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Photo Daieishō (left) practicing for the summer place = Oitekaze-beroom in Soka City, Saitama Prefecture (provided by the Japan Sumo Association)

Daieishō "I want to get good results" The first place champion who can be enthusiastic

If you write the contents roughly
He won the first place in the flat curtain, but in the spring place he lost four consecutive games from the first day.

On the 28th, Daieishō Hayato of the sumo wrestler heads for the summer place (the first day of May 5th, Ryogoku Kokugikan) in the pursuit-style room in Soka City, Saitama Prefecture. → Continue reading

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FrontalWhat is (previous)?Grand Sumo OfWrestlerOne of the positions of.MakuuchiOf the wrestlersYokozunaAnd three roles (Ozeki-Sekiwaki-summary) Is excluded.In the sense of a wrestler in Makuuchi who has no roleFlat curtainSometimes called (hiramaku).

Name / origin

Edo periodPrevious sumoBecause the etymology of "head" is, to be exact, "wrestler" and "Previous sumoThe rating of all wrestlers other than wrestlers located at the two extremes is frontal.ThereforeNumberingIn the tableTen cars-Makushita-Third stage-First two steps-IntroductionThe wrestlers also have a "frontal" ratingFour-pronged nameIs described[1].

Therefore, for example, it is correct to call the sumo wrestler at the top of the Makushita as "the first in front of the Makushita", and the second wrestler in the Makushita as "the second in front of the Makushita". It has become common to say something like.From these things, there is no problem with "frontal = flat wrestler" as a general usage.However, it is not customary to say that falling from the San'yaku to the flat curtain "falls to the front", but that the Juryo wrestlers enter the curtain "goes to the front".In the following description, the term "frontal" simply refers to "frontal in a narrow sense (= flat curtain)" and does not include "frontal in a broad sense (= frontal on the numbering table)".

The front is from the top to the front (not called the first one)[Annotation 1]), The second frontal sheet, the third frontal sheet, and so on, each with one east and west.



Monthly salary The140 million yen (The capital written in here and History is incorrect. Please divide by one hundred correctly.)Is[2], More than ten cars.


As a wrestler in MakuuchiBook placeThen, efforts will be made every day for 15 days.


There is no fixed number of people in the front.

Currently, the total number of wrestlers in Makuuchi is 42 (since January 2004), and the number of wrestlers excluding Yokotsuna and the three roles is the front.Ozeki (orYokotsuna Ozeki)・関脇・小結は最低でも2人ずつ置かねばならないため、現行制度では理論上は前頭は最大で36人(東西18枚ずつ)在籍できる計算になる。幕内の定員が42人となる以前については、前頭の最多人数は1957年(昭和32年)の3月場所と9月場所の46人(東西23枚ずつ)、戦後の最少人数は1967年(昭和42年)の22人(東西11枚ずつ)である。


Breaking the yokozuna in the front positionVenusIt's called (Kinboshi), and every time you get itSalaryGoes up.On the other hand, defeating Ozeki is sometimes called Ginboshi or Shukun no Hoshi, but this does not affect salary.However, as a matter of course, Venus will be interviewed by the announcer after the efforts on the NHK Sumo Wrestling broadcast, even if it is Ginsei (or if the San'yaku wrestler wins Ozeki or Yokozuna).


A sumo wrestler who won the flat curtain

There are few examples of a frontal victory compared to a victory with three or more roles.By convention, instead of "frontal victory", "Flat curtainExpressed as "winning".It occurs approximately once every few years.

