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⚾ | A woman who fell in love with a professional baseball player at first sight


A woman who fell in love with a professional baseball player at first sight

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One day, my wife, Anna, was watching sports news that she wouldn't normally watch.

Manabu Mima, a pitcher of Chiba Lotte Marines, and his wife, Anna, will appear in "Deep Good Story".The encounter became a hot topic. 26 ... → Continue reading


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Sports news

Sports news TheSportsAboutNEWSThat.

broadcastThe form isNews programOften broadcast as one corner of, sports news independent programs are mainlyNight,weekendIt is being broadcast on.

As the content of the broadcast, variousSportsMatch results and latest trends, special features on sportsdocument, News outside the sports field, etc.

The contents of special features on sports range from documents and analysis to those that specialize in one sport and those that are highly entertaining, and most sports news has some special features.This tendency is remarkable in recent weekend final sports news programs at key stations in Tokyo.

However, programs that specialize only in sports information of the day, or sports that do not broadcast any sports newsDocumentary programThere is also.

About the main programsList of sports news programsPosted in.

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