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⛳ | Awarded to Hideki Matsuyama, a golf player who gave courage, honored by the Prime Minister


Awarded to Hideki Matsuyama of "courageous" golf Prime Minister Honor

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The "Prime Minister's Commendation" was awarded to athletes such as racing driver Takuma Sato and judo Ryoko Tamura, and in the golf world, following Ayako Okamoto, who won the prize queen on the American tour. The second person.

The government will present Hideki Matsuyama, the first Japanese player to win the "Masters" of golf, with the "Prime Minister's Commendation" ... → Continue reading

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Prize money queen

Ryoko Tani

Ryoko Tani(Ryoko Tani,1975Showa50 years>May 9 -) isJapan OfJudo, Original政治家.maiden name TheTamura(Tamura).judoAs a playerOlympicTwiceWorld championshipWon the gold medal seven times.2018In January, it became 1th dan with an extremely unusual jumping dan for a girl.[1].

2010 Of22rd House of Councilors ordinary electionDemocratic Party OfProportionalWinning as a candidateMember of the House of CouncilorsEntered politics as.Democratic Sports Parliamentary League President,Japan Future PartySecretary (in charge of speech),Life Party, Taro Yamamoto and FriendsAfter serving as Deputy Representative and Secretary-General of the House of Councilors, he will be re-elected.2016 Of24rd House of Councilors ordinary electionDid not run for.

Teikyo UniversityDepartment of literaturegraduate,Nippon Sport Science Universitygraduate SchoolCompleted.husband TheYoshitomo Tani(Former baseball player) (Married in 2003)[2]).


Blood TypeIs type B[3]..The class is 48 kg.KumiteIs right-handed.My specialty isSeoi nage.Joto High School attached to Fukuoka Institute of Technology,Teikyo UniversityDepartment of literaturegraduate,Nippon Sport Science UniversityCompleted the master's program at the graduate school.FormerToyotaAffiliation[3].Japan Olympic Committee-Athletes strengthening campaign / symbol athlete systemApply[3].

World Championship 7 consecutive victoriesAll Japan by weight11 wins, including 14 consecutive victoriesFukuoka InternationalBoasting overwhelming results such as winning 11 times including 12 consecutive victories, winning 2 gold medals, 2 silver medals, 1 bronze medal and all 5 competitions in the Olympics, women's judo and judo are popular Made a big contribution to[3].

As a member of parliament

2010(22)May 3With the addition, Toyota Motor's sponsorship contract (treated as an employee player belonging to the company) will end, and the affiliation as a player will be changed to "Office Ryoko" of the private office. 2010 (Heisei 22)May 5,22rd House of Councilors ordinary electionDemocratic Party OfProportional sectionHe announced that he would run as an official candidate.At that time, he declared that he would continue to play judo and showed his willingness to aim for a gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics.[4]However, I gave up (described later).

In July of the same year, he ran for the Democratic Party's proportional district and won the first election with 7 votes, which is the second highest number of votes among the Democratic Party official candidates.Ozawa GirlsNews reportIs done.

As mentioned above, he is an active playerMember of ParliamentI had the intention of balancing the activities of, but on September 9, the same year,All Japan Judo FederationThe strengthening committee downgraded the designated strengthening rank (one step downgraded from the highest "national" to "senior"), which severely restricted participation in international competitions.[5].

Although he continued to practice as a judoka athlete after that, on October 2010, 10, as a member of parliament, he gave priority to focusing on sports promotion in national affairs, and entered the 15 London Olympics national selection match. It was reported that he would not participate and that he would retire as a judoka.[6][7].. In addition,2008 Beijing OlympicsHe has never participated in an official judo match since he won the bronze medal.

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayIchiro OzawaSubmit a notice of withdrawal in line with the withdrawal of the Democratic Party of Japan[8][9][10][11]..Accepted on the next 3 days[12][13], Left the party on the 10th[14]..Then on July 2012, 7, led by OzawaPeople's lives are the firstParticipated in the party[15].. May 11, same year,Yukiko KadaGovernor of Shiga PrefectureIs the representativeJapan Future Party(Formed on the 27th of the previous day)[16].. Appointed as party secretary (in charge of speech) on December 12st[17]..After the dissolution of the Tomorrow Party of Japan, led by Ichiro OzawaParty of lifeBelong to.

In October 2013All Japan Judo FederationTo the board of directorsYoko Tanabe-Noriko KitadaAt the same time, he was appointed as a woman for the first time.At that time, "I think that a role as a window (for female athletes) is required. I want to create a system where I can have dreams and hopes through judo." "I want to deepen communication." "Judo originated in Japan has a wonderful tradition and culture. I want to spread it and reform it."[18][19][20].

2013May 8Became Deputy Representative of the Liberal Party and Secretary-General of the House of Councilors[21].

In June 2015, he was removed from the board of directors of All Japan Judo Federation due to his busy public affairs.[22].

2016 year 6 month,24rd House of Councilors ordinary electionI told the representative Ichiro Ozawa that he would not run for[23][24].


  • 2015 yearsBalance reportPersonnel expenses of 554 million yen were recorded, of which 494 million yen was paid to a father who had no actual political activity, as a false statement in the income and expenditure report.Political Funds Control LawSuspicion of violation was discovered, and he did not deny the suspicion[25].

After failing to run for the Upper House in 2016

2018May 1The fact that I was promoted from XNUMXth dan to XNUMXth dan for girlsKodokanWas announced by.At the recommendation of the Kyushu Judo Association, the promotion was approved by the Kodokan.According to him, about two years ago, when he made a break in political activities.ShapeIt is said that he was preparing for training etc.[1].

Competition history


Shirohama Elementary SchoolWhen I was in the second grade, I was influenced by my older brother who was four years older and started judo at the Higashi Fukuoka Judo School.Only a few months later, he played a dedication match at Kushida Shrine without five people, but at that time he threw a boy away and injured him.[26][27]..At that time, besides judoピ ア ノcalligraphyhorse ridingI was also learning, but one day a piano teacher told me that there was an Olympics on the piano, so I began to concentrate on judo.[28].

When he was in the 4th grade of elementary school, he won the team competition of the Kyushu Boys Judo Tournament and was selected as the best player.[26]..When I was in the 5th grade of elementary schoolNational Youth Judo TournamentAlthough he participated in the team competition of Higashi-Fukuoka Judo Class at the forefront and lost in the semi-finals, he won the 3rd place.[29]..When I was in the 6th grade of elementary schoolAll Japan Boys and Girls Martial Arts Training TournamentWon[26]..In addition, in the elementary school graduation collection, "I like judo.Woman SanshiroHe introduced himself.RebeccaGeorge MichaelWas also a fan of[26].

