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⚽ | Kamada coach Frankfurt, 4 months suspension ... Porsche blasts at 200 km / h


Kamada coach Frankfurt, 4 months suspension ... Porsche blasts at 200 km / h

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In addition, Hutter will retire from Frankfurt this season and will be the commander of Borussia MG from next season.

Director Adi Hütter, who has commanded Frankfurt to which Daichi Kamada and Makoto Hasebe belong. According to "Bild" ... → Continue reading


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Borussia Monchengladbach

Of this articleitem nameHas the following notational fluctuations.
  • Borussia Monchengladbach
  • Borussia Mönchengladbach
  • Borussia Monchengladbach
  • Borussia Monchengladbach
  • Borussia Mönchengladbach
  • Borussia Mönchengladbach
  • Borussia Mönchengladbach
  • Borussia Mönchengladbach

Borussia Mönchengladbach(Borussia Mönchengladbach; German pronunciation: [boˈʁʊsi̯aː mœnçn̩ˈɡlatbax],Formal name: Borussia Verein für Leibesübungen 1900 eV Mönchengladbach) IsGermany-North Rhine-WestphaliaMonchengladbachBased inサ ッ カ ーClub team. Monchengladbach(Mönchengladbach),GradbachAlso known as (Gladbach)Borussia MGIt may also be written as (Borussia MG).Borussia is Latin for "PrussiaIn the sense of "old"Kingdom of PrussiaLocal soccer clubs have team names bearing Borussia.


From the 1960s to the 1970s, he demonstrated his strength at home and abroad, and was called the Offensive Soccer Hall of Fame.It was a strong club that has won the league five times and the UEFA Cup twice, and has always competed with Bavaria for supremacy in Germany, but in recent years it has been in a long slump. Also in the 5-2 seasonMarcell JansenIt sank to the bottom while having players of national and international representative classes, and it was decided to be demoted for the second time in the history of the club.However, in the 2-2007 season, he continued to maintain the lead of the 08nd division of the Bundesliga from the 9th round and decided to promote to the 2st division.

The 2008-09 season has been sluggish since the opening, and the director was dismissed in October 2008.Although he had a proven manager who left the team, he continued to fight for the rest throughout the season. MFMarko MarinShowed an activity of 4 points and 13 assists, but in the final game, Marin, who had difficulty in defending, was removed from the starting lineup and achieved the remaining in 15th place.

MF who contributed to the residueMarko Marin(Werder BremenTo), MFAlexander BaumjohanMF in the hole (to Bayern)Juan Arango(MallorcaFrom), won the midfielder and became the new coachArminia BielefeldWas demoted to Zvaiteliga (2nd division)Michael FrontzeckWelcomed.

For the 2011-12 season,Marco Reus,Juan ArangoAttack team centered on and DFDanteAnd GKThea StegenThe defensive team centered onFabreFinished the season in 4th place under the supervision of the 2012-13 seasonChampions leagueAcquired the right to participate.

2020-21 seasonChampions leagueThen on the group stagereal Madrid,Intel,Shakhtar DonetskHowever, he maintained his strong performance by defeating Shakhtar Donetsk with a total of 2-10 in two races, and was second only to Real Madrid, deciding to advance to the final tournament for the first time in about 0 years.

Popular locally, the four seasons since the 2004-05 season, when the home stadium was moved to Stadion im Borsia Parc, have more than 4 people, including the 2-2007 season, which was the second part of the season. Records the average audience mobilization of.In particular, during the 08-4-1-2004 season, which was the first part of the season, an average audience mobilization of 05 to 2006 was recorded. In June 07, he visited Japan and played four games with the Japanese national team, with 47,000 wins and 49,000 draw.


Domestic title

  • Bundesliga: 5 times Meisterschale.pngMeisterschale.pngMeisterschale.pngMeisterschale.pngMeisterschale.png
    • 1969-70, 1970-71, 1974-75, 1975-76, 1976-77