Four-pronged name
Next place
Highest rank
1909(Meiji 42) June location05-07 /East Front 7Takamiyama /Mt. Takamiyama Tonosuke07-03 /7 wins 3 minute03-01 /Higashi Sekiwake (1 win, 6 losses, 2 minutes, 1 break[Note 1])03-01 /Sekiwaki
1914(Taisho 3) May location05-14 /East Front 14Riyokoku /Yujiro Ryogoku09 wins and 1 break [Note 1]05-03 /East front 3 (7 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw)03-01 /Sekiwaki
1922(Taisho 11) May location05-04 /East Front 4Tsurukahama /Tsurugahama Masutaro09 wins 1 losses05-01 /West Front 1 (4 wins and 6 losses)04-01 /summary
1926(Taisho 15) May location05-08 /West Front 8Orochiyama /Torinosuke Orochi10 wins 1 losses05-02 /East front 2 (6 wins and 5 losses)05-01 /Frontal 1
1930(Showa 5) January location05-05 /East Front 5Yamanishiki /Zenjiro YamanishikiAll 11 wins05-05 /East Front 5 [Note 2] (5 wins and 6 losses)03-01 /Sekiwaki
1931(Showa 6) January location05-04 /East Front 4Aya Sakura /Yoshitaro Ayazakura
(Later Ayagawa Goroji)
10 wins 1 losses04-01 /Nishi Koi [Note 3]
(Shunjuen IncidentEscape with)
03-01 /Sekiwaki
1933(Showa 8) January location05-03 /Special seats in Makuuchi
[Note 4]
Minanokawa /Men and women Nogawa
(Later Minanogawa Tozo)
All 11 wins04-01 /Nishikoyui (8 wins and 3 losses)01 /Yokozuna
1939(Showa 14) January location05-14 /West Front 17Tewa Minato /Rikichi DewaAll 13 wins04-01 /Nishikoyui (5 wins and 10 losses)03-01 /Sekiwaki
1945(Showa 20) January location05-01 /East Front 1Hishi Yuyama /Bishuyama Daihachiro07-01 /All 7 wins03-01 /Higashi Sekiwake (5 wins and 5 losses)03-01 /Sekiwaki
1953(Showa 28) January location05-06 /East Front 6Tokitsuyama /Jinichi TogitsuyamaAll 15 wins04-01 /Higashi Koyui (8 wins and 7 losses)03-01 /Sekiwaki
1957(Showa 32) January location05-14 /East Front 14Tamanoumi /Tamasaumi TaisaburoAll 15 wins04-01 /Higashi Koyui (5 wins and 10 losses)03-01 /Sekiwaki
1960(Showa 35) January location05-04 /East Front 4Wakamisuki /Wakamisugi Akiaki
(Later, the great Gokiteru)
14 wins 1 losses03-02 /Higashihari Sekiwake (7 wins and 8 losses)03-01 /Sekiwaki
1961(Showa 36) January location05-13 /West Front 13Satanoyama /Sada's Yamamatsu12 wins 3 losses05-02 /East front 2 (11 wins and 4 losses)01 /Yokozuna
1964(Showa 39) January location05-09 /West Front 9Fushinishiki /Fuji Nishiki Takemitsu14 wins 1 losses04-01 /Higashi Koyui (4 wins and 11 losses)04-01 /summary
1968(Showa 43) January location05-08 /East Front 8Wakanami /Wakanami Jun13 wins 2 losses04-01 /Higashi Koyui (2 wins and 13 losses)04-01 /summary
1972(Showa 47) January location05-05 /West Front 5Tochiasuma /Tochito Chiyori11 wins 4 losses04-01 /Higashi Koyui (3 wins, 9 losses, 3 holidays)03-01 /Sekiwaki
1972(Showa 47) January location05-04 /East Front 4Takamiyama /Mt. Takamiyama Daigoro13 wins 2 losses03-02 /Nishihari Sekiwake (5 wins and 10 losses)03-01 /Sekiwaki
1975(Showa 50) January location05-01 /East Front 1Konkou /Masahiro Kongo13 wins 2 losses03-01 /Higashi Sekiwake (6 wins and 9 losses)03-01 /Sekiwaki
1976(Showa 51) January location05-04 /West Front 4Kaiketsu /Akira Kaiki [Note 6][Note 7]14 wins 1 losses03-01 /Nishi Sekiwake (11 wins and 4 losses)02 /Ozeki
1984(Showa 59) January location05-12 /West Front 12Yu Takari /Ryuji Taga13 wins 2 losses04-01 /Nishikoyui (6 wins and 9 losses)03-01 /Sekiwaki
1991(3) January location05-13 /East Front 13Kotobushi /Takaya Kotofuji14 wins 1 losses04-02 /Koyui Higashihari (4 wins and 11 losses)03-01 /Sekiwaki
May 1991 Place05-05 /East Front 5Decisive /Konishiki Komune13 wins 2 losses04-01 /Nishikoyui (12 wins and 3 losses)03-01 /Sekiwaki
1992(4) January location05-02 /East Front 2Takahana /Koji Hanada
(Later Takanohana Koji)
14 wins 1 losses03-01 /Nishi Sekiwake (5 wins and 10 losses)01 /Yokozuna
May 1992 Place05-01 /West Front 1Mito Isumi /Ito Masato Mito13 wins 2 losses03-02 /Nishihari Sekiwake (8 wins and 7 losses)03-01 /Sekiwaki
1998(10) January location05-12 /West Front 12Decisive /Konishiki Komune [Note 7]14 wins 1 losses04-02 /2nd piece of Higashi Koyui (6 wins and 9 losses)03-01 /Sekiwaki
2000(12) January location05-14 /East Front 14Takato Riki /Your strength13 wins 2 losses04-02 /Nishikoyui 2nd (2 wins 13 losses)03-01 /Sekiwaki
2001(13) January location05-02 /East Front 2Kotomitsuki /Keiji Kotomitsu13 wins 2 losses03-01 /Nishi Sekiwake (9 wins and 6 losses)02 /Ozeki
2012(24) January location05-07 /West Front 7Kiyotenho /Asahi Pengsheng12 wins 3 losses05-01 /East front 1 (2 wins and 13 losses)03-01 /Sekiwaki
2018(30) January location05-03 /West Front 3Tochinoshin /Tochinoshin Tsuyoshi14 wins 1 losses03-01 /Nishi Sekiwake (10 wins and 5 losses)(Active)
2019(First year of Reiwa) May location05-08 /West Front 8Asanoyama /Asanoyama Hideki12 wins 3 losses05-01 /East front 1 (7 wins and 8 losses)(Active)
2020(2nd year of Reiwa) January location05-17 /West Front 17Tokushoryu /Deokatsu Ryusei14 wins 1 losses05-02 /West Front 2 (4 wins and 11 losses)(Active)
July 2020 (Reiwa 2nd year) PlaceEast Front 17Terunofuji Haruo [Note 6] [Note 7]13 wins 2 lossesEast front 1 (8 wins, 5 losses, 2 holidays)(Active)
January 2021 (Reiwa 3) PlaceWest Front 1Daieishō Hayato13 wins 2 lossesNishikoyui 2nd (8 wins 7 losses)(Active)
  • By default, it is arranged in chronological order.PlaceClick the sort button in the column to return to the original order.
  • Shikona is the name of Shikona at the time of the championship.
  • Four-pronged nameThe column is sorted in alphabetical order.Position / next place / highestThe 3 columns are sorted in order of ranking without considering east and west.
  • The notation such as "the second piece of small conclusion" isOverhangNot what was written out in the frame.
  • The following is a note.
  1. ^ a b The opponent wrestler is closed.
  2. ^ In this era, the ranking is organized in total of 2 places,YamanishikiIs the first in the west at the place of January 1931 of the next ranking announcement.
  3. ^ Yoshitaro AyazakuraThe place of return in January 1933 (Showa 8) The result of the place was 1 wins and 5 losses in the special seat in Makuuchi.
  4. ^ Men and women NogawaIs the third east front in the ranking before the escape, returning to this place from the emerging power corps.
  5. ^ June 1945 (Showa 20) The place is the old one that suffered war damageRyogoku KokugikanHeld privately for 7 days in "fine weather".
  6. ^ a b KaiketsuとTerunofujiAfter the fall from Ozeki.
  7. ^ a b c 1976(Showa 51) September placeAkira Kaiki, November 1998 (Heisei 10)Konishiki Komune, 2020 (Reiwa 2nd year) July All except Terunofuji, the first victory.
  • Until Sadanoyama was promoted to Yokozuna, there was a jinx saying, "The wrestlers who won the flat curtain will not succeed."[3]..As of January 2020, three men and women, Nogawa, Sadanoyama, and Takanohana (later Takanohana), have won the flat curtain and finally achieved the promotion to Yokozuna.
  • 2000å¹´3月場所の貴闘力忠茂と2020å¹´1月場所の德勝龍誠、同年7月場所の照ノ富士春雄は幕尻(幕内最下位)での優勝。ただし2000å¹´3月場所は西14枚目が、2020å¹´7月場所は西17枚目が存在したため、貴闘力と照ノ富士は厳密な意味での幕内最下位ではない。
  • Yujiro Ryogoku was the only one to win the new opening in May 1914.
  • Two people, Tokushoryusei in January 2020 and Terunofuji Haruo in July of the same year, won the flat curtain at the start of the return.
  • After Sekitori's 1-place 15-day system was established, all wins in the flat curtain were won by Tokitsuyama Jinichi (1953th East Front) in May 5 and Tamanoumi Daitaro (6th East Front) in November 1957. 11 people.
  • There is no example of a total victory in the new opening until January 2020.
    • However, the "1914st break" of both countries, which won the new opening in May 5, was treated as a holiday due to the closing of the opponent wrestlers, and if the bye is now institutionalized, "1 break" It is "all wins in 10 races", and it can be said that it is the only example of winning all wins in the new opening.In addition, as far as Sekitori's one-place 1-day system has been established, there are no examples until January 15.

