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🏐 | "Tokyo Challenge 2021" Volleyball Men's National Team "Ryujin NIPPON" has started!Remote interview ②


"Tokyo Challenge 2021" Volleyball Men's National Team "Ryujin NIPPON" has started!Remote interview ②

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As a test match for the Tokyo Olympics, this match will be the touchstone of Ryujin NIPPON.

From 5:2 on May 19nd (Sun), Fuji TV will announce "Volleyball Japan National Team International Friendly Match-Tokyo Challenge 202 ..." → Continue reading

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Volleyball All Japan Men

Volleyball Men's National Volleyball National Team (name changed from 2019 Volleyball All Japan Men's)Is organized at international competitions,JapanThe boyvolleyball OfNational team.


Asian ChampionshipThe men's Japan national team, which boasts the most victory in 9 times, is also an old-timer team representing Asia.

1927ToJapan Volleyball AssociationWas established by1951ToInternational Volleyball FederationJoined[2]. 1960 World ChampionshipAfter making his first appearance in the (4th tournament), he played an active part as a world powerhouse from the 1960s to the 1970s.1964 Tokyo Olympicsでbronze medal,1968 Mexico Olympicsでsilver medalWon.Defeating Eastern European powerhouse East Germany,gold medalEarned1972 Munich OlympicsThen, in the semi-final against Bulgaria, he played a reversal play from set count 0-2, and at that time "Munich miracleWas called[3][4] [5][Note 1].

after that,1980 era(Shunichi Kawai-Yasunori Kumada-Ken InoueAlthough there was a boom[8]From)2000 eraIt was a long period of stagnation.1992 Barcelona OlympicsSince then, he has lost the right to participate in the Olympic Games for three consecutive tournaments,Beijing Olympic World Final QualifyingAtParticipated in the Olympic Games for the first time in 16 yearsI decided.But2008 Beijing OlympicsThen, after losing all five races, he lost in the first league and ended up in 5th place Thailand.This was the first time I couldn't win a single Olympic game.

Next year2009 World Grand Champions CupIn (Grachamberley)1977 World CupWon the bronze medal for the first time in 32 years at major international competitions since winning the silver medal, but the gold medalBrazilAnd silver medalキ ュ ー バThere were still issues such as losing straight to the team.2010 Volleyball Men's World ChampionshipThen, he lost in the second league and ended up in 2th place tie, which is lower than the previous 8th place.Next year2011 Volleyball World LeagueSo I ended up in 1th place with 11 win and 15 defeatsFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentConsidering that all the games were away due to the influence of the playoffs, he was allowed to participate in 2012 with a playoff exemption.2011 Volleyball Men's Asian ChampionshipFinished in 5th place and missed the medal for the first time in 4 tournaments.2011 World Cup VolleyballBegins with the opening 5 consecutive losses,EgyptとChugokuHe revealed the weakness of the game, which ended up in 2th place in Thailand, which was the lowest ever, and made a mistake in winning the chance to win.London Olympics final qualifyingThen, in response to the devastating defeat of the World Cup last year, we tried to strengthen the serve and block, and although the results were appearing in some places, we lost points in important places and just before the final race.AustraliaWon the right to participate in the Asian frame, so Japan's defeat was confirmed and it was a dead rubber match.(I.e.The battle ended in a straight loss.

2013Formerly coached the American national team as the first foreign coachGary Sato(United States flag The United States of America) Was appointed[9][10]..However, he resigned due to poor grades.2014On August 2Shoji NanbuHas been announced as the new coach[11]..Southern director2015January,Yuki Ishikawa,Masahiro Yanagida,Kentaro Takahashi,Akihiro YamauchiAnnounced that four young players from Japan will be named "NEXT 4" as leader candidates for the next-generation Japan national team.[12]..A comedy-touch mini-animation that characterizes themGun Valley Club NEXT!Was also broadcast on Fuji TV in the same year. In September when "NEXT4" and others participatedWorld CupThe number of spectators gradually increased in the men's tournament, and although it was not significantly linked to the audience rating[13][14]From the middle stage, the venue (A site) was full every day.[15][16]..However, the following year, June 2016Rio de Janeiro Olympics Final QualifyingThen, on the fifth day after losing four, the dream of participating in the Japanese Olympics was cut off.Both ace Yanagita and Ishikawa were injured during the match.[17][18][19].

2017,Yuichi NakagaichiFormer France national teamPhilippe BlainServed as a coach.2019 World Cup VolleyballThen, including the first 5 consecutive wins, it ended with 8 wins and 3 losses, and became the 28th place for the first time in 4 years.[20].

