOC "can attract many young people."

[Joint Geneva] The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is planning to hold the Olympics in the future. → Continue reading

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Powerful professional baseball

Konami Digital Entertainment

Konami Holdings > Konami Digital Entertainment

Konami Digital Entertainment Inc.(British: Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. Abbreviation: KDE) IsconsumerForComputer games,Character GoodsDevelopment and salesBookPublishing etc.JapanCompany.

A new subsidiary created with the reorganization of the Konami Group, pureHolding companyKonami became (laterKonami Holdings)of,consumerIt was established to take over the business as a game maker, toy maker, and publisher.

When conducting sales activitiesbrandIs the alphabetical notation "KONAMIIs used.Until 2012, the brand logo used a white logo in the frame of the group color "Konami Red", but from 2013, the frame has been removed and it has become common with the group logo.



  • head office:TokyoChuo-kuGinza1 chome 11 number 1
  • Osaka Studio:OsakaOsakaKitaUmeda2 chome 5 number 25
  • Overseas subsidiary:
    • Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. (USA)
    • Konami Digital Entertainment BV (UK)
    • Konami Digital Entertainment Limited (Hong Kong)

Business area

  • Social content, content for mobile devices, online games
  • Home video game software
  • Card games
  • Toys / hobbies, music / video software, etc.

Main products and services

Konami Digital Entertainment inherits all rights regarding products and services developed or sold by Konami and its subsidiaries / affiliates (including non-existing companies) before the establishment of Konami Digital Entertainment and before the holding company. However, as mentioned above, all rights, assets and liabilities related to the arcade game business were succeeded to Konami Amusement on November 2016, 11.As a result, after the same day, Konami Digital Entertainment's digital entertainment business will specialize in social content, content for mobile terminals, online games, home video game software, and card games.

For game works, the producer name is written on the product package.

In-house production

2005By the group reorganization (17)Konami Computer EntertainmentThere was a subsidiary specializing in game development.Among those subsidiaries, the team that develops a specific work / series is "In-house productionIndependent authority (in a broad sense)In-house company) Was given and was building its own brand.

Some of the in-house productions survived after the subsidiary was integrated into Konami and the gaming business was transferred to Konami Digital Entertainment. In 2015, all in-house productions including Kojima Productions were dissolved due to business restructuring, and all development organizations were consolidated into the headquarters.

In-house production that once existed


Music production company

Konami Music Entertainment

The artist who was once enrolled


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