Middle school

Joko Junior High SchoolAt the time of 2 yearsBy weightWhen you participate in the Kyushu qualifying, in the semi-finalsYanagawa High School3 yearsYumiko EtoI played against.20 seconds before the end while leading with pointsOkuri eri jimeI wasn't able to participate in the finals because I had been decided.At this time, he was a master of the dojoAkira InadaHe was scolded and struck in the face, saying, "Don't give up the game. If you put up with it for another 20 seconds, you won, but what you've done so far is ruined. It's time to start over."He was often hit with a bamboo sword at the dojo, but this was the first time he was hit on his face.[26][30]..After this, although he participated in the training camp of the All Japan Women's National Team, he was not dealt with by any of the strengthening players at first because his body was small and he had a white belt.Among them, one of the top level 48 kg classSaitama University1 yearsSuzuki WakabaWhen he called out, as soon as he teamed up, he threw it away with a daring seoi-nage and made the surrounding strengthening players and coaches buzz.[26]..Also at that time, in the same Fukuoka prefectureShinoguri TownWhen he went to the dojo to practice, he threw the junior high school boys one after another, giving the appearance of breaking the dojo.One of the thrown boys in the third year of junior high school stopped judo from the impact of being thrown at a small Tamura, who is nearly 1 kg lighter than himself.[26].

In June when I was in the third year of junior high schoolPrefectural competition All Japan Women's Judo TournamentWhen he participated as a member of the Fukuoka prefecture team, he won 2 games and 2 wins in the qualifying league, but the team lost.[26]..In addition, although he won the Kyushu qualifying by weight and proceeded to the final in July, he is a leader in this class in the semi-finals.University of Tsukuba1 yearsFumiko EzakiToYoko Shiho gatameI lost one, but I won the 3rd place[26].. In August, he was selected as a member of the French national team for the French expedition, and won all five local practice games.[26].. In mayStrengthening player selection meetingIn the finalKyoto Sangyo UniversityWhen you play against Yukari Tsuboi for 3 years,Kouchi GariHowever, if you immediately regain the effect with the same Kouchi Gari, then you will attack and win the decision.Fukuoka InternationalWas selected as the representative of[31].

Since 12, when the tournament began at Fukuoka International in December, he has participated in group performances every year as a member of the Higashi Fukuoka Judo Class, but this time he will participate as a player for the first time.[26]..I was in the sixth grade of elementary school at the time, three years younger than my sister in the dojo.Kie KusakabeHowever, he served as the cheerleader while skipping the slogan, "If you lose, you'll eat rice."When I played against China ’s Takau Hong in the first match,Osoto otoshiIn addition to the waza-ari, he takes two effective points and leads overwhelmingly, but it is high just before the end.Uchi mataAlthough the referees took close to one waza-ari to the point of discussion, the decision remained unchanged and the winner was the winner.Britain, who has reigned as the Queen of this class for many years in the semi-finalsKaren BriggsTheTaiotoshiI took a waza-ari in a row with my inner thigh and broke it with just one 28-second waza-ari.Furthermore, in the final, the winner of the previous year, ChinaLi AiyueAfter taking a waza-ari with Seoi-nageUchi mata sushiHe made his shocking international tournament debut by winning one at the age of 15, the youngest player in the tournament.At the Fukuoka Women's Championship, which was held immediately after that, he was a 4 kg class player who was four ranks higher.Fukuoka UniversityDefeated Yuko Tadao in the first year while judging and won the championship[26]..At that time, he was working on judo 6 hours a day, 9 days a week, except for the New Year, and was devoted to practicing from 2 pm to 6:XNUMX pm on weekdays and from XNUMX pm to XNUMX pm on weekends.Also,Tokai University XNUMXth High School OfYukimasa NakamuraIs a specialty ofSukui NageI especially liked[32][33]..In addition, since I was in elementary school, I couldn't say what I thought about, but when I won the Fukuoka International Championship, I read some of the manga that I loved from the media.YAWARA!Since he was called "Yawara-chan" by being hooked on the main character of the movie, he has become able to have a strong feeling that he can speak without hesitation.[28].

High School days

In April 1991, Tomohiro Kamada, who had been taking care of Tamura since he started judo, went on to Fukuoka Institute of Technology High School, where he is the director of the judo club.There, the former world champion of the lightweight class, the director of the judo clubYoshio SonodaWhen,1976 Montreal OlympicsA coach who is a middleweight gold medalistIsamu SonodaI will also receive guidance from the Sonoda brothers[26].. In the first year, in the semi-final by weight in June, the first year of University of TsukubaKazue NagaiIn the final, Esaki, who was aiming for the sixth straight victory in the tournament, was attacked in the second half.Deashi haraiIt was evaluated that he broke his opponent in the game, and he won the 3-0 decision and played the previous year's humiliation.World championshipSelected as a representative[34]

In 7 monthBarcelonaAt the World Championships held in Cuba, the world junior champion in the second roundLegna VerdeciaEven though he won the game by taking advantage of it, he was brought to Briggs's strong ground fighting in the semi-finals.North-southI lost one. Poland's bronze medal matchMałgorzata RoshkovskaThethrow in judoDefeated in 3rd place[35].

Newly established from this tournament in OctoberNational bodyYanagawa High School 2nd year in the boys and girls sectionNatsuko Sano, 3Mako KuniyoshiWhen he participated as a member of the Fukuoka team, he contributed to the team's victory by winning one in the final.[26].

In 11 monthOsakaHeld atAsian ChampionshipEven though he participated in the first match, China ’sTang LihongNot only was he defeated by taking two effective shots in Seoi-nage and Osotogari, but he also damaged the ligament of his right leg.The repechage was advised by the people around him to abstain, but when the Sonoda brothers skipped him saying, "Fight even if you drag your feet," he continued to win the match. Won the decision and won the 2rd place[26].

At Fukuoka International in December, when he was injured, he faced Esaki in the final, and after both sides were careful, Esaki was forced to go outside and stopped moving, so it seems that a warning of the red tatami 12-second rule will be given. He was swept away, and just before the end, he took effect with his inner thigh and barely won.In addition, at the special roundtable discussion by the leaders after this, the director of the women's strengthening departmentRyozo NakamuraBut,Musashi UniversityTeacher'sIncense yamaguchiHe mentioned that Esaki was also injured in the final of this tournament, but he was wondering why everyone cares about Tamura's injuries.Next, Nakamura and Deputy Director of StrengtheningHisashi YanagisawaBut if you were doing something like thisSakushin Gakuin High SchoolOf the eraTakashi EgawaI was worried that other players would move away from Tamura.[36].

In October 1992Germany internationalIn the final, he defeated the local German Dorte Danman in the inner thigh and won the championship with an all-one win.[26].