Total frontal reign

(As of July 2020)

RankingFrontal reignFour-pronged name
1 bit87 placesAsahi Pengsheng
2 bit83 placesTakekaze Akira
3 bit82 placesRyuji Amishi
4 bit81 placesHaru Kotowaka
5 bit80 placesTerao Tsunefumi
6 bit73 placesTaiichi Tochino
7 bit71 placesYoshikaze Masatsugu
8 bit70 placesMt. Takamiyama Daigoro
9 bit69 placesRyu Misugi Taichi
10 bit68 placesIto Masato Mito


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

  1. ^ Notations such as "frontal 1" and "frontal 1" are often used in abbreviations.


  1. ^ In the case of wrestlers under the Makushita, for the sake of simplicity, a horizontally long "same" character is added to every few to dozens of wrestlers.In the current ranking, 8 "same" in the Makushita, 8 "same" simplified in the third stage, 6 "same" simplified in the second stage, and "same" simplified in the introduction. It is one or two.
  2. ^ Wrestler salary increased for the first time in 18 years. 300 million yen monthly for Yokozuna.Mainichi Newspapers
  3. ^ Sumo jinx flat curtain champion wrestler without Ozeki, etc. Excite News November 2016, 11 23:07 (Updated November 00, 2016 11:23)[Broken link]

Related item

Book place

Book place(Honbashho) isPublic interest incorporated foundationJapan Sumo AssociationDone regularly byGrand SumoBox office. For wrestlers, it has the property of skill evaluation, and based on the results at this placeNumberingUp and downWrestler prizeIs added. In this placeEffortsIs the official game, and the total results are those of this place.


