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⚽ | "If Neymar does not leave ... Barcelona" MSN "was the strongest" Pep regrets


"If Neymar didn't leave ... Barcelona" MSN "was the strongest," Pep regrets.

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Neymar joined Barcelona a year after Pep left the club, and the two are not working together.

Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar's "MSN" once raged in Barcelona.South America's best ... → Continue reading


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This name isPortuguese-speaking name conventionsI am following.First surname(MaternalLast name) IsDa Silva,Second surname(PaternalLast name) IsSantosis. (Template: Portuguese-speaking first and last name)

Neymar(Neymar)thingNeymar da Ciuba Santos Jr.(Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior [nejˈmaʁ dɐ ˈsiwvɐ ˈsɐ̃tus ˈʒũɲoʁ], 1992May 2 -) isState of Sao PauloMogi Das CruzesFromBrazil Ofsoccer player.Brazil national team.League Ann-Paris Saint-Germain FCBelongs. Position isforward.

SantosIn timesSouth American Player of the Year AwardWon twice. In EuropeFC BarcelonaBelong toLionel Messi,Louis SuarezAnd an attack trio of Barça,La LigaVictory,Copa del Rey,UEFA Champions LeagueContribute to the conquest. 2015Baron d'OrWas selected in 3rd place. The following year also contributed to the consecutive wins of Liga Espanola and Copa. A record high of 2017 million in 2EuroWith a transfer fee of about 284 billion yenParis Saint-GermainTransferred to. In the first year, it was selected as the league one year best player award[2][3][4][5][6].

He made his debut at the age of 18 at the Brazilian national team and is nowPeleThe third-ranked record holder after. Named Golden Ball in the 2 FIFA Confederations Cup. In 2013Rio OlympicsToOACompeting in a frame,gold medalEarned.

One of the most prominent athletes in the world. SportsPro named him the most marketable athlete in the world in 2012 and 2013,ESPNNamed him the fourth most famous athlete in the world in 2016. In 4, it was listed by Time as one of the most influential players in the world. And in 2017,ForbesHeThe third highest-income athlete in the world(With Messiク リ ス テ ィ ア ー ノ · ロ ナ ウ ドNext to)[7].



Neymar da Silva Santos Junior is between Neymar da Silva and Nadine SantosState of Sao PauloMogi Das CruzesBorn as the eldest son of one son and one, the model industry rafaella beckran is a younger sister who is 4 years younger[8].. My father was also a soccer player[9].. As they grow, NeymarFutsal(English editionCrazy about[10].

In 1992, Neymar was with his family(Portuguese versionMoved to. In 1999Portugesa SantistaAfter joining the Youth Club[11], In 2003Santos FCMoved to a youth club[12].. If you succeed in the youth age, your family(English editionI bought my first property next to. Neymar costs 15 a month when he is 1.Real, At the age of 16, he earned 1 real dollars a month. At the age of 25,000, signed a professional contract and was promoted to the top team of Santos, and also got a sponsor contract[13].


In January 2005, Neymar, who was 1 years old,real MadridPlanned to sign a contract with[14].. July 2008, 2,Santos FCSigned a professional contract with the penalty set to 5000 million euros[15].

Former at the age of 13real MadridFWRobinhoParticipated in the year-end charity match. The game became famous because it was broadcast on TV. After that, he appeared in soccer programs many times and was expected to be debuted in one army by supporters.

In the debut match against Oeste FC in the State of São Paulo Championship, high-speed dribbling andPedaladaAnd led the game that had been defeated to a reversal victory. In the next sectionMOZIMIRIN ECI scored the first professional goal in the game and was watching the gamePele"He has more potential than me, hopefully"[16].

