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⚽ | Shock ... Brazilian team, all players make ridiculous "retaliation" to fans of their own army


Shock ... Brazilian team, all players make ridiculous "retaliation" to their fans

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At the end, it seems that the military police intervened, but the Heavel side regretted this matter and also defended that the actions of the players were due to momentary emotions.

The shocking footage shot in Brazil, the kingdom of soccer, has become a hot topic.Hevel at the Piauí Championship ... → Continue reading


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military police

military policeWhat is (Kenpei)?Combat supportMilitary departmentIs a type of軍隊Maintaining internal orderTraffic controlIs the mission.in EnglishMilitary police (MP)Is written,Military police(Gunkeisatsu), also known as the military police[1][2]..The military police organization that also serves as a general policeGendarmerieCalled.

Japanese military policeEspecially in the English literaturekempeitaiIs often written as.


What is a military police in peacetime?軍隊Maintaining internal order and discipline, mainly traffic control and traffic control during the warCaptiveIt is a military department that handles tasks such as handling.The organization is not uniform depending on the country, but oneDivisionAbout 3% of all personnel make up the gendarmerie, and at least 100 to 200 gendarmerieCompanyIs organized.battalionIn the military police with the above scale,Criminal investigationPersonnel andLegal professionQualified persons may also belong.

Due to his discipline, he often takes on special tasks, and is currentlyJapan OfJapan Ground Self-Defense ForceThen.State guestAgainstHonorThe special honor guard to performPolice DepartmentBelongs to302nd Security Police SquadronIt is organized by the members of.Also,Korean PeninsulaJoint Security Area (PanmunjomIt is also the military police who are guarding the south side in).


The military police system and its duties vary greatly from country to country depending on the history and institutional design concept, but they are not uniform.France OfNational Military PoliceIn a country based on the above, the organization is independent of the army, navy and air force (hereinafter referred to as the "national military police system"), not as a military department of each army, and not only the maintenance of order within the army but also the general public.Administrative policeIt emphasizes function.In particular,Jandarumuri(France),Gendarmerie(トルコ),Carabinieri(イタリア) Is an example.Besides, Chile (Carabineros de Chile) Andアルゼンチン((Spanish version) And so on.Former Japanese ArmyGendarmerie is also a type of national gendarmerie that was created based on the French system.Former Japanese NavyHe also served as a military police, administrative police, and judicial police.For more informationGendarmerie,Military Police (Japanese Army)See.

Military police to clarify that they will exercise police powerMilitary uniformToWaffenfarbe,badge,ArmbandEtc. are often worn.In some cases, the helmet or belt is whitened to make it stand out.


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