1958Since (Showa 33), it has been fixed at six performances a year (table below). Of the venueNaming rightsThe name is2018As of (30).

Held monthFormal name[Annotation 1]Popular nameVenuevenuefirst day
01January placeFirst placeRyogoku KokugikanTokyoSumida-kuFirst or second Sunday
03March placeSpring place
Osaka place
Edion Arena Osaka
(Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium)
OsakaOsakaNaniwa WardFirst or second Sunday
05May placeSummer placeRyogoku KokugikanSumida-ku, TokyoFirst or second Sunday
07July placeNagoya placeDolphins Arena
(Aichi Gymnasium)
AichiNagoya cityNaka-kuFirst or second Sunday
09September placeAutumn placeRyogoku KokugikanSumida-ku, TokyoFirst or second Sunday
11November placeKyushu placeFukuoka International CenterFukuokaFukuoka CityHakata WardFirst or second Sunday

March place (Osaka)[1]And July place (Nagoya)[2]At the venueFacility naming rightsHas been sold, and the organizer of the Japan Sumo Association uses both the name based on the facility naming right and the official name as described above. Regarding the handling of facility names, correspondence is divided for each media.TV/radio relay at this locationI doNHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Uses only the official name for the venue name of this place. On the other hand, in the case of newspaper reporting, when the name of the facility is used by the news agency[3]When using the official name[4]When both names are written together[5]It is divided into

Edo PeriodThis place is held in each place individually, and wrestlers areHolding daimyoI participated in this place individually at my convenience.Among them, sumo wrestling in the three cities (Edo, Kyoto, Osaka) was particularly popular, and it was often held twice a year in Edo and once a year in Kyoto and Osaka, but it was canceled due to natural disasters, unseasonable weather, or non-entry. Censoring was also frequent.Just as there is a "good man who lives in 2 days a year" in Senryu in the Edo period, at that time the main place in Edo was twice a year, 1 days each, for a total of 2 days.[6].

Meiji EraThen, the sumo groups in various places became corporations and began to hold individual wrestlers,Taisho eraThe sumo group will converge in Tokyo and Osaka, and they will perform at the permanent Kokugikan twice a year, and even jointly.Showa periodAfter that, the East-West Association jointly became the Japan Sumo Association, and after the war, they started performing in Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka, respectively, to the present day.

One place was a show for 1 days in the sunny days in the Edo period, but it was gradually extended, and now it is held for 10 consecutive days. The first day is "Shonichi", the eighth day is "Nakabi", and the last day is "15th day".ChiakiIt is called "Senshu Raku". On the first day, since 1 place has 15 days system,Emperor Showa1 day postponed due to collapse1989Except for January locationSundayIs set to. As a general rule, the first day is the second Sunday, but in March, May, September, and November places, when there are five Sundays, it may start from the third week. The place in July has been held from June to secure a period for summer tours, and it may start from the first week even now.

The numbering will be announced by the Japan Sumo Association about half a month before the first day of each place.1970Around that time, it was set as Monday 13 days before the first day, except for January, which is the end of the year. There are few other sports eventsDay of the weekIs that I chose. As an exception, the announcement of the numbering of the January location is the previous year because the last year is the year-end and New Year period.12It is done around the end of the year[7].

Progress of the ring of this place (Enter the ringOr the order of sumo wrestlers)odd numberFrom the eastern day,evenThe day is from the west.

Progress of this place

At 8:00 every day, the call begins with the gathering drum that is launched from the high tower set up in front of the venue. After thisIntroductionFrom the 3rd day (March place with a lot of new disciples starts from the 3nd day) to the middle stagePrevious sumoIs performed.

IntroductionFirst two steps,Third stage,MakushitaWith the progress of the efforts, and when the Makushita Sumo remained 5th (Makushita Top XNUMX),Ten carsWrestler'sEnter the ringIs done. It used to be done after the end of the Makushita effort,ShowaLate 40'sOil shockIn order to save energy costs, the time was changed with the purpose of omitting a break time after entering the ring. It will be around 14:20 at this point. After that, 3 cars will be approached, but on the first day and Chiaki Raku, the XNUMXth car will leave the XNUMXrd and a greeting from the Japan Sumo Association President (greeting from the association) will be entered.

Around 15:50 after the end of the XNUMX-car approachMakuuchiEnter the ring of wrestlersWith Yokozuna ringIs done. In Chiaki Raku, there will be XNUMX or less tiers of championship deciding matches and commendations for champion wrestlers. After entering the ring, enter the break time of Nakairi, and on the first dayToast-Championship flagThe return ceremony will be held. Also, on the first day of January, May and SeptemberWinning amountUnveiling ceremony, on the first day of JanuaryBest wrestler of the yearThe award ceremony will also be held. From the 2nd day to the 13th day, if you have enough time, a "face-to-face talk" will be held to introduce the efforts of Makuuchi on the next day. After half the efforts of the Makuuchi, there is a short break to adjust the time (around 17:00).