2011 yearsCopa LibertadoresFinal matchCA PenaloreIn the match, the first leg of the away was finished with a 1-0 draw, and in the second leg at the home, the first shot with a value of 0 gold was set in 2 minutes.[17]Finally, in 2-1 Santos won the Copa Libertadores for the third time since the 1963 Games. In addition, Neymar himself recorded a total of 3 goals in this tournament, which was the driving force behind the victory. Participated as a representative of South AmericaFIFA Club World Cup 2011So on the 12th of December,Kashiwa ReysolContribute to victory by scoring first goal with middle shot from kick feint in battle[18][19].. But in the finalFC BarcelonaSuffered a thorough mark before, the team also lost 0-4 and finished in the second place.

January 2012, 1, 1South American Player of the Year AwardIt was announced that they were elected[20][21].

Played in the final match in Santos on May 2013, 5, crying during the pre-match national anthem[22].


Santos announces Neymar release on May 2013, 5[23]On the 26thFC BarcelonaA five-year agreement was announced[24][25].. The contract was officially signed on June 6rd. Lionel MessiBecame a teammate[26].. Although the uniform number was not initially decided,Tiago Alcantara Bayern MunichAfter transferring to, I decided to wear the No. 11 I was wearing in Santos. August 8Super Copa de Espana OfAtletico MadridHe scored an away goal that led the team to victory in the battle and recorded the first official score. September 9Real SociedadIn the battle, he recorded five consecutive assists including the Champions League. October 5th my firstEl ClassicoHe recorded one goal and one assist, and contributed to the victory at 1-1. December 2th of the Champions League group stageCelticAchieved the first hat-trick after the transfer in the battle[27].

In the 2014-15 season, Messi of Argentina and UruguayLouis SuarezWith 3 tops, 39 goals were recorded in the official game, and 3 goals were recorded as the 122 tops, which is the highest number in the history of Spain. Furthermore, of the Champions League finalJuventusAlong with Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, he scored five goals in a row and became the CL scorer alongside Liga Espanola.Copa del Rey, Of the Champions LeagueTriple CrownAnd achieved the first major title in Europe. Also the eighth player in history to win the title of club champion in Europe and South America[28].. Held in Japan in DecemberFIFA Club World Cup 2015Of the South American champion in the finalLiebel PlateShow your opponent a gorgeous dribble without five peopleLionel MessiWith the first goal ofLouis SuarezContributed to the victory by assisting the third point of.Santos FCIn the ageFIFA Club World Cup 2011Lost in the finalFC BarcelonaThen I got the best club in the world.

In the 2015-16 season, he led the attack during a long-term departure due to injury of Ace Messi, Section 10 on October 17Rayo VallecanoIn the battle, he showed 4 goals including hat-trick[29].. In addition, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will be the first player to win the world best player award.FIFA Baron d'OrSelected as 3 finalists[30].. In the second half of the season, although he lost tune, he recorded 31 goals and 16 assists in the official game,Copa del ReyIn the final of, such as deciding additional points,Liga EspanyolaAnd contributed to Copa's consecutive victory.

On July 2016, 7, extended the contract with the club until 1[31].. Termination payments were set at €1 million in the first year, €2 million in the second year and €2 million in the third year and beyond[31].. March 2017, 3 Champions League,PSGAt the end of the battle, he showed an activity that involved 3 points at the end of the race, and contributed to the reversal victory from the 1st leg 0-4. In the final of Copa del Rey on May 5, he scored for the second consecutive year and contributed to the victory.

In mid-July 2017, the news agency in their native Brazil, Globo, announced that Neymar may leave FC Barcelona. SPORT, the local newspaper in Barcelona, ​​also reported this, but Mundo Deportivo denied. In addition, on July 7, teammate Gerard Pique posted on Instagram that he would remain.[32]Messi and Suarez talk with Neymar himself for about an hour[33] It seems that this transfer riot will calm down, but it was a personal opinion from Pique himself[34] Since there was nothing to say from the person's mouth, the transfer turmoil was recalled. FC BarcelonaPreseason matchAfter the end of August, it was thought that he would return to Barcelona from China, which he had been visiting for his own promotion from July 8, and will continue to participate in the practice, but FC Barcelona officially decided to leave Neymar himself. It also revealed that it will not be released unless the contract cancellation fee of 7 million euros (about JPY 30 billion in Japanese yen) is paid.[35].. It was announced on August 8 local time that FC Barcelona had received a deal termination payment of €3 million in the name of Neymar.[36]. But,Spanish Pro League OrganizationRefused to accept the contract withdrawal money, in response to the announcement that the French professional soccer league will fully support Neymar's transfer to Paris Saint-Germain[37][38].