About the name

In the past, it was customary to call the Japanese national team "All Japan" in all competitive sports, but this name is no longer used in other sports, and some media outlets also refer to the "Japan National Team" for volleyball. It was sometimes called.The Japan Volleyball Association has changed the names of "All Japan" and "All Japan Team" until 2018, and decided to use the name of "Japan National Team" from 2019.

The Japan Volleyball Association has decided that the association will propose its own catchphrase, rather than sending the name on the program broadcast from the media such as "Director name + Japan" (eg "Ueda Japan"). The team's nickname was solicited from March to April 2009. In June 3, as a result of selection by the association from the open call for participants, the team was nicknamed ""Ryujin NIPPONWas announced[21][22]..Later, a kids version of the character "Ryujin-kun" with a dragon motif also appeared.[23][24](Girls are "Firebird"[25]).


woman6 years late for boys2009 OfGlacier ValleyFromNo sleeveAdopted a mold[26].

Great East Japan EarthquakeThere has occurred2011,World CupThe design theme of the uniform worn inTSUBASA(Tsubasa)[27]..On the left chest (upper part of the Hinomaru),One heartWas sewn like a girl[Note 2][Note 3].

2013[28], The uniform changed to short sleeves (returned).Some players are wearing black long-sleeved undershirts.[29].

Asics, a supplier, has set the concept of "Star cluster" for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and in 2017 adopted a new color of flash yellow with the theme of "Light emission" (the other two patterns). Is red and white as before, black is paused)[30].

Past results

Asian Championship results

Olympic results[31]

World Championship results

World Grand Champions Cup results

World League Nations League results

Current representative

Past representatives are "List of Japanese men's volleyball national team playersSee.

Representative registered members in 2020 [33] Is as follows.The uniform numbers are as of February 2020, 2.

directed byJapanese flag Yuichi Nakagaichi
coachFrench flag Philippe Blain
coachJapanese flag Tsumagatsu victory
No.Player nameShirt nameheightAffiliationPRemarks
01Kunihiro ShimizuSHIMIZU193 cmPanasonic PanthersOP
02Taishi OnoderaONODERA201 cmJT Thunders HiroshimaMB
03Naonobu FujiiFUJII183 cmToray ArrowsS
04Issei OtakeOTAKE201 cmPanasonic PanthersOP
05Tatsuya FukuzawaFUKUZAWA189 cmPanasonic Panthers

(Paris volleyFrench flag)

06Akihiro YamauchiYAMAUCHI204 cmPanasonic PanthersMB
07Tsubasa KuharaHISAHARA188 cmPanasonic PanthersOH
08Masahiro YanagidaYANAGIDA186 cmSuntory SunbirdsOHCaptain sports.svg
09Hideomi FukatsuFUKATSU180 cmPanasonic PanthersS
10Taichiro KogaKOGA170 cmFC TokyoL
12Masahiro SekitaSEKITA175 cmSakai BlazersS
13Kenya FujinakaFUJINAKA190 cmSuntory SunbirdsOH
14Yuki Ishikawa 191 cmPower Valley MilanoItalian flagOH
15Li BoREAD193 cmToray ArrowsMB
16Kentaro TakahashiK.TAKAHASHI201 cmToray ArrowsMB
17Masaki OyaOYA178 cmSuntory SunbirdsS
18Tomohiro YamamotoYAMAMOTO171 cmSakai BlazersL
19ARAI188 cmTokai UniversityOH
20Ryuta HommaHONMA178 cmJTEKT STNGSL
21TAKEMOTO199 cmSakai BlazersMB
22TAKANASHI189 cmWolfdogs NagoyaOH
23Yuki HiguchiHIGUCHI191 cmSakai BlazersOH
24TOMITA190 cmToray ArrowsOH
25SATO204 cmTokai UniversityMB
26OTSUKA194 cmWaseda UniversityOH
27R.TAKAHASHI188 cmNippon Sport Science UniversityOH