In the second year, in the weight-based final in MaySaitama University1 yearsAtsuko NagaiWhen he played against, he was able to get the effect by Kouchi Gari first, but soon after that, he regained the effect by Sukui Nage, and he won the predominant victory with a 3-0 decision and achieved the second straight victory in the tournament.Barcelona OlympicSelected as a representative[37].

Participation in the Barcelona Olympics

Cuba's first match at the Barcelona Olympics in AugustAmarilis SavónWhen he played against, the effect was preempted, but he regained two effective and one effect with Ouchi Gari and Kouchi Gari, and broke through the first match.In the second round that follows, after stealing two valid from Andrea Rodrigues of BrazilCrumbling four sidesIn the quarter-finals, he won one in the Uchi mata against Li Aiyue.In the semi-finals, when Briggs, who lost in the previous year's world championship, was tossed and attacked with a quick movement, Briggs could not keep up with the movement and was given foul points one after another, and also dislocated to the right shoulder.After that, he continued to attack without mercy and drove Briggs to a foul defeat at the end of the game.

World champion France in the finalCécile NowakWhen you play against, the opponent is pulled forward with a quick movement 30 seconds after the start, but at that time both feet are grabbedMorote gariWas effective in.After that, although he aggressively attacked with inner thighs and Kouchi gari, he could not get points, and after 3 minutes he supported and caught his legs.踵返When he was cut back and took the second effect, he lost without fighting back and ended up with a silver medal.However,Olympic judo competitionBecame the youngest medalist in history at 16 years and 331 days.Novak is the coach of the French women's national teamVillage supernatantIt was pointed out that Tamura's weakness is that the center of gravity fluctuates when he returns with a technique, and he earned points in this match as well according to his advice.

After the match, Novak left a provocative comment, "Tamura is too small to win. Tamura must be as young as 16 years old. I wasn't scared at all and I was confident of winning for the first time."On the other hand, Tamura, who lost, said, "Novak was as deep and powerful as a 2 kg (upper class) player. If I did my best, I would have received a gold medal," he said with a bit of regret. ..After the match, Briggs gave me the words, "From now on, your time."[26][38][39].

Until the Atlanta Olympics

At Fukuoka International in December, which was the first tournament after the Olympics, the hot water that lost in last year's Asian Championship in the semifinalsDismissalIf you defeat it and humiliate it, you will beat France's Sylvie Meru in the final.Seoi otoshiDefeated by one and achieved the third straight victory in the tournament by winning all one[40].

In July 1993France internationalIn the third round of FranceFrederique JocineExcept for winning with the effect of, he won the championship by winning all of them, including defeating Savon in the final with a North-South position.[26].

In 3 monthNational High School ChampionshipIn the final, he won all the games until the semi-final.Tsuchiura Nihon University High School1 yearsYuko IsozakiWon the championship with a 3-0 decision win[26].

In May in the third yearShanghaiHeld atEast Asian GamesIn the final of, he won the championship by taking advantage of Seoi-nage from the local hot water.[26].

By weight in July, defeated Nagai with a 7-3 decision in the finalWorld championshipElected as a representative[26].

In JulyGold eagle flagAlso participated as a member of Fukuoka Institute of Technology High School and won all three races against players in the 1st and 2nd ranks.[26].

Canada in OctoberHamiltonIn the semi-finals of the World Championships held in ItalyGiovanna TortoraHe defeated Li Aiyue in the final with a deashi harai, and although he couldn't get points, he defeated him with a 3-0 decision and became the world champion at 18 years and 1 month, the youngest in history.At that time, he said, "I'm very happy because I didn't win a world championship or a global tournament."[26][41].

In the following National Athletic Meet Boys and Girls Division,Yanagawa High School2 yearsNoriko Anno,Miike High SchoolParticipated as a member of the Fukuoka Prefecture team with Mikiko Sugino in the second year, and contributed to the team's victory by achieving an all-one win.[26].

In the final at Fukuoka International in December, he defeated Russia's Tatiana Kufushinowa with a skill to win the championship.[26].

In 1994, the women's judo club was newly established from this year.Teikyo University OfDepartment of literatureI went on to the Japanese literature department.The director will be Inada, who was a teacher during the Higashi Fukuoka Judo classroom.At the time of admission, he said, "I want to do judo as much as I can because the teachers say that I will become weaker if I notice it."[26].

In the weight-based final in May, Murakami, who raised Novak, trained as a new secret weapon for overthrowing Tamura after returning to Japan.Miki House OfYuka EtoDefeated by Osotogari and Sode Tsurikomi waist to win the championshipAsian GamesSelected as a representative[40].

In 10 monthHiroshimaIn the Asian Games held in, he defeated Li Aiyue 3-0 in the final to win the championship.[42].

In November, he participated in the strengthening player selection meeting and won the championship by taking effect from Nagai in the final.[26].

At Fukuoka International in December, he won two valid matches from Nagai in the final and extended the record of consecutive wins since losing in Barcelona to 12.[40].

By weight in May 1995, he won the final with Osotogari from Nagai.World championshipSelected as a representative[40].

Held in Fukuoka in AugustUniversiadeThen, including defeating Savon in the final with a waist, he won the championship with an all-one win.[26].

In 10 monthMakuhariFrom Savon in the third round of the World Championships held inKouchi involvementWaza-ari, and if you win in the quarter-finals by taking effect from Jocine, you will see a movie in the semi-finals.Home aloneAn actress who has also appeared in the United States, who is also the world junior champion of the previous yearHillary WolfIn the final, Li Aiyue, who was the match following the previous tournament, continued to attack while scoring points first, and in the last 1 second.Morote gariI took one and won the championship, and achieved the second consecutive victory in the tournament.[43].

Savon in the final at Fukuoka International in DecemberTate Shiho gataWon the championship with an all-one win, such as defeating[40].

By weight in March 1996, I took the effect from Nagai in the final and won the championship.Atlanta OlympicsSelected as a representative[40].