After the transfer decision, Neymar's father asked Barça to pay the contract renewal bonus of the previous year, but the club refused because it did not meet the conditions. In addition, on August 8, FC Barcelona announced that it would return the amount paid as a bonus for extending the contract and pay damages of 22 million euros plus 850% of the delay amount[39][40].

Paris Saint-Germain

August 2017, 8,Paris Saint-Germain FCIs announced to be transferred to and signed a five-year contract by 2022[41].. Uniform numberJavier PastoreIt is decided to be No. 10 given by. In addition, the uniform number 10Zlatan Ibrahimovic,Jay Jay OcochaIs a senior in the same countryRonaldinho,RyeIt is the uniform number worn by. August 2017, 8,EA GanganHe made his league debut as a player in the club in the match and recorded one goal and one assist in the match. February 1, 1Olympic marseilleHe broke his leg in the fight and left for the rest of the season.[42].. He scored 30 goals in 28 official matches.

In the 2018-19 season, he scored a goal from the opening game. October 10, European CL Section 4Red Star BelgradeA hat trick was decided in the battle and it contributed to the CL first victory this season.[43].. Late January 2019Coup de FranceRound of 16RC StrasbourgReceived an opponent's charge in the battle and suffered a metatarsal fracture[44].. Missed European CL final T1 roundManchester United FCI was angry with my SNS for the judgment of the referee in the second match[45].. Due to this, CL was suspended for three games.[46].. After leaving for about 3 months, April 4AS MonacoReturned in battle. Of the Coupe de France final on the 27th of the same monthStud RennesHe scored in the battle but lost. At the award ceremony, one of the spectators was that Neymar, who was near the end of the line, insulted his teammates, as PSG players shook hands with nearby spectators while climbing the stairs to receive medals. Struck[47].. This act was also complained by the director and teammates,French Football Federation(FFF) suspended 3 games and suspended 2 games[48].

In the 2019-20 season, due to injuries and transfer stories until after the opening, he made his first appearance in the Ligue 9 Round 14 RC Strasbourg match on September 5. Although he booed himself despite the home, he scored a goal in the additional time in the second half with an overhead kick.[49].. However, he was often injured in the national team games in October and the league games in February, and he often left the league games, leaving only 10 games in the league games. Round of 2 in the European CLBorussia DortmundHe scored one goal each in the home and away games, contributed to the team's advancement to the quarterfinals, and led the team to the finals.

Representative career

2010 FIFA World CupThe first match of Brazil after August 2010th, 8AmericaIn battleBrazil national teamFirst convened in[50].. Neymar made their national debut in this match and scored their first goal, the first goal.[51].

Held in October 2011South American Youth ChampionshipThen, he contributed to the victory of Brazil by his success in scoring 9 points.London OlympicsWhen elected as a U-23 Brazil national team member[52], Participated in all 7 games, scored 4 points and contributed to the silver medal acquisition.

2011 year 3 month 27 dayEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIn the friendly match with, recorded the first game 1 points[53].. When I scored the second goal in this match, from the audience seats against NeymarbananaWas thrown at. Bananas are a suggestion of black discrimination, and there was a problem that racism was done by Scottish supporters[54].. The situation calmed down after it was discovered that it was the German tourists who threw the bananas, and claimed that there was no racist intent.[55].. September 2012, 9ChugokuIt is the first time in the national team in a friendly match withhat trickRecorded[56].