After the end of the Makuuchi effortYutori typeThe event was held, and all performances on the day ended. Time is at this pointSumo wrestlingIt is adjusted to finish at 18:00. Chiaki is after the Yumitori ceremonyMakuuchi highest victoryThe award ceremony will be held (depending on the place, the championship will be decided in advance), so the entire schedule will be advanced by about 30 minutes.

The venue that was once used

Before June 1909 placeKoin-inIt was in the form of a performance at the time of fine weather, and if it was canceled in the rain, it was a rule that it could not start unless it became fine weather for two consecutive days. Before the war, the former Ryogoku Kokugikan was used except for one period after the war,1927から1932Local book place up toOsaka-Kyoto City-Nagoya city-Fukuoka City-Hiroshima cityHas a track record of holding.Second World WarSome were requisitioned by the army, suffered from air raids, and post-warU.S. ForcesKokugikan could not be used becauseKorakuen Stadium(Notation on the number is "Koishikawa Gokokuen Stadium") and Jingu Gaien Sumo Stadium are held only during fine weather, after which the temporary Kokugikan (then the notation is "Kiteki Kokugikan") went to the Kuramae temporary Kokugikan And the location of the place was moved.

Anecdotes of each place

March place

  • The January place was called the "Spring Place" in the old days.1953When the Osaka place was established and became a four place system a year, there was confusion in the announcement of the association in January as the "first place" or the "spring place", and it became a fuss. Later was the person in chargeElderlyTateyama(OriginalHatase River) Revealed that the topic was created using the media.
  • At this placeOzeki,YokozunaThere are many wrestlers who have been promoted to, and are also known as "celebration places".
  • On the 8th day of the middle dayTenran SumoOften becomes. EspeciallyFirst place in 31At the last Heisei Tenryo Sumo on the 8th dayEmperor Akihito,Empress MichikoWhen (all of them at that time) leaveBanzaiWas done.
  • 1989The first place (= the first place in Heisei) isMay 1(Sunday) Was scheduled for the first day,Emperor ShowaThe next day due to the collapse ofMay 1(Monday)change to. The first day was held on a day other than Sunday, the first time since the postwar 15-day revival.
  • Margaret Comics"Rose of VersaillesVolume 13” (Shueisha) Was posted as a sweepstakes in the beginning of 2017 and became a topic.
Famous match
Kashiwa Peng's first face-to-face match where Koi Kashiwado was hit as a "stop man" for Taiho to win consecutive wins. Contrary to the later Kashiwa Peng battle, Kashiwado made a reversal tossing Taiho, which was attacking.
The place where the winding of the Wolf Fever happened. The lake in the north chasing Chiyo no Fuji of 14 consecutive wins with 1 loss broke into the hanging and brought it to the decisive match, but Chiyo Fuji who saw that the left ankle of the lake in the north was bad at this timeGood throwWon the final match and won the first victory. Also promotes Ozeki.
In the previous efforts,Hima FujiIf Hakuho wins this effort, it will be the best decision to win 33 times the new sumo wrestling record in Japan, but in the main split both parties will become the same body and reconsider after talking and talking. Shiraho wins in the retake and wins 33 times the new record in Japan. Hakuho has won 15 consecutive victories at this place, adding flowers to the new record.

March place

  • See also January location for names.
    • The name "Osaka place" may be used in the same way as other local places, centering on the local Osaka, and in the media that relaysAbemaTVMainly uses "Osaka Place" as the name.
  • 1973Since junior high school wrestlers were banned inFirst ringThere are many new disciples who step on, and there is a nickname of "employment place"[9]..After Heisei1992151 people are the most2000 eraIt has been 100 years since I started.
  • It’s called “the rough spring place”[10], It is said that there are many consequences of so-called turbulence in which the top ranked players lose.
  • Originally in OsakaOsaka SumoIt is a land with a long history of popular sumo, and it is a place that enjoys great excitement every year.
  • Third generation AsashioBut strongly in this place1956He achieved three consecutive victories, and achieved four out of five wins in Osaka, and was called "Osaka Taro". otherNorth ShokaiOf the eight wins in total, four have won in Osaka.
  • First womanGovernor of Osaka PrefectureBecameFusae OtaMany times during his tenure, “I want to give the Osaka Governor's Award gift by myself,” Doigami agonized with the association that decided to prohibit women and called for debate among fans and the people.
  • 2011Is heldThe wrestler's matchfix email problemThe external committee's investigation took a long time, and due to public opinion trends, it was canceled for the first time due to a scandal.
  • In 2014, during the place period,Osaka mayor electionSince it was executed (the notification is the first day, the voting day is the same as Senjuraku), it is said to be "another spring place", and the Mayor Award (given to the winning wrestler) was awarded by the agent.
  • 2020Is heldSpread of COVID-XNUMX infectionHeld with no audience for prevention. This place is not open to the public for the first time in 1945 years since the summer place in June 6, which was held by inviting wounded soldiers during the war, and it is the first time for Kogyo to enter without any audience. Not private").
  • 2021The event was canceled in Osaka to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection and to avoid moving by a large number of people, and was specially held at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo.
Famous match
For the first time in history, all victorious fighters competed for victory at the end of the Chiaki music. Wakanohana suddenly approached Tochinishiki when he forced him to turn around and won his first all victory. It became the last of Tochiwaka.