At the Atlanta Olympics in July, Savon will become a strong enemy, but Tamura's number one position will not be shaken, this timegold medalWas expected[44]..In the first match, the Belarusian Tatiana MoskvinaTaiotoshi, Honduras Dora McDonald in the 2nd round, Torutra in the 3rd roundSode tsurikomi waistWhen he defeated each of them with his waza-ari, he defeated Sabon, who was regarded as his biggest rival in the semi-finals, with a seoi-nage.And in the finalWildcardNorth Korea ’s completely unknown opponent who has participated inKee Seung HeeIt was decided to play against.Kay is an implicit rule in the final[45]I broke and wore a judo garment in front of the left, so I couldn't grab the judo garment as I expected and attacked.Also, in front of Kay's powerful kumite, he couldn't bring it to the point where he could disturb the opponent with quick movements as usual, and he was in a stalemate.And at the end of the gameKosoto GariWhen the effect was taken, the seoi-nage immediately after that was regarded as a spoofing attack and was given guidance and lost, and remained in the silver medal following the previous tournament.This defeat also stopped the record of consecutive wins since losing in the last Barcelona Olympic final at 84.[46][47]..It is said that the tatami mats used in Atlanta slipped nearly 1m when thrown and gained momentum, and were criticized as tatami mats made by amateurs.Therefore, Tamura, who has a small body, was unable to take the plunge when controlled by the opponent, which was one of the causes of the defeat, according to the All Japan Women's National Team coach.Seiki NoseSays[48]..In an interview immediately after the match, he said: "For some reason, I wasn't enthusiastic about the finals. I wasn't able to concentrate." "I have to win absolutely because everyone supports me. Maybe that's why I was stiff. But I'm a human being. I thought he was a human being. I'm glad he was a human being. "[49]..In any case, this defeat was so shocking for Tamura that the joy, courage, and self-confidence he had cultivated since he started judo in his second year of elementary school fell into a feeling of being fundamentally shattered.2000 Sydney OlympicsFor a while, I couldn't say anything lightly.At that time, I had a friendship1988 Seoul Olympics(Open competition) 61 kg class bronze medalistNoriko MochidaI was impressed by the text in the letter given to me, "God does not give trials to those who cannot overcome it." "There are only a limited number of times I can do judo. If I quit here, I will regret it later. I can overcome the challenges. I believe in the slightest possibility and try my best."In a subsequent interview, he said: "In Atlanta, when I beat Savon in the semi-finals, I was confident that I had already won the championship. Based on this lesson, all the players who are expected to play in the future. "I will not give up until I win the gold medal (at the Olympics). I think the greatest joy awaits me when I am perfect."[26][50][51][52].

Until the Sydney Olympics

At Fukuoka International in December, which was the first tournament after the Olympics, he barely won the semi-final against Li Aiyue with a 12-2 decision, and in the final he won the championship by paying attention to Savon.[40].

In October 1997OsakaDecide the world's number one women's national organization held for the first time inWorld Cup team competition In addition, as a member of the Japanese team, he participated only in the semi-final against Cuba, where he defeated Savon with the effective seoi-nage and won, but the team lost and finished in 3rd place.[26].

From Nagai by weight in MayTenancyTake effect and win,World championshipElected as a representative[40].

In 10 monthParisIn the semi-finals of the World Championships held in North KoreaPae Dong SukWas defeated by the combination of deashi harai and seoi-nage, and even in the final, he took effect from Sabon in the inner thigh and achieved the third straight victory in the tournament.[53].

At Fukuoka International in December, he defeated Nagai in the final and won the championship.[40].

After graduating from Teikyo University in 1998, he joined Toyota Motor Corporation.I also decided to go on to graduate school at Nippon Sport Science University.At first, I was planning to go on to graduate school at Teikyo University without getting a job, but regarding the point that I did not do so, "I need to have experience as a member of society in my life. Various things in my life. I want to absorb it. "[26].

By weight in May in the finalSumitomo Marine OfTomoe MakabeからTaiotoshiI took the effect and won the championship[40].

In 9 monthMinskIn the World Cup team match held in Tokyo, they played against the French team Jocine in the semi-finals.Ouchi GariWas returned and the team won, but the team lost and eventually stayed in 5th place.[40].

In November, by national women's weight, I got a warning from Nagai in the final and won the championship.[40].

Asian GamesIn the Fukuoka International Final in January 12, which was held one month later because it was in December, Makabe won the Asian Games and gained momentum.Kosoto gakeDefeated with one and won the championship[40].

By weight in May, defeated Nagai 5-3 in the finalWorld championshipElected as a representative[40].

In 10 monthBirminghamIn the World Championships held in Tokyo, he carefully defeated South Korea's Park Seiko in the semi-finals and defeated Savon 3-0 in the final to win the tournament for the fourth consecutive time.[54].

At Fukuoka International in December, he defeated Savon 12-3 in the final and achieved the 0th straight victory in this tournament.At this time, he said as follows. "I'm really happy to have been able to conquer the 10's. It's hard to win. It's harder to keep winning. But today's experience is definitely living in Sydney. I'm here. I have no choice but to do it. "[26].

By weight in April 2000 in the finalTohwa University4 yearsChiho HamanoWith caution, he achieved 52 consecutive victories in this tournament, following Kaori Yamaguchi in the 10 kg class.Sydney OlympicsElected as a representative[40].

At the Sydney Olympics in September, he faced with the words "maximum gold (medal), minimum gold (medal)".However, in the first match of ChinaZhao ShunxinWhen I played against, I could not grasp the pace and got entangled until the end, and although there was a possibility that I would be defeated if it was a flag judgment, 1 second before the endUchi mata gaiWas effective and barely won.In the following quarter-finals, he beat Ukraine's Riudmira Lucinikova with a single win.North Korea in the semi-finalsCha Hyon HyangAlthough he attacked, he couldn't get any points, and both sides were given attention, but he defeated with a 3-0 decision.And in the final of RussiaLyubov BruletovaIn 38 seconds after the start of the game, he broke with one Uchi mata and shed tears of joy at his first Olympic gold medal.He also described his first Olympic gold medal as "finally meeting a person in love for the first time."In addition, this gold medal was evaluated and received the first prefectural honor award in Fukuoka Prefecture.At this point, he said that if he got married in the future, he would ideally be a full-time housewife, and he didn't want his child to do judo (later he got married and had two boys, but both were not judo.Ice hockeyI'm working on it.After serving as a member of the House of Councilors for a term, he became a full-time housewife)[26][55][56][57][58].

Until the Athens Olympics

At Fukuoka International in December, he defeated Hamano with a warning in the final and achieved 12 consecutive victories in the tournament.[40].

By weight in April 2001, he won the overall victory over Hamano in the final and achieved 4 consecutive victories in the tournament.World championshipSelected as a representative[40].

In 7 monthMunichTwo weeks ago, he dared to participate in the World Championships held in Tokyo, while rupturing the medial collateral ligament of his right knee.In that semi-final of ItalyGiuseppina MacriIn the final, North Korea ’sRi Kyong OkAlthough it was a terrible match, he defeated it with a 2-1 decision and achieved the fifth straight victory in the tournament despite being injured.[59][60]..In addition, although Fukuoka International in December had 12 consecutive victories, he did not participate.[40]

By weight in April 2002, Tsuchiura Nihon University High School 4nd year in the first matchTomoko FukumiHe was defeated by Ouchi Gari, and the record of consecutive wins that had continued since he lost in the Atlanta Olympic finals stopped at 65.In addition, he lost to Japanese players for the first time in 1990 years since he lost to Esaki in the 12 semi-finals by weight, which resulted in 98 consecutive wins against Japan and 121 consecutive wins in domestic tournaments. Became[61]..He later commented on this defeat as follows. "Looking back at that match (April), it's a matter of portrait rights other than judo, but I was crazy about it, and no matter who I played at that point, I couldn't get good results. I think, so it's more of a problem than a defeat, and I don't really care about it. "" I've experienced a more painful and terrible defeat in Barcelona and Atlanta than that defeat. Defeat is not like that. "[62].