Held locally in Brazil2014 FIFA World CupSo in the group leagueクロアチアBattle,カ メ ル ー ンTake 2 goals each in the battle[57][58]The team scored four goals at the quarterfinals, but the quarterfinalsコロンビアDF 43 minutes after the warJuan SunigaReceived a heavy charge from his knees from the back, was injured, was carried on a stretcher as it was, and was transported to a hospital in Fortaleza city,vertebralHe was diagnosed with a bone fracture for a few weeks and was unable to compete in the remaining semi-finals.[59].Subsequent semi-finalsIn Brazil, which lacked Neymar, was defeated, and Sniga was flooded with criticism, resulting in threats and criminal notices.[60], Neymar was in fashion at the timeIce bucket challengeNominee Suniga, and Sniga appealed the settlement accordingly.[61][62].

In the friendly match with Colombia on September 2014, 9, which was the first match after the World Cup,Thiago SilvaWas appointed as the youngest captain at the age of 22 in Brazil’s history.[63]Embraces reconciliation by hugging Coliga's former captain, Sniga, before the match[64][65].. In the match, the final score was given by direct free kick[64][65][66].

2014 year 10 month 14 dayJapanIn his friendly match with, he scored 1 goals in one match[67].. Brazil representative on October 2000, 10ベネズエラIn battleRomanarioIs the 14th person (8th time) in 9 years since the record was recorded, the youngest 22 points at 4 years old, it was the first time in history to score all 4 points 0-4.[67][68].. With these 4 points, the total number of representative points is 40 points,BevetBecame the 5th place in the history of Brazil[69].. In addition, it was the 7th goal from Japan in total, becoming the player with the highest score ever against the Japanese national team.[70].

As Brazil representative on May 2015, 5Copa America 2015Was selected as a member of[71].. On the 6th of June, the first stage of the group stageペルーAlthough he scored 1 goal and 1 assist in the battle, he won the first race.[72], June 6th against ColombiaDungaIt was the first time I lost the system. Opponent DF after the matchPablo ArmeroHe kicked the ball against and then developed into a brawl. The opponent FW by this brawlCarlos BaccaPresented with a red card with, on June 6thSouth American Football Federation(CONMEBOL) announced that it has suspended four games[73].. This ended Neymar's Copa America 2015. Also2014 FIFA World CupWas inflicted with ironic comments on Colombian national team defender Juan Suniga[74].

August 2016, 6,Rio de Janeiro OlympicsSelected as U-23 Brazil national team member for overage[75].. NeymarRio de Janeiro OlympicsTo prioritize participation inCopa America CentenarioMissed the participation[76].. Semi-finalホンジュラスThe goal was scored in just 15 seconds from the start of the fastest match in Olympic history[77].. In the final match against Germany, which was a brawl game for the Brazil World Cup, he scored four goals in the tournament and succeeded as the final kicker in the penalty shootout, contributing greatly to the first victory of the Brazilian Olympics.[78].

After the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, "I was honored to be a captain, I was captain with various affections, but I do not want to do the Brazilian captain anymore," he said.Thiago SilvaThe captain mark that was inherited fromJoan MirandaAnd took off from the captain[79]..In addition, although he became the captain again after the 2018 World Cup, he was stripped from the director in 2019 due to problematic behavior.[80].

2018 FIFA World CupWas selected as the final member of. In a friendly match with Croatia on June 6, he returned to an international match for the first time in three months after a foot injury and scored a goal. 3 goal in Costa Rica match of Group League Round 3 in this tournament[81], Final tournament 1st round 1 goal 1 assist in Mexico. But in the quarterfinalsベルギーLost in the battle. Although he performed well on the data throughout the tournament, he repeatedly over-acted against the opponent's charge and gathered criticism.[82][83].

Copa America 2019Was elected as a representative member of the team, but due to a ligament injury to his right ankle in the last friendly match, he was decided to miss.[84].

2022 FIFA World Cup/South America QualifyingSection 2 ofペルーBy achieving a hat-trick in the battle, the total score increased to 64,RonaldoBecame the 62nd place in the history of the representative, exceeding 2[85].

