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⚽ | "Thanks to the Super League, the terrible new CL has been forgotten" Tuchel


"Thanks to the Super League, the terrible new CL has been forgotten." Tuchel

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The European Super League has been criticized for "not hearing the voices of fans and the field," but UEFA has not consulted about the new format ...

The European Super League concept announced on April 4 was destroyed in just 19 hours.Big club 48 who announced their participation ... → Continue reading


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Super League (soccer)

Super league(The Super League, legal name: European Super League Company, SL) is made up of top European clubs.UEFA Champions LeagueIt is an annual club soccer tournament aimed at comparable to or replacing.European super league(European Super League,E) Also called. Founded in April 2021 by 4 clubs, it was finally created with a plan to compete in 12 clubs.

The Super League announcement was almost totally opposed by fans, players, managers, politicians, other clubs, as well as FIFA, UEFA and governments.In response to the announcement of the formation of the league, all six clubs in England have announced their intention to withdraw, and the Super League has announced that it will "reconsider the most appropriate steps to rebuild the project." ..Three days after it was officially announced, the Super League announced that it would suspend its business.[1].


back ground

The proposal to create the European Super League dates back to at least 1998 when the Italian company Media Partners investigated the idea, but failed as UEFA moved to expand the Champions League.[2]..Various proposals have been made over the next 20 years, but with little success.A related idea was the long-standing ambition of the Premier League to host "Section 39" abroad and take advantage of favorable overseas markets.

The Super League reportedly refused UEFA's monopoly position to fully realize the financial potential of European football, which hindered each club's business growth and infrastructure development. It is said that it was established from dissatisfaction with[3]..One founding club executive said he was willing to disband the Super League if UEFA agreed to reform the Champions League, subject to anonymity, and another executive said the plan was "groping". Stated that it was thought[4].

2020 year 10 month,Sky SportsIt is,International Football Federation(FIFA)UEFA Champions LeagueAs an alternative toNHL,NFL,NBA,MLBHe claimed to be proposing a "European Premier League" that includes a round-robin system with up to 18 teams and a post-league playoff-style knockout tournament without demotion, similar to the major leagues in the United States.Barcelona is the chairmanJosep Maria BartomeuAccepts a proposal to join the Super League the day before he resigns[5].

However, on January 2021, 1, all six continental federations of FIFA and football (A,CAF,CONCACAF,CONMEBOL,OFC,UEFA) Issued a statement refusing to form a withdrawn European Super League[6]..The proposal was discussed by clubs such as Manchester United and Liverpool.According to the proposal document, such a league will start in the 2022-23 season,Premier LeagueConsisting of 6 permanent members, including 15 clubs, each club will be paid up to £ 3m at membership and up to £ 1000m per season thereafter.[7].


August 2021, 4,New York TimesHowever, 12 clubs in England, Italy and Spain have reached a basic agreement to form the European Super League, and each team will be able to earn more than $ 4 million (£ 2 million) by participating in the tournament. Ta[8]..On the same day, the league was announced by a press release issued by the founding club.[9]..The press release "provides higher quality matches and provides additional funding for the entire football pyramid," while "promising long-term, unlimited solidarity that grows with the league's bottom line." By doing so, we will provide significant economic growth and support for European football. "[9]..In addition to boys, women's super leagues will be established "as soon as possible".[9]..As a founding club in Spainreal Madrid,Barcelona,Atletico Madrid, EnglandManchester United,Manchester City,Liverpool,Chelsea,Arsenal,Tottenham Hotspur,ItalianJuventus,Internazionale Milan,AC Milan12 clubs listed[9]..In addition, the first president of Real MadridFlorentino PerezWas appointed[9].

The announcement was made on the eve of a UEFA executive committee meeting aimed at renewing and expanding the UEFA Champions League from the 2024-25 season to increase the number of games and income under pressure from European elite clubs. Was[10].. UEFA, EnglandFAPremier League,ItalianItalian Football FederationSerie A, SpanishSpanish Football FederationLa LigaAnnounced that it will "consider all available means at all levels of justice and sports" to prevent the Super League from being held.[11].

At the time of its founding, in GermanyBayern Munich,Dortmund,FrenchParis Saint-GermainRefused to participate and announced that he would not participate.UEFA, on the other hand,BundesligaLeague AnnThank you to the club[12][13][14][15].

The announced Super League concept has received a lot of criticism from active players, coaches, OBs and fans.

Chelsea are the first English club to withdraw after Bruce Buck meets with players[16].. On April 2021, 4, Manchester City confirmed that it had officially launched its withdrawal process from the Super League. UEFA President Alexander Cheferin has issued a statement welcoming them to return to the "European football family"[17]..Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur also left the same day, and Chelsea left early in the morning of April 4st.[18]..Following the withdrawal of the English club, the Super League said on April 4st, "Given the current situation, always keep in mind the goal of providing the best experience for fans while strengthening the sense of solidarity throughout the football world. While leaving, rethink the most appropriate means of rebuilding the project. "Andrea Agnelli, chairman of Juventus and vice chairman of the Super League, made this mistake.Britain's departure from the EUHe added that the withdrawal of six England clubs that day made it unlikely that the Super League project would proceed in its current form, but he still believed in it.[19]..Less than an hour later, both Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan officially announced their withdrawal from the Super League, and AC Milan also announced their withdrawal shortly thereafter.[20].

Founding club

Twelve clubs have been announced as founding members of the tournament, and three more will be added before the opening.It includes 12 clubs in Spain and 3 clubs in Italy, including England's "Big 6".The 3 established clubs will permanently participate in the competition and control the organization.[9].

Bayern Munich,Borussia Dortmund,Paris Saint-GermainThe three teams have not been announced as early members of the Super League, and all three have publicly blamed the tournament, but it was speculated that these teams might have been invited.Florentino Perez, president of the Super League, suggested that the three clubs were not invited to join the founding clubs.

Tournament format

15 teams will participate in this tournament, including 20 established clubs.The remaining 5 teams will be decided by a qualifying method based on the results of the previous season. Starting in August, the teams will be divided into two groups of 8 teams each and will play a home-and-away match during Midweek to allow the club to participate in the national league.The top three teams from each group will advance to the quarterfinals, and the 10th and 2th place teams from each group will play off two games to determine the last two teams to advance to the quarterfinals.The rest of the match will be played in the last four weeks of the season, with two games in the quarter-finals and semi-finals, and one game in the May final in the middle ground.[9].

Prize money

The tournament features no upper limit on solidarity payments to clubs and increases according to league earnings.In addition, the founding club has an infrastructure investment plan.COVID-19 Pandemic€ 35 billion will be paid to offset the impact of[9]..A major investment bank in the United StatesJP Morgan ChaseIs said to have promised $ 50 billion in funding for the Super League program[21].


The following soccer officers have been confirmed as leaders of the organization.

PositionNameOther positions
PresidentSpanish flag Florentino PerezReal Madrid Chairman
Vice-presidentItalian flag Andrea AgnelliJuventus Chairman
United States flag Joel GlazerManchester United Partner
United States flag John W. HenryLiverpool Director
United States flag Stan KroenkeArsenal owner


Soccer group



FrenchEmmanuel MacronPresident and EnglandBoris Johnsonprime minister[22]Also expressed opposition to this plan[23].


Former Manchester United coachAlex Ferguson"Fans all over the world love the tournament as it is," he said in a negative view.[24]..Former Arsenal coachArsene WengerAlso expressed criticism[25].

フ ァ ン

The supporters of the six Premier League clubs, which will be the founding clubs, also strongly opposed[26].


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