In December, when he participated in Fukuoka International for the first time in two years, he won the semi-final by taking advantage of Fukumi, who lost by weight, and played a snow humiliation.Kayo KitadaIt was effective by involving Kouchi, and won the 12th victory of this tournament.As a result, this was the last time I participated in Fukuoka International.Tamura has always been live since he won the tournament for the first time.RKB Mainichi Broadcasting Systemannouncer OfTakayuki KumabeSays that Tamura was so fast that he couldn't take his eyes off for a moment and didn't even have the time to look at the notes with his careers and episodes, unlike when he was playing other players.[40].

By weight in April 2003, when he beat Fukumi in the semi-final with Kosoto Gari, he won the championship by taking advantage of Seoi-nage from Kitada in the final.World championshipSelected as a representative[40].

At the World Championships held in Osaka in September, he won one of the three games up to the quarterfinals, and even in the semifinals, ChinapeakEven if he took the effect and guidance from, he continued to attack, and when he won one with a seoi-nage in the last 1 second, he won the championship with guidance 3 in the final and achieved the 6th straight victory in the tournament.[63].

On May 12Professional baseball OfOrix Blue WaveAffiliated playerYoshitomo Tanimarriagedid. A wedding reception was held on the 20th.Nippon TVWas broadcast live on[64].

By weight in April 2004, in the semi-finalsFujimura Girls' High School3 yearsEmi YamagishiIf you defeat with just one waist, you will win the championship by taking guidance 2 from Kitada even in the final.Athens OlympicsElected as a representative[40].

At the Athens Olympics in August, when she was newly named "Ryoko Tani", her husband was also the same.Athens Olympic baseball competitionRepresentation from JapanWe faced the match with the support of many people, including Yoshitomo Tani, a player.One month before the tournament, he injured his left ankle, so he was worried about the effects of his injury.However, in the first match, he played with the local Greek Maria Karayano Blue, and in the quarterfinals of Algeria.Solaya HadadOsotogari, in the semifinals of RomaniaAlina DumitruWe advanced to the final with an all-one win, such as defeating.When he played against Jocine in the final, he was effective with Osotogari soon after the start, and immediately after that, he took advantage of Seoi-nage.In addition, 17 seconds before the end, he won a waza-ari with Ouchi Gari and won the gold medal for the second consecutive Olympic Games.This was the first time for a Japanese athlete to win the Olympic Games in a row in a women's competition.In an interview after the match, she cried and rejoiced, "I'm many times more happy than I was in Sydney."This victory was the first Japanese female married player to win a gold medal.In addition, her husband Yoshitomo Tani also became a medalist for the couple by winning a bronze medal in a baseball game.[65][66].

Until the Beijing Olympics

By weight in April 2005, he won one in the semi-final against Fukumi, and in the final he beat Kitada with guidance 4.World championshipElected as a representative,GSSome reported that the fact that guidance was given only to Kitada, who was not in the defense in just 27 seconds after entering, was a questionable ruling.[67].

However妊娠Because of this, he missed the world championship, which had taken seven consecutive victories (Kitada took the place).[40]..And on December 12st, the eldest sonbirth official[40].

In the first tournament after returning, by weight in April 2007, he won the semi-final by taking effect from Yamagishi, but in the final he was defeated by Fukumi's deashi harai.However, despite having only participated in this tournament in the last two years, past achievements have been taken into consideration.World championshipElected as a representative[68].. In SeptemberRio de JaneiroAt the World Championships held in Japan, it was a tough combination of battles with powerful players from the beginning, but Jocine in the third round and China in the quarterfinals.Wu ShugenOn the other hand, if you take the effect and guidance 1 of each of the things that get entangled up to GS, in the semi-final you will take the waza-ari from Osotogari, and even in the finalYanet Bermoy Kuchiki taoshiHe won the championship for the first time in two tournaments by turning back to the place where he came to Japan and taking advantage of it.[69].

2008ToBeijing OlympicsShowed motivation to participate in, in AprilBy selected weightParticipated in.In the semifinalsYamanashi Gakuin University2 yearsHaruna AsamiAfter defeating in Guidance 1, Emi Yamagishi first in the final matchOkuriashi haraiAlthough it takes effect with, after that巴投Osoto gaeshiAlthough he lost two games in a come-from-behind defeat, he was selected as the Olympic representative based on his achievements so far.[70][71][72][73].

In the Summer Games, he has participated in five consecutive tournaments, breaking the record for the most consecutive Japanese athletes.[74]AugustBeijing Olympic Judo CompetitionThen it appeared on the first day of the judo competition.In the first match of the United StatesSayaka MatsumotoOsotogari is effective, in the second round there is a technique of Kosoto Gari after entering the local Wu Shugen in GS, and in the quarterfinals ArgentinaPaula ParetoWas defeated in Guidance 1.And in the semi-finals, he will play against Dmitre.When the referee from Spain gave guidance 2 only to the valley in the remaining 33 seconds when the team became stalemate, the valley seemed to be overtly dissatisfied. The match ended without a counterattack, and he did not win the Olympics for the third consecutive time.It was the first time in 3 years since the final of the Atlanta Olympics that he lost to a foreign player, and the first time in 3 years since the final of the Barcelona Olympics that he lost to a European player.The record of consecutive wins against foreign players also stopped at 12.In the subsequent bronze medal, he won the bronze medal, which is the medal for the fifth consecutive Olympic Games, by winning one inward against Russia's Ludmila Bogdanova.Regarding the semi-finals, the chairman of the All Japan Judo Federation strengthening committeeKazuo YoshimuraAnd the female representative directorNikkei, Women's coachRyuji SonodaSome people questioned that Guidance 3 was given only to the valley at the end of the game.On the other hand, he participated in this tournament as the first Japanese female referee at the Olympic Games.Amano AkikoMade the following points. "That guidance was a courageous and correct decision, and the guidance in that scene was not a mistake. At domestic competitions, there is a tendency to throw away at the end of the game, but in the case of an international referee, as a referee. Since the consciousness that the skill is seen only in such a scene works, even if there are 10 seconds left, the foul is given exactly to the side that can be regarded as more appropriate. That is also the pride as an international referee. "[75][76][77].