Play style and evaluation

Neymar mainlyWinger, Or aggressiveMidfielderPlaying as. In the 4–3–3 formation, he plays as a left-side winger in both the club and the national team, taking advantage of his abundant momentum and creativity, and by playing inwardly, he shoots with his dominant foot and right foot, and the center of gravity of the opponent defender. Make a chance with a dribble or a pass that moves you twice or three times[86][87].

Excellent in creativity, wide field of view, pass skill, shoot skill, dribbling, feint, technique,RonaldinhoCan also be compared to[88][89].. Specializes in heel lift (rainbow flick)[90].

His dominant foot is his right foot, but he can score with both feet and his head, and is a master of free kicks and penalty kicks.[87][91].

Neymar said, "I want to perfect all things such as dribbling, shooting, headers, and control. I can always improve it."[92].Lionel Messi,ク リ ス テ ィ ア ー ノ · ロ ナ ウ ド,Andre Iniesta,シ ャ ビ,Wayne RooneyIs listed as an affected player[93].

RonaldinhoSays Neymar will be the best player in the world[94].RonaldoSimilarly, while Messi is currently the best in the world, Neymar is said to have the talent to be the best player in the world.[95].. Former Real Madrid DirectorJorge BardanoPraising Neymar, "I love Neymar. Many of his personal skills bring goals and often make him appear to be playing alone on the pitch."[96].シ ャ ビNeymar said, "I'm a great player, have a very good attitude and will be the best player in the world."[97].

Since moving to Paris Saint-Germain, there have been many injuries, and as of October 11, 4, the participation rate in PSG was only 2019% (10 out of 23 games) due to 50 injuries and 126 suspensions. Was[98].