March place

  • 1946Summer place is戦 争The repair of the Kokugikan, which was damaged by the disaster, was not completed due to the delay in construction, so the event was canceled for the first time after the war (the ranking was not announced).
  • 2001,prime ministerImmediately after taking officeJunichiro Koizumi Prime Minister CupYokozuna, who won the 22nd Makuuchi highest victory by playingTakanohanaIn response, he replied, "I endured the pain and did my best! I was moved! Congratulations!" Koizumi's "I was moved!"BuzzwordIt became. In addition, because of this injury, Takanohana made this victory the last2003Retired from active duty and worked as Takanohana's master2018Retired from the Japan Sumo Association.
  • In 2011, following the cancellation of the previous venue, the effect of the match-fixing problem caused it not to be a regular show.Workmanship examination placeHeld as (the official record remains). This place will be open to the public for free, and NHK will not broadcast live on this place, nor will it broadcast a digest on general TV or satellite (news coverage). There is no winning amount. On the other handNico Nico Live Broadcast-Hikari TV, Etc., online live broadcasting was performed from the previous sumo to the end of the knot.Workmanship examination placeSee).
  • 2012Is SekiwakiCrane dragonWith the promotion of Ozeki, it became a topic with 1 Yokozuna 6 Ozeki era,Frontal7th sheetAsahi PengIs the 4th sheetTochihe MountainThe first in the history ofFlat curtainBetweenChampionship matchAt the same time, he broke the longest record of his first victory.
  • ReiwaIt was the first sumo event2019Is ChiakiState guestWas coming to Japan asPresident of the United States OfDonald TrumpCame to Kokugikan,Melania TrumpMrs.Shinzo AbePrime Minister,安 倍 昭 恵Watching sumo with his wife. Became the champion wrestlerAsanoyamaA special cup "United States Presidential Cup" was presented to[11].. The Presidential Cup is scheduled to be presented to the highest champion wrestler in the Makuuchi area in the summer after next year.[12].
  • In 2020, the schedule was initially delayed by 2 weeks to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and the numbering was announced on that schedule, but it was decided to cancel the meeting after the extension of the emergency declaration.[13].. This place was canceled for the third time after the summer place in 1946 (Showa 21) and the spring place in 2011 (Heisei 23).[14].
Famous match
  • 1991First Day Front Leader Takahana-Yokozuna Chiyo no Fuji
1980 eraThe first meeting of Kihanada, who will become the famous Yokozuna of Heisei as Takanohana, after the last Great Yokozuna and Chino Fuji in the Showa era. At this number one, Chiyo no Fuji was cut down and lost. Kihanada is the firstVenusEarned. On the other hand, Chiyo no Fuji will retire two days later. It was the first to inform the world of the generation change of wrestlers.