Over the selection of representative players

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayFukuoka International CenterIn the final by weight selected, which also served as the representative player selection for the Rio de Janeiro World Championship, Tomoko Fukumi of the University of Tsukuba was defeated by deashi harai.After the tournament, the strengthening committee argued over the selection of the 48 kg class representatives for about two hours.As a result, although he hasn't participated in domestic and international competitions for the past two years, Tani was selected as the representative in consideration of his past achievements.In this world championship, it is necessary to be in the 2th place in order to qualify for the Beijing Olympics, and it is a valley that can be calculated to achieve that purpose.At this time, Tani himself said, "I thought it was over, but I was chosen. How long should I do it?"On the other hand, the goal was the Beijing Olympics, so I wanted to take a rest in 2 as well in order to build my body.So, he said he was calmly thinking that this defeat was "not perfect, so it can't be helped".[78][79][80].

Regarding the selection of the valley, Kazuo Yoshimura, the chairman of the strengthening committee, said, "If you just need to participate in the world championship, you will be a young man. However, the goal is a gold medal. Considering that, the valley is closer to a gold medal. Believe in the selection. "" Fighting in the world means fighting unimaginable pressure. You never lost (at the world championship). If you are a veteran who knows how to win, you will definitely win a medal. "The movement of the valley cannot be imitated by players of the same class, and it is not the one who ends up as it is," he said.[78][81]..In an interview three months before the tournament, Yoshimura said, "Three young people (Tomoko Fukumi, Mitsui Sumitomo Emi Yamagishi,Shibuya Education Academy Shibuya High School OfMisato Nakamura) Is still difficult to catch up with and overtake the valley.Even if they win the valley, it will be a story of whether they can fight in the world.After all, from most perspectives, (the representative) will be a valley. "[82].

Fukumi, who won but wasn't selected as a representative, said, "I'm sorry, but if the coaches make that decision, I can't help it."In addition, Kaori Yamaguchi, who was one of the strengthening committee members and was instructing Fukumi at the University of Tsukuba, said, "If it was a majority vote (by the strengthening committee members), it was delicate. I will tell him, "he commented.However, Yamaguchi was not convinced by this representative selection,Sports arbitration courtHe said he was thinking of filing a lawsuit with[83][84]..On the other hand, Tani said in a later interview, "Surely she (Fukumi) was active in international competitions, but I had a track record of accumulating up to that point. In the tournament, the winning player was different every year. Fukumi did not survive until the final in the Beijing Olympics qualifying the following year. He did not have a sense of stability in terms of fighting against the world. Therefore, I think I was selected as the representative for both the Rio de Janeiro World Championship and the Beijing Olympics. "" (Because there was no player who seemed to be a rival) I should be defeated from the representative after losing once or twice. It is true that I had the idea that there was no such thing. "[85].

There were many criticisms of this selection from the outside, but at that time, magazinesModern judoKunio Kiryu, who was the editor-in-chief of Judo, was touted on TV and newspapers as the "final selection of representative players", so now not only the general public but also the media people who are not familiar with judo He pointed out that the problem was that he had the prejudice that the player who won the tournament would be selected as the representative.Subsequently, the Strengthening Committee started this tournament when selecting representatives.Kodokan CupThe tournaments to be selected, such as the international tournament in the winter European expedition and the winter tournament, have been designated in advance, and there is no agreement to decide the representative only by the result of this tournament.In addition to the results of the designated tournament, there is no particular problem with the selection of representatives this time as long as the criteria are set to make a comprehensive judgment and determine the representative after taking into account the "achievements so far". He expressed his view.Furthermore, although the selection method for judo is very difficult to understand from the outside, it is an interpersonal competition, so due to the fact that it is an interpersonal competition,Athletics,SwimmingUnlike the above, it has the aspect that it is not possible to adopt a selection method based on objective records.However, he added that there is still room for improvement to avoid misunderstandings as much as possible.[86][81].

In the final by weight selected, which was held at the Fukuoka International Center on April 2008, 4, which also served as the representative player for the Beijing Olympics, Tani played against Emi Yamagishi of Sumitomo Mitsui Kaijo and paid the harassment first. While taking the effect and leading, Tomoe nage and Osoto gaeshi regained two effective results and suffered a come-from-behind defeat.However, Tani was elected as the representative based on his achievements in winning the world championship last year.Nobutoshi Hikage, the coach of the women's national team, said, "The valley is a good defensive player who can also aim at the counter from the defensive. , The coaches' views agreed on "Here is a valley", "explained the reason for the election.[87].

On the other hand, Tani was elected as a representative despite losing in the final for the second consecutive year, which caused controversy as last year, and there were voices from the public who wanted a more transparent selection.Yamaguchi, a member of the strengthening committee, proposed the introduction of a point system as a clear selection method that is convincing to the world.If the points awarded for each tournament are announced in advance, the selection race will be obvious to the general public, leading to less misunderstanding. "This may be the last time we can choose a representative in Japan. Is it possible to win a representative who cannot win the final selection at the Olympics? That is a matter of strengthening system," Yamaguchi said.[88][89]. Also,Judo site eJudo"All Japan Judo Federation positions the selection weight by weight as one of the many selection competitions, but on the other hand, it also bears the crown of the final selection competition. The public will never be convinced of the selection. Nevertheless, the fact that they bother to publicize the misleading elements gives a glimpse of external circumstances that are not player-first. "[90](In addition,International Judo FederationSince 2009World ranking systemWas introduced in earnest to clarify the order among players in each class.Based on this ranking, athletes who qualify for the Olympic Games and sponsored by the International Judo FederationInternational competitionIt was decided to decide the seed player in.Also,Violence against female judo playersIn response, it was decided to introduce a point system in Japan from 2014.However, this point system is "one index for reference only", and it is said that the representative players will be selected in the end by the judgment of the strengthening committee).[91][92][93][94].

Judo style

Originally it is small with a height of 146 cmSeoi-nageAndKouchi Gari,Ouchi GariI was good at such things.However, as he was wary of his backpack, he learned other techniques and began to use them frequently.throw in judo,Uchi mata,Taiotoshi,Sukui Nage,Kosoto GariThe variety of techniques is one of the weapons, and in the period after the middle of the player's career, he often won by techniques other than throwing on his back.Also,Suppression technique,Arm crushIt was not uncommon to win with such sleeping techniques.He was also a coach of the valley in the all-Japan national team.Hiroshima UniversityProfessor'sTatsuya DeguchiAccording to Tani's idea, there is no concept of technique, only technique is included in a series of quick movements, and if you can react to the opponent, it does not matter what technique you end up with.[95][96].