  • When I visited Spain at the age of 16,real MadridI said that it was my dream to play at[99].. He also admired Barcelona and Messi after playing against FC Barcelona at the Club World Cup.[100].
  • Longing playerRomanarioSo, Santos and the representatives prefer to choose the number 11 worn by Romanio.[53].. Also, as a longing playerZinedine Zidane,Ronaldinho,Kaka,RobinhoIs also listed[99].. Often compared to Robinho[101].. In addition, I had an opportunity to play with Robinho at Santos FC for half a year from January 2010, and to play with the national team.
  • On August 2011, 8, a first-born boy was born with his lover.[102].
  • When transferring to FC Barcelona, ​​the transfer fee was estimated to be 5700 million euros[103][104].. However, the Spanish newspaperEl MundoReports that Barcelona will pay €5700 million in addition to Barcelona's €3800 million and acquisition costs will be €9500 million.[105].. In response to this, FC Barcelona's Socio is suspected of payment for decorationSandro RoseiThe chairman was accused of in court and the court also accepted it.[106].. In response to this accusation, President Rosei resigned his position as "to protect the image of the club".[107].. It was later revealed that FC Barcelona paid €5710 million in various names in addition to the transfer of €2910 million.[108].. Brazilian investment fund DIS, which owned 40% of Neymar's stake, also sued Neymar and FC Barcelona for fraud.[109].. Eventually, Neymar was prosecuted[110].
  • pokerProfessed to be an enthusiast of the online poker site on May 2015, 5.Poker starsHas been appointed as a brand ambassador[111].. My dog's name is Poker,The tragedy of Mineiron"I don't want to watch such a fucking game. Let's play poker," he said while watching TV on TV.[112][113].
  • Riga Espanola Round 2016 on October 10, 29Granada CFAfter the end of the match, the opponent DF, who was down the stairs when pulling up to the locker room, was thrown out from behind and was regarded as a problem. Neymar has been rubbing from the match since Neymar hit a strong tackle on a Granada player, and Neymar is reportedly repeatedly ranting to Vezo.[114].
  • 2017 year 5 month,America OfESPN The100 of the world's most famous athletesWas announced and Neymar was elected to 6th place. Soccer playersク リ ス テ ィ ア ー ノ · ロ ナ ウ ド,Lionel Messi3rd place after[115].
  • One of the most popular athletes in the world,InstagramAs of August 2017, the number of followers has exceeded 8 million, and among athletes around the worldク リ ス テ ィ ア ー ノ · ロ ナ ウ ドSecond most after[116].
  • On July 2017, 7, during practice at an American training camp in Barcelona,Nelson SemedDue to the contact play with Semed, a fight with Semed was caused. Neymar blasted his frustration while being suppressed by his teammates around him, leaving the practice field as it was.[117].
  • September 2017, 9, League Ann Round 17Olympic LyonNeymar, who has just joined PSG in the battle, decides who will kick the PKEdinson cabaniArgued. In PSGZlatan IbrahimovicHas been kicking PK since the transfer[118].. Even after the match, reports such as "two people quarreled in the locker room" "Neymar asked the club president to sell Cabani",Unai EmeryThe director commented that the PK kicker had made his decision, and the situation subsided. League Ann Round 2018 on January 1, 18Dijon FCOBooing happened when Kavani was kicked without giving away at the scene when the record of the highest score of the club's history was on in the battle[119].
  • 2019June, American economic magazineForbesIs the 2019 versionAnnual income of world athletesPublished[120].. Neymar's annual income is $1 million,Messi,ク リ ス テ ィ ア ー ノ · ロ ナ ウ ドIt ranked in 3rd place after.
  • In May 2019, she was accused of sexually assaulting a woman she met on Instagram at a hotel in Paris.[121].. In September of the same year, the São Paulo law enforcement authorities announced that the investigation was terminated due to insufficient evidence.[122]
  • August 2017, 7,FranceIs a soccer clubParis Saint-Germain FCHowever, it was reported that about 735 billion yen was prepared for the acquisition of Neymar. The total annual salary paid by Paris Saint-Germain to Neymar is about 5 million euros (about 3 billion yen) over five years, and it is about 395 billion yen (annual salary including tax) in one year, so all athletes around the world Among theLionel Messi,ク リ ス テ ィ ア ー ノ · ロ ナ ウ ドBecame the third highest paid salary player after[123].
  • On August 2017, 8, Paris Saint-Germain officially announced the acquisition and transfer of Neymar. The contract period is five years until June 3, and the transfer fee is 5 million euros (about 2022 billion yen). The annual salary is about 6 billion yen after tax is deducted. This annual salary is the basic salary of the minimum guaranteed amount, and if you get the title that PSG is aiming for, etc., it will be further bonused, and the annual salary will be increased to 2 billion yen (profit amount). In addition, about 2200 billion yen was paid to Neymar as a transfer reward for this transfer, which is Neymar's father and his agent.IsraeliIt became a super-large contract in which a transfer bonus of about 52 billion yen will be paid separately for men[124][125][126][127].

Individual grade

ク ラ ブSeasonUniform numberBrasileiroPaulistaCopa de BrazilCopa LibertadoresFIFA CWCSeason total
ク ラ ブSeasonUniform numberLigaKing's CupDomestic super cupEuropean CLFIFA CWCSeason total
ク ラ ブSeasonUniform numberLeague AnnFrench cupLeague cupEuropean CLFIFA CWCSeason total
Career total262156100722016824731469292

Representative history

Participation meet

Number of matches

International A Match 95 games 60 points (2010 -)[128]

Brazil national teamInternational A Match



ク ラ ブ

Paris Saint-Germain


U-20Brazil national team
U-23 Brazil National Team
Brazil national team




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1(1 years old)AD(Julian calendar)by,Normal.


Dionysius ExigusIs the starting point of the Christian era (A.D.) Was the year. ADFirst yearIn that case, it means the year 1 AD. Also called the 1st year of the era.

Due to the confusion immediately after the establishment of the Julian calendar6 BCFrom AD7Untilleap yearIt has been estimated that it was a normal year.

In addition, the year before the year 1 (AD 1) is usually1 BC".

However,astronomy,ISO 8601(International standard for notation of date and time)0".

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