March place

  • The place where it became this place1958So, it is the last of the 6 places.
  • Japan Sumo AssociationとChunichi ShimbunIt is co-sponsored by. Since 1974, when the Kyushu place moved to a completely independent show of the Sumo Association (described later), the only place other than the Sumo Association is the organizer of this place is the Nagoya place. There are the following special notes related to Chunichi Shimbun.
  • Known for "Rainy Nagoya". Since it is held in the summer, Nagoya is known for its particularly high temperature, and it is difficult to manage the physical condition due to the heat that is known as "tropical place" or "tropical place". Many wrestlers are said to be the cause[15].. There are many wrestlers who have won this place only once in their lives.
  • It used to start in late June to secure a summer tour schedule after the location.
    • For the same reason, from the late 1960s to the 1990s, it started from July 2st to July 7th (that is, the first Sunday), which is never the second Sunday. Since the 1s, it started on the second Sunday, which is almost the same as other places[16].
  • Partly due to the fact that they are refraining from summer tours, in the past there were quite a few wrestlers who promoted Yokozuna to Nagoya in order to secure a new Yokozuna, which is the highlight of summer tours. However, the standards for promotion of Yokozuna became stricter when Koji Futaba Kuro caused a business turmoil. Koji Takanohana in July 1993, Mitsuhiro Musashimaru in July 7, and Shiraho Peng in July 1994 may have been promoted to Yokozuna after the location if they were the criteria before the Futabakuro business closure.[15].
  • 1923 OfGreat Kanto EarthquakeDue to the burning of the Kokugikan in Tokyo, the place was held in January of the following year at the temporary Kokugikan in Nagoya. In the 1th place of the Showa era, the show was held in Nagoya.
  • 1972ToMt. Takamiyama DaigoroBecame the first foreign wrestler to win the championship.
  • 2010 isSumo baseball betting problemForNHKThe live broadcast was canceled (broadcast only in the digest version), and the award ceremony was limited to winning flags and diplomas because the association declined to receive awards from outside.
  • In 2020, in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus and to avoid moving by a large number of people, the event was canceled in Nagoya and specially held at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo.[13][14].. The first day is 2 weeks later than beforeMay 7So Chiaki isMay 8Since then, since July 1965, the place has crossed the moon. Although initially planned to be held with no spectators, the event limit for spectators has been relaxed, so it is being held with about 7 spectators. The sponsorship will be co-sponsored with Chunichi Shimbun as usual.[17], The official name "July place" was also used in news reports.
Famous match
For the second time in history, Yokozuna will be the first roommate for the same room. Chiyo's Fuji, who had lost her daughter in front of the place and was entering the place while hanging a bead around her neck, showed the intent of senior Yokozuna in the upper right hand throw and achieved her 2th victory.
1988Spring place is a toe battle by three fellow students who are in the first ring. Ozeki and Takanohana, who are required to be promoted by Yokozuna, win the match and win the finals, but Akebono wins consecutive wins and wins Yokozuna for the first time. After the place, Wakanohana is promoted to Ozeki. Victory-Promotion of Takanohana, who is tied to the victory, was postponed.
  • 2020th day of 13 Asanoyama Ozeki --17th frontal Terunofuji
As mentioned above, it was held specially at the Ryogoku Kokugikan.Terunofuji, who had fallen to the second stage in the former Ozeki and returned to the Makuuchi, and Asanoyama of the new Ozeki played the first.As a result, Terunofuji defeated him, and Chiakiraku also defeated Mitakeumi to win the Makujiri championship.

March place

  • Long termSummer tripSince it is the place after the book, there are many wrestlers who "big" here.
  • Similarly, Yokozuna often appears after a series of holidays, aiming for a restart after a summer tour.
  • 1955In order to have businesspeople who can not watch this place at work enjoy the sumo wrestling on their way home from the office, we started working at 10:30 am, entered at 5:30 pm and launched at 8 pm Was made in. The night entertainment was popular with businessmen, but it was difficult for wrestlers to make conditions, there were a lot of wrestlers who were sick, and complaints were received from newspapers because it was too late for the version for remote areas, and only one place It was canceled, and as of January 1, it is the only place for night games currently[18].
    • Moreover, on the 11th day of this night game place, YokozunaChiyo no YamaAgainst SekiWakanohanaWas the longest-running total of 17 minutes and 15 seconds of "sumo wrestling". There was a break in water twice in the main discount, and considering the fatigue of the wrestler, after digesting the next 2 first,RetakeAnd the resultdrawBecame. Therefore, the launch was the latest at 8:15 pm[18].
  • 2000 TheSydney OlympicsThe first Sunday of the event (May 9) Was the first day.
  • 俳 句Then.Sumo TheFall:Season words.
Famous match
Kofu was the last fortress of the three roles to stop "Konishiki Senfu," who was competing for a top-ranking wrestler in the second place of the entry. result,Kuramae KokugikanThe last victory is the 12th front of the flat curtainRyu TagaIt became.