The bargaining is good, and the assembly of the game is also excellent.He is a player who is strong in kumite and has an extraordinarily high crisis management ability, such as removing it while applying a technique instantly when the opponent takes a good point.It is unlikely that you will lose in the judgment.Don't miss the moment when you are off guard when assembling or when the other party stands up.From around 1999, I felt the limit to the style of throwing the opponent from the exquisite timing as in the past, and tried to further improve the power-up and speed-up to make up for it.In this way, I gained enough strength to compete with foreign players even with further speeding up of whole body reaction time and power.Coached the women's national team at the Athens OlympicsToshihiko KogaGives the greatest compliment that "such a player will never come out"[40][55].

After losing the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and the 1996 Atlanta Olympics by a small margin, I wondered why I couldn't win the Olympics while winning all the other competitions including the World Championships. Rather than scrutinizing the losing match and correcting it, I realized that I should thoroughly analyze the winning match and try to understand the winning pattern and raise it to an unwavering theory.Also, in order to acquire the strength to control myself, I decided to spend the day thinking "Today is the day of the game" almost every day from about two months before the Olympics and World Championships. He was able to control himself and work on the practice, and he was able to enter the day of the game from the same area as usual.When I was in elementary school, even if I lost the game, I didn't end up with it, and when I returned to the dojo immediately and played the next match, I was supposed to practice to create an image of winning in a new development.With such a background, it is said that the basic idea that "it is rare to lose and learn. Win and set higher goals" was already formed in this era.[97].

I have lost about 10 games so far, and I have lost three times in my junior days in ground fighting, but I have never lost in standing skills.[40]..Atsuko Nagai, who was considered one of the biggest rivals, said that Tamura was the strongest in 1.[98]..The Sonoda brothers, who taught in high school, also said that Tamura's peak was when he won the 1993 and 1995 world championships.[26]..In an interview after the Atlanta Olympics, he said that he came to think of all the players who are expected to play as rivals, but after retiring, he told the existence of rivals, "I can not make rivals in my judo life. With the rise and disappearance of various athletes at home and abroad, no one seemed to be a rival. "[51][85].

He has won the Olympics and World Championships a total of nine times, but has never won an all-one win.However, that does not necessarily mean that there were few single wins, and in the Osaka World Championships and the Athens Olympics, all but one win was won, and in other world championships, only one win was possible. With the exception of the Rio de Janeiro World Championships, which did not exist, all tournaments have won one by a majority.[40].

21st centurySince then, foreign judo players have tackled (Kuchiki taoshi) Is often used, which is one of the factors that Japanese players lose, but Tani is good at dealing with this and can avoid the opponent's tackle, which also makes it possible to win the Olympic Games for the second time in a row. Is considered one of the abilities[95].

In addition, he was undefeated in Japan for nearly 10 years, but in his later years of active duty, the influence of the blank due to childbirth and the decline in movement due to age are also seen, so it is fortunate at the 2007 All Japan Selection Weight Championship. Lost to Tomoko Fukumi and lost to Emi Yamagishi in the 2008 All Japan Selection Weight Final[3].

He has always been in the spotlight of the mass media since he was a teenager, and under the pressure of winning, his mental strength to maintain motivation and stay at the top for many years is extraordinary.Yasuo Inoue"What kind of mental structure is it? I want to listen slowly. I think so seriously."[99].


Since he was young, he has been receiving and answering interviews, responding to reporters with a smile, and remembering words of gratitude. He has a strong spirit of service to the media.In addition, he often makes remarks that drive himself into "○ consecutive championships", and has a strong mental power to continue to carry out that.


  • Atlanta Olympic Japanese TeamServed as the standard-bearer of[100].
  • At the wedding, two couples appeared in the couple's episode VTR.Wedding cake地球It was a huge blue one with the image of.My brother, who started judo, was absent from the ceremony[64].
  • Eraser printmaker'sNancy SekiIt is,1995Truth about the rumorIn the column serialized in, I expected that "I think Yawara will be in the election 10 years later." However, in reality, as mentioned above, he ran for the House of Councilors election in 2010 from the Democratic Party of Japan. Winning, Seki's expectation is that he won over 15 years[101]. 
  • In August 2011, he was selected by the International Judo Federation as the best female judo player in history.[102].
  • In August 2013, he was inducted into the International Judo Federation Hall of Fame.[103]. 


19864National Youth Judo Tournament Team competition3 bit
19878All Japan Boys and Girls Martial Arts Training TournamentWin
19907By selected weight3 bit
199010All Japan Women's Judo Strengthening Player Selection CommitteeWin
1990-2000,200212Fukuoka InternationalA total of 11 wins, including 12 consecutive victories
1991-2001,2003-2005By selected weightA total of 11 wins, including 14 consecutive victories
19917World championship3 bit
199110National body Boys and girlsWin
199111Asian Championship3 bit
19922Germany internationalWin
19927Barcelona Olympic2 bit
19932France internationalWin
19933National High School ChampionshipWin
19935East Asian GamesWin
199310World championshipWin
199310National body Boys and girlsWin
199410Asian GamesWin
199411All Japan Women's Judo Strengthening Player Selection CommitteeWin
199510World championshipWinner (2 consecutive victories)
19967Atlanta Olympics2 bit
19971World Cup team competition3 bit
199710World championshipWinner (3 consecutive victories)
19989World Cup team competition5 bit
199811National Women's Judo Weight ChampionshipWin
199910World championshipWinner (4 consecutive victories)
20009Sydney OlympicsWin
20017World championshipWinner (5 consecutive victories)
20039World championshipWinner (6 consecutive victories)
20048Athens OlympicsWinner (2 consecutive victories)
20074By selected weight2 bit
20079World championshipWinner (7th victory in total)
20084By selected weight2 bit
20088Beijing Olympics3 bit


Record of consecutive wins against foreign players

1996 Year of 12 MonthFukuoka International2回戦から2008年8月の北京オリンピック準々決勝までの約11年8か月の間に対外国人選手に61連勝しており、浅見八瑠奈の46連勝を上回っている。また、1992年12月の福岡国際2回戦から1996年7月のアトランタオリンピック準決勝までの約3年7か月の間にも42連勝を記録していた。なお、対外国人選手の通算成績は127勝5敗、そのうち一本勝ちが82勝となっている[26][40].