List of successive directors

NameCitizenshipAffiliation at the time of inaugurationTerm of office
Norio TadaNote 1Japanese flag1923,1925,1927,1930
Yutaka MaedaNote 2Japanese flag1954
Shigeyoshi NagasakiNote 3Japanese flag1955,1958,1960,1962
Note 4Japanese flag1955
Note 5Japanese flagChukyo Women's University1957,1958,1961 - 1964
Yasutaka MatsudairaJapanese flagNKK1965 - 1972
Tsutomu KoyamaJapanese flagFujifilm1973 - 1976
Nakamura YuzoJapanese flagNippon Steel1977 - 1980
Naohiro IkedaJapanese flagNagasaki Nakano Gamo store1980 - 1984
Masaru SaitoJapanese flagTokai University1984 - 1986
Tsutomu Koyama (re)Japanese flagFujifilm1986 - 1988
Masayuki MinamiJapanese flagAsahi Kasei1989 - 1990
Seiji OkoJapanese flagSuntory1991 - 1995
Shinichiro TsujiaiJapanese flagNippon Steel1996
Futoshi TeramawariJapanese flagNEC1997 - 2000
Mikiyasu TanakaJapanese flagSakai Blazers2001 - 2004
Tatsuya UetaNote 6Japanese flagNippon Steel2005 - 2013
Gary SatoUnited States flagThe United States of America2013 -2014
Shoji NanbuJapanese flagPanasonic2014 - 2016
Yuichi NakagaichiNote 7Japanese flagSakai Blazers2017[34][35]
note It was sporadic before the warFar East ChampionshipsWhen,Japan-Manchukuo TournamentThe All Japan Team was formed only when such events were held.1923The volleyball team that participated in the previous Far Eastern ChampionshipsYMCATo members ofAthleticsI borrowed and organized players such as.
Note 1 1923,1925,1927Far East Championships(Kobe KoshoSingle team, 23 people in 25 and 12 years, 27 people after 9),1930Far Eastern Championship Games (Kobe Kosho +Hiroshima NichuOB)
Note 2 1954Hong KongExpedition (9 people)
Note 3 1955Asian Championship (9 players),1958Tokyo Asian Games(6 people),1960 World Championship(6 people),1962Asian Games(6 people, 9 people)
Note 4 1955Asian Championship (6 players)
Note 5 1957MoscowWorld Youth Friendship Tournament (6 players),1958Tokyo Asian Games(9 people),1961European Expedition (6 people), 1962-1964(6 people)
Note 6 Although he submitted his resignation to the association in 2012, it was not accepted, and he remained in an assistant position during the contract period until the end of March 2013.2013 Volleyball World LeagueIn qualifying (September 2012), I was a coachNaoki Morokuma(Affiliation: Career Sports) became the acting director.
Note 7 In early 2017, I was a coachPhilippe BlainIs acting director.

The main captains of all time

■AfterAll Japan Men's DirectorAppointed to


,Yutaka Demachi,Tsutomu Koyama■,Naohiro Ikeda■,Masayuki Minami■,Nakamura Yuzo■,Katsutoshi Nekota,Kenji Shimaoka

1980 era

Mikiyasu Tanaka■,Shuji Yamada,Kimio Sugimoto,Shunichi Kawai

1990 era

Mt. Yoneyama Ichitomo,Tatsuya Ueta■,Akihiko Matsuda,Yuichi Nakagaichi■,Masaji Ogino,Minoru Takeuchi

2000 era

Masayuki Izumikawa,Yoichi Kato,Atsushi Kobayashi, Masaji Ogino (re),Daisuke UsamiNote 1

2010 era

Kota YamamuraNote 2,Yu Koshikawa,Yuta AbeNote 3,Kunihiro ShimizuNote 3,Hideomi Fukatsu,Masahiro Yanagida

2020 era

Yuki IshikawaNote 4

Note 1 2010 World ChampionshipThen, Yamamura acted as captain instead of Usami who did not participate due to both ankle surgery.
Note 2 2013 Glacier ValleyIn the 4th round (against Italy), Yamamura was removed from the 12 bench members, so Koshikawa went to the match with the 17th uniform with the captain mark.[36].
Note 3 When Abe was removed from the bench members in the 2015 World League, Shimizu played in the first uniform with the captain mark.After that, from the 1 World Cup, he officially took over the captain from Abe to Shimizu.
Note 4 In Tokyo Challenge 2021, instead of Ishikawa who did not participate,Taishi OnoderaServed as captain.


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  1. ^ At that time, the average height of all Japanese starting members was about 190 cm, which was the longest in the tournament.[6].[7]According to the consideration of, the average height of the All Japan Men's Team is 1963 = 181.6 cm, 1968 = 187 cm, 1976 = 189.5 cm, 2007 = 192 cm.
  2. ^ Larger size than girls.
  3. ^ Kumamoto earthquake2016 after the outbreak ofRio Olympics World Final QualifyingBut I did the same with the girls on the uniforms.


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