March place

  • The first place in the Kyushu region was held in 1930 after the East-West merger, and the Kyushu place was held until the Pacific War intensified thereafter.1955It will be implemented as a quasi-place for two years from1957Was promoted to this place from[19].. Ozeki and below won the championship for four consecutive years from the year they were promoted, and it was said that "Yokozuna couldn't win."1961Finally, Deng Peng won and the jinx was broken. That Peng played seven out of 32 wins in Kyushu, making Kyushu the best place to test.[19].
  • Fukuoka Sports CenterIt was held in 1973 until the operating company of the same name (Nishitetsu Group), but since 1974, it has become an independent show sponsored by the Japan Sumo Association, and at the same timeKyuden Memorial GymnasiumMoved to.
  • Chiyo no Fuji1981From 1988 to 8, it was the highest number of consecutive wins at the same place.
  • Among the places that are held in rural areas, cheers for local wrestlers are the largest. A few days before the first day of every year, with the Sumo AssociationNHK Fukuoka Broadcasting StationCo-sponsored byEveIs held and wrestlers from Kyushu are introduced. Above allEmperorWhen he was an active wrestlerFukuokaNogataThere was a lot of cheering because he was from his hometown, and even a sumo worshiper, a rare "Keihoku Cole", happened from the venue. This was a considerable pressure on the opponent wrestler, and Kaiki was doing well in this place, but finally he did not win the Makuuchi highest victory at the Kyushu place.Retirementdid. After that FukuokaYanagawaFromKoto ChrysanthemumWas promoted to Ozeki and inherited the popularity of Kaiki.
  • 2008From the audience throwing a cushion (Cushion dance.. Mainly, when the Yokozuna was defeated to the flat curtain (Venus), the zabuton was thrown from the bleachers toward the ring) was severely cracked down as a dangerous act. We changed from four squares for two to two cushions for two people (length 1 meter 4, width 2 centimeters), and changed the shape by connecting the two cushions with strings. As a result, even if one person is sitting on the cushion, the cushion cannot be thrown. However, if the weight of two cushions totaled 1 kg, and the risk of throwing was increased, if a cushion throw was confirmed after the same place,PolicemenA very strict measure was taken (the police said) to call 110.
  • I see the world(Fuji Television Network, Inc) Was submitted as a sweepstakes at the 2005 Kyushu place, and it was presented to the viewer at the "End of Year Special" broadcast on December 12 of the same year.[20].
  • Ex came to Japan at a concertビ ー ト ル ズ OfPaul McCartneyWatched the Kyushu place in 2013. Paul's sweepstakes that appeared in this place became a topic.
  • Weekly Shonen Jump(Shueisha) was posted as a sweepstakes in 2014 in Kyushu and became a hot topic.
  • The Fukuoka International Center, where the Kyushu location is held, has the largest number of seats, 3 seats, among the three regional locations, and the phenomenon of unsold tickets continued for a long time, but in 1 (2017 ) The place is sold out for the first time in a while.
  • The number of customers in Kyushu has been bad for a long time, and it is often said that it is a "non-enterprise place", and many consecutive Kyushu records are interrupted in Kyushu. In Kyushu as the main causeSumo teahouseThere is no such thing, and the main reason for ticket arrangements is a store called a "sumo wrestling store" and consignment of a play guide, and there is also no major customer or favoritism associated with it. It is also the place where the sumo popularity of the year or the whereabouts of the championship directly affects sales because it is the end of the year.[21]
  • In 2020, in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, in order to avoid moving with a large number of people, the event will be canceled in Fukuoka and will be held specially at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo. The same "November place" was used.
Famous match
One of the best Kyushu place Chiaki Raku knot for one year is,Most wins of the yearAn example of a decisive battle. Tochinishiki won 77 wins and Kita Fuji 63 wins, respectively. Both were not sumo wrestling directly related to winning the same place.
As another example, where we competed for the most wins of the year until Senshu, Kyushu1967The Yokozuna Kashiwado is locatedTaihoIt was partly because he took three rests in the last half of the Kyushu place in the same year, but the fifth frontal piece in Chiaki RakuFortune flowerIt was 70 wins 20 losses, 70 wins 6 losses, 14 wins, and Dapeng with the most wins after 6 places a year. Kashiwado won this place on the 12th day, YokozunaMountain of SadaAnd if the result was the other way around, Sadanoyama (69 wins this year) would have been tied with Taiho.
Ohnoguni, who had long been a supporter of Chiyo's 53 consecutive victories, was the number one stop. If Chiyo no Fuji wins this, 54 consecutive wins, at the next placeFutabaHe was supposed to have the right to take on the 69 consecutive wins. It is said that Ohnokuni has researched video of Chiyo's Fuji Sumo for this first. As a result, this was the last of the Showa era.
  • 1995Chiaki (Championship Match) Takanobu Yokozuna-Wakano Ozeki
The first and last confrontation between the former Ozeki, Takanohana's eldest son, Wakanohana and the second son, Takanohana's Hanada brothers, who were in a big boom at the time. Same gate (Futakoyama roomHowever, since it is a championship-deciding match because no efforts will be made in this division, the only match between the two players has been realized on the ring of this place. As for the efforts, Wakanohana defeated Takanohana and won the second victory. By the way, Takanohana laterTakanonamiHe has also lost two championship games and has not won the same championship game.
Despite losing to Yokozuna Wakanohana on the previous day, Kotonishi and Takanohana are in a good match with 11 consecutive wins and good results from the first day of this place. As a result, Venus was won by Kotonishi's victory. With this great Venus as a trigger, Kotonishiki himself won the second flat curtain.
A rare village stopped the Shiraho's 63 consecutive wins. Shiraho would have won 64 consecutive wins if he had won this, and would have the right to take on the challenge of winning 7 consecutive wins by Futabayama on the 69th day of this place. Shiraho, who had won all four victories in a row up to the previous place, was the biggest loser, but due to the reasons mentioned above, no cushion was skipped.

Quasi place

Before the establishment of the six-place system per year, there were cases where the venue between the two places was used to perform on the land where the place was not held.

At that time, travelingOne gateSince it was usual to go around different lands for each, the performance held by all wrestlers gathered,Quasi placeIs called, until October 1959 Osaka Quasi-placeSalaryWas also added (not related to ranking up and down)[22].

There are many shows for 15 days,HokkaidoThen it was on the 8th[22].. In the 1940s,ManchuriaSo, there were times when it was held on 3th by holding 5 places for 15 days each.

About watching manners

In general, when watching a sumo wrestler's main place, calling the name of one wrestler in a group, touching the body of the wrestler, asking the wrestler to sign or shake hands, leaving the seat unnecessarily during the effort, things It is forbidden to throw or wear anything that interferes with the watching of other spectators.[23].


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