Number of consecutive winsroundOpponentMessage
Fukuoka International (April 1996, 12) Winner
12 RoundFujikawa (USA)One win (Yoko Shiho gatame)
23 RoundPires (Brazil)One win (Kuregami Shikata)
3SemifinalsLi Aiyue (China)Judgment win (2-1)
4finalSavon (Cuba)Dominant win (attention)
World Cup team competition (April 1997, 1) 19rd place
5SemifinalsSavon (Cuba)Dominant win (valid)
World championship (April 1997, 10) Winner
62 RoundMoutou (Mauritius)One win (Osotogari)
73 RoundDaman (Germany)One win (Yoko Shiho gatame)
8quaterfinalsMoskvina (Belarus)Dominant win (valid)
9SemifinalsPae Dong Suk (North Korea)One win (competition)
10finalSavon (Cuba)Dominant win (valid)
Fukuoka International (December 1997, 12) Winner (final against Nagai)
111 RoundHuang Li Hong (China)One win (Uchi mata)
122 RoundNishiro-Rosso (France)One win (Uchi mata)
13SemifinalsGradante (Germany)One win (Kuregami Shikata)
World Cup team competition (April 1998, 9) 12rd place
141 RoundMakuri (Italy)One win (Kosoto Gari)
152 RoundBerti (Brazil)One win (competition)
16SemifinalsJocine (France)Dominant win (valid)
173rd place matchSimons (Belgium)Dominant win (effect)
Fukuoka International (January 1999, 1) Winner (Final against Makabe)
182 RoundGadicho (India)One win (competition)
193 RoundYoshujin (Taiwan)Dominant win (valid)
20SemifinalsSavon (Cuba)Dominant win (with waza-ari)
World championship (April 1999, 10) Winner
211 RoundLuini (Tunisia)One win (competition)
222 RoundKaliyewa (Kazakhstan)One win (Yoko Shiho gatame)
233 RoundKropstra (Netherlands)One win (competition)
24quaterfinalsNishiro-Rosso (France)Judgment win (3-0)
25SemifinalsPark Seiko (Korea)Dominant win (attention)
26finalSavon (Cuba)Judgment win (3-0)
Fukuoka International (April 1999, 12) Winner
272 RoundLau (Hong Kong)One win (competition)
283 RoundHalen (Belgium)Dominant win (valid)
29SemifinalsPark Seiko (Korea)Dominant win (warning)
30finalSavon (Cuba)Judgment win (3-0)
Sydney Olympics (April 2000, 9) Winner
312 RoundZhao Shunxin (China)Dominant win (valid)
323 RoundRusnikova (Ukraine)One win (Harai goshi)
33SemifinalsCha Hyon Hyang (North Korea)Judgment win (3-0)
34finalProletova (Russia)One win (Uchi mata)
Fukuoka International (December 2000, 12) Winner (Final against Hamano)
352 RoundTampra Passon (Thailand)One win (Osotogari)
363 RoundHudybergenois (Uzbekistan)One win (Osotogari)
37SemifinalsKim Yeong Ran (Korea)One win (Taiotoshi)
World championship (April 2001, 7) Winner
381 RoundMoskvina (Belarus)One win (Tsubame gaeshi)
392 RoundAngels (Mexico)One win (Harai goshi)
40quaterfinalsMatthias (Germany)Dominant win (valid)
41SemifinalsMakuri (Italy)One win (Uchi mata)
42finalRi Kyong Ok (North Korea)Judgment win (2-1)
Fukuoka International (December 2002, 12) Winner (semi-final against Fukumi, final against Kitada)
432 RoundChow (Hong Kong)One win (competition)
443 RoundJocine (France)Dominant win (valid)
World championship (April 2003, 9) Winner
452 RoundGundal (India)One win (Harai goshi)
463 RoundDmitr (Romania)One win (Osotogari)
47quaterfinalsLeberg (Canada)One win (competition)
48SemifinalsTakamine (China)One win (seoi nage)
49finalJocine (France)Dominant win (guidance 3)
Athens Olympics (April 2004, 8) Winner
502 RoundKarayano Blue (Greece)One win (competition)
513 RoundHadda (Algeria)One win (Osotogari)
52SemifinalsDmitr (Romania)One win (competition)
53finalJocine (France)Dominant win (with waza-ari)
World championship (April 2007, 9) Winner
542 RoundMysra (Malaysia)One win (Taiotoshi)
553 RoundJocine (France)Dominant win (GS effect)
56quaterfinalsWu Shugen (China)Dominant win (GS guidance 1)
57SemifinalsDmitr (Romania)Dominant win (with waza-ari)
58finalBelmoi (Cuba)Dominant win (valid)
Beijing Olympics (April 2008, 8) 9rd place  
592 RoundMatsumoto (USA)Dominant win (valid)
603 RoundWu Shugen (China)Dominant win (with GS waza-ari)
61quaterfinalsPareto (Argentina)Dominant win (guidance 1)

Competitive results with leading players

Match record
CitizenshipPlayer nameMessage
Japanese flagFumiko Ezaki2 wins 1 losses
Japanese flagYumiko Eto4 wins and 1 loss (1 win per race)
Japanese flagAtsuko Nagai10 wins
Japanese flagTomoe Makabe4 wins (including 1 win in 1 races)
Japanese flagKayo Kitada4 wins
Japanese flagTomoko Fukumi3 wins and 2 loss (2 win per race)
Japanese flagEmi Yamagishi3 wins and 1 loss (1 win per race)
Japanese flagHaruna Asami1 wins
British flagKaren Briggs2 wins and 1 loss (2 win per race)
French flagCécile Nowak1 losses
French flagFrederique Jocine7 wins
Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaLi Aiyue6 wins (including 3 win in 1 races)
Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaTang Lihong2 wins and 1 loss (1 win per race)
Cuban flagAmarilis Savón12 wins (including 4 win in 1 races)
Democratic People's Republic of Korea flagKee Seung Hee1 losses
Romanian flagAlina Dumitru3 wins and 1 loss (2 win per race)

(Reference material:Baseball magazine companyIssuedModern judoBack numbers, etc.).


  • 1993 YearJOC Sports AwardOutstanding performance award
  • 1995 JOC Sports Award Best Award
  • 1995 Fukuoka Prefectural Sports Honor Award
  • 2000th of February 10 A pair of silver cups(Chrysanthemum crest)
  • 2000th of February 11 Prime Minister's Honor
  • 2000 JOC Sports Award Special Honor Award
  • 2000 Fukuoka Prefectural Honor Award
  • 2002 JOC Sports Award Special Contribution Award
  • 2003th of February 11 Purple ribbon
  • November 2004, 11 Purple Ribbon Medal Decorative Edition
  • 2004 Fukuoka Prefectural Sports Honor Award
  • November 2007, 11 Purple Ribbon Medal Decorative Edition

Works with Ryoko Tani as a motif

  • It's big even if it's small! (Song: Kawasaki Katsuji)
    • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DaySingle CDReleased as.
    • "Ryoko Tamura" (at that time)Proper nounDoes not appear, but the lyrics are based on the image of a valley.


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