International title

Past results

SeasonDivisionDFB PokalEuropean Cup
1965-66Bundesliga Part 1349111457682913 bitEliminated the second round
1966-67Bundesliga Part 1341210127049348 bitEliminated the second round
1967-68Bundesliga Part 134151277745423 bitLost the quarterfinals
1968-69Bundesliga Part 1341311106146373 bitBest 16
1969-70Bundesliga Part 13423567129511 bitLost the quarterfinals
1970-71Bundesliga Part 134201047735501 bitLost the quarterfinals UEFA Champions Cup Eliminated the second round
1971-72Bundesliga Part 13418798240433 bitLost the quarterfinals UEFA Champions Cup Eliminated the second round
1972-73Bundesliga Part 134175128261395 bitWin UEFA Cup second place
1973-74Bundesliga Part 13421679352482 bitBest 16 UEFA Cup Winners Cup Eliminated the semi-finals
1974-75Bundesliga Part 13421858640501 bitEliminated the second round UEFA Cup Win
1975-76Bundesliga Part 134161356937451 bitBest 16 UEFA Champions Cup Lost the quarterfinals
1976-77Bundesliga Part 134171075834441 bitEliminated the second round UEFA Champions Cupsecond place
1977-78Bundesliga Part 13420868644482 bitLost the quarterfinals UEFA Champions Cup Eliminated the semi-finals
1978-79Bundesliga Part 1341281450533210 bitEliminated the second round UEFA Cup Win
1979-80Bundesliga Part 1341212106160367 bitEliminated the second round UEFA Cup second place
1980-81Bundesliga Part 134157126864376 bitLost the quarterfinals
1981-82Bundesliga Part 134151096151407 bitLost the quarterfinals UEFA CupEliminated the second round
1982-83Bundesliga Part 1341241864632812 bitLost the quarterfinals
1983-84Bundesliga Part 13421678148483 bitsecond place UEFA Cup Eliminated the second round
1984-85Bundesliga Part 134159107753394 bitEliminated the semi-finals UEFA Cup Eliminated the second round
1985-86Bundesliga Part 134151276551424 bitEliminated the second round UEFA Cup Eliminated the semi-finals
1986-87Bundesliga Part 13418797444433 bitEliminated the semi-finalsUEFA CupEliminated the second round
1987-88Bundesliga Part 134145155553337 bitEliminated the second round
1988-89Bundesliga Part 134121484443386 bitEliminated the second round
1989-90Bundesliga Part 1341181537453015 bitBest 16
1990-91Bundesliga Part 13491784954359 bitEliminated the second round
1991-92Bundesliga Part 13810141437493413 bitsecond place
1992-93Bundesliga Part 134139125959359 bitEliminated the second round
1993-94Bundesliga Part 1341471365593510 bitBest 16
1994-95Bundesliga Part 13417986641435 bitWin
1995-96Bundesliga Part 134158115251534 bitEliminated the second round UEFA Cup Winners Cup Lost the quarterfinals
1996-97Bundesliga Part 1341271546484311 bitEliminated the second round UEFA Cup Eliminated the second round
1997-98Bundesliga Part 1349111454593815 bitEliminated the second round
1998-99Bundesliga Part 134492141792118 bitLost the quarterfinals
1999-00Bundesliga Part 234141286043545 bitEliminated the second round
2000-01Bundesliga Part 234171166231622 bitLost the quarterfinals
2001-02Bundesliga Part 1349121341533912 bitEliminated the second round
2002-03Bundesliga Part 1341191443454212 bitEliminated the second round
2003-04Bundesliga Part 1341091540493911 bitEliminated the semi-finals
2004-05Bundesliga Part 1348121435513615 bitEliminated the second round
2005-06Bundesliga Part 13410121242504210 bitEliminated the second round
2006-07Bundesliga Part 134682023442618 bitEliminated the second round
2007-08Bundesliga Part 234181247138661 bitEliminated the second round
2008-09Bundesliga Part 134871939623115 bitEliminated the second round
2009-10Bundesliga Part 1341091543603912 bitEliminated the second round
2010-11Bundesliga Part 1341061848653616 bitBest 16
2011-12Bundesliga Part 13417984924604 bitEliminated the semi-finals
2012-13Bundesliga Part 1341211114549478 bitEliminated the second round UEFA Champions League Playoff defeat
UEFA Europa League Best 32
2013-14Bundesliga Part 134167115943556 bitEliminated the second round
2014-15Bundesliga Part 13419965326663 bitLost the quarterfinals UEFA Europa League Best 32
2015-16Bundesliga Part 134174136750554 bitBest 16 UEFA Champions League GS defeated
2016-17Bundesliga Part 134129134549459 bitEliminated the semi-finals UEFA Champions League GS defeated
UEFA Europa League Best 16
2017-18Bundesliga Part 134138134752479 bitBest 16
2018-19Bundesliga Part 134167115542555 bitEliminated the second round
2019-20Bundesliga Part 13420596640654 bitEliminated the second round UEFA Europa League GS defeated
2020-21Bundesliga Part 1341310116456498 bitLost the quarterfinals UEFA Champions League Best 16
Bundesliga Part 134Place

European performance



Current member

Bundesliga 2020-21 season Major formations (4-2-3-1)
2021May 2Now
No.PosPlayer name
1Swiss flagGKYann Sommer
3Swiss flagDFMichael Lang
4French flagDF (Flag of Senegal.svg)
6German flagMFChristoph Kramer
7German flagFWPatrick Herrmann
8Swiss flagMFDenis Zakaria (Flag of Republic of the Congo.svg) (Flag of South Sudan.svg)
10French flagFWMarcus Thuram (Flag of Guadeloupe.svg)
11Austrian flagMFHannes Wolff
13German flagMFLars Stindl captain
14French flagFWAlassane Pléa
15German flagDF
16Guinea flagFWIbrahima Traole (Flag of France.svg)
17Swedish flagDFOscar Wendt
18Austrian flagDFStefan Lainer
19Austrian flagMFValentino Lazaro (Flag of Angola.svg)(Flag of Greece.svg)
20Paraguay flagFWJulio Villalba
No.PosPlayer name
21German flagGKTobias Sippel
23German flagMFJonas Hofmann
24German flagDFTony Jantschke (Deputy Captain)
25Algerian flagDFRamy Bensebaini
26German flagMF
27Portugal flagMF (Flag of Guinea-Bissau.svg)
28German flagDFMatthias Ginter
29United States flagDFJoe Scally
30Swiss flagDFNico Elvedi
31German flagGKMax Grün
32German flagMFFlorian Neuhaus
33German flagDF (Flag of Turkey.svg)
36Swiss flagFWBreel Embolo (Flag of Cameroon.svg)
40Danish flagDFAndreas Poulsen
41German flagGK

National flags in parentheses indicate other nationalities, and stars indicate non-EU players.

directed by

Loan transfer

No.PosPlayer name
11Austrian flagMFHannes Wolff (RB Leipzig)
No.PosPlayer name
19Austrian flagMFValentino Lazaro (Intel)
No.PosPlayer name
22Flag of SlovakiaMFLaszlo Benez (FC Augsburg)
35German flagGK (VfL Osnabruck)
No.PosPlayer name
37England flagFW (Ipswich Town FC)
--French flagMFKouadio Koné (Toulouse FC)

Successive directors

Successive players





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